Rapture High – Year 2

Year 1

Year 2

Summer vacation was finally here and with it some time to finally relax. No having to worry about bitch clique, no homework, no new girls trying to sneak a peek at him when he went into the bathroom. Some well-deserved peace and quiet.

More or less.

Lucas was eating a bowl of cereal when a loud banging was heard at the front door. He was still in a t-shirt and sweatpants when he made his way over to look through the peephole to see who it was.

It was Roxy.

Opening the door, Roxy lifted her knockoff aviator glasses and raised a brow when she saw him. She was in a pair of denim shorts and an old band tank top that had been shredded along the bottom, basically turning into a crop top.

“Did you just wake up?” she asked him.

Out in the driveway was Roxy’s bike, but one of Lucas’ parent’s car was missing. They must’ve gone out for something.

“Umm, yeah?”

“Dude, it’s noon. Did you forget about the fair?”

His eyes widened when he heard what time it was. Lucas patted his pockets to check his phone, but it wasn’t on him. He must’ve hit the snooze and fallen back to sleep without realizing it.

“Give me like 15 minutes to get ready. I thought I was still early.”

Roxy rolled her eyes, stepping into the house and closing the door behind her.

“Also,” she said before grabbing him and pulling him in to her to plant him a kiss. “it’s nice to see you~”

She smacked her lips after the kiss, pondering the taste.

“Cereal? You know what, don’t answer. Put on some clothes and get ready. The girls are probably already there waiting for us.” She said, playfully smacking his ass to hurry along.

Lucas ran over to the counter, gulping down what little was left of his late breakfast, and hurried over to his room. Putting on a pair of shorts and a less wrinkled up shirt, Lucas scrambled through his morning routine as quickly as he could.

By the time Lucas made it back to the kitchen, Roxy was busy on her phone.

“Alright, good to go.”

“Cool, letting the girls know now.”

Hopping onto her bike, the two made their way to the school.

The yearly county fair was being held at the park, as usual. But this time they were expanding a bit onto the school campus, using the baseball field to hold the Ferris Wheel and games. There was usually a live concert, mostly small-time folks that were local and some cover bands, and tons of stands. Even Jasmine’s mom had gotten herself a little spot to sell her pottery and other knick-knacks.

The carnival was a few weeks ago, but it had nothing on the county fair.

The two arrived at the school, the parking lot gate being opened to allow people to enjoy the fair without having to parallel park on the side of the road. Roxy pulled out her phone to see where the crew were waiting for them as Lucas did the same.

“Lucas!” a familiar voice called out.

Turning around, Lucas was met with his friend Jake, who he hadn’t seen in months.


The two bro hugged, happy to be able to see each other now that school wasn’t in the way. The two were planning to meet up here, and luckily it seemed Jake’s parents had just dropped him off, saving them the trouble of having to find each other.

“Oh, Jake. This is Roxy. Roxy, Jake.”

“Uuh… hi.” Jake awkwardly greeted.

“Hi. Guess shorties stick together.”

Both Jake and Lucas were about the same height. Both were pretty scrawny back in middle school, but with everything going on throughout the year Lucas had started to get fit. He had told him about the girls, to which Jake said “You’re so lucky, I wish I had that.”

“Hehe, yeah you can say that.”

“Oh, Cathy responded. She’s with the rest of the girls, and they’re over by the dunk tanks.”

“We have dunk tanks this year?”

Jake just shrugged, first time they had a dunk tank for the fair.

The group began to make their way to the fairgrounds, hoping to spot where the dunk tanks were. They passed the several food trucks and snack stands, some selling kebabs while others sold cotton candy and popcorn until ending up at the Ferris Wheel to see if they could spot their group.

“Dunk tanks? Where are they? Are they even on the school field or are in the park?” Lucas wondered out loud.

“I don’t know. I never go to these things. Maybe one of the…” Roxy stopped, lifting her sunglasses to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. “Is that Principal Robinson?”

Sure enough, manning one of the ticket stations was the Bicorn in question. She was in a county fair staff t-shirt that seemed a size too small for her bust and trying to keep her cool with a paper fan.

Upon seeing the trio looking over to her, she smiled and waved at them as they approached her.

“Well hello there Lucas, Roxy, and… erm… I’m sorry, I don’t seem to recall who you are. Probably haven’t been getting yourself into trouble like these two.” She smiled, winking at Lucas.

“This is my friend Jake, he doesn’t go to this school.”

“Ah, that would do it. So, here to enjoy the fair? Need to get a few tickets to enjoy the rides and games?”

“We probably will, but we’re actually trying to find the rest of our group. They said they were by the dunk tanks, but I don’t think we ever had them before so I don’t know where it is.” Lucas replied.

“Ah yes. They are new this year, along with most of the games. I believe the tanks are over on the park side, on the right side of the trail.”

“Nice, thanks Ms. Rob. But why are you out here sweating like a pig?” Roxy asked.

“Oh, well you see, most of these rides and whatnot are actually put up by the school in agreement with the county fair. They’re being run by several clubs as a way to help fundraise for their trips and whatnot. I’m just doing my part and helping out where I can… but I do wish they gave me a working fan. This booth is practically an oven.” She responded as she fanned herself.

“Alright, thanks for letting us know where to go.”

“Oh wait, before you go.” Ms. Robinson tore off a handful of tickets and handed them to Lucas. She winked and pressed a finger to her lips, “You all have fun now.”

“T-thank you Ms. Robinson,” Lucas replied, heading off to find the group. She was always looking out for them.

As they walked away, the Bicorn’s ears twitched as she couldn’t help but overhear them as they entered the crowd.

“So what’s your favorite?” Roxy asked.


Ms. Robinson shivered at the response, nearly falling over in her booth. She began to fan herself even faster.

Oh, that tease…

A few seconds earlier.

“We should probably get a snack now while we can instead of having to head back,” Jake suggested.

Roxy nodded, turning to Lucas.

“So what’s your favorite?”

“Buy corn. The cobs at the fair are always the best. Haven’t had a good one in a while.”

A few weeks had passed by and Lucas had managed to snag himself a job at the local Jimmy Johns. He was a delivery driver… sort of. It had been a couple of days since he started, and his legs were already hating him for it for all the cycling he was doing for these deliveries.

Lucas swore he’d take a driver’s ed course this year and try to get a car with the money he made from all the deliveries this summer.

At least, that’s what he told himself.

Today he was making a delivery near the school. Arriving to the street where the order was made, Lucas’ heart immediately sank as he realized where he was.

“Maybe it’s a neighbor…” he said to himself, hoping he was right.

As he pedaled down the street, he knew he was wrong.

The delivery he had was at the end of the street, a familiar old home he had visited before… it was the home of the Vampires.

Lucas immediately regretted accepting this delivery. He should’ve let one of his coworkers take it instead, but it was too late now.

Parking the bike on the sidewalk, Lucas brought the delivery up to the door, took a deep breath, and knocked. As much as he wanted to just leave it on the porch, they were paying cash so he had to stick around.

He heard the door unlock, turning his head to the side to avert his gaze as the door swung open.


When he looked over, it was Abigail who answered rather than her mother. Her eyes were squinted as she glared at him, either in disgust at having to see him again or because the sun was in her eyes.

“So you’re the tra-” she began, cutting herself off just as she was about to insult him.

She took in a deep breath to collect herself before continuing.

“So, you’re the delivery boy. Look, this past school year hasn’t been… ideal for either of us. I think it would be for the best if we… had a fresh start. We’ll pretend you don’t exist, meanwhile, you and your little parade can stay out of our way.”

Lucas wasn’t entirely sure how to react. She was legitimately trying to be civil about this.


“You brain de-” Abigail bit her tongue, taking another deep breath to level herself.

“I’ll let you think it over.”

Holding out her hand, Abigail motioned for him to hand over her order, to which he eventually did. Taking it inside, she pulled out her purse and handed him a twenty.

“Keep the change.” She said, closing the door and leaving him alone on the porch.

Lucas stood there for a moment, not entirely sure what just happened. It took him a moment to process, but eventually, he slipped the twenty into his pocket and turned around.

In all honesty, that went better than expected.

It was the last week of summer and Lucas decided to spend the last few days at Jasmine’s place before she left for college that weekend.

The two were at her place, out in the shed rummaging through things. Jasmine’s mom used it as an art studio for her messier projects. Mostly pottery, painting, and a little bit of glass blowing. But it also doubled as a storage unit for anything they didn’t want to throw away.

