Pampered Morning

Most mornings, it’s coffee, get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, straighten the collar and head to work in a small, red ’04 Accord.

But today wasn’t most mornings.

Today was off-day.

So waking up, I look to the clock and a smirk of satisfaction spread across my face seeing that I had slept all the way past 10:00. The large window to the left of the bed greeted me with a warm sunshine glow, and gave that feeling of a brand new morning. You’d think I could get up, make some slow brew coffee and watch GMA talk about the most ridiculous saving tips and celebrity talk, but that is not the case.

The plush lump of fluff on my chest thought otherwise.

Hush little snores could be heard from the mouth of the fluff ball, as she stirred and turned over on my chest, exposing her cute child like face, rosy cheeks and all, as well as her well endowed horns. Speaking of her fluff, it was now matted and spun out like a true vision of bed-head, albeit a lot more than just the head. Beneath her furry jungle, her goat ears faintly twitched and her paws hung just below them, on my chest. Despite wearing her candy-pink pajamas every night, some how her top becomes riled up to her chest, threatening to expose her still pre-pubescent breasts; not only that, but her pajama bottoms would sag and gift me with the sight of her womanhood, if I had given in to looking.

All in all, this was my roommate Salena. 

I sigh as audibly as I can, but without any use of rousing her. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those days.

With as much strength as my tightly wound muscles would allow, I slowly lift myself up and prop up with one arm on the bed and one arm around the petite Baphy body. Still clinging to her dream land, she manages a soft groan and wiggles in my arm.

Time to get her morning tea, so much for coffee.

I scoot to the edge of the bed, and pull my hands under her hoofed legs and cradled her as I shakily stand up off the bed. Thank God she is light. I pull her up higher and let her head rest against my shoulder as I walk on out to the living room.

Our apartment is smaller than you’d think for two people to be rooming together, but its workable. One bedroom, a joint living room and kitchen, plus the shared bathroom, is enough to get us by.

I hoist her up a bit higher on my shoulders and fill a kettle with water and drop a few of her favorite Earl Grey pouches in the pot. It was then Salena finally roused and squeezed around my neck,” mmmhm, Nii….its morning…”

“Yes it is hon, give me a sec and I’ll have your tea ready.”

I shuffle over to the stove and flip the gas burner on and set down the kettle, making sure her hair doesn’t hit the burner. “Have any more world-conquering dreams, Sally?”

She flips her tail into my face, “Hush minion…” she yawns and snuggles up to my neck a bit more.

Its always been like this with us. She would fantasize about governing the Earth with a steel, but childish, fist and pronounce the passage of the one true Loli, yata yata yata. I’m always there to bring her back out of the clouds, and back into her baby blue britches.

But this silly, probably more than a hundred year old, loli kinda makes me happy at the end of the day, when she starts ranting and raving about the stupid people she has to deal with, and how one day she’ll run them out of existence.

I bring my arm back around and hug her closer, shuffling back into the living room. I come about and lean over the couch to set her down, “Well hon, the Desperate Housewives marathon doesn’t start for a little while, so let me set you down and-“

“No, Nii…” Her face was still sheepish and drowsy looking. She held her paws firmly around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Aw, come on Sally, you’re acting like a Dormouse,” I sigh. 

She looks at me with a puffed cheek and shakes her head, “Up, minion!”

Yep, definitely one of those days. “Yes, your majesty…”

Once more, thank goodness she’s light.

I manage to wiggle her higher up with a small jump and start for the kitchen again. I’m still sheepish myself, and almost bump into the kitchen bar. She seems to clutch a bit closer as I reach for two bowls and silverware.

I yawn, “Is Cheerio’s okay?”

All I get is a little nuzzle of yes and pull out the cardboard box and fill each bowl while only losing a few of the honey O’s to the kitchen counter. I shuffle around the bar again to get the milk carton out and somewhat struggle to pour the milk, thankfully not getting it everywhere.

Suddenly, Salena wiggles, “I wanna eat in bed…”

Now that I kinda wanted too. “Alrighty…hold on tight.”

She straightens up a bit, still clinging to my neck and waist and I grab each bowl and skitter my way back to the bedroom. Our full sized bed welcomed us with an outstretched, but jumbled up, duvet and fluffy pillows. I lay her down on her pillow, matching pink, and scoot on into the bed myself, holding up our golden breakfast.

