Rapture High – Year 1

Year 1

“Today is going to be a weird day,” Lucas said to himself, turning off the alarm on his phone.

Lucas stood up out of bed, stretching as normal before tossing some sweatpants on and heading out to the bathroom right outside of his bedroom. He stands in front of the mirror, his face just consumed with the anxiety of today. Today was the first day at a new school.

A tremor blew out several water pipes at his old school flooding classrooms and storage closets, requiring some of the students to be placed in the neighboring school. The awkward part is, that the rival school was mostly female. And not just any female but monster hybrid females.

Lucas cleaned off his face before stepping out of the bathroom to head for his morning coffee. After quickly downing his cup and munching on a granola bar he heads back into his bedroom to start getting dressed for this day. The school was nice enough to send him out a uniform on such short notice. Nothing special, just a pair of black dress pants with a dress shirt to match, and you can wear any tie of your choice alongside shoes. After he was dressed, he packed up his backpack before heading out to wait on his new bus ride.

Didn’t take the bus long to get to his home, unlike the normal commute which showed up late most of the time. He stepped on the bus and to his surprise it was rather empty, it appeared they sent a bus just for the people transferring and not mixing them with the normal students yet.

The school thankfully wasn’t too far from his old one, just right down the street. A lot of the jocks from his middle school used to brag about sneaking out to meet a few of the cheerleaders from the school on occasion. No one outside of that circle believed a word since a lot of the school avoided any kind of contact with the monster students at any cost.

The bus ride went about as quiet as can be, besides the few talking about how so much of this school is female it is going to be super awkward and the one kid sleeping in the back of the bus, granted that was just as normal on his usual commute.

As they approached the school there seemed to be a welcoming squad sitting out at the front, it looked like they put some effort into greeting the new students. Cheerleading squad dancing, a nice carpet set out, even a cake was prepared.

“Well it looks like we are getting a warm welcome.” one of the other boys said as the bus stopped in front of the school and opened its doors.

Each of the new students stepped off the bus, the sleeping kid in the back being the last one to step off after having to be shaken a bit. The cheers and happy energy quickly faded as soon as the bus closed its doors and began to drive off.

“What is this shit? Where are the rest of you? What happened to the jocks?” the head of the cheerleading squad said.

“It is still tryouts time, not everyone got to come.” one of the few other exchange students said.

After those words were said the welcome crowd quickly diminished, the cheerleaders left along with the rest of the student body. They even took the cake with them.


Lucas and the rest of the exchange students had made their way into the main office to grab their locker assignments and class schedules. It looked like they got ahold of their schedules at the old school and did their best to copy it over.

Lucas began making his way to his locker before being cut off by a group of girls.

“Would you believe that sorry display? God this group is pathetic, nothing but runts that wouldn’t even make a good footrest.”

Lucas looked up to see a girl smiling at him. A Vampire, and her crew of different species. A Kitsune, an Elf, and a Succubus who he had spotted earlier leading the cheerleading squad.

He maneuvered his way around the girls before mumbling “I guess every school is going to have a bitch clique.”

The elf clicked her tongue just out of earshot of him as the other two turned to her and nodded.

Once he managed to reach his locker, he opened it only to see it filled with pixies and their teacher which appeared to be a Leanan Sidhe.

“Is there anything I can help you with, young man?” she asked him placing her hands on her hips as the rest of the class looked up at him.

“I-I must have the wrong locker, my apologies ma’am,” Lucas said closing his locker. It must have just been a mistake in giving him that locker.

He began to head back to the office in order to get the locker situation sorted out. Best to do it now while he still had time.

As he made his way down the hallway, he saw the clique chatting with a pair of Oni, both of which cracked their knuckles as they looked over to him.

“S-Shit,” Lucas said, starting to nervously walk backward with the Oni slowly walking toward him. They were muscle heads and wearing letterman jackets, clearly the football players of this campus.

It was either take this beating or flee and stall off the beating.

The latter it was.

Lucas took off while the Oni took off after him. Lucas sprinted down the halls away from the pursuing Oni.

He quickly turned a corner and looked around for a way to escape. A bathroom was the first thing he spotted, he slipped inside the second the Oni pair turned the corner.

“You are going to have to come out sometime, you cannot hide forever runt!” one of the Oni said banging on the door.

She was right, he couldn’t stay there forever. Luckily for him there was a window behind him which could grant him an escape. Managing to squeeze through, he made it outside just as the late bell began to ring.

“Shit. First day here and I’m already late.” He muttered to himself as he entered back into the school through one of the several doors.

Making it his way to the first class of the day, math, he kept looking over his shoulder to make sure the Oni pair weren’t following him.

“Lost?” a voice rang from behind him.

Turning to the voice he was met with the stern look of a weresheep teacher standing in the open doorway of a classroom. Looking over to the room number, it appeared that this was his math class. And he nearly passed by it.

Lucas stuttered a confirmation before apologizing for his tardiness.

Her expression relaxed, rolling her eyes slightly as she made way for him to enter.

“I’ll excuse it since it’s your first day, but please don’t make it a habit.” She told him as he made his way in.

“Can’t even make it to class in time. More of a reason to get rid of him for a more deserving human,” a familiar voice rang.

“Just my luck,” Lucas said to himself upon seeing the source of that comment being the Vampire he ran into earlier.

“Alright, that’s enough Abigail. No reason to judge him just because he’s late.”

Abigail just rolled her eyes before pulling out her notebook.


Class went by at a decent pace. The bell rang and Abigail was the first who made it out the door.

Once Lucas stepped out of the class, he was greeted with the sight of the two Onis from before, both waiting for him.

“Fuck,” he mouthed before making another run for it.

The two giants sprinted after him, making it down the hall as he tried to squeeze through the crowd to lose them. Unfortunately, they weren’t to give up the chase this time, making sure to stay on his trail as the warning bell rang.

With the halls becoming empty as the students made it into their classes, Lucas was left with nowhere to hide from the Onis. They knew this, and smiled as they approached him.

Thinking quickly, Lucas ran out through the side door, grabbing his backpack whilst hastily trying to open it.

The door led to the stairwell, where he tossed one of his notebooks up the steps before going through the door under the stairs that led outside.

Turning the corner, he hid behind a dumpster as he waited to see if the meatheads took the bait.

He could hear the door slam following by some words before they stomped up the stairs to keep searching for him.

Lucas slumped against the wall and let out a sigh as he panted. He lost them. He closed his eyes for a second as he wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Well, what do we have here?”

His eyes shot open to reveal that he was suddenly surrounded by a trio of Werewolves. As he tried to bolt, two of the girls immediately grabbed on to hold him against the wall. There was no escape this time.

“He is small. Cute even. Must be one of the transfers,” the one who wasn’t restraining him said, tracing one of her claws across his cheek.

The Werewolves were dressed like a bunch of punk rockers. Sleeveless jackets, spiked bracelets, and chokers. All black.

“We should wake the boss up, right? She’d be mad if we have a taste first.” The one to his left said.

“She already doesn’t like being woken up during her naps and she always gets first dibs no matter what, I don’t think it would hurt…” the free werewolf began as she stripped off her jacket to reveal the low cut band t-shirt that showed off a decent amount of cleavage.

“I always get what?” a deeper voice announced.

The side door to one of the dumpster further down slid open as a clawed black paw clutched the edge of the opening.

The Werewolf quickly slipped her jacket back on as the Hellhound stepped out into the open. She wore a similar jean jacket with spikes on her shoulders, a matching collar, spiked bracelet, and a band tank top with the album cover of Rancid’s “…and out come the Wolves.”

“New meat? And you weren’t going to wake me?” she interrogated while grabbing the free werewolf by the collar.

“N-no! Of course not boss, you know what’s best,” she nervously squeaked out as her ears folded back.

The Hellhound snorted before turning to look at Lucas.

“Don’t worry, we’ll all get some since our newest member still needs to do her initiation. Now as for you, fresh meat you’re coming with me,” she said, grabbing him by the shirt and tossing him over her shoulder.

Lucas tried to no avail to escape her grip, but she was simply too strong. Taking him over to the dumpster she had come out from, she shoved him through the opening she emerged from.

From within the dumpster there was no trash in sight. In its place the bottom was lined with old worn-down gym mats, the walls with outdoor Halloween lights that must’ve gone to an outlet outside, and a couple of old pillows for some level of comfort. A tiny little hideout for the gang on school property.

Once she was in and the door had been slid shut, her eyes flared with a lust fueled flame before pouncing on top of him.

“Hmm, how cute,” she commented, “maybe I should’ve gone to see the transfers coming in. Could’ve picked you out sooner.”

Pushing his tie off to the side but not removing it, she ripped through his shirt with her claws.

Lucas tried to push her off of him, but it was a futile effort. Grabbing him by the wrist she was able to pin him down with just one paw.

“That’s it. Try to fight it. Keep that fire burning.”

Ripping open his shirt, she made his chest bare to her.

He did his best to fight back, flailing his free arm against her to no avail as she begun to remove her jacket to reveal that she only had a bra on under.

She removed her hand from him in order to finish taking off her jacket and to do the same with her bra, only for Lucas to try another feeble attempt at escaping. She pushed him back down and scooted forward, now sitting on his chest as her legs circled around his face.

With the weight of the hellhound atop of him and her thighs squeezing his head, he tried what he could to pull open the iron grip lock that were her legs.

“That’s how I like it. Don’t stop struggling.” She told him as she tossed her jacket and bra to the side.

The sight of her nipples made him pause for a moment. The darkened areolas barely visible against her skin in this barely lit dumpster. With him distracted, she was able to slip out of her pants and panties with ease.

She looked down at him curiously before realizing what had caught his eye. Getting off of him, she grabbed him by the tie, which was still on and hadn’t been torn to shreds, and pulled his face up to hers with it like a leash.

“This is your first time looking at a set? Means this is the first time at all, doesn’t it?”

Lucas nervously nodded, noticing a slight ember form in her eyes.

She smiled, sitting down against the wall and pulling Lucas down with her by his tie as she did so.

“Well, prepare for the crash course. We’ll start off with an appetizer for both of us, mainly me.”

With a tug she forced Lucas down onto his elbows with his face between her open legs.

“I even shaved recently, so get to work. Even if it’s your first time, you should be able to figure it out.”

She shoved his face down to her depths, giving him the full view of her dripping pussy.

