Not a Waste


A muffled string of curses came from behind the door. A moment later the doorknob from the inside clattered to the floor and the old wooden door swung open with a creaking sound. The shuffling of many clacking feet was heard from the hallway before an agonized groan drifted inside.

Jason lay in his bed and watched the scene with a look of annoyance and boredom, as if he was used to seeing his door be broken on a daily basis. He didn’t bother to call out to whomever was making the ruckus outside- it didn’t really matter to him that much. Still, there was nothing good on TV so he watched the door until the interloper poked their head in through the portal. A green skinned, feminine face smiled at him with embarrassment and said,

“Uh, sorry about the fuck- nrgh, the door.”

“It’s not my door.” Jason said, shrugging. “Break it more, give me a better view of the hallway.”

The woman looked at the door and then back to him with confusion. “I don’t think that would go over well with my probation officer.”

“Well then, you’re in for some shit.”

At his words her eye twitched and the had to take a deep breath before asking, “May I come in?”

Jason waved his hand at the broken door. “My door is open.”

Eye twitching again, the woman stifled some kind of curse and crouched down before entering the room with some difficulty. It wasn’t that she was fat or anything, far from it, however she was quite large. What did one expect from an Ushi-Oni though?

At her full height she was tall, perhaps seven feet, and possessed a human torso of fine, hard muscle which did not in any way detract from her large breasts and feminine hips. Her skin was an olive green and along her body were patches of black fur that swirled into various, alluring patterns. These were covered in places by a tight fitting, if barely decent, athletic clothing.

Despite these more human features, her race was far, far more monstrous than many Monsters. These features were most evident in the large, furred, and clawed arms beginning at her elbows down and the furred, tarantula-like abdomen which began at the equivalent of her pelvis. Somehow she’d managed to wear a crude simulacrum of spats over the front legs which sprung from her hips almost like human legs and terminated in single, talon-like claw.

The Monster grumbled some kind of apology while rubbing at her head, adjusting the yellow bandage with the words, “DANGER” written on them over her left eye. A cow-like tail waggled behind her and she sighed before polishing one of two long, curving horns that sprouted from her head in an absent gesture.

“Well, you’re a big one.” Jason said in a flat voice. She gave him a cold look filled with restrained malice and grit her teeth before hissing,

“Hello, my name is Yvette and I’m here to speak with you today as part of my community service program. I am p-pleased to talk with you about anything. If you feel fuck-nrgh, uncomfortable about any of my actions, please use the buzzer to summon a nurse.”

“Oh, is that all I have to do to get rid of you? Damn, and I thought Ushi-Oni were difficult to get away from, hang on a second.” Jason began to dig around his bed for a buzzer.

“No! No wait please!” Yvette said, scuttling closer to Jason, a look of terror on her face. “Please don’t, I need this to go well!”

The man gave her a look that said, I don’t care what you need. Her spine stiffened as he raised the buzzer, thumb on the button. They shared a tense look for a long moment before he sighed and placed the device on the table. “Meh, I don’t have anything better to do. So, what’d you do, rape the wrong little boy?”

“That’s a complete stereotype that Ushi-Oni are unstoppable rape machines who lust after boys with massive dicks.” Yvette sniffed, crossing her arms. A look of embarrassment came over her face as she looked off to the side, “Besides, it wasn’t for rape, it was for the damage I caused trying to catch him.”

“Heh, so how’d they stop you? Horse tranquilizers?”

“Elephant.” She sighed, pointing at three bandages on her spider-like abdomen. “I forgot they had a task force for this sort of thing.”

“Oh well don’t I feel safe then. Thousand pounds of pure destructive rape plopped into my room. So, did they send you as a conjugal visit? Seems like a bad idea for someone who’s injured. Or is this a punishment for me? I suppose I did yell at the nurses recently, maybe they pooled together to break my hips?”

He stared her directly in the eye as he said this. Yvette was honestly surprised that his eyes didn’t wander over her body like most humans did. Whether from lust or fear, everyone always stared at Ushi-Oni with a look that said they’d rather not be there. Of course, this speculation was secondary on her mind as her primary emotion was a simmering lust she always felt near a man. Given this man spent most of his time in bed, it positively REEKED of male scent.

“Nrgh.” She grunted, breaking her out of her thoughts. No, no this is how she got into her predicament in the first place. All she had to do was not cause more problems for the next hour and then she’d be one step closer to going back to normal. Taking a deep breath to calm herself she said, “No, I’m strictly prohibited from performing indecent acts with the patients and am here as part of an outreach program due to my inappropriate behavior.”

