Princess For a Day: Part 3

Fiona wiped her lips clean but she was far from done with the food. It was great and Adonis did a wonderful job with preparing everything and presentation but it just didn’t seem appetizing like it had when she started eating. The Incubus knew something was up with the way she looked down at the food. The Medusa looked like a kid that refused to eat asparagus… or a tourist that was skeptical about chocolate dipped scorpion.

“You don’t have to eat it if you aren’t up for it.” He said. But to that she only gave a pained expression. Fiona wanted to eat the food he had made for her but something was holding her back from doing so. Between the hash browns, toast and jelly and the omelet, she was only touching the omelet. Fiona would cut into it and retrieve the ham slices that were inside.

Then the lights inside his head clicked on and he smacked his palm against his foreheard. She was confused by his action but he told her that he was going to find something and asked her to wait at the table.

It was about fifteen minutes before he did return. Adonis moved her dishes aside and set a leather bound book in front of her. He flipped through the pages until he got to the desired one. On that page was an ink sketch of a woman that looked similar to herself. The page was marked up at the top ‘Medusa.’

“Here, you see.” He said as he pointed to the information on the opposite page. “Medusas are purely carnivorous. Just like Basilisks, Apophises and the other Lamia family races, they only eat meat.”

She looked at him with a rather confused expression. “What is this book?” She asked him. “It’s Calvin’s copy of the MGE. That bugger hid the damn thing pretty well.” But to that she just continued to stare at him as if he had just grown horns shaped like Coca-Cola bottles from his head. So Adonis went into a more detailed explanation.

“It‘s an Encyclopedia of all monster races from the world I live on. The human scholar that wrote it traveled far and wide to collect the information about each species and then compiled it together as a collection of books a few decades ago.”

She just looked at him incredulously. “You can’t be serious. You and this book are from another world?” To that he could only tilt his head to the side and gave a smirk. “What gave me away?” He asked. “Was it the wings, the tail or the fact that we fucked and then you turned into a real life Gorgon?”

Her eyes started to glow green as she began to pout. “I should petrify you for teasing me while I‘m hungry.” For a moment, Adonis honestly thought she would. But then just as quickly as they started to glow, her eyes returned back to normal. She didn’t actually want to turn him to stone. Fiona only wanted him to stop his sarcastic smartass…ness. With a sigh, she gave him this small victory. “However, that would be too much effort. Now can you please make me some food that I can actually eat?”

He picked up her plate of uneaten food and returned to the kitchen. In the meantime she browsed through the encyclopedia at the various monsters inside it. She noticed a constant trend. The monsters listed were female and only mated with humans. She found a page with a woman with a fucked silly expression on her face and her fingers deep between her legs. She looked mostly human with the exception for her furry ears and what looked like electricity flowing out of her body.

These ‘Raiju’ creatures could generate electricity from their bodies from pleasuring themselves or through sex and anyone that touches them can have that electricity run through their own bodies, and reach orgasm after orgasm from the buildup of pleasure filled electricity. A Human woman would want to experience it again after the charge subsides and slowly become a Raiju as well and a man would have to become an Incubus in order to even comprehend the lightning-like pleasure.

She continued skimming through the pages, picking up bits of information as she went. “Nightmare. Centaur family, Beastman type…. A Succubus is the current Demon Lord and her daughters are known as Lilims…” She kept that up for a few minutes before the curiosity was too much and she went back to read the Medusa page.

She stopped before finding it though because she found the Lamia page with another snake woman on it. The Lamia, like most other races she read about, they didn’t think anything of taking men by force. She didn’t think very highly of that. Forcing sex upon someone? That mentality was unacceptable here in the United States and most other places in the world. She continued reading and found the information about shedding to be important… then she giggled at the thought of Adonis coming home to see that she had just shed her skin tackling him to help her cope with the extreme lust she would be feeling.

Then the mental recording turned back to replay that last part over in her head. “Adonis coming come to… me.” She said aloud and then her whole face was flushed red with the thought. Yes she wanted to be with him but they had only just met! But what was so bad about that? She thought to herself. If both of them had such good chemistry together then why not?

She shook the cobwebs from her mind and skipped the last part of the Lamia’s section and continued looking for the Medusa page. She finally found and read through it. It really wasn’t anything she hadn’t heard about before. It was common knowledge that Medusa, who had been turned into a Gorgon, could turn people to stone with her gaze. She had expected that to be in the entry for her race.

She was relieved to learn that the process of petrifaction wasn’t permanent or lethal. Continuing on she learned that the snakes coming from her hair wouldn’t attack anyone if she didn’t have any hostility towards them. They did, after all, have the same consciousness as herself. Then she remembered what had happened earlier when she realized what she had become and thought she might turn Adonis to stone or that the snakes could be venomous and bite him. He never received a bite and she never turned him to stone despite making eye contact. Now she knew that neither was a serious problem and that made her happy.

Then her thoughts moved back to Adonis and how he held her so closely to comfort her and she felt safe in his arms. When he returned with a plate full of cooked ham slices and an apologetic look on his face, she did her best to hide her blushing face by burying it in the book.