Leaning up against the wall, I prop myself up and place my bowl in my lap, Salena doing the same but leaning against me. Together, we sit in our bed, leaning to each other, slurping up breakfast, and no less, still only half awake.

The image was quite surreal to me, and I laughed a bit.

“Whats so funny?” Salena’s childishness was slowly returning.

“Nothing much…just was thinking about how we look right now.”

She tries to take as scoop out of my cereal bowl, which I deflect, awesomely if I do say so myself, with my silver spoon. “Then what do we look like?”


She blushed and sips on more of her bowl of milk., “Yeah…”

Seeing her cute face burn up reminded me of the kettle on the stove. With renewed energy, I set the bowl down and race to the kitchen in some lazy half jog. Got to it just before it started whistling.

I arrive back into our bedroom and find Salena snuggled back into the duvet and on one of the over sized pillows. “Here’s your tea, milady.”

She stretched her arms up and yawned with a cute ending groan and reached for her tea and saucer. I sit back down next to her and together we sip our tea.

After a few moments of sipping sounds, Salena set her tea on the little night stand and then did the same to mine. “Hey, I wasn’t done drin-“

She swatted her tail at me, “I’ve got something to say minion! S-so listen to your Master.”

When she turned back around from the night stand, I saw she had the most serious face I had ever seen her with, almost scarlet red. She seemed either angry or something because she remained looking at me for a few drawn out seconds before she finally spoke, “Nii, would…would you ever want to get married?”

That had caught me off guard. I thought she was angry at me? “Married? Well…yeah I’d like to get married one day.”

She shifts off her knees and steps over my legs, sitting firmly on my lap and softly pressing down. “Nii, you just…want to find the right girl right?”

Her weight against my crotch only permitted me a nod. I could already feel the blood flowing.

Salena balled her paws to her chest and shut her eyes, “I…I love you Nii.”

If I thought she was red before, now she’s looking like she’s about to explode. Suddenly she started babbling, “I-I-I need someone to, you know, be by my side when I rule the world and all so…”

I manage a laugh, “Oh Sally, you haven’t been watching too much anime have you?”

“N-no! I really do love you Nii…” She squirmed and nervously shook, which was not helping the head that was about to spring forth from my sweats.

“So…are you wanting to marry me, Sally?”

She had some tears rolling down now and slightly nodded.

I smile, “Honey, we’re already living together, our own apartment, we get on each others nerves and push each others buttons, and we even sleep in the same bed.” I brush away some of her frizzy hair, “If anything, we’re already married.”

She suddenly perks up those droopy goat ears, “R-Really?”

“Of course, honey.” I smirk and look off to the side, “I just thought I’d be less important than the world domination.”

She smacks the top of my head, “You liar!” She giggles and falls over and hugs me.

Almost for a moment of supreme bliss, she looked at me with the most surreal smile I had ever seen her have. She inched her self closer and put her legs in between mine, rubbing the base of my crotch. Then she took her little arms and wrapped them around my neck and lean forward; hesitating for a moment, brushing her nose up against mine. Her lips were so achingly close.

Now it was my turn. I reach around the back of her head and press against her lips. They were so soft and plump, wholly unlike that of a true little girl. Sally’s deep green eyes went wide as my tongue invaded her mouth and wrapped hold of hers.

A cute gasp was muffled in our wet embrace, until I finally let go. A long bridge of saliva dribbled and shook between our tongues as she panted out of breath. “Nii…I love Nii.”

“I love you too, Sally.”

 At that moment, we couldn’t think about anything else. She cuddled up to my chest and I pulled the covers back over us. There we kept looking at each other and kissing over and over again. Salena’s lips, her warmth and even her saliva was so sweet, I couldn’t get enough of it. And from the way she seemed to press on, she enjoyed it too.

We remained like this until we both fell asleep once more, still cuddled together. We could do the adult stuff later, now we just wanted to be close and wake up in each others arms. It was an off day after all.

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  1. You have a knack for writing engaging tales where mamono that I’d rather stay the hell away from appear sympathetic.

    You should proofread and post your 2-part Will O The Wisp fic, too.

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