My Amazoness from Pellucidar 4 of 6

My Amazoness from Pellucidar Part 4 of 6


Just as I was making the final change, on another dirty ditty to inspire Rosco. Was when I heard the unmistakable sounds of folks fighting, somewhere out in the distance ahead.

Shouts, screams, cursing. Enough nasty sounds for a lesser man to turn tail and run away. But I was despondent enough then, that I decided the local Dullahan needed to earn her keep that day.


Now, before I continue with this account, I just wanted to say something about the ‘vibe’ Order Fighters tend to give off.

During my four years of traveling in and around Lural-Az, I couldn’t help but notice their penchant for all things BIG.

Things like their Big Flashy Swords they liked to swing about themselves. Their Big sets of Shiny Armor, and their Big Strong Manly Man Longbows. All of which gave me the impression, that they were overcompensating for something.

Or so I’ve been told by the Mamono.


Yes, I’m saying this out loud.

Despite my upbringing, I rushed into that battle, where an angel would’ve feared to tread.

It turned out; there was over a dozen of the local Prelates involved. They had found and cornered a slightly smaller band of Amazoness.

The Art of Peace was all well in good in close quarter combat. It wasn’t so good with ranged weapons.

As could be expected, the Prelate tactics were craven.

With a Prelate mounted each on a horse, a pair would harry the hunkered down Amazoness. Until one of them got herself caught outside the group.

Then the Longbowman would casually pick her off.

The unfairness of it all. Along with my despondency, made for a bad combination.

For the Prelates that is.

 I chose a hammer and put it into my belt as I grabbed my Walking/Jo-staff and snuck in.

Soon, Mr Hammer met the back of Mr. Longbowman’s skull. It felt good to watch him go down. Perhaps, too good. I relished the sight of his blood.

Then I had to toss the hammer aside. That’s because Mr. Bastard Sword, took umbrage at my lack of etiquette with his comrade.

Whereupon, Mr. Bastard Sword, discovered that you can’t swing one in a forest, easily. All that mass makes it difficult to swing around, not like a Jo-staff.

All I had to do? Was step out of the way of his first swing. Easy-Peasy.

Then, I rolled to my right, and came up under his chin. To poke him in his Adam’s apple with the butt end of my staff. Suddenly, his favorite activity was clutching at his throat, and attempting to breathe.

Lord’s sake. He didn’t even have the decency to say ‘thank you.’ But to be fair, it would’ve been hard for him to say anything with a crushed windpipe.

His squire wasn’t quite so easily taken care of.

He came at me with a short knife, and managed to connect. After he gave me a couple of minor bleeding slashes, I got his measure. After that, it was child’s play to knock his feet out from under him. I then leaned in on my staff as it pressed into his throat.

“Mercy!” he croaked then. At that point, I was so mad; I wasn’t inclined to give it. However, luckily for him, I remembered Missy. I knew that if I killed him, she’d be so disappointed in me.

“Don’t ever let me see you again.” I growled at him as I removed my staff. Though I did give him a quick kick, to motivate his butt. He scuttled off.

Apparently, the Amazoness were able to take advantage of my distraction, and they made short work with their harassers.

“Run Away!” I heard the rest of them they scattered. Or perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me then. I don’t recall.

Once they’d skarkered, I then approached the Amazoness. Doing so with the intention of offering to help with their wounded. By that time, two of them had died. To my eternal shame, I was happy neither of them resembled Missy.

Four of the remaining eight, were bad off. The other four were still in fighting mode. And here I was, a male, walking in like I owned the place.

Their tails were lashing furiously, as they surrounded me. A couple of them cracked their knuckles in preparation. All set to connect.

“Hey! Woah woah woah! Hold on now! I just helped ya!” I shouted as I dropped my weapons and raised my hands in surrender. I guess they’d been even more distracted than I thought.

“Sure, you did,” said a statuesque Blonde with a long braid. Her single horn was poised over the center of her crown. She sneered down at me.

Distracted by the sight of her unusually placed horn, I didn’t notice when the other three took positions around me. “I may have been born in the dark, but not the last one.” She growled.

 “Wait! Wait! Wait!” I continued. “I got hurt too, see?” I said as I slowly pointed down to one bleeding slash on my forearm and then another on my other arm.

Mara-Amazoness may have knives, but they don’t normally use them for combat. Meaning, I’d gotten my wounds from someone else.

It made them relax a bit. But not enough to back down.

“What do you want?” Demanded Black-Brunette-Hair-Bun. She had two horns, both on the same (left) side.

“I’d like to help. You’ve got wounded. I’ve got a wagon. You’ll be wanting to transport them back to your Ring. Am I right?” I pointed out.  Black-Brunette-Bun got a thoughtful look on her face.

