Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 3

[Notice: Can’t handle guns, violence, and badass military Mamono? This story isn’t for you]
Michael bled as he ran through the forest, clutching his right side with his left hand and clutching his service M1911 in his right hand. He could hear the blood chilling growls and calls catching up to him.
“Go. The fuck. Aw-” before he could finish he felt a rush of pain and blood flow down his back and a force propelling him forward, face first into a tree.
His vision turned blurry as he turned around, ready to fire. Before he could connect a shot jaws bit into his right hand, forcing him to drop his gun. As his vision cleared he saw the hellhound before him, panting and pissed.
“You’re lucky I don’t kill you, human.” It growled at him.
“Fuck. You.” Michael responded, spitting blood at her.
“Oh you will.” She said, a sinister smirk creeping along her face.
She jutted her head forward, bashing Michael’s head,  turning his vision to black.
Once more Michael jumped awake, attempting to find a gun of some sort as he had countless times before.
“Whoa whoa, easy.” A sweet sounding voice called to him.
He looked to his left to see Cait. He slowed his breathing and took in his surroundings; he was on a roof top, the wind was blowing, and Cait sat beside him.
“You okay Roman?” She asked, a worried look in her eyes.
“Huh? Yeah. Yeah.” He shook his head trying to clear his mind.
“You don’t seem it. What’s up?” She locked eyes with him.
He sighed, “Nightmares, I keep having nightmares. They’re nothing, I’m fine.”
She was obviously annoyed by his attempts to sweep the issue under the rug.
“Are all humans stubborn assholes?”
Michael chuckled, “Nah, I’m a special kind of asshole.”
This got her to laugh so the issue was dropped.
“How’s your sister; Casey right?” Michael asked.
“Correct. She’s still shaken, but getting better. She asked about you again.” Cait responded, her wings fanning out.
“Oh yeah? I bet my nieces would love her to death.”
“I didn’t know you had any.”
“Yeah, three of them,” Michael stated a s he looked to the clouds, “They’re 10, 12, 14 and a complete handful. Should probably give their mom a call tonight..”
Michael trailed off as Cait’s tail started to wave.
“You know if she’s asking about me so much I could come see her.”
As Michael mentioned this Cait’s tail began to wave more and closer to him.
“Watch it with that thing, those barbs look deadly.” Michael remarked.
“Oh they’re something,” she chuckled, “But I’ll be careful for now.”
Michael shook his head as Cait checked her watch.
“It’s almost time to shine, you ready?”
“Born ready.” Michael responded prepping his R700 sniper rifle.
Michael’s scope hovered over the agent he and Cait were tasked with guarding. He looked mid twenties with trimmed, combed black hair; Wearing a suit with the underlying details of a kevlar vest barely hidden. He sat awkwardly at the outdoor café, sipping his coffee and bouncing his left knee furiously.
Michael switched his receiver on, “You look like you’re gotta shoot out of your skin kid, take it easy.”
The agent jumped when his earpiece came to life, “y-yes sir, sorry.” He said softly. Cait watched an approaching SUV with her scope.
“Play time agent, keep them talking.” Cait ordered.
“Yes ma’am.” He responded.
Michael looked over to her. She laid on her stomach, taking a shooters position with a specially modified M-24 sniper rifle in her arms. When he looked back to the situation the agent sat with a well dressed gentleman, and three guards. He could hear the conversation through the radio,
“So you’re the seller that idiot Russian sent?”
“Yes, and you’re?”
“Someone smart enough to not go blabbing his name to lackies, the price we set was…”
Michael looked to Cait as the agent and buyer discussed prices and details.
“When do we shoot?” He asked.
“If things go south, we shoot. If not, try to keep from getting bored.”
He rolled his eyes before going back to the situation.
“..Nikolai never mentioned you before, who are you?”
“Oh, I’m just a red shirt.”
“Uh huh, red shirt.. /snap/
As the gentleman snapped his finger all three guards raised their guns.
“Shit balls.” Michael muttered.
“Opening fire.” Chimed in Cait.
In an instant three shots rang out, one after another. The first guard died before he could say anything, his throat ripped out by a .30-06 round from Michael’s R700. The other two turned just in time for two 7.62 rounds to slice through their skulls, splattering blood and brain matter. The gentleman tried to run, his men’s blood splashed on his suit, but the agent tackled him before he got far.
“We got him, send Evac now.” Michael hailed over the satcom.
“Rodger that Roman, Evac incoming.”
“Two more tangos inbound, Roman.” Cait called out, “Agent seek cover.”
