Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 5

[Warning: Violence, Blood, and Bad Words]

Roman walked into his kitchen as the mid-afternoon sun shone through the windows. He moved silently through his ‘morning’ routine as he had time countless times before. Shit, shower, chow. If military life instilled anything in him, it was routine. As he mindlessly looked through his cabinets the coffee machine dinged to signal that his scorching pot of hell liquid was done and ready to drink. Mindlessly, Roman shuffled over to the machine, grabbed his ‘Decaf Is For Pussies’ coffee mug and poured a cup o’ Joe into it. As much as he drank it, the initial smell never grew old to him, always perking up his senses.
The silence almost shook him as it was broken. Roman looked up to see Willow, wrapped only in his sheet, enter the kitchen.
“Get you anything?”
“Cup of coffee would be nice.”
As Roman poured her a cup, Willow sat at the counter, watching him.
“Sleep well?” Roman finally asked as he brought her the coffee.
“After all that? Like a dream.”
The two shared a short laugh.
“Hey, I’m sorry, by the way. About what happened to you.”
“Sorry I burst it out like that.”
Roman stared at his remaining coffee before finishing it in one swig.
“Is that why you’re so scarred up?”
“Yeah. Every time I relented or didn’t give in to her desires she lashed at me to punish me.”
Willow frowned and reached out to him but was cut short by Roman’s cell ringing.
“Hold that thought,” Roman smiled and answered, “Morning boss.”
“Good morning, Roman. I’m having the team muster on base today, need you here ASAP.”
“What’s the details?”
“Call it a favor, I’m having the rest of the team muster too. Speaking of, do you know where Willow and Liz are? I’ve tried multiple times to get a hold of them but can’t get an answer.”
“Yeah, they’re at my place. We’ll ride over together.”
“Holding sleepovers now, Roman?”
“Wouldn’t you love to know, Top. See you soon.”
As Roman pulled his SUV up to the Compound’s gate check point, he pulled out an ID card, as well as getting two handed to him by his passengers. The slightly pudgy Security Guard looked over them carefully before handing them back and opening the gate. The compound was big, roughly the same size of a military F.O.B. on the surface with god knows how much was stored in the ground beneath it. It was a thee minute drive to the compound’s main building, Roman counted three different barracks, a heliport, and a motor pool before parking in the last spot in the front row of the main building’s parking lot. Upon entering the building, Roman noticed the Weresheep woman dressed in a proper Class A uniform sat behind the main desk. Clacking away on a keyboard, she barely acknowledging his existence as he walked up to her desk, the girls following him. Lifting her eyes up to meet his she rolled them and said “Conference room.” With a cough coming from behind him along with a sigh, Roman walked down the left corridor. Along the hallway walls were a great number of paintings and portraits, each portraying old battles or military leaders from across the globe. From the beaches of Normandy to a portrait of General Patton, a painting of the London air raids and a portrait of Winston Churchill. Even a painting of the Japanese surrender to the Allies, but from there was where paintings of humans ended. As the hallway stretched on paintings of Mamono leaders filled the frames, until a sign stating ‘Conference Room’ cut Roman off from admiring the portraits. Upon entering the room a stale vibe of bureaucracy hit the trio like a freight train, and sitting within was the CO, Rose, Cait, and a number of Mamono all dressed in suits.
“Roman, Willow, Liz. Take your seats.” Commanded their CO, which they quickly obeyed.
Cait was stiff and her back straight as a board, obviously used to being in a room of superiors. Rose seemed relaxed on the surface but her eyes screamed ‘Get me the hell out of here’.
“So this is your team?” One of the suits, a Direwolf asked, “Four girls and a contractor?”
“The best in the business.” Stated the CO.
“That so. You. Scar boy.” She pointed at Roman, “How many men have you killed?”
“I stopped counting after 50.” Roman replied, putting in effort to add a gruff sandpaper effect to his voice. The suit smirked at his reply, then turned to Cait.
“And the squad leader is so trustful of a bloodied mercenary, a human one no less?” Cait smiled as she grit her teeth.
“He’s an effective soldier.”
“That’s not what I asked.”
A tension grew in the following silence, the suited Direwolf staring daggers into Cait with the same shit eating grin on her face.
“Yes, I trust him.”
