My Neighbor’s Girlfriend Cant be this Cute (Part 5)

>you flinch and rub your arm down as you suddenly felt a burning sensation
>damn grease
>you proceed to carefully flip the bacon over, making sure not to splash yourself with any more of the burning liquid
>finished cooking, you flip the bacon out and place it on a plate for breakfast
>you proceed to put that pan in a sink and get another one as you got started on the pancakes
>like clockwork, you heard the bedroom door unlocking and swing open
>out strolled a white haired cat monster girl with the messiest bed head you’d ever seen and wearing an oversized white T-shirt
>her eyes were barely open as she stumbled her way to the kitchen table and plopped herself down on the chair
>”Baaacoooooonnn” she half groaned/half meowed
>you placed the plate of bacon in front of her along with a glass orange juice
>”Yaaaay.” she said softly mewled with her bleary eyes and weak smile and before picking up a piece of bacon and nibbling on it
>you calmly petted the white haired cat girl as she continued to nibble on the meat
>she leaned into your hand
>what a loveable cat
>speaking of love…
>you wondered what relationship you had with your former neighbor’s girlfriend
>certainly, the two of you had grown much closer since that night
>the two of you constantly teased one another
>Kayla’s new game was to catch you off guard and suddenly rub and wiggle her butt against you, forcibly giving you an erection before she ran away, laughing madly and leaving you with a raging hard on
>not that you minded
>but the two of you hadn’t even kissed yet
>nothing was official, and you wouldn’t dare risk asking her to make it so
>the greatest thing you feared was what would happen if she said “no”
>never the less, you were determined to spend as much time with her
>With the end of the school year, Kayla did have to return home for the summer, much to your dismay
>only a few more weeks remained before that happened
>luckily for you, your managed to snag some tickets for a special idea you had
>the pancakes finished, you placed them on a plate and sat down next to Kayla as she munched away
>you casually asked her if she wanted to go somewhere special for a day
>the T-shirt had slipped and now hung off her shoulder as she munched her way through breakfast as she looked up at you, slightly more awake

>”Hm? Where to?” she asked inquisitively
>you tried to be vague to her, intent on keeping it a surprise
>you mentioned it was just a day trip where the two of you could just have some fun together
>Kayla listened on as she pulled the plate of pancakes towards her and began to pour an obscene amount of syrup upon them
>”So like a date then?” she said off handedly, carving the pancakes up and stuffing them into her mouth
>your breath caught in your throat
>yeah something like that, you hesitantly admitted, testing the waters
>she chewed slowly, mulling over the idea in her head, her head tilting slowly to the side
>”Hmmm…..sure!” she replied cheerfully
>you blinked several times at her, a surprised at her cheerful reaction
>”Well it’d be fun for a change.” She explained with a mouthful of pancakes
>she suddenly pointed her fork at you accusingly
>”Plus, you’ve been cooped up inside the apartment for too long. I’m starting to think you don’t have any friends.”
>your eyebrow twitched as you reminded her that it was her fault that you were stuck taking care of her all day while she goofed off and ignored her studies
>you even had to do her laundry
>she merely shrugged and stabbed her fork into another slice of pancake, her eyes narrowing as she flashed you a cat like grin
>”You know you love me…” she taunted to you, nomming on her pancake
>you were at a loss of words as she caught you by surprise by her statement
>all you could do was hide your panicked expression and turn away from her, embarrassed
>damn cat

