Rapture High: Bali 1

“Lucas, wake up,” Abigail whispered as she removed her head from his chest.

Today was the day of the trip, and Bali Indonesia was the destination.

As for Lucas, he was comfortably snoozing away in Abigail’s bed. He had finally graduated from that school, was still with the girls, and it was time for a vacation.

The warmth of the bed mixed with the touch of Abigail’s cold body pressed against him had quite the sensation. The new sheets and blankets she bought for the bedroom were also a culprit involved in keeping him and her in the bed.

Lucas yawned quietly before kissing Abigail on her pale cheek and greeting her with a “Morning.”

Abigail sat up from the warmth of her man to let the sun hit her from the balcony. Abigail loved the balcony but not so much the morning sun so that became Lucas’s side when he stayed over.

Her bed was exactly as you would expect from her. Only the best, even the dead can sleep peacefully in the soft embrace that the mattress gave. Different from a usual mattress and box spring, she had her mattress on a divan base, a bedframe with two side drawers that opened at the foot of the bed on each side for Abigail and Lucas’s nightwear.

No headboard for her, just the black walls and a painting that Abigail did in art class on a massive canvas of a lake in the moonlight.

“I’ll order breakfast, you take care of the bedroom,” Abigail said grabbing her phone off the nightstand.

Lucas’s usual morning with Abigail was him making the bed while she took care of breakfast.

“Yeah, I’ll take care of it then I assume we are headed to the airport?” he asked her immediately starting to take the pillows off first.

“After breakfast, of course,” she spoke while typing away on her phone

She was excited, and with every right to be.

Abigail had been waiting to have Lucas alone for an extended period. Being the second to last person to join his unintentional harem and getting off on the wrong foot with Lucas certainly didn’t help her either.

Before they graduated Abigail’s mother Elizabeth suggested this trip to Bali at a resort out there where she owned a property at.

“Yes, nothing will be in the way of me and him for a whole week,” Abigail thought to herself watching Lucas make up the bed.

A whole villa in Bali just for them, she kept going on and on about it.

“I have never seen you so excited Abigail, well besides our first date at the symphony,” Lucas spoke looking at her as she turned on the giant flatscreen she had mounted on the wall in front of the bed.

Abigail didn’t watch much TV, she really only used it for music to sleep and relax to.

She liked meditation music in the morning.

“I am going to hop in the shower, you wait on the food. It could be brought to the balcony or the front door,” Abigail spoke as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath hearing the first chords of the song coming from the TV.

Abigail usually took her showers before Lucas in the morning whenever he stayed over which was slightly more frequent with her place being closer to his job. She didn’t mind at all, as a matter of fact she offered to have him stay with her.

As for the other girls, he made sure to have time for all of them. Now that he graduated things were oddly easier to plan.

Lucas was doing the best he could, still working but full time mostly. As were most of the other girls, Abigail currently had him staying with her, and they had the house to themselves since her mom has been gone on family business for a few weeks.

Unlike Abigail, Lucas did watch TV, so while she was in the shower he sat back down on the bed and put on some cartoons.

While the show was going on he also double-checked all the bags to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. He managed to fit an entire week’s worth of clothes and supplies into one suitcase. Abigail packed two bags plus another two travel backpacks for the plane.

In the bathroom with the water running, Abigail began to imagine what they would do together at the resort. The food they would eat, the sights they would see, the romantic atmosphere with just the two together and no need to share.

“Lucas we are about to have the time of our lives together, I hope for some very intimate moments,” she spoke to herself as the soap ran down her pale body in the shower.

Meanwhile, Lucas was stuck in bed relaxing, watching his cartoons, waiting for breakfast to show up.

Abigail’s room was something else, mostly black with red accents, numerous paintings were hung on the wall, and the giant TV on the wall.

It was sheer stroke of luck that both Lucas and Abigail had an affinity for the arts. Ever since she noticed his music collection in his car, she was all about taking him to the symphony and museums with him.

Abigail was relaxing in the shower before starting to wash her hair, the soap ran down her pale body.

The bathroom featured black tiles with low light undertones, every edge glowed with off-white light strips even the circle cut mirror at the sink. Abigail liked things modern and simple. Dark was her choice in everything.

She was swaying her hips while now washing her body. After these years of feeding, Abigail developed out, her bust especially doubled in size and she took complete advantage of that.

While Abigail was finishing up her shower, Lucas heard a knock from downstairs. It must have been the breakfast delivery.

Abigail’s house was nice but dark, Elizabeth (her mom) was extra about everything while the furniture remained surprisingly simple.

The staircase was black stained wood that curved down slowly at an arc for about twenty steps, also it was spacious just in case things were being moved up and down.

Lucas yawned while walking down the steps, he was sure to keep vigilant on them because it was easy to slip.

Stepping into the parlor, Lucas was reminded of the first time he stepped foot into this house that first year selling chocolate. It was almost like a step back in time with its very euro-gothic style.

Lucas opened the front door to find the order placed on the steps and the delivery man standing by the front gate.

Warm Delights it seemed, the usual go-to for Abigail and Lucas. As for the delivery man he seemed relieved seeing Lucas and not someone else.

“Oh, it is for you and her daughter. Last time I delivered here Elizabeth nearly locked me inside,” the man spoke.

Lucas grabbed the bags and the drinks before letting the guy know it is cool don’t worry.

The guy did seem shook a bit but he cooled off and headed out shortly after.

Lucas headed back inside with the two bags and the coffee taking it back upstairs to the bedroom.

Abigail was sitting on the bed, her body and hair wrapped in a black towel. She looked at him entering still in his pajamas.

“We can eat, then you shower and we can head out after that. I think Aunt Djamila is sending us a ride to the airport,” she said while excitingly smiling at him.

“Sure Abigail, I double-checked the bags while waiting for the food, everything is fine,” he said sitting back on the bed as she separated the orders.

Warm Delights was the go-to place for breakfast when having it delivered. Abigail ordered herself a breakfast wrap and an iced energy blend, Lucas had his usual order of a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant with a hot energy blend.

“Cartoons Lucas?” Abigail said, letting her long platinum blonde hair down from the towel.

The way the sun hit Abigail at the moment was great, her snow-white skin was beautiful in the rays and the little bit of moisture on her skin added to the shimmer.

“You know I still like cartoons, Abigail,” he said to her taking a sip from his coffee.

Abigail playfully rolled her eyes at him whilst sipping from her drink.

“A morning bite before we eat?” she asked while nibbling on her bottom lip with her fangs.

The cost of dating a Vampire. Abigail started slowly when she joined the group, feeding once every other week or so. Recently it was once every morning if they were spending time together and maybe even a little more if they were being intimate. Lucas at this point barely felt her biting him.

“Yeah of course Abigail, go on,” he said to her, placing his drink down on his nightstand.

Abigail liked to sit in his lap facing him during her feeding, there has been the occasion when the feeding has turned heavy and intimate.

“Lean against the wall.”

Abigail had a way with words also it was her morning feeding and she was hungry.

Lucas smiled at her before leaning his back against the wall as much as he could with all of her pillows that covered the top of the bed.

Abigail still wrapped in her towel straddles Lucas’s lap letting him put a hand on her waist. Her cold damp skin felt nice under Lucas’s fingertips.

“I always enjoy my breakfast,” she whispered before sinking her small but sharp fangs into his neck.

She let out her cute moans and sighs as she took in a mouthful of his blood before swallowing. Lucas closed his eyes as his fingers sank into her soft hips.

“Delicious, me keeping you on a diet is helping,” she whispered against his lips once she pulled her fangs from his neck.

Abigail tended to get very soft after having fed, she leaned over grabbing her iced coffee taking a sip.

Lucas looked up into her red eyes smiling at her while she enjoyed her breakfast.

She leaned back down kissing him on the lips passionately, it was her favorite activity after taking a bite from him. Lucas returned her kiss mixing the hot and cold between their lips and the faint taste of blood didn’t bother him as much either.

Abigail then breaks the kiss, keeping her lips close to his, whispering “I do want to, but I’d rather save it for Bali.”

Lucas was excited as well, he had never been out of the country before, and the way it was described by Elizabeth it was paradise.

“So Abigail, what did you have planned for this trip?” Lucas asked her while reaching for his coffee.

Abigail smiled down at him with her soft post-feeding smile, it was light and loving. She grew on him, even if she could be hard on him but Abigail did self-improve.

“All the local art and music is to die for apparently Lucas, so we will have quite the time together and the tropical sunsets you like so much,” she said climbing off his lap before sitting down back next to him.

Lucas smiled back at her now even more excited while starting to drink from his coffee.

Mornings were usually like this with Abigail, but now she was leaning against him with her wet blonde hair resting against his pajamas, a school t-shirt and sweats.

Lucas didn’t do too bad for himself, he graduated with a good record in track even making it to state finals, despite not winning it was nice having all the girls and his parents be there to cheer him on, and he qualified for a scholarship.

They sat and ate together. The food was great as usual, as was the coffee. Warm Delights was consistently good which is why it was the regular order. Also, Abigail had what she called “refined tastes” so Warm Delights was about as low as she would go for a place of dining… not to mention her aunt being its CEO.

Lucas would always remember when she over and he was about to heat up a frozen pizza

“I cannot have you eat that garbage.”

Those were exact words she spoke when she saw him do that. Instead that night she decided on stone fire-grilled thin-crust pizzas which indeed were a better call. She was picky with her food which was why she had him on a ‘premium’ diet, and she insisted it changed how his blood tasted.

Lucas enjoyed his cartoons with his breakfast, while Abigail was looking through various social media on her phone.

After breakfast and a bit of snuggling between the two of them, it was nearly time to go.

“Shower up, change, and then we head out for the vacation of a lifetime,” Abigail said kissing Lucas on the cheek and neck.

Lucas sighed feeling Abigail’s cold lips against his skin, it was a nice sensation.

“I’ll make it quick, I trust you’ll pick out something decent to wear?” he asked before standing from the soft embrace of Abigail’s bed.

“Of course, Aunt Djamila will want us at least dressed well for the flight, also don’t be surprised if she offers lunch because she most likely will,” she said getting up off the bed and heading directly for the closet that sat to the right of the TV.

A complete walk-in closet was a must for Abigail, she liked to keep a section for Lucas when he was over. Dress shirts, a suit jacket, shorts, and some sleepwear.

Lucas hopped in the shower while Abigail decided on what she wanted him to wear with flying out with Djamila. Lucas had only met Djamila once before when she picked Abigail up, but the woman oozed wealth, and not just because she was a Pharaoh, Djamila was the CEO and Founder of Warm Delights.

Once his shower is done, Lucas stepped out and looked at himself in the mirror as he fixed himself up. He had grown from that small kid that showed up at that school, a little more tone now, thin, light tan, strawberry blonde hair kept at a decent length and average style.

He brushed his teeth up and fixed his hair before stepping out into the natural light in Abigail’s room.

“Oh, my,” Abigail thought seeing Lucas walk out wrapped in a towel.

Abigail was holding a dark blue shirt and black dress shorts. Simple but nice enough for the occasion.

“Thank you, Abigail,” Lucas said to her while approaching her closet.

Lucas took the clothes from Abigail before kissing her lips.

Abigail blushed a hint of red on the cheeks while returning the kiss, she headed back into the closet to get something for herself to wear.

Lucas changed before heading back into the bathroom to make sure everything looked good.

Meanwhile, Abigail went with a black sundress to match Lucas a bit.

She slipped it on over her pale body adjusting it in the mirror, her smooth marble skin looked great in the dress and it fit her curves nicely.

“This man doesn’t know how lucky he is to have this,” she whispered eying herself in that mirror as her hands ran down her dress.

Abigail figured a little makeup would lighten up some things, so she headed into the bathroom to see Lucas dressed.

Lucas looks at Abigail and smiles at her.

“You look nice,” he said to her.

Abigail looks back at him and says “We both do.”

She applies a little blush, touches up her eyelashes, and eyeliner.

Abigail didn’t really need it but she insisted on using a little makeup.

This vacation is going to be something else. His parents were aware and helped him get his passport ready for the trip all in all they were excited for him as well.

As for the other girls, they were offered the trip as well from Abigail’s mother but they would have to find their own travel so according to them, and they were excited to come all talking about everything they wanted to do in the group chat.

That would come with time though, right now it was about Abigail.

Abigail finished up her makeup and Lucas did some double-checking with bags making sure they weren’t missing anything they might need.

“Our ride is on the way so we better head downstairs Lucas,” Abigail said as she turned off the lights in the bathroom and exited back into the warm light of the bedroom.

“I am so excited for this Abigail,” Lucas said starting to grab the suitcases.

Back to his usual duty, he carried bags mainly for her when they did major shopping which has happened. Only the best for Abigail.

She heads down first grabbing a parasol from her room. She could stand in the sun but she’d end up with a nasty burn if it was too long. She was getting better at it though. It comes back down to her being a Vampire, her mom said “It comes with age, soon the sun won’t bother her.”

Abigail stood in the parlor while watching Lucas bring the stuff down, she admired him while looking back, and forth up and down the stairs.

It wasn’t much for Lucas to do, Abigail didn’t pack crazy but it was an extra suitcase.

Matching suitcases with nameplates Abigail purchased these before the trip, she wanted to only do this once. All black two front pockets, all full, and two smaller bags to match for minor things on the plane.

They stepped out onto the front porch. Abigail’s house stood out from the rest on her street, it was a dark exterior with very Victorian features, a long porch with a table and chairs for the off chance at late night activities. Meanwhile, Abigail’s balcony was in the back of the house, and Elizabeth’s was visible from the street.

Apparently, Elizabeth kept the style just to clash with the rest on the street not to mention being the head of the HOA in the neighborhood.

Abigail set the security and locked up the black front door.

The heat was something else today, and thankfully the two of them dressed comfortably.

Well-trimmed rectangle-cut bushes lined the outside of the deck on the front porch, the metal railing that led down the small stone staircase to the tightly-packed bricks on the walkway that came before the stairs, and they were in a pleasant circle pattern.

Abigail’s house even had some of those old lantern street lamps in the yard that worked, as well as a small fountain in the center of the circle brick walkway.

She and her mother had class, even if Abigail’s mother had a tendency to really try to fit in with the younger crowd. When Abigail first wanted to go to the symphony she suggested The Witching Hour, which was performing downtown instead, thinking it would be too boring.