“Don’t lie to me girly, I smell fear.”
“I don’t trust humans, of any kind, but he’s different-“
“Oh he’s different? How?”
“He saved a young manticore girl on his first raid.” Interrupted the CO.
“That so?” She returned her gaze to Roman. “You saved a damsel in distress, hero?”
“I’m no hero, I’ll say that now. I’ve killed too much without a second thought to be one. But yeah, I saved that girl, So take your racist bullshit out of my face.”
Sitting back in her chair the werewolf smiled a wolfish grin, eyeing Roman up and down.
“How’d you get those scars, Boy?”
“That’s none of your damn-” Started Rose before Roman raised his hand.
“Hellhound attacked me.”
“And you don’t hate her kind for it? Blame them for your disfigurement?”
“Fuck no I don’t.”
“And whys that? Because your little squad acts nice to you? I wonder if it’s because they have to.”
“That’s enough!” Interrupted the CO. “Do you want my team or not?”
The Direwolf Inhaled deeply, “Yes. We want your team to lead the security escort.”
Roman grit his teeth as the entourage of suits left, following the Direwolf that was sure to send Roman a wink on her way out. And right on que, as the door shut hell broke loose.
“What the ever-righteous fuck was that?!” Asked Roman.
“A contract, or are you not on my dime anymore?”
“So you’re fine letting her talk to him like that?” Asked Liz.
“No, but it’s something to suffer through.”
“I need a fucking smoke.” Was all Roman muttered before leaving the conference room and the building as a whole.
“How did she sniff out so much so easily?” Asked Rose.
“Mothers are viscous when it comes to protecting their young,” Answered the CO. “Wouldn’t you be if it was your daughter on the line.”
As he took a puff of his cigar Roman looked at a folded picture of his family, a few in the picture had since disowned him but his nieces were in it so he didn’t mind. One was wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life, laughing as the picture was taken.
“Hey.” Cait’s voice woke him from the visage of calm he had enveloped himself in. “Hey.” Was all he cared to reply.
“So, do you trust me?” The question threw Roman off guard.
“Excuse me?” He coughed out before extinguishing his cigar bud on the wall behind him.
“Simple question. I got asked it, so I’m asking you.”
“No doubt, I trust you.”
“The way you treat the kid. The way you ripped her from my arms when we found her, the way you held her. I know the kind of pain you had to’ov felt. You put the kid above all.”
“Funny you mention her.”
“She okay?”
“Yes, well no all things considered, but she wants to see you, and so does her councilor.”
“Oh, when’s her next appointment?”
“Today actually.”
“No time to waste then.”
The councilor’s office was atypical of those cliche movie office, fake plastic plants, stale air, dinghy carpet, fancy wallpaper; uncomfortable waiting room furniture included. Casey looked a whole lot better since when Roman lifted her from that cage, dressed in a white sundress with a red bow tied in her blonde hair, which sat braided and tossed over her left shoulder. Roman was relieved to see her in a far more healthy state. When Roman arrived Cait and Casey sat on a couch in the waiting room, but when he tried to sit in a chair opposite them, Casey insisted she sit on the couch next to her. Roman gladly sat on the right side, Casey in the middle with Cait on the left side.
Casey hugged Roman’s side out of the blue, “I’m scared.”
Roman tried his best to smile, “Don’t be, you’ve got a big scary mercenary here to protect you.”
“Manstrow!” Called a voice beyond a door.
“That’s us.”
The doctor was a monster, a male no less. He looked dragon, but to Roman it didn’t really matter. It was the same seating on a couch in his office, which was a clutter of toys on shelves and drawings from what he assumed were other patients adorning the walls. Upon entering the man extended his hand to both Roman and Cait, then he kneeled to greet Casey. Once seated is when he started asking his questions.
“How are you feeling today Miss Casey?” He asked politely.
“Okay I guess.” She replied sheepishly, squeezing Roman’s arm.
“You can only guess?” Casey only nodded to reply. Sighing the man scribbled down a few notes before asking another question, “Are you still having nightmares?”
Gripping Roman’s arm tight Casey looked up at him.
“It’s okay kiddo.”
Casey sighed and kicked her feet. “Yes.”
“Are they getting worse?”
“They won’t go away.”