>later that day, you were waiting inside the car, letting the A/C run to try and cool it down before the two of you departed
>as usual, Kayla was taking her time once again
>just as you were about to honk the car horn for her to hurry up, a figure ran up to you
>at first you didn’t recognize her, the royal blue sun dress catching your attention first before you finally realized that it was Kayla wearing it
>even more surprising was the fact that you never saw her in a dress before
>she opened the door and hopped in, the flowy summer dress showing off ample cleavage and supported by two thin blue straps and ending mid-thigh as she fixed her hair using your rear view mirror
>”Nyah?” she said with a smile, catching you staring at her
>you snapped back to reality and cleared your throat, starting the car to begin your date trip
>the car ride there was, much to your delight, was spent with Kayla trying to guess where the two of you were going for your date
>you took great pleasure in watching her grow more and more frustrated each time she guessed wrong, her pouting face making you chuckle every time
>”Damn it Anon, just tell me! Is it that weird ice cream bar place that just opened up?” she asked rocking side to side in her seat, pulling on her seat belt
>you held back a sneaking grin as you shook your head
>she responded in kind by playfully punching you in the arm, nearly causing you to jerk the wheel
>”Tell me now Anon!” she said half-laughing, struggling to make a stern face
>you tell her to close her eyes as you approach your exit off the highway
>thankfully she complied as you pulled off and finally reached your mystical destination
>you finally told the cat girl she could open her eyes, expecting to see her wide eyed, ecstatic smile
>instead you watched her excitedness slowly ebb away, replaced with a look of apprehensiveness
>”Anon…” she began slowly, not looking away from your date destination
>”This place…its an…” she gulped

>Yeah, an aquarium
>a magical wonderland of undersea creatures, beauty, and wonderment, enjoyable for the whole everyone for all ages, you reasoned
>and a pretty good place for a date, you thought
>but apparently not, as Kayla looked at the blue painted building through the car window, almost shrinking in her car seat
>you didn’t understand what was wrong
>a part of you thought that you had chosen a bad idea for a date, but the way Kayla reacted it was as if she looked almost anxious about it
>you had no idea she didn’t like aquariums
>”Its not that I don’t like them…” she began, “Its just….the idea of keeping a couple million tons of water behind some glass made by the lowest bidder and forcing people walk underneath it is just…crazy to me.” She admitted
>you gave her a funny look, raising an eyebrow quizzically at her
>”I’m not afraid aquariums! I just don’t like…you know!” she said frustratingly, waving her paw at the building
>you stifled a laugh
>well fine, you never realized she was such a huge scardey cat then
>she punched you in the arm again, hard
>”What was that, Anon? I don’t think I caught that…” she glared at you, her ears folded down in an aggressive manner
>you rubbed your arm in pain from where she had punched you, but recovered and awkwardly laughed it off
>You just thought that it’d be a shame if she didn’t…care…to see this place, it would be such a waste
>after all, you did already buy the tickets
>she looked away for a moment before looking back at you, crossing her arms as if she was contemplating her options
>she suddenly held out her hand for you, her digits splayed out while she gave you a stern look
>you were confused for a brief moment, but you understood her gesture and brought your hand up and intertwined your hand with hers
>her paw felt warm in your hand, though her hairs tickled your fingers
>she squeezed tightly
>”You better not let go.” She said half-seriously, stepping in close to you
>You didn’t know what to say, so you just began to make your way to the entrance of the aquarium with her in tow
>”And I’m only holding your hand because when those glass walls break, I can pull you out in time.”

>The aquarium itself was by far more amazing than you imagined
>going on a weekday meant that it was practically empty, save for a few other guests and some families with their kids present
>the two of you walked between various exhibits showing off all manner of sea creatures and critters from the deep, ranging from octopi to colorful star fish
>high walls of clear glass show cased what seemed like hundreds of fish of all shapes and colors swimming around in massive circular motions, bathing the two of you in blue light
>it was enough to leave a person in awe at the majesty of the ocean
>except you had to deal with a certain cat monster girl that had latched onto your arm, clutching it tightly as she hung off of you
>nevertheless, you made an effort to treat it like a more normal date, pointing out colorful fish and interesting bits of information
>she did loosen up a bit, having become particularly adept at winning the “where is it” game when the exhibits looked empty
>she didn’t let go of your hand once, your fingers still intertwined with hers as you passed by the various exhibits when you suddenly felt her tug on your hand
>you looked back to find Kayla stopped in her tracks, staring off into the distance
>following her faze, you noticed that she was staring off at the entrance of the iconic feature of every aquarium; the aquarium tunnel
>You lean in and ask if she’s okay
>she didn’t respond immediately to you, but when she did, she smiled and nodded
>”Yep” she responded with a slightly high pitch in her voice, obviously nervous
>you gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and told her that everything would be fine as you began to lead her into the tunnel
>she stuck close to you, nearly leaning into you as the two of you stepped on the slowly moving conveyor belt floor and began the journey though the aquarium tank
>the two of you were bathed in the glow of blue light as brightly colored fish of all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors swam around you
>manta rays to sea turtles swam lazily above and over you, making the two of you crane your necks to look at them
>Kayla seemed to shrink a bit however, her ears flattening against her head when a massive shark with knife-like teeth swam menacingly overhead
>you didn’t mention to her that it spooked you too
>as the path begin to make a wide loop, something brightly colored whisked past the corner of your eye
>you turned your head to try and see what it was, but whatever it was, it seemed to elude your gaze, only catching glimpse of pink and orange
>you turned toask Kayla if she saw whatever it was that you saw when you heard the dull echo of someone knocking on the glass
>in front of you