Jasmine needed Lucas to help her find some of the old appliances that she’d be taking with her as well as get a few boxes she could use for other things in the move. Pulling out one dusty box after another, Lucas was opening each one up to see what was inside until stopping at one that was filled with old magazines.

Curiosity got the better of him as he decided to pull one out from the end to see what it was. It was a now-defunct publisher, Sports Entertainment Magazine, featuring a what used to be a blue background of the beach and a Jinko posing in a red one-piece swimsuit similar to a lifeguard. Looking at the woman in the cover, she looked terribly familiar…

“Oh, you found my mom’s old magazines,” Jasmine commented as she placed a large cardboard box on the floor by his.

“Why does your mom keep these old magazines? I’ve never even heard of Sports Entertainment.” Lucas asked, flipping through the discolored pages that had articles from over twenty years ago.

“Because she used to model for them. That’s her on the front cover.”

Lucas froze for a second, followed by closing the magazine to look at the cover once again.

To his disbelief, it was indeed her mother that was on the cover. The magazine had become discolored with time, with the image appearing to haze ever so slightly, but even so, it was apparent that it was a much younger her.

Lucas looked down into the box and pulled out another magazine, to which she was once again on the front cover of, albeit with a white wrap monokini that displayed her toned belly.

“Do all of these have your mom on the cover?” Lucas asked, pulling out a third magazine to once again see Jasmine’s mom sunbathing in a bikini.

“Most of them do. If not, then she is likely featured somewhere inside the magazine. She only kept the ones she was in. I think she told me that the publisher was bought out by some bigger one and that she’s still getting royalties for her pictures or something of the sort. Maybe stocks? I do not recall.”

“Huh… would’ve never expected this.” He thought aloud, putting the magazines back into the box.

The two spent most of the evening in the shed, finding the old toaster and microwave Jasmine would be taking with her along with a few other things. Heading inside, Jasmine’s mom was busy making supper for the three and asked if they found everything they needed.

“Yes, I believe we should be set for when I head out.”

“Before I forget, I got you something,” Lucas said, grabbing his bag and pulling out a small box for Jasmine.

Opening the box, a large seemingly wood carved ring stood.

“I know bracelets and collars aren’t really your thing, so I got you a ring. A tail ring.”

Jasmine looked at it in silence before letting out a small chuff along with a smile.

“Thank you, Lucas, I love it. Coincidentally, I got you a memento as well.”

Leaving for her bedroom, Jasmine eventually returned with a small box of her own to give to Lucas.

Inside was either a very large ring or a very small bracelet. Too large for his fingers, but not enough for his hand to slide through. It was made of transparent orange glass with black stripes throughout it.

“Umm… I can’t quite fit into it. Was this meant for paws?”

“It’s a cock ring.”

Lucas could only stand there, not entirely sure how to react.

“I asked my mom to make it for you.”

Lucas looked over to Jasmine’s mom, who winked before turning around and resumed her cooking.

“I hope you like it.” She said, walking behind him and wrapping her arms around him.

“Umm… well, this is definitely a first. I’ve never even used one.”

She simply chuffed, leaning down and whispered his ear.

“We’re going to tonight.”

And then nibbled on his ear.

School is finally back in session, and with it came unneeded attention Lucas desperately wanted to get away from. With most of the temporary transfers going back to the old school and being one of the few males left in the school, the food fight, essentially having a harem, and the rumor of him dating a milf on the side, all eyes were on him waiting to see what would happen next.

But, the biggest news of all, Lucas decided not to take part in the track team this year since Jasmine graduated.

This was a fatal mistake for him.

Being such a high-profile target, a lot of clubs started to harass him into joining their clubs. It only took a week for the first team captain to show up at his locker to try to recruit him.

She was a Hornet, a tall and slender girl that was just a few inches shorter than the Onis that chased him down the first day here. And just like the Onis, she was persistent. She introduced herself as Sam, the captain of the school’s javelin club.

Lucas didn’t even know they had a javelin club.

He simply swatted her away, saying he wasn’t interested and didn’t have time to join a club, much to her annoyance. Her wings would flap, as if though she would take flight and simply take him away and force him to join their team, but there was no flying allowed in the halls. So instead, she would buzz and pout before stomping away.

This happened every single day, at random points throughout the day. For a week.

She wasn’t the only one trying to get him to join their club. An Amazon from the archery club tried as well, even running into Sam and both nearly starting a fight in the hallway just so they could try to get him to join. There was no way he was joining that one either though, the Elf from the bitch clique was the star athlete in that team and the last he wanted was to be anywhere near her with a bow and arrow.

Of course, it didn’t end there. There were plenty of other clubs and teams going after him, many of them he didn’t even know existed in the school. Cycling, bowling, knitting, polo, water polo, even a diving club.

With everyone tracking him down and trying to get him to join their clubs, Lucas had to stop getting lunch in the cafeteria. This wasn’t too big of an issue, since one of the girls could pick it up for him or share their lunch with him. The real issue was that he had to be changing spots to make sure no one found the gang’s dumpster hideout. They got pretty close once when a kobold from the Treasure Hunters club was sniffing around the dumpsters to try to find him.

As such, Lucas would be joining Cathy for lunch on occasion to keep the clubs off his tail. Roxy and the gang weren’t big fans of the idea, but they didn’t want anyone finding out about the dumpster.

Today was such an occasion.

Cathy introduced him to the school’s ‘Third Floor’.

In reality, it was the roof of the school. Originally, it wasn’t meant to be a spot for students to go to, but unfortunately locking the stairwell access to it only made them climb up the sides of the walls or fly to get to it. So, to keep the students from hurting themselves and save on having to repaint the walls from all the scratching, administration added a couple of safety rails and kept the stairwell access open.

Arriving on the third floor, Lucas was greeted to the ‘smokers’ that hung out up here. A Hobgoblin along with a few Goblins, a Hinezume, a Salamander, a Nurarihyon, and a couple of others. They were all fairly laid back and didn’t seem to mind Lucas and Cathy joining them for lunch, along with a few of the Porcs that hung out with Cathy from the swim team.

For being the supposed smokers, none of them were actually smoking. The only one that was would have been the Nurarihyon, but in a more literal sense as it escaped from her body. Lucas couldn’t help but ask about it.

“We used to smoke up here,” the Hobgoblin began to explain, “but VP started searching us and taking away our cigs. So now we just hang around Dorothy over here and get the second-hand off her. Not the same, but it takes the edge off.”

Dorothy, the Nurarihyon, absentmindedly waved at the mention of her name whilst reading her book. It was a copy of ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’, pretty sure he had seen more than a couple of students reading the same book. Probably required for a class.

Turning to Cathy, he whispered how she knew about this spot since he never took her for a smoker.

“Oh, I’ve known a few of them since middle school. My auntie works with a few of their moms and even take classes with my mom. Me and the girls started coming up here ever since the food fight.” She told him, patting his head and ruffling his hair.

“Huh, cool.”

Lucas was finally getting into the rhythm of things this school year, getting a lot better at hiding and getting away from the team captains. He started saying he joined the volleyball team to get them off his back, which was a lie but at least Cathy would say that it’s true being that she was the captain and all that. But it didn’t quite stop everyone from trying anyways.

What made matters even worse was that although he was trying his best to stay out of the bitch clique’s crosshairs, his schedule decided to say otherwise. In his English class, he had that Succubus from the cheerleading squad in there, fortunately, it seemed she didn’t care about him and left him to his own devices. The real issue was his Biology class. His partner for that class was Abigail.

‘Professor’ Honeysuckle, the Hakutaku teacher for the class had decided that everyone would be paired up with a partner on the first day of class, and she was the one who decided that he would be partners with her. The teacher was well-meaning, and would constantly put in Pokémon references into her material in hopes of getting the point across, but was also unwilling to switch them out when they both asked her for anyone else.

Since neither of them could get her to switch them out, they were stuck with each other and forced to be civil.

Abigail refrained from calling him the several types of insects she associated him with, even calling him by his name on occasion. She winced every time she did though like it caused her pain in doing so.

Nonetheless, they were managing to work together… begrudgingly.

This week’s class was doing an overview of the various types of canine monster girls.

Professor Honeysuckle explained how there were several ‘species’ but it would be accurate to say that this was in fact the genus, such as kobolds, hellhounds, and werewolves. The various types within each category though were the actual species. Kobolds and werewolves were the most diverse of the group, while only a small handful were known within the hellhound group.

“Now, can anyone here name three types of species within these groups?” the Hakutaku asked.

No one raised their hand.

“Hm, very well. Lucas, surely you know of at least three.” She said to him with a wink.

Lucas sighed but did his best to recall what each girl from the gang was.