“Abigail, I just wanted to say thanks for all of this, I am looking forward to spending time together,” Lucas spoke as he brought the suitcases to the front gate.

Yes, even a front gate. Plain black bars with a small gothic design on the top lined the small front gate. Abigail put in the code off her phone and the gate opened via a track on the ground at the sidewalk.

Abigail blushed hearing those words. She was hard on Lucas but she really cared for him.

“Of course my dear, we both need this vacation to get out of the city,” she spoke while gently smiling at him putting on her sunglasses while keeping herself shaded by the black parasol.

Lucas received a message on his phone it was from Anna, a picture of her in her bra with one of her nipples exposed and the text saying “I’ll miss you, cannot wait to eat you up when you get back.”

Lucas turned red before replying to her.

Having his former Principal in his group of girls was awkward but it was working well so far and she and Abigail put a stop to any new possibility of anyone else trying to join the group.

Anna was sweet and she really did care for Lucas, she certainly did for years in school making sure all the girls had turns at least until last year.

“Apparently we are getting picked up in a limo,” Abigail said looking at her phone.

Djamila probably made that call, the most comfortable for them all, especially for her niece.

Lucas looked at his Vampire girlfriend under her parasol browsing through her phone. They grew together a lot over these four years from pure hatred of each other to prom king and queen.

Soon a black limousine pulled up in front of the gate.

The back window dropped down to reveal Abigail’s aunt, Djamila.

“My lovely niece and her boyfriend I see are ready to go,” she spoke before giving them an excited smile.

Djamila, the Pharoah of Warm Delights, Abigail’s aunt, an absolutely stunning beauty, dark skin, long black hair, and a body to die for even if it was currently hidden in the limo.

“Yes Aunt Djamila, we are excited,” Abigail spoke opening the gate.

“The driver will take care of the bags, just get in,” Djamila said just as the driver stood out. Human, not Monster.

“Here you two go,” the driver said opening the door Djamila was looking out of.

The door slowly opened to Djamila moving over to the lounge couch. Djamila was dressed in an insane skin revealing sundress, the bottom of the dress was a little above her knees showing off her smooth legs, the dress itself was green with a Warm Delights logo on the side, and as for the top it left little to the imagination, she had no bra on and one slip would be full exposure.

Abigail closed her parasol before stepping into the limo first, Lucas then followed as the driver took care of the luggage.

A custom interior limo, a similar set of lights that Abigail had lined the lower parts of the black seats inside, a minibar, and a flat-screen TV the works.

“Oh my, so this couple I have been hearing about from Elizabeth.” A different voice spoke in quite an excited tone.

Lucas and Abigail sat on the back seat which was still pretty spacious for the two of them.

A Wight that Lucas had never met before sat next to Djamila. She was also incredibly attractive, with grey-white skin, platinum blonde hair, an hourglass figure, and in a similar sundress to Djamila but it was black and floral as well it covered more of her cleavage than her friend, instead she showed off her legs that were just as impressively smooth looking.

“I have heard so much about you two from Elizabeth, well when she is outside of the massage parlor.” She spoke gently giving off a smug smile.

“Margaret is my name, but you two can call me Maggie.” She added before reaching into her purse grabbing her phone.

The back door closed soon after as the driver finished packing the suitcases.

The smooth red carpet was the inside choice for the floor of the limo, it blended in nicely with the leather seats, tinted windows.

The aura of wealth and power inside of the limo was incredible.

“Lucas, I understand that you have never been out of the country before, are you excited?” Djamila asked him while also reaching into her purse taking out her phone.

Lucas was just sitting there pretty much enjoying the company as they started to take off for the airport.

“Yes, Miss Djamila, I haven’t been but I am excited,” Lucas spoke to her while Abigail leaned on him a little bit while on her phone again.

Djamila giggled a bit placing her hand over her mouth.

“No need for such formalities, I am expecting you to be my nephew-in-law soon so you may call me Aunt Djamila.” She spoke smiling at him.

Lucas and Abigail both turned a light pink in embarrassment.

“Oh don’t be silly, you two will make a fine husband and wife from what Elizabeth tells me anyway.” She continued on while smiling at them.

Djamila meant well even if it was totally embarrassing.

“So, Aunt Djamila, why are you heading out to Bali? For a vacation as well I assume.” Abigail spoke while taking off her sunglasses and adjusting her hair.

“Well, sort of, the resort we are headed to is hosting a very prestigious party to which I and Maggie have been invited.” Djamila said lightly adjusting her sundress.

“Hosted by the Demon Lord herself.” Maggie chimed in beside Djamila.

“What an honor, I can only imagine,” Abigail spoke back placing her hand to her chest.

“Well with your family history I imagine you Abigail should be invited one day,” Djamila continued on.

“I would be honored to attend such an event,” Abigail spoke totally flushed from her aunt’s words.

Lucas was still so excited about this trip. He sat there listening to Abigail and her aunt catch up. Bali Indonesia was the place, Elizabeth said they had a family vacation home out there. Abigail lived the life and Lucas was barely able to keep up Abigail tried to help him as much as she could.

“Lucas is it?” Maggie spoke to him looking up from her phone.

He woke from his train of thought thinking about the trip hearing his name being called.

“Yes, Miss Maggie?” he replied to her as he glanced in her direction.

“Maggie please, I do appreciate the politeness, I just wanted to ask what are your plans for after school?” she asked him.

Lucas responded, “I have been thinking about college, I am seeing if I get this scholarship for track.”

“An athlete? Well, there are plenty of schools around here that would gladly take you.” Maggie spoke back.

The ride to the airport was smooth and relaxing. With good company too.

As they pulled up to the drop-off area for departing flights, a lot of people stopped to look at the limo.

The driver got out opening the door for the group.

Lucas was by the door that was opened, so he was the first to step out, followed by Abigail, Djamila, and finally Maggie.

The sounds of cars, horns, and chatter surround them. It was a packed day.

Pictures were taken of Djamila from some travelers which she gladly posed for.

“I take it you will take the bags from here?” the driver asked Lucas as he watched Djamila interact with the travelers.

Lucas replied, “Yes I’ll be taking the baggage most likely.”

The guy chuckled before saying “Classy bunch, the Warm Delights founder, go on have the vacation of your lifetime kid have fun.”

Lucas couldn’t help but also smile a bit. The guy was right, it was the vacation of a lifetime.

“I’ll do my best, you enjoy the rest of your day,” Lucas replied to him.

The guy walked away before saying, “Will do.”

Abigail stopped him as he was about to pick up the bags. “Aunt Djamila is going to get someone to take them,” she said.

“Oh yes Lucas I am not having you carry all those, I will have someone take them to our plane,” Djamila said waving him over to them.

Abigail took Lucas’s hand while someone came to pick up the bags.

She then pulled him a bit by his hand while saying “Come on babe.”

Lucas and Abigail followed Djamila and Maggie into the airport.

After a long walk through the massive airport with Djamila being stopped several times for pictures and questions.

“Well, it has been a while since we have gotten to use it huh Maggie?” Djamila asked while they stopped at the end which stood a single


Maggie smiled before saying “Yes, but you know the cost of these things just upkeep alone is crazy.”

Lucas and Abigail walked to the window to see the massive plane that was in front of them.

The biggest plane Lucas had ever seen, completely green and white with the Warm Delights logo on the tail.

They were flying on this? The terminal was completely empty besides the four of them.

“Um, Aunt Djamila how many others will be flying on the plane?” Lucas asked her stumbling around calling her aunt.

Djamila laughed a little adjusting her sundress again, she was breathtaking.

“It is just us, don’t worry wait until you are inside,” Djamila said.

“A private plane Lucas,” Abigail spoke leading him through the terminal bridge.

Lucas was just following with his girlfriend with Djamila and Maggie following behind them. Even the bridge was decorated with Warm Delights logos and various coffee-related items.

He had been on a plane before but nothing like this.

“Ah Miss Djamila, it is so nice to see you again.” A voice spoke from the door to the plane.

“These must be the guests, we will show them around,” the same voice added.

Her flight staff looked to be all Khepri all in Warm Delights logo adorned flight attendant outfits.

Djamila waved them off before saying “Go on, they have been with me for years,” she told them as smiled at them.

The first thing outside of the cockpit was a staircase that went up to a second level, it was a soft beige color to match a majority of the plane

The inside of the plane was barely even a plane aside from the windows that were scattered. At first walking from near the cockpit, which appeared to have an Anubis pilot. Now there were actual seats around fifteen that were spread out just outside the entrance to the exit door, all-white which looked like they even reclined out.

The Khepri began to talk while giving them a tour of the aircraft “We will get to that upper deck soon, now as for the bottom deck nice and cozy, is what Djamila and Maggie were going for when they designed the inside of the plane.” She spoke.

It certainly was that, it also seemed as though certain sections were separated by a white archway.

“I believe the plane was recarpeted recently as well, the classy beige color we went for after the white set previously.” The Khepri spoke as they walked through into the next room. Djamila and Maggie were still following behind them.

Lucas was stunned, Djamila and Maggie owned this plane and fully customized it. The atmosphere was nice, cool inside, the light hum of the plane, and the soft light coming through the small windows scattered about on the side of the plane.

The lounge itself was simple, a center table with two TVs facing back to back so that each couch from either side had its own TV for viewing.

The Khepri really was going above and beyond with the tour, not a detail was missed in the second. “Bluetooth headphones come with the TV’s so that way each person can watch something without interrupting another.” she continued on as they passed the TVs and continued on as they walked through the lounge.

The couches in the lounges were U-shaped, soft white in color, and stacks of pillows for extra comfort.

“Now, here is the kitchen it is fully stocked and you both are welcome to whatever you want.”

The floor quickly went from carpet to tile after passing through a second archway. To the left was the kitchen, full stove, oven, fridge, and freezer stocked to the brim not to mention the counter space was quite nice and clean.

To the left was a small dining area, a booth-style couch similar to the one in the lounge circled a table in that themed soft white color.

“This next area is our conference area, it even includes a sectioned-off lounge with an L-shaped couch and a nice view for private business.” The Khepri continued on as they walked back onto the soft carpeted area past the kitchen.

A full conference table with chairs surrounding it anchored down to the floor. The table was beige with a glass circle piece in the middle giving it a see-through look.

“This poor room will at least get some use soon on that possible expansion and the investor’s meeting,” Djamila said as she ran her fingertips across the table as the Khepri continued on with the tour.

“Here, is something a bit more of an entertainment room of sorts,” the Khepri said as they walked through a black curtain that separated the archway. The carpet was black, the walls were black, and there were no windows in this room.

Lucas grabbed Abigail’s hand when they entered the darkness. Meanwhile, Abigail laced her fingers with his, she was getting soft.

Soon the room was illuminated with stars from a light in the center of the table it was one of those galaxy projectors.

“Yes, this came out great,” Maggie said placing her hands together happily

“Ah yes, this is one of Margaret’s ideas,” Djamila spoke as she looked around.

A full theater room but with beanbags, a projector that rested against the left wall, a popcorn machine, a pinball, and one of those compilation arcade machines against the wall straight ahead near the next black curtain.

“I very much assure that you all will be using that room very much soon.” The Khepri spoke as she leads them out of the room through the black curtain.

The next room was mainly for the staff of the plane sleeping quarters giving them all a little space of their own, it was nice, Djamila and Margaret treated the employee’s right.

Through the next door, they finally reached the back of the plane but not before they reached the next staircase but this one was a small spiral.

Now at the back of the plane rested an area where multiple bathrooms were and they even included single-person showers.

“Now this is where you are going to be sleeping and relaxing.” The Khepri spoke leading them up the staircase.

Lucas and Abigail had to let go of each other’s hands momentarily while they headed upstairs.

At the top of the stairs to the right was another small kitchen, nothing too fancy compared to the one downstairs, a simple sink, microwave, coffee maker, and small cabinet space for storage.

“Ah yes, my addition just to make things a bit simpler just in case someone didn’t want to head downstairs,” Djamila spoke looking to the left.

A small cafe was set up with several vending-esque machines set up containing various things, two for drinks, one hot, one cold, one for snacks quite an assortment too plenty of to pick from, and the last was more for fresh and frozen foodstuff that could be microwaved along with side a small Warm Delights style table and chairs.

“Now I believe this area to the left is your bedroom Miss Djamila?” The Khepri asked her?

“Ah yes, the walkway here is a bit thin but we needed it, so we could make the most of the space for maximum comfort, and you aren’t going to feel like you are on a plane when sleeping,” Djamila spoke as they walked to the right against a wall which was lined with pictures of both Djamila, Maggie, and Elizabeth’s best times.

A few meters ahead was a set of doors that you slid open like a glass door on a shower.

“This is my room, I’ll be heading in now actually to stretch out, I love the feeling of take-off,” Djamila spoke before slipping into her bedroom.

The other side to the right was lined with your normal portal-style windows you would normally see on an airplane letting in beautiful light from the runway with the crew getting stuff finalized for launch.

“Now for the couple, this is reserved for your family Abigail and I trust you and your boyfriend to enjoy yourselves.” The Khepri spoke as they reached another set of doors like the last on the left.

“Thank you, we will enjoy ourselves and we will let you or Aunt Djamila know if we need anything,” Abigail spoke giving a very warm smile as her fingers laced back with Lucas’.

Lucas hadn’t stopped taking deep breaths since the kitchen, this plane was incredible and the attention to detail in at an absolute mastery.

“Yes, thank you much this is just a lot to take in,” Lucas spoke honestly as he looked at the Khepri ahead of him with Maggie who had stepped ahead.

“Go relax, enjoy take off from the bed or lounge chairs and my room is right ahead of yours if you need anything at all let me know,” Maggie spoke before heading off with the Khepri.

“Come on Lucas dear, let’s get comfy,” Abigail spoke pulling him inside the bedroom.

The second the door was closed they got a look at it. Djamila was right you would almost never know this was a plane, an abstract metal art piece with the outline glow, the bed rested beneath it. That was something else as well it was custom made to fit the curve of the walls that separated the rooms. The mattress was attached to the wall on a small level below it and the walls kept the beige color scheme but the bed was all black including the pillows.

A nightstand rested just behind the bed as did their suitcases which seemed to have checked out just fine.

In the room was another set of doors which led to a small room with a full bathroom and shower.

“Abigail, this just fantastic,” Lucas said to her.

Abigail blushed again before saying “Yes, only the best.”