“They will with time, Casey.”
“It’s taking too long.”
The man sighed again and scribbled more notes, before turning his attention to Roman.
“And you’re the man who rescued her?”
“Aye. I’m the little one’s protector.”
“Huh, well I’ll want a word with you after the session.” Roman nodded and pat Casey’s head, soothing her slightly. Partway through the hour Casey finally opened up.
“Most of the time there was a blur, I remember pain, fear, and the man who kept me in the cage. He was big and scary and always held a big knife. I don’t remember how long I was there. But I reminder the night I got rescued! I just woke up when I heard a big boom, then little booms. The lights went out for a while and I heard lots of screaming. Then the lights came back on, there was yelling and the mean man with the knife tried to run. He locked my room and I never saw him again, I thought I was gonna die… but then Roman unlocked my room and freed me!”
Casey was on the border of tears when she hugged Roman tight. The kid had been through hell.
“No one is gonna hurt you again, kiddo. I’ll make sure of it.” He promised.
“I wanna go home.” Was all she murmured.
“I think we can arrange that.” Said the councilor. Cait lifted Casey in her arms and carried her out the door.
“Five sessions and that’s the first she said more than three sentences to me.” The man confided.
“She’s been through hell.” Roman replied.
“It doesn’t take a degree to know that, I think she might need you to be able to open up.”
“You think? I don’t mind coming back, anything for the Kid.”
“You’re a good man Roman, better than I.”
Roman shook the man’s hand before going to leave, “And Sir, if you ever need to talk about those scars I won’t charge.”
Looking back Roman chuckled, “Sorry doc, but therapist chairs ain’t for me.”
The councilor began looking over his notes as he left. Roman looked around in the parking lot for Cait’s Car, finding it a little walks away. Walking up he came upon a heartbreaking scene, Casey crying deeply in the backseat as Cait struggled to calm her. Roman practically sprinted over, “Hey kiddo, what’s wrong?”
“I wanna go away Roman, away from the pain!” She leaped up to hug him, crying into his shoulder.
“Shhh, shhh, it’s okay kiddo, it’s okay.” He whispered as he pat her back.
“The memories hurt so much.”
“I know they do, hey, how would you like a vacation?”
“A vacation?”
“Yup, far away from here, but we gotta fly there.”
“I wanna go…”
Roman shifted his eyes to Cait, who herself was on the verge of tears.
“I’m going home soon, I thought you two might like to come, get a break.”
“Sure, sure.” Was all she choked out.
As Casey cried into his shoulder Roman sang old marching cadences softly until she tired out, then he buckled her up.
As he leaned back out of the car he was caught off guard again by Cait, who hugged him tight.
“Thank you Michael.” “Anytime Cait. Anything for the kid.” He replied hugging her back.
As Cait stepped back smiling both her’s and Roman’s phones both buzzed without stopping. At the same point they viewed the message, their eyes met.
“Operation: Minced Dragon approved. Report to base.”
Roman, Cait, Rose, Liz, and Willow sat in a briefing room as the lamia officer entered the room.
“Squad, we’ve received enough actionable intel to raid a possible holding point belonging to the group we’ve been fighting, as well as their name.”
Holding up a clicker and turning out the lights a screen came on displaying a logo. It was a red skull surrounded by barbwire displayed on a black background.
“They call themselves ‘Lilim’s Syndicate.”
With a click the image changed and now a picture of an alley showed.
“We believe they use an underground holding cell to keep recently kidnapped girls until they can be transported to butcher shops hidden in the wilderness. A hidden access point in this alley is the entrance point we will be breaching.”
Another click and a picture of a human was shown. He looked like he was in his mid-thirties, with a shaved head, pierced ears, and neck tattoo of a four-leaf clover. He had strong cheek features as well as sunken green eyes.
“The man who runs the checkpoint goes by the alias ‘Drunken Irishman’. Your orders are to capture him alive, but if that cannot be done, grab any and all possible intel from his office. Standard rules of engagement for this op, but we believe there are civilians inside awaiting transport, so check any and all fire.
We begin this op at midnight tonight. Any questions?
“What’s our support on this?” Asked Cait.
“Police will be on standby and will be covering all exits once the raid begins.”
“How many hostiles are known?” Asked Willow.