As Cait had said, two more armed men came out from a nearby alley, opening fire as the agent over turned a table to use as cover.
“I got these guys.” Michael remarked.
He aimed his rifle at the first shooters gut, firing a round right into his stomach. The shooter was blown on the ground from the force of the shot to his center mass, his accomplice turning his attention to him. As the second shooter began dragging his ally to cover Michael put a round straight into his heart, then a round into the wounded man’s head.
“Threat eliminated. You’ve got a window here people.” Michael called over the radio.
In a matter of seconds, a black unmarked van pulled up beside the café, the agent opened the side door and throwing the man inside.
“Evac successful.” The agent remarked as he entered the van, closing the door behind him.
The van sped away like a bat out of hell.
“How the hell did you shoot so straight?” Cait asked rolling onto her left side to look at him.
“Top 10 shooter out of my battalion, this wasn’t so bad. Back in the states to become a sniper you have to connect a 1000 yard shot no problem.” Michael said getting up to sit against the concrete half-wall his rifle was next to.
“I wonder who gets interrogation dibs on this one?” He asked.
“I think Liz called dibs after the fun you had with the russian.”
“Never a dull da-” Michael began, but before he could finish the roof access door burst open, an unknown assailant opening fire on him with an automatic rifle. The first three round connected in Michael’s arm and shoulder before Cait managed to put a round in the man’s head. “God damn it, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Michael muttered as he checked his left arm. Cait rushed over to him, a worried look washed over her face.
“Oh my god, are you alright?” She tore his sleeve off to examine the wounds.
“Hey, watch those claws. And yeah, just a Ranger wound. Did the rounds go clean through?” Michael asked, gritting his teeth in pain.
“Umm, two did but one is still in your shoulder.” She said as she checked his arm gingerly.
“Fuck me…” Michael muttered banging his head back against the concrete half-wall.
“This is Roman, I’m gonna need medical assistance once back at base.” Michael hailed over the satcom.
“Rodger Roman, you’re evac is five minutes out.” Michael chuckled to himself as Cait liked at him worriedly.
“Never a dull day.”
Michael sat in a folding metal chair as a mono-eye nurse dug the bullet from his shoulder.
“Fucking hell.” Michael muttered.
“Watch the language or I can make this hurt much worse.” She said, no sympathy in her voice.
“Aye aye, nurse.” Michael responded sarcastically.
With a sadistic smirk the nurse pressed a cotton ball soaked with alcohol into the shoulder wound.
“FUCK!” Michael yelled, sending a pissed look towards the nurse.
“I warned you~” she hummed merrily as she stitched his wounds closed. ‘Fucking sadists’ he groaning in his mind.
“Roman?” A familiar voice called into the room, one belonging to a anxious looking hellhound.
“In here.” He called out, shooting a glance to the nurse.
She rolled her eye and left, letting Rose in.
“What’s u-” Michael attempted to ask before he was enveloped in a tight hug.
“Hey,” Michael said in an attempt to calm her, scratching behind her ears, “I’m fine.”
Rose almost started kicking her leg as he scratched. She pulled back noticing the long deep scratch marks covering almost all of his exposed chest, a shocked look on her face.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“What happened?” She asked, almost pitifully.
He pulled her back into a hug, “I was attacked a year or so ago, it got ugly.”
He said plainly.
“What by?” She asked. “A uh… rogue hellhound back in the states.”
After hearing that she tried to pull away but he pulled her back in.
“I’m so sorry.” She said, trying to comfort him.
“Don’t be, you’re different.” He said, planting a kiss on her forehead.
Her face flourished red as Michael smiled.
“Please try not to get shot again.” She murmured pitifully.
Michael chuckled, “I’ll try my best ma’am. I fuckin’ hate getting shot…”
Michael checked his watch for the sixteenth time in only a span on 30 minutes, “How long does it take to get info out of someone?”
Michael asked looking over at Rose who was content in sharpening her claws.
“Only took you 15 minutes, plus you broke two of his ribs.”
She shot him a glance as she said so, “Plus she did ask for privacy, don’t know why.”
Michael shook his head and checked his watch again, “Fuck it, I’m going to the observation room.”
“Have fun Roman.” Rose casually muttered as she continued her work on her claws.
As Michael entered the observation room he couldn’t believe what he saw.
“Oh my fucking god…” he said slack jawed, watching a devious scene unfold.
Liz had the buyer shirtless and bound in black leather, claw marks down his chest, and was kneeled in front of him. Roman listened through the intercom as he watched stunned.