This stupid scholar is all wrong. She thought to herself. I’m not stubborn for trying to hide my feelings. But to do so… It’s just embarrassing…

“Sorry I took so long, I tried to find a proper side dish to go with it but there wasn’t any bacon or sausage to be found.”

She set the book down and put up a smile that she hoped wouldn’t make it completely obvious that she had spent half the time fantasizing about him. “Oh don’t worry about it. This will do nicely.”

As she continued eating, Adonis discussed other things about the world he came from. He described it as an alternate version of Earth with similar cultures and where magic was harnessed by witches and mages and the myths and legends about monsters were real. He talked about a militaristic religious order that seeks the destruction of most monster species by the command of their goddess. The Succubus that Fiona read about, the Demon Lord, gained the title after the last one had died in battle and she was most favored for the position. He told her how she didn’t like that the previous Demon Lords and their armies of monsters were hell bent on fighting with humans and that she loved humanity too much to let it continue.

Ultimately her plan was flawed though. As Humans could not go back to being humans after transforming into monsters and that they only ever had daughters as offspring. The Incubus explained that only non monsterized Humans, Elves, Dwarves and a few other races could produce male offspring and that all other races depended on them to maintain their populations and keep them growing for the others to survive.

But that wasn’t the case. According to Adonis, recent studies had determined that at the current rate, in a few decades there wouldn’t be any normal Dwarves, and no more normal Elves or Humans in one or two thousand years. In short, the world he lived on was on an uncontrollable train ride to extinction.

“And things like that can‘t be prevented by necromancy. Not indefinitely, anyways.” He continued. “The reason the Order fights so strongly against monsters is because their race is threatened now more than in the times of the previous Demon Lords.”

“I can’t blame them. Both sides have good reasons to fight but there has to be a better way.” Even though she said that, Fiona couldn’t figure out what it was.

When she finished eating, Adonis took her plates into the kitchen and washed them. As he proceeded to do other chores around the house, Fiona followed him and asked questions as they came to her. “So what is technology like there?” She asked as he was moving their pile of towels and bath robes to be washed.

“Renaissance level mostly. They can do things that Japan could when Perry arrived in the 1850s with the exception of gunpowder weapons.” He set the load to wash and began ironing Fiona’s maid uniform that was never taken care of the night before. “So they don’t have technology as we know it but they can use magic, right?”

The Incubus liked that she was being so inquisitive about all of this. He was glad that there wouldn’t be much else to explain to her during orientation. “Our theory is that Earth’s technology progressed because magic was nonexistent for us. But it was stagnate for them because they didn’t need to develop with magic so readily available.”

She pointed out that he always mentioned Earth and it’s societies as “us” and the other world, where he supposedly lives, was referred to as “Them.” To that he just laughed. “Good observation. Born in Appalachia and raised in the Mid-West but I’ve been living on the other world for over a decade now.” She thought that was quite a while, especially since he was in his mid twenties but when she vocalized that comment, he just gave her a wicked grin. “I’m Thirty-six.”

She couldn‘t believe that. Wouldn‘t believe that. “Bull.”

To which Adonis simply shrugged. After all, age means nothing to monsters if it gets in the way of their good looks. Tidying up the master bath. Bagging his butler uniform to be dry cleaned later, he continued his chores and she never left his side. Fiona was always asking, making observations, making conclusions that Adonis informed her were correct.

But as the day continued on, Fiona noticed a smell coming off of Adonis. It was like a kind of musk. Not unpleasant, but it was driving her nuts trying to discern it’s origin. It didn’t smell like sex. No, she knew that scent and could smell it coming off of both of them. But the other scent didn’t go away. Even after they showered together, swam together, and sat in the whirlpool together, the unknown scent remained.

Out of all the questions she had asked him, Adonis was taken aback by this one as they were drying off to leave the pool area. Fiona just blurted it out so suddenly. “What is that smell coming off of you?” She had asked him. He really didn’t have a clue what she was meant. They had both showered together so as far as he could tell, they both smelled of the same body wash. He continued smelling himself as they continued along as and wondered what she could be smelling that he can‘t. Then, regrettably in hindsight, it hit him.

“Oh. You must be smelling my wife‘s demonic energy.”

Her eyes glowed green as she glared at the Incubus. It was hard for him to keep eye contact but he feared what might happen if he looked away. Fiona was a quick learner. She went from walking on two legs one day as she had done for her whole life, and the next day she was using her new snake body to hold Adonis upside down by his legs from the second floor. “I’m sorry, my dear Adonis. I guess I still have water in my ears. Can you repeat that just one more time for me?”

She already repeated that question three times and each time, well, both his legs and arms had been turned to marble. He wasn’t sure if she would petrify another part of his body or simply let him go to fall down to the first floor on his head. But he knew that the worst thing he could do was say nothing. This was bad, oh this was really bad.

He nervously gulped for air before answering but Fiona cut him off with a screaming fit. “Liar! You lied to me! You made love to me last night by the fire and in the pool and now you say you are married?! I otta snap your neck!”