Lucas and Abigail took a seat in the chairs that were against the windows, it even had a little table in the middle for eating and snacks.

The seats were white, fully reclinable with armrests.

Abigail immediately strapped into her seat while fanning herself a bit. It was getting toasty in here.

“Want me to close the shades, Abigail?” Lucas asked noticing her sweating a bit.

“Yes please, after takeoff I would like to relax in bed for a bit then that entertainment room?” she spoke smiling at him.

Lucas’s face lit up hearing that while he was closing the shades dimming the room.

He replied after shutting all the shades “You were reading my mind, Abigail.”



“Girls, come on we have to make this connection,” Roxy spoke as she stepped out of the gate terminal first carrying her backpack.

“Roxy it is my dad flying the plane, he isn’t going to leave us,” Patty said following behind her as they entered the seating area.

Mauri, Charlotte, Jasmine, and Cathy soon followed behind her.

Cathy was next to speak up, “It is going to be a great vacation.”

They technically were invited, but they weren’t getting on Djamila’s plane they had to find their own way out there. So Patty made a phone call to her father, who was a commercial pilot and got them some discounts to get them to Bali.


Take off was smooth and sweet, Abigail and Lucas chatted about how excited they were for the trip while the plane reached an altitude for them to be up and about.

The pilot spoke over the intercom speaker that it was “Alright for everyone to be up and to enjoy themselves.”

Abigail was quick to unbuckle and get up from her chair before kicking off her shoes and going for her suitcase.

Lucas soon did the same but instead of the suitcase, he went for the bed to lay down on it. Needless to say, he sank right into it, and it had nearly the same feel as Abigail’s mattress.

“This is just so incredible,” Lucas spoke while looking up to the ceiling while relaxing on the bed with his head resting on the soft pillows.

Abigail looked over at him laying there. “I know you aren’t used to all this Lucas, but I want to treat you right.” she thought watching him smile.

Abigail climbed into bed with him, slowly straddling his lap and looking down at him with her soft red eyes.

Lucas looked up at her and smiled back reaching up and placing a hand on her soft cold cheek.

She slowly leaned down kissing him on the cheek before she leaned down to his neck kissing it a few times before taking a bite.

Lucas closed his eyes as Abigail had her drink, as usual, she didn’t take much.

“Hungry today Abigail?” Lucas asked her as she leaned back up a bit before licking her lips clean.

“I am, I know the limits of what to take, that diet I have you on makes your taste so good,” Abigail spoke before locking lips with him.

Lucas kissed her back and Abigail kissed a bit more intensely while she grabbed Lucas’s hands placing them on her waist.

She was getting into it, as expected, she had him alone in possibly the most private place she could.

Lucas’s hands guided slowly up her back as he and Abigail passionately made out on the bed.

She broke the kiss after a few more moments gently panting. “I needed that,” she said quietly before laying her head down on his chest.

Lucas put his arms around her as she made herself comfortable. The cold from Abigail was comfortable.

Lucas kissed the top of her head before asking “Did you want to take a nap?”

Abigail laid down on her side wrapping her thigh around his leg resting her head back down on his chest.

“Let’s just relax for a moment,” she spoke gently while blushing.

Abigail keeping her feelings deep down as normal. Even though they were officially a couple she didn’t really express her feelings towards him she liked being strong. She would often whisper “I love you” into his ear while he slept next to her.

Lucas and Abigail laid there in bed as the sounds of the plane and cool air from the AC relaxed them both into nearly falling asleep.



“I hope this place of Abigail’s has a good pool, I want to good long swim with Lucas,” Cathy said as they waited at their next gate with the rest of the gang.

Jasmine, Patty, Mauri, and Charlie were snoozing in their seats while waiting to board.

“At least we can get some real sleep when we get there,” Roxy said as she watched out over the terminal.


“We should probably get up before we fall asleep,” Abigail whispered leaning up off of Lucas’s chest.

Lucas leaned up right after her from the bed, they had plenty of time to enjoy resting on vacation.

“I am going to change, and we can go out to the entertainment room downstairs,” Abigail said while stepping back to the floor before going back to the suitcases.

She started pulling things out of her smaller bag. First was a few phone chargers for obvious reasons, and it looked like new sweats for him.

She tossed him the sweats before saying “Keep the shirt, but these will be much more comfortable.”

“These look new Abigail, when did you pick these up?” he asked her while getting off the bed holding the pants in his hand.

“Last night, that is why I was out a little bit longer I wanted to pick up some last-minute things, and as much as I know you love your old sweats you needed a newer pair,” she said.

These were nice, they almost seemed custom made, a deep ocean blue in color, and perfect length.

Lucas didn’t think twice and started to undress in front of Abigail, it wasn’t much just taking off his shorts and slipping the sweats on while Abigail kept her back turned getting more things out of the bag.

“I am going to stay in this but take a jacket just in case it gets cold,” she spoke pulling out one of Lucas’s jackets

“Oh you changed so fast,” she spoke turning around seeing him folding his previous shorts up for her.

“Yeah, they are great Abigail, I love them,” Lucas spoke looking at them. They honestly were really comfortable.

“Ah, one of mine,” Lucas added seeing her holding his jacket.

Abigail blushed a bit hearing him say that to her. “Yes, it is quite comfortable. Now shall we go have some fun?” She asked while walking over to him with his jacket now on, it was his varsity jacket from school.

“Yeah, let’s head downstairs,” Lucas said standing up from the bed.

Abigail took his hand before opening the door to the bedroom, right back into the light from outside.

It was beautiful out so high up in the sky.

“This is nice isn’t it Lucas? Up here so high and alone, well mostly, it is so romantic,” Abigail asked him as they walked back through the plane.

“Hungry for an actual snack?” Lucas asked as they walked back through the kitchen area on the second level.

“Later, we can grab some drinks though,” Abigail responded as they looked through the machines.

Nearly anything you can imagine, a variety of everything for drinks and snacks.

“Two Undine Spring?” she asked as her finger hovered over the button.

Lucas looked through the other choices before agreeing with her.

The machine dispenses the bottles and they continue back downstairs.

Lucas immediately opened a bottle and took a sip, he needed it after the two feedings were so close to each other, and the water was perfect in temperature.

Abigail and he headed through the staff quarters where a few Khepri were still around moving things about.

Soon they walked back into the darkness of the entertainment room. Lucas used the flashlight on his phone to find the button for the projector. Soon the room was as magical just like when they first stepped in. Stars, galaxies, and planets were all over the ceiling, walls, and floor.

“How about one of those nature documentaries?” Lucas asked as he sat down in one of the beanbags right in front of the screen.

“Yes please, something in the ocean,” Abigail responded grabbing a remote that was in a small drawer turning on the massive flatscreen that was in front of Lucas.

“Just like home, right?” Abigail asked him before sitting down between his legs back facing him.

Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing the back of her head. “Yes, it is,” he replied back to her.

Abigail blushed in his arms as she turned on the TV and made her way straight to the Netflix app, she logged into her account.

Now cozy date nights in with Abigail which happened more often than not on his days off usually were watching live concerts, documentaries, art, and certain fashion shows that caught her eyes.

Abigail looked through the various documentaries before a short film on tropical ocean life caught her eye.

Lucas and Abigail relaxed together in the beanbag together watching the documentary seemingly floating through space.

“Oh, do you have your phone on you?” Abigail asked Lucas while pulling hers out.

Lucas reached into his pocket only to realize he left the phone upstairs in his pants.

“Babe, I left it upstairs in my pants. I should go get it, and maybe something to eat out the machine I feel a bit light from the feeding.” Lucas said starting to get up.

Abigail got up first before gently placing her hand on his chest as easing him back down into the softness of the beanbag.

“Lucas, you need to tell me these things. I’ll go get you a healthy snack and your phone,” Abigail said handing him the remote and heading out annoyed but worried.

“That man is going to have to learn to speak up as much as I love him. I cannot be having him weak.” Abigail spoke quietly to herself leaving Lucas to rest so she could get his phone and a snack to help.

Lucas sat there gently sighing now really feeling the effects of the multiple feedings, getting up and walking really took a toll on his body

Abigail strolled through the staff area and back upstairs. She walked back into their bedroom grabbing his pants off the bed reaching into his pockets and acquired his phone.

“No service but thankfully there’s wifi.” She spoke unlocking his phone and attached it to the plane’s wifi.

Abigail sighed before heading back out of the bedroom.

She reached the vending machine and decided on bringing him lunch instead, it would be better that way. Club Sandwich in one of those triangle containers, Slime Jelly Sour Orbs, and a bottle of orange juice.

“This will get him feeling better,” Abigail whispered to herself as she walked back downstairs looking down at the stuff.

“My little niece has the qualities of a great wife,” Djamila spoke watching Abigail walk back through the plane off of the multiple cameras scattered around the plane.

Djamila was quite the voyeur, she would often walk around in as little clothing as she could in a more casual setting, as for private she would often walk around nude. She loved to watch and to be watched.

“Lucas you better still be in that chair,” Abigail spoke stepping back into the entertainment room.

Lucas hadn’t moved from that spot, he was just there watching the documentary waiting for Abigail to come back.

“Babe, I brought you lunch I figured this would be better for the weakness,” Abigail said handing him the stuff before sitting in the beanbag next to him so he could eat.

Lucas looked at the stuff she brought and noticed the candy. “You remembered my favorite candy,” he said looking over at her and giving her a gentle smile.

Abigail smiled back at him. “I love you, Lucas,” she thought to herself before leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Of course I remembered, we are a couple after all,” she said while returning to her seat.

They both sat there together thousands of feet in the sky, Lucas enjoying his food and Abigail was very interested in the documentary, even mentioning that she wanted a tropical fish tank at some point.

Lucas finished up the sandwich, tasty as to be expected, and didn’t take Abigail that long to move back to sit in his lap.

“I was hoping you’d come back and get comfortable,” Lucas spoke while opening up his candy.

Now normally Abigail would suggest something healthier for Lucas’s diet, but she was figuring that this was a vacation and they could cheat a little on the usual food choices.

Roxy on the other hand when she could get Lucas alone on nightly runs, fast food was her ideal date, well that and the moonlight rides.

Jasmine and Cathy tended to keep Lucas on his diet, Jasmine was big on fruits for him, Cathy took care of the protein her mom’s cooking was loaded with the stuff.

Abigail snuggled against Lucas as he enjoyed his candy.

They finished up the first documentary and Abigail suggested another movie. This time she picked something older, a horror movie, The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari.

“Lucas, I have a feeling you are going to like the art, it is very surreal,” Abigail said as she took his hand again lacing her cold fingers with his.

She made the right call, Lucas couldn’t take his eyes off the movie.

Midway through the movie, one of the many Khepri walked in holding a tray of two hot coffees.

“Abigail, Lucas, Djamila prepared two specialty drinks just for the both of you.

Abigail took the tray before both of them thanked the Khepri.

“Djamila is also a barista?” Lucas asked while holding his cup which was printed with the Warm Delights logo.

“Oh yes, she is a big coffee connoisseur as you can imagine, it is how she started the business. She could go on for hours about it,” Abigail said while holding her cup.

“Custom brews just for the two of you, I designed them myself. Only one cup for a legit one-of-a-kind taste,” Djamila spoke while she walked into the entertainment room.

“Go on you two, ignore me and taste it it is like I am even be here,” she spoke while sitting to the right of Abigail in a different beanbag chair.

Lucas looked at his cup and Abigail looked at hers they each slowly brought the cups to their lips.

Abigail took her first sip, the flavor hit her instantly a deep flavor of cherry and vanilla. “Oh my god Aunt Djamila this is perfect,” she spoke as she closed her eyes enjoying every sip.

Djamila then turned and looked at Lucas before saying; “Lucas please go on tell me if I nailed your flavor, I only went off our first interaction and what my niece here has told me.”

Lucas smiled at Djamila before taking a sip. His eyes lit up and he melted into his seat, the brew was deep and dark, very almond in flavor with a hint of honey.

“Abigail, yours I call Vampire’s Bite, a fusion of blood cherry and fresh vanilla I personally think it would be better cold, with a little milk, whipped cream, and cherry syrup,” Djamila spoke

Lucas sipped more of his drink closing his eyes and really taking in the taste.

“Abigails drink sounds perfect for a Halloween-themed drink,” Lucas spoke quietly in his seat.

“Now as for yours, I call it Rejuvenation, a mixture of energy blend, almond, and honeybee honey. I made it for destressing and relaxing.” Djamila continued on.

It certainly was working Lucas felt more comfortable than before in the beanbag, not to mention him still watching the movie.

“Aunt Djamila you are a genius,” Abigail said finishing her cup.

Maggie came in placing her hand over her mouth laughing a bit “Don’t tell her that she will go crazy with everything that goes on in that mind of hers.” she said taking a seat next to Lucas on his left.

“Oh, you should have heard when I pitched the idea of Warm Delights to Elizabeth and Margaret here,” Djamila said.

“Yes, yes we were skeptical but you know how it is with businesses it can be a big gamble, and you scored big,” Margaret said while smiling at her.

“I’d really love to know some of the histories of Warm Delights a-aunt Djamila,” Lucas spoke while sipping his coffee.

“Oh boy, you have no idea what you are in for Lucas,” Maggie said with a laugh.

Djamila smiled excitedly clapping her hands together a few times before standing up “Switch places with me, Maggie.”

Maggie rolled her eyes playfully before getting up and moving over to Djamila’s previous seat.

“Lucas now you dear, I have been a huge connoisseur of coffee for many centuries, even when I reigned supreme in a different sense,” she spoke smiling at him.

Lucas had sometimes forgotten that Djamila was literally a Pharoah at one point in history.

“So I started a small, little shop in Egypt and people started clamoring for one specific blend, the House Blend, and I just built up from there and well here we are. It did put a dent in my past royalties but that has more than been recovered at this point, and it does let me live like a modern-day Pharaoh,” she spoke to Lucas.

Maggie was right Djamilla went on and on about how she designed the aesthetics, handcrafted every brew, and the movie even ended with her still going on.

“Now of course I couldn’t have done it all alone, the more fancy establishments that are scattered around the States. I did get the land from your Grandma, Abigail.” Djamila spoke to her.

Abigail looked over from the screen “I am going to use the bathroom, I’ll be back

The aura in the room was powerful and old magic radiating off of the two undead women.

