Not Nearly Enough

Nirvana, a remote city belonging to the Order, had been attacked by the Demon Lord’s forces. Hundreds of monsters assaulted the great land with no human able to defend themselves, many seized and claimed by the invaders in search for husbands while others were transformed into their own kind.

None had been prepared for the great calamity to befall their city, and Nirvana was taken within mere hours. However, a small handful of inhabitants did manage to escape the ensuing chaos, but several groups of mamono gave chase and many humans were quickly recaptured. Among those who had been lucky was a boy named Anton Crowe, a young adult with no ties to his name. 

This is his story…


Not Nearly Enough
Chapter 1: Hellbent


It had been almost a day since Anton had fled the city doomed to fall. He left in a hurry, and had not packed anything for the journey awaiting him ahead; by the time he knew Nirvana was under attack the monsters were already too near his location, and wasting any amount of time would have surely meant his capture. 

Taking a route only the street-smart citizens like himself knew about (a passage primarily used by smugglers and thieves which cut through an underground sewer system) his escape was successful. In fact, he was concerned at how easy it managed to be, but put it behind him before long.

He was on his own, which meant his greatest concern needed to be finding refuge, primarily an Order-controlled territory… but even he knew that the closest settlement was at least a week’s journey, and that was by carriage. On foot, he’d have no chance unless he came across food and water on the way, which was another priority.

The young man stayed away from the roads, knowing too well that the monsters were going after refugees like him. It had been only a couple minutes following his exit through that secretive underground passage when he had run into a small group of others fleeing like himself, all eventually falling victim to various monsters giving chase. 

Anton figured that the roadways were too much out in the open, making him stand out and thus an easy target; another assumption was that any more pursuers would search there first anyway, which is why he was now deep in mountainous woodland. There was a reason why the lands of Nirvana were so remote, and that was because of the famous “Skypiercer’s Crown”, a literal ring of mountains surrounding the valley wherein the great city resided. It was through this very mountain range which Anton planned to take his journey.

At the same time, he was also aware that he was probably in as much danger of encountering a monster here as he was on the open road. Nirvana had been taken swiftly, almost effortlessly and with no sign of warning; Anton was not stupid. There was no possible way for a monster army to just waltz its way across Order territory unnoticed, so how did they do just that? He deduced that the monsters most likely arrived in small groups at a time, holding up in these same mountains until their forces were large enough to take the city, and then some — the resulting invasion had been a bit overkill. 

On the flip side of things, the young man felt that he had a much better chance of escaping a monster in these woods due to all the vegetation should he run into one, so that was a plus. Even if this was the monsters’ home turf, he was confident in his ability to maneuver the terrain, or fight if the opportunity presented itself.

Anton was by no means weak or slow. His endurance and stamina were the two things he prided himself with, having been able to out-pace and even overwhelm a couple Order guardsmen in his past; a monster was going to have to give it their all to get their claws or talons on him, and even then there was sure to be a fight at hand. Raised by no one but himself since he could remember, all while living without the luxury of a home to call his own, the hardships of life had molded the youth into one of strength. 

He was also a delinquent of sorts, and had butt heads against anyone wanting to force him into anything. But, while he was rightfully labeled as a kind of rebel, he was usually misunderstood at the same time. He was not necessarily a bad person, just a kid that had to grow up early; his life had been rough — it still was — and all he really wanted was to be left alone while he did his own thing. Of course, that never seemed to stop the Order from wanting to (forcibly) hire him for his potential and capabilities, which in turn would explain why he’s had rough dealings with them.

Nevertheless, his confidence in himself didn’t interfere with his judgement. A surprise encounter, or worse an ambush could certainly screw him over, which is why he kept an eye on his surroundings. Listening intently for the sounds of rustling undergrowth or anything indicating a possible monster, he also tried to focus on what noises the birds over his head made; an abrupt cry or sudden quietness would be key things to alert him to the presence of any predator, even if not a monster. 

Sadly, Anton had been doing all this nonstop for the past twenty hours or so, and needless to say he was in need of some sleep; this didn’t interfere with his resolve, however, and the young man pressed on knowing full well that if he stopped for rest he could easily end up captured. Although he hadn’t been given any sort of indication that he was being followed, he was in no way about to chance things. So he trudged further on without pause, watching where he stepped and careful he didn’t run into an arachne’s web or some other potential trap.

He was expecting the dead silence of an ambush to be honest, when the encounter eventually happened. What he heard however was the opposite as the avian sentinels gave an uproar from close behind, and Anton noticed many taking flight when he spun around. Next, he was alerted by the sound of running, heavy footsteps with a pace clearly not human… then he saw it. 

It was in full sprint and on all fours, a heaping mass of black fur darting straight for him; the only other thing he could make out were two burning flames amidst the darkness of matted hair. 

At that, Anton wasted not a second and bolted, making sure to keep as many obstacles between himself and his pursuer as he could. It wasn’t necessarily about outrunning the creature, for even with his high stamina he was weak after the day’s worth of nonstop hiking. He would be able to keep running for much longer and at a more manageable pace rather than simply going all out at the start. 

The plan specifically was to either slip past a series of obstacles of which his pursuer could not follow him through, or somehow lose it using a variety of sharp turns, zigzagging, and general unpredictability. After clearing a large tangled mess of surfaced roots and shrubbery he slid below a fallen tree, his speed only barely reduced as he got back on his feet to continue. 

However, a shadow passed over his head with streams of twin flames tailing it, the creature landing upon the earth with a heavy “thump”. There was little to no time to stop, so he didn’t; even as the beast turned on him with a sudden dive, Anton merely lowered himself and pulled back behind a raised shoulder, upping his speed as he did. 

Literal burning eyes and a maniacal grin — the face of a monster — were all he saw before he rammed into the black-furred entity, an animalistic yelp sounding out as both he and it were sent tumbling. Bruised, but hardly fazed, there was little time wasted before he was back up and running again, despite a new ache in his shoulder and one of his knees.

No pain, no gain… or, in this case no survival. Anton had never been one to baby an injury, and he was not about to do so now. He was certain that the monster was already up and back on his trail, even though he couldn’t see or hear it. 

The young man was well informed of their considerable endurance, many low-class monsters even able to outmatch the average human in raw strength alone. There was no knowing just what was after him at the moment, but he was fairly convinced that it was a type of werewolf… and those were said to be high-class. 

A howl sounded off from close behind and Anton spun in mid-run, evading an incoming pounce by just centimeters while also turning to get a good view of the monster, now lunging through the space he had been a half-second ago. A shared glance was made, and it seemed as though time had slowed to a near halt. Skin of the color ebony wore a feminine face reflecting hell itself; with blood-red eyes burning amidst scorching flames and staring intensely, that terrible, shit-eating grin only widened further to flash him sharp canines.

This monster was going to kill him. 

Fear gripped his soul for that brief moment and he almost tripped backward in his attempt to dodge a sudden swipe at his chest. His footing held strong, much to his relief, and Anton ducked down when the feral beast immediately jumped at him again. His good shoulder connected with its soft, humanoid belly, and it was then when his hands shot to those womanly, child-bearing hips; using all his strength, he shoved the monster’s body up and used its momentum to throw it over his shoulder, then made to flee once more.

