Night of the Amethyst Serpent

 Marco liked strong, aggressive women to put it mildly.

 It seemed inevitable that Marco would end up getting hitched with a naturally domineering type of mamono  like a Manticore, Hellhound, Dark Elf or Kraken.
 Counterintuitively, Marco ended up falling in love with and marrying a very sweet and kind shirohebi during his college years. Mai was nothing like the powerful and dominant mamono that Marco had fantasized about for the longest time- the pale lamia was a bit shy at first and proved to be a very kind and devoted lover who often put Marco’s wants and desires above her own.
 Except for the rough, kinky sex.
 Mai was always gentle and tender and made it clear that she had absolutely no interest in being rough with Marco. Given the size and strength of her lower serpentine half, Mai was understandably worried about hurting her beloved husband in the throes of passion. The beautiful, pale lamia coiling her lower body around Marco was usually about as hardcore as she was willing to get with him.
 Marco’s fantasies about being collared and leashed by a Hellhound and then made to walk on all fours or a manticore forcing him to his knees and making him perform cunninglingus as her tail went to work on him gradually fell by the wayside with married life.
 Aside from Mai’s unwillingness to indulge in his particular kink, married life was pretty good to Marco. He landed a good paying job in the city shortly after graduating and could look forward to Mai greeting him with a fresh cooked meal each night when he returned home. Some nights his sexy and thoughtful wife would entice him to partake of something a little sweeter by greeting him with the naked apron. A decent consolation prize for the man who sought to be sensually dominated by a mamono.
 Although she was too timid to go on stage herself, Mai ended up getting part time work at a community theater- mostly working the box office or promoting upcoming shows in the local paper or on social media. Despite not being an actress with the theater, Marco would affectionately refer to Mai as ‘My Leading Lady’, which would almost always make the beautiful white serpent blush.

 It was a comfortable routine that Marco fell into with his devoted wife for the first couple of years of his marriage to Mai. However, one spring his beloved Mai needed to take care of some matters back home and would be gone for about a week. She did her best to reassure him that she’d be back in no time at all when he saw her off at the train station that morning, but Marco knew it would feel like an eternity, especially since he would be missing Valentine’s day with Mai.

 The rest of the workday passed with him wondering what he was going to do in Mai’s absence. Ultimately he decided to go out for some drinks with co-workers, but didn’t want to miss the last train back to his suburban home.

 A little tipsy, Marco fumbled for the keys before he managed to open the door to the little, intimate bungalow. However, he was not prepared for the sight that greeted him on the other side of the door.
 Scarlet everywhere- scarlet tapestry with hieroglyphics hanging from the wall, blood red curtains blotting out the view from outside, red covers draped across the sofa and love seat and a scarlet tablecloth where he and Mai normally ate dinner each night.
 The interior of the little bungalow was lit up in the dim, flickering light of dozens of little burgundy heart shaped candles spread out on the coffee table, counter and dining room table.
 Marco blinked in surprise, uncertain at first over whether or not he was even at the right home. The key worked like it always did, so he reasoned that despite the late hour and his alcohol consumption, he had the right place
 However, his confusion grew as he stepped across the threshold into a home he barely recognized as his own. Did Mai arrange for this? How could she when she’s out of town? he pondered. It looked almost like a vampire had redecorated the interior while he was out.
 Only when he was inside did he realize that he was not alone.
 “Welcome home, my dear Marco. I’ve been expecting you.” a husky-yet-feminine voice beckoned him.
 Shocked, Marco turned to his attention to  see someone casually draped over the love seat. It was a lamia, but it was definitely not a Shirohebi.

 “Who are you?” a startled Marco called out. In the flickering candlelight, he could see that the unannounced woman had dark scales and almost violet-hued flesh on her upper body. Dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and partially concealed her sizeable breasts. She wasn’t wearing a top- at least not in the traditional sense. Through the intruder’s hair, Marco could see that he breasts were covered by what looked like two metallic fleur-de-lis attached as sort of industrial-duty pasties. Much of her lower body was obscured from Marco’s view, but he could see that she wore a thin, sheer skirt adorned with red jewels where her serpentine lower half began. Behind her neck was some sort of hood also decorated with ornamental crimson stones and yellow slatted pupils surrounded by black sclera locked him in a predatory gaze.

 Marco was now face to face with an apophis.

 “Me? Oh….I’m just someone who appreciates the finer things in life…” she said, lifting up a glass of red wine and taking a sip. “Good food, splendid music, fine wine…..” she paused as she set the wine glass back on the table. “…..and submissive men who know that their proper place will always be on their knees servicing my kind.”

 His jaw dropped at the intruder’s unsubtle attempt to sway him. She seemed to be relishing his shock and astonishment.

