Quill, The Ten-Tailed Kitsune

The night air was alive with the sound of a crackling fire, the scratching of metal on paper, and the steady, light humming of a certain fox girl. She stood before the fire, using it’s light to scratch characters into a book using a rather fancy looking quill. Nine other books floated around her, her tails working in a fury to copy down more of the calligraphy. Ink wells floated around her as well, her tails dipping in whenever they needed to recharge the ink. Only one tail didn’t work. Her tenth tail. That one was never used to write with. It was special.

Sophia Quill cursed herself for her own sloth. She had neglected to write down more copies of her best selling book. It wasn’t her story, it was the tale of an overachieving paladin and the succubus who rescued him from a life of war and hardship. She had met them on her travels, and with their permission, had written their story into a book. She didn’t consider the tale her finest work, but the story was popular among the monster populace. It sold well enough.

Quill was a wandering scribe. She wrote down the stories and the histories of the interesting places she visited and the people she met. Her cart was full of parchment and books, most of them blank, waiting for her to scribe some tale or story into their pages. So scribe she did, hoping to sell enough to get her to the next town. She was never in one place for too long, the life of a wandering scholar could be lonely.

Her only constant companion was the massive black horse that drew her covered cart. Boris, was his name. A remarkable steed with a green mane, he had been by her side since before she started her journey. Her father’s horse.

She hummed lightly during her work, absentminded as it was. She’d been copy writing for so long, it was mindless work. The only time she required full attention was when she was writing something new. For the succubus and paladin story, she hummed as she wrote by the light of the fire.

A stirring from Boris interrupted her flighty train of though. “Hmm?” she said as her ears perked. “Something wrong, Boris?”

The black horse paced about, clearly unsettled. The books and ink floated calmly to the ground as Quill’s magic dissipated. She set her book and writing quill down before the fire, walking over to her horse. “What is it?” she asked, looking around. The campsite was flanked on two sides by dense forest, the only clear spot was the road itself, and a patch of grass before the trees swallowed all the light from the campfire. “I don’t see anything…” she said before moving to her covered cart.

Quill rummaged around under the cover before pulling out a different, leather bound tome. She lay it flat on her hand and with a wave, it opened of its own accord. The pages riffled until the book settled on a single black rune traced intricately on its pages. Quill gave a determined look before she clapped her free hand over the sigil, and a silver light erupted in a wave all around her. The magic coated the surrounding area, lighting it up and dispelling most low-level enchantments. It was a holy spell, which meant that Quill felt a little queasy in its wake. Uncomfortable, but enough to send the lower ranking monsters scurrying away. Boris paced a bit more, the horse having spent most of its life saturated in demon energy, the holy magic only made him feel more ill at ease. Quill felt bad, and made a mental note to get Boris a treat at the earliest opportunity.

“…What are you doing?” she said, spotting her quarry in the treetops. A lithe specimen of a human, wearing a green cloak. She had suspected elves, but this was a surprise. She affixed the man with a glare.

“What a clever little fox you are.” the man said from afar. “To have noticed me through my camouflage.” His voice was affable, friendly even. Quill mistrusted him on sight.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” she said suspiciously. “Right, right,” he said, “I suppose I should explain myself.” The man gave a tumble before he spilled out of the trees. Quill’s eyes showed a bit of surprise as he performed an impressive feat of acrobatics to land on his feet and come to rest only a distance in front of her. “The name is Cary, little fox.” he said as he stood in front of her. He wasn’t tall, but Quill was a small fox. Just a little over four feet high, she had to tilt her head to look him in the eye. “Why are you spying on me?” she said, her face a suspicious glare.

“I wasn’t spying. I was merely drawn here by a delightful melody.” he said with a smile. It took Quill a moment to realize that he meant her humming, and it made her frown even harder. A human man stalking her through the woods by the sound of her voice. Her heart skipped a beat, since she wasn’t used to being complimented, but her brain told her to be mistrustful. She didn’t think her humming was anything special, and certainly not something that anyone should come investigate. “Shut up.” she said, eyeing him over still.

Quill gave the man a long look. He was a handsome in a swarthy, roguish sort of way. He was affixing her with a smile that made her wonder just how many times he’d been raped. She could smell the remnants of the energy from countless monster demons on him, but none too prominent as to mean he was claimed. A womanizer, and a rake. She took a step back from him. He pulled a face as if she’d hurt him. “Ah, such a mistrustful little fox. Am I really so dreadful looking?”