>you found yourself face to face with what appeared to be a young slender girl, except her short red hair floated in an otherworldly like fashion
>she seemed to laugh at your startled reaction, raising her webbed hand to wave at you
>it was then that you fully noticed that it was a mermaid monster girl behind the glass, with trademark gills, fins, and complete with sea-shell bikini, and a lanyard that had her name on it
>dumbstruck, you merely gaped at the unbelievable sight, making the mermaid giggle at your startled reaction before she kicked her tail and pushed herself off the glass
>she was joined by two other mermaids, one who had bright orange scales and another with blue scales and long blue hair
>together as a team, they swam up and down the length of the glass, waving to the other patrons or zooming across the sandy floor, kicking up sand with each flap of their tails
>you stared in awe at them, the children further down the tunnel cheering with glee
>”Hm? So that’s why you wanted to come here then.” a certain cat monster girl quipped as she tug on your arm
>you could tell that she was teasing you, so you waved her off, telling her not to get her panties in a bunch
>she paused for a moment for laughing at you
>”Ha…I’m not wearing any”
>”What?” she replied back with a sly grin
>you couldn’t tell if she was messing with you, so in a hushed whisper, you asked if she was joking
>she looked at you as if you had just asked her a dumb question
>”Well it’s a nice day outside and I’m wearing my new sundress, so why wouldn’t I?” she replied in a nonchalant manner
>you didn’t know how to reply
>but your body did
>before you knew it, your hand was already traveling up her dress to grab her ass
>you expected to feel the soft touch of fabric but instead you grabbed nothing but the soft supple flesh of cat butt in the palm of your hand
>you gave it a light squeeze causing the cat girl to jump and bat your hand out from underneath her dress
>”What do you think your doing!?” she yelped, pressing her dress down against her body, clearly flustered
>looking around cautiously, you asked her the exact same question, hoping that no one heard her yelp…or saw you grabbing her ass in public
>”It’s my butt and I can do what I want with it” she protested to you
>You let out a sigh and shook your head, worried that she was being too risky
>instead of taking your advice to heart, she simply tilted her head and “aww”-ed at you, latching onto your arm once more
>”It’s cute that your worried about my butt.” She said, further teasing you
>funny; A few minutes ago, you remembered this cat being terrified, and now here she was taunting you
>the two of you continued down the tunnel, eventually coming out back near the main lobby of the aquarium
>Kayla seemed much more relaxed now, and the both of you continued walking around and looking at various exhibits
>though you were more keenly interested at the backside of her dress now
>one of the last few things you have yet to do was visit the shallow water pool, where you could touch passing rays and tiny brown striped and spotted sharks
>the pool was surrounded by little children squealing with glee at having touched the passing fish
>you would have done it, but it seemed just a bit too childish for you
>that didn’t stop Kayla though
>”I did it! I touched one!” she boasted to you proudly after having dipped both her hands in the water
>but the disapproving glare from one of the aquarium staff convinced you tell Kayla that she had enough fun in the pool, as now floating strands of white cat hair joined the circling rays and sharks
>after a quick look through the gift shop, to two of you headed off to the next destination you had in mind
>dinner at a sushi restaurant