“Ohhh, I see. They sent you here because I’m crippled and if you did anything it wouldn’t matter to anyone. Is that it eh? Trying to teach the ol’ rape machine how to keep her hands off, but using the equivalent of a training dummy huh? Clever…”

“Please stop.” She whispered, hands balled into the equivalent of fists. A soft light played from underneath the bandage on her head and Jason got the impression that she desperately wanted to scratch it.

Watching her change in demeanor, Jason sighed and relented his abuse. Turning his head toward the window he waved at her and said, “Fine, whatever. Just take a seat or something.”

Yvette cocked her head but he didn’t turn to face her. Shrugging, she positioned herself closer to the ground, resting upon her abdomen. Arms folded, she asked, “So… what do you want to talk about?”


Her eye twitched. “Alright… so what’s your story? How did you end up in here? You look pretty fine to me.”

Jason shrugged. She was correct in her assessment of him from the waist up at least. Jason was in his late twenties and had a strong, muscular torso and rugged features. His solid black hair and slightly unkempt beard gave him a rather appealing look all things considered. Yvette was confused at what his ailment might be, considering that he wasn’t hooked up to any IV’s or other medical equipment, until he casually flipped back the sheets on his bed.

Yvette gasped despite herself, placing a clawed hand to her mouth. Though her normal instinct was to look straight at his groin in the short-cut hospital gown, her eyes looked further down instead. Right above the knees on both legs were bandages. Despite his other features, Jason was a double amputee.

“Holy shit.” She blurted out, not even thinking about it. “Ah, uh… sorry.”

“Does that answer your question?”

The room grew uncomfortably tense. Jason continued to look out the window while Yvette fidgeted. She’d never really been in this kind of situation before despite having grown up in human society, unlike most of her race. Most people typically don’t hold conversations with Ushi-Oni or they make cause to excuse themselves before running as soon as they think they’re out of her sight. The only times she had been in a conversation with a man for any extended period of time was after her arrest and with her father. Frankly neither of those counted.

Unable to stomach this new, uncomfortable feeling any longer she asked, “How’d it uh- how’d it happen?”

“They really don’t teach Ushi-Oni manners, do they?” Jason sighed. He turned his gaze to hers and she was surprised to see a blank expression, lacking emotion. It made her feel… sad, for some reason. She couldn’t really place it, but such a look inspired another rare emotion in her. Was it… pity?

“Look I just- nrgh.” Yvette grumbled as she rubbed at her horn. “I’m not exactly good at these kinds of situations, okay? I’m trying here.”

He studied her embarrassed expression before sighing. “Yeah, I guess so. I’ve only ever seen one Ushi-Oni before and she was much less restrained.”

“There aren’t very many of us, and that’s just how we are. It’s very difficult to…” She waved about the room. “This.”

He snorted. “Yeah, tell me about it. I’m sure most people just run whenever they see you.”

“I- Yes. Usually.”

“Well, lucky for you, I can’t really go anywhere so we’re stuck with each other’s company.” His chuckle was dark and made the hairs on the back of Yvette’s neck stand on end.

“That’s not really funny.” She said, crossing her arms.

“Maybe not to you.”

“It shouldn’t be to you either. This kind of injury to a man… well, anyone, is horrible.” She shuddered. “I can’t imagine what would happen if I lost legs, or my tail.”

“Oh, there’s a good psychiatrist for that around here. Even helped a Manticore who lost her tail once.” Jason chuckled again, “Hasn’t really helped me much though.”


“Oh, a few months ago.” He went quiet for a moment, eyes staring off at something distant. She sat there in awkward silence again until he blinked and asked, “What, not going to question further?”

“You don’t look like you want to talk about it.”

“Oh? Taking someone’s feelings into consideration? Are you sure you’re an Ushi-Oni?”

“You know, I could always just rape you and run away back to the Motherland.” Yvette said with a dry tone. Oddly enough this made Jason give her a genuine smile.

“Ha! I suppose you could and not even this buzzer would stop you in time. My only hope would be my current lack of sex drive. Which would win, me getting an erection or the nurses arriving and being able to pull you away?”

The words “sex” and “erection” made Yvette shudder. Her loins grew hot and she could feel her heart beating harder in her chest. She became aware of his smell again and she had to hurriedly cover her mouth to keep him from seeing her drooling. Taking a few, hurried breaths, she recited her current mantra of, “I don’t want to go to jail.”

“You alright there?” Jason asked, watching her shudder.

“Y-yes.” She lied, still trying to regain her composure.

“No, you’re not, but it’s fine.” He said, lying back on the bed. “I know what it is to lie to the nurses. To say everything is fine when you’re filled with a raging torrent of emotions.”

Yvetted looked to him with confusion, some of her lust forgotten. “What?”