Unfortunately, his foot had caught itself on an upturned root and he tripped, and his oppressor, already back up, was quick to take advantage. He felt oversized, furry paws and menacing claws grip his chest and abdomen as the monster seized him from behind, a very noticeable pair of fleshy orbs also pressing into his back. The force of the collision began to send the two back to the ground but Anton threw a foot out just in time to catch himself, feeling that it would all be over were he to fall; the move was successful, but at a cost…

There was a sickening pop, and the young man screamed through grit teeth.

Lashing out in both fury and pain, Anton threw a fist forward and, with one swift motion, grabbed it in his other hand; with the combined strength of his arms, he drove his elbow back and slammed it into his captor. He really didn’t know where he struck nor did he care, only continuing to jab with several more hits until he struck the right spot and was finally released… even then he didn’t let up, wildly throwing his arms behind him in an attempt to further attack the monster. 

He was soon stopped abruptly by an unexpected blow to the stomach, and he doubled over while hugging the injury. He stumbled backwards, but when his weight shifted onto his bad foot he gave a mute cry of agony and collapsed, landing hard on his butt. As the monster loomed over him, Anton cringed in severe pain while at the same time tried to breathe, the strike to his stomach having knocked the air from his lungs.

“Tch, didn’t think I’d need to hit you to put you down,” the creature growled, a large, black paw rubbing the area on their exposed belly. “I felt that, you fucker.” 

Anton opened an eye if only to give a violent glare in response. 

So it could talk.

Humanoid and quite feminine, while definitely related to werewolves, the beast was a little on the short side (about a few centimeters less than Anton himself), but was imposing nonetheless. Furry wolf ears poked out of an wild mess of unkept, black hair that stretched down her back, where a giant tail slowly went from bristled and held straight to relaxed, a wagging motion starting to come about it in the process. Like the female creature’s forearms, her lower legs were covered in a thick coat of black fur with matching paws at their ends. 

Smoldering fire blazed from within her eyes as she returned the glare, sparking cinders when she showed him a haughty, fanged smirk.

The young man also couldn’t help but notice she was also nude, the pair of double D’s forming her shapely bust left exposed with her only modesty being a tuft of fur covering her womanhood; she was, dare he say it, hot (…no pun intended). 

“Don’t feel too~ bad,” she told him with a sneer as his gaze snapped back up to her face, “you never stood a chance.” 

She then leaned forward a bit and snubbed her nose at him. 

“Poor~ weakling of a human… A real shame you couldn’t get away~.” 

Anton had by this time just begun to catch his breath, ignoring the pain in his foot as he then tried to stand. 

“Oh? You really think that’s a good idea, boy?” The monster practically taunted as she leered, the inferno of her eye sockets thinning with her gaze as a clawed paw shifted to rest upon her hip; his own eyes never strayed from her, glaring harder as he moved.

“You and I both know you’ve sprained your ankle,” she continued with a sinister smirk. “Even with a good foot you couldn’t escape me. What’s the point of making it harder on yourself? You’ll only make it worse.”

“Fuck off, bitch,” Anton spat and raised his fists, although his new fighting stance only encouraged the monster to emit a howl of laughter. 

“Oh, puh-lease~… I’m the bitch? Sorry to bust your ballsack, but it’s you who is the bitch in this situation.” Her face then twisted, forming a malicious, predatory grin as her flames erupted within her gaze.

“Or, more accurately, you will be soon enough. For that hit earlier, I really should just shove you to the ground, and rape the shit out of you while I watch as you cry from the pain in your ankle… But~, you seem to be just my type, and I’m a considerate person, so —” 

Anton was quick to interrupt the wolf-girl. “Monster is more like it.” 

The comment seemed to strike a nerve, and the wolf-girl in turn snarled at him. “Call me that again, and I’ll break your other ankle.” 

He only continued to glare in silence. 

“As I was saying…” She continued. “If you promise to be a good boy, lay back down and let me have my way with you, I might keep your foot in mind while I have my fun… Deal?”

“I think I’d rather go through hell on earth before I let you do anything,” Anton claimed, refusing to be goaded and stood his ground. The fiendish werewolf simply grinned at him. 

“Oh, baby,” she said as the flames of her eyes flared up, “today must be your lucky day, because I can assure you… I’m the closest thing to hell on earth that there is!” 

Following her words she took an imposing step forward, and Anton couldn’t move despite wanting to… it was impossible to walk properly with a sprained ankle, let alone run from this creature. 

“Tell you what,” the girl continued as she neared, her gait slow but looking ready to pounce at any second, “I’ll even go through the trouble of patching you up after. Not a bad bargain, huh? It’s really the least I could do… what with making you my personal fuck-boy and all.”

She reached a paw out to him but was denied when Anton slapped it away, the act a bit violent on his part. 

“I said. Fuck. Off!” 

His antagonist gave a pause, then inspected her struck limb before returning her gaze to the young man; a vicious scowl was now warping her face, her tail stiffened while the fur on her body began to bristle. 

“… You’re man meat.” 

The move was fast, too fast, and the youth found himself shoved off balance by the very paw he’d slapped. He tried to catch himself but was further assaulted upon as the monster closed in with claws gripping his shoulders and pushing him down; at the same time, the combined weight of them both fell upon his ankle, another sharp cry escaping his lungs before he went down. 

The beast woman was on top of him, a conveniently placed foot at her gut remaining as the only barrier keeping her from straddling the boy while her paws kept him pinned to the ground.

“You just don’t know when to quit!” She barked at his face while straining to work her waist around his foot. 

Anton neared his limit as the monster woman’s absurd strength was quickly wearing him down, but he was determined to keep his good foot in place between them; in desperation, he poured all of his remaining energy into his leg to try and push her off. Her grip on his shoulders kept their hold on him, even when he tried to pry them off. He then went for pressure points, shooting his hands to her armpits and jamming his thumbs into specific places within. 

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no effect apart from a mustered snarl. 

“Move. Your. Damn. FOOT!” 

Whether it was his own efforts or simply her impatience, the womanly fiend finally removed a single paw from his shoulder and used it to grab the lower part of his intervening leg. She held the limb in place and pulled slightly away from her stomach, during which she hopped while the claws remaining on his shoulder helped yank herself forward during the act. 

She landed heavily onto Anton’s chest, once more knocking the wind out of him. Having successfully bypassed his leg, the monster sat contently but still with an angry glare as she stared down at the young man’s wheezing face.

“I’m only going to say this once, so you better fucking listen up,” she growled with a blazing leer. 

“I’d really rather not, but if you’re gonna keep being a total ass and continue to fight with me…” the beast-woman raised a paw and brought its claws close to his face in a threatening motion, “then I swear I’ll start getting rough. The only reason I haven’t beaten the shit out of you by now is because you’ve already got a serious injury… that, and you’re a weak-ass human. I hit you once… don’t make me do it again.”

