Pistol Mantis

Species: Crustacean, Shrimp

Habitat: Oceans, Coasts

Disposition: Outgoing, Feisty, Competitive, Prideful, Dense

Diet: Spirit energy, meat (usually from their own prey)

Clown Shrimp, Crazy Shrimp, and Killer Clown Shrimp are all names used for these colorful and feisty girls. Absolutely none of them should be used within earshot of them. The Pistol Mantis is a monster, that to call prideful would be an understatement. With their powerful and hard claws, they have the strength to take on most other monsters with ease, and given that they are somewhat dense when it comes to understanding another person, they tend to take most things personally.

The beauty of the Pistol Mantis is not to be understated, however. Not only are their shells an incredibly beautiful sight to behold, but their hair and eyes also take on the same reflective beauty. It’s even said that the Pistol Mantis can see more colors, and even higher dimensions due to their prowess in battle.  However, most scholars agree that the Pistol Mantis is instead able to see mana and demonic energy without the need for special tools or for it to become powerful enough to become visible in the normal color spectrum, though some tout that they are able to see ultraviolet and infrared waves.
There is one thing that their beauty does not convey, and it’s the fact that the Pistol Mantis is an incredibly dangerous hunter. The dazzling colors of their shell aren’t just because of their diet, and it’s in fact partially caused by the constant high amounts of demonic energy formed inside of them leaking out and warping the light around them. This energy is formed and released even in their sleep!

This energy is what makes the Pistol Mantis so dangerous, as they are able to gather it in their claws and force it out fast enough and with enough pressure to not only warp the light around them but even create it for a fraction of a second with nothing but its sheer existence alone. With this power the Pistol Mantis will throw a series of lighting blast punches, obliterating anything in their path. Their punches are so powerful in fact, that if the Pistol Mantis clicks them as she punches, the energy will be sent flying in a wave, and has even been shown to be just as destructive from fifty meters away. It is with this power that they go hunting magical beasts for fun, and to compete with one another on who is the most powerful. It’s not uncommon to see corpses of giant magical beasts that would take multiple hunting parties a lot of time to take down. Littered bodies fill the area where a group of Pistol Mantis have been. Though, it might be hard to recognize them as beasts, as some of them may have been turned into what can only be described as “Chunky Salsa”.

However, one should be aware if they’ve caught the attention of a Pistol Mantis, for they are no less merciless in hunting for a mate than hunting for a beast. Should one be spotted by the Pistol Mantis, their best bet would be to stand perfectly still and be as non-threatening as possible in hopes they lose interest. Anything else will trigger their hunting instincts, in which case escape should be considered impossible. When hunting a mate, the Pistol Mantis will use the exact same powers on their target as they use on magical beasts. They will target the user’s most sensitive areas, throwing punches and clicks at them, yet instead of destroying and causing pain wherever has been hit, the target will instead find the areas hit explode from pleasure, causing them to cum themselves dry instantly. This is not the yet though, as the punches are filled with so much mana and demonic energy, that the target will find their refractory period has been completely removed, as any cum they make is instantly replenished, and production of cum even put into overdrive. However, the pleasure from such an experience doesn’t wear off instantly, giving the Pistol Mantis more than enough time to capture and ride their new mate, throwing more pleasurable punches to force them to cum over and over again, until they see just as many colors as the Pistol Mantis. Once this ritual is complete, the Pistol Mantis will tend to carry their “prize” on their backs to their nest where they will let them recover in peace. From then on they will do most things together, the Pistol Mantis making their mate ride upon their backs as a show of victory to the other shrimps, invoking competitive spirit in the ones already married to see who can make the best love to their mates, and jealousy from shrimps that do not yet have mates.
In the end, one must always be wary of the Pistol Mantis, for even the greatest of warriors may never recover the shattered pride lost by being forced to cum from across the room, with the only sign of what happened being a loud crack, and the smoking claw of the Pistol Mantis.

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