“The suffering. Trying to keep it inside. I get that.” He looked her in the eye. “But sometimes we have to just bottle it up and keep it to ourselves so that we don’t hurt anyone else. It’s a very human thing.”

“I-” She said, her inner struggle abating as she was struck by this statement. “But I’m not human.”

He considered for a moment before shrugging. “Well, some would call me a monster too.”

Yvette furrowed her brow. “I’m not sure I get that…”

He sighed. It was a long, deep sound filled with sorrow. “IED. Improvised Explosive Device.”


“That’s how I lost my legs. A bomb made by some kid in a shack in Afghanistan. Was out on patrol when the squad got ambushed. The others died and I- well. I ended up in my own little hell.”

Yvette stared at him not in horror but incomprehension. Her eye twitched a few times and she rubbed at her bandage. “I don’t understand.”

He narrowed his eyes and grit his teeth. “You’re an avatar of destruction, how do you not understand what happens when a bomb explodes? It goes ‘BOOM’ and then your legs are cut apart by shrapnel while your friend’s bodies are blown to pieces and you end up not knowing whose blood is who’s any longer!”

Jason began to pant as he finished his rant. His hands gripped the side rails of his bed in a white-knuckled grip which shook the whole thing in a violent fashion. Eyes wide, he stared almost as if not seeing the massive Monster in the room, vision locked on something even more horrifying.

The shaking stopped. As if the motions were the vehicle upon which his nightmare came, Jason’s vision became lucid again. He turned his sweat covered face slowly down to where a massive, furred claw held his hand on the railing. An indescribable urge of panic still welled within him, but despite being locked into place by Yvette’s unbreakable grip he felt more at ease. Or well, at least less terrified.

Jason took a deep, shaking breath and said, “Let go.”

Yvette blinked as if not understanding what he asked before she gasped and removed her hand. It was almost as if she didn’t know it was there. A small blush appeared on her face and she cleared her throat loudly. “Sorry, I didn’t know what to do and I guess… yeah, sorry.” She looked about with a nervous gaze before asking, “Are you okay?”

“Better.” He said, wiping more sweat from his brow. “I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“What happened?”

“I got caught up in the past again. It’s fine now.” He looked down and touched his legs, wincing for some reason. Despite what he said, he did not look at all fine. He was breathing a little easier however and was able to ask, “Understand now?”

She hesitated before saying, “That’s not what I meant. I know what an explosion uhm… does.” She rubbed at her horn, clearly uncomfortable. “I was more confused about why someone would do that to you.”

He stared at her as if she was an alien. A cow-spider-demon thing? That he could understand. Someone who asked a question like that was a foreign concept entirely. The corner of his mouth twitched as he tried to formulate a proper response. All he could manage was, “We’re at war. It’s what happens in a war.”

Yvette’s brow furrowed. “Men blow each other up in wars?”

“Among other things, yes.”

“But… why?”

Jason rubbed at his temple. “Because we bombed the fuck out of their country and fucked over their way of life? Because their religion demands they kill us? Because we’re spreading democracy? Because we want their oil?” He threw up his hand. “I don’t fucking know why, we just ARE.”

Yvette sat back on her legs, a look of consternation on her face. Ushi-Oni were not said to be the brightest of Monsters- it wasn’t like you needed an education to get a man when you could bench a truck and had a set of amazing breasts. Still, she rubbed at her horn in that gesture of hers and sighed, “Seems like a waste to me.”

That was not the answer Jason was expecting to hear. It sounded like something a child would say, someone who wasn’t accustomed to the dark cruelty of the adult world. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Waste?”

“Yeah, a waste of men. My mother always told me about the Motherland and how men were a rarity and were a treasure you should hold onto with all your might once you found the right one to be your husband. To hear about men killing each other without knowing the reason is just…” She looked at him with her uncovered eye and he was shocked to see sorrow there.

“It’s just a waste.”

Jason didn’t know what to say to that. He tried to think of something to justify it all, something to rebut her statements, but he just… couldn’t. His hand tightened on the railing of the bed as he felt a pressure well up in his chest. Something wet trickled down his cheek. With shaky fingers, he tried to brush it aside, but before he could a single claw reach over and wiped the tear away.

Yvette gave him a sad smile as she pulled away, flicking the tear to the side. Jason made a choked sound and tried to say something but shook his head instead. She asked, “Why are you crying?”

It took him a few moments to regain his composure enough to say, “Because you’re right, and that makes it so much worse.” He gestured to his legs and said, “Why did they have to die? Why did I have to lose my legs? If it was all just a waste then what’s the point? I have to believe it happened for a reason or else I’m not certain I can go on like this.”