“At least twenty, but the real number is unknown.”
“How’re we breaching?” Roman asked. “Thermite on the solid steer door.” Silence filled the room.
“Alright, gear up and be ready to move team. Dismissed.”
Roman sat fully geared, sharpening his combat gladius, in the prep-room at the girls finished getting ready. He wasn’t surprised to know they only had one team locker and prep room, or she smug look on the lamia’s face as she joked about him being in same room as a bunch of girls getting ready. Roman tried his best to keep focused, but something about nearly naked monstergirls made his eyes want to wander. If anything he could say he was just admiring the matching tattoos they all got. Rose was second to be ready, Roman being the first. She sharpened her claws as Roman did the same to his blade, Rose looked calm and focused but deep down she didn’t look forward to what she demented things might see.  Roman pulled his picture out of his pocket and looked at it again, studying the details of his family like it might be the last time he would. Taking in a deep breath, Roman tucked the picture into his helmet and straightened his black fatigues. The moments before the mission always bugged Roman, they either went by too slow to keep his focus, or so fast he felt he didn’t have proper time to ready up. Sheathing his gladius into his belt sheathe, he gave to room another look over. Willow was the only one not ready yet, and the others were sitting near Roman. Rose still sharpened her claws, with Liz now doing the same. Cait checked her phone constantly, smiling every time she did so. “Ready!” Called Willow. The team stood, and headed to the Armory.
Roman grabbed an ARX decked with a red dot sight for the mission, opting for a .300 blackout for the caliber on it, he also grabbed a KSG-12 for his sidearm knowing the close quarters would call for buckshot sooner or later.
Liz grabbed a UMP45 with a holographic sight, but instead of a secondary opted for dual Karabits sheathed in the vest. Her dual CZs sat in her hip holster and she sat counting her ammo bullet for bullet.
Cait checked out a Remington Pump 12 gauge and slug ammo for the mission, opting for a TMP to back her up as a secondary. Her Revolver seemed freshly cleaned and shined, almost as if it was meant for someone special inside the compound.
Rose asked for a M4A1, Acog sight and a 25mm smoke launcher. Oddly she decided not to grab a secondary weapon, sticking with her claws and Glock to back her up.
Willow took her time trying to decide on her weapons, eventually asking for a Kriss Vector with a red dot sight. She also chose a stockless, pump action shotgun for her secondary. Strangely she grabbed an Attica hand crossbow with special bolts she could flow electrical current into for a sidearm.
With everyone decked out, it was time to move on the compound. They would have to ride together in an armored SUV and breach from the alley, it would be a thirty minute drive, one spent in a focused silence. Roman has his headphones in, Avenged Sevenfold blaring as he fiddled with his flip lighter. Rose watched Roman intently, as if she was studying his every move. She was quick enough not to get caught, at least not by him, Liz had noticed once or twice before, but never said anything. The ride was over quick, and it was show time.
The alley was 30 yards in length, ending in a brick wall with a steel door in the center. The door looked more at home on a naval ship rather than a back alley, Roman guessed it was chosen for security over camouflage. As the Team entered the alley they stuck to opposite walls; Roman, Rose, and Willow on one side, Cait and Liz on the other. As they closed in on the door Roman shot anything that remotely resembled a security camera with his suppressed rifle, hoping to keep an element of surprise. Upon reaching the door Roman dug into the scout pouch attached to his leg and pulled out three tube charges, along with their detonator. Thermite: Hot enough to burn through the devils asshole flashed quickly through his head. Roman placed the tubes in three key spots on the door: two on the hinges, and one on the locking mechanism.
“Don’t suppose they’ll believe we’re the pizza guys, huh?” He asked as he hooked up the charges.
“Probably not, oh well~” responded Liz.
“Alright, step back!” He called and he finished the last charge. Stepping back together with the girls, Roman clicked the detonator and the alley was filled with a bright light as the thermite burned through the door. In only a minute the door fell open, hitting the concrete floor with a loud thud.
“Go go go!” Ordered Cait, the team entered weapons raised.
The hallways were barren, with the exception of gas line tubes adorning the right side of each hallway. The element of surprise was quickly lost as a siren blared and two gun men entered on the opposite end of the hallway.