Anton was soon able to breath again, but it was difficult with the wolf girl squatting on his chest. Her warning had been loud and clear and he knew she was serious; at this point, she had him in an impossible scenario. His legs were now useless, one injured, and his arms alone would never be able to overpower this girl, let alone push her off of him. In a sign of submission, the youth spitefully lowered his arms to the ground, forearms bordering his head as he backed down… for now. 

“Good boy,” she praised his decision with a smug grin. “I was wondering when you’d get it through that thick head of yours.” 

Anton was quick to respond. 

“You want me alive…” straight and to the point, he held a cold stare the entire time. “Why?” 

His captor simply gave him a chuckle. 

“I told you already,” she stated, rolling out her tongue to lick hungrily at her lips; her tail began to wag with her next words. “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

The monster meant to rape him? Was she being serious? 

“You… you’re fucking kidding me.” As difficult as the bold statement was to believe, Anton couldn’t hold back a light blush. She replied. 

“I’m most definitely fucking you, but in no way am I kidding.” 

As soon as the phrase was stated, the monster woman proceeded to scoot herself down his body. “And don’t even think of taking another swing at me, boy.” 

Anton didn’t plan to, but he still wasn’t about to let this creature have its way with him. Since he couldn’t physically force her off, he tried the next best thing. 

“When I find a way out of this,” he began, trying to threaten her, “I won’t rest until you’re dead.”

The declaration made her stop, and she leered at him as a mild silence went by; it was unnerving how deep her stare was, full of examination and little else, as though she were trying to decipher his thoughts. 

“…Nah,” she said after a bit, with an amused smirk, “I doubt you’d go that far, even if you could. Nice bluff, though. I almost believed you.”

“What makes you think I won’t?” Anton demanded, growing a bit self-conscious at her deduction. 

“Those eyes of yours,” the beast-woman told him, pointing a claw at his face, “they’re not the eyes of a killer. A hurt and pissed-off virgin, maybe, but no killer.” 

The boy paled slightly at her statement. It was true that he wasn’t one to go out of his way to hurt someone, even if they’ve wronged him in some way, but to be able to guess his type of character just from a glance… wait. 

“What do you mean, ‘virgin’!?” He suddenly raged at her, obviously insulted by the accusation. 

“Well, it wasn’t that hard,” she replied without a care in the world for his temper; instead, she began to grin again as her pointing claw turned to her nose. 

“I can smell it… you practically reek of loneliness. If you’re not a virgin, then it’s probably been a few months since the last time you’ve had a good fuck.”

Just how in the world could she possibly smell something like that!? 

“Now shut up already,” the wolf girl instructed, further moving herself down his figure, “I don’t like to have my toys yapping when I fuck… unless they’re screaming my name, of course.” 

Anton couldn’t help but ask. “Name?” At which she gave a wry look of malice with her answer. 

“Layla, by the way. It means ‘dark beauty’. Fitting, no?” Her new, proud tone was met with a scoff. 

“I prefer ‘skank’ if you ask me. It means —” 

Anton was quickly stopped short and he uttered a yelp when claws suddenly tore through his shirt, the feral woman ripping it open from its middle as she addressed him. 

“Keep talking, bitch-boy… Oh!” 

She ogled a bit at his exposed chest and torso, the flames of her eyes igniting with life. 

“Damn, you’re ripped for a human! Fuck~, you could grind meat on those abs~.” Her paw wiped a bit of saliva away from her drooling maw. “I can only hope your meat-stick is half as good as this… Which reminds me.”

Layla hopped backwards and onto his thighs, and Anton shouted through his teeth as her landing violently shook his bad ankle. 

“Hey, you brought that upon yourself,” the monster woman growled at him as her paws worked diligently on his belt. “Besides, it’s not my fault you stepped on it wrong… By the maou, what’s with this fucking-… Ah, screw it!” 

She was about to shred it when her actions were stopped by a panicked scolding. 

“Woe, stop! Knock it off already!” The young man almost begged as he protectively clutched his belt. “Trashing my shirt is one thing, but-“ 

His ranting was interrupted when Layla started trying to pry his hands off.

“Move it, or I’m gonna do more than rip your pants!”

Her burning eyes were staring downward, all attention focused directed on that belt of his as the flames grew even more; despite her frustration, her tail was wagging excitedly. 

“I’ve been waiting too long for a dick to shove up my snatch,” she proclaimed, unashamedly and without any shred of decency, “I’m GOING to have your meatstick! If you don’t want me to tear off your pants, then take that stupid crap off yourself!” 

A bit panicked and with no time to think of another option, Anton absentmindedly went with it.

“Fine! Fine, I get it! I’ll take it off!” 

In response, there was hardly a wait before the monster girl moved to let him work, and as a moment of silence passed he mentally punched himself upon realizing what he had just agreed to do. 

“I’m waiting!” Layla barked, eyes not straying from his belt. An ear twitched with her impatience. 

“J-just shut up,” he replied with a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance. “At least give me a second…”

Anton began to unclip the fastener. 

“So, what happens after you… have your fun?” he questioned with a hard stare; he was in no hurry to remove his belt, but with his captor’s limited patience in mind he made sure to not go too slow. “Will you finally fuck off, then? Or kill me? What?” 

Layla finally made eye-contact, but with a smoldering glare. 

“As much as I’d like to just ignore your stalling and move on, I feel there’s a few things that need to be made crystal clear… I’m not a murderer. Hell, I’ve been restraining myself since the moment we met for the sake to keep from injuring you.” 

Anton scornfully objected. “You punched me in the gut, threatened me with your claws, and your jumping me caused my ankle to get sprained.”

“YOU were attacking ME when all I did was grab you from behind, and I defended myself as I saw fit,” the obsidian-colored werewolf retorted with a huff; her ears were laying flat against her skull as she went on. 

“The ankle was not my fault… just an inconvenient accident by you stepping on it the wrong way.” 

Anton then countered. “If you weren’t running me down in the first place, I wouldn’t have gotten like this. Did you ever consider walking up to me if all you really wanted was free cock?” 

Layla groaned in annoyance, and those optical embers spiraled as her eyes rolled. 

“You’re an idiot who is wasting my time… Raping you now.” 

The young man blinked at her. “Wha- No! Wai-!” 

But no more could be said when the girl screamed at him. 


And there went the belt… and his pants. Layla had been relentless, likely taking her frustration out on the fabric; only ribbons remained, the only thing left being his underwear. Before he could even protest, she gave a single swipe and they too were ripped away, now nothing keeping his rock-hard erection from rising to attention. 

A brief moment went by as she stared at his tower, her tail straightened and held high. 

“Wha~? You’re already excited?” The monster’s tail then began to wag energetically as her features developed a growing smirk. 

Anton, now blushing furiously, was frowning with his eyes cast to the side; he really couldn’t help how he felt, as much as he would have liked to deny it. The inhuman woman which sat upon him was gorgeous, and that wild, crazy personality of hers seemed to set off something inside of him. Couple that with the fact she was nude, and was actively trying to get him to have sex with her… yeah, who wouldn’t be turned on?

She had her glaring flaws, but Anton couldn’t actually bring himself to fully hate the girl, despite everything he had been saying up to now. Layla herself seemed a bit startled by the revelation, even confused at first as the realization sunk in. 

“…You like me?” 