Quill crossed her arms and deepened her mistrustful scowl. “You’re sneaking around and spying on me. And you want to play friends now that I’ve outed you.” Cary stepped forward to close the distance, but Quill retreated to keep him at bay. “Don’t step any closer.” she ordered.

The man smiled silently as he seemed to collect his thoughts. “As I said, I was only drawn by the sultry siren’s call. Besides, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t frown so hard. You’ll mar your pretty face with wrinkles.” he said lightheartedly. Quill’s face relaxed a little as she turned away. “Hrmph. You’re still shady and weird.”

“More weary, than weird, I’m afraid.” he said. “Since the werecat’s out of the bag, perhaps I can ask to share your fire? If you must know, I was in the trees as to keep off of the road. You never imagine who you might come across if you stick to the roads.”

“Like shady men who like to spy on traveling girls?” Quill retorted dryly. She gave a devious sneer toward Cary. “You’ll have to ask Boris if you can stay.” she said with a nod toward her horse. Boris was often an excellent judge of character. Surely her trusty steed would send this would-be charmer away.

“Aha, a reasonable request. I always liked horses. They can usually tell the measure of a man.” he said with a smile, walking over to the black stallion. He approached with caution, Boris still pacing about. “Now now, my good horse. I just have a simple request to share the fire with that pretty lady over there.” Cary said with a charming smile to Boris. “What do you say?”

Boris whinnied and kicked, clearly agitated. Quill smiled, “Sorry, he doesn’t like you.” She closed her eyes and made her way back to the fire. “Guess you’ll have to find your warmth somewhere else.”

Not to be deterred, Cary fished in his pocket and produced a shiny red apple. “Aww, come on, Boris. Surely we can come to some sort of arrangement?” The green-maned destrier seemed to settle down and cautiously approached the rogue. “A horse of business. I’m a fan,” Cary said with a laugh as he wiggled the apple at the horse. Boris approached and took the fruit from Cary, and proceeded to eat. All of his previous fears had been erased at the promise of an apple. “I have a feeling we’re going to be friends.” Cary said before turning back to grin at Quill.

The little fox stood open mouthed, and fuming. “You cheated!” she declared. “Go away and leave us alone!” she cried. Cary’s eyes went wide, his face looking affronted. “Cheat? Why I’d never. I guess I’ll just go on and tell the good people of Barus that a no good lying fox is coming to town.”

Quill’s face went red, clenching her fists before she seemed to let go. She heaved a defeated sigh and turned away, gathering up her books and ink. “Fine, whatever. Just stay on that side of the fire and don’t come near me.”

“As you wish, little fox.” the man answered before making his way to the opposite end of the fire. Quill shot Boris an angry glare as her horse ate the apple contentedly. “Stupid horse… Sell me out for an apple…”

She grumbled as she gathered her things, no longer in the mood to write. She set up her bedroll next to her cart and lied down. “You know, I thought foxes could only go up to nine tails. Never heard of a ten.” Cary said. “I said you could share my fire, I never said you could talk to me.” Quill said off handedly. She settled down into her bedroll before his words sank in. She fiercely turned over and glared at the rogue once more, “And stop checking out my ass!” she seethed.

“Just an observation, nothing more.” he said with a chuckle, laying down on the ground. “Hrmph!” she pouted before turning away, resolving to get some sleep. She knew that it was a risky move to let the human stay, but these lands were monster friendly. Monster neutral at the worst. She wasn’t really afraid of being accosted, especially since kitsunes were known to be among the kindest and most beneficial of the monsters. Still, she knew that Boris didn’t sleep. Her father’s horse had been through demonic lands so often that the demon energy had affected him. It rendered him the most resilient horse for a long stretch. Nigh tireless, Boris slept for mere minutes a few times a week.

Quill trusted her family horse to alert her if Cary got up to any mischief. Boris may sell their fire for an apple, but no amount of treats would win him over if he thought that Quill was in any real danger. The little fox resolved to do her writing in the morning. She’d ride Boris the rest of the way into town and write more copies of her books as she rode.

For Cary’s credit, he didn’t try to talk to her much after that. He unhooked a small satchel from his waist and laid down upon it. The warm fire saw Quill drift off to sleep soon after. She kept herself facing away from the rogue, not wanting to look at him, or his subtly charming smile.

The fire crackled, soon burning itself down to embers. Quill’s eyes snapped open and her ears perked as Boris started pacing again. She sat bolt upright. She looked first to Boris, who was fidgeting, then for Cary, who she spotted once again in the trees. Starlight twinkled off of the golden filigree of a decorative wooden box. Her wooden box.