Quietly, she watched him as he put his hand back to his face, trying to hide the tears that were forming again. It was an odd thing to watch, Yvette thought. All her life she thought of men as a sort of prey to be captured, raped, then held tight to her breast. She’d never encountered something like this. Watching him, the conflicting emotions in her chest, the ever-present lust and the deep confusion, began to slowly give way to an overwhelming desire to comfort.

Before she could think it through she asked in a quiet voice, “May I hug you?”

Jason looked up at her, eyes beginning to turn red from crying. He didn’t seem to fully comprehend the question, or perhaps he didn’t hear it. Either way, he just stared at her until she sighed, pushed herself forward, and pulled him into an embrace.

Her body was warm and soft. Massive, fuzzy arms held him with a tight grip against her chest. A musky odor filled his nostrils and he could feel her soft flesh over the tight, corded muscle beneath. She held her head next to his, breath sounding delicately against his ear. Hands shaking, he pulled them around her back and returned the gesture.

They stayed like this a long time until finally Yvette let go and pulled back, a soft smile on her face. Jason’s tears had dried up long ago yet he still rubbed at his eyes and cleared his nose. The whole scene ruined his handsome face but Yvette didn’t hold it against him. She was pretty sure she looked a little strange too at the moment.

“Didn’t know Ushi-Oni were the hugging type.” Jason said, smirk on his lips.

“Oh, we’re really good at holding tight.” She said, flexing her arm and laughing. The sound brought laughter to Jason’s lips too and they both laughed for a few moments before it died away, leaving them with good cheer.

“You know…” Yvette began, hesitating only for a moment. “I know what’s happened to you has been terrible but I’m glad you told me about it. If you want to look at it one way, I guess because it happened I was able to meet you.”

She sighed, “Aww fuck, that was rude.”

Jason shook his head. “Yeah, a little. It’s alright though. You’ve given me something to think about and it’s been… nice to let it out. The nurses and other veterans have their own problems and don’t care but it feels like you do.”

He smiled and said, “Thank you, Yvette.”

A chime sounded. Both of them turned to look at Yvette’s breasts, which vibrated softly. Without any tact she reached into her bra, exposing a large amount of breast and pulled out a cell phone between two claws. Somehow she managed to operate it with delicate taps of her claws. “Oh, it’s been an hour.”

“Ah.” Jason said, nodding his head. “Guess you’re free to go then.”

Yvette frowned and considered for a moment before replacing the phone between her cleavage and shrugging. “Well, the order said I only needed to serve an hour, not that it only had to be an hour.” Blush returning to her cheeks she rubbed at her horn and asked, “You want to uh… talk a little more?”

A genuine smile touched his lips. “Well, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

She smiled in return. “Speaking of which, how are you keeping in such good shape?”

“Physical therapy and more time than I know what to do with. You don’t need legs to lift weights you know.”

“Is that so? I got banned from the weight room in a local gym so I feel a little weak myself.”

“You don’t look it, but really, how did you manage to get banned?”

“Oh well there was this fucking Minotaur named Juniper and…”

They spoke together for the next few hours, at least up until one of the nurses walked by the broken door. But while it lasted it was good for both of them. Neither left the conversation feeling like their time was wasted and perhaps, at least Yvette thought while being escorted out, perhaps she’d gained something from the encounter.

She wondered when the next visiting hours were.

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19 thoughts on “Not a Waste

  1. Just makes you think a little. 58 thousand soldiers died in combat in VietNam. 70 thousand more committed suicide because of war drug withdrawal, our hostile civilians and horrible media, and incompetant government services.

    If men were a precious asset instead of an expendable resource? Would women be sent to war, or would there be few wars at all?

  2. Oh dear.
    I guess at some point I write more of these two. I suppose I never expected to write more of Code Wight either, but here we are.

    Thanks y’all!

  3. This is very good. And touches on the values dissonance between our favorite group of fictional ladies and the real world. I know a lot of vets, and you captured their attitudes perfectly.

  4. Not enough Ushi stories out there. I hope you write more about these two; this story feels like it could be setting up something really excellent.

    1. I’m not dead! I’ve just been busy writing other things than short stories for TFT, though I did upload some about a month ago if you wanna take a read. Thanks for the comment tho!

  5. I know I already reviewed but I hope you don’t mind. Re-read it again and this story is probably the most heart-warming story on this site. I can relate a lot to Jason and Yvette is a well built MG character in a modern setting. Both are trying to seek something missing and both found it in each other. It can stand on its own as a single chapter leaving the reader to speculate what happens next between the two. But I certainly won’t mind reading a sequel of the same quality from the author.

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