He refused to answer and kept to his sideways staring, until he was grabbed by the neck of his shirt… what was left of it anyway, and pulled close to her face. 

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” 

Using one paw to hold him, the other grabbed his jaw and forced him to look at her. “You like me, right?!” 

Those literally burning, red eyes held a focused, serious glare to them, but as he continued to stare back the signs of hope, suspense, and even worry became evident. Their fire spewed and flickered, but like candlelight, full of life yet suppressed within little flames which seemed to reflect the girl’s feelings. She was probably thinking a thousand thoughts, all the while quietly awaiting an answer with utmost fervor, ears perked and angled in his direction.

That face alone was practically irresistible to look at, filled to the brim with a combination of uncertainty and anticipation, and Anton could not bring himself to lie. He was evasive about giving a direct answer, however. 

“S-so what…? It’s not like—” 

But that was all the girl needed, and she in turn immediately slapped her lips against his while her tail began to flail in a whirlwind of excitement; before the youth could even register he was being kissed, her hot tongue had already shot into his mouth and begun violating it. 

“Mmmmmnh!? Hnnn! Mmnnnh!!” 

His startled cries fell upon deaf ears as Layla refused to break her ravenous assault, smashing her face aggressively into his as the French kissing went on. When Anton grabbed the sides of her head in an attempt to pull her off, she still wouldn’t budge, even after he began pulling at her hair.

He then let out a muffled yelp when he felt something tight and wet shove down and enveloped his entire hard-on in one go; the kiss finally ended, Layla crying out with a short howl at having penetrated herself on his member. 

Anton glanced down as a surge of extreme pleasure flowed through him, and he saw the girl’s ebony, wet folds clamped over the base of his penis. While he was no stranger to sex, he still couldn’t believe how great the sensation of being inside her felt… it was several times better than the best time with another woman that he could recall, a comparison which both shocked and intrigued him. 

And that’s when she started moving. 

“Nnh~! Ah, yeah~!” The monster girl called out to no-one in particular. “Fuck… oh, fuck! I love this! Fucking YES~!” 

There was no slow start, her pace rapid from the beginning with no time for Anton to adjust… and no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Labored grunts were released between clenched teeth, and it wasn’t long before Layla went back to try another lip-lock; her attempt was thwarted by a hand suddenly pushing her face back. 

“C-cut it out…!” Anton stuttered between heavy breaths. “You’re g-going too… My a-ankle! S-slow down…!” 

She was giving him a predatory, feral stare from between his fingers, her tongue hanging loosely from her open jaw as trails of saliva dripped from it; had he been able to get past that manic visage, he would have been surprised that his hand wasn’t burning from the scorching flames of those black-sclera, now twin raging infernos. 

“I knew you’d come around!” The girl panted as she rode him. “I’m gonna fuck you senseless! So just shut up already and enjoy it! Come here, boy!”

Layla reached with her paw and hardly needed to put any effort into pulling the invading arm away, using both to pin his hands against the dirt before diving back into another kiss. Anton sealed his lips together and tried to refuse her advances, but after relentlessly shoving her mouth into his he couldn’t deny her for long; she eventually found an opening, and her tongue was soon bullying his own. He started screaming in defiance once more at having his oral cavity invaded a second time, but now he couldn’t even fight back with his hands. 

Held down and violently raped, all the while at the inhuman woman’s complete mercy… it was a great blow to Anton’s pride, and he wasn’t wanting any of it.

… At first.

As the girl continued to buck her hips like the bitch in heat that she was, and give him the most aggressive French kiss he had ever received in his life, Anton felt himself slipping; the pain in his ankle went off with every one of Layla’s wild thrusts, but it was beginning to fade, drowned out by the incomparable pleasure of her sex. It was just too good, his stubborn will gradually starting to collapse as the carnal nature of his subconscious rose to take its place. 

His hands were first to betray the young man, loosening from furiously digging nails into the fur of those paws to gently interlocking fingers, holding her in acceptance. The voice in his throat was next to turn on him, calming from shouts of reprisal to moans of ecstasy while the strength of his body weakened. Finally, instinct began to kick in, and Anton began to buck as well, pumping his manhood into the monster’s ravenous snatch.

Soon, the headstrong youth was reduced to little more than limp prey in the claws of his feral aggressor, all but a prisoner to her lovemaking. But things didn’t stop there, for his tongue began to writhe before outright wrestle back in response to Layla’s bullying, an act which solidified his full surrender to her lust. The werewolf of a girl uttered a pleased growl from her gullet at first, then proceeded to bark passionately and repeatedly down his throat, between their sealed lips. 

The wild thrusting of her hips increased in effort and speed and Layla leaned further in to grind herself against his body, stiff teats raking his muscular chest as her belly rubbed up and down his firm abs. He was reaching his limit, and Anton clenched his eyes tightly as the end came near.

It was an explosion, and hi lover dropped down heavily to accept his seed; breaking their kiss to raise herself up and throw her head back, Layla howled to the sky as ropes of semen fired shot after shot into her hungry womb. Anton twitched with every jettison of his life-giving essence and gave a prolonged thrust each time, his lasting efforts slamming the barrier to her womb. 

The girl’s initial response came from her tail which bristled and became straight before slowly relaxing, only to stiffen again with the next thrust; this process repeated itself until Anton was well spent, the young man laying almost lifelessly upon the dirt and vegetation in his exhaustion. Layla stayed upright, but panted deeply as her fiery torches-for-eyes looked down with a heavy-lidded gaze, a warm smile on her face as she beheld the boy beneath her.

“Hah… That was,” she gasped between labored breaths, her relaxed stare full of unmistakable endearment; she lowered herself, once more to touch his lips with her own, “so~ hot… I’m gonna keep you, after all.” 

Anton only groaned in response, too tired to care for whatever this girl was telling him. 

“Fuck… off… bitch.” He muttered absentmindedly. 

Layla pouted a bit at that, but then chuckled to herself as she planted another kiss upon his mouth; he let her do what she wanted, his only thoughts acknowledging the affectionate gesture to be much less aggressive as earlier on… it was more like a statement of love rather than enforced lust. He relented to enjoy it, savoring that gentle touch as his mind glazed over. 

“Mmm~…” Layla moaned as her furry arms and legs began to embrace his limp figure. “Nice body pillow~…”

The two slept, still connected in a blissful state and notwithstanding the forest around them…


“The fuck is going on…?” Anton demanded grumpily upon waking up much later. 

The young man had been rudely roused from his sleep, sitting up in a resting position against a rocky wall and with a certain creature tending to his hurting ankle. Layla sat crouched nearby, no doubt staying out of the other’s way to give them room to work on his injury. 

“Quiet, husband,” she commanded while keeping a stern gaze on the unknown monster’s actions. It looked like she was on edge, ready to pounce at the both of them. 

“She’s fixing your foot.” 

Husband? Where’d that come from?

The term made him uneasy, but not as much as this new character touching him did. He gave the individual a hard look of examination, probably a bit unnecessarily cold in its presentation, but he could care less what impression he gave off at this point.