They relaxed enough to start talking amongst themselves, using a cant that sounded like a bunch of clicks and whistles. All of which sounded like the local songbirds. I wasn’t stupid enough to lower my hands.

“Where’s your wagon? Why should we trust you?” A Straight Haired-Ginger said for the group. I goggled, when I saw that she sported three horns. One over each ear, and a third that curved backwards over the left, like a Satyros.

“First off, Rosco and my wagon are over yonder. “ I said as I made a motion in the general direction of him.

“Rosco’s my horse.” I added. As I finished, Straight-Haired Ginger, looked to Black-Brunette-Bun. After a second, Bun ran off in the direction I had pointed. To check out my story, no doubt.

Right then, I noticed some movement behind me. I took a quick glance and noticed another Ginger standing at the ready. She had a tight set of curls, and four horns. Two pair, one within the other.

‘Jacob-Sheep?’ I wondered.

 “The other reason?” I began. “Is because one of yours helped me in the past. I’d like to pay that help forward.”

“Prove that you’ve met one of us.” Ginger-Straight demanded.

“I shall, I just need to pull something out of my pocket first.” I asked. After a second, I got a nod from her.

I reached my hand down, and slowly pulled out my Rosary. Then, I let it hang freely from my hand.

“Trophy Hunter!” Ginger-Straight barked, and suddenly the three remainder were back around me again. This time, they’d pulled their knives out.

‘Not good.’ I realized.

“NO!” I shouted desperately. “No, I’m not! I know how to pray to Mara!  Remember: The Art of Peace?” I reminded them. They gave each other a bunch of sharp glances. Finally, one of them turned to me and said.

“Our Mother.” She growled. I smiled.

“Our Mother, who art in Makai,” I began, which shocked the ‘heck’ out of them all, “swallow be thy game,…; thy kingdom cum,.. thy will be done,… on earth as it is in Makai,…  Insure this night we are bred;,…” I had to pause for a second to recall what came next.

Then I picked it up again. “and forgive us our trespasses,…; as we forgive those who trespass against us,… and lead us always into temptation,,… but deliver us from light. WOman.” I finished, hoping that I managed to get it right. Particularly since I chose to emphasize the ‘forgiveness’ parts doing my spiel.

Finally, after a short talk amongst themselves. They relented.

Names were exchanged, and I was allowed to go back and retrieve Rosco and our wagon. Thankfully, the Prelates had apparently not noticed either, or they simply left on another tangent. Either way, I was glad.

“We can use that.” Ena (Blonde Braid) nodded, when I got back.

“It’s good to hear. How do I help?” I asked.

“Just stand over there for now.” She ordered, clearly not trusting me yet. I made to open my mouth to object. And insist that I could anyways.

 Then I closed it when I realized, ‘That’s exactly what a Prelate would do.’ That is, not take a woman at her word. So, I kept my peace.

After a few minutes, they had their wounded on makeshift stretchers, all set to load up. That was when they motioned for me to come over. Once there, I could tell that they were still watching me warily. Waiting for me to do something stupid.

 “It’s my reckoning that your horse doesn’t seem strong enough to handle the load.” Dio (Black-Brunette-Bun) said then. I looked at Rosco, and then looked at the four-wounded Amazoness and the two dead ones.

“Ayah. You’re right.” I said, agreeing with her. Which seemed to catch her off guard. Then what I said next, left her shocked.

“What are your orders?” I asked, honestly. She blinked in surprise for a few seconds. Then for the very first time, she gave me a hint of a smile.

“Are you willing to unload your goods? You’ll have to leave them behind until we can come back for them later.”

“Fair enough.” I replied immediately, as I started to go and do just that. Dio’s smile grew wider for a moment. Then she barked out some orders, the next thing I knew I had a couple of helpers.

Which is as just as well. My anvil and forge are the two heaviest items after all. Oh, I could’ve done it alone, and I have. But they’re heavy enough each, that an extra set of hands was always welcome.

As I maneuvered my anvil into place at the back of the wagon, Tria (Ginger-straight) Piped up.

“Wait! Are you a Farrier?” she gasped.

“That I am.” I replied. “I take it y’all were looking for one?” I asked. They didn’t answer at first. Instead they all shared a look, and then two of them (wo)man-handled my anvil out, without a single grunt of effort between them.


After we’d unloaded and cached everything. We made ready to leave. Even then, as unloaded as the wagon was. We all ended up having to put our shoulders to the wheel, so to speak. To help Rosco move along.

I had hope that the inevitable, much larger band of returning Prelates, eager for revenge, wouldn’t find my stuff. But, if they did. It would’ve been a fair enough trade, if I could get the wounded away safely.

