Monster girl hunter ch1: a bloody bad start

Day of the first hunt and a young adult man was reluctantly getting dressed in his monster hunting gear.
The young adult “Dad, I sill dont see why we cant just work with these monster girls. It seems as of late they are more then willing to co-work with us for a better life. Nothing like how they where back in the days of old.”
Father “BRANDON KEMP! ENOUGH!! I’ve had it with your talks about befreinding these monsters. You’re from a family of monster hunters and slayers and a highly known one at that. I wont have my son talking like this! Look you were the top in your classes and a great fighter. Once you get your first kill im sure youll see how much of a monster these creatures are. I even pulled a few strings to make sure your first hunt is easy as can be. I even have an old friend of mine be your procter. you wont regret it. Trust me son” He said as he places a hand on his son’s shoulder.

A few days later Brandone and his Procter arrives at a small little town in the middle of nowehere
“Now brandon” The procter says “This town has been attack by a werecat. Normally we would probably wait till something weaker comes along for your first hunt but rumors have it that it is a fairly young one so I dont think you should have much trouble. So I want you to go hunt it down. I’ll wait here till you come back with its paw as proof”
With that said Brandon starts walking around trying to get its trail thinking to himself how he wish he didnt have to do this.
When he comes across a big cat paw print in the ground.
“found it” he said to himself.
Tracking the trail he was able to find where this werecat was hiding.
A small shack on the edge of town.
As soon as he steps towards the shack he senses an attack.
The werecat leaps out at him and he dodges out of the way.
“So a young hunter on his first hunt huh? well arent you a cute one” she says.
“Look i dont want any trouble. Hell I dont even really want to be doing this but I have to for my family and my hunters clan. I dont really have any other choice.” he replys.
At this point she starts moving around provocatively.
“Well if thats the case then why not leave them and come with me?” she says.
At this point Brandon starts to get a tad bit hot under the coller.
She comes a bit closer to him and all of a sudden a silver bullet whizes by the both of them grazing the werecat and she runs into the shack.
“DAMN IT KID!! Dont let your guard down around them” The procter yelled as he comes out of the bush.

“Uhhhhh yeah sorry I… I dont know what came over me” He says as he shakes his head.
“Look kid take our your sword and finish the job. I’ll give you one more chance to end her.”
“Right” he replies as he draws out what looks like a smaller one-handed version of a claymore and puts it in his left hand and heads inside.
As he gets in he sees the young werecat hiding in a courner licking her wound. Looked like that bullet might have grazed her but still prevents her from fighting.
He takes sword in hand and ready to strike when he looks in her eyes and senses that conterary to what his teachers and other hunters told him.
She wasnt evil.
Hell she had no ill intent at all.
With that he lowers his blade and tosses her a small med kit.
“Go, Take this and go” He said
“huh? Your not gonna end me?” the werecat replied.
“No. I’ve been thinking……. Maybe your kind are not as evil and horrible as my people kept telling me. If anything…I guess I kind of like your kind and think maybe we could get along. I mean lately it seems yall need us to mate and we could get help from your kind as well” He exlaimed
“But wont they punish you for letting me go. Especially since this is your first hunt?” she replied as she grabed the med kit
“True” He then grabs a small lamp and holds it
“But they cant punish a deadman now can they. Im out and unless you want to get caught in the fire I hope you get out too”.
He then smashes the lamp into the ground and the fire bursts all over the place.
He then fans it a little to get it really going with his trenchcoat. As he makes the fire get going.
The werecat escapes thinking the kid is insane.

As soon as he sees the fire is going and able to look fairly nasty he places a small mask over his mouth and runs out the back.
As he runs out the back the procter runs in from the front thinking that a fight happened and started the fire.
He tried to look around yelling for Brandone but no luck.
With the fire getting worse and worse he retreats thinking the worse happened.
A couple minutes later and lots of running brandon makes it a good distance away and sees the smoke in the distance
“Well….thats the end of that life” He says as he starts walking away with his hand on his clans hunters badge “Now what?”

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  1. Interesting enough concept, but you could improve your spelling (especially capitalization) and punctuation.
    Let’s see what happens in the next chapter.

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