>Kayla seemed to love it, on account that you had taken her to a “real” sushi restaurant, whatever that meant
>you just thought it was fancy enough restaurant for dinner
>the two of you talked about a variety of things, but later on, you honestly wouldn’t have remembered most of it as you simply enjoyed the pleasure of her company
>finished with your meal, and after paying a rather exorbitant bill, you decided to head on home to close the day
>you did want to take a stroll through the park, but by the time you finished your dinner, it was already getting dark, and getting there would still have taken more time
>upon arriving home, Kayla immediately flopped on your couch, letting her heels fly into the air before sighing heavily
>you asked her if she was tired
>she said something into the couch, her words muffled before she bothered to turn her head
>”No, just stressful” she replied, stretching out her arms and legs
>kicking off your shoes, you despondently moved towards the couch and sat down beside her, apologizing for putting her through such a stressful day
>”Not like that, Anon!” she said pulling herself up and leaning against you, “It was an experience, really! I had fun too!”
>you refused to look at her when she started to prod your side, trying to get your attention
>when you did look back, she looked up at you with her pouty kitty eyes, squeezing her breasts together with her arms just to add more appeal to her
>you relented and patted her head, telling her it’s alright
>”Yay.” She mewed softly at you, her tailed swishing behind her
>amused at her reaction, you continued to pet her, rubbing your hand against the softness of her white hair and fuzzy ears
>she responded in kind by rubbing her from side to side head against the palm of your hand
>”Nyaaah” she meowed playfully back to you
>you chuckled at her, and began to scratch behind her ears with both hands, an action that she appeared to greatly enjoy as she began to crawl into your lap and stretch atop you
>laid out on your lap, you proceeded to pet the cat girl, starting from her head and going down her back, petting her like a normal cat
>you playfully stated on how such a good kitty she was
>”Am I a pretty kitty?” she asked back, her tail wagging back and forth as you continued to pet her
>you rolled your eyes and said yes, she was indeed a pretty kitty
>”Yaaaay” she purred back, her body subtly vibrating against you
>no doubt she could already feel your stiffening erection poking her stomach
>you made no efforts to hide it, and instead continued to pet her, running your hand down her back and on down her legs
>you decided to take the initiative
>while you still petted her head, her other hand slowly lifted up the blue dress and exposed her white moon butt, which you started to caress and fondle
>Kayla made no sound of protest, and even arched her back and raised her butt a little for you
>”Why is everyone so fascinated with my butt?” she pondered out loud while you alternated squeezing and plying her ass
>to be honest, you thought, her butt was one of her more fascinating traits
>”And not my stunning personality?” she replied sarcastically, propping her head up with her hands while looking back at you with a wry grin
>well that you too, you replied sheepishly
>she seemed satisfied with your reaction as her tail flicked back and forth
>you made special attention to pet that as well, making sure to start at the base of her tail and run all along the length, casuing her shiver just enough to make her butt cheeks quiver for you
>upping the ante, you started to pull the dress up her body, shimming it off her
>again, she made no protest, and even held her arms out as you slid the dress off her entirely, leaving a stark naked white haired monster girl laying across your lap
>you couldn’t help by marvel at the sight, but continued to pet her nonetheless, feeling the creamy smooth pale skin glide beneath your fingers
>her ass bounced back in place with surprising firmness, no matter how much you played with them
>becoming more adventurous, you leaned down and gently grabbed her ass with your teeth, giving her a little bite
>she audibly gasped, and her tail whapped you in the face
>”No teeth” she stated back you, although with a light hearted tone
>you kissed where you had bitten her and rubbed it better, apologizing to her
>she then pushed herself up, bringing her leg around so that she was propped on her knees, straddling you on the couch, affording you the full glory of her nudity
>her ample full C breasts were just tantalizingly within your reach, your hands resting on her hips while she looked down at you with an almost predatorial-like gaze, her golden eyes peering directly into yours
>she brought herself forward, rubbing her chest against your face, her breasts pressing against your cheeks
>you could feel the warmth coming off from her while she slowly rubbed herself against you, your hands gripping her ass once more by the fistfuls
>though every time you tried to latch onto one of her nipples, she twisted her body away, further teasing you
>you squeezed her ass tightly in response, causing her to elicit a cute “ooh” from her
>suddenly, a thought came to mind