“Lucas’ so what do you think of the plane?” Djamila asked while smiling down at him.

“It is incredible, I really love it and I am very thankful to you and Maggie for letting me fly with you,” Lucas said smiling gently at Djamila.

“I am so glad to have you and my niece up here with us, it is so romantic and I know you keep hearing it but, the resort is even better,” Djamila responded to him.

Abigail soon walked back inside the room. “I am back my dear.” She said sitting back down on his lap.

Djamila stood up along with Maggie. “We aren’t just going to intrude on your alone time, so you know where to find us,” Maggie spoke before the two waved them off leaving them alone once more.

“Everything alright Abigail?” Lucas asked while kissing her cheek gently.

“Yeah,” Abigail said to him while taking the remote from him.

Lucas took her hand again and she leaned back against him.

“I am really loving all of this Abigail, I know we are going to have a wonderful vacation together.” He said to her kissing her cheek again.

She blushed, as usual, still getting used to the affection and she loved him, butterflies would always end up in her stomach when she thought of him

“I am too, we are going to have such a great time,” Abigail said, turning around sitting in his lap facing him.

They both stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before she leaned in for a real kiss. They locked lips over and over Abigail was definitely in the mood.

Lucas placed his hands on her hips while Abigail looked down at him biting her bottom lip.

“Abigail, we can go upstairs if you really want or need to,” Lucas spoke looking into her eyes.

Her soft red eyes were like rubies. She was also trembling at his touch.

“I just want to kiss more okay Lucas.” She whispered before intensely locking lips once again.

She started to grind her body against his while they kissed before she nibbled his bottom lip a bit

Lucas gently moaned into the kiss embracing her tightly.

“You have been so passionate today Abigail,” Lucas said after breaking the kiss.

“Preparing you Lucas for a week of romance,” she spoke looking down at him.

Lucas smiled up at her when she said those words. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Abigail wanted to get her fair share in the bedroom.

“Of course, I am looking forward to it,” he responded to her.

Abigail soon went and got herself a snack from upstairs while Lucas decided to try the arcade machine on the wall.

It was one of those multiple game machines, it had many of the classics in it. So while Lucas got his fun in, Abigail watched him, enjoyed herself with lunch and a fashion show.

Before they knew it, they had spent all of the day in the entertainment room together and it was time for dinner. Djamila and Maggie sent an attendant out with a menu for the kitchen.

“Dinner Abigail, what do you want?” he asked glancing through the menu.

Abigail was glancing at the menu and her man sitting next to her in those beanbag chairs, she was hungry for more than food. Lucas was hungry again he had been having so much fun with Abigail in the entertainment room his appetite was now active.

“Lucas, how about a salad with steak, medium rare for you, and rare for me?” she asked him closing up the menu already having skimmed through it.

His stomach was growling now it was time to eat and what Abigail mentioned sounded perfect.

“Perfect babe,” he replied to her closing up the menu.

It was soon time for dinner and Djamila’s cooks were top-notch, not to mention the company of the Pharaoh and Margaret.

Dinner was over, the sun was nearly setting, and Abigail was requesting a shower and some cuddle time in bed. Lucas agreed to that and headed back up to their bedroom.

Once upstairs in the bedroom, Lucas relaxed on the bed while Abigail took her shower. Lucas was watching a video on his phone about Bali so he at least had an idea of where he was headed.

Abigail walked out wrapped in a towel soon after and it was time for Lucas to take a shower, the shower inside the plane was better than his one at home it was even stocked with luxurious soaps and shampoos.

Lucas took care of his shower quickly before wrapping himself up in a towel and heading back out to Abigail who was eagerly waiting for him in bed.

“Come dry off babe, and we can watch some more things about Bali,” Abigail spoke while patting the spot in bed next to her.

Lucas dried his body off before slipping back into his sweats, he reached for his shirt too but then Abigail chimed in.

“Lucas, leave that off please.”

Abigail was biting her bottom lip while looking at him.

Lucas understood her intentions and got into bed with her.

“A little?” she asked shifting around so she was behind him on her knees.

“Yes of course my dear,” he replied to her tilting his head to the side for her.

Abigail placed her cold hands against his chest and toned stomach while she fed, her usual cute moans filled Lucas’s ears as he closed his eyes. She fed for only a few moments before releasing and kissing the bite area.

“Lucas my love,” she whispered while slipping out of her towel pressing her damp cold breasts against his back.

Abigail’s hand slipped down his pants gently stroking him off while kissing his neck more. Lucas leaned back against her letting her touch his most sensitive areas with him getting harder by the second.

“A-Abigail I thought you wanted to wait until Bali,” he said leaning back breaking her lips from his neck.

“I cannot wait, babe,” she whispered before switching positions to sit in his lap facing him.

Her eyes were soft, and her body looked incredible in the dim lighting from the room and mild starlight outside the plane. Lucas placed one of his hands on her hip while Abigail laced her fingers with his free hand, she leaned down kissing his lips gently repetitively gradually getting more intense with each passing second.

“Baby, take these off for me right now,” Abigail whispered in between kisses.

Lucas nodded to her, he wanted it as bad as she did. He took off his sweats and tossed them to the floor next to the bed. Abigail didn’t hesitate, she eased his length inside of her. She was dripping, tight, and cold.

Abigail threw her head back while letting out a deep moan before covering her own mouth.

“I don’t want Aunt Djamila to hear us making love babe,” Abigail whispered after slowly uncovering her mouth.

She started her ride, taking in every inch of Lucas while he gently met her with thrusts. His right hand explored her body before reaching up and giving her pale breasts a squeeze. Abigail had filled out since she had started feeding regularly her once small breasts have fully developed into quite the handful.

“Yes baby,” she gently moaned feeling him touch her body gently. Her hands caressed Lucas’s stomach and chest before she gently placed one of her hands around his neck.

Abigail smiled down at him bearing her fangs. “Give me more Lucas.” She said starting to bounce harder up and down on his hard cock working her cold depths to please herself and her man below.

Lucas felt her starting to lightly choke him, she was aching for this, and so was he. She continued her ride on him with the slaps of their bodies echoing in the room. “Yes, baby.” She continued to moan tightening her grip ever so slightly around his neck. Eventually, she slowed down before leaning down and plunging her fangs back into his neck taking another drink.

Once she had her fill on blood, she rolled over on her back and letting Lucas on top of her.

“Go on baby make love to me,” she whispered eagerly locking lips with him while slipping his cock back inside of her with one of her free hands. “Yes babe,” Lucas whispered back gently thrusting deep inside of his lover.

She grabbed the sheets below her with one of her free hands not that it lasted long, both her hands drifted to his back pulling him down on her.

“Yes, Lucas,” she panted in his ear as her hands caressed his back. Lucas was close Abigail’s gentle moans of pleasure were sending him over the edge.

“C-Cum in me Lucas babe, fill me…” she moaned deep in his ear before locking lips with him panting heavily in between kisses.

Lucas panted deeply shooting his load deep inside of Abigail, she locked lips with him once more wrapping her legs around his waist keeping him deep inside of her so not a drop was wasted.

Abigail broke the kiss before looking deep into his eyes “I love you, Lucas,” she whispered to him

Lucas smiled at her kissing her on the lips again “I love you too Abigail…”

The two cuddled in bed for a while watching some gallery in London show off a new artist. Abigail fell asleep against his chest first, full of blood and sex. Lucas needed something to replenish the energy he lost, sleeping it off would be an option but water and something light to eat would be much better.

He climbed out of bed covering Abigail up with the blanket letting her sleep while he slipped back on his pajamas before exiting the room back into the starlit hallway of the plane.

Lucas walked down the hallway to see Djamila in the lounge area in the back, with some paperwork. It was dimly lit in the lounge enough to see and relax but low enough to add a more cozy atmosphere.

“Lucas dear, I hope things are well,” Djamila spoke looking up from her work.

“Yes, everything is fine just grabbing a late snack,” he replied to her while heading for the vending machines.

“I hope my niece isn’t being too rough on you,” she said watching him scan the machines for what he wanted.

“Abigail can get a bit intense but a little snack will have me fixed up soon,” Lucas replied while still looking for what might cure his itch.

Djamila slowly worked on some paperwork and looked through her phone while Lucas microwaved one of the breakfast sandwiches from the machine.

“It is nice to have you two up here with us, Abigail talks about you all the time when we can catch up, she is very attached to you,” Djamila spoke as Lucas grabbed a few bottles of water from the machine one for him and Abigail just in case she was awake when he gets back in.

Lucas did care for Abigail, she might be a bit rough around the edges but she was good to him and they did enjoy doing a lot of things together.

“I love her, I really do. She is great I don’t really get to do the things we do with other people, the museum, and not to mention when she asked me to the symphony,” he said taking the sandwich from the microwave.

“I see a good future ahead of you then, I do honestly see a ring on that finger of yours sooner than you think,” Djamila added looking up from her paperwork.

Lucas flushed thinking about that even more so with Abigail, she would want to do it big.

“Djamila, come on. It is getting late and you know we have that party tomorrow, paperwork can wait,” Maggie spoke while walking into the lounge area with them.

Maggie was in evening wear, a deep gold nightgown that hugged her curves, and in the moonlight on her arms two sizable claws that looked translucent and ghastly.

“Oh, those are so big,” Lucas spoke completely without thought upon seeing them.

In hindsight, not the best thing to say considering Maggie was also quite endowed in her chest area.

She raised an eyebrow at him while he quickly started to correct himself.

“The claws, I have never seen them so big before,” Lucas said.

Maggie looked at him surprised even more.

“You can see them? You are so young, it usually takes years for humans to be able to see them,” she said surprised while her claws shifted around the room to help Djamila pack up.

Must be all the girls, and the intimate experience.

Lucas learned that Djamila and Margaret were an item. She was trying to keep her other half on a normal you could say “human” schedule otherwise she would just work all the time.

He didn’t keep them soon he wished them both good night and headed back into the room with Abigail who leaned up after hearing the door open.

“Oh, Abigail I went to get us some water and this to help from the feeding,” Lucas said quickly handing her one of the bottled waters.

Abigail smiled at him taking the water. “How, about we split that sandwich and go for round two?” she asked him while biting her bottom lip and letting the blanket drop from her body exposing her still nude body.

Lucas didn’t refuse.


Sleeping on the plane with Abigail in his arms was heavenly, to say the least, and both of them slept peacefully through the night and then an alarm for early in the morning

“Lucas babe, come on we land soon and then Bali,” Abigail whispered in his ear while he snoozed through her alarm.

Lucas yawned soon after hearing Abigail’s voice in his ear.

“Morning babe,” he said while giving a deep yawn and stretching his arms in bed.

The sun was bright through the portal windows and saw Abigail searching through the suitcases looking for something for each of them to wear for today.

“Morning, today is the day and we are almost there,” she said excitingly while picking out clothes. It looked like she had picked out a nice blue floral sundress for herself, and now she was on to what he would be wearing for the day.

“Sleep well, babe?” he asked her while stepping out of bed reaching for his sweats.

“I slept good, but I am expecting to sleep better tonight in bed at the villa,” she replied to him.

Lucas agreed while watching her pick out something for him to wear, she still kept his jacket just in case, and as for him, she went with light tan golf shorts, and a blue polo the same shade as her dress.

He changed in front of her, she watched of course and enjoyed every second of it.

Soon they were up in the front of the plane with Djamila and Maggie.

Djamila mentioned that there was a cozy Warm Delights inside the airport that they will have breakfast at while she does a routine check-in with the establishment.

Abigail was happy with that and so was Lucas. They soon landed and thanked all of Djamila’s flight staff before exiting with select staff that took their luggage.

Passing through the airport Lucas was taking plenty of pictures for back home, midway through the airport past the baggage claim stood one lone Warm Delights.

Lucas and Abigail order while Djamila chatted and inspected the nice shop. Various themed items from the area are exclusive to this shop for tourists to try.

While Lucas and Abigail sat and enjoyed their breakfast. Lucas was having a local breakfast sandwich made with egg, fish, and fresh veggies along with an Energy Blend. Abigail decided on French Toast and one House Blend on ice.

Lucas soon received a text on his phone. It was the group chat.

“Babe, we landed where are you and Abigail?” the message asked. It was from Roxy.

Lucas quickly responded to them, they had all made it safe.

Abigail tilted down her sunglasses looking at Lucas on his phone instead of eating.

“Lucas, I assume you must be letting people know we landed,” Abigail spoke while gently sipping her coffee. Abigail was on top of the world right now just her and Lucas alone together.

“Oh the girls landed, and I was just letting them know where we are,” he said.

Abigail froze in place, before taking off her sunglasses. “The girls?” she asked sipping more of her coffee.

“Yes, they have been talking about it nonstop in the group chat,” Lucas responded to her while starting to go back to his meal.

“Group chat?” she asked again.

Lucas stopped eating and looked at her “Wait, you aren’t in it?” he asked pulling out his phone.

Before he could open the chat Roxy approached the shop with her bags, black crop top, and ripped jean shorts.

“Lucas, I am hungry and tired,” she said approaching the table putting her paw on his shoulder. Roxy admittingly looked better, she must have not slept or at least not too well and the food must not have been the best.

“What’s with this getup? Going golfing or something?” she asked looking at his clothes.

“Just dressed Roxy, Abigail picked it out,” he replied looking at her.

The others soon came up to the restaurant, Cathy, Patty, Mauri, Charlotte, and Jasmine coming up at the end all in either summer clothes like Roxy or pajamas like Patty. They all looked dead tired and hungry.

Abigail just sat stunned in her seat seeing them all show up.

“You all look terrible, what on earth was your flight like?” Abigail asked standing up from her seat finishing up her food.

“Two flights, plus a layover Abigail, we tried to keep up in the group chat during the layover…”

Abigail interrupted her for a second. “What group chat? How long has that been a thing?” she asked.

Lucas was greeting all the girls while Abigail talked to Roxy.

“About four years, since the first year we have had to keep track of Lucas with all of us in school, now it is just a general chat for things,” Roxy spoke to her while pulling Lucas in for a kiss.

He kissed Roxy in return before returning to Abigail’s table.

“Patty, you were in charge of getting Abigail into the group chat last year what happened?” she asked.

“We were fighting at that time, so I just kind of didn’t invite her, but we can fix that now I guess,” Patty said approaching one of the tables and sitting down. Soon all the girls followed and sat down, they all looked exhausted.