Lucas swallowed nervously before taking in a deep breath and leaning in to kiss her clit. He then began to lick her gently.

“Good boy. Keep going.” She said, grabbing him with her free paw and pulling him closer to her pussy.

Lucas had his lips right up against her crotch, his tongue traveling along her opening. He kissed and licked, slipping his tongue inside her causing the Hellhound to gasp gently,

“Keep going, we’re almost ready for the main course,” she said, pulling him tighter and forcing his tongue deeper inside of her.

Lucas struggled to breathe, gripping the padded floor while still pleasing her.

After a few seconds, she let go. Lucas threw himself back against the opposite side of the dumpster, gasping for air as the Hellhound began to crawl over to him. She was just inches away from his face, raising her paw up to grab his face by the cheeks and forcing their lips to lock. Pulling back, she released her grip on him and slid her paw down the side of his face and onto his neck.

“P-p-please no more,” he panted deeply.

“You think I am just letting you get away with just eating me?” she asked, hooking her claw around his tie and undoing it. “Besides, it looks like that rough treatment got you a little excited,” she said, rubbing her knee against the erection in his pants.

Before he could retort, she had grabbed onto his wrists and hastily wrapped his tie around them as a restraint. Raising his arms, his wrists were put on a hook above them that was being used to hold up the Halloween lights.

“Anyways, it’s time for the main course.” she told him, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal his erection.

She immediately climbed atop of him, straddling his waist and shoving her tits into his face as her pussy rubbed against his dick. She raised herself to position her folds just above his member before allowing herself to swallow it whole in her tight warm depth.

Lucas gasped at the sensations.

She began to ride him slowly, making sure every inch was being taken in and out of her hole.

“Mmm, brace yourself. Slow isn’t much fun,” she said kicking it up a gear, riding him harder with the loud slapping of their bodies echoing inside the dumpster.

It didn’t take long after for Lucas to grunt and fill her up with his cum.

His assailant sighed and got off of him while some of his semen dripped down back onto his still hard cock.

“Mmm, that was certainly your first time, but don’t worry all that cum will certainly not go to waste,” she said opening the door and yelling “Come on newbie, time for your test!”

“You’re staying tied up for this. We aren’t going to let you try to fight our new member, cause if you hurt her then I will hurt you, understand?”

Lucas swallowed the lump in his throat.

One of the other girls climbed into the dumpster, unlike her Hellhound boss she was quite a bit shorter but made up for it with quite the ample bust.

“Go on, I warmed him up for you,” the Hellhound told her.

Lucas was still out of breath from the first round, but the new girl paid it no mind as she undressed in front of him.

She climbed onto his lap and lifted his head up to her breast until his lips were up against her nipple.

“Go on then, I want them sucked on while I get my ride,” she told him.

Lucas lazily licked her breast as she slipped his still hard and cum slicked cock inside of her before tossing her head back and letting out a gently moan as she began to slowly ride him.

The boss just sat back and watched, pulling out a cigarette to have an after-sex smoke while massaging her clit.

Lucas’ arms were beginning to fall asleep as they hung from the side of the dumpster as the short Werewolf went on with her motions.

“P-please untie my arms. They’re getting numb.” He managed to squeak out.

The Werewolf paused for a moment, turning back to the Hellhound for the final say.

“Go ahead and untie him. He won’t try anything while I’m here.” She said after blowing out a ring of smoke.

The initiate nodded, leaning forward and pressing her chest into Lucas’ face as she began to untie his makeshift restraints.

Lucas dropped his arms down to the mats below, letting the blood flow through them again before the Werewolf atop of him grabbed one and placed it on her breast.

“No no, you have to put them to good use now.” She told him before pulling his head back onto her other breast with her free hand.

When he began to squeeze and suckle on her nipples, then she continued to ride him.

Her moans grew louder with the added stimulation, the slight squeezing of her breast as she pushed him closer to her.

He lasted a little longer, but not by much. After just a few minutes, he shot his load for a second time.

Rising up from lap, his now limp member slid out of her pussy.

The Hellhound clapped as the Werewolf rolled off of Lucas.

“You passed, welcome to the crew.”

Lucas reached down to pull up his pants which were down at his ankles.

“Worn out huh? Alright, get dressed.” The Hellhound said before putting on her own clothes and opening the sliding door of the dumpster to get out.

His uniform was ruined, torn to shreds, luckily his pants had survived the attack relatively unscathed. What was he going to do? Snitch them out for assaulting him, who would believe that?

Lucas crawled out of the dumpster before being grabbed by the Hellhound who promptly tossed him over her shoulder like a trophy.

“Come on gang, bring his stuff inside,” she said, walking him though the same doors into the school he had come out from earlier. She sat him down at one of the benches near the door before saying, “See you around little bitch,” and tossing him his backpack.

Lucas sighed and slowly stood up before being shoved back down to the bench again.

“Thought you could hide forever runt?” a voice said.

It was the two Onis from earlier.

“Looks like someone did our job for us, but you still look like you got some fight left in you.” One of them said, grabbing him by what was left of his collar and lifting him off the bench so as to pin him against the wall. “You are going to learn the hard way that you gotta respect your superiors.”

“Well well what is going on here?” a familiar voice rang.

The Hellhound and the gang had heard the commotion and come back to see what was happening.

“You want the little bitch huh?” she said as the Werewolves began to surround the two.

“Mind your own business.” The Oni holding Lucas responded before a Werewolf jumped onto their back and dug her claws into her face.

The Oni dropped Lucas, only for him to be snatched up by the Hellhound. And just as quickly the Werewolf jumped off.

“There’s four of us and two of you. I suggest you beat it.” She told them as the girls began to growl to back up the threat.

The Onis glared at the group before turning away.

“Fine, you win for now.”

The two began to walk off as the one who was clawed pressed against the scratches on her face.

As the Onis disappeared from view, the Hellhound dropped Lucas back onto the bench, leaning over him with her paw against the wall.

“You just run straight into trouble, don’t ya shorty? So, what’d you do to piss them off?” She asked him, lifting his face up to her with her free paw.

He didn’t really want to tell her anything after what happened, but she did just save him from a beating.

“It was some group of girls talking shit about the transfers. I might have called them a bunch of bitches for it, but I didn’t think they heard me.”

“A group?” The newest member asked as she turned her head to the side, “A Fox, a Vampire, an Elf, and one of those Succusluts?”

Lucas nodded.

“Ah, the bitch clique.” The Hellhound responded, “You managed to piss them off? Looks like you’re gonna need some protection, good thing you ran into the right gang, ain’t it shorty.” She told him, putting her paw on his back with a smile.

“Ah shit, it’s the VP.” One of the girls said.

“Ehem, what on earth are all of you doing out of class? And… good lord, what happened to our transfer student? Did you four do this to him?” she asked, tapping her foot to the ground.

The vice-principal was an Elf, cream skinned, blonde with a hint of green in her hair, and small bust all in her no-nonsense office attire. Lucas had met her earlier when he and the other transfers had to get their schedules and locker assignments.

“No ma’am, we caught that gang of Raijus from the rival school harassing him outside. They were tearing at his clothes until we stepped in. Ain’t that right shorty?” The Hellhound quickly lied.

The vice-principal rolled her eyes before looking to Lucas, “Is this true young man?”

Despite being violated by the two, he did feel like he owed them.

“Yes, it’s true. I was dragged away and they were trying to assault me until these girls showed up.”

The Elf raised a brow, not really believing the gang and their story, but had to take his story at face value. “Alright, I’ll make sure to get you a new uniform asap. Can’t have you going around the campus like a Halloween decoration. In the meantime, take it easy until next class.” She said, walking away.

The group waited until the VP was out of sight until they checked up on Lucas.

“You saved our asses there, even after everything we did. Seems like you’re part of the gang now shorty. You’re gonna be hanging out with us from now on. In the meantime, lets get you covered up.”

The Hellhound dropped her jacket onto him for him to put on. It was a bit tight, but it covered up the mess that was his shirt.

The rest of the day went just fine, with the crew meeting him outside each class and following him around to make sure no one bothered him.

Just as he was headed out the front door, he was stopped by the Hellhound from before.

She leaned him against a wall near the door, putting a paw on his chest.

“Being the male of our crew comes with a few… responsibilities. And with us taking care of you and all, you might need to pay a small little fee for that.” She told him, circling her claw on his chest. “I think you know what that might be. And don’t forget to bring my jacket back tomorrow.”

“Y-yeah, I’ll bring it. I promise.” He responded, to which she playfully slapped his cheek.

“By the way, the name’s Roxy short stuff.” She told him as she made her way out.


About a month had passed with him being at the new school. The gang kept him protected from any kind of nonsense that the bitch clique might have had and getting laid basically every day wasn’t too bad of a trade-off for it.

The day was half-way done and it was time for gym class. The newbie werewolf from the gang walked him to the locker room. The men’s locker room was being remodeled, so he had to use a locker in the women’s locker room. But per administration, for his safety, he would only use it after all the girls were done.

It didn’t help that the last locker he had for gym class turned out to be the Fairy shower room as well.

The coach would lock the doors so they could only be opened from the inside once all the girls were out. But this time the coach was waiting for him right outside the doors, telling him that he had a locker change. It was in the utility closet with all the other sports gear. There were a few other lockers in there and it would be away from everyone else, so no more having to be late and trying to catch up if they started to jog. She even gave him the key to the closet.

“Well alright, I have my stuff in my bag so I can do the swap right now.” Lucas said, heading to the closet with the key in hand.

Heading into the closet and putting in the combination the coach gave him for the built-in locks, Lucas opened the locker only to be knocked down by a waterfall of dirty laundry. Mostly underwear.

“Haha! Can’t handle a few dirty clothes squirt?” a voice called out.

Sitting up from the pile and turning around, Lucas saw one of the female students who he had seen in class many times but never interacted with. She was head of the volleyball team, and maybe the swim team but he wasn’t sure. The chocolate-skinned student was a High Orc, a boar version of the pig-like Orcs.

She made her way to him, towering over him before picking him up and pinning him against the locker. Even when he was standing, she was still over a foot taller than him.

“Now, why were you snooping around in my locker shrimp?” she asked, pressing herself against him.

“I-I-I was given this locker. As a change.” He stuttered, showing her the paper with the combination.

She looked at the slip for a moment before tossing it to the side.