“Well, Miss Ten-Tailed Kitsune!” He called from his perch. “I’d love to stay and chat, but it seems that you have no interest in the company of a simple human.”

Quill watched, dumbfounded. How had he sneaked the box away without Boris alerting her before now? Had he somehow caught Boris while asleep? Had he distracted the old horse with more apples? She supposed it didn’t matter now, with the man waving her own box at her. “But fret not, little fox, for you will remember this for eons to come! For you will always know this was the day that you were had by Cary Cambell! The King, of Thieves!”

With a taunting laugh, the man tore from the treetops. He seemed to vanish right into the shadows, and even Quill’s demonic senses could not follow him. She stood there, shaking with frustration. “Of all the little…” she shot her horse a venomous glance. A pile of apples lay in front of him, a good portion of them eaten. “Oh, you are in SO much trouble!”

Quill stomped over to her cart, and tossed the cover angrily aside. She dug out her book from before, and another wave of her hand saw it turn to another black rune. “Steal from me, will he… Doesn’t know who he’s messing with… I’ll get him. Yes. I’ll get him…” she grumbled, ranting angrily as she pressed her hand against the rune.

Magic surged through her, saturating the area in demonic energy before the fox girl disappeared from her campsite. In the blink of an eye, she’d have seemed to simply vanish, with naught but a faint gust of wind to mark her passage.

Cary Cambell made his way through the trees, leaping from limb to limb in a steady, fluid motion as he sped along with a swiftness that anyone would be hard pressed to match. He liked the treetops. Hard to follow on foot, yet concealed from above. Whatever the traveler’s race, he was certain he could outpace her. He’d outmaneuvered every monstergirl he’d ever come across, this one would be no different.

That is, until he spotted Quill in a tree ahead of him. “Clever little fox… Let’s see how you handle this,” he muttered as he changed direction. He wove his way through the trees, but was headed off each time by the appearance of the kitsune in front of him.

“Oh for Heaven’s sake…” he said frustratedly. He began to tire, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his current pace up. He spotted a clearing and made his way towards it. He touched

down in a soft patch of grass, then turned to wait.

It was not long at all before Quill also entered the clearing. “So you’re fast, or you’re good at magic,” Cary said. “Not many people can follow my disguised energy, nor keep up with me.”

“You have something of mine. I can detect my own magic even if you disguise your own, you stupid human.” Quill said coldly.

“Luckily for me the King of Thieves is prepared for such contingencies. Hyah!” Palming a

small pellet from his pocket, he threw it down to the ground in front of him. A flash of light and the area filled with a thick, choking smoke. Cary took the opportunity to tear from the clearing as fast as he could, and as silently as he could. He made his way through the deepest parts of the forest he could navigate, trying to lose his pursuer.

A low growl echoed around the trees. Given Quill’s girlish voice, Cary might have found it cute in any other circumstance.“Oh, come ON.” he cried looking around.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you actually said ‘Hyah!’,” she said, her voice harsh and irritated. “By the Demon Lord you’re annoying…”

“Distracting, isn’t it?” he said as Quill appeared in the blink of an eye a distance away. She just suddenly appeared with nothing to mark her arrival but the faint scattering of leaves at her feet. “Greatly, o King of Thieves.” she said with another growl in an attempt to sound fierce. Cary stifled the urge to laugh

Instead, he steadily palmed another tool from his pockets. “Well, if there’s one thing that can be said about Cary Cambell… is that he’s never boring!” he cried with a flick of his wrist. A small dart sailed toward the foxgirl. There was a small cry before Quill collapsed into the leaves.

Cary looked at the fallen girl for a silent moment before grinning triumphantly. “Aha! You see, little fox? Nobody gets the better of the King of Thieves!” he said with a laugh. He strutted over to the prone form of his victim, his head held high. “Don’t worry, though, love. That’s only hornet’s venom. It’ll stop you from moving, but no real lasting effects You’ll come to by morning, promise. I really don’t like to use it on cute little girls, makes me look like some sort of predator. Unfortunately, you gave me no choice. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so damn persist-”

Cary’s gloating was interrupted by a giggle as the figure rose to her feet, revealing the dart clutched between her fingers. Cary just let his harms fall limply to his side while shaking his head. “Now that’s just not fair at all… you’re cheating.”

“Sorry.” she said with a smirk and a flick of her wrist. The dart sailed to lodge into Cary’s arm. He looked stunned at the quivering projectile before slowly turning to look at the stranger.