She was certainly attractive, he gave her that much. A set of hair the color of white bordered a pale but beautiful face, and a single horn spiraled into a lengthened point as it poked out of her forehead. Breasts the size of watermelons were her defining human feature, easily putting Layla’s bust to shame in their wake. He wondered what they felt lik- 

NO! What was wrong with him!? Move on damn it! Anyway, the girl was otherwise human as far he could tell… if he excluded the heaping mass taking up what should have been her lower torso; the full body of a white horse was what it was, excluding the head where the contrasting bodies connected, and despite his limited knowledge of monsters he could at least recognize her family race.

“A centaur?” He asked aloud, surprise in his voice as he continued to stare.

The lovely lady-horse briefly looked up at him and flashed him a modest, cheerful smile. 

“A unicorn, to be precise,” she corrected sweetly, before she was suddenly barked at. 

“HEY! No getting friendly with my husband, horse meat!” 

The unicorn turned her head in utter shock. “E-excuse me!?” 

Layla was glaring daggers at the poor girl, her fur bristling from the tips of her backward-pointing ears to the end of her stiffened tail as fire streamed from her wide eyes. 

“You heard me!” She snarled, her words as vicious as her tone; nonetheless she stayed where she was. “You’re here to work, not chat!” 

The divine centaur was taken aback, but tried to be polite. “U-um, is it so bad to do both? We were just talking…”

“NO TALKING!” The dog-woman shouted with absolute defiance. 

“Hey, can you shut-up, already?” 

Even Anton was starting to grow irritated. “You’re too loud, and I just woke up.” 

His initial captor leered at him, but her face seemed to have lost its sense of hostility as soon as their eyes met. 

“If you think I’m just gonna sit here and let her seduce you, you’ve got another thing coming!” 

The unicorn looked offended… a lot. 

“S-seduce!?” She repeated, completely appalled. 

“I’ve heard about your kind,” Layla accused, directing another glare at her. “Unicorns. So desperate for virgin sex that you’d jump the nearest little boy! Well, have I got news for you, horsemeat…” she then pointed a claw at Anton, her face growing a malicious grin.

”He’s already been claimed by my snatch, so fuck off. You can find some other cock to shove into your fat horse-pussy, later! NOT my husband’s!” 

The unicorn was nearly traumatized by those hurtful words, and could only stare back with tears developing in the corners of her eyes before she returned them to her work. “H-horse p-p-pus…!?”

Anton heard her give a repressed whine, and he couldn’t help but feel bad… no, that wasn’t quite right. He felt horrible. The poor creature didn’t 

A still silence passed and he watched as his injury was tended to, realizing he still had on his torn clothing with everything but his junk exposed; it was covered awkwardly with a loose pile of leaves, and he decided not to comment. His shoes were also nowhere to be found. 

A greenish, viridian glow emanated from the girl’s gentle hands, one held over the other as they hovered in place above his ankle. He didn’t feel anything, but he thought her efforts may have been working as that lack of sensation included the dull pain of his foot. Eventually, her ministration was complete and the unicorn stood to her feet… er, hooves… but nearly had to jump out of the way as Layla was swift to give Anton a loving tackle; she held him dearly, hugging his head from the side and holding him smashed between her cleavage. He tried to ignore her.

“J-just so you know!” The timid unicorn informed as she stood a ways nearby. “T-that might be more accurate than not, about us of the centaur races… B-but! We actually have tw-“ 

A murderous glare from Layla’s burning eyes shut the poor girl up.

“I know what you’re about to say, and it’s not really something to be proud of,” she told her without a hint of mercy. “It’s little more than compensation for what you guys primarily lack. It makes you a freak. Now get out of here, already!” 

Anton didn’t know how to respond as the unicorn shed a single tear stream, but then gave a bow of her human upper torso before turning away; as soon as her back was to them, she was running off in a full gallop. The young man could have sworn her cry out, “why is everyone so mean to me” as she soon disappeared. 

“What was THAT all about?” He demanded of the monster woman still latched to his head.

“Now don’t you start,” Layla began with a small pout and huffed, “I’ll have you know, that was me being nice. I wanted to tell her that ‘only a guy interested in fucking a horse would go after a centaur’, or threaten to eat her if she didn’t listen… I didn’t do any of that.” 

Seriously, what was with this bitch? 

“Besides, it’s not like I owe her for anything. She may have helped you out, but that’s kinda her job. If you ask me, the only reason the radical faction even keeps her around is because of those healing abilities she’s got.” 

The radical faction? What was that? 

“…I don’t get it, but whatever,” he stated after a moment of thought, not really caring in the end. He then moved on to his next concern. “So, where am I?”

“Home,” Layla replied happily, a hint of pride in her voice. 

Anton blinked as he looked at that beaming face of hers, then to his surroundings. The wall he had been sitting against stretched high and wide, forming an overhead arc along with the two other walls of rock on his right and straight ahead; to his left, a large opening formed an entrance, the same one which the unicorn had used to vacate. 

A bit of moss and dirt occupied the stone floor, but where Anton sat was a whole bed of matted, dry grass and other meager vegetation; bits of fur and wool were mixed in, the resulting combination granting a much more comfortable texture to the organic mattress than expected. Nearby, along the wall across from him and beside the exit, a small pool of water was formed in the rocky ground and kept to the wall. It was probably drinking water. 

He didn’t care for much else as a single question was constantly ringing in his head.

“What do you mean ‘home’?” He soon demanded, a bit irritated from both the situation and having the side of his face smothered in breasts; it wasn’t that he hated it, but the sensation of having those perky tits poke into him was beginning to have an unwanted effect on his body… 

“And why do you keep calling me your husband? We’re not married.” 

Layla in response tightened her embrace. This was getting bad. 

“How rude~!” She then rested her jaw upon his head and proceeded to comb through his hair using the claws of one paw. 

“You’re such an ungrateful one… and after all the trouble I went through just to find that pedo-‘corn, too. In case you didn’t get it, we mated and I brought you home after taking a liking to you. That kinda means we got married.” 

Anton tried to look up at her, but he somehow only got more cleavage. Just ignore it… 

“How the hell does that make us married!?”

“Oh, shut it, husband,” her face then developed a playful smirk, “you love me, too. Even admitted it… remember~?” 

He remembered all right, much to his chagrin. 

“I only admitted to liking you, but not exactly in that way…” 

Layla pulled his face up to stare at her and into those wispy embers, his chin now resting snugly in the line between her breasts. 

“You did,” she said in a near whisper, grinning at him with half-lidded eyes.

She was gazing down at him with unmistakable lust, and Anton could hardly keep from keeping a locked stare, feeling a breeze as her tail once more began to wag. Her face, that expression… it was truly mesmerizing. 

“You admitted your love for me, and I returned the gesture. We mated…” her breathing became noticeably heavier, and her face moved nearer while she pulled him in. Lips drew close… 

“And now we are married- MMF?!”

“Before you decide to rape me again,” Anton muttered with a hand clenched over her mouth, “could you at least let me stretch out my foot first? You know, actually make sure it’s all better before our healer gets too far away?” 

Layla spitefully removed his hand from her lips with a paw. 

“Fine. But I’m fucking the hell out of you right after.” 