After we all got a fair distance away. We took a break, and everyone had their wounds tended to. Tessera (Red-Curly) tended to mine automatically. She was a bit standoffish, but I didn’t choose to press the matter. Particularly since, she was the one with the needle. Ow.

It took a while, about two sleeps, to get everyone back to their Ring.

I did my fair share of taking care of food preparation, assisting with wounded care, and the Watch. I wasn’t left alone with any of that. Every one of them was pleasant to be around when I worked. Still we didn’t talk much. My guess? They were still confused about me.

It’s good to make friends. I ended up making friends with them, eventually. I got to make more when we arrived. I even got to meet the Ring Chieftain.

Guess who she was?


“Missy?” I exclaimed.

“Sam?” She said, shocked. “It’s good to see you!” She smiled that that heartwarming smile of hers once more. It was good to see it. That day of all days.

“So, it was you?” she began as she pointed to the wagon.

“Yes.” I nodded, proudly. “And Rosco, my horse. He did a whole lot of pulling. I imagine he’s tired by now.”

“So, you’ve got yourself a horse now too.” She said, delighted.

“Ayah, the last few years have been good to me, for the most part.” I admitted. Then,…

‘Oh yeah. You’re going to take that smile away from her.’ I realized. I raised my hand to forestall any further questions.

“Missy?” I began, as I looked at her sadly, “There’s something you need to know.” So, I told her about her twin brother, and gave her that bundle Adira had asked I do. She was sad about it. But,…

“It’ll have to wait.” She said, “I’ve got more important things to attend to.”

“Well, let me know how I can,…Aaaak!” I began, and then cried out in pain.

Well, you would too. If you suddenly had an arrow sticking out of your shoulder.

Why? Apparently, the surviving Prelates had chosen to regroup, and follow us to the Ring’s encampment. Seems that Mr. Longbowman, felt it was time for a rematch.

Well. He got it from me.

Then a little bit more.


I’ll admit, they were smart in that they got us all by surprise.

They weren’t so smart in another way though. In their zeal to seek revenge, they all faced thirty more, fully rested Amazoness. All of whom were suddenly not in a good mood.

And I?

Well, I like to consider myself as a good man. It’s something I always aspired to be. I’ve tried to be slow to anger, and quick to forgive. To be patient with children, and with fools.

But, right then, after the events of the previous days. Where I lost someone, who wasn’t necessarily my friend. But someone who had always dealt with me honestly. Coupled with the circumstances that resulted, in my seeing the sight of a pair of fine looking Amazoness, who never harmed anyone, lying dead.

I was a bit cranky.

Then, what little control I had, vanished, because of that pesky arrow. I imagine it would’ve for you as well.

I lost my temper then.

Just a little bit. That was when, an old family trait of mine came to the fore. One described by historians since the days of the Adams’ Viking antecedents.

The Berserker Rage.

I’ll spare you the details. I have to, because I don’t recall anything after seeing that arrowhead poking out of the front of my shoulder.


I returned a short while later.

I was exhausted. I was shaking with the last effects of a brutal adrenaline surge. In one hand, I held half a longbow. In the other? I’m afraid that I can’t describe it. My memory plays tricks with me even now.

Missy came to me then. Helped me stand, and walked me back to the main tent. She and the others? They all silently cleaned me up, and put me to bed. I never noticed when that arrow had disappeared.

After that sleep, I woke up with a massive hangover. Bandages wrapped all over me. Worst of all, I felt I had lost something. Something important.

They never said anything about what happened, and I never asked. Instead, we all pulled up our tent pegs and moved on. We found a different spot to settle in for a few more Sleeps.

After that, I stopped praying the Rosary.

Why? Because it wouldn’t have mattered anymore. No amount of my praying it, would erase the stain of a Mortal Sin. Or in my case, Sins.

Besides. As far as I could tell, there were no priests around who would’ve given me penance anyway.

But, on the upside. I was now unofficially a member of Missy’s Ring.

So, it wasn’t all bad.


“So, why were y’all out there in the first place?” I asked, as I did my best to help with the first Watch’s cooking. It’s kinda hard to do one-handed, but I did my best. I was still healing that shoulder wound.

 Tessera. (who, as it turned out, was Missy’s Lieutenant)  doesn’t answer me at first.

Instead, she looks back at me from her cooking, with her bundle of curly red-hair tied back to keep it from being caught in the turnstile. She has ahold of a long fork in one hand and a large rag in the other.

She’s turning and inspecting the rack of,…whatever it is, that’s cooking over the fire. She gives me a wicked grin, when I loudly count off the number of legs the creature has.

“Five legs?” I exclaim, aghast.

At that point, she slices off a piece of it with her knife, and then cuts it in half. She gives me one, and commences to eat hers. She smiles when she does. It’s a nice smile.