“…Well f-” is all he managed to say before he collapsed from his own trick. The stranger walked over towards his limp body. She stood as tall as her short stature was allowed, her youthful face smiling

widely in triumph. “Looks like you’ve been had by Sophia Quill, the Ten-Tailed Kitsune!”

Cary gave a weak groan before his blood brought the venom to his brain, “That’s… my…line…” he grumbled and everything went black.

The King of Thieves woke up, his senses steadily returning to him as the venom wore off. The first thing Cary realized was that he could not move. Bound by thick, black tendrils, he could not move a muscle, though he figured it might be in part due to the venom still working its way out of his system.

“Looks like you’re awake.” came the fox’s voice. Cary craned his neck to look over, and saw Quill sitting with a book in her lap. A fancy pen was in her hand, and her face wore a triumphant grin. “Ugh, you cheated.” he groaned. “Oh, shush. You got bested. Deal with it.” Quill retorted. Cary shifts a bit, “So what now?”

Quill licked the tip of her pen, Cary tried to look away given how she was looking smugly at him. “Now we’re going to have a little talk.” He looked back, blinking a bit. “Talk? About what?” The foxgirl put her pen to the blank page of the book in her lap. “Tell me, what makes someone claim to be The King of Thieves?” Cary looked suspiciously at the foxgirl. “Why do you care?”

The kitsune gives a soft giggle, still smiling smugly. “Let’s just say it’ll go a long way towards my decision to either let you go, or turn you over to the authorities.” Cary went silent for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Okay,” he relented, moving to a sitting position as much as he could while still bound. “Fine,” he said. Quill nodded, “Tell me your story, your majesty.”

“There’s not much to tell, really. My father was a fisher, my mother worked the loom. I was a common street urchin. I was often alone, but I liked it that way. Running the streets, you pick up a few things. I made a few friends who were like me, and we scraped by as little pickpockets. I guess that’s where I first started.”

Quill scribbled continuously in her book. “A poor boy, from a poor family, picking pockets to get by. Not exactly the most noble of beginnings, but I suppose not that uncommon.” the fox said. “Well,” Cary retorted, “I certainly wasn’t going into the Order. My blood wasn’t magic enough, or blue enough. Anyway, my parents fell behind on the payments on their little shack in the slums. Landlords charge a fortune for dark and drafty huts. People think I’m the criminal, but extorting people who already have so little is a common lawful, practice. His thugs came to kick my father out, there was a scuffle, and my father beat the landlord to death with a shark hook.”

Quill blinked a few times, her pen pausing. “He murdered your landlord?” Cary nodded, “Yeah. Not the smartest of things to do. My father was a simple man, but an honest one. He always said that he didn’t have money, but he was rich in the love of his family. A good man. The landlord threatened to take the payments with my mother’s body, and I guess my dad snapped. They hauled him off to the dungeons, and he was hung within a fortnight.” The foxgirl took a deep breath as she continued writing. She looked up apologetically, “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for your loss.”

Cary shook his head. “It was a long time ago. I was still a young boy. At least he didn’t have to see what came next. After dad’s death, we moved into an even more run down shack. Mom hit the bottle so hard that I was afraid for her. I think a part of her died with my father, she just… gave up. She stuck around for me, but I think that’s it. I watched my family crumble, and I started to hate the Landlord and everyone like him. I started to steal more and more. I was good at it. Some even called me the best. Mother eventually stopped working the loom, spending her days in front of the bottle. Even when I moved her out of the slums and into a nice cottage on the outskirts of town. She never once asked where the money came from. I could have told her I was an assassin, and I don’t think she would have batted an eye.”

“So that’s when you became the King of Thieves?” Quill interjected, her pen working furiously across the page. Cary shook his head again, “No. It was when I took the Landlord for everything he was worth. Every copper he had, I slowly squeezed him until he had nothing. He couldn’t even keep his thugs on the payroll anymore. I stole it all, leaving him destitute and alone.”

Quill remained silent for a while, the scratching of her pen mingling with the sound of the crackling fire. “I see…” she finally said. Cary nodded, “That’s why I am the King of Thieves, little fox.” Quill finished writing, and set her pen down. “Quite the tale you tell, o King.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” Cary asked, sounding offended. Quill giggled, “Oh, not at all. I just simply love dramatic tales. You’d be surprised the kinds of stories people tell. Whether they are true or not, they are enjoyable to hear. Everyone has something to tell, and I intend to record it.”

“Really, now?” Cary said. Quill nodded with a friendly smile, “Of course. I’m a scribe, and a wandering one at that.”

