pervy vagabond

One spring day a young man is having a conversation with his family. “mom dad great news” he said. “what is it?” his mother said. “I got accepted into a great art school in another town over” The son answered in excitement.
“The next town over? Now son I dont think thats a great idea. You know there are monsters out there. Look I now your passonate at your art hell your art has helped feed us a good number of times but I dont think its a good idea to leave town alone.” the father said hoping to convince his son not to leave.
“Don’t worry I asked the mayor and he said there is a caravan leaving later today going to the town. I know it will take half a month but it should be safe” he said excited.
“Well if you stay with the caravan I guess it should be safe. Monsters dont tend to attack large groups……. Alright its fine I guess.” his father said reluctantly.
happy with what he heard the young man jumped up and hugged them both before running to his room to pack.

At the caravan the James is busy tossing his stuff in a truck when a man walks up to him. “so James? Is it? You done packing up?” The man asked.
“Almost just got this last box. thanks again for letting me travel with ya.” he said. “no prob. with there being an increase in monsters in the forrest its best to travel in a group.” the man said helping James get the last box in. “thanks…yeah if it wasnt for you guys I wouldn’t have been alowed to go. I’m so excited.” James said.
Once he finished getting his stuff in the truck he hops in himself and after a while the caravan gets moving.

Getting to the forrest he looks and sees some signs saying “warning danger” and “monsters sighted in this forrest” while had he been traveling alone the sight of them would have freaked him out. knowing he is in a group he didnt pay mind to it. Once they get a good distance in and it gets dark the caravan stops for the night. “alright time to set up camp” one of the people yell. getting out the truck James’s legs feel a tad wobbly from sitting in the truck so long. After he gets feeling back in his legs he helps some of the others unpack and set up camp.

Once camp is set and everyone is around the campfire James looks around and sees people just talking to eachother. “So why are you traveling with us to the next town?” a random old man asks him in a gruff voice.
“OH?!? Im a young artist im traveling there because I got accepted to a big school there. I’m hoping to became a great artist one day. I even brought my pad and paper along with bunch of other stuff” James answered.
“An artist eh? havent met many of those this far out usually you find them in the big cities or port cities.” The old man said with a laugh.
“Yeah well living in a small town you either get a working mans job early or find some usefull hobby and I guess I took up art. its actually very good too. lots of nice scenery out here and some people that travel by like buying my paintings and sketches for a good amount. Even if its not that good yet hehe” james said with a red face.
“You seem like a nice kid and not to bad on the eyes im shocked none of the ladies in your home town tried to claim ya yet hehehe” the old man said.
“Yeah not many girls in town and honestly those that are there are either taken or leaving. Thats actually one of the real reasons why im heading to the next town. who knows there might be some cute girls there to” james said with a bit of a naughty look on his face.
“hmmm well if your looking for tail from what i heard the town does have some really cute girls there. easy on the eyes and to get in the sack bwahahaha” the old man said laughing. James scratches the back of his head blushing a bit.

