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Q. Is spirit/demon energy a thing in this setting, along with all or some of the MGE implications that come with it? Or are these monster girls more or less like MonMusu girls (i.e. not half-succubi who run on male energy) who just happen to also be magically inclined and sex/romance crazed? Or do you have your own, different take on spirit/demon energy?

A. Yes it is, but its not as potent as it was in the past. This is a sort of post-MGE world. The Overlord/ Demon Lord of the past succeeded in creating the ability to let Monsters give birth to human sons… but it was a smidgen too late. As it happens, men died out anyway, too little too late. Monsters have long lives however, and many have great magical power. They were able to transport the entirety of their known world to ours, which is much bigger.

Q. Are bright green or dark demon realms going to be a thing, in some shape or form, in this setting? Does the presence of the FUK in our world and/or a high concentration of monster girls or their mana cause or induce any strange effects on the surrounding environment?

A. There are Emerald and Umbral realms, this map is not known to humans that haven’t immigrated, and it is kept secret. Monsters between January and May of 2018 were doing reconnaissance, and are aware that their magic is needed to keep themselves from being embroiled in geopolitics. They are actively using spells to hinder satellite imagery and planes and ships. Monster Mana exists but is tamed, and does not spread accidentally, or in the air. It is contained in fruits, vegetables, and other items.

Q. Are incubi a thing in this setting? Do they exist within the FUK’s territory? Can human males from our world be turned into incubi, and is the process the same or different from the MGE setting? What exactly is being an incubus like in this setting, and how does it differ, both physically and mentally, from being a normal human male?

A. Incubi are a thing, but in this just as in the MGE canon it just means that your libido is increased, your refractory period vanishes, and you can emit a near limitless amount of semen. It does not change your appearance save perhaps make you healthier, clears up skin problems, thickens thinning hair, and removes aches and pains. It does not make your dick bigger or give you abs, however, and does not reverse aging.

Q. Do the monsters of chaos have a province or do they come from “outside”

A. They can be found in multiple kingdoms. But they like to live in underground cities. Same as mermaids and other aquatic types, they live in all the kingdoms, but Prefer living in the large lakes and bays

Q. I have a question about the Order in this shared universe. Would they exist in some form or another? Not necessarily maximum Deus Vault but more of a means of keeping peace between the kingdoms as a kinda federal police force? I mean, depending on how much time has actually passed since the last human man walked those lands and when they showed up to Earth, you could still have regular women that serve in some way or another along with any mamono that have joined as well.

A. The entirety of the continent is nothing but Monster Girls, and the Order vanished long ago. This is some thousands of years after MGE proper, where peace was established and a harmonious balance was reached. I would even say its been so long that the original Demon Lord from MGE canon, has been dead for a few generations and one of her granddaughters or great-granddaughters sits on the throne. Empress Desdemona. Each Overlord was handed over the power from the previous generation, and they made great inroads in increasing the fertility of monsters and expanding the world over. However, due to the nature of the Overlord’s powers, she needed more monsters having sex to increase her power to get over that “no human sons” rule. Empress Desdemona’s mother succeeded in her old age, at the end, but by that time, there were so few humans that a natural extinction happened anyway. A Pyrrhic victory.

Over the next let’s say 50 years, Empress Desdemona has been fixing the mess, and has been the one behind transporting their world to ours, and is the one attempting not to make the mistakes of the past, and is attempting to better assimilate in this world, and not take it over.

Q.Honestly, I feel your scenario has problems. Your monsters adapted far too quickly to Earth for one. After only half a year they’re already buying out movie studios with, I assume, the intention to produce propaganda, indicating they already know how movies can be used to influence a general public’s opinion. By next year they’re also already taking advantage of the internet and mainstream media. They developed a sophisticated understanding of digital age information dissemination in under two years. Even with human consultants, I find that difficult to believe.

A larger problem, I think, is that the cultural exchange between FUK and Earth seems one-sided. FUK is covered in mysterious clouds and its geography is classified, yet somehow they managed to secure a cultural “exchange” program with multiple countries in six months. Their airspace is restricted as well, and they even declare their intention to start a war at some point. So little is known about them, yet they can buy out companies and studios in other countries and flood the world with propaganda. I feel like they have an implausible amount of political clout, and throwing in a line about Trump being see with a danuki feels like just a cheap handwave for an absurd situation.