“For werewolves, I think there’s… Dingo (For Patty), there’s umm… Maned Wolf (Mauri), and umm… hmm, Artic (Charlotte)?”


Professor Honeysuckle went on to explain that each species had their differences, primarily to suit the environment they’re from, but since they’re all in the canine family then they also all shared very similar traits to each other.

“One of these traits is a particularly sensitive underbelly. Many creatures also share this trait, but in the canine family, it seems that if one were to apply some light stimuli to it, it can produce some positive effects. A better way to put it, they’re ticklish. As such, doing so vigorously may prove to be overwhelming if done so for an extended period of time.”

She flashed her eyebrows at Lucas when saying all that.

Meanwhile, many of the students curiously rubbed their bellies to see if it also applied to them.

“Oh dear,” the professor laughed, “since it’s like tickling, it’s very difficult to do it to oneself. But, let us continue. Other areas that are sensitive include the back of the neck, under the chin, and behind the ears. These spots are not exclusive to canines, as they appear to be present in felines as well, which may imply that this was a trait amongst a common ancestor.”

Lucas listened… and wondered…

A few hours later, it was lunchtime and Lucas was going to be spending it in the dumpster.

The gang were all outside though, hearing the loud banging that was going on inside.

“She’s going pretty rough on him today… do you think he’ll make it?” Mauri asked.

The girls only replied with a worried whine, looking to the dumpster and hoping she wouldn’t drain him too hard and force him to take the week off.

Inside the dumpster was a different story altogether though.

Laying on her back, Roxy’s face was flushed with absolute bliss. Her tongue was sticking out and arms had curled in against her. Lucas was giving her a belly rub while scratching her behind the ears, causing her leg to repeatedly kick the wall of the steel dumpster with a loud bang. If Lucas stopped, she would immediately pout and whine unless he continued.

She had completely lost control of herself with this… and Lucas wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to stop.

The months had rolled by and Lucas was on the bleachers doing some homework as Cathy played some volleyball with her team. They needed the practice for the big game coming up and him being around the team all the time kept up the act that he had actually joined so other clubs would stop pestering him. Sam would still on occasion make an appearance by his locker.

Maybe he should’ve stuck with track…


The ball sunk into the sand, tossing quite a bit of it into another player. The Ogre of the team spiked the ball with enough force that it almost sounded like it popped when she hit it. Lucas wouldn’t have been surprised if it wasn’t the first time she actually did manage to do so.

The team went on for a few more rounds before calling it quits, hitting the showers to clean up and heading out. Cathy and one of her Porcs called Kate went onto the bleachers to join Lucas for a few minutes.

“Hey squirt, we’re about done here. I can give you a ride home if you want.”

“Oh, that’d be great.”

“But before we do…” she began, before getting distracted by a car driving by.

“Fucking cunt.” She muttered under her breath, seeing that it belonged to one of the girls from the bitch clique. The Kitsune.

Lucas never asked what the deal was between the two, but Cathy seemed to have a grudge against the Kitsune in particular.

“Where was I?” she asked, returning her attention to Lucas.

“Shower?” He guessed.

“Yeah,” Cathy smiled, “but that’s not all. Me and Kate want to show you something we found.”

Lucas raised a brow as he looked at the two. Cathy wasn’t much of the sharing type, so why would she and Kate be showing him something.


“But we gotta wait till the team is done with the showers.”

I swear we better not be adding another girl to the group… Lucas thought to himself.

The group waited for about fifteen or so minutes until the team had finally finished using the locker room, to which they then entered themselves. Cathy and Kate led Lucas over to the corner of the locker room where one of the more disheveled lockers was, one that looked like an Oni ran into but the school was too cheap to bother replacing.

Cathy opened up the locker, showing that there was nothing inside before reaching in to grab the lips for the door and pulling the entire locker out of its spot. It was then that it was revealed that there was a hole in the wall, roughly the size of a person.

“C’mon shorty, time to show you the hideout me and the girls found.” Cathy said as Kate made her way in.

Lucas shimmied his way through the opening, ending up in what seemed to be another locker room. He was followed in by Cathy, who promptly grabbed a slot on the back of the locker and pulled it in so that it would be back in its place.

Looking inside, it was indeed another locker room… and it was currently being used by a Porc and one of their boy toys who was laying back on a bench. If Lucas remembered correctly, Cathy hung out with about five Porcs. Kate was the only one in the volleyball team with her, while the rest were in the swim team, and they all shared three guys amongst each other. The current one looked like one of the guys from the track team who actually got transferred to the school like Lucas, and judging by the number of condoms on the floor it was his third round with Melissa, the Porc currently riding him.

Melissa turned her head to see who came in but didn’t stop bouncing on her toy. She lazily waved at Cathy and Kate but winked at Lucas before reaching behind her and spreading her cheeks.

“I still got two holes available if you want to join.” She offered, also pointing at her open mouth with her free hand.

Before Lucas could deny her, Cathy wrapped her arms around him and held him defensively.

“I’m not sharing him with the rest of the crew.” She said with a pout.

Melissa shrugged, motioning Kate to join her.

Kate didn’t even hesitate, pulling off her spats and running over to the pair, swinging her leg over the bench and sitting onto the boy toy’s face. Melissa then leaned in, lifting Kate’s top and licking her nipple. The Porcs would do these kinds of things all the time to get themselves off, even if none of their toys were around. Lucas thought he had it rough with his girls, but even with three guys it sometimes wasn’t enough to satisfy the lust of all these Porcs. Sometimes he thought himself lucky to have ended up running into the gang rather than the swim team, cause these guys looked beat when they were done.

Lucas never had to worry about the girls deciding to make him one of their toys, Cathy made sure to tell them he was off-limits, but that didn’t stop them from asking him to join them on occasion.

Cathy pulled Lucas aside, explaining that they found this spot by accident when one of the girls had a dollar slip under the locker. When they pulled it out, they spotted the hole and decided to make it their hideout.

It looked like this used to be part of the boy’s locker room, there were even some showers still in here. It was odd, since Lucas had been inside the boy’s locker room and he didn’t think they left out this much space. There were a couple of lockers in here, a few showers at the end, and a handful of benches scattered throughout.

Cathy led him to the showers and began to undress, telling Lucas to do the same.

“C’mon hot stuff, it’s about time I got my fill.” She smirked, turning the knob for the shower to turn on.

Lucas rolled his eyes but smiled as he pulled off his clothes and walked into the shower.

Cathy was big on having sex in the showers, but had been paranoid about it when one of the team captains unlocked the door and nearly let their entire group walk in on them. Lucas had to hide in a locker until they left. But in here, the only ones that would pop in would be the Porcs and they didn’t really mind it.

Cathy poured some of her shampoo into her hands, lathering it into her hair as the water ran down her body. As Lucas stepped closer, she pulled him in against her before running her hands through his hair to shampoo it as well.

Grabbing the body wash, Cathy poured some into Lucas’ hands so that he could apply it all over her. Lucas started with Cathy’s shoulders, running his hands down her back before circling his hands on her cheeks, giving them a playful squeeze as he ran his hands up her back once more. He took a step back, applying some of the soap between her thighs and then turning her around. With his now erect penis, he slipped it between her thighs, the head poking out the other side as his shaft rubbed against the lips of her pussy. Slowly, he began to thrust hips against her, rubbing against her hungry folds, all whilst still running his soapy hands across her body. His hands slid down to her thighs, then rose to her sides and belly, until reaching her breasts. He fondled them, poking at her erect nipples as he continued to tease her with his cock.

Pinching her nipple caused Cathy to let out a whimper, but couldn’t contain her moan when she felt him rub his fingers over her clit. Lucas kissed her back, being too short to have her look back and kiss her properly, but continued his motions. It wasn’t long until she had enough and stepped away towards the wall.

Turning to face him, Cathy took a hold of the nearby railing to keep her balance and lifted her leg up and holding it up just below the knee.

Without saying a word, Lucas came over to her, lifting her leg over his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her thigh, and slid his cock into her leaking hole. Cathy bit her lip as she moaned, finally taking him inside.

He continued his motions from where he left off with the thigh job, thrusting slowly from the tip of his member all the way to the base. But with each push, his movements became faster and faster, until his balls were slapping against her with a noticeable clap. Cathy had let go of her leg, using her hand to massage her clit as Lucas pounded her as deeply as he could.

“I-I’m almost there, almost there.” She gasped, her hand shaking furiously as she neared her orgasm.

Lucas was panting, on the edge himself.

It was only a matter of seconds before Lucas shot his load into her, filling her up as she climaxed as well.