“I guess that’s why the horse and card and the pile of books, huh?” Cary said. Quill nodded again.

“Quite. I intend to travel all over this world, and I will record all the amazing stories people tell.”

“A wandering fox scribe. Huh, can’t say I’ve ever met one.” the thief said. “That’s because there’s only one!” Quill declared excitedly. “Only one Quill, the Wandering Ten-Tailed Kitsune!” Cary affixed her a curious stare. “You know, I keep wondering about that. I didn’t know that foxes could have more than nine.”

The fox grinned at the thief mischeivously. “It’s special.”

“Well, I can imagine. Still doesn’t explain it.” he said. Quill just giggled, but said nothing.

“So I tell you my life’s story, and you don’t give me so much as the condensed version?” he said. Quill looked at him, “You want to know my story, then?”

“Well, I’d certainly like to know more about the little fox that got the best of me, lest I start to feel bad. What are you, some kind of fox goddess?”

She laughed. “Goddess? Nah, nothing like that.” She took a deep breath, then relented. “Well, all right. If you really want to know. My parents were… content people. My father was a farmer, my mother his devoted wife. I never wanted that kind of life. I spent my youth in the town library, reading all kinds of books and stories. I wanted more, so when I was old enough, I set out on my own. I was just a little one-tail back then.”

“So in your travels, you grew in power?” Cary said. It was Quill’s turn to shake her head. “Not quite,” she said, “When I was still a one-tail, I made the mistake of wandering into an anti-monster land.”

“Ech, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.” Cary said sympathetically.

“Yeah. As soon as someone spotted my tail, they raised the alarm, and I had to run from them. Poor Boris,” she said, looking over to her horse. “We got separated. Boris might be a bit demonic, but there isn’t a horse alive that can outrun him. He fled to the fields, while I took to the forest.”

“You just left your horse?” Cary said. “Yes,” Quill answered, “He was my father’s horse. He always finds his way home. He doesn’t tire, never sleeps, barely eats. I knew that they wouldn’t catch him. Even if he didn’t find me, he’d find his way back home. He always does. As for me, the guards chased me into the woods. I was just running blindly, scared for my life.”

“An arrow found its way into my shoulder. I remember tumbling through brush and roots, down a long slope. I couldn’t stop myself, I just kept falling and falling. I remember I was suddenly at the edge of a large cliff and I couldn’t stop myself from rolling right off. It was a long fall, but I don’t remember hitting the water.” Quill continued her story, gazing into the fire. “I woke up in a bed, thinking it had all been a dream. Except, it wasn’t my room. Have you ever heard the legend of The Hidden Master?”

Cary shook his head curiously, listening to Quill’s tale thoroughly. “I can’t say I have, little fox.” She looked over to him, “Do you know what a shirohebi is?” He shook his head again. “Again, I don’t think so. Heh, I guess I’m not as worldly as you.”

“Well, it’s a species of lamia.” she said. “When a shirohebi takes a husband, she lights a fire in him that can only be quenched by her body. In that way, the two are bound together for life.”

“I’ve never been the marrying type.” Cary said. “Well, if a shirohebi ever got her coils around you,” Quill said, “You’d be together for ever. No one else would ever satisfy your desires.”

“Sounds like a trap.” Cary said pessimistically. To his surprise, Quill nodded. “It certainly can be.”

“The Hidden Master is an old incubus. Some say he’s among the oldest, I’d have to agree with them. He radiates demonic energy like a sun, it’s… hard not to lose yourself.”

“Sounds like you’re a fan.” the thief said. “Shut up.” she retorted, “He’s like that for a reason. His wife, was a shirohebi. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but she eventually… passed away. He never says how.”

“I can imagine. Painful to talk about loss.” Cary mused.

“Well, when you’re married to a shirohebi, her fire stays with you even after she passes. Imagine a lust growing inside of you every day, but nothing can satisfy it.”

Cary blinked a few times, processing the image. “Ouch. I can imagine that would be… frustrating.” Quill nods. “It nearly drove him mad. He says he spent centuries exploring the depths of depravity, searching for something, anything that could slake his desires and ease the fire inside, if only for a little bit.”

“So what happened?” Cary asked, intrigued. “He sequestered himself away, hoping to find peace in solitude. ”

“Did it work?” the thief asked.

“Some say it did. That he found peace in meditation and peaceful seclusion. He seems… relatively calm now. He said he used to be a ravenous beast, running on pure instinct. He founded a place, he calls it The Misty Monastery, where he teaches monsters how to calm the raging desires inside of them, like he did. He also teaches humans that desire is not inherently evil. It was there that I… earned my tails.”