 “H-how did you know….?” Marco asked breathlessly.

 Wineglass still in hand, the apophis got up from her reclining position and enticingly slithered over to Marco.

 “It’s a gift some of us are endowed with. Like a sommelier can select the finest vintage from a fully stocked wine cellar, I can tell with just one look who’s going to be a good little pet for me.” she leaned in close and sensually flicked her tongue in front of Marco’s face for emphasis.

 She moved her tail behind Marco and although he didn’t see it, he could hear the lock on the front door click into place. He was now trapped with her.

 “I’m married….” Marco said nervously.

 “Yes. To a prissy little shrine maiden who refuses to show you your rightful place no matter how badly you want her to do so.” the apophis said dismissively.

 Marcos bristled upon hearing those words. He was going to say something to defend his wife until he felt the Desert Kingdom lamia’s tail start to coil around his legs.

 “It’s not like that…..” he said. “Besides…I thought you were supposed to leave other mamono’s husbands alone.”

 The apophis covered her mouth as she let out a bemused ‘Ara Ara’.

 “Technically that’s true, but in situations like these, the enticing musk of an obedient human male is enough to overpower your wife’s scent. It’s almost as if you’re enticing me, dear Marco… though you still need someone to oh-so-firmly take control.”

 “Mai won’t do some of these things I want because she’s worried she’ll hurt me.” Marco spoke up. “I’ve come to terms with that…”

 “Have you?” the apophis taunted as she began to coil her lower body around Marco. “If you were so accepting of those circumstances, there’s no way I would be able to detect your musk.”

 “Don’t….” Marco began to say as he struggled in the apophis’ coils.

 “Shhh…..” the apophis gently pressed a finger to Marco’s lips. “Instead of that prudish albino you’re married to, I want you to start thinking about your future as my slave….as my pet in my Desert Kingdom palace.”


 The apophis nodded. Any further inquiry by Marco was cut off by the cobra lamia seductively inserting her finger into Marco’s mouth.

 “Mmm….yes. Think of it, Marco. My plaything trussed up and on full display in front of my imperial court, all of my subjects looking on as I give you my venom and you give your queen your delicious and nourishing spirit energy. Over and over until your spent body is resting in my coils. Maybe put you in a special collar and chains so that everyone will know you’re the queen’s personal property and take you for a walk in the Royal Gardens every day….”

