Protector Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Hero

Habitat: Cities and major metropolitan areas

Disposition: (Unwittingly) Dominating, Caring, Just

Diet: Omnivorous but has a taste for the cheers that come from the crowd after the day is saved


The Protector Bogey, Heroic Mamono that stand against evil wherever they find it. Superpowered and equipped with a sense of justice pure and golden, these bogeys stop everything from petty criminals to Evildoer Bogeys. Learn more about the guardians in detail below.

These heroes who keep our streets clean of litter and crime alike are all notable in their own ways, but similar in others. They all have unique powers they are born with and trained to use/harness by their parents. It is impossible to predict what a Protector’s powers will be. It’s unknown if their personality affects their powers, or if they are influenced by them. However, each Protector’s gift is the perfect fit for them. A particularly single-minded Protector might find that she makes an excellent hunter, catching the scent of ne’er-do-wells and tracking them down. Likewise, an extraordinarily empathetic individual might have healing powers. There are other cases such as a particularly masochistic individual absorbing punishment in others’ stead.

These powers also affect their bodies. Everything from the shape of their body to its material composition and the size of a Protector Bogey’s bust is affected, as well as their horn shape. Their unique magic allows them to transform their clothes from every day to their superheroine costumes in the blink of an eye. A retired Protector was able to show this talent off by going from an individual only slightly chubbier and shorter Bogeys to a much shorter, rotund woman. This Protector, “Living Boulder” was known to be able to roll her body with enough speed she could crash through reinforced magic steel without a scratch, and correct her course on a dime. She single-handedly helped the public realize that any of these heroes could be among us, watching to stop villains at a moment’s notice.

These powers come at a cost, however, and manifest themselves when these bogeys decide to marry. Those who marry these paragons of justice will find out slowly as they interact with them. It’s unknown what causes this phenomenon, as it happens naturally without the Protector’s intervention. Slowly but surely the one to be married will find themselves in more situations where they require the Protector Bogey to come and save them. It will be small incidents at first, almost getting hit by a car, being caught up in a petty mugging, but these incidents will leave a mark on the Protector’s beloved, literally. As they’re saved their bodies will change to match their beloved’s style and aesthetics, and they even gain minor but complementary powers to help the spouse in their crime-fighting ways. As such, these brave men and women come to be known as sidekicks. It should be noted however, that even when they become sidekicks, the curse only increases and they will often find themselves taken hostage by supervillains, and put under threat unless their Protector saves them!

This curse doesn’t just affect the sidekick’s public life, however, but their private one as well. For every high-profile kidnapping, there are a hundred scraped knees from tripping, and thousands of clumsily dropped plates. Unlike the Protector Bogey, the sidekicks can easily change their forms, meaning those with transformations that can be considered awkward, which is the vast majority of them, will have their lives altered as a result. One such sidekick, Juan “The Wan”, was noted as having undergone a particularly awkward transformation, growing large ears, and an even larger tail, and their hands had morphed into giant hand paws. Not only did he stick out in a crowd, but at home, he couldn’t help but accidentally knock over random objects with his large unwieldy tail, but he also had fine motor control issues.

Wittingly or not, this is when the Protector personally steps into their sidekick’s new life. It starts smaller at first, helping them get used to more sensitive hearing, keeping balance while walking with large appendages, simple friendly matters, and the like. All sidekicks one way or another also find parts of their bodies turning plush, similar to the protectors, which causes an extreme urge to be snuggled upon being saved. It should be noted however that this transformation does not affect the whole body, however, only parts of it, usually tails, arms, legs, and ears, but any part can theoretically be changed. As the curse progresses, however, the sidekick’s life will gradually become more dangerous, requiring the help of the Protector to come save them more often.

As the help the sidekick requires grows, however, the amount of time the heroes have to save the day will lessen as they spend more and more time together. The Protector will gradually work their way into their partner’s lives until the sidekick fully gives themselves to the Protector, allowing them to care for them as if it were a reward for their hard work. When their love is at its fullest, the curse will finish, leaving the sidekick in their permanent new form as they go to make love with the Protector, who will care for and love them always. This does not mean the curse is over, however, just that it has run its course. Even in their quiet life together, danger will still strike when least expected. Whether it’s falling off a ladder while setting up decorations, or a fiery flare-up while making dinner, the Protector will always be there to save their Sidekicks day and give some cuddly after-care. From here the protector will retire, starting a family with her beloved away from all the hubbub of crime fighting, but always making sure to raise the next generation of crime-fighting heroes.

It’s not easy being a protector as evil is always lurking in the shadows, but you can do your civic duty, and study up on the threats that lurk in your city against these great protectors.
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