“Coach thought they could just give you my locker? Hmph. Guess we’re locker mates until this little situation is dealt with.”

“F-f-fine, just put me down please,” Lucas said to her pleading not to be hurt.

“Ah, fear.” She murmured, leaning in as she licked her lips, “Nature’s aphrodisiac.”

As she closed the distance to the base of his neck with her face, the late bell began to ring.

“Shit. Well don’t worry, we aren’t done here. But, since you dropped all of my stuff,” she began before dropping him to the floor and pulling off his pants along with his underwear in one go, and only tossing his pants back to him. “These are mine now. Payment for going though mine. See ya later shrimp, and don’t forget to put all my stuff back.”

And like that, she left. With Lucas sitting in a pile of underwear.


During gym class, coach decided to make Lucas the designated gym assistant. Mostly just because he already had a key to the utility closet. She needed him to get in there and grab a few cones to act as bases for some kickball.

Heading to the room, he noticed that it was cracked open. He could’ve sworn he had shut it, but he was in a rush to get out since the final bell had rung while he was stuffing all the underwear back into the locker. Pushing the door open to peek inside, it was nearly pitch-black inside. The light switch was on the other side of the doorway rather than the side you opened it on. Overall poor design. So, Lucas simply left the door open to let some of the light in as he went to grab the stuff.

As he grabbed the mesh bag full of miniature cones along with a few kickballs, he couldn’t help stop at an odd sound he was hearing. It was as if someone was moaning.

Looking over the corner towards the end of room by the lockers, he could see the ‘Borc’ (Boar Orc) that had grabbed him earlier slumped against the wall. Her shorts were around her ankle and her legs were spread wide open as she was fingering herself in the darkness. She was also covering her face with something, breathing in its aromas as she furiously masturbated. It was then that he realized that the thing was actually his underwear that she had taken from him.

Lucas immediately began to walk backwards to leave, nearly tripping over the bag he came in here to grab in the process. With that, the Borc’s previously obscured eyes shot up from the garment and immediately locked in with his.


She hopped up and struggled to put her shorts back on, obviously heading towards him as soon as she did so. Lucas took the opportunity while he had it and ran out of the closet as fast as he could, sprinting all the way to the coach in record time.

“Relax kid, I know kickball is exciting and all but no need to tire yourself out before going a few rounds.” The coach told him, taking the stuff and handing it out to his classmates to set up.

It was at this point that Lucas felt a tap on his shoulder. He instantly froze up, worried of who it might be.

Turning his head, he was greeted by a new person altogether. Normally this would have been a relief, but the giant claws on her paws kept Lucas tense. It was another student he had seen but never really spoken to, a tiger woman known as a Jinko.

She introduced herself as Jasmine, head of the school’s track team. She was very straight to the point and pretty deadpan in her request, she wanted him to join the team. According to her it was rare to see a human sprint so quickly, even if it was at the lower-end of most non-human species.

Lucas wasn’t too fond of the idea… but he was getting good at running away. He told her that he would think about it.

The class dragged on forever, even though all they did was play kickball. Luckily no one seemed too keen on bothering him, probably because Jasmine kept coming over and trying to recruit him.

Once class was over, the coach had him put the gear back in its place. Lucas was worried he might run into the Borc again and made sure to look over his shoulder as he made his way to the closet. Luckily it seemed that she had probably already left for her next class.

It wasn’t until he dropped his shorts and began to put on his pants that he realized he was mistaken.

Lucas was grabbed from behind and pinned against the wall face first.

“Enjoyed the show, huh? You were spying on me when I was having a moment, and then ruin it by interrupting me right before I could finish.” The assailant said, revealing it to be the Borc.

“I-I-I wasn’t spying on you,” he said, before being turned around and slammed against the wall.

“You’ll pay for this shrimp!” she told him, laying him down on his back against the floor and dropping her shorts along with her panties in one go.

Before he could get up, she immediately placed herself above him, giving him a full view of her pussy. She was soaking wet, Lucas wasn’t sure if it was all from before when he caught her or if she just got turned on by picking on people.

“Quit struggling runt,” she added, sitting down on his face while pulling off his pants.

Lucas felt like he was suffocating between her thighs as she drenched his face with her juices.

“Lucky for you I’m hungry, and lunch is up next. But I’m going to tag you for later,” she said, slipping her soaking wet panties onto him and pulling his pants back up.

She then got up, allowing Lucas to gasp for air and wipe his face which had been soaked in her love juices.

“See ya around runt,” she said to him before heading out the door, leaving him drenched in her juices and in her soaked underwear.


Lucas had cleaned up and made his way to the cafeteria.

It was pizza day, and everyone was trying to get as much as they could.

As he entered the cafeteria he was grabbed by Roxy.

“We got food already, come on outside.” She told him, leading him by the wrist thru the side door that led to the dumpsters.

They normally had lunch out here in their hideout. It was a good way to keep away from the bitch clique… and also when he’d have to make his ‘protection payments’ to the girls. He barely had time to eat on most days, and definitely not enough time for all four of them. If any didn’t get a chance to get their fee then they’d try to claim it between classes, either under the nearest stairwell or empty bathroom stall. But today wasn’t the same. Rather than tackling him down and pulling off his clothes, they were all sniffing him instead.

“Hmm… you seem different. You don’t smell like normal,” Roxy said.

“You don’t smell good, you smell like… another woman,” Patty, the short werewolf, added.

Roxy grabbed him and pinned him hard against the walls inside the dumpster.

“You cheating on us?” she asked, her eyes beginning to flare up.

“I-I was attacked, in the storage closet during P.E. by a High Orc,” he said to her, putting his hands on her paws.

“S-She forced herself on me, took my underwear and then put hers on me,” he confessed, filled with embarrassment.

Roxy reached down and undid his pants to see for herself.

“She did, that bitch! Now you are going to take us to her, no one lays a hand on you!” she said, slamming open the dumpster and throwing her jacket inside as she prepped for a fight.

With her claws she tore the panties off of Lucas before dragging him into the cafeteria as the rest of the crew followed.

“Where is she?!” Roxy demanded.

Lucas looked for a bit until finally raising his hand and pointing to her.


“Come on gang, we’re going to teach her what happens when you touch what’s ours,” Roxy said, cracking her knuckles and pulling Lucas along.

The Borc was eating with the swim team, half of which seemed to be Orcs.

“Hey slut, what do you think you’re doing touching our man?” Roxy said.

The Borc turned around only for her panties to be thrown into her face.

“Putting your panties on our bitch,” Roxy said to her.

“Your bitch, huh? How come I have his underwear then? I bet I could make him cum harder than you or your crew ever could,” the Borc said, standing up and facing Roxy.

Roxy didn’t hesitate, she pounced onto the Borc and started to claw at her before the rest of the swim team and the werewolves joined in.

In the first few seconds of the commotion, someone swung their food tray and launched their pizza slice into another student. It didn’t take long for the entire cafeteria to erupt into chaos.


Withing the second the person who yelled finished uttering those words, another slice was tossed into the air. Soon everything was being launched, from mashed potatoes to half empty cartons of milk and even the lunch trays themselves on occasion. The lunch ladies ducked behind the buffet to keep themselves from being pelted with food. The only two who weren’t back there was one of the servers, a cocoa-skinned Kraken who was using several of the food trays as makeshift shields as she tried to make her way to her narcoleptic coworker, a Dormouse. The Dormouse was sound asleep, but somehow still standing at the register, swaying at just the right time to narrowly miss any of the meals that flew towards her.

The riot didn’t last very long, being broken up soon afterwards by members of the staff. The gang along with Lucas and the swim team were all brought to the front office to speak with the principal.

Lucas was the first one called into her office, leaving the girls to stare daggers at each other as they waited. Stepping into the rather spacious office room, Lucas was greeted by the school principal, Ms. Anna Robinson. She was a silver-haired Bicorn, her hair was up in a bun and she was sporting a red suit jacket along with a black blouse underneath it all.

“Please come in, take a seat.” She told him as she perused through an open manila folder.

“So, you are Lucas? I have been hearing your name up and down these halls young man,” she said, leaning down and looking towards him as she adjusted her glasses. “Now let’s see this list here. Fourteen injuries, a minimum of a couple hundred dollars in damages, along with three precautionary rabies shots. I am not quite sure who you are young man, but you have certainly caught my attention.”

Lucas attempted to explain the situation to the best of his ability.

“My my, is that so?” she asked, adjusting her glasses as she eyed him.

“Y-yes ma’am,” he responded.

“Alright, well I know you didn’t cause the food riot in the cafeteria, but the information has been useful. You may leave,” she told him.

Lucas let out a sigh of relief before thanking her and leaving out the door.

“He is certainly interesting, I am going to have to keep an eye on him,” she said to herself, adjusting the magical seals on her horns that kept her under control from pouncing onto any husband-material candidates. “Ugh, shriveling up already, I need to get better seals,” she said to herself.


It had been a few days since the food fight incident, and everyone was spreading rumors that Lucas had started the whole thing while somehow getting away with it scot-free. As he was headed out to class after lunch, he was grabbed by the shirt and pinned against the nearby wall.

It was the bitch clique.

It wasn’t the entire group, only the Vampire and the Kitsune. It was the vampire holding him up with strength that did not match her physique.

“Listen here you little shit, I’d suggest you stop these little stunts of yours.” Abigail, the Vampire, said to him.

“I-I literally have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said to her.

Abigail and her Kitsune companion each rolled their eyes before she responded.

“Don’t act dumb you little pest,” she replied, bearing her fangs to him.

“Abigail… put him down.” The Kitsune cautiously told her.

The Vampire let go of him before backing away to calm herself.

“Now look here freshman, these little attention getters you’re doing need to stop. Especially if you want your life at this school to go as smoothly as possible.”

“Look,” Lucas responded, “all this stuff that’s been happening is really awkward and I would love it for all to stop-“

“Then we’re in agreement,” the Kitsune interrupted, “stay quiet and out of our way.”

Abigail grabbed him once again, lifting him an inch from the ground and against the wall.

“Now if you go against us, I will personally make your life a living hell. Got it!?” she threatened, her face an inch away from his as her eyes glowed a sickly red.

“Got it.” He managed to squeak.

Abigail smiled and opened her mouth to respond, but instead began to cough and wheeze. Her strength weakened, dropping Lucas down before she fell to the ground herself whilst gripping the legs of his pants.