“Come here Lucas, you aren’t getting away that easily,” Roxy said pulling him by the arm to the bigger table that all the others were sitting at. Abigail didn’t look too disappointed, more shocked than anything, she then joined them at the table.

“Lucas, babe I want pictures for mom, and Valentina,” Cathy said laughing a bit at the end mentioning her cousin.

They chatted momentarily while Cathy had Lucas in her arms taking pictures of them both, Djamila was watching them along with Maggie from the back.

Djamila and Maggie joined them out in the main area of the restaurant and they were chatting quietly with each other. Abigail noticed Maggie counting the girls and mumbling to herself.

“Something wrong Maggie?” Abigail asked her.

“Oh of course not dear, just quite unexpected, me and Djamila might have to take separate vehicles, there is no one else is there?” Maggie asked while giving Abigail a smile.

Abigail looked around and didn’t see Principal Robinson, now Lucas did overhear the end of the conversation and chimed in.

“No Maggie, one had to stay back it was too last minute,” he said.

“Shame, she is going to miss it,” Maggie responded to him.

“It might be for the best, she said it would have been a hassle flying,” Lucas said.

“Oh, may I ask what type? Lamia? A sea serpent?” Maggie asked now so eager to learn that missing ingredient from that extremely minor sample.

“A Bicorn,” Lucas responded.

Maggie blinks a few times before telling him “Completely understandable.”

All the girls were soon introduced to Djamila and Maggie.

Djamila was talkative to them while Maggie was eying all the girls muttering to herself “Roxy adds that bold flavor, Abigail is certainly the richness, Patty is that hint of sweetness, Cathy adds a full-body, and the Bicorn must be the binding. Very complex, but still aging, and should be an exquisite flavor.”

Splitting up the rides was certainly the plan, Djamila and Maggie were headed in a slightly different direction while Lucas shared the second limo with all the other girls catching up and plenty of photos.

They were all tired, Patty was even falling asleep against him on the ride to the villa. Today it looked like it was just going to be him and Abigail, while the others rested.

Passing through Bali was a beautiful tropic paradise, everything that he had heard was true. He couldn’t wait to explore it with Abigail and the girls.

The villa they were staying at was near the resort where Djamila and Maggie were headed to they had short travel not only to there but to all the restaurants and the beach. Jasmine lazily mentioned that she wants to go jogging in the morning there while still nodding on and off.

They soon stopped in front of a property, locked off by a fancy bar gate Everyone got out of the limo, and the luggage was something else Cathy and Lucas already looked at each other knowing that they were going to carry the stuff inside.

Abigail thanked the driver while Lucas and Cathy unloaded the car of luggage.

It was time to vacation.

Through the gate was a small patch of concrete with lush tropical plants that lined the walkway which was a great touch, a beautiful carved wooden door is what stood in their way.

Abigail opened the door which led to the opening hallway, full tall white walls lit by the natural light which was from a giant window with a pond and seating area.

“Go on Lucas, me and Cathy have the bags, see you inside,” Roxy spoke to him.

“Roxy, Cathy you don’t have to do that why don’t we look around first, and then we can come back here for the bags they are safe here,” Abigail said.

Abigail led the way inside taking a left a few feet ahead of them before the floor changed from concrete to hardwood right after an archway. Art lined the hallway.

“This must be the staff quarters they converted into a bedroom, mom was telling me some things about the place before she took off on business,” Abigail spoke while they stopped at a door on the left in that first hallway.

“Oh yeah, there are plenty of rooms right?” Roxy asked.

“Five bedrooms from what I have been told, but the beds are massive,” Abigail responded to her as they continued through the hallway.

Soon they reached what had to be the main living area, attached to the main kitchen and pantry.

“Alright as excited as we all are to be here together, we are all tired and have only slept a few hours. Abby, we can pick out rooms, and you and Lucas can relax since you seem rested,” Patty said stretching in place before just plopping down on the closest couch.

Abigail didn’t want to just go out without getting all the rooms sorted out so they toured anyway. Abigail and for tonight Lucas were going to be taking her mother’s room.

The massive outdoor pool for which both Cathy and Jasmine lit up for, Cathy decided on the bedroom in the second part of the house just outside the pool.

Jasmine took the first bedroom they saw, but it had a feature that was perfect for her, a back way out to the beach a tiny retreat just for her and Lucas. She was happy with that.

The last set of bedrooms is also in a separate part of the ground and the gang decided to split them up Patty and Roxy took the right bedroom, and Charlie and Mauri took the other. The beds were big enough to keep a comfortable distance even though that wasn’t going to happen.

Luggage was the last thing they decided to take care of, Lucas took care of it himself while the girls got settled into the rooms.

The girls were crashing in their respective beds while Abigail and Lucas were relatively rested even if the jet lag was taking its toll ever so slightly.

Lucas and Abigail were in her mother’s room for when she stays here, you can certainly tell, the rest of the place is bright with color but her bedroom was black and blood red.

“Well, at least mom kept some local art in the room,” Abigail said while looking at a piece that was near the window.

This room was incredible, with a full living area, indoor/outdoor shower, king-size bed, and all the amenities that you could imagine.

“Lucas, how about lunch? The Four Dryads has a beautiful restaurant called the Sundara we could go to, or would you rather go someplace local?” Abigail asked while fixing herself up in the mirror near the bed.

“The Sundara sounds great babe, do you want to change or go as is?” he asked her.

“Go as-is, then if the girls are awake we can arrange a nice dinner for all of us,” Abigail said while slipping back on her shoes.

Lucas agreed, the girls were passed out already when he brought them the luggage.

“Yeah, they didn’t sleep at all from what Roxy told me in the airport,” he said to her.

Abigail and Lucas headed out while the girls slept. The villa was beachside just separated by a bank and a crosswalk, it was beautiful, that fresh ocean air and bright sunshine almost like home.

“So romantic isn’t it babe?” Abigail asked while she nudged Lucas into taking her arm. Lucas meanwhile was floored looking at the ocean and beach, just in general his surroundings.

“It really is Abigail,” Lucas said looking into her eyes once he managed to take them off the beach. Those ruby eyes of Abigail’s really were nice in the sunlight.

Abigail and Lucas walked through the streets of Bali that were hugging the coast before coming upon the Four Dryads Resort in Jimbaran Bay.

“I take it, this is where Djamila and Maggie are staying?” Lucas asked as they entered through the main lobby.

“Yes, but I doubt we will run into them, remember they have that party tonight hosted by the Demon Lord,” Abigail responded as he and Lucas crossed through the beautiful marble floor lobby and down the stairs surrounded by tropical plants with fairies attending to keeping them up to shape.

The atmosphere was incredible, a tropic paradise even more so than where they lived. This was a different kind of beauty.

“Baby I am pretty sure the gift shop is available to nonguests of the resort as well,” Abigail mentioned while looking over at it.

Lucas was already expecting to go shopping with her, not to mention he did want to pick up some things for people back home.

“We have to have a shopping day, it will have to be one of our alone days,” Lucas said as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Do you think we will get one honestly babe?” she asked as they took a right towards a sign marked Sundara.

“I am sure we can all come to an agreement that we will have to go shopping at some point,” Lucas responded.

They would, and honestly, the other girls are going want to pick up stuff from that shop too for family.

They approached the Sundara entrance and were approached by two hostesses. A cream-skinned Elf, and a Blue Oni in matching uniforms.

“Welcome to the Sundara of the Four Dryads.” they both spoke in unison

Abigail and Lucas were offered any place they wanted to sit. Abigail decided on a table outside by the pool.

Abigail was trembling, being out here just her and Lucas it was like one of their dates she always got butterflies in her stomach. The couple laced fingers together, holding hands as the waitress walked them to their table.

The restaurant was decently packed, vacationers all of them. They were walked to an outdoor table, a beautiful oval blacktop table with two lounge chairs adorned in black, grey pillows. He pulled the seat out for Abigail and she blushed in return.

“Lucas, I have been so excited for this trip,” she said as she adjusted her dress and covered her purse in the seat with his jacket.

Lucas smiled back at her in agreement. “I really am too, it really is romantic,” he replied.

Soon a waitress came by a Troll in a similar uniform to the hostess. She handed them their menus.

Abigail ordered tea for herself iced, and coffee for Lucas on ice.

They decided to take a bit to look through the menu. It was quite the selection lots of local food.

“Lucas, what are you thinking about and I hope it isn’t those Honey Chicken Wings, try something exotic,” Abigail said looking at him from behind her menu. Lucas pouted at her a bit because he was looking at those since he had no clue what anything else was.

“I was looking at them but I see something else, have you decided?” he asked her.

“I was thinking about some sushi to start us off with? Unless you still are a bit full from breakfast?” she asked.

“Sushi sounds nice babe, I was thinking of this,” Lucas said pointing to it on the menu.

“Chicken Kway Teow” Is what he pointed to.

“Mm, that will be good for your diet Lucas,” she said.

Lucas agreed and they ordered a Maki Maki for an appetizer California Rolls, Terriaki Chicken, Cucumber Roll, and Edamame.

They sat and looked into the eyes of each other while waiting for the starting course. The sunlight was great, the breeze from the ocean added the perfect amount of chill to the air.

The service was excellent, they were brought their appetizer.

“Abigail, you are in the chat now, right?” Lucas asked her looking at his phone. The girls were asleep still or on the off chance that Jasmine and Cathy are up.

“Yes, Patty put me in, and it honestly doesn’t look like I miss a whole lot.” She said starting with the Cucumber Roll that was on the tray that was placed in front of them moments ago.

The ambiance and romantic atmosphere were incredible. After the appetizer, they held watched the waves holding hands fingers laced while waiting for their waitress to come back.

“Lucas, I love you and I am so happy that we will have a vacation together,” Abigail spoke to him while she leaned over and kissed Lucas on the cheek.

“I love you too Abigail,” Lucas said while leaning in and kissing her on the lips.

“Mmm babe, we are out in public,” Abigail whispered blushing after breaking the kiss.

Lucas had his moments of intensity and Abigail loved when it happened.

They both finished the appetizer before returning to talking about all the stuff they wanted to do at least while they were still out, possibly a more local gift shop and a walk around the area.

Abigail was melting at his touch, they moved the chairs they were sitting in closer to each other. They ordered their main course Lucas went with Chicken Kway Teow, and Abigail decided on Nyonya Laska both without garlic. Their waitress noticed they moved closer to each other and recommended if they come back they have daybeds available for some more intimate moments.

Abigail loved the idea of that, laying in a bed by the ocean with Lucas holding her, she was already daydreaming of it. While they waited for the main course to arrive they cuddled as much as they could in those chairs.

“Lucas, for dinner tonight, should we all come here?” Abigail asked while leaning against him. He took her hand from behind while rubbing it with his thumb before agreeing with it, that will be great having them all together. He of course agreed to dinner from this place even though they haven’t had the main course yet.

Lunch arrived soon after and it was phenomenal, his Chicken Kway Teow was something he had never experienced and Abigial finished hers before him, she said the Quail Egg and Tofu were cooked better than she had ever had.

Lucas paid for the lunch, he had been saving after getting his car and he wanted to treat Abigail.

“Cathy is up I see,” Lucas spoke as he took Abigail’s hand while checking his phone, he had gotten a message from her.

“The house should be loaded with food if she wants to eat,” Abigail replied while lacing her fingers with Lucas’s

Cathy was messaging about them spending some well-needed time together, shopping and pictures for home.

“Cathy is asking when I and her get to spend time together, looks like we are going to have to set up something, maybe over dinner?” Lucas asked Abigail.

“I already figured, we would all set something up tonight actually. I think maybe heading back now would be a good idea,” Abigail said while they started to walk out of the restaurant.

The sun was at its brightest and Abigail now opened her purse for her mini parasol.

“Yeah babe, let’s head back and unpack,” he said taking the lead back to the villa.

The walk back was just as nice as the walk there, the rich air, warm sun, and the woman on his arm. Abigail was working magic on her phone with her one hand, posting pictures and multiple statuses talking about everything they have done so far.

Soon they arrived back at the villa, and Cathy was up doing some stretches by the pool in the center of the villa between the bedrooms.

“Abigail, mind if I steal Lucas for a few?” Cathy asked while she wiped herself down with a towel. She must have been up for a bit working out, Cathy like Jasmine exercised regularly.

Surprisingly Abigail agreed to it.

“I’ll unpack and take care of some minor prep,” Abigail said while kissing his cheek before heading off into her bedroom.

Cathy was surprised herself, she picked Lucas up tossing him over her shoulder like back in school before carrying him to the bedroom she picked, this must have been Djamila’s room when she stayed over.

“It is like Egypt in here Lucas I was pretty surprised,” Cathy said laying him down on the bed, it was firm and seemed to be good for back health.

“Strip babe, I want you so bad,” she then whispered climbing on top of him and locking lips intensely while her hands caressed down his body.

“Mmm Cathy,” Lucas responded to her kiss while embracing her soft body.

He and Cathy tongue-wrestled for a few while she slipped out of her yoga shorts and sports bra. Cathy broke the kiss before leaning up straddling his lap. “Lucas, I am so happy to be here with you,” she whispered placing her hand on his cheek.

“Catherina, I love having you here too, it wouldn’t be the same without you,” he responded to her.

“You never call me that Lucas, it feels nice hearing it from you,” she whispered leaning back down and kissing him on the lips once more.

Lucas returned her kiss before Cathy said “Let me go warm the shower, and get you out of those clothes, I question the way that vampire has you dress sometimes,” she said before standing and heading behind her to the other second of her villa room. Djamila had everything nice and simple for her room, lots of gold and tan must remind her of when she reigned supreme. Lucas meanwhile was watching Cathy walk away with her shapely ass jiggling while made her way to the end of the room.

Lucas started with his shoes but after that, he undressed one piece at a time while walking across the room, nearly falling taking off his pants. He knew to leave his underwear on, Cathy loved to take them still on occasion and these were designer ones that Abigail had picked for him.

“Mmm baby, come on and step in,” Cathy said opening the sliding glass doors at the end of the right side of the villa.

“Whoever designed this room has some class, outdoor shower, and private pool,” Cathy spoke.

“Djamila, yeah very much her style,” Lucas spoke while she showed him the pool, it was one of those infinity pools that you could swim laps in forever, shaded on a balcony but with a view of the ocean. Now the shower was a bit more private with high walls but no ceiling with a few bamboo shutes through the wall which dispensed the water.