Honestly, FUK feels like they’re propped up by writer fiat in your scenario. They make completely unreasonable political and financial gains in a very short amount of time, as well engender considerable trust while remaining extremely secretive. To be blunt, it’s silly that your scenario incorporates real world politics while including an entity that seems completely immune to them for no good reason. Trump builds a wall to keep illegal Mexicans out, yet allows mysterious otherworldly beings to buy out companies and run exchange programs before even a year has passed.

It’s not my intention to belittle you, but the flaws in your scenario are bad enough to necessitate a rewrite, in my opinion. The scale of time of time needs to be given much more consideration, and politicking between FUK and other countries needs to be more realistic. FUK has to compromise sometimes. Their scheming can’t always be effective. They need actual time to learn about concepts unique to Earth. They can’t be immediately trusted. Developed countries need to give at least some consideration to the possibility that FUK is a threat.

It’s your work, in the end, so you can do with it what you please. This is merely my opinion on the matter.

A. Allow me to address your issues. Much of what you said is true. And attempting realism was not my attention. I included snippets of geopolitics to firmly set the setting in modern day.

1. They adapted too quickly. They did not some to this world not knowing what it was. They’ve been scrying the earth for a long time, getting a feel for it. Plans were made, and even false technology was made. “Planes” that use magic to fly, but still look like planes. modern-esque clothing, “Cellphones” that again use magic, because that is what they know. The movie studio hypothetical is assuming (rather far-fetched even in my own opinion) that the ongoing scandals might bankrupt a studio such as the Weinstein Comapny. In which case, even the chinese could buy it. And in fact that has been talked about by both Sony (a Japanese company) and other Chinese interests. cultural exchange: you’re right. I’ll address it. However, consider that the world is on the brink of war in this scenario, and the FUK has a very precious resource; magic. In addition, I have no doubt that various intelligence agencies are sending men undercover in the Mail-Order Husband service to send back information.

There are many things happening, and I’m only providing small blurbs like you would see in a textbook.

3. its silly Yes. Yes it is. In regards to the wall, keep in mind that these are not permanent residents, and the FUK may be offering something in exchange to make it worthwhile. And, in the near future, when the wall actually is built, it is unlikely that indians and africans are going to stop. That would take much longer. And there are no laws in America that keep foreign businesses from buying domestic ones. There should be, but there is not, and Trump would not have the power to stop it if he wanted to.

Q.  Wouldn’t the new landmass in middle of Pacific Ocean have noticeable side-effects, like rising the sea level all over the world? One explanation in my head is that the appearance (or ritual/teleport) only swapped the sea of Earth for the land of MG planet, resulting in no change for sea level – that’s what I think at least. I’ll admit to knowing nothing about sea level.

A. The teleportation swapped land for water, rather than moving the water out of the way. I’ll be covering the FUK side of things pretty soon.

Q. The current Pacific Ocean, if I recall right, have an pollution issue from collection of garbage from all over the world, resulting in garbage patches across the ocean. As FUK exists, does FUK face the same problem with trash washing up on the beaches?

A. There are magical barriers up at all times to safeguard the FUK. However, it isn’t really meant to keep garbage out. I imagine they might have created a brand new job just to pick up refuse that washes onto their shores.

Q. FUK is in the middle of ‘Ring of Fire’, potentially facing multiple tsunamis in multiple directions – do monstergirls have a solution for it or do FUK have a magically-controlled ecosystem or something to protect itself from earthquakes and tsunamis? earlier on, it has been said satellite imagery seemed unable to pierce the clouds, so by default, I assume the cloud/land itself is capable of protecting itself from Ring of Fire as well as clean away floating garbage.

A. The ecosystem is controlled out the wazoo. There are lands of eternal sun, and eternal night, often bordering each other. In fact some kingdoms are entirely Umbral, like Silverwood. Others are entirely Emerald, like Goldara. Mamono mana still exists, and keeps lands for more pleasant than they have a right to be. It’s just more tamed and doesn’t seep out past the island-continent itself.