The Kitsune’s eyes widened in shock, looking back and forth between the two before finally realizing what was happening.

“You ate the pasta and garlic bread for lunch, didn’t you?” she asked, leaning down beside her friend and reaching into her purse to grab the inhaler.

Before Lucas could respond, another voice called out to make itself aware.

“Well well, it looks like Miss Bitch herself came to swear her loyalty to the newbie.” The voice announced.

It was Roxy, swiping away at her phone as she approached the group followed by the gang.

“Shove it mutt, this is between us and the pest. We don’t need a bunch of strays and a wannabe fox butting in.”

Mauricia, the tallest of the Werewolves, snarled at the Kitsune’s comments as Patty held her back but also growled. Mauri had the shiniest coat of the girls and pair of legs that could probably get her into modeling if she cared enough. But she was always confused for a fox, and it pissed her off to no end.

Roxy was oddly calm, in fact she was grinning as the Kitsune flung her insults at her and the girls.

“Now look here,” she said, turning her phone around to show what she had been doing.

On the screen was a picture of the scene just a few seconds ago, Abigail kneeling to Lucas as she grabbed onto his pants, almost begging him for something as the Kitsune also knelt beside her with her head looking down to the ground. Roxy had added a caption to it along the bottom, “Swearing loyalty to her new master”, so as to paint the scene differently.

The Kitsune bit her lip, her brows furrowed in anger, doing nothing but stare daggers at the Hellhound as she made her demands.

“Now look here, I’d suggest you lay off our bitch unless you want a nosy member of the school newspaper to get their hands on a headliner like this.”

The Kitsune clicked her tongue and quickly turned to the Vampire.

“Come on Abigail,” she told her, helping her up and walking away.

Lucas hurried along to his next class, with the girls in tow to ensure no one else would try any funny business happens in the meantime.

It wasn’t long until the Vampire and Kitsune had made it to the rest of their group, Abigail finally recovering from her coughing fit.

“Fuck. That little shit will pay. He’ll pay in blood.” Abigail was murmuring, trying her best to contain her rage.

The Kitsune raised her hand to Abigail, signaling to her to calm herself.

“He is too prepared. He looks like an absolute idiot, but it is all a ruse. He is too smart for us to handle right now, so in the meantime it looks like we are going to have to lay low for a bit. If we engage with him immediately then I am sure he’ll have something ready for us, even without those mutts who are always around him.”

The group grumbled at their inability to do anything during the stalemate. With the Vampire in particular grinding her teeth.

Soon after the next class, Lucas steps out to see Roxy waiting for him outside.

“Dumpster, now. Time for a ride.” She said, grabbing him by the shirt.

Even if the school had ten minutes between classes instead of five, it was never enough time for Lucas to get to class and pay his ‘protection fee’ to the girls.

Before the two could get to the door leading outside, the school’s intercom began to ask for Lucas to come to the principal’s office.

Everyone began murmuring and wondering what it was about this time.

“Couldn’t have picked a different damn time? Fuck, well come back to see me afterwards,” she said, swatting his ass as he walked away.

Roxy didn’t escort him since the office was only just down the hall, so she could see him head there before stepping out herself.

Lucas went through the front office and directly into the principal’s office, where he saw Ms. Robinson typing away at her computer.

“You asked to see me Ms. Robinson?” Lucas asked as he made his way inside the office.

“Hm?” Looking up from the screen, Ms. Robinson adjusted her glasses and smiled, “Ah Lucas, yes. Come in, take a seat.”

As he sat down, Ms. Robinson clasped her hands together on the table and leaned forward, showing off her cleavage whilst testing the strength of the buttons on her blouse as struggled to not pop off and fly across the room.

“Do you know why I called you in here today?”

Lucas nervously shook his head.

Ms. Robinson relaxed her pose, leaning back a bit before continuing.

“Well young man, I am already sticking my neck out a lot for you. I do believe that you would be a very good asset to our education system, and it also seems that you’re quite popular with the ladies.” She said, flashing her eyebrows to his embarrassment.

It was then that she turned her monitor towards him, showing him the picture of Abigail having the coughing fit that Roxy took.

“A war could be started with a picture like this, those girls are very connected with the ins and outs of our little community. And their parents make quite the monetary contribution to our school.” She warned Lucas, turning the monitor back around.

“How did you end up with that picture?” Lucas asked her.

She chuckled a bit before explaining.

“It was backed up onto the school’s server. We tell everyone not to link their phones to their school account because we have to check everything coming in, but everyone does and we end up with all the pictures people take and make a backup of. We see it all, even the nudes everyone is taking.” She sighed, shaking her head as she continued, “But don’t worry, we know it was your Hotdog friend that took the picture.”


“Fufufu~” she chuckled.

She stood up from behind her desk and walked over to Lucas, placing her hands on his shoulders.

“Don’t worry. But do remember, if you need anything at all, just come here and I’ll make sure to take care of it for you.”

“T-T-Thank you Ms. Robinson.”

“Alright now sweetie, go on and get out of her. We will certainly stay in touch,” she said, patting his shoulder.

As Lucas left, Ms. Robinson shuddered a bit, leaking slightly under her suit and from behind as her seals shriveled up to nearly nothing.

“I need to invest in better seals. ASAP.” She said to herself.


It was the middle of the following week, gym class was about to end as Jasmine, the Jinko Track Captain, reminded him that tryouts would be on Friday.

“Y-yeah, I’ll make sure to be there.”

She nodded before joining her peers to the locker room.

Coach asked him to stick around for a bit, help pick up the cones and whatnot.

Since it was right before lunch, seemed like most of the students headed straight to the cafeteria after finishing up in the locker room. Which made this a perfect time for a desperately needed shower.

The coach would lock the doors to the locker room so that once everyone got out no one would be able to sneak in and mess with the lockers during lunch. But what the coach didn’t tell him was that the key to the utility closet also worked for the locker rooms. Jasmine had walked in on him changing one day and asked how he got in there. After explaining that the coach gave him a key so that he could change in peace, she explained all the team captains had one as well and that it also unlocked the door to the locker room. She was surprised he had one, but would make sure to knock next time she came in.

Back to the main issue at hand, he smelled. Badly.

Lucas waited for a moment to make sure everyone had gotten out before unlocking the door and peeking his head inside.

“Anyone left?!” he asked loudly.

No response.

Taking it as the coast was clear, Lucas stepped inside and was relieved to see that it was empty. He grabbed one of the school towels and made his way to the back of the locker room where the showers were located. Placing his bag and towel onto the nearby bench, Lucas looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was around before stripping down and entering the stalls.

He turned the handle all the way, causing the showerhead to gurgle for a second until it spat out a jet of water. Lucas waited until he could see the steam rising up to turn the knob down a bit, passing his hand under the stream to check the temperature before he himself finally stepped into it.

He ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a sigh as the warm waters relaxed him. It was good to have a moment of peace.

But the peace didn’t last.

Lucas was grabbed from behind, being pinned against the still cool tile walls of the shower.

“You think I forgot about you spying on me?” a familiar voice said.

“C-Cathy, please no,” he said as she turned him around.

“I told you, this wasn’t over. You interrupted an intimate moment,” she said, pressing her body against his.

She was naked as well, the warm water running down her body onto him as stood under the showerhead.

Lucas tried to push her off of him, but to no avail.

“We are alone too. Everyone went off to lunch. Even the coach.” She said, rubbing her chest against his.

“C-Cathy look please,” Lucas went to say before getting cut off by being pushed to his knees.

“Let’s put that mouth to work, go on and get to eating,” she said, grabbing his head and shoving it between her caramel thighs.

“Mmm,” Lucas grunted while trying to pull his out but she tightened her grip to his head with her thighs.

“Both of us are going to get off before we leave,” Cathy told him, tilting his head and putting his lips up to her clit.

She was soaked, and not just from the water in the shower.

Lucas began to lick her down, seeing no other way out of this. Meanwhile, Cathy immediately began to weaken in the knees.

“Yes, that’s the spot,” Cathy moaned softly, running her fingers through his hair.

Lucas slipped his tongue inside her, causing her to gasp and shake, forcing his mouth to press firmly against her pussy.

“Don’t stop until I tell you,” she said, panting deeply now.

Lucas did as she said, gently swirling his tongue around inside of her until it was finally too much for her. His motions drove her over the edge, cumming and squirting her juices into his mouth.

Holding herself up against the wall, she let go of Lucas from her thighs who sat back against the tile wall as they both panted tiredly.

“W-we’re not done yet,” Cathy panted, still coming down from her orgasm high.

She crawled down to Lucas’ semi-hard length and enveloping it within her mouth, sucking it gently.

Lucas leaned back from the sensations, his member becoming fully throbbing from the motions of her tongue.

“Now, f-for the ride of your life,” Cathy said, pulling him from the wall and laying him down on floor before climbing atop of him.

She steadied herself on him, resting her hand on his chest while the other angled his cock to her pussy, slipping it all the way inside her.

Cathy shook once again, still not having come down from her orgasm which only intensified every sensation. She began to ride him slowly, panting gently and letting out a few small moans in between.

She grabbed his hand, placing it on her d-cup breast, telling him to grab her as she rode him.

“C-Cathy, please get off me,” Lucas said between his panting, having already begun to leak precum inside of her.

Cathy smiled, leaning up and riding harder, slamming her hips down on him.

“No,” she responded, holding back a moan.

Lucas tried to push her off, only for her to grab his wrists and pin them to the floor.

It only took a few more seconds until Lucas arched his back and finally came, shooting his load into Cathy.

Cathy grinned as she rose up from off of Lucas, his cum dripping out of her and onto the shower floor.

Lucas got up and tried to walk out, only to be grabbed again by Cathy who pulled him back into the shower.

“You don’t look all too clean shorty,” she said lacing her fingers in his hair. “Stay here, just going to grab something out of my bag,” she added before walking out the showers.

Lucas was shaking from what Cathy just did, and the gang isn’t going to like him being late for lunch.

Cathy quickly came back with her own soap. “Now, we are going to have a nice shower together shorty,” she said stepping back under the water.

Cathy began lathering her body up before starting to do the same for Lucas. “Feel better shorty?” she asked starting to soap his cock stroking it for him

“S-Sudden change in attitude Cathy,” Lucas said watching her soap him up.