Cary went quiet for a moment. “…What?” Quill shot him an annoyed glance. “Monsters gain power through one way. Absorbing demonic and spirit energy. What do you think it means?” The thief blinked a bit, “…That you two fucked until you had your tails?”

Quill snaked out one of her tails to push the tied up thief over, “Shut up! It wasn’t like that!” she protested. “Yes, we fucked, but it’s not like that’s all I did. He prepared me for the outside world. Taught me how to use the energy inside of me.”

“And then bent you over for the trouble.” Cary said.

“Shut up!” Quill rose to her feet and went to give the thief’s ribs a good kick for good measure. “A thorough knowledge of lewd things means that one can survive. If you have no idea about pleasure, then you’re likely to end up marrying the first guy that doesn’t try to stab you with a sword, a sex-addicted cum bucket, a slave of the first lilim that crosses your path, or something even worse!”

Cary tries to catch his breath. Quill may be small, but her foot in his ribs definitely hurt. “Okay, okay, sorry. Owww… I get what you’re saying.” Quill crossed her arms with a “Hrmph.”

“Sorry…” Cary uttered as the little foxgirl picked up her books and put them in her cart.

Quill started to tie Boris to the cart, and cleaned up her campsite. It was only when she started to walk away did Cary call after her. “Hey! You can’t just leave me here!” The foxgirl giggled without looking back. She put her arm up to wave back at him as she grew further and further away. “I’m sure the King of Thieves can find a way out of there! Just be glad I’m not sending the guards!”

The thief glowered after her. “Ohhh, there’s one for you, little fox…” Cary growled as the kitsune walked off into the darkness.

A few decades prior…

A knock rapped on the door of Quill’s room. The young fox looked up from her packing. She’d spent the day getting ready, saying her goodbyes and packing her things. She knew who was at the door. She’d tried to talk to him all day, but every time, she found that she lost the courage to. “Come in.” she said, steeling her nerves.

The Hidden Master walked in. He always wore his orange robes, his blonde hair was tied into the same braid she’d long since come to emulate. His face was soft, almost feminine, but full of boyish charm. He smiled at her as she tried to continue packing, her hands trembling. “So.” he said, his voice carrying a lyrical tone to it. “You’re really leaving. Did I not warrant at least a goodbye, my dearest Quill?”

The little fox bit her lip, then looked away. “I’ve just been busy. Of course I was going to say goodbye.” The Master laughed. “It’s okay to feel sad, you know. It’s never easy, leaving.” Quill tried to avoid looking directly at him. The Master was handsome, bright blue eyes and a complexion most monsters would kill for. It was an effect of his soul, his demonic energy saturated the air, making the blood rush and even then, Quill felt the desire well up in her core. She was used to it. Everyone at the Monastery was used to the effect of The Master. “No, it isn’t.” she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Now now, there’s no need for that.” The Master said softly as he moved to place his hands on her shoulders. He started rubbing them a bit, and she melted into his touch, “Heh, you’ve grown up so much. It’s been a long time since we found that cute little fox washed up on the river bed.” Quill wiped her eyes on her sleeve. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long… but now it just hurts.”

The Master nodded, rubbing her shoulders some more. He was practiced, knowing full well the little fox’s body. He knew exactly where to touch her to ease the tense muscles. “Of course it does. I mean, you’ve lived here for so long, made friends, learned so much, right?” Quill nodded, pressing herself into his touch. “It’s only natural that you feel some pain leaving home. I mean, surely you felt this way when you left your parents.”

Quill nodded again, “Well, yeah. But that’s different. I’ve always wanted to see the world.” The Master gave a small laugh, “And now?”

“Well, I still do. That’s why I’m leaving. Still, saying goodbye to everyone… it just sucks, you know?”

“Of course, my dear.” he said, “Of course. Still, I know you. Even if you stayed here, everyone would know you weren’t happy. You’re a wanderer in that heart of yours, you have a drive to go and see things. So go, write them down as I know you like to do, then bring them back to share with all of us. You know you’re welcome here any time. And ah,” The Master leaned in close to playfully nip at Quill’s ear. “I’ll always cherish the fun times we had~”

Quill gave a start as he nipped her ear, arcing her back a little as a tiny shiver of pleasure rippled down her spine. She gave a smile through her misty eyes and turned around to face him. “Oh, I’m sure you will, you old pervert.” The Master stepped closer, wrapping his arms around Quill’s waist. “What say we have a little fun… for old time’s sake? Hm hmm hmmm…”

The Master gave a little chuckle as Quill looked at him, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “Dirty old man, how did I know you were going to try and rope this into that?” Surely, The Master didn’t look a day past his prime, but again, that was the effect of his demonic saturation. In truth, he was thousands of years old. Quill always called him a perverted old man. She had meant it in earnest at first, then it sort of became a pet name as the two grew close. She wrapped her arms around his neck, embracing him like a lover. “Fine, then. I guess I can give you a taste one last time.”