“What the fu- fire!” Screamed on gunman before he was quickly cut down by combined fire. The second gunman attempted to run before being shot down himself. Moving together the team came upon a split, the hallway going in three directions.
“Team, Split up. Roman, Rose; Find and secure the HVT. Liz, shut down that damn alarm. And Willow, we’re going to find the holding cells. Move out.” Cait ordered, splitting the team. The three fire teams took a different hallway.
Roman and Rose took the center hallway, moving slow and concentrated. Rose could smell it and Roman could damn near sense the fearful atmosphere that had enveloped the entire compound. Coming up on a turn Roman could barely hear words over the alarm from around the corner. Roman held up his left fist, signaling to halt.
“What’s up?” Rose asked as she scanned their six.
“Enemies talking up ahead, let’s get the drop on them.” Responded Roman, taking a spot to look around the corner.
Two gunman took post guarding an oak double door.
“I can’t believe this shit, we’re stuck guarding that drunken asshole while he fools around with his little slave.” One complained while the other checked his rifle, of which they were both carrying new style AKs.
“It’s the reason why he’s in this profession, free pussy and good money.” Replied the other.
“Go on three. One, two, three, go.” Ordered Roman before turning the corner with Rose and opening fire on the guards. Roman put buckshot into the right guard’s face while Rose put 10 rounds into the left guard’s center mass, piercing both his heart and lungs. As the gunman croaked out a final death rattle, raising his hand towards his dead friend, Roman and Rose prepared to breach. Putting the barrels of his KSG up to the doors lock, Roman pulled the trigger before giving the door a swift and well placed kick. On the other side sat the HVT behind a solid iron desk, one hand holding a nearly empty bottle of whiskey, and in the other a rope tied to a collar around a scared looking cat girls neck. The man reared back his arm, tugging hard on the rope and forcing to girl to get in his lap.
“I expected you to be taller, Roman.”
Roman raised his firearm, “How do you know me?” He asked.
“Everyone of The Mistress’s servants knows you Roman, same with the cat and weasel. Course I only know your name thanks to your little bicorn buddy, Gwenneth.”
Roman’s finger gripped his trigger as the Irishman clutched his slave as a body shield.
“We’re having a civil discussion here Roman, don’t do anything too rash, people might get hurt. Besides, I can help you.”
“And how is that?” Asked Rose.
“I didn’t ask you, Mutt. I was talking to your leash holder.”
“The only that my I’m gonna hold is your balls in a vice if you don’t start talking.” With a scoff, the Irishman rolled his eyes.
“You want my info on The Mistress? Fine, I’ll come quietly, just keep me safe from her lap dog fuck toy!”
“And who would that be?”
“Jaxton fucking Eivorly. Ex-Marine type, completely fucking insane, hates all monstergirls, ‘cept the boss lady, but then again she ain’t so fond of her own kind either. Want me to say more? Fucking protect me!”
“Release the girl.” Ordered Roman.
“Give me your word!”
“Fine! I’ll protect your drunken ass!”
Standing up, the Irishman threw the cat girl into Rose and walked towards Roman. As the alarm cut off, The Irishman approached Roman, “Thanks yankee-” He began before Roman’s shotgun stock whipped across his face, knocking him out cold.
“Asshole,” Roman clicked on his radio, “Cait, Roman reporting, We got the HVT bagged and tagged, what’s your status?”
“Sweeping out what little resistance there is, we’re gonna need your help with the cages.” Cait answered back over the crackling radio.
Looking back Roman could see Rose with the Irishman over her shoulder and the cat girl hugging her tightly.
“You got this covered?” He asked, reloading his KSG.
“Yeah, go assist Cait, I’ll regroup as soon as I’m able.” Nodding at her reply, Roman made his way back to the junction they originally split up at, seeing Liz leaning on a wall and well bloody.
“Jesus shit, Liz, you okay?”” He asked as he ran up. She coughed, particles of blood joining the air.
“Heh, about that.”
As the team split up, Liz made her way down the right hallway, pistols at the ready. About three turns in she ran across what must have been the barracks, with twelve gunmen inside talking among one another. Getting an idea, Liz cloaked herself.
“No fucking way man, I didn’t sign up for this.” One man said as he paced back and forth.
“Quit bitching, you know damn well you sold your life when you signed that dotted line.” Replied another as he loaded his AK.