After everyone settles and has been in bed for a bit James gets up and half awake heads into the forrest for a quick leak.
Once done he finally wakes up and looks around to see where the way back is. Confused he panics a little bit and starts to wonder hoping to find his way back to camp only to get more lost.
“Oh fuck me!” he said frusterated.
“mmmmm gladly” a female voice said. Jerking up in shock james looks around for the voice then checks above him and sees an Arachne looking down at him. “fuuuuck not good.” he said scared.
Before he could run away the Arachne pounced onto him pinning him to the ground. “mmmm now now little one. No escape for you. My my that old man is right you arent bad on the eyes. Your kind of cute.” she said placing a hand on the frighten mans face.
“She was watching us the whole trip? oh fuck! Not good” he thought trying to struggle.
“Now now you keep misbehaving might just have to punish you.” she said getting her spinnerettes ready.
Seeing this James thinks fast as how to escape and comes up with an idea.
“WAIT!!!! dont use your webbing. I have a bad allergy to spider silk and spider webbing. please. if even a small amount touches me…..well it wont look good. too much might kill me too.” he said hoping his bluff worked.
“Awww well dont want a cute guy like you dieing before you give me what I want. well if you behave I wont use my webbing on you. Ok? Just dont even think of escapping. Or else!” she said.
After he nods in agreement she uses her claws to rip his pants off “Good boy. now time for me to eat. you. up.” she said before taking his cock into her wet warm mouth sucking his dick.
Shivering from the feel James cant help let out a small moan. Hearing his sounds she moves her head back and forth sucking his cock using her toungue to play with it in her mouth. Working over his member.
“f f fuck th th thats amazing.” he said arching back. feeling his cock finally hard and about to blow she stops before he can cum. “wha?”
“shhhh why dont I give you a treat before since you didnt try to escape.” she said taking her shirt off revealing Ecup sized breasts.
Grabbing hold of them she places his cock between them and squeezes his cock in them.
Moving them over his shaft she lowers her head down and sucks on his tip.
This causes him to lose himself and he bucks a little bit. finally giving in he cant help but unleash a torrent of cum into her mouth.
“mmmmm delicious. now that I had a taste time for the main course. remember behave and I wont tie you down ok?” she said guiding her pussy to his cock. before he could answer her she places him into her gripping him tightly with her warm wet walls.
Almost out of instict James’s hips start to move on their own.
“oh my arent you eager. mmm while I do enjoy your enthusiasm. your MY meal” she said using her legs to pin him down.
Gently savoring her catch she lowers herself slowly taking his entire length into her letting out a moan.
moving her hips she looks down at James smiling at the face he is making. “mmm seems your enjoying this more then I am. being dommed by a spider. arent you a pervert.” she said. “no its not thaaaaaahhh” he is stopped mid sentence feeling a rush of pleasure take over him. giggling she speeds up more loving the feeling of her catch giving in to her.

After an hour of fucking James cant help hold back any more. “please I beg. im going to cum” he said moaning. “yes give me everything you have. im so close. Fill me with everything you’ve got.” the Arache said thrusting him deep inside of her.
As if on command he thrusts his dick deep into her and fires every last drop of cum deep into her womb before collapsing.
The feeling of being filled inside is almost more then the Arachne could handle causing her to cum as well and collapsing on top of him passing out.
“fuck I cant move. My body feels so drained” he said low on energy himself. laying there awake he rests hoping to regain some energy to escape before the Arachne wakes.

After waiting for what seems like hours James notices he is able to move again. moving slightly he hears the Arachne groan a little next to him and stops.
“crap please dont wake.” he thought to himself scared.
After seeing she wasnt awake he crawls away from her and gets up. backing away without making a sound he turns around and sneaks off.
After sneaking a good bit he runs in a dash. “holy fuck I never thought she would buy that. Now where the hell is camp?” he said running straight ahead.
Dashing through trees and bushes he prays that he doesnt fall prey to anymore monsters.

After what seems like a few more hours it turns into late morning. He manages to find the camp grounds but no one around at all.
“oh fuck me those dicks left me. great….huh?” he noticed a pile of stuff right next to some truck tracks and looks closer.
Turns out someone must have left some of his stuff they couldnt keep or sell. “great so they left some of my art supplies and like some of my clothing but kept everything else?….jerks.” he said putting on some pants.
After getting some new clothing on he gets what he can carry and starts walking in the direction of the tracks keeping an eye out for any more trouble.

later once sun sets and it gets late james tries to set up camp himself. “bloody hell not good. I need to get out as soon as I can. ok if i keep up the pace I should get out in a month…course by then the school might not take me.” he said trying to get some wood together for a fire.
Once he gets all set he lays down next to a tree using his clothing to keep him warm. “you know she was scary as hell. But she wasnt half bad. still not going back to go again though….I wonder.” he said dozing off to sleep.

Waking up to sound of rustling he looks around to see what was making that noise. “you should be more careful human.” a female voice said.
Thinking it might be the arachne again he jumps up and gets ready to bugout only to meet with an elf.
“human men arent safe in this forest. Who are you and where are you from?” she asked in a stern tone.
Looking at her James cant help notice she looks kind of cute.
“ANSWER!!!” she yelled at him.
“oh sorry im James. im traveling to the next town to study in the arts. I got lost from my caravan and i’m trying to continue on my travel to either get back with them or get out of this forest.” he explained to her.
“I see. well it would be troublesome if you got captured by a monster. it would only cause us more problems with the humans. I shall guide you out of this forest. now come with me.” she said starting to leave.
“wait… hold up its the middle of the night plus i still have to get my stuff” he said stumbling over himself.
“true alright fine. but this part of the forest isn’t safe get your stuff and we shall leave.” she said waiting for him.