Cathy turned the water on to let it warm a bit meanwhile Lucas stepped back against the wall that separated the pool and shower she went with a smooth wood design that the water would fall straight through the cracks to the ground below.

“Mmm I see that brand, Abigail does have some taste,” Cathy said eying his underwear.

“Go on Cathy, just like back in gym class,” he said smiling at her while she approached him.

Cathy pressed her body against his, his face barely above her breasts, she reached down and stripped him of his underwear.

“Mmm, I’ll be taking these, shorty,” she whispered tossing them to the side before intensely locking lips with him.

Lucas embraced Cathy’s body as they kissed repeatedly, Cathy meanwhile lifted Lucas slightly off the ground pulling him into the water. A shower was just what Lucas and Cathy both needed even if the shower part was the last thing that happened.

Cathy kept it simple, she bent over and clutched the wall while letting Lucas take her from behind. She made it very clear vocally that she wanted round two in bed. Cathy threw her ass back as Lucas filled her pussy and held her hips tightly, she panted and moaned telling Lucas how bad she wanted it. Lucas loved doing it in the shower with her and promptly came deep inside of her before both of them actually decided to shower.

She had her soaps which he and her both shared, she washed him and he washed her. They shared some kissing under the water while they rinsed off.

“Lucas, bedroom,” Cathy whispered breaking the kiss.

Lucas smiled at her as the water fully rinsed their bodies off, and Cathy reached and turned the water off.

He looked up at Cathy a bit, she was smiling it was nice to see. In all honesty, she needed the vacation, working with her mom getting that business set up not to mention the Valentina fiasco from earlier in the year.

They dried off with the towels that Djamila had in a cabinet in the hallway between the pool and shower. “Babe, when we get our full day we need to use that pool,” she said as they exited back into the bedroom area.

“You think we have time for a movie?” Cathy asked while pulling back the sheets in bed for Lucas.

Lucas reached into his pants grabbing his phone, there were lots of messages from his parents, Jake, and Anna so he did take care of those messages first before sending one off to Abigail.

“Oh and babe mom called while we were busy in the shower it seems, so maybe we can facetime her?” Cathy asked him slipping on a robe from a closet near the bed. It must have been one of Djamila’s, gold and black with a sash around the middle. It barely fit Cathy, her bust was about to burst out the front but it looked great on her.

“We do have some time, Abigail texted that she is trying to arrange dinner for all of us at a place nearby babe,” he said to her after getting into the bed. It was for sure Djamila’s bed that they were in, smooth Egyptian cotton everything and most likely a high thread count.

Cathy began to call her mom as Lucas slipped into a robe of his own. No point in getting fully dressed if Cathy was going to have him take it off again in a few minutes.

“¡HOLA MIJA!” Ms. Klein yelled from the phone.

Cathy immediately lowered the volume before finally responding.

“Hola mama.”

It had barely been a few seconds and Cathy’s mom was already rapid firing questions, mostly in Spanish. ¿Cómo fue el vuelo? ¿Todos lo hicieron bien? ¿Has dormido? ¿Han comido? (How was the flight, everyone make it okay, have you slept, have you eaten?)

Before any of those questions could even be answered, one finally came through in English.

“And where is Lucas? Is he there with you?”

Turning the phone to face Lucas, he was greeted with the sight of Cathy’s mom in the kitchen.

“Hola Lucas, que guapo. Looking like Hugh Heffner. Did you two just come out of a spa?”

“Morning Ms. Klein. No, we just got out of the shower and found these in here.”

Cathy quickly turned the phone back to herself so that her mom wouldn’t drown Lucas in questions. The two spoke for a few minutes, Cathy filling her mom in on the flights here and how Abigail apparently didn’t know they were coming since she wasn’t in the group chat, earning a cackle from her mother. Meanwhile Ms. Klein was having Jake and Valentina over for lunch. Jake was going to help her clean the pool and Valentina was probably going to just sun bathe while he did all the work.

“Por supuesto.”

“Pero de todos modos, I am happy to see that you all made it just fine. Disfruta mi pequeña. Bye Lucas.”

“Bye mama.”

“Bye Ms. Klein.”

Before Cathy hung up they could make out Ms. Klein saying that he should be calling her mom, especially since she knows she’ll be a grandma soon enough.

The two looked at each other for a minute before Cathy rolled her eyes and said “Ay mama.”

Meanwhile, in Abigail’s room. She was in bed on her phone trying to figure out dinner for everyone.

She called the Sundara which regrettably told her that she would have to order soon and only for delivery, they are cutting out delivery due to the party tonight.

Abigail decided on her first message in the group chat telling the group she is ordering a party sampler for them tonight loaded with local food and traditional favorites.

“Things are going to get sorted over dinner, and everything is going to be alright.” Abigail thought while unpacking her suitcase first.

Lucas and Cathy had finished round two in Djamila’s bed before they both notice the message from the group chat.

“Hmm someone airdropped me something, I didn’t really know how to turn this off after getting this new phone,” Cathy said while looking at the notification.

It was a picture of them in the shower together censored ever so slightly with some minor editing tool.

“Turn around next time, I loved the show.” the picture was captioned with.

Both of them felt off about it but Lucas helped close her public airdrop after seeing it.

“Lucas, we will have to go shopping soon for mama and I’ll pick up something for Valentina,” Cathy said laying her head against his chest now fully comfortable and snuggly.

Lucas cringed hearing Valentina’s name but she was family so of course Cathy was going to get her something.

“Yeah, I need to do that myself, family is very much expecting gifts and I’ll probably get Jake something too,” he replied looking through his various text messages and a missed call from his house.

Abigail finished unpacking for both her and Lucas. It was hot, the A/C was blasting in her mom’s room and Abigail wanted her man back in bed with her but not before she received a few messages of her own.

She texted him telling him she needs him as soon as possible.

Lucas was relaxing with Cathy in bed talking with his parents since he missed the call earlier. They were excited but also worried about him being so far away from home, he assured them with girls he was just fine and safe, Cathy even chimed in to add some extra insurance to it. Lucas was going to be fine out there.

Once his parents were notified and taken care of, he looked at the message from Abigail.

“Abigail wants me back in her room soon,” Lucas spoke to Cathy snuggling her gently and kissing her cheek.

Cathy lightly rolls her eyes a bit before saying “She always wants you, I just hope she is feeding lightly.”

Lucas assured her that Abigail knew her limits on drinking blood.

“Lucas babe, so I do want to know, what is Abigail like in bed?” Cathy asked running her finger up and down his chest.

Surprisingly a lot of the girls besides Jasmine have inquired about his and Abigail’s sex life, since she was quiet and spent most if not all of her time away from the rest of the group they were all curious about her bedroom skills.

Lucas on the other hand didn’t really know how to explain it to the rest of them. Abigail kept things simple and classy in bed so that is what he told Cathy.

“As much as I want to hog you here all night, I’ll let you head back out with Abigail while I unpack,” Cathy spoke nuzzling his neck with her face before kissing it lightly.

Lucas kissed her back on the lips before getting up out of Djamila’s bed. Sleeping there with Cathy on their night together was going to be great, her custom mattress hugged both of them perfect for the most comfort.

“Get comfortable Cathy, we are all going to have dinner together tonight,” Lucas said while getting dressed again besides his underwear which belonged to his High Orc woman.

Cathy motioned him back in bed for a kiss. They lock lips again intensely for a moment before breaking it.

“I love you, Lucas and I cannot wait to have our day together,” Cathy spoke placing her hand on his cheek.

“I love you too Cathy, I can’t wait either,” he whispered gently to her kissing her lips once more before heading out.

The temperature inside Djamila’s room was so much better than outside, Lucas used his hand to shade himself from the hot sun as he made his way back to his and Abigail’s room.

Abigail was looking through her mom’s room while waiting for Lucas to come back. Seeing pictures of her, Djamila, and Maggie together looking happy. Her mother looked normal for once.

Lucas walked across the soft grass admiring the atmosphere of everything around him. It was still so hard to believe, him out here with all his women besides one, unfortunately, and they were all on decent terms finally.

He walked back into his and Abigail’s bedroom with her waiting in bed for him.

“I see you showered already, I was thinking of a bath for us tonight, but that bathtub was in last use with mom so we aren’t going to be using that,” Abigail said wincing a bit at the thought of what her mother would have been doing in that bath. “Luckily the mattress had already been replaced before we arrived.”

Lucas joined her in bed greeting her with a kiss.

“You know Cathy wanting to shower, it is her thing, I see you messaged the group about dinner tonight,” he said resting against the back headboard.

Abigail moved quickly between his legs pressing her back against his body leaning against him before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Yes, dinner, I had to order a series of samplers since the restaurant will be closed tonight for that party.” She responded to him while looking around for the remote for the tv mounted on the wall in front of the bed.

Lucas grabbed the remote off the nightstand nearest to him on the right since Abigail was comfortable in his lap.

“Thank you, dear,” she whispered gently taking the remote from him and quickly rushing for a documentary.

They laid there together enjoying each other’s company while Abigail was posting pictures on social media mostly involving their vacation.

“This is paradise Lucas, and we get to share it together,” Abigail said while relaxing against his body.

“It is Abigail, and there is so much I want us to do,” Lucas said to her while wrapping his arms around her waist.

They both spent most of the day in bed, even taking a nap during the documentary.

Their nap was interrupted by several messages from the group chat.

It had seemed their food had arrived and Jasmine had brought it in. Not only that but all the girls were now awake.

Lucas was the one woken up by all the messages, while Abigail was using him as a body pillow, her head on his chest and arms wrapped around him comfortably.

He gently shook her and she lazily opened her eyes to Lucas who she was still laying on.

“Food has arrived Abigail and the girls are awake so we should probably head out.”

Abigail stretched a bit before agreeing, she wanted to figure out a schedule for them during the week who got Lucas which days.

Lucas leaned up a bit and stretched as well from the nap, jet lag took a toll but the nap with Abigail straightened them up.

“It is only a bit past 3 in the afternoon, we must have slept for a few hours.”

“The nap was more than wonderful, I feel refreshed,” Abigail responded to him.

Lucas watched Abigail start to undress. she slipped off her blue sundress and picked out a nightgown for the evening black with gold lilies as a pattern down her leg and thigh.

“Oh wow, Abigail you look great,” Lucas said letting out a flirtatious whistle

Abigail smiled as she turned to see his look of approval knowing what was going to happen tonight.

“I am glad you like it, bought it just for the vacation, and please stay dressed like that please though I quite like it,” she spoke walking over to him gently placing her hand on his chest.

“It is comfortable actually,” Lucas replied before taking her hand and kissing it gently.

Abigail blushed before turning back around for both of them to head out of the door to their room.

“It is just so beautiful Lucas, isn’t it?” Abigail asked as they looked around the main area.

It was the pool, the warm sun, tropic wildlife, the smell of exotic flowers and fruits in the air.

Paradise it was.

“I see you two are awake and back,” Jasmine spoke waving them over to the main area of the inside. They had their own kitchen, dining area, living room not just in the rooms but for more proper dinners.

Lucas and Abigail headed over to where Jasmine was, she was in some jogging shorts and sports bra for running. Showing her slightly more defined abs after all her working out.

Abigail nodded stretching a bit more putting her pale arms into the air and letting out a yawn.

“Yeah, we took a nap earlier Jasmine even our jet lag caught up to us,” Abigail responded to her.

Lucas looked inside and saw everyone else inside either on the various couches or looking around the space.

“Yeah, when you said a sampler I didn’t think it would be five bags worth of stuff Abigail,” Jasmine said while heading back inside.

Abigail and Lucas followed Jasmine inside.

The inside of the main living area outside of the bedrooms was still just as incredible as everything else was. It oozed class, beautiful plants hanging from the ceiling, a dining room suited for about ten people even with a chandelier above, a fully stocked kitchen with nearly any appliance one would need to pretty much staying here as long as they needed.

Lucas was grabbed near instantly by Patty, Mauri, and Charlie who pulled him to the nearest couch for some snuggle time.

“Abigail, I see dinner has been taken care of,” Roxy said now entering the living room from the kitchen.

“Of course, plenty for everyone and lots of variety,” she spoke while watching the other girls cuddle on top of Lucas in a pile.

Everyone was here aside from Anna back home, but it was nice.

“So, during dinner, we can discuss a schedule for our week here,” Abigail mentioned.

“We figured as much, I imagine you and him are spending the night together tonight?” Roxy asked placing one of her paws on her hip while gently leaning in a doorway.

“Tonight, yes I would like him to spend it with me, as for tomorrow maybe some light shopping and then with one of you for tomorrow evening and night,” Abigail responded before picking one of the chairs and sitting down sinking right into its comforting embrace.

“Sounds like a plan to me, we can figure all that out soon,” Roxy responded while watching the girls snuggle Lucas on the couch.

The girls right now were happy and the vacation was only just beginning.

They all chatted a bit with each other for a bit, but soon everyone decided they wanted to eat.

Eat they certainly did, they all gathered at the table together while Lucas did bring out the five platters that Abigail ordered.

It was filled with mostly traditional favorites, wings, pizza, even a small vegetable tray, as for the local food, they were given two sushi rolls, shrimp, scallops, and other various locally caught seafood.

“So, what is going to be the plan this week?” Lucas asked while absolutely demolishing chicken wings.

Abigail rolled her eyes a bit reaching over and wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Babe, don’t make a mess of yourself,” she said with a small chuckle.

“Well tomorrow, we can have breakfast at the Sundara and then do some shopping,” Abigail said after getting some sushi on her plate.

“The Sundara?” Mauri asked while sipping her lemonade.

Both Abigail and Lucas began talking about their visit there this afternoon while the rest of them slept to get rid of that jet lag and or lack of sleep all of them got.

Mauri’s eyes lit up when she heard about the spa and daybeds by the ocean, she’d love to do that when she gets her time with Lucas alone.

Roxy was talking about renting a moped for them both and driving around grabbing street food and some shopping.

Shopping was on every one of the girl’s minds, not just for people back home but for themselves.

“I think we should propose a toast,” Abigail spoke while holding up her lemonade.

“To us and Lucas, a great vacation with friends and our man.”

The girls all raised their glasses as did Lucas.

Dinner was over and everyone was stuffed to the gills, though it was still early most of the girls decided to turn in early to get a good jumpstart on tomorrow.