When I sniff mine, I can’t help but make a face. It smells ‘off’, somehow. It’s difficult to describe, what precisely its scent reminded me of. It’s almost as if it smells, like everything and nothing.

“Don’t make such a big fuss Sam.” She grins when she saw my expression. “You’ll find that Tofudebeast is good with just about anything.” She chuckled. So, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I take a bite and chew it.

“Huh!” I chuff, and then I smile. “You’re right. It is good.” I admit. She looks away then. Then she sighs.

“We were out looking for a Farrier.” She said finally, with an apologetic look. That left me speechless. So, she continued on to fill in the gap.

“Our Ring’s has been growing for the last few Bundles. That, coupled with the stones the local plains have, we found that we needed one to keep our horses’ hooves in good condition.”

“After trading with a number of passersby. We learned of a traveling farrier. One who had learned how to treat Iron so that it didn’t harm Mamono.” she grins.

“Wait! I think I’ve heard about this heretic.” I state mischievously. She shoots me a smirk.

“Well, apparently. He was in the habit of dealing fairly with everyone, human or Mamono.” She says off-handedly.

“Perish the thought! Obviously, such an individual would’ve run afoul of the Most Holy Order.” I shoot back.

I find myself enjoying the banter. It’s good to have someone to talk to again. At least with someone who I wouldn’t question my sanity, if they answered.

“Did he?” She asks.

“As a matter of fact, he did. Which is one of the reasons why he stayed traveling. In fact, one of them caught him praying his version of a Jiary.”

“Oh my!” Tessera says, leaving her mouth open in an ‘O’, and ‘daintily’ covering it like one of the Order ladies would’ve. Her performance makes me chuckle.

Then my thoughts turn somber.

“I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner.” I said sadly, as I recalled her dead sisters.

“It’s not your fault Sam. The main thing to keep in mind? You did. If you hadn’t, then I or the rest of us probably wouldn’t be here.”  She comforts giving me a fond look.

Then, she shoots a quick glance, left and right, as if she’s looking for someone. When she sees no one nearby, she leans over at me and opens her mouth as to say something.

After I lean back, she tells me something.

“*****.” She says, and then draws back and smiles coquettishly. It takes me a moment to realize what it is, she just said.

“Wait! That’s your true name isn’t it?” I whisper, not daring to repeat it aloud.  She glances left and right once more, and then she nods.

“Wow!” I whisper hoarsely. “That’s quite the honor you’ve given me. But why?” I ask.

“We fought together. It’s only fair.”

“But I didn’t protect your back! In fact,…” I began, but she shushed me.

“Yes, you did. But you don’t remember it. It was during that,…Berserker Rage, as you called it.”

“oh.” I replied, and then we were silent for the longest while. During which, she deemed the Tofudebeast to be ready for consumption. So, with my help, we sliced it up. She and I then went our separate ways to insure than everyone got a fair share.

But just before we parted ways that ‘morning’. She said something that left me stunned and happy.

“Welcome to the Ring.” She grinned.


Thus, a new chapter of my life began.

After getting over my shock and delivering the Tofudebeast slices, I went in search of my wagon. But it wasn’t there.

I then went in search of Missy to see if she knew where either it or Rosco had gone.

It turns out she’d sent some Amazoness to go back and retrieve the cache. I asked her then if she had any time for us to have a frank conversation.

“Yes, I do. What do you want to talk about?” she said cheerfully with just a hint of demureness.

“Tessera just told me that I’m part of the Ring, is that true?”

“Yes, it is.” She replied.

“Well I’m guessing that there are a number of rules I need to know about, if I’m to be allowed to stick around.”

“Yes, there are a few. Is there anything in particular you’re interested in knowing about right now?”

“Well ayah. There is. I was curious if you’d care to tell me how a Male is supposed to interpret an Amazoness intentions- relationship wise.” I asked as carefully as I could manage.

Not that that seemed to do much in the way of good. As soon as I said that, her head shot around and she faced me full on, her eyes blazing.

“Why do you ask!?” She snapped, frowning. “Did someone approach you?” she growled.

“Oh no, no, no!” I quavered, nervous at her vehemence. “No one’s approached me yet. I’m just curious is all.” She stared back at me in silence for several seconds. Then she got her feathers unruffled.

“Is there a point you’re trying to make?” She sniffed then. I sighed.

“Well, ayah.” I admitted. She turned and glared at me through her eyebrows.

“I’ll be honest here.” I began. Missy looked at me straight on again, and then she sat down, her arms crossed.

“Ok fine. I’ll spell it out.”

“Please do.” She sniffed.

‘Into the deep end.’ I thought.