After he grabs his stuff he follows the Elf. “so any idea how long it will be till we get out?” He asked her.
“well i do have a horse so it shouldnt take that long. about a little less then a month of travel. she’s this way.” the Elf answered.
“a horse? huh talk about old school. never rode one of those before.” he said. reaching a small clearing he sees a horse eating some grass. “EPONA HERE GIRL” the elf called the horse. trotting over the horse greets her owner.
“so should i just hop on orrrr?” James asks looking at the two. “you dont hop on. here let me help you. just watch your hands.” The Elf said getting on her horse pulling james up on too.

After a while of travel James asked “thanks for being my guide and all but ummm mind telling me your name?”.
“Ilia” she replied “so you said you were passing through the forrest to go to school? why? doesnt your home town have any schools?” she asked.
“oh no its a very small town so there isnt much there.” James answered.
Illia asked another question as she had her horse crossed a small river “so how did you get lost?”.
Reluctant to answer James “uhhhh so why were you out in the forrest so late anyway?”.
“we had rumors some humans were traveling through the forrests every now and then. looks like the rumors were true. to think it was a caravan just going to another city. but that doesnt answer my question” She replies. “I’d rather not say” he says looking slightly embarrased.
“fine. HEY!!! what did i tell you about your hands?” she said feeling his hands go a bit lower. looking back annoyed she sees James passed out on her horse. “great” she says annoyed slowing her down down some so he wouldnt fall down.

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14 thoughts on “pervy vagabond

  1. I’m not usually critical of peoples’ writing, but… proofreading, my dude. There’s so many errors in here I don’t even know what to begin to point out, so bear with me here:

    – The title isn’t even spelled correctly, and in these eleven paragraphs I honestly can’t be bothered to count how many misspellings I can find. Most word programs will even fix these things for you, so how this many got by is more impressive than anything.

    – I say eleven paragraphs, but these are WALLS of text that could be easily broken down for easier reading. Don’t be afraid to punctuate after/between dialogue, or line break when the paragraph is going on a different subject entirely… it’ll be a lot easier for the reader to keep track of their place than using (a lack of) punctuation like some kind of bookmark.

    Comparing this with a quick skim of your alp story, it almost feels like a DOWNGRADE of grammatical effort since that at least separated dialogue to make it a little easier to read.

    Lastly, I want to tell you remember a phrase from one of my english teachers in regards to writing, “Show, don’t tell”. You can tell us what a character is seeing or doing, but you won’t actually paint a lasting image unless you apply your senses into it. If you’re depicting arachne taking the dick, please make every effort to help the reader imagine all of her eyes looking up at them smugly while making their collective wangs a dribbling mess with her mouth.

    It’s porn with words, play around with it.

      1. I’m glad to see you’re taking our comments to heart. There’s some parts that could still use proofreading, but overall it’s a much easier read than before.

  2. There are countless grammatical errors throughout the story which made reading this very hard. I think AnonMD’s already pointed out the most glaring mistakes so I’d like to add just one more thing. Try reading your favourite stories on this site and compare it to yours, study how the scenes are depicted and the way the story progresses. I’m not telling you to plagiarize their works, but just analyse them so that you can incorporate their techniques into your stories. It’ll help a ton.

    1. ok. sorry ive been reading stories from books so im still getting to online reading and writing. im working on the fix ups now. ill post it once done. again sorry.
      grammer however is gonna take far longer to fix……sadly thats why i almost fail english class hehe.

      1. It’s great to see someone so eager to improve. Keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it, eventually.

        You’re gonna need to work on your capitalisation now, sentences with quotation marks should always be capitalised

  3. I gave you a provisional 3, subject matter is good, but, needs a whole lot of polishing.. I won’t repeat what was in the earlier comments, but, they were correct, sadly.

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