“We all knew that, The Mistress made it clear, so balls up.” Barked a burly man, who stood to approach the freaked out man. The spooked man suddenly stopped in his tracks, gurgling slightly.
“Oi, Jeff, you alright?” Asked a man sitting on one of the bunks.
When Jeff turned around blood was pouring from a slash across his throat. The room was thrown into chaos, allowing Liz to easily go to each man and kill him without notice. When one gunman remained, he noticed the ghostly silhouette covered in crimson. Shrieking in fear the man opened fire, hitting Liz’s ballistic plates a number of times before she incapacitated him. Checking under her vest she winced in pain as she felt her ribs, at least one was cracked, a few other badly bruised. Catching her breath, Liz returned to the hallway and began following it further. It wasn’t long before Liz came upon what looked like the main utility room, with the door slightly ajar. Looking in she saw a green Oni knelt on the ground, dressed in rags, as a brutish looking man walked around constantly checking the equipment around him. Liz moved the open the door slowly and enter as the Oni raised her head and caught sight of her.
“Master! Intruder!” The Oni yelled as she raised to her feet, standing no less than 7 foot tall.
“Deal with it, or I turn the collar higher.” Replied the brute of a man as he raised a remote. Looking to her neck Liz could see a thick steel collar attached to the Oni’s neck, which held a flashing red dot.  As Liz kicked open the door and entered, the Oni rushed towards her and threw a punch, which Liz barely ducked under. Enraged by her miss, the Oni ran for another attack, this time swiping her arm across and knocking Liz clean off her feet and towards the wall. Hitting the wall with a hard thud, Liz struggled to stand as the Oni rushed towards her. Shaking off the dizzy spell, Liz teleported behind the Oni as she slammed her fist into the wall where Liz once stood. Wasting no time Liz hopped onto the Oni’s back, bashing at the collars lock with one of her pistols. Taken by surprise the Oni flung around, trying her damnedest to get the Cheshire off her back. With a loud crack the collar fell off the girl, who then fell to floor. Going to stand, Liz was interrupted by the man’s hand gripping around her throat.
“Heh, you’re strong. Maybe you should be next for a collar fitting.” Said the man as he threw Liz towards the opposite wall. Walking over the man laughed to himself, until a large green hand vice gripped his neck. The man gasped for air before the Oni snapped his neck and threw him forcefully to the ground. Standing up, Liz could only feel pity for the Oni, who only looked down at the dead man on the verge of tears.
“I want to go home.” Was all the poor girl said before dropping to her knees.
Walking over Liz put a paw on her shoulder, “I’ll get you there, I promise.”
“Holy shit, and where’s the girl?” Roman asked.
“Back in the room crying her eyes out. I’ll go get some paramedics to help her, you go help out Cait.” Replied Liz.
Nodding his head, Roman began heading down the center hallway before Liz stopped him. “Yeah-” was all Roman blurted out before Liz kissed him.
“Okay, now go.” Laughing softly and wiping blood from his lips, Roman made his way down the center hallway.
As he made his way, Roman passed four dead gunmen, all still gripping their weapons. The walls were littered with bullet holes and splashes of crimson. After a multiple of turns Roman ran into Cait and Willow in front of a solid steel door. Between them sat a gunman against the door, three bullet wounds adorned his stomach as he laughed.
“Can’t get in now, even if I’m the only one left. You can’t get the key!” He cackled.
“What’s he going on about?” Asked Roman as he approached.
“Asshole dropped the door key down a drain.” Willow said as she put her boot on the Man’s stomach wounds, making him howl in pain.
“That all? Gimme a second.” Roman made his way to the door, kneeling in front of his. Removing the lock picking kit from his back pocket, Roman began making short work of the steel door’s lock.
“Hah! You think you can pick that lock? It’s of the most expensive and sturdiest locks in the market-” The man was cut off by the sound of the steel door creaking open loudly.
Laughing to himself, Roman entered the room. The room itself was large, bigger than any other room in the compound, with twenty large cages held within it, all of which were filled with Mamono, all of whom started howling and begging for help as soon as the three entered.
“Twenty locks? Piece of cake.” Roman muttered, suddenly realizing the only reason he was ordered to join them.