“I would keep thee.” I said, getting straight to the point. That caught her off guard, I can tell you. She jumped to her feet and then hurried off. I saw that she was blushing! Her! An Amazoness Chieftain!

Raising an eyebrow, I then carefully followed her all over the encampment. and nearby areas for a while. Occasionally, she’d look over her shoulder to make sure I was still there, She gave me a dirty look every time.

Everyone there noticed our actions. They’d smile knowingly, and then busy themselves with other things.

I never could seem to catch up with her. Every time I tried to, she’d hurry herself up to match. I soon caught the point. Finally, after what seemed an hour. She came to a stop.

It was next to the river’s edge, which gave us a modicum of privacy.

“Why the sudden interest?” she muttered over her shoulder, just loud enough for me to hear her, over the sound of the water gurgling.

“You know I’ve been interested, ever since we met. I thought about saying just before we went our separate ways.” I admitted.

“Then why didn’t you say something then?”

“Because I thought I was old enough to be your father. Hell, maybe old enough to be your grandfather.”

“Why would that be a problem?” she demanded.

“Because it is a problem, where I come from. Older/younger relationships is a bad thing, for the most part. Mostly because one or the other would die off sooner, much sooner, than the other”

“But you’re not there now.” She pointed out.

“Nah, I’m not. I’ve also learned that you’re older than I am. Isn’t that right?”

“Amzi told you, didn’t he?’

“That he did.” I replied. At that point, she sighed and then sat down at the edge of the river, atop a rock. Then, she gave me an inviting glance.

I got the point and sat down next to her. We sat there for a short while, just sitting there and watching the river gurgle and swirl in front of us. We both kept silent.

Then finally, she spoke first.

“If you’re going to pursue. Don’t expect me to fall into your arms quickly”.

“I don’t, I won’t.”

“As Chieftain, I’m not allowed to take a lover. I can only take a mate.”

“Why is that?” I asked, honestly. She looked at me and gave me a brief smile.

“That’s because a Chieftain can’t play favorites. I might give preference to a former lover.”

“That seems fair.”

“Do you know what we expect our men to do, when it comes to being a mate? What is required of them?”

“Ayah, I’ve a fair notion.”

“Do you?”

“As I recall, I’d be required to submit to you, in all things. Become your slave.”

“It’s more than that, for a Chieftain.”

“How so? I asked.

“Yes, you’d be required to be my slave in all things, for a year and a day. After that, if you’re still so inclined, you’d have to submit to the Great Rite.” She stated. To which I gave her a confused expression. She went on to explain.

“In which, you would become more than just my slave. Everything you are, will become mine, Your Body, Your Mind, Your Soul. Everything. Forever linked to me.” She stated and then looked at me, waiting expectantly. I turned and looked back at her, met her gaze and kept it. Until finally she broke the silence.

“So?” She began, “Still interested?” she demanded haughtily, yet also nervously.

‘I’m waiting for you to say something that makes it a deal-breaker.” I replied softly, still holding her gaze. She gave me an annoyed frown.

“So, what’s the problem?” I demanded, smiling.

“This is not a joke!” she said angrily as she stood up and placed both of her hands on her hips. “A Chieftain’s husband will, if required, provide sexual favors to any member of her Ring who requests it.”

“Woah!” I exclaimed. “I had no idea.” I gulped, as I thought about how many Amazoness there were in this Ring.

“Deal-breaker?” she demanded, as I thought about it. Finally, I looked over to her and smiled.

“Nope.” I replied. She stared back at me, with a calculating look on her face.

“Stand up!” she ordered. I did.

“Show me your,…rosary, is it?”

“Yes.” I said. I then pulled it out of my pocket, and then I let it dangle to its full extension.

“You’ll have to give that up!” she barked, pointing to it. I nodded, knowing what she meant. Not the rosary itself, but the concept behind what it represented. My worship of a God other than hers.

“I require that you become a member of the Cult of Mara!” she said challengingly.

I looked back up at her for a moment. Then I looked back down at my Rosary. The very thing that had meant so much to me for a goodly portion of my life.

All of the times I prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.’ I mused, ‘Not once receiving any kind of a vision. Yet, those who worship Mara seem to have a visitation almost daily.’ I sighed. ‘Why?’ I wondered.

‘Every relationship is supposed to work both ways.’ I remembered.

Then, I bunched up my Rosary, put it into the palm of my right fist, and then, after a hesitant sigh, I then threw my Rosary out into the middle of the river. Where it landed with the softest of plops and disappeared into the murk.

When I turned back to face her. She was looking at me askance. Utterly taken aback by my actions.

“Yes.” I affirmed. “Mistress.” I finished. Then I tried to say more, but it was hard to do then. As it was difficult to say anything with my face crushed to her rather ample bosom. All because she had me in a fierce embrace.