“Oh you’ve sure been a naughty boy haven’t you…” she teased as she rubbed his erection through his torn and tattered pants.
He moaned through gritted teeth as she teased the head.
“Please more..” he muttered.
“The more you tell the more I do…” She said before licking his manhood  through his pants.
“Mmmm, I was keeping contact through the Russian and sending messages through someone else.”
“And who would this little messenger be, naughty boy?” She asked looking innocently up at him.
“I can’t say, he would have me killed.”
“Aww, don’t worry sweetie,” she said and she unzipped his pants, taking him in her paws, “I’ll take well care of you. Just tell me please.”
The man was quiet for a moment before answering, “Some bodyguard named Jaxton, all his info is in my phone.”
“Is it now?” She purred.
“Yes, now please continue. I’m so close.” He begged.
“Hmmm, no~” She chimed as she stood up.
“What do you mean no?!” He yelled as she walked towards the door.
“I mean, ‘I can’t believe you fell for that. Thanks for the info’” she replied as she walked through the door.
“FUCKING HARLOT TEASE!” Was yelled as she closed the iron door.
“Enjoy yourself?” Michael chuckled as he leaned against the concrete wall.
Liz practically jumped out of her fur as he spoke.
“I asked to be alone!” She yelled at him.
“And I got bored. You spent 30 minutes just teasing the poor fool? Poor bastard at the control of a dommie kitty.” Michael said, laughing at the end.
Liz disappeared before reappearing to pin Michael’s hand above his head.
“Is a dommie kitty such a bad thing?” She purred as she licked up his neck to his ear.
Michael bit his lip as she nibbled on his ear.
“Hey Roman?” She whispered in his ear.
“Yes?” He asked locking eyes her.
“Clean up the cell.” She chimed before teleporting out of the room.
Michael laughed deeply, “Damn tease.”
“Hey Roman, why did Liz run off so fast.” She asked before dropping jaw looking at the sight in the cage.
“Hey Rose, please keep an eye on Liz for me…”
“Yeah… I will…” was all she could mutter as her face burned a deep crimson.
Michael sat in the living room of the apartment he was “requisitioned” with his phone on speaker.
“How’s Japan uncle Roman?” Asked a chipper little girls voice.
“It’s a very pretty place kiddo, how’s school?” He asked kicking his combat boot clad feet up on a coffee table.
He couldn’t help but laugh.
“It can’t be that bad.”
“But it iiiiiiiiiissss!”
Michael missed his youngest niece, she loved to trace the scar on his face when she was bored, even nicknamed it the ‘Mississippi’ after the way its curved like the river.
“That’s enough, let me speak to your uncle.” Interrupted a stern female voice.
“Bye Roman!” Said the voice as his sister stole her phone back.
“The kids miss you Michael.” She said bluntly.
“Jeez, you say that like they’re mine. I’m home often enough.” He replied idly watching the ceiling fan spin.
“Yeah, only to go off on another ‘Adventure’ after only a month or two!” She bitched.
“I’m not a kid, this isn’t an ‘Adventure’, I’m a mostly self-sufficient adult and it’s my job Helen.”
“God I hate when you call me that.”
“And I hate getting bitched at Helen.”
She sighed deeply, obviously holding back well deserved anger.
“Why don’t you stay home and get a normal job? The kids miss you (“Not my kids”), Mom and Dad miss you (“I’m not six”), and you could get killed!”
Michael sighed deeply.
“Look, the army was some of the best time of my life. And I tried civilian life, I really did. News flash Helen, it’s boring as shit.”
“Well maybe if you hit it off with Steph..”
“Oh, okay Cupid! How many more drunkard college friends will you try and hook me up with before you realize to fucking stop! You know the last one saw my scars and ran?!”
“It’s not my fault you…”
“THAT. I. WHAT?!” He yelled angrily into the phone, he could feel the scars burn like they were still fresh.
She remained quiet, enough so you could hear kids playing in the front yard.
“Say. It.” Michael dared.
“… Were raped.” She admitted in defeat.
Michael threw his combat knife in the wall with enough force for it to sink all the way to the handle with a cracking thud.
The line was silent for a good long time, “I’m sorry Michael.”
He sighed deeply, “I know sis, I know.”
“Can you come visit, please?”
“I’ll talk to my case handler, see what I can manage.”
“Thank you.”
“Yeah, yeah. I gotta go, think I fucked up my new wall with a combat knife. Hug your kids for me.”
They said meager goodbyes and the call ended. Michael closed his eyes before a cough hinted someone was present.
“It’s one of three people here, come out girls.”