The two panted, Lucas, pulling his softening cock out of her as she finally put her leg back down. Once the two had a chance to catch their breath, they turned off the shower and got a towel to dry themselves off.

Cathy dried off Lucas’ hair from behind with one of the gym towels she and the girls had been sneaking in here.

“Hey, Lucas.” She said, dropping the towel down to his shoulders.


Looking up, Lucas was met with Cathy’s lips planted against his as she surprised him with a kiss. When she broke the kiss, she blushed, smiling down at him as she wrapped her arms around him. Cathy was a big softy when they were alone together, especially after getting her fill. Lucas couldn’t help but smile back.


And then they were reminded that they in fact were not alone.

Looking over to the bench where the Porcs and their boy toy were, the number of used condoms on the ground had gone up to five. That poor bastard.

“C’mon. Let’s dry up and get out of here. My mom’s probably already here.”

The two dried off as quickly as they could, putting their clothes back on, save for Lucas’ underwear that mysteriously ended up in Cathy’s bag.

Pushing the locker out of the way, the two made their way out to the parking lot where Cathy’s mom was waiting for them in her sedan.

“Hola mamá,” Cathy greeted, entering the passenger seat and kissing her mom on the cheek. “Ma, este es Lucas. Lucas, this is my mom.”

Cathy’s mom was surprisingly different when compared to her daughter, and that much could be said from just how short she was with the two of them sitting down. Her features were softer than her daughter, almost plump but not quite there, making her appear to be in her early thirties. It seemed like she had come back from a session at the salon, her nails had been painted and trimmed, her brows had been plucked, the car smelled like a rosebush from who knows how much perfume she was sprayed with. Their last noticeable difference was that Cathy was not blessed in the chest department as her mother. Her mothers were quite large, not as large as Patty’s, but definitely the healthy pair.

She smiled at Lucas, a row of pearly white teeth, before finally speaking.

“So this is the handsome young man you’ve been telling me about.” She said, with a slight accent.

Oh no.

Cathy’s mom pulled out from the parking lot and began to drive to drop off Lucas, her chest jiggling as she hit the speed bumps near the school. Lucas had to keep his eyes on the crucifix they had hanging on the rearview mirror to keep himself from staring.

“And how is my little princesa treating you? Not too rough like those perros, no?” she asked him.

“Umm… perros?”

“Dogs. She means Roxy and the gang.” Cathy translated.

Lucas turned red when he realized what she was asking.

“She knows?”

“Que pasa?” Looking through the mirror, Cathy’s mom let out a hearty laugh that could’ve probably been heard outside the car, “Oh! How cute! No need to be embarrassed precioso. I know about you and the other girls. The kitty cat, the doggies, and mi princesa. It’s very normal in Orc culture to share a man with multiple girls. Sometimes more than just one if he can’t handle it.”

Cathy’s mom seemed to have forgotten that she had asked a question, going off on a tangent about how one of her students were sharing a guy and how it didn’t work out for them since he couldn’t handle them. She was apparently a yoga instructor at the local gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but she also did ‘private’ lessons as well as a few free ones on the weekends.

Soon enough they arrived at Lucas’ house. Lucas said thank you, giving Cathy a quick kiss and stepping out of the car.

“Lucas dearie, if you need a ride just let me know okay?” Cathy’s mom shouted from the car, blowing him a kiss.

He simply nodded and quickly made his way into his house.

As soon as the door closed, Cathy’s mom looked over to her daughter with both brows raised.

“Así ese es Lucas. He’s too skinny for you.” She started, “Not enough muscle, in fact un poco feo. Not guapo at all. But he is nice. I can tell he’s a good kid. Maybe he’s just not eating enough.”

Cathy rolled her eyes, mumbling that he eats her out all the time under her breath.

“¿Dijiste algo mija?”

“No mama, just that I know I’ve seen him eat at school. I think he’s just little… like you.”

“Pero he’s a growing boy. He needs to eat more if he wants to grow up strong. You know what. Invite him over tomorrow. I’ll make my carne asada con un poco de casamiento. Hmm, que más? Maduros? Yeah, maduros.”

“Pero ma.”

“Don’t pero me. You invite him over.”

“Can’t I just bring him lunch to school tomorrow.”

“Tú crees that it’ll still be good by lunch? Do you have microwaves or something to heat it up? Thought so. You bring him over tomorrow. I’ll even make ese queso frito that you like so much.”

Cathy bit her tongue when her mom mentioned the fried cheese, licking her lips a little at the thought of having some tomorrow.

“Fine… I’ll text him right now.” Taking out her phone to tell Lucas and the girls.

“That’s my girl.”

The following day, Lucas was dropped off at Cathy’s house and knocked on the front door. Cathy’s mom answered, wearing an apron and thankfully some normal clothes under it all.

“Lucas! I’m so glad you could make it!” she exclaimed, opening her arms and pulling him into a hug before kissing his cheek.

She was about as tall as he was, maybe even an inch shorter. Finally letting him go, she told him to come in, take off his shoes, and relax. It would still be an hour or so until she finished cooking, but she could get him a snack if he was hungry. Or maybe a glass of water, juice, soda, malta, milca, and kept offering other drinks to him that he had no idea about until he asked for the water.

“Catherina is out right now picking up some sour cream for the maduros. She should be back any second now. Have you ever had them before?”

“Um, I think the school served them a few times before. They’re the fried banana things, right?”

“Ha! Bananas! No mijo, they’re plantains. They do look like bananas, but I’m going to show you the authentic way of doing it, not some reheated frozen who-knows-what that they serve you at the school.”

Cathy’s mom turned around, swaying her hips as she made it back into the kitchen to check on whatever it was that she had in the stove. That was definitely where Cathy got it from. She then proceeded to chop up the plantains to get them ready to fry.

The front door clicked as it unlocked, with Cathy stepping through and taking off her shoes.

“Ma! No lo vas creer, pero la gasolinera tenian croquetas. Agarré lo que quedaba.” Cathy yelled across the house.

Lucas rarely ever heard her speak Spanish, so it was interesting hearing how different she sounded compared to when she spoke to everyone else.

“Oh? Que bueno! Ay, y tu novio ya esta aqui.”

Lucas really hoped they weren’t talking shit about him.

Cathy dropped her phone and school ID onto the counter next to Lucas, giving him a quick kiss hello and then going around the counter to greet her mom and hand her the stuff she brought. Catherina Yesenia Klein was printed on her card, along with her ID number.

Cathy’s mom opened the plastic bag, putting the sour cream to the side and pulling out a small paper box that was taped shut.

“Lucas, have you ever had a croqueta?”

Lucas shook his head.

“¡Nunca has probado una croqueta! You simply have to try one!” she said, pulling off the tape and opening the box to reveal the croquettes inside.

Alongside the croquettes were a few packs of saltine crackers. Lucas wasn’t exactly sure how they were supposed to be eaten, luckily Cathy was reaching into to grab one herself.

Taking one of the cracker packs, she opened it up and pulled one out and offering the other to Lucas. She then reached into the box and split one of the croquettes in half, taking only one half and pressing it down onto her cracker. She took a bite with a loud crunch before stuffing the rest into her mouth.

Following her example, Lucas did the same. Taking the other half of the croquette, Lucas pressed it down on his cracker and accidentally broke it in half. Luckily, it didn’t fall to the ground, so he was able to quickly stuff it in his mouth before he made a mess.

It was… interesting. It was a good flavor, but it was soft and wet… not juicy. It was like a sauce that was between the soft ham-like meat filling that complimented the crunchy saltine cracker.

And taking a moment to savor it… he was ready to try another.

“Oh, you like?” Cathy’s mom asked, “Have another!”

It had a rather addicting taste to it, one that Lucas couldn’t quite put his finger on but also wasn’t going to question. Cathy’s mom had grabbed one and popped it into her mouth before turning around and continuing to prepare the meal.

It was then that Cathy’s mom had her phone ring, to which she answered right away and practically yelled in with delight before speaking to whoever was on the other side.

Cathy decides to show him around the house, showing him the living room, the bathroom, the guest room, and pointing at her room and her mom’s room but not taking him inside either. She then took him out to the backyard where it was revealed that she had a small pool and a little grill station. Cathy mentions that on occasion her mom likes to sunbathe out here or will hold a small class of a few people in the pool.

The image of her mom in a bathing suit flashed through his mind for a brief second.

Cathy seemed to have sensed this and playfully punched his arm.

“Perv,” she called him, “but you could just come over and join me in the pool someday instead.”