‘Not the first time I’ve changed religions.’ I thought as I tried to prevent my suffocation.


Between my having read The Monstergirl Encyclopedia’s entry on the Amazoness, and my actually living with a Ring (Tribe) of them, leads me to conclude one thing.

That the Wandering Scholar was a blithering idiot.

Now to be fair. Yes, he did get some facts about them correct. Alas, in his rush to publish the MGE, the Wandering Scholar has done a terrible disservice to them.

The result of his entry, has led many a reader to the erroneous conclusion, that the average Amazoness. Must be a sex-crazed savage, intent on either forcible conversion of human women into their tribe (Ring) or stealing their men. Man-Hunting, as he puts it.

If I may point out. Do not all Mamono do this? Then why his seeming obsession to single out the Amazoness?

In my opinion? Their purported penchant for public sex.

At this point you’re probably asking: ‘Do Amazoness like to have sex with their husbands in public?’

The answer is complicated; Yes and No.

If I asked you this question. What Mamono doesn’t like to have sex with her husband?

You would answer with, ‘None’.

Then, probably, you would ask back, ‘Why do Amazoness insist on having public sex? Most other Mamono prefer to drag their husbands into their personal lair.

The answer lies with the world they originate from. The world in which I found myself. A world where the night (Dark) is the exception, not the rule.

Since they live a nomadic lifestyle. Every Ring is socialistic in nature. They travel lightly, and have little use for frivolities. Everything owned, is considered, Common to all.

Now, any Amazoness who would prefer to engage in sex during darkness. Is insane at best, or a deeply disturbed person at worst.


Unlike in such places like Royal Makai, where darkness is a given and therefore safe. Darkness in Pellucidar is dangerous.

Witness my entries during the events of the Eclipse. Strange things came out to hunt, that normally wouldn’t in the Light.

Thus, when Darkness prevails over a Ring, all other normal activities come to a halt. All members of the Ring have to keep watch over everyone else. There is no time for sex, then. It’d be suicide.

Thus, the only safe time for sex, is during the Light.

Now, since everything is common. So is sex.

Now, consider your society. Would you, be upset by the sight of one of your couples working or playing together in public?

Of course not!

To a Ring, an Amazoness couple fornicating in public is the equivalent of your couple’s play. One can walk through an Amazoness encampment at any time and see at least one couple fornicating.

Hell, even the Plains of Pellucidar, was prone to dust storms that would last for hours. Thus, many of them take refuge, for those hours in tents.

But, like any other living creature in close confines, one needs a way to keep them from sniping at each other.

What better method? Than sex in public?

Now, to make matters even more complicated.

There are occasions when public sex is in fact required. Usually, they are part of a ceremony. I personally witnessed four kinds, during my time with Missy’s Ring.

  • When an Amazoness joins a Ring, she must display her sexuality for all to experience.
    (a) If she has no mate. Then she must pleasure herself in whatever manner she chooses, until she orgasms loudly.
    The point of this is to ensure that all attending, can identify her and her cries in the heat of battle. Her identifiable set of cries, will provide her location. Or to call out to her Ring mates for aid.
    This is because an Amazoness Warrior must modulate her battle cries to sound akin to her mating ones.
    (b) If a newly joined Warrior does have a mate. Then the same occurs as with (a), but she uses said mate to loudly fornicate with instead.
  • That said, if a male has successfully petitioned to become a Warrior’s lover, then he and she will engage in sex while all of her Ring-fellows watch.
    However, during the festivities, he can expect her sister Warriors to do what they can to distract him. If they are successful. Then that male is considered shamed and their union will not be allowed.
  • If the male wishes to take a further step, and become a Warrior’s permanent lover (husband). Then he must demonstrate an unusual sexual skill for all to admire.
  • When a Chief has a male on course to become her Great Rite husband. Then he too must demonstrate an unusual sexual skill, with the expectation that he will be called upon to demonstrate same with any of his Mistress’ Warriors.

Now, about that last one.

Not long after Missy’s and I announced our intentions. Missy decided that her Ring should go and trade with a nearby Mamono farmstead. There to pick up some much-needed supplies. While there, it turned out that they needed their horse’s shoes fixed.

Naturally, Missy offered them my services as a farrier. Subsequently, they were rather happy with the quality of my work So much so, that one of them presented me with a couple of bulging wineskins. Each contained some prisoner-fruit-brandy they’d brewed.

Naturally, those skins were passed around in preparation for Missy and I’s ceremony. As the music began, as was performed by Ring volunteers using drums, cymbals, flutes, an animal’s horn, and Tessera singing. I realized then that what they wer, playing, sounded extraordinarily akin to ‘Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime’. Which I thought to be strangely appropriate.