“The door was open…” a meager voice called out.
“Come take a seat Rose.” He said patting the couch cushion beside him.
She quickly joined him on the couch, “She seems… nice.”
“She’s a bitch.” Michael laughed, “How much of that did you hear?”
“A lot.”
“And the yelling?”
“Yes.” She answered.
Michael grew very quiet.
“Please don’t say that, I hate hearing it. Do you atleast want to hear the full story?”
Rose nodded meakly.
Michael sighed deeply and stood up, “Let me get a beer first.”
As Michael’s consciousness returned he was well aware of a multiple of things: His chest was crudely bandaged and hurt incredibly, his guns were gone, he was only wearing pants and his boots, and he wasn’t alone in this cave.
“I was wondering if you were gonna wake up.” A malicious voice called from the dark, “Fight me off… try to shoot me… and look damn good doing it. Oh I’m keeping you.”
“Keeping me? Try me bitch!” Michael tried to get up but the crippling pain in his chest kept him down.
“Oh don’t you see, I have you right. Where. I. Want. You.” She inched closer to him, revealing her naked and well curved body to him.
“She kept me in that little cave of hers for nearly a weak, scaring me up and…. using me.”
It was honestly therapeutic letting this all out, of course it didn’t help he was training with a Cold Steel Gladius as he told all of this to Rose, who was simply contempt with listening and watching.
“How did you get out?”
He thrusted the blade deep into the targets neck, mocking his favorite scene from Gladiator. Rose was almost as enthralled from watching his jest as she was from his story.
“Well, after a week of violation she considered us Married,” he shuttered at the utterance of the word, “She wanted me alive so I did the only thing I could think of. I sunk my boot knife into my stomach.”
“ROMAN!” She yelled shocked.
“It only hurt a lot.”
Her eyes’ fire columned.
“Easy, easy. She dragged me to a hospital after she couldn’t stop the bleeding. I spent a week in the hospital and she got deported to wherever she came from.”
“That’s seems-“
“Like complete and utter bullshit compered to what that mongrel bitch did to my body? She ruined my damn tattoo! Do you know how much that cost?”
Rose couldn’t help but giggle at the last comment. Michael took off his shirt and even dropped his fatigues. Almost every inch of him was covering in scars, ranging from quick swipes, long gouges, stab wounds, bullet wounds and everything in between.
“That mutt stole my image from me. Now people don’t look at me like a normal person, just some poor bastard to pity.”
Michael reclothed went back to sit on the couch, looking over at Rose.
“I’ve told you atleast four beers worth about me, let me listen for a change.”
Rose just stayed quiet, almost as if trying to figure out what to say.
“My Mom was a purebred hellhound who fell in love with a human soldier, he was stationed in the town she arrived in when she first immigrated to Japan. She hated her family and moved away to spite them, guess that’s why she married a human too. She passed from cancer while dad was out on deployment, so I stayed with a sponsor on a military base while he was out. Stayed around it so long I never thought of doing anything else. Never had any brothers or sisters.”
“I’m sorry to hear about your mom, my aunt died of lung cancer from a lifetime of ignorant smoking.”
“Mom never smoked or drank, it came out of the blue. It broke dad’s heart utterly.”
Michael reached over to pat her head, “How’d you end up on this squad?”
“My CO got orders for me to be transferred out of nowhere and I’ve been here ever since. I was the only Mamono in my base, always figured it was to keep me out of public sight.”
Michael thought over her words as he pat her head. ‘Only Mamono at her base and she gets transferred black ops out of blue’ he thought.
“What time is it?” She asked looking over at him while he checked his watch.
“0100 hours.”
“Oh shit I didn’t know I was so late.”
“You can bunk here if you want, I mean it’s late as fuck.”
“I think I’d like that..” She muttered as she hugged him tightly.
Jaxton walked into the dark office that reaked of death and blood, an extremely attractive and nude succubus sat behind the bloody iron desk.
“Come in, Darling.”
“You summoned me, Mistress?”
For a disheveled and brutish man, he had very clear and respectful manners.
“Approach me.”
Jaxton gulped loudly and approached the desk, kneeling before it. The succubus came around the desk and sat on it in front of him, spreading her legs wide in front of him.
“It seems one of our most respective buyers has been taken, by the same group that attacked our warehouse no less. I want you to find them, and bring the leader to me. Alive.”
Jaxton looked up, “Yes my Mistress.”
“Now, I’m getting rather hungry… feed me.”
The succubus smiled grimly revealing sharp  fangs as jaxton stood strippping before her.
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