True to her word, the werewolf-of-a-girl grudgingly backed off and gave him room to stand, though made sure to give him a sensual lick to the cheek before doing so; he wiped it off. 


The statement caused the girl to fume in disapproval. 

“What? Can’t take a little love?” She mockingly pouted at him. 

“I can. I just don’t like the dog’s version.” 

Wolf ears were quick to perk up, and Layla barked. 

“Who are you calling a dog!?” 

He simply looked at her, taking in the sight of her growling and with all her other canine features; an ear gave a twitch to coincide her temper and her tail had ceased wagging, the furry extension now with hairs standing on end, down to the very tip. 

“…No-one,” he sighed, dropping the issue.

Moving on to his ankle, he first gave it a few testing rolls and twists, then carefully rose to his feet. He couldn’t control the leaves in his lap as they fell freely from his groin, and his captor was quick to stare. 

“Still hard, huh?” She chuckled at him with a newly wagging tail, already excited. 

“Will you just shut up?” He then shifted his weight upon his treated ankle. So far, it seemed good as new. “I’ll need to walk on it for a second, to be certain…” he then told her. 

“Well hurry it up, I’m getting wet and lonely over here.” 

Anton rolled his eyes and took a few steps around the cave. So far so good…

“HEY! Where are you going!?” Layla suddenly shouted in an abrupt panic.

She had jumped to all fours and was bounding after him, but her prey was already outside. 

Did she really think he was going to just settle down, with a monster, and live in a cave the rest of his life? Sure, she was pretty attractive, for a person not even human, and sex with her was great and all… but really? Marriage? That wasn’t even funny! 

Even if she were a human — with an actual home and a stable job — he’d still need a few months of dating and consideration before making such a decision. And Layla hardly had a home, let alone a job. Could someone like her even get a job? He’d doubt she would if it were possible; the girl didn’t seem the kind of person willing to go work for someone… or anyone for that matter. In any case, if that werewolf wanted him to be her new husband, then she- 


Speak of the devil. 

Anton had to turn a sharp left to avoid a sudden flank, and he nearly fell flat on his face in the process. 

“FOR EVERY SECOND YOU RUN,” Layla howled at him from close behind, “I’M GONNA RAPE YOU AN HOUR’S WORTH!” 

He didn’t want to look back at this point, not even daring to know just what fury was chasing after him. Nonetheless, he was determined to lose her this time, although it was hard on his bare feet. 

He spied an incoming fallen tree and a particular idea came to mind. A quick once over deemed the log just close to perfect, and with the beast-woman hot on his tail he made the jump; he turned sideways before falling to his hands and knees, then rolled his way back the way he came. Just as his body was moving under the tree his pursuer was soaring over it. 

“What the…?” Layla exclaimed upon noticing that he was not on the side she had landed. “Where’d you-“ 

The sounds of underbrush, crushed beneath human feet was quickly picked up by those wolfish ears and she was once again on Anton’s trail; he had been afraid as much, hoping the girl’s senses were not as keen as the animal she somewhat resembled. However, her stalled approach was enough, and he was quick to execute another plan… 

“Where the fuck did you go now?” Layla snarled under her breath as she searched. 

There was nothing, even when she went to listen for more footfalls. Surprise quickly became worry, with disbelief soon replacing that. Had he gotten away? He couldn’t have… Right? 

She tried smelling for him, his scent a bit distant and difficult to pick up, yet still able to be tracked. A mild sense of relief came over her as she began to follow her nose, now slowing to take short strides upon her two legs in order to not pass up the scent trail. 

Soon enough, the smell began to fade which in turn forced the monster girl to backtrack, where she found it again; it happened once more, then twice… by the time her fifth return she felt something was up. Every time she lost his scent, she had arrived in the same patch of forest. Realizing that, her search became focused upon the immediate surroundings. 

There was no river or other water source he could have used to mask his scent, that much was certain. Layla shifted from standing to crouching as she sniffed the air, trying to identify the distinction between the amount of scent particles filling the different locations; the more accurately she could identify his exact route, the better. 

The smell of recent footsteps upon the ground was most noticeable by latent sweat, and she could just barely see where his footprints lay within the mess of undergrowth. However, with her nose, the steps were practically mapped out in front of her, and with a smug grin she tracked that troublesome human of hers. Eyes were sparking with wavering flames as her eagerness climbed, and when the trail stretched around a certain tree she quickly followed it around… and around… and once more around. 

“The fuck?” Layla complained in a start of confusion. She stared down at the obvious tracks at the tree’s base, then glared at the trunk itself.

Anton couldn’t believe his bad luck as he watched her, his hiding spot literally just above and within the tree’s branches. Not only was she able to outrun, outmaneuver and overpower him, but she had all the superior senses of a dog. His efforts at slipping away the moment she lost sight of him were horribly dashed by her sensitive wolf ears, and now his cover was about to be blown by that nose of hers. 

The second she looked up it’d be over for him, for unlike an actual dog she would be able to climb up after him… that is if she didn’t just rip the tree apart at its base. It really wouldn’t be too surprising if she could. That said, he could only do the most logical thing he had left at his disposal, the one thing he could attempt before his final seconds ticked away.

He dropped on her. 

“Gah! What the hell!?” Layla barked out at having Anton suddenly on her back.

She hadn’t been knocked to the ground like he had wanted… there went that plan. He did, however, hold on and made for a headlock with his arms, but the beast-girl was already thrashing about in the attempt to throw him off. The young man’s fortune plummeted further just when his arm finally made its way around her neck: a balled fist of fur bopped him directly upon the forehead.

The strike hadn’t hurt as much as expected due to the paw’s soft and furry exterior, but the impact certainly dazed him enough to loosen his grip… and Layla was one to jump at an opportunity. With her same paw, she reached back and gripped him by the shoulder, claws digging a bit into skin as she then ducked forward with his body in tow. Anton fell on his back, the wind knocked out of him once more as he stared upwards, the face and ignited eyes of his captor soon coming into view. 

She looked pissed.

“I’m pissed!” Well, he certainly guessed that one. 

“What are you, some kind of masochist? Because as I see it, you’re really asking for a couple of beatings!” 

She was at least kind enough to allow him a moment to get the air back in his lungs, the bitch… 

“You just won’t… fuck off, will you?” Anton retorted blatantly.

At this point, he was past being angry; he was annoyed, if anything, and hardly cared what position he was in regarding how to appropriately respond to Layla’s fuming. Couple that with the fact she wouldn’t give him any lasting injuries (if that unicorn incident was anything to go by), he wasn’t about to hold anything back. 

“I don’t want to live with you. I don’t want to marry you. For fuck’s sake, you’re not even human, so that-“ 

She interrupted him with a scoff. 

“You really think I care how I compare to a flimsy human?” The flames of her eyes seemed to flicker with her arrogant tone. “The only thing I care about is you. Anything else can suck my-“

“Oh, really?” Anton mocked her, himself equally agitated. “For someone who cares for me as much as they claim, you sure didn’t care to know my own name.” 

Layla simply shrugged. “Such things can always be found out later… after a good round of sex or two. Besides, I already know your name.” 

He blinked at her proclamation; he never recalled making mention of it. Was she bluffing? 