Cathy wanted to relax in the pool that Djamila had in her room and Jasmine was going to take a quick jog on the beach during the sunset.

Abigail and Lucas retreated back to the bedroom.

“Abigail, dinner was great.”

She turned to look at him while he was closing the door behind him.

“Dinner was great, but dessert has been delivered,” she spoke while nibbling her bottom lip slightly.

Lucas knew it was coming, right after a meal.

“Yes, of course, I assume you will take your dessert in bed.”

Lucas walked over to the bed laying down and leaning against the headboard.

Abigail watched him before climbing onto the bed crawling over him before sitting down on his lap facing him.

He looked up into her eyes, they were a deep red and she was longing for some attention.

Abigail leaned down and sunk her fangs into Lucas’s neck before her hands wanders down his chest while she feeds.

Her cute moans fill the room while she gently grinds her waist against his hips.

Lucas places his hands on her hips while she breaks away from his neck before instantly locking lips with him.

He returned her kiss just as intense as she put it on. She usually washed down the excess blood from feeding but tonight she didn’t. They kissed passionately while Abigail tugged at Lucas’s shirt.

“Take it off for me,” Abigail whispered breaking the kiss and smiling down at him her fangs still exposed.

Lucas reached down and started to take off his shirt showing Abigail his slightly toned body. Abigail’s hands immediately traveled down his chest and stomach while she bit her bottom lip.

She returned her lips to his while she placed his hands near the bottom of her nightgown enticing him to make a move.

They were both lost in each other’s lips and Lucas caught on to what she wanted, he slowly ran his hands up the side of her nightdress halting at her hips, and he felt lace under his hands.

“Lucas, you can tell me what you want,” Abigail whispered against his lips breaking the kiss.

Abigail liked when Lucas would be vocal about what he wanted and what he liked in the bedroom, but she was usually in the lead, and now she wanted him a little out of his shell.

“It is hot when you tell me.”

Lucas gently smiled at her before whispering “Take it off for me babe.”

Abigail shivered a bit hearing him say that, it turned her on more than she already was.

She slowly leaned up and stripped off her gown exposing her pale body in some quite nice black lace underwear.

She looked down at him, leaning her lips back to his but not kissing him. “I bought more than just that dress for this trip,” she whispered.

Her hand guided between his legs in his shorts grabbing his semi-hard length through it.

“I need these off, right now Lucas.”

Lucas quickly kicked off his shoes before slipping out of his shorts not even minding the lack of underwear from Cathy earlier.

“Delicious,” Abigail whispered while she locked lips with him, her hand reaches down and strokes his length which quickly hardened in her hand in seconds.

“Lay down babe,” she whispers breaking the kiss once more and allowing him to lay down.

He quickly laid down placing his head against one of the pillows. Abigail kissed against his neck gently while stroking him in her hand.

Lucas was enjoying every second of pleasure from Abigail, even if she was the least experienced she kept it slow and sensual.

“A-Abigail, do you mind if I am on top first?”

Abigail smiled hearing him say that, even if she was comfortable on top right now Lucas did ask.

“Yes, my dear of course.”

Abigail shifted off of him laying down on her back in bed right next to Lucas. Lucas shifted slightly on top of her, leaning down and kissing her while she pulled him down closer wanting to feel his body against hers.

She ran her fingers through his hair while her other hand was on his back gently caressing it all while not breaking their lips locking.

Lucas reached under Abigail during the passion unhooking her bra causing an intense moan from his vampire lover due to his own initiation. Lucas gently tossed the bra to the side before starting to kiss the base of Abigail’s neck.

“Y-Yes Lucas…”

He continued to kiss down her neck before getting to her breasts slowly teasing her nipple with his tongue and fingers.


Abigail was trembling already even from the simple foreplay she was eager for it.

She looked down at him pleasing her before pulling him up locking lips with him again while her hands reached down to grab his cock to stroke it more right above her panties.

“Take off the rest of my clothes babe,” she said quickly breaking the kiss for a moment before returning right to his lips.

Lucas reached down and slid her panties off tossing them near her bra.

Abigail was quivering gently as her underwear was being taken off.

She reached down gripping his hard shaft and start inching it inside of her dripping cold pussy.

Lucas let out a gasp feeling himself enter her and Abigail loved hearing it.

“T-That’s it baby it is ah ok,” she moaned as he was fully inside of her now.

Lucas leaned up a bit placing a hand on her cheek looking down at her arguably perfect body, ice white, now developed breasts from feeding, and those ruby eyes that stared right deep into him.

“L-Lucas babe is something wrong?” she asked noticing him just looking at her.

He snapped free from the daze that he was in for a minor moment.

“Just really admiring how beautiful you are Abigail,” he said honestly.

Abigail flushed red hearing those words, she knew he meant it.

“I-I love you, Lucas, make love to me I am craving you and nothing else.”

Lucas blushed as well before leaning down and whispering “I love you, Abigail.” against her lips before kissing her once more gently thrusting his cock deep inside of her.

A deep moan from Abigail the second he started to work her inner walls slowly.

At this point, the kiss had broken so Abigail could be more vocal when they normally couldn’t be. Mom is usually home or even on the occasion doing it at Lucas’s house.

“H-Harder Lucas please,” she whispered under him.

Lucas complied with Abigail’s words and quickened the pace inside of her causing an audible moan from him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist keeping him in her control while her hands grabbed the sheets below them.

“Mmm yes Lucas give it all to me…”

He smiled down at her face in pure bliss before responding with “Yes babe, all for you…”

Abigail began rocking her body against his cock under him meeting his thrusts and already pushing him on edge.

They both kept that pace for a few then Abigail requested to be on top.

Lucas agreed and they switched places. Abigail climbed into his lap gently running her hands down her body before slipping his cock back inside of her.

Abigail started her ride slowly while Lucas thrust up meeting her as she came down.

Moans from both parties filled the room quiet ones from Lucas but more vocal ones from Abigail. Abigail reached down and placed one of her hands against his throat while the other explored his chest and toned stomach.

Her fangs were out she was hungry.

“G-Give it to me baby, deep in me,” Abigail said with her eyes longing for it.

She started to moan his name gently eager for him to drain every drop inside of her.

She continued to ride him slowly, licking her lips, and enjoying every bit of pleasure from her man below her.

Lucas started to gently pant under her, he was on edge already.


Lucas panted her name before emptying his balls fully inside of his Vampire lover riding him. Abigail moaned his name loudly reaching her peak feeling his cum enter her pussy, she leaned down shaking gently from her orgasm lightly, and lightly sank her fangs into his neck having another drink.

“Mmm Lucas, I love you,” Abigail whispered in his ear after releasing him from her loving bite, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Lucas was also lightly shaking but he wrapped his arms around Abigail as she now laid completely on top of him.

“I love you too Abigail,” he whispered back while gently stroking her hair.

They lay in each other embrace for a few minutes before Abigail slowly climbed off of him.

They just sat in silence in each other’s embrace until Abigail broke the silence with “I am oddly hungry my dear, want something to eat from the kitchen?” before slipping back on her panties and nightgown.

Lucas leaned up a bit reaching for his clothes before Abigail stopped him.

“I take it you do, just stay in bed maybe slip-on a pair of those new underwear packed in the suitcase, I’ll bring us both back something.”

Lucas climbed out of bed just as Abigail left sneaking a quick peek at him before the door closed.

Abigail walked slowly a bit more relaxed now full-on blood and sex, but she wanted an actual snack now and figured Lucas would want one as well after multiple feedings.

She walked into the kitchen to see Cathy getting something as well from the kitchen.

“You know Abigail, it was nice to offer this trip to us, and I appreciate it very much,” Cathy said.

“Of course, honestly it is nice having everyone here. We all need a vacation.”

Cathy smiled, she didn’t have a whole lot of problems with Abigail they kept things civil between them, also after the drama with Valentina, the girls took even more of an extra stance on no one else joining the group until Ms. Robinson joined of course.

“Everyone seems happy, we have Lucas here and we will all get our time for something romantic,” Cathy said grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Yes absolutely,” Abigail spoke before heading into the fridge herself grabbing some bottles of water and grabbing what leftovers were actually left, which was mostly sushi but she and Lucas had a good amount to share.

“Don’t beat up Lucas too hard,” Cathy said playfully nudging Abigail before wishing her goodnight and heading out to her room.

Abigail headed back taking in the atmosphere of the entire situation, she was happy.

Stepping back into the bedroom with the food and drinks, Lucas leaned up out the bed clearly hungry.

“I see you are hungry babe or is it me you are looking at?”

Abigail placed the covered tray on the bed while she crawled into bed and greeted him with a kiss.

“Of course, I am looking at you,” he said giving her a light kiss on the lips in return.

“I’ll admit I am hungry too, we are probably going to get lunch tomorrow and sleep in then a bit of shopping,” she said before shifting the tray to Lucas’s lap.

He quickly opened it while Abigail had the brief thought of them both eating that sushi off of each other causing a brief blush across her pale face.

Lucas and she polished off the rest of the sushi, before deciding to take separate showers and cuddle in bed during a documentary.

Abigail was also bragging on social media about the trip and Lucas was sending a few pictures back home along with check-in messages.

Anna was also eager, to have him back but she would get her time.

Lucas and Abigail fell asleep during a movie, nearly at the same time.

The bed was heavenly, it held both of them together with both of them barely moving through the night.

It was still morning and Abigail’s phone was going crazy not with an alarm but with messages.

“Who on earth is texting me like this?”

Abigail mumbled before climbing over Lucas to grab her phone she left charging on the nightstand on his side of the bed.

Abigail looked at her phone for a moment at the messages before freezing in place.

“Who is it, babe?” Lucas asked.

“M-M-My Grandmother, she is here and was at the event last night. She wants to meet us for breakfast.”

He hadn’t seen her like this, and she never mentioned her grandmother.

“I haven’t really told her much, she is an extremely busy woman, I knew this day would come but not this early,” Abigail spoke quietly.

Lucas started to get out the bed to find something to wear before Abigail stopped him.

“No, no, no, no absolutely not, I’ll take care of outfits, go wash up because you need to look your best,” Abigail said walking over to him.

“Grandma is old, powerful, very eccentric, the old ways are still very with her, you better remember all your table manners, and properly speak she is going to be asking a lot of questions,” Abigail said to him while digging through both suitcases trying to find an outfit for both of them.

Lucas assured her that he would be on his best behavior, he figured it couldn’t be worse than meeting Elizabeth for the first time.

He showered then got dressed while Abigail showered. She picked a deep navy Polo and black dress shorts for him, and for her a navy sundress.

Lucas made sure he looked his absolute best even putting on some cologne that Abigail had gotten him for his birthday.

Abigail slipped on her sundress after getting out of the shower before deciding on light makeup.

They were now both ready to go down to the Sundara for brunch.

“You look great Abigail,” Lucas said while she checked herself in the mirror once more.

Abigail smiled at him with her fangs in full view which was assumed to be the look she wanted to show off even more so to her grandmother.

“We look great Lucas.”

They quickly headed out of the villa, everyone seemed either still asleep or out already to do things in the city. It was warm and breezy out with the palms gently swaying in the wind as they both walked the coast to the Sundara.

Hands together and fingers laced they entered the Sundara together. It was busy, filled with mostly monsters from what seemed like that party last night.

“I see my precious Granddaughter has received my mail,” a voice spoke while standing up and waving them over.

Abigail rushed over holding Lucas’s hand to meet her Grandma.

The woman now standing ahead of them looked the furthest from being a grandmother aside for the pure white hair which rested under a sunhat.

“Grandma, it was quite the shock to see your message this morning,” Abigail said approaching her grandmother for a hug.

Abigail’s grandmother seemed to be the same height as Abigail from what Lucas could tell. She was also very stunning, it was certainly where Abigail and her mother got their looks from, carved from white marble, bust like her daughter, red eyes that rested under probable designer sunglasses, ghost-white hair that was under a white sunhat, and her outfit was classy but simple a cream white sundress with crows climbing the side on the right side.

After hugging Abigail she goes to speak to Lucas “This must be the young man I was…oh he has a pulse…” she spoke in a low tone placing her hand to her mouth.

Lucas froze hearing that, did she assume he was undead?

Abigail took Lucas’s hand again.

This is what she meant by “The Old Ways”

“Yes Grandma Victoria, this is Lucas my boyfriend and yes he is human.”

She stood there stunned for a moment then adjusted herself before giving a light mischievous smile.

Lucas slowly extended his hand to Abigail’s grandmother, she simply stared at it for a moment before reaching out and shaking his hand by his middle and index finger shaking it lightly.

“Victoria, Tatiana, Von Monza III”

She spoke with power in her voice as well as the look she was giving Lucas.

“Now, now, breakfast is being prepared. We will be dining in private” Victoria spoke before leading them to the back of the restaurant. She went with one of the ocean view tables.

“As much as I enjoy the night, today is quite the nice day,” she spoke sitting down in one of the chairs on the right side of the table.

Lucas pulled out the chair for Abigail before she sat down.

“Thank you, dear.”

Victoria smiled seeing that before saying “I see you have him trained.”

Lucas quietly sat down beside Abigail while Victoria began to light a cigarette from her purse after placing it in a silver cigarette holder which looked to have rubies in it.

“First thing is first, how long have you and my granddaughter been together?” Victoria asked after exhaling a cloud of smoke out the open window.

Lucas stalled for a moment before realizing the question was directed at him.

“It has been about three years now Mrs. Victoria,” Lucas responded.

She smirked again taking another pull from her cigarette.

“Three years just with my Abigail, what about those others? You reek of other women and no amount of cologne will cover that,” she spoke looking directly at him.

Out the gate with questions. Was this going to be breakfast or an interrogation?

“I technically met Abigail first, but we hit it off wrong and then I ran into the Werewolves…”

“Werewolves? Sleeping with the enemy,” Victoria interrupted him for a moment.

Well, I guess that makes sense.

“I have heard of this group from Djamila, she recalls a Hellhound, three Werewolves, a High Orc, and a Jinko. Now back in my day, a man would take many wives, maybe not so publicly but for some kind of power or land, and in your case, it seems to be for other reasons.”

Lucas composed himself a bit before speaking.

“I care for all of them, I enjoy seeing all of them happy, and apparently I make them happy so I want to continue to do that for them.”