She chuckled a bit before replying “I like ya shorty, I give you shit but I like ya.”

Lucas sighed and smiled gently not letting her see as she rinsed off her and his body.

“There, clean,” she said shutting the water off.

“T-Thanks Cathy,” Lucas said starting to walk out but Cathy grabbed him pinning him once again against the wall.

“I believe after that, you should grace me with a thank you kiss shorty,” she said lifting him up so that her face met hers.

Lucas turned red hearing that.

“You look extra cute when you are embarrassed,” she said leaning in eyes closed kissing him on the lips quite deeply slipping her tongue into his mouth for a second.

Cathy put him back down before dragging him by the arm back out to the locker room.

They both dried off with the school towel.

“Lunch now shorty but first gimme those,” she said grabbing his underwear before he could put them on.

“Go on take them, it will make Roxy take fewer things off,” he said putting his uniform back on.

Lucas walked with Cathy to lunch, luckily there was still over half the lunch period left for him to probably get something to eat.

“Hey, what are you doing with our man?” Roxy said approaching her with the rest of the gang.

Cathy didn’t even give them a response, she kissed Lucas on the cheek before saying “See ya later short stuff,” and walking away.

“Come on outside right now,” Roxy said grabbing his hand tugging at him.

“R-Roxy I am hungry I want to eat before next class, I’ll make it up to you after school you and the rest of the gang, I promise,” he said.

Roxy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms tapping her foot on the floor. “Hey look, we have something for you but it can wait until after school, I’ll even ride you home on the bike,” she said leaning in and poking him on the nose

Lucas grabbed his lunch before sitting at a lunch table which was rare for him to do since he mainly ate outside with the gang normally with sex for an appetizer.

Roxy sat next to him as well as the rest of the gang.

“Did she hurt you?” Patty asked him, running her paw down his face.

“No, she didn’t,” he said.

After lunch, Roxy and the gang walked him to his next class.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, at the end of the last class Roxy was waiting by the door for him to get out.

“Come on outside,” she said grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the hangout.

The gang was already there waiting for him.

“You have been with the crew for a while now and well we have to make you fit in,” she said reaching into the dumpster grabbing a collar with spikes on it.

“W-Well Roxy you all shouldn’t have,” Lucas said looking at it.

Roxy chuckled before saying “If you are going to hang with the crew you have to fit the part somewhat, also read the tag.”

Lucas took the collar from her looked at the heart-shaped tag on it that simply read “Main Bitch” was flattering to say the least.

“T-Thanks everyone, it means a lot actually,” Lucas said nervously as Roxy reached over putting the collar on him.

“Mmm yes looks great, now as you said, you will make it up to the rest of us, right?” Roxy said tossing off her jacket before strapping a leash to the end of his new accessory.


It had been about a week, Lucas had somehow managed to qualify for the track team and was meeting up with them after school. He did manage to spot a few students from his old school who just made the cut wondering if he had always been just fast enough to keep up with them.

The meeting was simple and to the point, probably because Jasmine was the one directing it. She spoke about trying to qualify for the district’s track and field competition, areas that needed to be improved upon, and how often these meeting/training would take place. Afterwards, since it was the first official meeting, everyone would be paired with fastest/slowest, do some stretches, and finish with a ‘light’ group exercise to end the meeting.

And by light, she meant by monster or athletic standards.

A short two-mile run around the campus.

Lucas really wondered how she convinced him to join.

Being one of the few humans on the team, and most likely the least athletic of the group, Lucas was paired up with Jasmine. Supposedly the pairing for fastest with slowest was to help jumpstart the slower ones and improve their times. It had been done for years, showing some positive results.

The group went towards the gate by the gym and used it as their designated starting line before everyone went off sprinting.

Jasmine made sure to check that Lucas was always keeping up with her, even if they were dead last. She was jogging at just above his usual speed, slowing down only if it looked like he was running out of breath.

It took them a little under fifteen minutes to make it around the campus.

Jasmine chuffed. Apparently, it was their way of purring.

“You did well. Shaved two minutes from your qualifying time.”

“T-,” Lucas panted, “Thanks.”

The group did some cooldown stretches and with that the first meeting for the track team was over.

Jasmine tossed Lucas a towel, telling him that there weren’t any in the storage room and that it would be unwise to go into the locker room to grab one with the rest of the girls in there. She likewise advised the other boys to not consider it.

Lucas nodded, wiping off the sweat and pulling out his phone from his bag to see he had a message from his parents.

They were reminding him tonight was date night for them and that they promised they’d bring him back something from the restaurant. It was sent over an hour ago.

“Ah shit I forgot.”

Jasmine’s ears twitched, turning to him.

“Is something wrong?”

“Oh no, I just forgot that my parents weren’t going to pick me up today.” Lucas replied.

“Hm. If you want, I am sure my mother won’t mind giving you a ride home.”

“Oh? Sure.”

Lucas went into the storage closet to change out of his track clothes, tossing the towel into the locker so that he could toss in with the dirty ones tomorrow. By the time he got out, Jasmine was in the parking lot talking to someone through the window of the passenger seat of a van. Upon seeing Lucas, she waved him over.

“My mom is alright with dropping you off. Mom, this is Lucas. Newest member of the team.”

Peering inside, Lucas could spot an older Jinko in the driver seat. Her hair was messy, but it was barely noticeable since she had put it in a ponytail. Her shirt was covered in blots of dried paint, and her shorts had random holes poked through them. She looked like an art teacher in the school to Lucas.

“Hello.” She greeted, in a similar monotonous tone as her daughter.

“Hello.” He responded.

“Before we go, I will need a minute to grab my stuff and make sure the locker room doors are locked.”

Her mom nodded and with that Jasmine left the two.

Jasmine’s mom unlocked the door, telling Lucas he can get in and sit down while they wait.

“So, you are the newest member of the team? Are you liking it so far?” she asked him.

“U-um. So far, yes.”

The track team was one of the few clubs the bitch clique wasn’t involved in at all. And it seemed that Jasmine made sure to keep everyone in check, so the team was overall pretty welcoming.

“That is good to hear. Just so that you know, as the mom of the team leader I do make sure to attend all the events and chaperone the group as needed. So, if in the future you need a ride to or from any of the meetups or events, do feel free to ask.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Just in case. Here is my number. My daughter is not the best at checking her phone.”

The Jinko exchanged numbers with Lucas, just as Jasmine was arriving back to van.

Hopping into the passenger seat of the car the group drove off to drop Lucas home.


Later that night, his parents arrived home with a to-go tray of shrimp alfredo before letting him know that he might have to head back to his old school.

“I-I could go back?” he said, with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

“We’re not quite sure just yet. I personally think it would be better for you to stay. You’ve been so much more active in school activities.” His mom said.

“And we’ve seen how the girls have taken to you.” His dad chimed in, causing them both to giggle.

Despite all the sex and protection from Roxy and her gang, it was exhausting having to handle them. Let alone the stress of having to deal with the bitch clique constantly breathing down his neck trying to get a jab at him whenever they could. It was just too much.

Lucas groaned, seeing that his parents didn’t understand but also unwilling to explain it to them. He took the tray with him up to his room to call it a night.

“Hmm, guess our little Casanova isn’t as big of a fan of the new school as we thought.”


The following morning, Lucas had already taken the bus to head off to school as his parents were busy getting ready to start their day.

Checking her phone, Lucas’ mom noticed that she had gotten an email from the Ms. Robinson, the school principal. It was asking her to please come in sometime throughout the week to discuss about Lucas’ enrollment at the school.

She decided she would drop in today. She called into work saying that she’d be late today and finished her morning routine before heading off to the school.

Upon her arrival, she made her way to the main office and met with Ms. Robinson.

“Thank you for coming in to see me on such short notice ma’am. I wasn’t expecting such a prompt arrival.” Ms. Robinson greeted.

“Of course, any time.”

“Now, I will try not to take up too much of your morning, but I would like to discuss about your son’s enrollment at our establishment.”

“Yes, Lucas has been a bit persistent on going back to his old school…”

Shit, Ms. Robinson thought.

“Well, I believe Lucas would benefit greatly with his continued attendance here with us. I would hate to see him just leave like that,” Ms. Robinson state, clearly siding with his mom. She even handed her a brochure of all the programs the school offered, many of which were something you’d expect out of an ivy league prep school. “Our school does also provide some incentives for parents if the student in question is a human. If he were to continue his education here, I am certain you would be eligible for some tax credits under the Educational Integration Program.”

Lucas’ mom’s eyes lit up upon hearing that.

“I think we could certainly arrange something.”

“Excellent. In that case, I will prep his full transfer papers for you and let you know if there’s anything you need. You may head out, I will take care of everything mom,” Ms. Robinson said smiling.

“D-Did you just call me mom?”

“Oh did I? I am sorry ma’am, slip of the tongue. Please forgive me.” Ms. Robinson said, slightly blushing.

“No worries, thank you again.” She said before leaving.

As Lucas’ mom got back into her car, she messaged Lucas to let him know that he would staying at the school, along with all the benefits it came with.

His response was “I want some normalcy mom, I want to go back to my old school.”

Lucas was currently in the dumpster hideout, putting his phone into his pocket before Patty jumped onto his lap. It was her turn to have a round with him.

Pulling off his pants, his phone slipped out as she started to go at him.

No one noticed until Lucas had to head off to class that his phone was there, let alone that it was unlocked.

It wasn’t until Roxy was putting on her jacket that she noticed it.

“Hm? Oh, it must be his.” She thought aloud, since all of their phones had scratched or cracked screens.

The text messages were still showing on the screen, causing her ears to droop as she glanced over what was said. The other girls all crowded around her to see what was up, only to react the same way.

Roxy takes in a deep breath and turns the screen off on the phone.

“I’ll deal with this, I’ve been too rough on him.” She said, “I want you three to be extra gentle with him today.”

The girls nodded in agreement as she sent out a text to the other girls.

The day dragged on as the girls made sure to get him to class on time, without the usual dragging him under the stairwell until there was only a minute left.

Eventually they made it to the lunch period.

By the time Lucas made it to the cafeteria, Roxy was already there with a tray for him.

“You want to eat in here or out back?” she asked him as he approached her.

He was thrown off by the question, since they usually just drag him out to the dumpster for a quick bite before riding his face.

“We can eat outside, I know all of you like being out there. And thank you for getting me lunch ahead of time,” he said.