“What is it, then?” He decided to call her out on it, and that’s when she leaned in close and smirked at him. 


The insult sent him over the edge and he moved a hand to punch her in that smug face of hers, but she was faster and had his wrists pinned down beneath her, above his head. 

“Hurts, don’t it?” Salt was poured on the wound as she taunted him. “You can’t do shit. Face it, little man… there’s no way in hell you’re getting out of this.”

“There’ll be a way,” Anton shot back, desperately holding on to his resolve; he couldn’t let her claims get to him… no matter how much truth they seemed to hold. 

“There always is. And when I find it…” he let the statement hang, he himself not exactly knowing how to finish. Layla on the other hand appeared to develop a response. 

“You know…” she began, a glint in her eyes… apart from the fire, of course. “There might be a way.” 

He wasn’t sure if she was pulling something, or giving him false hope, but with nothing else to lose he took the bait. “What?” 

The wolf-girl then gave a haughty chuckle. “Oh, who am I kidding. I doubt someone like you could even pull it off…” 

She was teasing him, he knew that. Even so, if there was even a chance… “Just tell me what the fuck I’m supposed to do, bitch!” 

Layla finally told him, although it wasn’t something he had been expecting to hear. 

“Tame me.” 

…Okay, what? 

“If you can tame me,” she explained, an unexpected blush forming within those charcoal-colored cheeks of hers; it was the first time he’d seen such a thing, “then I’ll let you go.” 

What was this dog/girl halfbreed getting at? Was she toying with him, just messing with his head? What did she mean by “tame” her? 

“In other words,” she continued with a sultry tone, that dark blush only growing bit by bit, “you need to make me your bitch. Fuck me up in such a way that I will end up a whimpering mutt, a mindless pet who’ll sit and beg for the reward of your cock. Make me a female in heat, who wants nothing more than to mate with her alpha male.” 

She then grinned down at his deadpan face. “So~, you think a meager human like you can make a bitch out of me?”

So, that’s what she meant. No super-fitness training, no scaling a few mountains, no besting her in combat… just fucking. Though, really, should he be surprised at this point? So far, all this girl’s ever been on about was sex and rape, and how she was going to go about it. And then there’s the whole self-confidence issue she apparently took pride in, or at least naturally thought herself superior. 

Those flushed cheeks, though… There were plenty of things to consider, he realized. He sighed. 

“Sure, whatever,” he accepted a bit nonchalantly, “anything to get you to fuck off. Probably won’t even be that hard.” 

Layla snorted, chortling at the prediction. 

“Oh-hoh~! Try not to get full of yourself, hubby,” she told him with a wide, fanged grin. “Just because you’ve gotten to fuck my pussy once doesn’t mean you own it!”

“Yet,” was Anton’s reply. 

Truth be told, the challenge was starting to entertain him; for the first time, he gave the woman a smirk. She loved it. 

“Ohh~! You’ve got the most adorable face when you get cocky!” She half-praised, half-mocked as she released his arms and let him up. 

As soon as he was standing, Layla had positioned herself on all fours with her back to him; a single, burning eye watched him from around her shoulder with eager intent, and she tempted him with a lift of her tail to show him her plump, nude ass. 

“Come on in, bitch-boy~,” the inhuman beauty taunted with an inviting shake of her tail end, the wolfish limb itself flailing just above in unrestrained anticipation. “I’ve got two doors here ready to be knocked… Which one you wanna enter first?”

Hot. Damn. 


Anton struggled to spit out the words he wished to say, the display before him almost too much to handle. For a brief moment, he had forgotten everything entirely regarding why he was even doing this in the first place. She was just so sexy in that pose, and that sultry tone with those words… 

“L-let’s just get this over with…” 

First thing was first, however, and Anton stripped himself of the poor excuse of clothing remnants he had been wearing up to this point. 

“Mm, mmnn~!” Layla moaned seductively, although the young man was unsure whether she was still mocking or was genuinely excited by what she saw. “Yeah, get that tight bod of yours over here, little man~.”

He sauntered over to the beastly female, his tower fully erect by the time he grabbed a handful of one of her firm, ash-black mounds of her rump. 

“Just try to make a bitch out of me.”

“I will.” 

He distinctly recalled their first encounter, how rough and relentless she had been; he intended to apply the same treatment… only, a bit different.

“Aaauuoooh~!” Layla howled upon being penetrated, taken by complete surprise at having his dry, full length shoved harshly inside her butthole in a single, swift thrust. 

“U-uuuu… Y-you little bastard~! I aught to- Aaooohh! Oooh!!” 

He didn’t give her a moment to catch her breath and immediately began pumping rapidly into her tight ass; he knew she had a faster recovery period than himself, so if he pushed himself beyond his own limit he knew she’d likely be effected. Of course, that meant he too would suffer a bit, if not more so… but if he could endure it all and overcome her this way…

“Ahh! Aahn~! So…! So~ rough~!” 

Layla was panting hard, but it didn’t seem like it would be enough. Anton went further. 

“H-hey! What are you d-doing n-naaaoohhh! Ooh, maou~!” 

Keeping up with his furious thrusting, he had grabbed the monster girl by the tail and was giving it a hard yank as he fucked her. 

“Shut up, bitch,” he scolded, giving that massive appendage an especially rough pull into yet another thrust. “I don’t like to have my toys yapping when I fuck.” 

Layla recalled the statement, once spoken to him from her own lips. She grinned back at him, the fire of her eyes blazing wildly. “H-hah! What? W-want me to s-scream your name now, t-too?” 

She uttered a stressed yelp as her tail was given another yank into awaiting cock. 

“You’ll scream whatever the fuck I want you to scream, bitch!”

Compared to the experience he had with her vagina, there was a lot more friction and much tighter inside her ass, almost to the point of inflicting pain. If he had some kind of lotion, or it was at least a little damp, the sensation would likely be much more pleasurable… but he didn’t have anything, and the only thing moist around here was… 

“Huh?? Why’re you pulling out alre- FUCK!” 

Without warning, he had decided to switch it up and began violating that dripping-wet snatch of hers. 

“A-ahh! At least warn me b-before y- Hiiiiiii~!” Another pull to the tail was quick to silence her. 

“I said shut up!” Anton harshly reminded the girl. “You fucking love it, so quit your complaining!” 

His actions were relentless, slamming the entrance to her womb every thrust he gave; he didn’t stay inside her pussy for long, and was back to hammering her ass in no time. 

“Oh, maou…! Ohh, fucking maou~…!” 

Her love juice seemed to do the trick, and his new lubricant encouraged him to greedily begin pounding harder and faster.

Anton was soon alternating between Layla’s two holes, wrecking havoc with her tight butt only so long as his temporary lube held up before slamming back into her wetter entrance. Pulling on her tail and his new method of fucking had the wolfish girl drop from her paws to her elbows… it had a good effect, but he still thought he could do more before his arriving limit. 

It was difficult to keep up his speed while doing so, but Anton managed as he pulled her tail to the side and leaned himself down against her back. 

“H-hey!” The victimized monster yelped as a hand suddenly reached low underneath, wrapping itself around her front. “Th-that’s…!” 