Going back inside, the aromas of the kitchen had spread throughout the house, making Lucas’ stomach grumble. Cathy’s mom let out a laugh upon hearing it, seemingly having already finished speaking to whoever it was she was talking to on the phone.

“Oh, el bebé tiene hambre. Well don’t you worry, I’m almost done here. Just a few more minutes and we can get started.”

Cathy said she’ll set the table once she changed out of her school clothes, heading into her room and leaving Lucas alone with her mom.

“Umm, is there anything I can do Mrs. Klein?” Lucas asked.

“Ohohoho, no no dearie. You’re the guest after all. And, it’s Ms. Klein.” She said, raising her to show that she wore no ring on her finger.

Cathy returned in a pair of gym shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of Disney Stitch slippers. Lucas couldn’t help but stare at them for a second, since he never really expected her of all people to own a pair.

“What?” She asked.

“Your slippers… they’re cute.”

“Stop staring at them you dork. C’mon, help me set the table.”

Lucas helped her set the table, which was pretty quick since it was only for three people. Ms. Klein had just finished with the last bit of cooking, so all that was needed was for everyone to get their drinks and to get the food to the table.

Sitting down, Lucas was greeted by the sight of the food that had been filling the house with its delicious smell. At the center was an aluminum tray of casamiento, essentially a variation of rice and red beans. Alongside it was a plate full of skirt steaks, to which she called it carne asada. To accompany this there were two other plates, one with the fried plantains and the other with thick slices of fried cheese. There was still steam rising from the plates and trays, Lucas was ready to dig in.

Ms. Klein gave him no chance to serve himself, grabbing his plate and pouring a healthy portion of each item onto his plate. It practically seemed like a mound when she finally put it down in front of him, only for her to then get the sauces and the sour cream for him to add if he wanted to.

“¡Casi lo olvido!” she exclaimed, running into the kitchen.

She came back to the table in less than a minute, with a cutting board full of avocado slices, sliding two of them onto the side of Lucas’ plate.

“Now you can eat.” She said, flashing a smile.

As much as he wanted to, Lucas didn’t. Telling her that he would wait until both she and Cathy served themselves a plate to begin.

“Aww, what a gentleman.” Flashing her brows to Cathy, who responded with an eye roll.

Once everyone had their dish in front of them, Lucas dug in. And boy, was Ms. Klein right about the school not being able to hold a candle to the fresh stuff. The steak, cooked to perfection a nice char on the outside, but still being juicy inside. The casamiento was oddly addicting, the flavor wasn’t particularly grand but it paired so well with everything that Lucas couldn’t help but scoop another mouthful after every other bite. The plantains, or maduros as Cathy and Ms. Klein called them, were very sweet. Definitely better fresh, and not bad with the sour cream. The fried cheese though was definitely the oddest of the bunch. It was roughly the size of one of those frozen premade hashbrowns, and if you weren’t paying attention then it almost looked like one. It was salty, it was greasy, but damn was it tasty. And, to finish it off, the avocado slices were a nice touch since it contrasted with everything else. Lucas wasn’t one for avocados, but he could appreciate it on this dish.

As he worked down his plate, Ms. Klein scooped up another serving of rice from the tray and dropped it onto his plate before doing the same with the rest.

Lucas looked over to the smiling Borc but said nothing, just murmuring a thank you since his mouth was full.

This went on for nearly an hour, Lucas having to stop her from adding another serving onto his plate as he felt like he was about to burst. The food was delicious, but there was only so much he could put away.

Soon enough it began to get late, and Lucas’ parents came by to pick him up, thanking Ms. Klein for her hospitality as she gave them a tray with some leftover to take with them. Once they waved their goodbyes, she turned to face her daughter.

“He’s such a nice boy, but he doesn’t have an appetite sweetie. He only ate one plate, how is he gonna grow to keep up with you if he doesn’t eat right?”

“Ay mama.” Cathy groaned, shaking her head.

Later, Roxy was doing a late-night run to Taco Bell when a familiar scent hit her. It was Lucas… but Lucas doesn’t live here. None of the girls said that he’d be spending the night with them either, so why in the world was he on this side of town.

The image of Lucas being taken by force flashed through her mind before she started doing circles around the block to see where he ended up.

After what felt like an hour, she drove up to a house where she was certain his scent was coming from. Circling the building, a single-window was cracked open, and it seemed to be where the smell was emanating from. That little mistake may have saved their Main Bitch.

Sliding the window open, Roxy hopped inside. But where was Lucas? Better question, who’s room was this?

The room seemed like it was for a 12-year old girl, it was all Disney princess themed. Even had one of those canopy beds with curtains. But the scent of Lucas reeked in this room. Did they move him? Why was he even here?

In her panic wondering where Lucas was, Roxy failed to process that someone was in the bed, realizing her mistake too late when said person sat up and turned on the lamp at her bedside.

Roxy froze like a deer in headlights as her eyes adjusted to the lighting.

“Roxy? Is that you?” a voice yawned, “Why are you here?”

Squinting her eyes, Roxy couldn’t believe it. It was Cathy.

Cathy rubbed her eyes, yawning once again as her blanket slid down to reveal the Ariel shirt she had on. It took a few seconds to fully realize that Roxy was actually in her room and not some sort of lucid dream.

“Wait a second,” Cathy said, opening her eye wide, “Roxy, WHY are you here?”

“I…I-I thought I smelled Lucas. I thought he got kidnapped.”

The two shared an awkward silence for a moment until Cathy reached beside her bed and tossed Roxy a pair of briefs. Roxy managed to catch it as its aromas hit her square on the nose. It was Lucas.

Leaning to the side, Roxy spotted the small mound of dirty laundry, almost exclusively underwear that sat on the floor beside Cathy’s bed.

“Ah… that… yeah. That would… umm… explain that.”

The two just stared at each other, an awkward silence filling the air until Cathy finally spoke up with a request.

“Please don’t tell anyone this is how I live. Especially Lucas…” she asked, clearly embarrassed.

Roxy stood there for a moment before reaching up and lifting the lapel of her jacket, revealing a small patch of Jack Skellington’s skull hidden beneath it.

Roxy winked and crawled back out the window. Before she left, both girls looked back at each other, nodding and silently agreeing to never speak of this incident.

Spring break came and passed… as did Lucas when Jasmine came to visit during the break. Barely got to enjoy the nice weather, but it was really nice to see her, even if she left scratches all over him.

It had barely been a few days and Lucas got a text from her saying that she missed him already… and he kind of missed her too.

Returning to class, Lucas was reminded of the assignment his English teacher decided to give everyone during the break. It wasn’t anything too difficult, it was to write about what your parents did for a living and to be prepared to talk about it if you were picked. Lucas was never much of a public speaker, but really what bothered him more was just getting an assignment in general to do during spring break.

That, and he might have forgotten to do it.

During lunch in the dumpster, Lucas was scribbling away in his notebook to finish the assignment while only taking a few bites of food when he could. He made sure to gulp the carton of holsty milk a fair distance from the paper, the last thing he wanted was to rewrite it because of food stains.

Roxy grabbed the notebook, quickly skimming it.

“Hmm. Pencil pusher.” Roxy noted, “My dad is about the same. Accountant.”

Lucas nearly choked on the milk, thank goodness Roxy had his notebook.

“Your dad’s an accountant?”

“Yeah. Number cruncher. I’ve seen pull out exact change before getting told the total at the grocery store. He’s really big on coupons.”

Lucas just stared at Roxy in disbelief. He could not wrap his head around the idea that her dad was that sort of person.

“It’s true. I was tagging along when that happened. He added a stick of gum to bring the total to an even dollar amount.” Mauri added.

“That’s crazy.”

Lucas took back his notebook and finished up his paper just before lunch was finished, promising the girls he’ll spend time with them after school to make up for the distractions.

Soon enough, it was time for his English class.

The teacher would decide who would read their submissions aloud at random. And the first one she picked was Courtney, the Succubus.

Lucas had gotten on better terms with her because of this class, and also probably because she completely forgot who he was. Courtney was a bit of an airhead, typical cheerleader stereotype. On the first day for the transfers, she was dead set on getting a jock for a boyfriend and ended up in a shit mood when she didn’t get one. She eventually did get one, and has since been in a much friendlier mood to everyone around her.

She stood up and told everyone that her mother was a firefighter.

Today truly was full of surprises.

It was that time of year again. Time for the yearly fundraiser, including the school bake sale. Once again, Lucas would be selling chocolate bars door to door. But he was going to stay the hell away from Dracula’s castle, Abigail’s mom might lock him in this time.