The gang wrapped themselves around his arms as Roxy led the way outside to their usual spot. Once inside, they leaned against him and were extra affectionate as he quickly ate his meal.

When he finished, Roxy handed his phone back to him.

“You dropped it this morning.”

“I-I didn’t even notice that I lost it. Thanks for holding onto it for me,” he said, slipping it back into his pocket.

Roxy smiled a bit before saying “Look, I want to take you home tonight after track practice.”

“Oh alright, I’ll just let my mom know that I will be with you then,” he said pulling out his phone quickly updating his mom on the situation.

The rest of the day went by smoothly the same with track practice with the Jinko captain also being extra affectionate making sure to compliment him every time he did something.

“Hey Roxy,” Lucas said approaching her makeshift motorcycle. The sun was starting to set and the sky was already a hazy orange.

“Practice went well I assume?” she asked as he sat behind her on the bike.

“Y-Yeah it did just want to get home and shower,” he said putting his arms around her as she pulled off.

Lucas was kind of confused about how friendly Roxy and the gang have been today, but he wasn’t going to complain.

Arriving home, the lights were off and his dad’s car wasn’t home.

“Oh, I guess my parents went out,” he said stepping off the bike.

“Well mind if I come in for a bit?” Roxy asked parking her bike and turning it off.

“Y-Yeah sure, if you don’t mind me having a shower first,” Lucas said reaching for her hand but instead Roxy wraps her arm around his waist.

“In a good mood today Roxy?” he asked her unlocking the front door and letting her in.

“I’ll wait in the living room, you go shower real fast,” Roxy said swatting him on the ass and giggling.

Lucas takes his quick shower before meeting Roxy in the living room in sweats and a shirt.

“Nice and clean,” she said standing up putting her paw on his chest. “Bedroom, I want to talk to you about something,” she said allowing him to lead the way.

“S-Sure Roxy,” he said leading her to his room.

Roxy entered first and immediately sat down on the bed motioning to join him, which he did.

“Look, I saw the messages on your phone about you wanting to go back to your old school,” she said shifting to sit in his lap facing him placing her paws on his chest.

“R-Roxy look I can explain,” Lucas said in response to her.

“No need, but I do need to make a case for you to stay. I know me and the girls have been really rough on you and haven’t really let you have a word in anything we want to do. Despite everything that has happened, we care for you a lot and we want you to stay,” she said.

Lucas sighs deeply before putting his hand on Roxy’s face and saying “Look it is really nice hearing that, I have been doing a lot better, I made the track team and everything and the captain really has high hopes for me to stay with it, and hearing you say that about you and the girls…I’ll stay,” he said smiling at her.

Roxy smiled back before leaning down and locking lips with Lucas something she rarely did. Roxy broke the kiss before smiling again and asking him “D-Do we have time for you know, it would be nice to do it here instead of the dumpster,” she asked.

“Y-Yeah we should have time if you want,” Lucas said smiling back at her.

“S-Slow this time, save the fast and rough for school,” she said taking off her jacket and throwing it to the side. “Where is that collar we got you?” she asked.

“Oh, it is right in my nightstand drawer, go on and grab it if you want,” Lucas said.

Roxy grabbed the collar out of the drawer, before putting it on herself. “As much as I am not used to it, well I think it is my turn to be the main bitch,” she said climbing off of him before laying down on her back beside him. “Come on, show me what you got,” she said winking.

“I-I have never been in charge before,” Lucas said climbing on top of Roxy. Roxy used her foot paws to push down his sweats making him take them off and toss them to the side by her jacket.

Lucas leaned down and kissed Roxy again before she started to get eager and pull off his shirt.

“Now do me,” she said kissing him again putting his hands down on her jeans.

Lucas pulled down her jeans along with her panties throwing them to the floor. Roxy grabbed his face again locking lips with him once more running her paw through the back of his hair.

Lucas broke the kiss before leaning down kissing her stomach a bit before getting down to her thighs kissing and biting them a bit.

Gentle moans started to come from Roxy before she stripped off her shirt and bra dropping them in the pile of clothes beside the bed. Lucas ran his tongue across her clit a few times before burying his tongue inside of her pussy.

“Y-Yes.” Roxy gasped grabbing the headboard behind her digging her claws into it.

Lucas continued to service Roxy as she gasped and thrashed around.

After a bit, Roxy pushed Lucas’s face away. “Mmm, as much as I could enjoy that all night, I want to get to the main course,” she said pulling him up kissing him and grabbing his cock with her paw rubbing it against her pussy.

Lucas gently slipped it inside her an inch at a time causing small gasps and moaned from both parties. Roxy gently started thrusting against him “G-Go on more,” she begged.

Lucas complied before gently pulling in and out of her making sure every inch pleasured her inner walls. Roxy grabbed him pulling him down on top of her while digging her claws into his back.

“T-Tell me if I am being too rough,” she said gently.

Lucas continued to thrust in and out of Roxy gently and deeply.

A few minutes go by of that before Roxy lifts up pulling his length out of her in the process. “I-I want to do this now,” she said bending over and assuming the position while grabbing the headboard.

“S-Sure anything you want,” Lucas said leaning behind her lifting her tail up to see her dripping hole still ready for more. Lucas grabbed her hips before slipping his cock back inside of her.

Roxy gasped clawing the headboard more, “H-Harder,” she panted.

He nodded and began thrusting deep inside of her, long and hard strokes grabbing her hips tightly.

“J-Just like that,” Roxy panted leaning her head down into one of the pillows below her.

Roxy then began bouncing her ass back against him as he started to slow down with is strokes. Lucas began to pant deeply nearing close.

“C-Cum in me don’t be afraid to,” Roxy said encouraging him starting to moan a bit louder.

Lucas leaned down his face into her thick black tail before cumming hard inside of her.

Roxy arched her back reaching her peak after feeling his cum enter her. Lucas pulled out, letting a bit of cum to leak out of Roxy onto the bed.

Roxy smiled at him rolling back over on her back looking at him leaned back completely drained.

“M-Mind if I pull back the blankets?” she asked.

“No of course not, make yourself comfortable,” Lucas responded.

Roxy pulled back the blankets and sheets before crawling under them laying her back on a pillow in the headboard which now had numerous claw marks on it.

“Come on, join me,” she said motioning with her finger.

Lucas crawled over and got under the blankets as well beside her.

“Mind if I crash here tonight, I can hide my bike around back if need be,” she said laying her head against his chest.

“S-Sure Roxy might want to hide it soon though,” Lucas responded putting his arm around her.

“Mmm yeah, let me do that now before I get comfortable,” she said standing up grabbing his shirt tossing it on before heading out.

Roxy drove her bike behind the house and hid it behind bushes that circled the house before rushing back inside.

Roxy quickly hopped back into bed with Lucas letting him know that she hid the bike.

“Might have to do this more often,” Roxy said reassuming her position laying on his chest.

Lucas smiled actually feeling happy laying here with her before replying “Yeah we should, but the rest of the gang shouldn’t feel left out either”

“Oh, don’t worry they would enjoy this too,” she said snuggling against him.

Lucas and Roxy chatted it up through the night before eventually falling asleep.

The next morning, Lucas’s mom walks in while they were still sleeping and sees Roxy in bed with him.

“Ehem?” his mom said loud enough to wake them both up.

Lucas woke up first seeing Roxy next to him and then seeing his mom then freezing in place.

Lucas’s mom had her arms crossed clearly not too happy about this sight.

Roxy rose up snuggling him and kissing him on the cheek before saying “Good morning.”

“Care to join us for breakfast, I assume you must be Roxy,” his mom asked.

“O-O-Oh look I can explain,” Roxy said covering herself up since she slipped off his shirt in the middle of the night.

“No need to, come on both of you get up,” she said walking out the room.

“G-Go on get dressed Roxy,” he said standing up grabbing his clothes from last night.

Roxy stood up grabbing her clothes as well as taking his shirt. “I am taking this for now,” she said putting it back on before her panties and jeans.

Lucas walked out with Roxy right behind him.

“Nice of you two to join us, I hope you like omelets Roxy,” his mom said.

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Roxy replied.

“Alright, let’s cut the awkward ice here, I am not mad you slept with my son, I am upset that my son didn’t approach me first,” she said prepping their plates.

“I am on the pill if that helps, after all the school provides them,” Roxy said.

“That helps some, still would have rather been told about the situation first, next time I would like to be in the loop,” his mom said placing the plates at the table.

“I-I will I promise,” Lucas said with a sigh of relief.

After Roxy headed out. His mom sat him down to talk about this whole situation. “Should have guessed they have been here, random claw marks on things and the amount of different dog hair that you’ve been bringing in. I’d like to be kept in the loop about them visiting,” she said.


Christmas break was coming up, and with it the last track meeting for month until mid-January. Jasmine had been getting extra tough with the training to make up for the meetings they would be missing. She was working herself particularly hard, sweating tons and drinking just as much water during the meetups. She would down two bottles before even starting the team stretches.

“Alright, everyone pair up with your partner, last run of the day. This time we’re headed through the trail and then a lap around the school, the second you finish hit the shower or head home,” she said.

Jasmine downed another bottle before grabbing Lucas, “Alright, this time I want you to try to keep up with me. We’ll let everyone else get a head start so you don’t lose me.”

The rest of the team had already taken off as Jasmine was readying herself at the starting line. She began to count down aloud, and upon hitting 3 she sprinted off ahead of Lucas.

“Lord she’s fast,” Lucas muttered as he began to sprint after her.

The running trail was part of the park located beside the school. It was a fairly wooded area that had a jogging trail throughout it along with a few extra twists and turns. All in all, due to the several turns, the trail was about the same as going around the campus.

Lucas was making his way through the park, with Jasmine nowhere in sight. He thought by now she would’ve slowed down for him. As he was making a turn at around the halfway point, he was met with a blur before being tackled off the path and rolling downhill before coming to a stop a few meters down.

“F-fuck that hurt. What on earth hit me?” he said groaning while leaning up, now covered in dirt and leaves.

“J-J-Jasmine? What are you-” he said before being cut off by her paw covering her mouth.

She licked her lips as she pulled off her gym shorts while doing the same to his.

Lucas grabbed at her, trying to fight her off.

She grabbed his cock with her free paw, gently stroking it as her mouth hung open with her tongue out. Her face was flushed and her body was sweating bullets, she wasn’t going to stop.