He grabbed a fistful of breast and quickly worked it, kneading the girl’s coal-black flesh like dough. 

“Bark for me, bitch.” Anton commanded into her ear; when she sealed her lips, resorting to instead whimper in her ecstasy, he nipped one of those wolf ears in his lips and started tugging on it. Letting go only to repeat the order, he went back to his oral bullying.

“I said, BARK!” 

“Ah… Aah…!” Layla started, tongue hanging freely from her gasping maw. “Aah-arf! Arf! Aaooouuu~!” 

The girl was indeed barking, even howling… and that stirred something inside Anton, deep down within his latent, primal instinct. 

It wasn’t about some deal anymore, or even the need to make her submit; he wanted it, all of it. That sound she made when barking, the feeling of being the one in charge… it drove him into wanting complete control, to force her into whatever he wanted. He wanted to dominate her, as any male would with a female in heat. But, in order to do that, to fully experience it, she’d need to say it. 

“Say my name…” he instructed with a momentary release of her ear; it twitched upon receiving its freedom, tickling his nose before Layla turned her head to look back up at him. 

“Wh… W-what?” Those sclera of shadow were wide in surprise as their embers flickered to match her demeanor, and he told her. 

“It’s Anton.”

But then he doubled his efforts, and she gave a cry as her tit and two holes were more roughly assaulted.


And upon going back to attacking her ear as well, Anton reveled in her eventual obedience.

“A-ahh~! An… Anton! Oh, f-fuck! Anton~!” 

Layla had fallen with her face upon the ground, her luscious ass still raised high as it was vigorously fucked along with her snatch. The hand at her breast was hark at work, eventually teasing her nipple in the middle of it all with firm pinches and twists. He felt himself near his end, but Anton was determined to make her finish sooner… if he couldn’t do that, then he’d force himself through his own afterglow if that’s what it took to bring the girl down.

Fortunately, he wouldn’t have to resort to such extremes… 

“A-ah…! Anton! I… I c-can’t take it any-…!!” 

A short moment passed, and a wolf’s howl resounded through the trees before all fell quiet.

Anton lay upon his panting lover, now collapsed entirely upon the earthy forest floor. His lungs were heaving, desperate for air as he pulled his phallic member from within her; he too had been brought to climax, though even as his seed seeped out from Layla’s insides he knew he had won. She had been forced to finish just seconds before him, but that’s all he had needed. 

“I… I did… it,” he whispered between labored breaths; instinctively, his hold on the inhuman girl beneath him shifted to a warm embrace with his newfound sense of accomplishment… and joy. “I beat her.”

“Beat who~?”

Anton’s eyes lit up as a violent shiver shot down his spine. 

“Don’t tell me that’s all you got? Just one orgasm?” 

No way. Was she serious? 

He had his answer in the form of a sudden leg swipe, the limb swinging up from the side and flipping the young man upon his back; Layla had spun her body with the movement so that now she was the one on top, and as she sat with a leaking snatch just below his fading erection, the girl leered down at him with a confident, mocking grin. 

“And here I thought you were serious about dominating me, Anton~…” she taunted him, those eyes of hers now burning brighter than ever before. 

The monster had duped him, making him believe he could actually have a chance at overcoming such stamina; the look in those eyes, the rush of energy she seemed to display… was she just getting started!? Had she been pretending this whole time, giving him a false sense of accomplishment when she did what he told her during all that? Was it really all an act?

“Aww~, don’t be too upset, Anton~…”

The way she stressed his name, the fact she even knew it now made his blood boil. 

“To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed myself. Hell, that was the best fuck I’ve had in a loooong time! But you know~…” 

Once again, she had to get in his face to make her point. 

“I’m not gonna be slobbering for your dick like some desperate bitch in heat, just because you gave me a good ride. Allow me to let you in on a little secret… We hellhounds? Back in the old days, not even the gods could tame us. Last time I checked, you’re nowhere near such a league, let alone surpassed that. Your efforts?” She gave a laugh. “It wasn’t nearly enough.” 

A hellhound. After all this time, it finally was revealed to him as to what she was. So, not even a god could topple her, huh? That was… pretty disappointing, actually. Just how the hell could he compete with that?

“Way to screw with me, bitch.”

“Oh, shut it,” Layla chuckled, “I know for a fact you had fun going at it, too. That said, are you ready for another round? …I’m not asking.” 

Her tail was wagging with newfound anticipation, and as he looked up, into those blazing red eyes full of excitement, he knew she was not going to back down. 

“I’m spent,” he honestly revealed to her. “Can’t you at least give me a couple minutes?” 

The hellhound simply smirked down at him with endearment amidst her flaming gaze. 

“You’re lucky I gave you this much time, already,” she told him before removing herself from atop his body. “Now, get up. I want you to fuck me like that again.” 

As she returned to that doggy-style position of hers, she added, “I could get off on just raping you again, but I think I like it this way better. Move it, bitch-boy.”

While having no real alternative choice on the matter, Anton grudgingly stood back to his feet am lumbered over to her. 

“This time, try to fuck me a little harder… I wanna feel~ it!” 

Was she serious? He had already given it his all! 

“I just said I was tired, idiot… It’s not even going to be as rough as last time.” Regardless, he got into position with his revived hard-on lining her slit. 

“Then at least last longer,” Layla practically demanded of him. “If you don’t, I’ll just have to rape y- AAH~! For fuck’s sake, Anton~!” 

He started at a consistent pace, not too hard but enough to keep the hellhound pleased. 

“Y-yeah, that’s it… Right there,” she encouraged as his hips slapped against her ass. “Nnh~! Ahh, at this rate, you’ll get me pregnant in no time~! Ohh, yes! Keep it up~!”

He suddenly stopped, and there was a pause. 

“Why’d you sto- OOF!” 

The question was interrupted as a foot shoved against her butt, the act both pulling him out and kicking Layla to the ground. Anton turned and began to walk away, his silence speaking for itself. 

“Hey!” She barked after him. “Where do you think you’re going?!” And then she got up and lunged.

The young man just let it happen, both too exhausted to run away and knowing too well he wouldn’t escape for long had he the energy. They both toppled upon a bed of grass and fallen leaves. 

“Please tell me you’re not serious about kids…” He pleaded, only to have his hopes surely dashed. 

“No way! I’m gonna drain you of cum until I get my litter!” 

He could only groan as Layla began to mount him.

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse…” The youth sighed to himself.


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7 thoughts on “Not Nearly Enough

  1. Y’know, I read this story a while back and for one reason or another it actually stuck with me. (especially the bit with the tree.)
    . . .Actually come to think of it, it was entirely because of that bit with the tree, but whatever. Anyways, great job Otaku, even for one of your earlier works this is still superb.

  2. I was almost convinced that Antons spirit would’ve broken after realizing that even with his best efforts, the best he could manage was please her to an extent.

    Its nice to see he kept up his defiance even after the fa t though. An admirable attempt an an otherwise feeble effort.

    Feel bad for the unicorn too, specially since he didnt really try to console her, but hey, he had bigger problems.

    Anyways, nice read. Sultry, but aggressive

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