“Your mortality shows, now what about my Abby?” Victoria asked after blowing out another cloud of smoke.

“I love your granddaughter, Miss, I can do things with her I cannot usually do with any of the others, museums, the symphony…”

Victoria chuckled again “Abby, you really have him trained, the symphony?”

Before Lucas could respond to her a waitress for the restaurant approached the table.

A human waitress.

“I always request more living waiters and waitresses,” Victoria spoke while taking in another drag of her cigarette.

“Coffee, two pots, three cups, plenty of sugar,” Victoria spoke looking at the waitress who appeared to be shaking a bit.

“Y-Yes ma’am, I trust you want another pot brought in for your private breakfast as well?” the waitress asked quietly.

Victoria smiled at the waitress before giving her a simple “Yes”

She quickly nodded and walked away clutching the tablet she was taking orders on.

“Well actually grandma, Lucas here seemed to have a taste for the arts before, I just prodded him about it,” Abigail spoke to quickly break the ice.

Victoria smiled a bit.

“A bonus to say the least,” she spoke.

Abigail laced her fingers with his under the table assuring that everything was fine.

“I was going to tell you, Grandma, I love your dress,” Abigail said to her while fixing her hair.

Victoria exhaled another cloud of smoke out the window into the ocean breeze, which was causing the palms to gently sway and cause small ripples in the deep blue pool outside near the beach for the resort guests.

“Made of the silk of a Tibetian Mountain Arachne, it feels like I am wearing almost nothing,” she spoke taking an extra slow drag from her smoke while maintaining eye contact with Lucas.

Victoria was Elizabeth on a whole different level.

“So, how is the villa? I haven’t been to that property in a while so who knows what Elizabeth has done with it.”

“Oh it is wonderful it has been quite a great vacation so far, and this is Lucas’s first time abroad,” Abigail said smiling just as the same human waitress showed up with two pots adorned with both the restaurant’s logo alongside the Warm Delight’s emblem.

Victoria looked at Lucas again before asking “I trust that there are enough beds for everyone in the villa?”

The waitress placed both pots on the table while placing cups around in front of everyone and pouring a cup for Victoria in particular.

Lucas turned red which caught Victoria’s eye

“Sharing a bed with a warmblood? Her mother’s influence no doubt,” Victoria thought looking at him.

“Of course Grandma the villa has plenty of space and we all have plans for the week, even though the rest are only staying for four days which leaves three for me and Lucas to go crazy with the local art.

“Thank you, you may leave us for now,” Victoria spoke to the waitress who seemed to let out a sigh of relief before walking away.

Lucas poured both himself and Abigail a cup.

Victoria slowly stirred her coffee while looking at both her granddaughter and her boyfriend

“He is human, Elizabeth certainly encouraged this behavior, but my dear Abby seems happy,” Victoria thought seeing her smile.

“Oh Grandma, how has work been? I know you are always so busy,” Abigail spoke while sipping her coffee.

“Oh business is going great, I am buying some property in New York since they won’t just sell me the city already, that property value is dropping,” she spoke taking a sip of her coffee

Lucas froze stirring his coffee hearing that.

“Oh speaking of, have you taken Lucas to the modern art museum in New York?” Victoria asked.

“We haven’t been yet, school kept us from traveling but now that we are out I have stuff planned,” Abigail spoke before taking a sip of her coffee.

Victoria’s eyes went back on Lucas before asking “So what about you young man, what is your current employment? Surely it is some kind of reputable company?”

Lucas swallowed the lump in his throat before gently composing himself while Abigail rubbed her thumb across his hand under the table.

“I work in food service ma’am, mainly delivery.”

Victoria sipped her coffee in response

“Servitude?” She sighed, “Don’t worry about that young man, I am sure you will move up.”

It seemed she was attempting to be polite with that last statement with how uninspired her tone was.

“Lucas here also is quite the track star, he earned a scholarship but now he just has to find a school,” Abigail spoke sipping her coffee some more.

Victoria raised an eyebrow while taking another sip of her coffee.

“Running? Considering that group I heard, I imagine he is quite good at running.”

Lucas sipped his coffee, recognizing the blend as the House Blend and it was fresh ground making it taste uniquely distinct.

Victoria and her granddaughter caught up with mostly Victoria talking about her job while they all enjoyed their coffee.

“London and New York are certainly where you want to be if you want the symphony and museums, as well I imagine a dare I say possible double date to see the London Philharmonic?” Victoria spoke while finishing off her first cup before immediately lighting another cigarette.

Abigail reached her hand back under the table lacing her fingers excitedly with Lucas.

Lucas was also quite excited he had listened to concerts with Abigail but seeing it live…

“Mind if I ask your blood type, young man?” Victoria asked exhaling her past pull.

Lucas stalled for a second before Abigail chimed in.

“He is O+ but I can assure you he is quite filling.”

“Not a unique type either,” she thought.

Victoria was watching her granddaughter smile with her boyfriend, and that was enough for her.

“Oh Grandma, how is Grandpa I assume he didn’t come?” Abigail asked her while scanning the menu for what she wanted.

“You know your grandfather, he has had his fair share of the Lord’s parties,” Victoria spoke while taking a look at the menu herself.

Lucas wondered what on earth her grandfather was like being married to Victoria.

Soon breakfast was ordered from all parties now it was just more coffee and conversation.

Lucas went for his second cup while also filling Abigail’s

“So Lucas is it? You are a man of the arts as my Abby says, how did that become?” Victoria asked while pouring herself another cup as well.

“Well, I was with Cathy and we were watching Fantasia, the music and colors just connected differently so I just went down the rabbit hole of art and classical music,” Lucas replied.

“Cathy? Which one is she?” she then asked.

“Catherina, she is a High Orc,” Lucas responded to her.

“Catherina, Spanish ancestry?” Victoria asked.

“Yes ma’am from Puerto Rico actually,” Lucas responded.

Victoria smiled and stirred her coffee while taking a deep breath even though she didn’t need it.

“That island, such a beautiful place. Still not sure how that idiot landed there thinking it was India, but at least it paid off for me,” Victoria spoke with a light chuckle.

It took Lucas a second to figure out who Victoria was talking about.

“I take it you still have a property in Florida right Grandma?” Abigail asked her.

“Well of course I do, but I am rarely out there unless it is business even then it is in and out,” Victoria said while adjusting her dress a bit.

Lucas noticed how quickly the restaurant was getting filled up, from possible people from that party last night.

“So, Lucas, being a man of the arts, I assume by now you have a favorite composer?” Victoria asked noticing their waitress coming from the back and checking in on a few other tables.

Lucas finished off his second cup of coffee before wiping off his lips.

At first, Lucas had not really known about the composers he had been listening to, but listening and watching documentaries with Abigail gave him some decent musical knowledge.

“I enjoy so many, but if I had to pick one it would Vivaldi.”

“Antonio Vivaldi, interesting, I met him a few times at some parties at the time, quite the individual,” Victoria spoke.

Abigail was lightly rolling her eyes knowing her Grandmother flexing her experience and power but it was harmless.

Before Lucas could respond to continue with Victoria, their waitress approached the table.

“Mrs. Von Monza your table is ready all laid out just as you requested,” she spoke quietly.

Victoria slowly stood up as did Abigail and Lucas.

“Excellent, lead the way,” Victoria spoke.

The waitress led them through the restaurant, which was now very busy. As they walked through the luxurious atmosphere of the Sundara Victoria gave a small wave to a table where a blue-skinned Demon and her date were sitting having breakfast.

Lucas and Abigail followed behind Victoria holding hands, Lucas we still pretty uncomfortable around her grandmother but this was needed.

Soon they were led into a different part of the restaurant a private dining area that had a beautiful ocean view with an open window space letting in all that fresh sea air.

Lucas’s eyes went to the buffet that was in front of them, filled to the brim with mostly traditional food, but a section to the side was filled with fresh seafood, and even what looked like a few cuts of steak, assumingly top-quality beef.

“I wasn’t sure what everyone might want so I ordered catering, a good selection of everything, help yourselves while I take a call,” Victoria spoke reaching into her purse for her phone.

“Thank you, Mrs. Von Monza,” Lucas spoke to her while Abigail was pulling him away to the buffet table.

Abigail was starving it seems, but Lucas knew to pace himself since he was going to be going out with Roxy.

Lucas saw a load of fresh fruit, as well as some fruits he had never seen before some looked like berry hybrids. He decided on some of the more normal fruits he knew. Abigail must have been hungry from last night’s activities, he watched her make her own sandwich with plenty of egg and bacon it seemed even she was cheating on her diet a little.

Lucas built himself a moderate plate, mainly of traditional foods and a little bit of seafood as well.

He and Abigail met in the middle of the table and set up their plates, meanwhile, Victoria was still on her phone call with who knows.

Lucas walked over to the table first with his two plates, one of fruit and one of the eggs, bacon with some bread.

“Keeping it simple, Lucas.”

Abigail spoke approaching the table and taking her seat by the open window with a full view of the ocean.

Lucas smiled and gave Abigail a kiss on the cheek as she sat down

“Yeah, Roxy is going to want to eat all kinds of who knows tonight so I am keeping it light.”

Abigail agreed to it before they both started to dig into their respective plates alongside stealing fruit from each other’s side plates causing chuckles between both parties.

Soon Victoria joined both of them with a single plate, two slices of toast smeared with what seemed to be butter and honey.

“Enjoying yourselves I see?” Victoria asked while taking her seat.

Abigail smiled adjusting her hair and Lucas nodded.

“Absolutely, the food is wonderful it is going to be hard going back home after this week,” Abigail spoke with a chuckle.

Lucas meanwhile was enjoying the fresh fruit and possibly the freshest he had ever had, even better than back home.

“I am so happy to see you keeping to your diet even on vacation,” Abigail spoke to him noticing the number of cherries he went for from the table they were her favorite fruit.

Victoria smiled alongside a light chuckle before speaking “You have him on a diet too, he is very well trained, the only thing he is missing is a leash.”

Lucas froze in his seat hearing those words, due to all the times with Roxy and Charlie being on a said leash.

The three continued to eat and enjoy mildly pleasant conversation through breakfast. Victoria flexing her experience and all the things she has done through her years alive.

“Well my dear sweet granddaughter and Lucas, it has been a pleasure but I must retreat back to the yacht, lord knows what Elizabeth has done to that as well,” Victoria spoke wiping off her mouth before standing from her seat.

Lucas stood up first pulling out the chair for Abigail while she took his arm.

“Certainly has been a good time Grandma,” Abigail responded.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Von Monza,” Lucas spoke after Abigail.

Victoria wasn’t too happy at all with this situation, but she wasn’t going to ruin her granddaughter’s time in paradise, not to mention she was happy.

“Pleasure is all mine, now you two head off now while I tend to some things, and Abigail we will be in touch about the symphony,” Victoria spoke hugging her granddaughter and giving Lucas a nod.

Abigail and Lucas walked together leaving the private dining area with fingers laced and viewing the glorious surroundings of the Sundara.

“Lucas, you did great, and look I know Grandma is rough but you handled it great. Also yes the London Philharmonic as a double date with Grandma and Grandpa, time for a suit upgrade,” Abigail spoke playfully nudging him with her elbow as they walked out of the restaurant.

“Is that going to break the bank too?” Lucas asked considering the last time they went clothes shopping.

“No, no I am sure we can arrange something between now and then after we get the dates when we are to be out in Europe,” Abigail spoke while they continued on their way back to the Villa.

“I am so excited and honestly surprised to have heard it even offered,” Lucas spoke in quite an eager tone.

“It is going to be wonderful, I am quite sure I have so much planned for us now that we are out of school,” Abigail thought while looking at her man smiling beside her.

They approached the Villa and it seemed like everyone was either out doing something about Bali or sun lounging outside which Mauri and Jasmine were taking full advantage of.

“Mauri, where is Roxy?” Lucas asked while approaching her in her beach chair in her black two-piece bikini showing off her legs.

“Lucas my dear, she should be in the room just about everyone else is gone, besides Cathy who has been living in that pool of Djamila’s sending all kind of pictures in the group chat,” Mauri spoke leaning up for a kiss.

Abigail let Lucas free to give both Jasmine and Mauri a kiss.

“This place is just so beautiful, thank you again, Abigail, for offering this to us all,” Jasmine spoke to her while eyeing Lucas down hungrily, it must be getting close to that time for her.

“You are all welcome, we all needed this a getaway,” Abigail responded while checking the messages on her phone including a missed call from her mother.

“I’ll see you all later, gonna meet up with Roxy and see what she wants to do,” Lucas said giving both Jasmine and Mauri another kiss each.

Lucas and Abigail headed to the bedroom across from theirs but not before Lucas went to knock on the door Abigail pressed him to the wall.

“I want one good meal before you go, and if you can sneak me some breakfast,” she whispered leaning in and sinking her fangs into his neck while embracing his body tightly.

Lucas gently moaned feeling her fangs enter him, Abigail had such a gentle way of feeding it was almost pleasing to him at this point, not to mention if he came back from exercising sore a quick feeding eased his tension.

After her moment of feeding, she intensely locks lips with him once more.

“Go on babe, and remember breakfast,” she spoke with a whisper against his lips before slowly walking away leaving Lucas there for his time with Roxy…

Bali 1 end.

By Sukiru & Coyo edited by Coyo



















































































































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2 thoughts on “Rapture High: Bali 1

    1. From the day before their trip to the day after they made landfall, Lucas had experienced luxury that most would never come close to of a man of his class in their entire lifetime.

      This didn’t derail him from enjoying his time with Abigail more than anything else though. From indulging her desires to getting spoiled by her gentle treatment, everything for him there was nothing but paradise.

      Cathy and the others had to endure a harsh ride to Bali, but the moment they laid their eyes on the Villa and took respite, all of that fatigue must’ve melted away.

      Maggie and Djamila were pleasently friendly with Lucas. Djamila had already met him before here, but to think Maggie would be quick to warm up to him as well. I didn’t expect the two to be together though.

      Finally, there’s Victoria. Considering who she was, Lucas composed himself really well around her. It’ll take some serious time or a rapid change in status before Victoria changes her view of Lucas on a more positive light, but it’s very sweet to see that even despite that, she still value’s her grandaughter’s happiness more and avoided spoiling the mood by expressing her misgivings.

      Take you time with the next issue. There are some slight errors there like some minor grammer errors, but otherwise wonderful read.

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