“Fiona, it’s the truth. I’ve been in a healthy relationship for over ten years now.” Adonis was having trouble thinking with all the blood rushing to his head. He was learning the hard way that the term ‘jealous Lamia’ is redundant. “Bull. Shit. If it’s so healthy then what are you doing running around fucking maids?!” With that she proved their difference of strength by merely flicking her tail and tossing him back over to her side of the railing. He didn’t have any time to recuperate though. As she soon coiled up around him and pressed her body against his. Despite where they had been a moment earlier, she was being very gentle.

“Can’t you see what you mean to me? What we shared is important.” She moved both of her hands to his face and began softly caressing his cheeks. Her words pulled on his heart and caused it to ache like never before. He never wanted to hurt her. Now it seemed to him like that was all he was capable of.

“I think you want me more than you want her.” Fiona whispered while looked straight into his eyes. “She’s not important to you anymore, is she?” The Incubus knew that wasn’t true. And he wasn’t going to lie to her. However, he was more than willing to throw her off track. “Want to meet my daughter?” He asked her. It took Fiona a moment of mental chewing as she tried to remember what the word meant. Then it dawned on her. He had a child.

“Over a decade,” he began. “My wife and I went through a lot of struggles together… but our love has never once withered…” Fiona’s eyes began to tear up. She didn’t want to hear this. “No…” She shook her head.

The Medusa wanted him to shut up and just accept her love for him. “Remember last night how I was giving you a sponge bath? How you pulled me in, uniform and all? Such a go-getter attitude…” How could she forget. That had been practice for pushing him down onto her bed. She still wanted to do that.

“Well, that’s something my wife would do. You are both a lot alike.” She began pounding her fists into his chest but the action had no strength behind it. Nor did the snakes in her hair attack. Even now, she didn’t really want to hurt him. “You both would get along great together.”

“Please stop talking. Shut up and let me enjoy this for what little time we have left.” She pleaded to him, burying her face into his chest. If they wouldn’t be near each other once he leaves tomorrow then the Medusa was going to revel in his company for as long as possible.

“Why does it have to end?” He whispered to her. The question puzzled the Medusa. To Fiona, it was obvious that he wouldn’t choose her over his beloved wife For this human turned Medusa that had grown up and was raised along the East coast of the United States, that only left two options that she could see.

The first would be that he would cheat on his wife with herself. Fiona despised cheaters. Subconsciously, that loathing for cheaters was stronger than ever now that she was gaining the jealous mentality befitting a sub-group of the Lamia family. The second option would be for them to just stay friends. And Fiona was certain that seeing him with another woman would drive her insane.

She didn’t want to turn him into the thing she despises most, a cheater. And Fiona certainly didn’t want to let Adonis go back to his wife and only see him as a friends… that idea was also unbearable. She couldn’t accept either option so his question still didn’t make any sense to her.

“What are you saying?” She asked him, desperately hoping he would impart some hidden meaning about his question.

He still couldn‘t move his arms so he settled for tilting his head forward as far as possible to kiss the top of her head. That didn‘t quite work so one of the snakes helped in it’s own way by letting him kiss its forehead. “I’m asking if you will you marry me.” Those words rang out in her head.

Marry him. Did he really say that? The Medusa could hardly believe it.

“What did you say?” She asked, sniffling against his tear soaked shirt.

“I’m asking, do you want to spoil my daughter with affection, give her the baby sister she wants, gossip and get into mischief with my first wife, and marry me?”

Fiona lay there against his chest, listening to his heart beat and feeling his chest rise and fall with every breath of air. “I would do anything you ask me to….” The Medusa was intrigued by this man that had stolen her heart, comforted her and made her cry, and introduced her to a world of monsters and legend, all in a single day. 

This strong-willed, independent woman couldn’t deny that what Doctor Lorenz had first described in the nineteen thirties had happened to her. Fiona the Medusa had imprinted onto Adonis the Incubus and wanted to be by his side forever. If he asked her to do so, she would join his wife in a two-girl harem. And Adonis did in fact ask her to do just that.

However, over twenty years of growing up in America didn’t shed from her that easily, so Fiona still had some reservations. “But what might people say?” She asked him. “What priest would marry us? What church would let a Medusa marry a man who already has a wife? An Incubus man at that.”

“Polygamous relationships aren’t that big of an issue. There are a few priests in the United States that would, and some in a few other countries would be fine with it also…” He paused and she looked up at him questioningly. But he only smiled back down at her for a few moments before she got impatient. “What?” She blurted.

“I had a different place in mind for the wedding. On Terra, polygamy isn’t frowned upon as much as it is here. There are lots of places there where it‘s quite comm-…”

Fiona cut the professor’s lecture with a deep, passionate kiss. Her snakes coiled around his arms and nuzzled against his neck. When they both finally came up for air, she put a finger to his lips to make sure he wouldn’t ruin their moment. “We can worry about planning later. For now lets take this to our bed.

He tried to speak in agreement but she cut him off with another lust filled kiss.

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