My Neighbor’s Girlfriend Cant be this Cute (Part 2)

>Some weeks pass and eventually Christmas was upon you
>its been years since you visited home and you saw no reason to now
>you never really felt the Christmas spirit anyway
>except for this year
>this year you felt compelled to get Kayla the cat monster girl something
>you were still good friends, although neither one of you brought up the events of that one particular night again
>not that you minded, so long as your friendship remained intact
>so you decided to get her and your neighbor a gift
>but to your surprise, apparently Kayla was spending Christmas with your neighbor at his parent’s house
>they wouldn’t be back till January
>you didn’t know how you felt about this
>something told you that it really shouldn’t bother you
>but it did
>instead you preoccupied yourself by looking for gifts for them
>your neighbor was easy enough to shop for
>a simple yet professional looking apron, something you knew he’d appreciate
>Kayla was a different matter
>you had no idea what a cat monster girl would want
>whenever you went out gift hunting for her, you always found yourself in front of one particular establishment
>the pet supply store
>would it be offensive to get her a scratching post or some catnip?
>cats liked that right?
>so why wouldn’t a cat girl?
>after some looking around, you found a suitable gift for her
>hopefully she liked it when she came back
>when she did, you were more distracted by her worried expression
>”Hey Anon can we talk? Like, right now?”
>she didn’t give you a choice as she pushed you back into your apartment and followed suit

>you were thrilled to see her again
>but something about her sense of urgency as she locked the door behind her and began to close the blinds was off putting
>unsure of what was going on, you asked her how her winter break was
>”Huh? Oh it was fun. I stayed with Jon’s parents over the New Year and I actually just got back yesterday. They were really nice people. His sister is pretty cute too.”
>satisfied that your room was secured, she turned around towards you
>”Promise that what I’m about to tell you must never leave this room.” She said with all seriousness
>worried, you promised her
>she pauses for a moment before sticking out one of her paws
>”You pinky swear on it?”
>she held out a furry digit for you to grasp
>bemused by the human tradition, you carefully grasped the fuzzy digit with your own pinky and shook on it
>afterwards the both of you sat around the coffee table as she dug into her purse, grasping something inside
>her face was red again, clearly evident by her pale skin as she looked at you hopefully
>”You promise not to laugh?”
>you nodded, now more curious than ever about what she was putting on the table
>it was some sort of cone shaped object, with a wide base
>for a moment, you thought it was a mini traffic co-
>wait a minute
>was that a butt plug?
>”It’s a butt plug” Kayla said exasperated as she double face palmed into her soft paws
>you slowly turn your head towards the cat monster girl
>her ears flick as she gauges your reaction
>”Don’t look at me like that! It wasn’t my idea!” she said in vain trying to defend herself
>”That idiot Jon got it for me as a Christmas present. He had it wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree and everything. Thank god his family didn’t see it.”
>she let out a sigh of relief as she recalled the harrowing scene
>”So…what do you think I should do with it?”
>your eyes widened as perverted thoughts began to flood into your head
>what did she want to hear?
>she continued before you could blurt out an answer
>”I mean, its weird isn’t it?!” she said in a panicked tone
>”I know were in a relationship and all, but this came out of nowhere! We didn’t even talk about it!”
>”And that thing is supposed to go inside me?!”
>she let out a low frustrated groan as she held her head in her hands
>damn neighbor, you really were a kinky bastard
>you never expected this from him
>how did that saying go?
>everyone is normal until you get to know them?
>you asked her what might have influenced your neighbor to do this
>”I think…that Jon thinks that since I’m a monster girl…I have this insatiable sex drive that he feels he has to keep up with.” She said quite observantly
>you tried to hide your smirk as you asked her if that was true
>she seemed to ponder for a moment, her tail swishing back and forth
>”Maybe…”she said nonchantly, shrugging her shoulders
>”But this thing is just…a bit much.”
>She began to gingerly poke it with a finger, watching it rock back and forth on the table
>you really had no idea what kind of butt plug advice to offer her
>butt plugs were out of your area of expertise
>were there even butt plug experts?
>the most of ever heard of butt plugs were for comedic value
>you noticed Kayla’s eyes grow narrow and narrow every time you mentioned the word butt plug
>Butt P-
>”Stop saying butt plug!” she yelled, punching you forcefully in the arm
>you laughed through the pain and at her frustrated expression as you rubbed your arm

>you really had no idea what to say to here
>clearly she was uncomfortable brining this up
>you couldn’t even begin to imagine the awkwardness that would follow if she brought it up with her neighbor
>nevertheless, that is the only real advice you could give her as she looks at you reluctantly, before stuffing the sex toy back into her purse
>”I guess…”
>”But enough about my problems. How was your Christmas, Anon?” she asked inquisitively
>caught off guard by her sudden question, you quickly make up something about visiting your family and friends
>Kayla nods as she begins to play with her tail
>”That sounds nice. My own parents were kinda mad that I didn’t come home.”
>the two of you continued to chat about your respective holidays for some time before you suddenly remembered something
>her Christmas gift
>you told her to wait for just a moment, as you jumped up and ran to your room
>you were horrible at gift wrapping, and it was nigh impossible to wrap her particular gift up
>you held the massive ball of gift wrap in your hands as your presented it to Kayla
>her ears flick again as she cradles the massive ball, grinning uncontrollably
>you could tell she was trying to hold back her laughter at your shoddy wrapping
>”Aw Anon, you shouldn’t have.”
>in flash, her claws rip apart the frail paper, revealing your gift
>a collar
>hopefully, she wouldn’t mind as it was the only thing you could think to get her
>clothes were out of the option since you didn’t know her sizes and you never notice her wear any jewelry
>”Oh my god…” she held the collar dearly in her hands, her eyes wide with awe
>you were pleased that she liked it so much
>”Im…I’m sorry Anon, but I can’t accept this.”