Different streets, different blocks, different houses, might be a different area code for all he knew. Hopefully this time it turns out a bit more normal.

Lucas knocked on the door and waited, hearing someone get to the other side and unlock the door.

The door swung open and a horned woman in nothing but a bathrobe answered. Looking down to Lucas, she seemed to have realized this was a student and quickly managed to swing the door halfway closed with her tail.

“Oh goodness, I am so sorry. This is like so embarrassing. Here, just give me a minute and I’ll get something else on.” She said before closing the door.

Lucas stood there and wondered why none of these women ever bothered to get a peephole installed on their door. Or a security camera. Or even check through the window. This happens way too often.

About a minute passed until the door opened once again to reveal the Succubus who lived here… now wearing even less than before. Forgoing the bathrobe, she stood at the doorway in nothing but a thong and stockings.

“There we go, much better.” She said, no longer embarrassed that she was overdressed when she answered the door.

Maybe this was why they don’t get peepholes.

Lucas blushed, trying his best not to look down at her mostly naked body. Her skin was somewhat pale, and her chest was a respectable B or maybe C cup, oddly small for a Succubus, but she made up for it all in thighs.

Luckily, doing his best to stare at her face made him realize who it was. She was Courtney’s mother, who was coincidentally the same succubus who was the cause for commotion due to the Fuck the Cook apron incident. She was at the fundraiser last year, with Ms. Robinson keeping a watchful eye to make sure there wasn’t a repeat of the year prior. Looks like she was staying home this year… just his luck.

“Wait, like I know you. Hmm, yes! You’re Lucas, aren’t you? You’re dating my niece!” she said in her shrill voice.

For the briefest of moments, Lucas completely forgot that there was a naked Succubus standing in front of him as he processed what she was telling him. He was dating her niece? High Orc, Jinko, Hellhound, Werewolves. Hellhound might be the closest thing to anything demonic that he’s dating… right?

Sensing his confusion the Succubus giggled.

“Cathy. You’re Cathy’s boyfriend, right?”

“Y-yes? H-H” Lucas was still not completely processing this information, struggling to form his words, “How? How are you two related?”

This only prompted more giggles from the Succubus.

“Oh, we’re not related by blood. I’ve been an ‘intimate’ friend of her mommy for ages. We met back when she was still pregnant with little Cathy. We’re still very close friends, I’ll even go help out with her yoga classes every now and then. Cathy calls me Auntie all the time since we’re practically family.” She said with a smile, until noticing a flyer on the floor.

The flyer said ForbiddenFruit.tv on it with an image of a fruit in the background, but nothing else. All the relevant information was likely on the other side.

It seemed that someone had put it on the door and Lucas never really noticed it since he was trying his best not to look in the general direction. She turned around and bent over to grab it, not paying Lucas any mind of the view.

He only caught a glimpse of her cheeks, and boy did they make up for her lack of cleavage. Round, perfectly smooth, and perky. Somehow it made sense that she was with Ms. Klein.

“Oops, sorry.” She said, “So, how can I help my niece’s little lover boy?”

Lucas managed to stutter out that he was selling chocolates for the school fundraiser. To which she agreed to buy fifteen of to help him out.

“By the way, I think you two make an adorable couple.” She said, counting out fifteen single dollar bills. “But really, I wish you would’ve show up at the station where I work. Me and the crew would’ve bought out that entire box for you and given you a nice tip.” She winked.

Lucas almost grimaced, the last thing he needs is to actually add a milf to his reputation right now. Let alone several.

With that, she said goodbye and closed the door.

Lucas made a note to never visit any of the fire stations in the area when he got his delivery job again this summer.

The final few months of the school year were here, and with it, teachers were trying to cram in everything they could before exam season started.

Lucas was in biology class, this week they were studying undead with an emphasis on vampire physiology today. There were a few things that came without saying, being undead meant they were usually cold to the touch and were immune to many things that would usually kill a regular person, and have a crazy healing factor. They also possessed inhuman strength along with heightened senses that can even outperform some beast mamono. According to the professor, as long as they are well-fed with a supply of blood, they age even slower than elves.

“Unfortunately, these all come with a few major downsides.” She continued, “One is that they’re dependent on blood, luckily nowadays there are manufactured products to help lessen the number of feedings necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. A rather famous method of subduing a Vampire is garlic, can anyone guess why that is?”

Surveying the students who shifted in their seats, Professor Honeysuckled smiled at Lucas but then pointed at a Kobold.

“Umm… is it because it smells bad?” she haphazardly guessed.

“In a sense, yes.” She replied, surprising the Kobold. “Vampires, with their keen sense of smell have trouble with any strong odors. You could subdue one with freshly chopped onions or by putting on too much cologne, although that last one might work with most girls.” She joked.

“But there is some evidence showing that garlic, in particular, works best against Vampires due to a mild allergy to it. As many as eighty percent of Vampires suffer from some form of garlic intolerance, as such, it has become a very common repellant for one in media.”

Professor Honeysuckle went on to explain how sunlight also affected them, saying that there were some minor misconceptions that were spread throughout media about it. Due to their heightened senses, they were also sensitive to light, particularly sunlight. It doesn’t make them powerless, but it’s like getting a really bad sunburn. They will usually recover once out of the sun, but it is taxing without some sort of protection like sunscreen or even using an umbrella for shade.

“It isn’t uncommon for certain vampires to completely ignore the sun, but it is usually only for a few minutes to a couple of hours. Only particularly long-lived or powerful vampires can endure a full day’s worth. There is a record though, about two months straight for a Vampire that lives up in Alaska.”

Turning the page in his textbook that actually contained the image of this record holder Alaskan, Lucas cut his finger on the paper, cursing under his breath.

Professor Honeysuckle managed to overhear him and looked over to see him clutching his finger.

“Papercut? Oddly good timing considering the subject.” She said, turning to face Abigail.

Abigail immediately noticed the papercut and had covered the side of her face to keep herself from looking at Lucas as she scrambled to get something out of her bag. Pulling out what looked like a raspberry juice pouch, popping in the straw, and sipping it whilst still facing away from Lucas.

“Abigail, could you please identify Lucas’ cut?”

Abigail shifted in her seat and took in a deep breath.

“Type O+. Minor cut, flowing at less than a drop a minute.”

“Excellent. An example of how keen a vampire’s senses can be.” Professor Honeysuckle commented, going over to her desk to grab Lucas a bandage.

Once he bandaged up his finger, Abigail seemed to have calmed down.

“So that’s how her mom did it.” Lucas thought.

Several hours after school, Lucas was finishing up his driver’s ed course. It was twice a week for about two or three hours each class, and if all went well, then he would have his learners permit by the end of the school year.

Entering the school building one last time, Lucas headed over to Cathy’s locker to drop off a few things for tomorrow morning. With all the locker issues he’s been having, and the constant buzzing of a certain hornet, Cathy started sharing her locker space with him.

After putting away what he needed he started to head out so he could bike home, it was starting to get dark. Reaching the exit closest to the bike rack, Lucas pushed on the door and… got nowhere. It wasn’t opening.

There was no way for him to unlock the door without a key. He didn’t even know you could lock it from the inside since the doors were the same as the one from the locker room, meant to let people out but not back in. Lucas walked down the hall and tried another door… and another… and another.

They were all locked!

As he wandered around trying to find a way out, he failed to notice that he was being watched from the shadows. A pair of red glowing eyes hungrily followed him behind every corner, under every stairwell, waiting… watching.

Soon enough, Lucas had tried every door he knew of on the first floor. He could always try going onto the roof and see if there was a ladder down, but what were the chances of that? There had to be a way out of here.

Goosebumps started to form on Lucas’ arms as he felt something breathe down his neck, he turned to look over his shoulder only to be met with the emptiness of the hallway.

He REALLY needed to get the hell out here.

Someone else was in here, he could feel it. Someone was watching him.

Maybe there was a janitor on the second floor, or a night class going on for him to ask the teacher for help. He hadn’t spotted anyone on the first floor, but someone had to be here. And hopefully, it wasn’t whoever was following him.

As he went into the stairwell, he climbed the steps as quickly as he could… only to find the door to the second floor was also locked.

“Oh no.” he thought, this time hearing the heavy breathing behind him.

He spun around, back to the wall, and fists up ready to fight, but no one was there.

His eyes scanned the room, wall to wall, no one was there. He looked up to the ceiling, expecting an Arachne spinning this complex trap for him to join their club, but luckily no one was there to stare down at him.

Lucas closed his eyes for a second, calming his nerves as he took a deep breath. The doors were getting to him.