Each girl was a different species, and a different shade of bruised and beaten, all outfitted with steel collars. Each was weary of Roman at first, until he picked the locks on the collars; after that it was almost as if a spell was lifted. The hell is up with the collars? Roman thought to himself as he made his was to the final cage, with Gwenneth unconscious and collared inside of it.
“Ah shit.” Roman muttered as he picked the cage door. As the steel cage door creaked open Gwen’s eyes fluttered open, “R-Roman?”
“Hang on Gwen, I got you.”
Roman made short work of her collar.
“I’m so sorry Roman, they made me tell them everything. I tried to hold out.”
“Hey hey, it’s alright, don’t worry.” Roman tried his best to comfort her as he brought her to her feet.
“Let’s get you out of here.” As Roman helped her exit the compound he tried his best to comfort her as she sobbed, blurting out apologies. Exiting through the main entrance, Gwen was taken by a paramedic for treatment. As Cait exited a combination of police, Feds, and paramedics entered the compound.
“Hey Roman, thanks for the help on those locks.” Called Cait as she walked up to him.
“No problem, we did good here today.”
“For sure. Come on, we need to debrief; Then, you and me got some details to discuss about that trip you proposed.”
“Let’s get going then.”
Jaxton could hear the howls of anger well beyond the solid steel door of The Mistress’s office, three of his men had already gone in to try and calm her but none returned. Making a cross motion over his chest, he gulped and went to enter. Upon entering he came upon a grizzly sight, not only were his three men dead, but the mangled and eviscerated body chunks now decorated all available space in the office. His boss stood, still in her beastly form in the center, it’s back to him. Cautiously Jaxton coughed to make his presence known, only for the beast to bound for him, only for him to stand his ground. The beast kneeled to bring its face in front of his.
“Speak.” It demanded, its breath smelling of blood and human flesh.
“Irish was taken, but not before his full report on our friend and collar research was sent to us.” He responded.
“Who. Is. He?”
“An American mercenary, goes by the nickname ‘Roman’. I’ve got a few men tracking him down.”
“I. Want. Him. Leave.” It commanded. Jaxton obeyed.
Shutting the door he let out a large sigh.
“Oh I’ll find him.”
A grim smirk formed across his face as he walked down the hall.
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3 thoughts on “Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 5

  1. If i have to be honest, the way the plot and characterization progress seems a bit rushed; what worries me however is how you seem to focus a lot on guns, sure this is a military story, but you spent a whole paragraph describing weapons and their accessory. Nothing much to said apart from that.

  2. I’m kinda surprised that you haven’t mentioned .50AE Desert Eagle, as the recoil shouldn’t be too much for the stronger MG’s, and, it really would be deadly vs body armor, especially trauma plates, as the sheer force would prolly shatter ribs… Another wep I thought would be good is the FN FS-2000. I would add the D-Evo 6x scope with the accompanying reflex, With a little piece of tape, you can fire 5 shots and not leave a shell behind. Another biggie is Ronnie Barret’s M82, a .50BMG AM rifle, semi auto, and, the bullet says “Like that tissue paper thing you call body armor is gonna stop me…” For sidearms, I recommend a Glock firing .357Sig. 17 shots equal in power to a .357 Magnum, adding a Crimson Trace green laser sight.
    I think .357Sig is the name given to a specialty 9×23 high pressure round I read about several years ago, and commented at the time that it should be named something else to sell… Latest thing to catch my interest is the ARX polymer-copper mix bullets with an advanced energy transfer shape, using the spin imparted by the barrel to radially expend it’s force. It is also lighter, and uses a bit less powder, so recoil is less. Look it up on the net if more interested…
    Back to comments about the story, using too many unfamiliar names without mentioning the caliber/size is a bit confusing, but the crossbow mentioned to channel the Raiju’s electricity was a good touch, and is a lot more interesting imo to others as well, playing to their strengths is good too…

    As you can prolly tell, I’m a bit of a gun-nerd (not a full-blown otaku, though). I’m a bit bad about run-on sentences too…

  3. Hah! You think you can pick that lock? It’s of the most expensive and sturdiest locks in the market-” The man was cut off by the sound of the steel door creaking open loudly.

    Brought to you by the Lockpicking Lawyer.

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