>she seemed to be in a state of shock as she cradled the collar in her paws
>you didn’t think it was expensive; you got it from a pet supply store for pete’s sake
>still, she held the collar carefully, inspecting every inch of it, even flicking the bell with a finger
>she giggled at the metallic sound, covering her mouth as you begin to notice her eyes start to glisten
>you ask her if you did something wrong
>she breathes deeply, still holding the collar as she finds the words to explain
>”Its just that…for us cat monster girls…collars are very personal and intimate.”
>her voice was shaky as she reluctantly put the collar down
>you had no idea
>she shakes her head
>”Its fine. You don’t know a lot about monster girls. And I am the first you ever met, remember?”
>she places a paw on your hand for comfort
>”It was just an honest mistake.” She whispered softly
>the two of you remain quiet for some time, but eventually she decides to go
>”And remember, don’t tell Jon I was here.” She said, placing a finger on her lips
>you nod again, holding up your pinky finger to remind her as she trotted off down the hall, tail swishing behind her
>in truth, you had some inkling about what collars meant to cat monster girls
>the employee in the pet shop told you about them
>”Oh yeah man, they’ll only accept it from people they really like, you know?”
>you closed the door and stared at the collar atop the coffee table
>for a moment, you actually believed that she would have accepted it
>you gingerly pick it up and head over to the trash
>but just before you were about to chuck it, you let out a heavy sigh and instead toss it in your junk drawer
>that night, you heard the constant meowing again
>it went on for hours
>it was the first night that you couldn’t get any sleep

>eventually spring would come
>you still saw Kayla every so often
>but your conversations seem to grow shorter and shorter until eventually it was nothing more than a simple hello
>the bond that you had shared with Kayla seemed to have evaporated
>at this point, you didn’t care
>it was good for you to move on from your child-like crush
>one day, you received an unexpected guest
>chef neighbor
>it’d been a awhile since he came to your apartment, as his time was more preoccupied with work and Kayla
>you still offered him a drink as he took a seat on the couch
>”Hey Anon, you’re good friends with Kayla right?” he said as he popped the top off his beer
>you began to grow apprehensive
>Where was this conversation going?
>Did Kayla say something to him?
>”Well…I was thinking…and I really need your honest answer here.” He said as he placed the bottle down
>”I wont get mad if you think otherwise, I just want to know.”
>oh shit you were in trouble
>could you get out of this?
>he looks like he lifts
>fuck, look at the biceps
>you were fucked
>”D’you think Kayla would mind if I asked her to move in with me?”
>”I dont want to freak her out, cause she can be a bit of a scaredy-cat. But I’m thinking about asking her to move in with me.”
>”D’you think she’d be against it?”
>it takes you a moment to answer but you saw no reason why she wouldn’t
>nor did you care
>even before the school year ended, Kayla had already moved in next door
>for the briefest of moments, you felt jealousy towards your neighbor and his new found happiness
>but that happiness couldn’t last long

>a week later, you woke up in the middle of the night to a strange sound
>it was an unfamiliar sound, one you never heard before
>concerned, you searched your apartment trying to find the source
>it seemed to grow louder when you were near the door
>you grabbed a coat and gingerly unlocked it as you strode outside, where the sound was more distinct
>was there someone sniffing something?
>you rounded the corner, using your cellphone as a flashlight when you noticed a figure sitting atop the stair case
>you immediately recognized the white hair and her once normally pointy ears now drooping
>she was hunched over, cradling her legs close to her chest
>that when you realized Kayla was crying
>you carefully approached her, trying to ask her what was wrong
>she didn’t say anything as you gently shook her shoulder
>she proceeded to bury her face deeper into her arms
>what the hell happened?
>you take off your coat and gingerly draped it across her shoulders
>it took some effort, but eventually you were able to pull her up to her feet and wrap an arm around her as you led her forward
>you had no idea what had happened
>maybe neighbor would know something
>but the moment you approached his door, Kayla immediately recoiled away, tearing herself from your grasp
>”No…no…no! I don’t want to see him! I don’t wanna!”
>you could see her eyes bleary and red as she began to wail harder
>she’d been crying for awhile
>did they have a fight?
>choosing the next best option, you instead led her back into your room, sitting her softly down onto your bed where she proceeded to cry into your pillow
>that done, you proceeded to knock on your neighbors door for an answer
>he opened it, and to your surprise, he looked quite mad
>you told him of the situation, asking what happened
>”I dont want to talk about it. She staying with you?”
>you nod
>”Alright…just dont let her do anything stupid, alright?”
>and with that he closed the door on you

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