Opening his eyes, Abigail stood before him in front of the stairs.

“JESUS!” he screamed, jumping back and hitting the wall.

A crazed expression was drawn on her face, her unblinking eyes glowed a sickly red as they stared into his very soul. Her mouth hung open, drool escaping from it as her tongue ran across her fangs. He had never seen her like this before.

Bending her knees, she readied herself for a lunge towards him. Lucas raised his arms to protect himself from the attack, closing his eyes as he waited for the blow to hit him.

A few seconds passed and he was still standing.

Opening his eyes, he saw her holding his hand up to her mouth, suckling on his finger. The bandage from the papercut he had gotten earlier was now stuck to her hand, her eyes were closed as the expression of eternal bliss washed over her face.

Lucas wasn’t entirely sure what to do. He just stood there for what felt like a solid minute, wondering when she’d finish sucking on his finger.

Eventually, he cleared his throat, trying to get her attention.

Her eyes opened, luckily no longer with the crazed expression from earlier, but still glowing. Her half-lidded eyes now glowed a warm red as they stared into his. She pulled his finger out of her mouth, her lips still puckered after doing so as she inched closer to him.

Lucas pressed his back against the wall as she pushed her body against his, her face nearing his until they were nearly touching.

“Lucas…” she whispered, closing her eyes.

“A-A-Abi-GAIL” Lucas screeched as she plunged her teeth into his neck.

At that point, the downstairs door of the stairwell opened and Cathy rushed up to pull Abigail off of Lucas.

“C-Cathy?! What? Thank you, but what are you doing here?”

Cathy was struggling with a flailing vampire, trying her best to hold her before being able to respond.

“I take night classes for math.” She said, finally getting a good grip on Abigail’s arms. “Was heading out when I saw you over by my locker, and then I saw this little leech tailing you so I decided to tag along.”

“LEECH!?” Abigail yelled, glaring up behind her towards Cathy.

“Ah, little miss Richie Rich finally back to her senses.” She said smugly, letting her go.

Abigail adjusted herself, seemingly returning to her normal self.

“When I saw this bloodsucker, I knew something was up. She’d never take a night class, probably got herself a private tutor. Born with a silver cock up her twat.”

Abigail pouted but didn’t say a word.

Lucas rubbed his neck where he was bitten, but it felt as if he hadn’t been bitten at all save for some saliva that was still on him.

Eventually, the janitor walks into the stairwell and asks why they’re all in here. Luckily, they were able to convince them that they were looking for someone to unlock the door since they couldn’t get out. The janitor scratched their head as they wondered how the door all got deadbolted after letting them out.

The following morning, all three were called to the principal’s office, each one being brought in individually into the room.

Lucas was the first to be called in. Ms. Robinson was seated behind her desk, greeting him as he came in with that welcoming smile of hers.

“Hello Lucas, please come in. Take a seat.” She told him.

As he sat down, her expression became serious for a moment before she sighed and relaxed into a small smirk.

“What am I going to do you kids.” She murmured, “It seems there was a minor incident last night according to one of the janitors. All the doors were locked from the inside before the night classes ended.”

Lucas sank in his seat slightly as she continued.

“Oh I know it wasn’t you Lucas, nor was it Catherine. Abigail would be the most likely one capable of having the means to do so, but that would be a baseless accusation. And I have word from the janitor that found you three last night stating that you were all looking for a way out, so it would seem that you three will be off the hook for this inconvenience.”

Thank goodness, Lucas thought.

“Nonetheless, even though none of you are in trouble, I am required to report this incident to my superiors. I will make sure that there aren’t any repercussions if they have any reason to believe that you three were involved. But, I do have a request for you and the girls.”

Lucas sat up and leaned in to listen.

“Please, with it being so close to the end of the schoolyear, could you stay out of trouble until then? Last thing I want to do is reprimand my favorite student after all.”

Turning red from the comment, Lucas simply nodded.

“So glad you agree. You’re free to go now and call Catherine to see me next.”

Lucas said thank you and exited the office. Once he was out in the hall he held his hand up to his chest, his heart was racing. It always did this when he was alone with her, probably because he’s was worried that he’d be in trouble for something the girls did.

Making his way to the front of the main office, his face was still a bit red as he told Cathy that she was now being called in.

She grunted, standing up as she glanced over to Abigail who was seated next to her. The Vampire didn’t even take notice of her, distracting herself as she filed her nails. Cathy simply shook her head and walked straight into the principal’s office.

Promptly sitting down with her arms crossed in front of Ms. Robinson, the two quickly greeted each other before the Bicorn began to fill her in on what she knew.

“I know it wasn’t you who locked all the doors last night, but you were spotted by one of the janitors and as such we have to go through this. You’re not in trouble for what happened last night, but we do need to address something else entirely.”

“What do you mean?”

“We need to address your disregard for the uniform policy.”

“But I am in uniform!” Cathy retorted.

Cathy was wearing the school gym shorts along with a tank top that was under the school’s sports jacket.

“That may work during gym class but that isn’t the uniform policy, even if it has the school’s logo on it. We’ve been very lenient with you, but with all this added attention we do need to start enforcing the little things as well.”

“You gotta be kidding me!”

“Those are the rules.”

The following morning Cathy could be seen alongside Lucas who was surprised to actually see her in uniform for once.

“So damn hard to breathe in this thing.” She muttered, undoing the top three buttons of her dress shirt.

She hadn’t worn the school uniform since freshman year, so it was much too small for her now. And not just her shirt, but her skirt was practically a miniskirt with how short it was. Had she really grown this much in three years? Undoing the top three buttons exposed the brim of her sports bra while also revealing some generous cleavage.

“There we go, much better.” She sighed, finally able to breathe easy. “Hey, shorty, why so red?”

Lucas couldn’t help but glance over at her every now and then. It was then that she realized why, blushing ever so slightly before thinking that maybe the uniform policy wasn’t all that bad.

It had been a few days and Abigail had been somewhat distant to Lucas during that time, even more so than usual. One day, she willingly approached him as he was about to get harassed by Sam one more time.

“Lucas, a word.” She said, looking up to the hornet before she could speak, “You, leave. Now.”

Sam simply nodded and walked away as quickly as possible.

Lucas hadn’t even noticed that Sam was behind him, thanking Abigail for saving him the trouble.

“Lucas. I wanted to… apologize.” She began, almost straining herself as she did so. “My bloodlust was inexcusable, as such I have come here to ask for forgiveness for my actions.”

As he was about to respond, she raised her finger, telling him to wait.

“There is more. It appears that my actions have also revealed a… preference that was previously unknown to me. As such, I have tainted myself and can no longer associate myself with my peers. Instead, I will now have to lower myself and join your entourage, hoping you find it improving its overall quality.”

“O-okay?” Lucas responding.

He wasn’t exactly sure what she was talking about, but she was apologizing and that was good.

“Excellent. I will see you in class then.” She said, nodding to him and walking away.

It took Lucas a few seconds to process what happened, and then he realized what she meant.

“Wait… what?!”

Just around the corner, Abigail was clutching her chest, breathing heavily as her heart raced. Her heart was actually racing, the sensation was overwhelming but addicting. She calmed herself, she had to maintain an appearance after all.

Composing herself, she continued down the hall. She had already notified the others that she no longer be associating herself with them. Now there is the matter of making peace with those in the group. It would be difficult, but it had to be done.

She took in a deep breath, steeling her nerves. She will prove to them that she is sincere in her efforts and prove herself amongst them.

The end of the school year was finally arriving and with it summer vacation.

In the meantime, Lucas was helping Cathy at the school library put away books and organize papers. Apparently, she needed some community service hours and the school was willing to count this, especially since the Dryad librarian was always asking for some help.

As the two helped around in what they could, Cathy kept stumbling her words every time she was going to ask something of Lucas.

“Hey Lucas, I-I. Could you um… Can-no. Would? Yeah, would you um…” She fumbled.

“What is it Cathy?

“I was wondering…” she said, twiddling her fingers, “if maybe… y’know… you’d like to… umm… be my date for prom?”

“Yeah, I’ll be your date.”

Cathy wiped the sweat off her forehead, seeing that she was nervous over nothing.

Prom came and went in a flash.

Lucas was once again wearing his suit, while Cathy was in a light teal maxi dress. She decided that she would be the one to pick up Lucas, as she didn’t want her mom to go overboard with hundreds of pictures of the two. Lucas made sure to bring a bag with some spare clothes since she was probably going to have him stay at her place afterwards.

The two dined and danced the night away until they announced that the festivities were done.