The Master grinned mischievously down at her. “Good, then. I also have a surprise for you.” he said in a singsong tone. Quill’s ears perked. “Huh?” she asked, looking at The Master curiously. He reached into his robe and pulled out something blonde and fluffy. She eyed it curiously. “A tail?” she asked. “Not just any tail,” he responded, “Another tail for you.”

Quill’s eyes grew wide as she saw the tail was attached to the biggest anal plug she’d ever seen. “W-What!? I’ve already got nine tails!” she protested. “What kind of joke is this?” she said, glaring suspiciously at The Master.

He laughed heartily at her expression. “Oh, my dear Quill, you are too cute. Think about it! You could be the world’s first ten-tailed kitsune!” he said, laughing still. Quill backed away from him, gritting her teeth. “Dirty, perverted old lecher. You’re crazy.”

“Oh?” he said, “Are you refusing a gift from your Master?” he said, playfully threatening. When Quill first arrived, she had promised one thing. To do whatever The Master required of her. In the effort to strengthen her and teach her, he had subjected her to countless treatments. He’d pushed her to the limits of her mind and body, making her stronger and stronger until the little one-tailed fox that had arrived at the Monastery was now leaving as a fully fledged nine-tailed kitsune. She took a deep breath, “No, Master.” she said defeatedly. She looked back at him with a half-glare. “But that can’t even fit in me!” she protested.

The Master held his grin. “Oh, I think it’ll fit.” he said confidently. “Take off your clothes.” he ordered. Quill shook her head, taking of her clothes and sitting on the bed. She looked up at her Master. He was a perverted old lecherous dog, but he had a good heart. He’d prepared her for the world, teaching her about pleasure so that she didn’t lose herself in it should she ever venture too deep into a Demon Realm, but he’d also had her learn about controlling her magic. She’d studied under the arcanists at the Monastery, as well as learning various styles of martial arts from the teachers there. The Master was kind, never pushing her too far, and Quill believed that he honestly cared for her. Unfortunately, he could be a little one-tracked when he got aroused. Judging from the bulge she saw in his robes, he was extremely excited.

The Master took out a bottle of demonflower seed oil and set to work smearing it all over the bulbed sections of the tail plug. She watched him, almost fearing the moment when he was going to put it inside of her. With a mischievous smile, he reached down and grabbed her ankles, and lifted them up. Quill was levered onto her back, her feet in the air. “Keep them up, my dear.” The Master said with a smile. Quill did as she was bidden, throwing her arms around her knees to hug them to her chest. She felt him smearing the slick oil between her round little cheeks.

“Hah, look. It seems you’re trying to help out.” The Master said as she felt his hands pass over her slickening sex. His touch was pleasant, always trailing little tingles in her skin, but Quill tried to ignore them. “S-Shut up, you old pervert.” she said, but continued to hold her legs up as she felt his fingers probe around her little hole. “Always so feisty.” The Master said smugly before Quill felt his fingers slide into her ass. “Hng!” she bit her lip, trying to stop herself from moaning out as The Masters touch felt around inside of her. One by one he slipped more fingers in, Quill felt her Master stretching her hole as wide as he could. He was gentle and slow, never even once putting enough pressure to hurt her. Quill almost wished he would, just for the excuse to scream. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that she was enjoying his fingers probing around her lower depths. He was sure to know, but Quill was determined not to devolve into a panting slag.

The Master had always done his best to reduce her to a quivering pile of freshly fucked fox, loved to make her beg, loved to hear her say how much she loved it. Though Quill noticed that he rarely made her beg anymore. It seemed towards the end of her say at the Monastery, The Master grew more and more fond of the game, enjoying Quill’s resistance and trying to break it down. Most of the time, The Master won.

Though towards the end, Quill’s victories were not far in between. She continued to bite her lip as The Master stretched her hole out with his fingers. She felt him withdraw, and resisted the urge to protest. She wanted nothing more than for him to bury his length inside of her needy ass, but her pride did not let her voice it. The Master loved Quill’s feisty brand of willpower, which had endured so much over the years. It was rare that a monster could venture through the depths of depravity that Quill had, and still manage to be a stubborn little firebrand. Then again, his teachings were all about how to prevent someone from losing themselves in pleasure. So The Master felt like he deserved some of the credit.

