Plush Sabbath

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Too Maera’s Sabbath, Sheri’s Sabbath, Veronica’s Sabbath

Plush Sabbath

1. A picture of recent Sabbath members…

This Sabbath is a union between three Sabbaths within close proximity to each other. As such, rules, teachings, and uniforms are different from one another, meaning depending on where members stay, they may be held to the standards of more than one or even all of them. This has led to the original land surrounding these Sabbaths to resemble more of a plush capital city than a religious organization. As such, each sect area is better described in the documents referring to Veronica’s, Maera’s, and Sheri’s Sabbaths. It is especially hard to describe the borders of each sects region as their cultures and teaching tend to melt together creating whole uniform styles and building types that conform properly to any of the parent sects. Given these circumstances, there is no head Baphomet, and it is instead jointly run between Veronica, Maera, and Sheri.


2. The name of your Sabbath…

The Plush Sabbath (Common names: The Plush Union, The United Sabbaths of Plush, The Uneasy Plush Alliance)


3. The symbol of your Sabbath…

A goat skull with the large horns of Veronica’s symbol, the glasses of Maera’s symbol, and the plush bursting seams of Sheri’s symbol


4. The name(s) of your representative Baphomet(s)…

Sheri- The Everchanging Plush of Pleasure
Maera- The Politicking Plush of Peace
Veronica- The Pint-Size Plush of Power


5. Activity details

Other than spreading plush ideals, activities are generally left for each of the Sabbath sects to handle of their own accord, though there is again overlap in border regions.


6. Typical races

Depends on the specific sect joined, but all races are generally welcome in any of them


7. “To you…”

A petty squabble breaks out on the border of Veronica’s and Sheri’s Sabbaths. A member from each is ready to come to blows with one another for the heart of a recent migrant who has come to the city recently. After a heated argument they both agree, though reluctantly, to share them instead.


8. Sabbath particulars…

On the surface, the Plush Sabbath seems to be a well-oiled machine, with each of the three sects working together to further their goals. However, this union exists merely on the fact that all three sects are weaker without one another, and it is no small secret that the heads of each absolutely loathe each other.


Veronica sees Maera as a “…weak pansy who probably couldn’t even lift a sword if she tried!”, while Maera sees Veronica as a “…vertically challenged warmonger and dictator who would rather lose everything fighting than live in peace!” Both Veronica and Maera hate Sheri, seeing her as nothing more the debauched pleasure seeker who couldn’t care less about what happens to the union and are resentful they are forced to rely on her for plushification. The feeling of hate is mutual for Sheri, as she sees Veronica and Maera as prudes who fail to see the bigger picture of life through love.


However, the fact of the matter is that without each other, the Plush Sabbath wouldn’t last. Without Veronica’s “Cutification” process and standing military, the Plush Sabbath wouldn’t be able to take, let alone hold, or police, any of its territories. Without Maera, the Sabbath wouldn’t have anywhere near as strong of a political presence on the world stage, and would more than likely be attacked if not for the numerous trade deals, defense, and non-aggression agreements that are made and maintained by them. Finally, without Sheri, Veronica wouldn’t be able to plushify her members for “Cutification”, and Maera wouldn’t be able to have locale territories plushified for a smoother transition of annexed regions. It is these disagreements that keep the Plush Sabbath from reaching its full potential, but if someone were to be able to make the three of them see eye to eye, it would doubtless rival the top Sabbaths.


9. A word from Baphomet…

Currently, there is no agreed message for the Plush Sabbath as a whole, as none of the three leaders could agree on who should be the one to deliver it. Instead, anyone who is thinking of joining is invited to join Veronica’s, Maera’s, or Sheri’s sabbath if they are looking for a plushy experience to last a lifetime and then some.

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