“Hey Lucas,” Cathy began, “one of my girls said there’s a graduation party going on, and everyone’s invited. We should swing by and take a look.”

Lucas agreed to give it a try.

Cathy and Lucas jumped into the car along with two Porcs and one of their boy toys in the back.

“Hey, no fucking in the back. This is my mom’s car. She’ll notice any stains.” Cathy reminded them.

The Porcs groaned, and Lucas could’ve sworn he heard the dude say “Oh thank god” under his breath as they took off to the party.

Making their way to the party, Cathy started to take them to the side of town Lucas had never really been to. This was the high-class residential area. Fenced in communities and eventually full-on mansions.

Which one the party was at became fairly apparent with all the cars parked on the street, along with the music that could practically be heard around the block.

Parking the car down the road, the group headed over to the house where they met up with the rest of the Porcs that were already there waiting for them by the front. The mansion was reminiscent of a shrine, the stone walkway leading up to door and the tall walls that seemed more like a temple than a home. Stepping inside it was made obvious who lived here.

The family portrait above the fireplace displayed an elegant painting of a man with two vulpine women. The one beside him being his wife, and the one between them was their daughter… the Kitsune from the clique.

“Should we be here?” Lucas whispered to Cathy.

“She said everyone was invited, and by the looks of it she already knows we’re here,” Cathy said, nudging him to look up.

On the second floor looking down at the crowd was the Kitsune in question, wearing a backless dress that seemed to be worth as much as the car they drove in. She was staring down at them, but turned around and pretended to not have noticed them.

“Surprised she didn’t just kick us out. Looks like Miss Stick Up Her Ass doesn’t want to cause a scene, we got celebrity immunity shorty.”

The group perused through the mansion, marveling at the various rooms and socializing with several recent graduates. There was an arcade with air hockey and skeeball, a theater room with a popcorn machine in the corner, there was even a waiter bringing around snacks and drinks. This place was quite the setup. But it seemed that the real show stopper was out back.

Immediately stepping outside was the designated dance floor with a live DJ playing the latest hits and remixes. Across from that was what could be called a snack station, but it really looked more like a buffet with the amount of variety and freshly made finger foods available. The stuff looked better than what they got served at prom.

But the real eyecatcher of the backyard was the pool. A multi-level pool lit up the area, the base circling around the raised center that featured a waterfall. The raised portion seemed to be leveled with its own private bar, while the base one contained a small circular section that was dedicated for the hot tub. The design seemed like something out of a vacation resort.

There were a handful of people already in the water, and soon enough the Porcs were stripping down to their underwear to jump in as well.

Lucas gestured to Cathy if she wanted to do the same, but she shook her head before leaning in to whisper in his ear.

“I’m not wearing any underwear, and this view is for your eyes only.” She said, sneaking a kiss to his cheek.

Since the two weren’t jumping in, they decide to head over to the snack table and try out some of the treats they have. After a bit of socializing, and one last attempt by Sam to get him to join the javelin club for next year, everyone’s attention was drawn to the pool.

Specifically, the hot tub portion, where a group of Porcs had suddenly misplaced their bras and were having their way with a pair of guys. One of the boy toys was seated in the tub as one of the girls rode him and the other was making out with him while holding his hand down under the water. The second guy was sitting on the ledge, his face being shoved into the crotch of a standing Porc while another was massaging his erect dick between her bare tits.

With all the attention, some of the Porcs couldn’t help but wink at the crowd, pointing at a few of their holes that were in need of getting plugged up.

Soon enough, a few other guys started to join in, followed by a couple girls as well. It didn’t take long for the public session to turn into a full-blown backyard orgy. With all the commotion going on, even the Kitsune went outside to see what was happening, only to be disgusted with the lack of decency going on.

At that time, Cathy grabbed Lucas by the arm and brought him inside. Lucas had to leave the snack plate he had at the table, wondering where it was that she was taking him. Dragging him upstairs, Cathy began opening doors until she finally found what she was looking for.

A bedroom.

But not just any bedroom. It was someone’s personal bedroom, complete with a vanity desk, dresser, and plenty of other things. This was probably the Kitsune’s room.

Bringing Lucas inside, Cathy locked the door and immediately began to make out with Lucas, leading him to the bed as she pressed herself against him. Lucas wasn’t sure what was going on, but he wasn’t stopping it either.

The two eventually made it to the bed, Lucas being pushed down onto it as Cathy began to undo his pants. Lucas was only half erect from the sudden initiative by Cathy, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Pulling down his drawers, she started to lick the length of his cock, sucking on his balls between licks and leaving behind a lipstick kiss on his sack as her fingers massaged the head. Lucas was fully erect in a matter of seconds.

Kissing the tip of his dick, Cathy swallowed his member into her mouth. She went down to the base, raising her head up, and repeating the motion. Bobbing her head up and down, her lips formed a tight seal around his penis, leaving a light teal lipstick ring at the base. Raising herself off him, a trail of saliva bridged between her lips and his excited member.

Cathy pulled down on her dress to push out her breasts, no bra present to hold them back. She pinched on her erect nipples as she leaned in and enveloped his crotch between her tits. She continued her previous motions, now with her mammaries, licking the tip of his cock whenever it appeared.

It would not take long before Lucas shot his load onto her chest, some reaching the base of her neck.

“Ah shit, I don’t want to stain the dress.” She said, “Pass me that pillow.”

Lucas passed her the pillow on the bed, to which she removed the casing and used it wipe off the cum he had sprayed onto her.

“Now shorty~” she told him, standing up and pulling him off the bed. She laid down on her side, lifting up her dress and proving that she indeed was not wearing any underwear. She blew him a kiss as she stretched her cheeks, revealing her asshole and her wet pussy.

Lucas needed no instructions.

Stepping forward, Lucas took a hold of her butt cheek, giving it a squeeze as he spread them open to have a good view of her holes. He rubbed his still hard cock against the lips of her pussy, slathering it in her juices until deciding to press it against the opening of her backdoor.

Sliding it in, Cathy let out a small moan as her tail brushed up against him. He pushed himself into her until he reached the base, ensuring his movements were slow at first and gradually increasing in speed with each thrust.

“That’s it baby.” She murmured, placing her hand over his as he continued to hold onto her ass.

Lucas pounded away at her, the two letting out moans with Lucas leaning down to kiss her on occasion.

The two continued like this for a few minutes until Lucas shot out another load, this time inside her. Leaning down, Lucas kissed her one more time, Cathy holding him close to her.

“That’s how I like it,” she whispered, kissing him back.

“Alright, let us get out of here before anyone figures out we’re here.” She said, prompting him to stand up and pull up his pants.

Cathy slipped her breasts back into her dress and looked around.

“One sec,” she said, walking over to the dresser and opening the drawers. “Here we go.”

The drawer she opened was full of underwear, specifically panties. Cathy grabbed the most expensive looking pair, one that featured a rather large hole and buttoned strap in the back for the tail. She put the panties on and proceeded to latch her arm around Lucas.

“Okay, now let’s go.”

Exiting the room, the pair found a few couples in the hallway that seemed like they were about to get it on but weren’t too keen on doing so outside with the orgy. Cathy told them about the room they were just in and soon enough there was a line at the door for couples to use the ‘Fuck Room’.

Lucas and Cathy make it out the door and head back to the car, the girls they came with can go with the ones they met up there. The two drive off to call it a night.

The next morning.

Lucas and Cathy were in their pajamas and spending the weekend together at her place. Cathy had already warned him a while ago about her Disney obsession, but this was the first time he had actually been in her room to see it. She was really embarrassed about it when she told him, but now she was even more so last night when she took him in.

He really thought it was cute.

While he was there, she even showed him her underwear collection. It wasn’t just his that she had been taking. It was just an entire drawer full of people’s underwear she had taken. When he asked why she just shrugged saying that she just liked them.

The two step out into the living room, it seems that Cathy’s mom had gone out to teach and wouldn’t be back until the afternoon, but she left some money for takeout in case they didn’t want anything that was already in the fridge.

Cathy started to make some coffee and told him to go on the couch, they were going to watch movies today, probably all day. She heated up a few snacks, placing them on the coffee table in front of the couch, and handed him a fresh mug of coffee while she got herself a glass of orange juice.

Snuggling up to him with a blanket, she pressed play and Hercules began to play on the tv on the wall. The two spent a peaceful morning with each other, with maybe a quick session or two between movies.


Year 3

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    Also clever to have her mom be of Mexican descent. Very good spanish too from what I could piece together.

    Wonder how Abigail will warm up to dead Lucas the next year round…

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