“So,” Missy began, as we sat ourselves down together naked. “Nervous?” she asked mischievously as we interlaced our legs together, Indian-style.

“Of course, I am!” I gulped as I kept looking around us.

Everywhere I looked there was an Amazoness with her lover, or mate staring back at Missy and I. All of them waiting expectantly for us to begin. Missy then lightly touched me on both sides of my head with her hands and gently made me face her.

“Look only at me.” She ordered. I smiled and blinked.

“Yes Mistress.” I embarrassingly replied.

“Now, have some more brandy.” Missy instructed, as she handed me one of the skins. There was enough left for an audible sloshing of its contents.

“Thank you.” I stammered, as I nervously undid the cap and downed several throat-burning swallows. I had to admit, they did seem to help with my fear.

“Careful,” she admonished. “Drink too much and you’ll not be able to perform.” She teased.

“You mean I won’t get hard eh?” I shot back with humor, as the brandy began to take effect. She smiled.

“Even if that happens, I’ll still be able to give you pleasure.” I added.

“Oh really? How would you manage that? Wouldn’t a boat need a stiff oar?” she quipped as she traced a finger alongside my jaw. It felt nice.

“Well I’ve been working with a softie for so long, I could row that boat with a rope.” I joked. Which made her and everyone around us laugh. “But that’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean then?” she asked as leaned in and gave me a light kiss on my lips. I didn’t immediately answer, as the feel of her lips against mine was rather pleasant. I reached out and began to stroke her on the back of her chest and shoulders. I could feel her muscles rippling and folding under my touch.

Finally, we drew apart, after an eternity that didn’t last long enough. “Would you make love as if you were another woman then, Hmmm?” she asked breathlessly, as she shifted her position and began to kiss me on my shoulder.

“I take it you’re referring to Oral Sex?” I asked, as the brandy gave me a few like notions to follow.

“Mmmm, Hmmmm.” She murmured into my ear as she began to nuzzle mine. I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed intrigued by the notion. I had to admit that it was a rather nice idea. But, not that day, I decided.

“Actually,” I began as I started to reciprocate that nuzzling with her ear. “I was thinking of something else.” She tensed then, and then she slowly drew herself back and gave me a quizzical look.

“Finger sex?” she huffed in annoyance. I shook my head.

“Dildo?” She sighed; I shook my head once more.

“What then?” she asked, annoyed. 

“Nipple-gasm.” I replied She did a double take and screwed up her face.

“What is that?” she asked, genuinely mystified.

“It is the process where I, induce you to orgasm by stimulating your nipples.” I said softly. She stared skeptically back at for a while.

“Really?” she asked quietly.

“Really.” I affirmed.

“Well then my Slave,” she huffed as she shifted into her role as my Mistress, “You may demonstrate.” She ordered me.

“I shall Mistress, but first I will need you to shift position.”

“What do you have in mind, Slave?”

“Mistress, I would have you turn around, and have you lean your back against my front.”

“Why don’t you get up and sit behind me?” she demanded.

“That would work too, but it would take a bit longer to get us into a comfortable position.”

“It occurs to me that you would be in a ‘superior’ position. I’d not have that.” She stated imperiously.

“True Mistress. I can see your point. But try to think of it this way. I will be acting as your chair to support you. Do you crouch and then shuffle into a chair? Or dominate your chair by sitting upon it?” I replied diplomatically.

She thought about it for a bit, and then silently, she got herself up and turned herself around. Once she leaned against me, I embraced her from behind, and held her close.

It was at that moment she reached up and grabbed me by hair.

“If this turns out to be your idea of a practical joke,…” she growled, “Your Mistress will be most displeased.” She threatened. Loudly enough for everyone around us to hear.  I swallowed at the threat.

“I promise you Mistress, you will be most satisfied with my performance.” I vowed.

“See that you do.” She said imperiously. I smiled to myself then. As I did, I looked around and noticed that the few Amazoness who’d not been paying attention prior, now where. Along with everyone else, including the few men-folks of the tribe.

I then lowered my hands and cupped my Mistresses breasts in them. I paused and enjoyed their weight and heft., before I began. After that, I shifted my grip to cover her nipples with the palms of both my hands.

“Now,” I breathed into her ear. “I commence.” She didn’t reply as I lightly, yet firmly gave them a slow squeeze, only to hold them just past the point of firm resistance.

As I did, I felt her breathe in deeply and hold it. She then began to relax.

‘It begins.’ I thought with satisfaction. ‘She is receptive.’

From there, I began to release my cupping, as I drew my fingertips together on the surface of her breast’s skin. Seeking to center them around the areole of each breast.

When I did, I heard her sigh breathlessly, as she leaned her head slightly to her right. I knew without seeing, that she’d closed her eyes.