 Marco shuddered in apparent ecstasy at the image the Apophis intruder was painting with her words. With her other hand, she held up a leather collar in front of him as her tail started to snake its way into his waistband.
 “Cast off the shackles of your mundane life and your inconsiderate spouse and join me as my slave- you’ll find the chains I put you in are far more enticing.” her voluptuous upper body was now firmly pressing against him.
 “No….I….can’t…” Marco protested feebly, still struggling in her coils.
 “Ahh……your mouth is saying ‘no’, but your body is much more honest and telling me different, Marco” the Apophis teased as her tail’s exploration was rewarded by making contact with her human captive’s excited member.
 “Stop it…..stop it….” Marco pleaded.
 “Marco- even if you refuse me, your musk will attract others- many far less considerate than I am for a slave’s well being. All you need to do is put on this collar and call me ‘Mistress’, and I shall take you back home to the Desert Kingdom for a life of unimaginable pleasure and decadence.”
 “I…….” Marco started to say breathlessly as his apophis captor held out the collar in front of him.
 “Take it, my dearest Marco.” she urged, briefly shaking the collar like a tambourine as she loosened her coils enough for her prey to free his arm. “You won’t regret it, I promise you that much my pet.”
 Faltering for only a moment, Marco took the collar and examined it.
 “No.” the apophis’ captive said flatly.
 Her features darkened with shock and anger.
 “What was that, my pet?”
 “You heard me…”
 Marco swore that the apophis intruder was now grinning, displaying a pair of sinister-looking fangs.
 “Such a pity- I really do savor the docile and obedient ones. Breaking in unruly humie men seems to be more the specialty of Dark Elves, Hellhounds or Manticores, but I can make you mine with just a taste of my venom, Dear Marco…” the apophis taunted.
 She wasn’t ready for what happened next as Marco made a fist with the hand that was holding the collar she gave him. With a speed that would make a cobra envious, the human gave the Amethyst serpent woman a vicious right hook.
 “You don’t get it, do you? Damn it- I’ll regret leaving Mai. I love my wife…..I took a vow to remain faithful to her and cherish her for the rest of my days! And you waltz in here thinking that….that I’m just going to throw it all away on some bossy purple snake tart’s whim?” he snarled as the apophis recoiled in shock.
 Taking advantage of the cobra lamia’s shock and confusion, Marco began successfully making his way out of his stunned captor’s sinewy coils.
 “Ow…ow…Marco…..” the Apophis pleaded.
 “If you offered me this before I met my wife, I would’ve jumped at the chance. But Mai is the best thing that happened to me, and I’ll be damned if I let you take me away from her without a fight.”
 Feeling extra confident, he gave the startled Apophis a shove. That’s when he noticed two things- the apophis intruder’s ‘hood’ was slightly askew now and his hands were covered with some sort of purple dye or ink.
 “Ah….Marco….please! Stop!” the Apophis said as she defensively coiled around herself. Only her voice wasn’t as deep and husky anymore. In fact, it sounded somewhat familiar.
 His confusion only deepened when he saw blotches of white along the Apophis’ serpentine lower body. Marco realized that was most likely where he put his hands when he freed himself from her clutches.
 “Marco….love….I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to….” the apophis pleaded in Mai’s voice.
 He hesitated. Was this intruder using mimicry? Or….
 The ‘hood’ fell off completely and landed onto the floor with a clatter that pierced the tense silence. The snake woman looked like she was puffing up her cheeks, only to spit out a novelty pair of fangs a moment later.
 Marco was still confused, but heard himself ask “Mai….?”
 “I wanted this to be a surprise, Marco…..” the ‘Apophis’ said timidly.
 Well, even if he wasn’t going to get dragged away against his will by an all-powerful purple cobra lamia to her Desert Kingdom palace where he’d spend the rest of his days as a slave and cum fountain, this was still quite a surprise.
 “Wh-what’s going on, Mai? I thought you were out of town…..I even left you at the station this morning….” Marco said, clearly bewildered.
 “I…I can explain…” the disguised shirohebi said fretfully. “Once you left, I took a cab over to the theater…”
 “Why go there?”
 “Because there’s some very talented Lenan Sidhe’s who do makeup, and basically they spent all day helping me into character…..”
 “Into character? What do you mean?”
 “Well….” Mai started out bashfully. “Even though it doesn’t come up that much, I know that you still like it pretty rough and kinky.”
 “Mai….as long as I’m with you, you know that I’ll be happy.”
 The purple-ish shirohebi waved him off. “But still….I wanted to do something special for you for Valentine’s Day. But….you know…I still had misgivings about doing something that might hurt you because I was worried you wouldn’t want to be intimate with me again, so…..”
 “A little while ago, I decided to create an alter-ego and try it out.”
 “What alter-ego?”
 “You’re looking at her- Esiri the Enslaver. A dominant, sensual, man-hungry apophis from the Desert Kingdom who isn’t afraid to take what she wants.”
 She could see that Marco was less tense now and began chuckling nervously.
 “Holy shit, Mai……out of all the things you’ve done, this is easily the most twisted, sadistic, perverse…..”
 He could see his wife’s crestfallen expression as he continued.
 “……thoughtful, considerate, sexy, erotic, creative, over-the-top thing that any wife has done for their husband. Ever….”
 Mai’s face was positively beaming when she heard that.
 “I didn’t mean to scare you that much….I thought sooner or later you’d see through the disguise and play along.”
 Marco was still marveling at his wife’s sensual alter-ego: her dainty fingers were now tipped with what looked like violet talons, and the black sclera in her eyes gave yet an intimidating yet alluring appearance.
 “But….it was such an elaborate disguise. I really didn’t know what was going on until after……well…..I kinda punched you. Sorry about that, by the way…”
 “That really hurt, too.” purple Mai pouted. “But it was worth it….”
 Marco looked at his wife, quite bewildered. “Why?”
 “Because….when you thought I was someone else, you kept telling me how much you love me and you’d never leave me…..even when I appeared as somebody else offering to make your innermost fantasies come true….it….it made me feel so warm inside.”