Once his member was erect, she began to lower herself atop of him until she enveloped his entire length inside of her. Lucas grabbed the grass below him, digging his fingers into the dirt as she started to ride him.

She bounced without remorse, hard and deep all whilst grunting, panting, and moaning. Lucas couldn’t fight her, she was too strong. Jasmine slapped her cheeks against his crotch, holding him down with just one paw on his chest.

She was going too fast, Lucas was already about to cum.

Eventually, Jasmine gasped, arching her back and slamming her hips down onto him and milking him out of every drop she could from his body.

Lucas panted, his forearm over his eyes as he began to wipe the sweat of his head. When he finally looked up at her, she had gotten off him and was slipping her shorts back on. Her face was no longer flushed, almost returning to her usual tone.

“You still n-need to catch up.” She told him, before running up the hill and continuing down the trail.

Lucas laid there for a moment, catching his breath. It happened so quickly, he almost didn’t believe it happened.

He stood up, getting himself dressed before anyone spotted him and his now sore crotch.

Lucas walked the rest of the track, not being able to run after all that. By the time he made it back it seemed like the rest of the team was already heading out or gone.

Arriving to the locker room, he waited a bit to make sure it was empty so that he could maybe take a shower in peace for once. With all the strange stuff that has happened over the last few months, he should really come to expect these kinds of things by now.

Stepping inside to wash the dirt and leaves off him, Lucas turned on one of the showers and stepped into the water.

When he did so, he could feel it. Someone was watching him.

“Cathy,” he sighed, “I’m not in the mood right now.”

She approached him nonetheless, wrapping her soft fur covered arms around him and chuffing while under the stream.

That’s when he realized he was wrong.

Looking down at the orange fur wrapped around him, he looked up to see Jasmine was the one who had joined him.

She nuzzled his temple, but looked away from him as she did so.

“I… wanted to apologize for my behavior.” She finally squeaked out, her face slightly reddening as she said so.

“It was unbecoming of a team captain. Even if it is the season affecting me, it is no excuse for how I lost control when I went into heat.”

She squeezed him softly, struggling to say what was on her mind.

“If you no… no longer wish to be my running partner, I completely understand. But, please don’t quit the team due to my actions.”

The two stood in silence as the shower continued to run.

Lucas patted her hand before finally responding.

“It’s okay. I’ll stay, partner.”

Jasmine couldn’t help but chuff.

The two washed each other off, it was one of the few times Lucas had ever seen her smile so much.

Finishing up, she helped dry himself off before telling him that his ride was probably waiting for him. She began to wipe herself down, trying to dry off all the fur was always a hassle.

It seemed like she was back to her usual self now, but with a just a hint of pink on her face whenever she looked over to him.

Lucas headed out, wondering how he was going to break the news to everyone else.


It was the first week of March, and with it the yearly school fundraiser. Including the bake sale.

There were several moms coming in to show off their baking skills, trying their best to one up each other. This usually went quite well for the school, except for the incident with a mom who decided to wear a ‘Fuck the Cook’ apron and revealed that she was wearing nothing under it when told to take it off.

Students were also able to partake in an optional fundraiser of their own, selling chocolates or cookies.

Lucas decided to participate and walk around the neighborhood on the weekends. After reaching the final house at the end of the street, Lucas couldn’t help but stare at it. It was an older house… a significantly older one.

Coming up to the porch which creaked with every step he took, he made it to the door and knocked. For all he knew, no one actually lived here.

After a few minutes, he could hear someone unlocking the door and swinging it open. Before him stood a shapely middle-aged blonde woman in a translucent nightgown, leaving little to the imagination.

Lucas immediately blushed and looked away before introducing himself and announcing that he was selling chocolates for the school fundraiser.

“My, my is that so? Well please come in and allow me to make myself decent,” she said, opening the door for him.

Lucas didn’t question it, stepping inside to see everything draped in black with accents of red throughout the estate. It was like he stepped back in time for a second.

“Go take a seat and tell me more after I slip into something more appropriate,” she said, pointing to the leather coach towards the living room area.

Seating himself on the couch, Lucas looked around the area. A chandelier hung over him, a large mirror was mounted against the wall, the place reeked of old money.

“Sorry for earlier dear, I wasn’t expecting company today,” she said, stepping out in satin robe. It did little to hide her generous cleavage, nor did the strap detract from her hourglass figure, but at least it wasn’t see-thru like her previous outfit.

“Now, what was it that you said? You were selling chocolates, was it?” she asked as she sat down beside him and crossed her legs.

Lucas reached around and grabbed the box of chocolate bars to show to her when he stopped mid motion. Catching a glimpse at the mirror, Lucas froze upon seeing that he was the only one seated on coach. Instead, beside him was the satin robe, just floating in the air beside him.

Before he could react, his grip loosened and the box slipped out from his hand and onto the floor, the edge cardboard sliding across his hand and slicing him ever so slightly.

Leaning down, the woman picked the box up, revealing that she had removed her earlier outfit and was in fact wearing nothing under her robe as one of her nipples were made bare for Lucas to see. Lucas once more looked away as she placed the box between the two before turning her attention to him.

“Oh dear, are you alright? It seems like you might’ve cut yourself with that.” She said.

Lucas looked down to his hands, only barely noticing that one had begun to bleed. How did notice so quickly?

“Y-yes, but it’s just a small cut,” he replied, turning back to face her.

The woman licked her lips before placing her finger over them and smiling.

“Now dear, you shouldn’t tease a lonely old Vampire like that.” She said with a grin, revealing her fangs to him.

Lucas leaned back, causing her to let out a small chuckle as she waved to him to settle down.

“Oh you, aren’t you adorable. Here, I have a few napkins here. You can use these while I go fetch you a bandage for that.”
The vampire procured a set of napkins from a nearby drawer before leaving the room.

“I would just walk into a Vampire’s house without a clue how to deal with it…” he thought to himself.

He held the napkin to his cut, ensuring to apply pressure as he waited for the bandage. It wasn’t a big cut, nor was it a lot of blood, but it would probably be for the best if he didn’t bleed on the chocolates.

The Vampire returned to the room, offering him an old tin full of bandages for him to use.

“T-Thank you miss,” he said, pulling one out from the tin and placing it along with the napkin on the table as he put it on.

“Of course dearie. It’s not often that I get to entertain such a lively young man.”

Lucas shifted in his seat, questioning what he had gotten himself into.

“U-um, so I am selling chocolate for the school…” he said nervously.

“Is that so?” the Vampire giggled, obviously enjoying his discomfort. “I’ll take three, my dear.”

She stood up and walked off to the side to grab her purse, paying him for the chocolate bars.

“Now, don’t be afraid to come back. A lady does get lonely around here,” she smiled as he got up to leave.

Lucas swallowed and made his way to the door.

Before he could make it, a voice called out to his attention.

“Well, the little insect is out here selling that trash?”

Lucas stopped in his tracks upon hearing Abigail’s voice from behind him, not expecting to find her here.

“What are you doing in my house you pest?” she asked him as he turned to face her.

His heart sank upon hearing that.

“Your mom bought some chocolate,” he replied, turning back and heading out the door, not wanting to risk staying here any longer than he should.

“That’s right, get out! And don’t think of coming back you insect!” she shouted at him as he left.

Abigail clicked her tongue as she watched him leave, clearly annoyed that he stepped foot into her home as her mom rolled her eyes at her daughter’s actions.

“Sweetie, manners.”

Abigail grumbled a “Yes, ma’am,” before closing the door and returning inside.

“But, since you’re hear, I believe I found someone that would be suited for you.” She told her, handing her the napkin that Lucas had used for his cut.

Abigail raised a brow, bringing the napkin up to her nose and taking in its aroma.

“Hmm… intense but sweet. Who does this belong to? A potential athlete? Son of a politician? Noble?” she asked as she fanned herself with it.

“It actually belong to that cute boy who was selling the chocolates,” she said with a smile.

“MOM!” Abigail yelled, “That maggot that just left?! Please tell me that you’re joking, he is the absolute trash of our school transfers!”

“His scent is quite good, strong potential in that one, perhaps I could arrange a date for you two,” she said with a mischievous grin across his face.

Abigail threw the napkin in the trash bin and stomped upstairs to her room.

“I refuse to be associated with someone so beneath me! I never want to see him in this house again.” She announced before finally closing the door to her room.

“Such a shame…” her mother murmured as she picked up the tin of bandages and the chocolate, “she’ll come around in time though.”


Later that evening, the house was silent. Her mother had returned to her deep slumber and no one would be around to see what she was doing.

Abigail cursed herself for this. How could she do such a thing. The mere thought repulsed her, but she couldn’t ignore it.

Arriving downstairs, Abigail searched through the bin and retrieved the napkin, that vile wretched blood dripped rubbish. With it in tow, she snuck back up to her room, sniffing it intently as it brought her bliss.

Although it brought her much satisfaction, she could not help but insult herself by her actions. Truly a tragedy that she, a vampire, would crave the such an insignificant commoner. Her undead heart felt as if though it could start beating at any moment at the thought of him.

It filled her with disgust.


April had arrived and with it the end of the year panic. Final exams, competitions, graduate class field trips and the like.

The year had definitely been a wild one for Lucas, but despite the constant draining it really wasn’t all that bad. Cathy had finally become friendly with Roxy and the gang, while Jasmine was still apologizing for how she acted during the trail run. All in all, a pretty decent year.

The only other incident that really happened was that time Lucas received a rather risqué picture of Jasmine’s mom in some sportswear. She wanted to know if he thought Jasmine would like a set of her own and didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Someone had caught a peek of the picture on his phone and soon enough word spread that Lucas was seeing a milf on the side.

Truly a lively year.

Lucas was making his way to class that morning when he was called out by Jasmine.

“Lucas, hey wait up,” she said, rushing over to him.

“Morning Jasmine, what’s up?” he asked her.

“I-I-I was wondering… if maybe you would be my date to prom?” she asked, placing her paws behind her back.

“Oh? Um, yeah sure. I’ll go with you, I just have to get a ticket, right?” he asked her.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll take care of that,” she chuffed, leaning in and kissing his forehead before heading back to a group of friends she was with.

Lucas could hear them giggling as she returned.

As the month rolled through, the time for prom arrived. The gang wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of him going out with Jasmine, but he already promised her that he’d go with her.