But I did not dally there for long, Instead I repeated the performance a couple of times, imagining my fingers as being akin to jellyfish swimming against the current. When she swallowed the saliva in her mouth, I knew that was my signal to move on to the next step.

I stopped ‘jellyfishing’ and instead began to slowly circle her nipples with the fingertips of both middle fingers; pressing lightly into her areole.

“ooooh.” She moaned. I smiled triumphantly. As I did, I could feel her shift her hands back, and down. There, she took ahold of my knees and grasped tightly at them.

She then turned her head and languidly opened her eyes and locked her eyes with mine.

“You do well, my Slave.” She breathed.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I smiled.

“Continue.” She ordered me huskily.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied. So, I did.

It was at that point, that my teasing of her nipples had the desired effect. They began to engorge. All without my touching them directly.

Once they’d reached their full length, I found myself both surprised at how far they extended, and the depth of my desire to encompass them with my mouth.

‘Not now, Sam.’ I admonished myself. ‘Such must wait for the future.’

Thankfully, since her nipples were so long, the next step made things easier. I then began to roll them gently between my thumb and my first two fingers, shifting the grip up and down her nipples’ length. From the tips down to her areole and back.

At which point Missy began to sway her body and slowly shift her head left and right. It was at that point, that my penis began to harden and press up against Missy’s back. If she noticed, she gave no sign.

From there, I alternated between each of those previous techniques. Jelly-fish, Cupping, and Nipple-twist. Choosing only to vary the degree of pressure in order to gauge her response. The more she enjoyed, the more I reinforced. But I never stayed with any one technique for long. Because if I did, she’d soon tolerate it and lose interest.

Such, would be counter-productive.

As I continued in my variance of techniques, I would tease her upwards until she was nigh-on bucking like a horse in my embrace. Once she had, I would back off for a bit. Then, I would bring her back to the brink, then back off once more. All the while, her moans and gasps were coming both louder, and faster, in frequency.

The effects of my manipulations became both audible and visible as she began to clench her teeth and grip at me tightly. She’d long since passed the point of quietude, as her physical gyrations multiplied both in frequency, and intensity.

Then the moment came when all of her loud moaning and mutterings coalesced into one long drawn out and ever increasingly shrill scream. I felt her tense up as she approached the peak of her ecstasy.

As she did, she arched her back forcefully, making it difficult for me to maintain my grip. Somehow, I managed. All the while, I bore down forcefully with the twisting and almost vicious pinching of her nipples.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed out loudly for all in the camp to hear. Which gave me a sense of great satisfaction. Then at that point, I loosened my grip and ceased the twisting, choosing instead to cup her breasts lovingly, yet firmly.

This gave me the opportunity to extend both her pleasure, and her inevitable subsequent orgasmic aftershocks. I lost count of how many more she had, they were so extensive.

During which she was nigh on incoherent as she muttered nonsensical words and cursed strange oaths. I half expected her language to summon an Old God at that point.

Finally, she finished. As her panting began to slow, I gently turned her around in my arms and began to embrace her. Automatically, she gripped me first. After a short while, she opened her eyes and looked possessively up at me, to speak one word and one word only.

“Mine!” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied as I lovingly kissed her on her forehead. Then I watched over her as she fell asleep in my arms.

There we stayed for the better part of a quarter of an hour. During which, I noticed two things. 1- all those who witnessed our play, were now flabbergasted; looking at us as if we’d sprouted a second head. 2- my butt was starting to go numb from my sitting in one position so long.

I chose to ignore my discomfort, as I knew that my Mistress’ needs always came first. As it should be.

She seemed both surprised and refreshed upon awakening. She was about to say something then, but she was interrupted by a shadow appearing across her face.

That shadow’s source was Tessera. She was kneeling next to us.

“Maseha’e?” she began, addressing her Chief, “I request the service of your Slave.” She giggled as she glanced at me. Which left me dumbfounded for several seconds.

In response, Missy smiled and turned her head. When our eyes locked, her smile turned into a grin, and I knew what my next orders were.

“Yes Mistress.” I said with a nod. I then looked up at Tessera, who then smiled happily.

In the end, I learned exactly how many Amazoness the Missy Ring held. That’s because every one of them requested the service that Missy’s newly acquired slave-husband had to offer.

Unfortunately for me. It took me two days before I could hold a hammer again without pain.


Invariably, ever after. Missy would wake up before I would. This usually resulted in my waking up with the sensation of her going down on me. It was a rather pleasant way to do so.

It beat the hell out of coffee.

Apparently, now that she had herself a regular supply of Essence to consume. She felt it was time for her to make up for ‘lost opportunities. Her words.

Not that I had any problem with that.




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