 “But…..all this….” Marco was still marveling at his wife’s transformation.
 “Oh goodness….” she tittered. “Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It took all afternoon for those little fairies to paint my lower body.”
 “And the eyes?”
 “Novelty contacts.”
 “And changing your voice like that?”
 “The theater has a voice coach- he was really able to help me out….” she said before her voice grew more hoarse and sultry, like that ‘Apophis’ he confronted earlier. “Wouldn’t you say, my pet?”
 He gently tugged at his wife’s darkened hair, thinking it was a wig. It didn’t budge.
 “Ow!” Mai squealed in her normal voice.
 “Sorry- I thought that was some sort of hairpiece or extension.”
 “That was actually surprisingly easy!” she proudly explained to Marco. “I just used a little of my water magic to help dye my hair a darker shade…”
 “You….really went all out, didn’t you?” he mused.
 She nodded before giving him a chaste peck on his cheek. “Because you’re worth it, love. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
 “You too, babe.”  Marco said, nearly dumbfounded at the trouble his wife went through to spring this surprise on him.
 “Oh…and Marco?” she asked sweetly as she coiled around him.
 Gone was Mai’s sweet and uptempo voice, replaced by the sensual, husky cadence the ‘Apophis’ was using earlier.
 “Be a good little pet and put this on for me….” Mai held up the collar.
 “A… you wish, mistress.” Marco said meekly as he took the collar from her.
 “Now, pet….I seem to recall you raising your hand against me.” Mai’s slaveowner Apophis persona chided Marco.
 “I….I’m sorry, mistress.” Marco said bashfully as the collar was now on.
 “You seemed to have forgotten your place” the purple serpentine woman said, her calm voice hinting at an underlying fury as she picked up the decorative hood and put it back on. “I know…maybe a dose of my venom will help you remember your station.”
 Marco looked bewildered until Mai leaned in and playfully nibbled the nape of his neck.
 “Om nom nom nom…” she teased. “Believe me- it’s much more convincing with the fangs.”
 “It won’t happen again, mistress. I promise.” Marco said, looking away as he managed to stifle a chuckle at his wife’s antics.
 “Ara ara…..what can you do for me to overlook this transgression?” she mused.
 “I can do many things if it pleases my beautiful mistress…” Marco said while gazing lovingly into the lamia’s eyes.
 “I know….” Apophis Mai said as her tail coiled softly around Marco’s neck. “You are going to lick the tip of my tail until it turns white.”
 “As you wish, Mistress.” Marco said, doing little to conceal his joy at the ‘punishment’ his incognito wife was doling out. In response, her coils began to tense around him.
 “Mmmm…..I sense my beloved pet is already getting excited, but there’s something else…” she admonished him.
 “Wh-what’s that?” Marco asked nervously.
 “He needs to do this with both hands behind his back.” Apophis Mai held up a pair of vintage-looking manacles before moving her upper body into a position that allowed her to put the manacles on her obedient husband while smothering his face with her considerable breasts.
 Marco was in heaven now and Mai could feel his excited, twitching member through his pants. Mai knew she would have all night to undress him, but had to keep herself in check so that she wouldn’t tear off her husband’s clothes right then and there.
 “Now….my pet.” Pretty sure the manacles were in place, she backed off so that Marco could see the counter immediately behind her, complete with an hourglass that already had sand running into the bottom half. “If you don’t make me come by the time the sands run out in that hourglass, you’ll be ♩ ♪pun ♩ ♪-ished♩ ♪.” she teased in a sing-song voice as she wagged her finger.
 Her husband’s eyes lit up when he heard the ultimatum. This was a side of his shy, bashful shirohebi wife he never thought he’d get to see. Eager to embark upon the task his mistress laid out before him, he hesitated when Mai addressed him in her normal conversational voice.
 “But don’t get too carried away, love. I took those manacles from the prop department without asking- I’m not sure if they even work or are just for show.” she cautioned him.
 “Naughty snake….” he teased as he set about licking the dye off of the tip of his wife’s tail. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a flavor reminiscent of grape Kool Aid or fruit punch as his tongue went to work- damn those little fairies in makeup thought of just about everything. Mai let out a startled moan before she was able to compose herself.
 “Indeed, but I don’t remember giving you permission to speak, slave.”
 Marco pouted as he wriggled a little in her sinewy coils. That look on his face always made Mai smile. She knew she was going to be getting so much spirit energy from her beloved hubby tonight, but only after he eagerly serviced her with his tongue.
Sighing happily as she cupped his chin, Mai momentarily forgot about her Esiri the Enslaver Apophis persona as she gently kissed him on the lips.
 “But remember this, my husband. I will always and forever love you…”
 With her declaration, the sands continued cascading through the hourglass.
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    1. You know what they say… if a mate is to stay loyal, give them a reason to be.

      [Disclaimer: this bit of “advice” is in no way meant to encourage nor promote NTR, or any similar marriage-breaking circumstance; the betrayal of one’s prospect love, especially on the grounds of exchanged vows, is a horrible concept that should never be excersized… that, and everything written in this post thus far is presented by an individual holding next to no amount of expertise in the field of relationships and any associated topics thereof, so please disregard at your convenience… and good day.]

  1. That was unexpected. I thought he’d give in, but it lookssssss like all’ssssss well that endssssss well.

    In fact, that might be what a lot of male subs would want – a waifu who is sweet and gentle outside the bedroom, and a commanding yet sensual dominatrix inside it. Someone who orders you around all the time would be tiring, so you can always … switch. 🙂

  2. marvelous. solid plot structure, perfect length, and sexy while still maintaining all the cute lovey dovey shit. VERY much enjoyed this. was a pleasant end to my evening 🙂

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