>you asked if she knew what ‘bukake’ was
>”bu-what? No. Never heard of it.” She replied, brushing her hair back behind her ear
>well then
>you proceeded to tell her to get on her knees
>next, you told her to close her eyes, and keep them shut
>that got her suspicion rising
>”You better not do anything weird, Anon.” she warned before sliding off you and taking her position, sitting on her heels
>you quickly began to undo your pants, pulling the zipper down and letting the fabric fall to the floor, along with your boxers
>you quickly grabbed your erect shaft, and softly but quickly began to stroke it before her
>immediately, the cat monster girl’s ears trained on the sound of the fapping
>she turned her head away, realizing what was happening before biting her lower lip and sighing
>”Okay. Now I know what bukake is.” She replied laughing, still with her eyes closed and shaking her head at falling for such a ruse
>”Can’t believe I’m about to do this…”she mumbled to herself as she tilted her chin up for you, seemingly okay with that was about to come
>you didn’t reply, and instead focused on the task at hand
>though it didn’t take much effort, considering that there was a fully nude cat girl on her knees, sticking out her chest and waiting for you
>whether it was by your increased heavy breathing or intensity of strokes, she knew that you were coming, and opened her mouth to receive you
>she flinched at first, the hot thick steam of semen splashing across her face as more and more ropey strands landed across her features and hair
>to her credit, she took it well, squeezing her eyes shut as semen painted her face in pearly liquid across her forehead and nose before slowly dibbling down her cheeks and lips
>the last few drops to follow from you landed neatly on her stuck-out tongue, and you followed suit by wiping the tip of your dick off on her tongue to clean yourself off
>the sensation of which made you shiver as Kayla lapped in her tongue and swallowed
>”Well…that was different…”she half laughed half giggled to herself, her eyes till closed all the while
>you had to hand it to yourself; your handiwork was something to be admired
>”Hey Anon, can you get some tissues or a towel or something?” she asked, reaching out her hands to gain some semblance of her surroundings, on account of your jizz plastering her face
>if only you could save this moment for posterity

>you told her to hold on for a second as you dove into your pants pocket and proceeded to take out your phone
>a part of you was convinced that you just wanted to show Kayla what she looked like with hot sploodge splattering her face, but another part wanted to keep it
>you’d delete it…eventually
>just as you pressed the take picture button on your phone, a loud shutter sound played
>her hears immediately perked up and swiveled in your direction
>”Oh my god Anon, did you just take a picture!?”
>diving to the side and to the floor, you dodged a balled fist that nearly missed your legs, leaving the white cat monster girl fumbling her hands across the couch, waving her hands out in front of her, looking for you
>”As soon as I find you, I’m kicking your ass…and deleting that picture!” she declared loudly standing up, though through her tone you could tell she wasn’t full blown angry at you
>you couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, but you did reassure her that you’d get her a towel
>as for the picture…well…maybe you could negotiate for that
>but suddenly, in a white pale blur, Kayla placed a foot directly on your chest and pressed down on you
>you instinctively grabbed it and tried to get out from underneath it, but the more you struggled the more she placed her weight on it, forcing you to give up
>you looked up to find the cat monster girl, who had wiped the cum away from one of her eyes, now stood triumphantly atop you, her hand on her hip and her face covered in your slpoodge
>and all the while still nude
>for whatever reason, that single golden yellow cat like eye filled you with terror as she sneered down at you, baring her fangs
>“Oh yes, Anon” she said with just a hint of provocativeness in her voice “lets negotiate…”
>for the first time in your life, you finally understood what the meaning of a ‘fear boner’ was

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