Lucas dressed up for one of the few times in his life before getting a ride to her house.

Jasmine’s mom answered the door in her workout gear. “Ah dear, you made it early, come in,” she said motioning him inside before waving his mom off in the car.

“Jasmine is still getting ready, you look nice, now go on take a seat,” she said pointing him to the couch.

Lucas sat down on the couch to relax a bit while waiting for Jasmine to come out.

“Mom, is he here I heard the door open?” Jasmine asked from down the hallway.

“Yes dear, take your time,” she said.

She offered Lucas a glass of water while he waited, to which he politely declined.

Jasmine’s mom proceeded to sit on a recliner over a bucket of wood shavings. Grabbing a wooden block that laid nearby, she extended the claw in her thumb out and began to whittle away at it as an old episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross played on the television.

After a few minutes, Jasmine came out in her dress. A dark blue bell-shaped bottom so her paws would be able to fit, crop top with crystals sewn in with her paws being able to fit through.

“You look great dear,” her mom smiled, quickly taking the opportunity to take a few pictures.

“Y-yeah, you do Jasmine.” Lucas said standing up and walking over to her.

“Y-You look great yourself,” she replied looking him up and down.

“Come on you two let’s get you there.” her mom said after taking a few pictures of them together.

Lucas and Jasmine hopped in the back of her mom’s car for the drive to the school. Jasmine nervously placed her paw on his hand and smiled at him completely red in the face.

“It is going to be fine Jasmine, we are going to have fun,” he said to her smiling back just as red.

Her mom dropped them both off and ensured them they were going to have fun and to call her to pick them back up.

Once inside Jasmine saw her friends there with their dates and dragged Lucas over to greet them and such.

An hour or so went past before they announced it was time for the seniors to dance.

“Well come on Jasmine let’s get on the floor, I know you didn’t really want to dance much but we can at least once,” Lucas said to her standing in front of her with his hand out.

Jasmine grabbed his hand with her paw as he led her on to the dance floor.

“S-Slow dance alright?” she said placing her one paw on his waist and her other on his shoulder.

“Of course,” he replied placing his hands on her waist as they moved slowly side to side occasionally rotating.

“I-I was going to suggest dinner after this but there is a carnival going on in town, I figured maybe you’d like to do that afterward?” he asked her smiling.

“T-That sounds like plenty of fun,” she said smiling back.

“G-Good we can do that, but I would need to change,” he said to her as they danced.

“Oh yeah, I can change, take you home, you change, and we can head out there,” she responded.

“This is nice, I am honestly glad you asked me,” Lucas said smiling.

Jasmine leaned down and they nervously shared a kiss.

After the dance Jasmine decided they should head out now before everyone else.

Her mom came and picked them up.

Jasmine changed into some normal clothes before telling her mom the plan for after prom. She agreed to let them go and to have fun.

Jasmine hopped in her car, taking Lucas home.

“Well, I think you should meet my parents while I change,” Lucas said to her as they entered the house.

Lucas walked Jasmine through his house but it looked like no one was awake currently, looks like they all turned in early.

“Shh everyone might be asleep, just um come to the bedroom,” Lucas said leading her back towards his bedroom.

Jasmine walked in and stood patiently and nervously. She was going back into heat she felt that fire inside her coming again now would not be the time for that.

It also didn’t help that Lucas took off his shirt tossing it on the bed alongside the dress pants he was wearing. Jasmine leaning over around the dresser he was getting changed behind to sneak a peek.

Lucas changed into something comfortable, plain black jeans, and an old shirt before slipping some normal shoes on.

“Come on let’s go,” he said grabbing his wallet slipping it into his pocket.

He took her paw and lead her out the door quietly.

Jasmine was sweating in heat right now.

Lucas sat back down in the passenger seat while Jasmine got in behind the wheel. The whole way there, her mind just raced with everything that she wanted to do to Lucas after this date.

The carnival was enjoyable even if they didn’t ride many rides. He bought her junk food and they did enjoy snuggling on the Ferris Wheel, she even made chuffed around him when they were cuddling.

While they were having a good time, that fire inside Jasmine was growing more and more intense. After they pick up one more snack and start to head out the park Jasmine flat out tells him “I need you to stay the night, it is beginning to be that time again and I don’t want to do something rash.”

Lucas nervously agrees with her and they decide to leave early back to her place.

Jasmine drove a bit faster on the way back to her place. Once they arrived, she rushed Lucas out of the car and taking him inside. It seemed like her mom had decided to call it a night as well, because all the lights were off when she dragged him to the bedroom and locked lips with him immediately.

She broke the kiss and pushed him to the bed.

“Undress because I will ruin those clothes,” she said to him slipping out of hers before turning the lights on.

Jasmine was quite attractive, Lucas only now really getting to see her this time compared to the jumping from before. Not as big in the bust but killer hips, legs, thighs, and toned smooth belly.

Lucas slowly undresses and tosses his clothes to the side. Jasmine pounces on him sitting down on his lap her dripping pussy just aching to be pleased as she rubbed her body on him marking him with her scent

“I-I-I need it right now,” she says running her claws down his body before reaching behind her roughly shoving Lucas deep inside her.

“T-Take all you want Jasmine,” Lucas said touching down her body.

Jasmine smiles and starts to ride him hard and deep, the bed below them sounding like it was going to break at any second

She continued her ride not giving him a chance at anything else. Pinning him and thrashing heavily on top of his body while milking every drop out of him.

It must have lasted over a half-hour, the two switching positions and having their hearts race like they were running a marathon. Lucas passed out of exhaustion, but not before grabbing her paw and lacing his fingers as well as he could with her giant paws before closing his eyes

Lucas had slept like a corpse through the night with Jasmine embracing his body with her paws.

The next afternoon since both of them slept through the morning. Lucas woke up pressed against her body with her making the cute cat noises from last night at the carnival.

Lucas tapped her gently until she woke up. Jasmine smiled and caressed him in her paws. “Morning Lucas,” she said snuggling him gently.

She let him free from her grip before stretching in bed. “Oh my, I did a number on you last night,” she said looking at him covered in numerous scratch marks from her claws. “At least it happened here, I would have possibly broken into your home last night if you didn’t stay,” she added standing out of bed stretching out even more.

Lucas stepped out bed looking at his body riddled with scratches and cuts. “Roxy isn’t going to be happy about this and neither will the other girls,” he thought while grabbing his clothes putting them back on.

“Feeling alright to walk?” she asked looking at him getting dressed.

Lucas smiled and said, “Yeah, I am a bit sore but nothing too outrageous.”

Jasmine slipped into a sports bra and black yoga jogging shorts before giving him a kiss. “Let’s get you something to eat and get you home,” she said leading him outside to the kitchen where her mom was actually cooking something.

“Afternoon you two, I let both of you sleep in considering what happened last night,” her mom said smiling gently.

Lucas turned instantly red. Her mom knew that they went at it hard late last night.

Jasmine’s mom went about to prepare a late breakfast for the two while Jasmine stared at her phone.

“Hmm…” she murmured.

“What’s up?” Lucas asked.

“I forgot to tell the girls that you would be with me last night. I am thinking if I should apologize or simply inform them of it in the group chat.”

Lucas stared quizzically at her at the mention of the group chat.

“You… you all have a group chat?”

“Hmm? Yes. I was added some time after our incident on the trail.” She told him matter-of-factly, turning her phone to him and scrolling through it.

Most of it was Roxy and the gang saying who would be walking Lucas to class. Along with a few pictures every now and then, one being what seemed to be an overhead image of Cathy smiling at the camera while sitting on the floor and doing a peace sign with the top of his head barely visible under her.

“When I asked about it, I was told that it was a way to know who had you and make sure no one overlapped. I never really had a use for it… until now.”

Lucas was actually pretty surprised he never really noticed it from any of the other girls.

Jasmine continued to ponder briefly while scrolling through the messages before thinking aloud.

“Maybe I should notify them that I will only be here until the fall semester begins.” She said, turning to Lucas.

Without saying a word, she pulled Lucas to her and kissed the top of his head whilst taking a selfie with her phone.


Lucas wasn’t sure what was going on, but after the click sound effect came from her phone she let of him and began to type away at her phone.

On the screen was the picture she took just of the two, and below it was a caption she was adding to it that read “He’s all mine this summer.”

She stared at the screen, her digit over the send button as if though having doubts about sending it. Jasmine then added a winky face emoji to the end of it and then hit send.

“This should be enough notification.” She said, moments before her message tone began to go off repeatedly.


Year Two
Year Three
Year Four

+ Bonus aftermath


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  1. I think I read another story like this about a guy trying to survive the perils of school with mamono students. I find that this story is superior to that one in almost every way for the simple fact that this story isn’t some depressing Darwinian nightmare about humans essentially being like second class citizens to their Mamono overlords.

    I usually don’t subscribe to stories with the Femdom tag mainly because authors seem to use it as an excuse to drive home the point that humans are powerless against Mamono. It’s the same here but what seperates this from most is the character development.

    Lucas’ relationship with all these girls progressed in real time from master/slave or owner/property into something more genuine. I never thought I would read about a Hellhound giving a guy a collar that says ‘Main Bitch’ and think the gesture touching.

    I completely missed the Harem tag and I’m glad I did because finding out the girls kept in contact with each other after sleeping with Lucas, even creating a system where they share him was a twist I really should have seen coming.

    And what a Harem it is, by God when he graduates he is either going to be a closet Chad or comatose and that is not even including the Bicorn Princpal and Vampire bitch.

    Speaking of, if there is one nitpick I have with this story its how the hell are Vampires walking about in sunlight without any effects? Did I miss something in the story? If not it’s a minor thing.

    This story is damn interesting and I am looking forward to see what happens in the second year.

    5 out of 5.

  2. At first, Lucas acted just like any person in a situation where they’re transferred to a new school, nervous and anxious. Though goodness as the days went on and the girls he met there fancied him more and more, I came to see Lucas for the kind of “man” he is.

    Boy’s a fucking Beta Male.

    He just can’t say no. And all the sex makes it hard as hell not to say no. My only concern with this type of dynamic is that it doesn’t feel as intimate as there’s no super deep connections with the girls he interacts with, save for Roxy and Jasmine who I feel have genuine feelings for him beyond just treating him as a sex object.

    Good read overall.

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