He grasped the tailplug and brought it closer. Quill closed her eyes and hugged her knees to her chest tightly, her nine tails twitching nervously. “So tense, my dear Quill. You really should learn to…” He pressed the first bulb against the kitsune’s tight little ring, “…relax~” He pushed. Quill felt the pressure build and build at her tailbase, but could not hold out for long as her ass eventually surrendered to the bulbous invader. She cried out, being stretched to her limit as the tailplug plowed into her helpless ring, aided by the slick seed oil. “Ahahn!” she cried as a lightning bolt of pleasure seemed to rocket through her base to the top of her skull.

“You came already?” The Master laughed, holding the plug steady to allow her to get used to it. He wiggled it a bit, just to hear the little fox’s cries. “Oho, my dear foxy likes this~” he said, causing Quill to respond with a quick “S-Shut up!” before she continued moaning. The Master started to push again, plowing the bulbous plug deep into the little kitsune’s ass until each bulb disappeared in to her depths. Quill lay there on the bed, her tails twitching and her mouth frozen open in a silent scream of agonizing pleasure.

The Master climbed over the frozen fox and kissed her deeply. “It’s over, little fox.” Quill woke up, wiping his taste off of her lips. “You dirty-”

“Yes yes yes, I know. Dirty old man.” The Master interrupted with a smile. “I just figured since I gave you eight tails already, I’d give you the ninth to remember me by, heheheheh.” Quill just glared up at him, or at least she tried to. Her ass had never felt so full, and she felt exhausted. “What is even the point?” The Master laughed again, “Well, now you’re the world’s first ten-tailed kitsune!” he said.

“Hrmph.” is all Quill managed to say, turning her head to look away from The Master’s smug smile. “I’m going to miss you, Quill.” he said, leaning in for a kiss. Quill turned away again, causing him to peck her on the cheek. “Oh?” he said, “Still grumpy?” His smile turned devious, “Or maybe it’s just because you didn’t get enough of this!” he said before his hand rubbed her now-dripping sex.

“That’s what it is!” he declared triumphantly. Quill tried to close her legs, but found The Master was already between them. Her knees were held open by his hips as she saw him undo his robe. “What? No, you old perv! Get off me!” she protested. It was a weak protest, considering she was powerful enough to launch The Master into the wall with her tails alone. But her body was suffused with heat. Her protests melted into moans as The Master sank his hips down, and she felt his cock enter her pussy without any trouble. Her body betrayed her, willingly accepting his cock. He gave a soft little groan as he sank down, nestling his head against her chest. “I’m going to miss this feeling. Being so deep inside of my favorite little fox.”

Quill rolled her eyes, mussing The Master’s hair. “I’m sure you’ll find someone else’s arms to lose yourself in.” she said with a huff. Truth be told, she was going to miss him, too. He looked up, “What, so you’re not going to miss me?” Quill shook her head, “Not even in the slightest.” she lied.

“Well, I know something that’s going to miss me.” The Master said with a smile before he started to thrust his hips. Quill tried to protest, but all that came out was loud moans. With her ass fuller than it had ever felt before, and her pussy stretched open by The Master’s cock, she could barely keep herself from screaming her orgasm over and over. Her ass held open by the plug, and her folds held open by The Master’s thick length, she could do nothing but allow the waves of electric pleasure to wash over her again and again, flaying her nerves until her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Quill almost blacked out, battered by orgasm after crippling orgasm. She was only vaguely conscious when The Master hugged her close, driving his cock into her deepest depths before she felt him twitch inside of her. She knew he was about to cum, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him. The Master was never really a screamer, but he panted heavily, giving low little moans as she felt his cum flood her insides, warm and thick.

The pair lay there panting, riding down their orgasms. Quill’s tails moved of their own accord, rubbing The Master’s back and legs affectionately as the little foxgirl waited for her vision to come back. He tried to roll off of her, but she clutched him tight. “Mmn…” she moaned in protest, hugging him close. “It’s so… sloshy. I don’t want it to come out.”

The Master laughed, kissing the kitsune on the forehead. “All right, my dear. All right.” And so that was how Quill, The Ten-Tailed Kitsune spent her last night at the Misty Monastery, locked in The Master’s embrace, his cock deep inside of her, slowly leaking out more of his warm cum into her belly.

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