Q. Considering that FUK is the complete entirely of their known world on an assumed-smaller planet than ours, could being in middle of Earth’s equator cause any damage to FUK in the future? Again, you could always use magic as a convenient barrier to minimize it.

A. I actually have no idea. The only thing I’ve thought about in that regard is that the gravity is the same, because their planet was denser even though it was smaller.

Q.   I’m starting to have misgivings about the part where South Korea begins monsterizing on a large scale, or at all, really. Consider the following. If the FUK does not want to flood or overload the Earth with monstergirls too fast, and therefore the number of monstergirls that travel to Earth countries is relatively small, why create more competition by monsterizing women of Earth? And it isn’t just creating more competition. Monsterizing Earth females just creates more monster girls that (nearly) cannot have male children and accelerates the dwindling males problem that the FUK came here to escape and wants to prevent from happening again. I think monsterization should still be a thing that exists in this setting, but I don’t think the FUK should be advertising or encouraging it while the monster girl birth ratios are still what they are.

A. South Korea is engaged in monsterization not due to conspiracy, but because it is cheaper, safer, and more effective than plastic surgery. SK is currently obsessed with Plastic surgery, and their is a reason they above all else are the ones to embrace it. I imagine many women would jump at the chance to instantly become a 10/10 by eating fruit. And the eternal Danuki is there to exploit it.

Q. Alien landmass and lifeforms suddenly appear in the middle of the ocean. Even with diplomacy, unless you assume subtle mind control was involved, most governments wouldn’t want those complete unknowns running around on their home soil for any number of reasons (potential exposure to new diseases, possibility of hostile intent by beings of unknown and extraordinary capabilities, etc.) It would probably be more likely that some sort of neutral ground would be established on some carefully quarantined land. Maybe some uninhabited Earth island that no one really cared about, or some isolated location that could be easily controlled and contained. Basically a place built as if it had to contain an army of pissed off Hulks, just in case. Then facilities would be built there and the initial contact and exchange would only happen in that carefully controlled environment. (We don’t have to do any of this, though, or it could be a preliminary to the national exchange programs)

A. some small amount of mind control was happening, but that’s not the only thing helping smooth over their arrival. They are most welcome in the West and Orient, where woman have largely abandoned their roles as women and men are increasingly going MGTOW and “Herbivore” They are not in any African country or Middle Eastern country, and are not welcome there. They attempted this in the timeline, but left due to violence and obscene behavior. Valuable magical artifacts were traded to these governments as part of the diplomatic process and I’ll just say this up front, I believe the response to an alien force would change rather dramatically if it was cute, sexy, and showed no hostility.



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6 thoughts on “Monster Girls 2020

  1. I love this idea, and 90% of the execution. My only two questions/complaints are about timing. I think that all these events should be stretched out a bit longer, and I question why the Demon Lord ever actually needed to cede power to the next generation or two. I think it is pretty explicit that high-level monsters and demons are biologically immortal. Unless they just got bored and retired, the original Demon Lord and co should still be hanging around.

    1. I suppose that’s a bit of fanfiction fiat then, for me. I imagine in this hypothetical that they live for a very long time, say 10,000 years, but ultimately pass on to the next life. This is the reign of her granddaughter, some many thousands of years later. Or maybe she did get bored of it after a while, I haven’t thought that part out entirely. I imagine I’ll deliver a monster’s side timeline in the next few months

      1. Well, the Demon Lord is basically a god-level being. I think that straight-up rising to transcendence would be a possibility. Maybe that is how she made males able to be born? Became a Goddess instead of just a Demon Lord?

        Anyway, a fascinating timeline. Frankly I think the human side is what moves improbably fast rather than the Monster Girl side. With as much magic and as many MGs with vastly-above-human intellect they have, I do think they could move to turn all Earth into de-facto client states astonishingly rapidly, especially if the Earth governments were too fixated on each other to band together against them.

        I look forward greatly to your future work.

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