Milfy Kitsune

A guy gets wrapped up with a kitsune milf. I’m surprised how many people liked it. Here it is, straight from the thread, unedited and written in traditional greentext.

>be an art student
>never had a knack for science or math, but you were pretty handy with a brush
>Specialize in life models
>last few weeks of class have been nothing but life models
>unfortunately, all the subjects for class have been beyond lackluster
>Nothing but fat guys, the occasional volunteer from the class, or sometimes a bowl of fruit if the class couldn’t find a model
>Professor suddenly announces that he has a treat for the class
>Oh boy here we go
>a monster girl
>Oh joyous day, perhaps we may get another slime girl
>You remember the last time you painted one of those
>you literally just finger painted
>Hoping for more of a challenge, maybe a centaura or even an arachnee, that’d be a decent test of your skills
>Professor opens the door and lets the subject in
>Well that’s different
>Kitsune, but something was off, she didn’t have the energetic hopeful air that other kitsune you saw had
>This one looked more mature, sort of melancholy
>She bows courteously before the class before stepping towards the pedestal stationed in the middle of the room and disrobing
>Eyes go wide in shock
>nine gloriously fluffy tails emerge behind her as she stands nude before the class, a simple stance, leaning on one leg, while her hands were draped by her side
>”Hey, you dropped your brush” one of your classmates informed you, but you were too engrossed in observing the subject
>She was probably older than you, but flawless skin and not a wrinkle in sight
>her demeanor seemed pensive but you could still see the mischievousness in her eyes that kitsune were known for
>The bell signaling the end of class soon breaks your trance, and the kitsune model quickly clothed herself in her robe and departed as quickly as she had come
>”Hey, you didnt paint anything.” your classmate remarks to you
>You ignore him as you leap out of your seat and begin to chase after the mysterious model
>You had to at least know her name

>You professor tries to stop you but you ignore him as you dart into the supplementary hallway
>for a moment you think you’ve lost her, but you spot the wisp of a golden tail round a corner, which you promptly follow
>you round the corner, only to find your mysterious kitsune in the middle of changing, her robe hanging off her shoulders
>She gasps at you sudden arrival, quickly pulling the robe back up, and clutching it tightly across her chest
>You see a slight blush on her face as she regards you, her ears twitching slightly
>”Uhm…can I help you?” she says in an unreassuring tone.
>You quickly excuse yourself, and apologize for your sudden intrusiveness
>You try to compliment her but cant put into words how to praise her
>her perky ears?
>Her cotton soft tails?
>Her eyes that could melt the coldest ice in Siberia?
>You begin to trip over your own words as you try and form a sentence
>To your sudden surprise, she quickly places a finger on your lips as she smiled gently at you
>”Try taking a deep breath.” She advises in a soft tone
>You feel a twinge of loss as she moves her finger away from your lips
>You take a deep breath
>You proclaim that you were so stunned by her elegance and beauty that to try and transcribe it to canvas would have been an insult to not only to nature but the world itself.
>She seems taken back at the complement but is soon giggling madly
>You can feel your cheeks slowly reddening, as she tries to contain her laughter
>For a moment you think she’s making fun of you, but she suddenly takes your hand, shaking it profusely while her tails wipe away her tears
>”Thank you very much! I don’t think anyone has ever said that about me before.”
>She has a satisfied smile on her face, and you dont fail to notice the soft blush she has
>”I suppose thats why your friend was trying to shove your paint brush back into your hand while you were busying staring at me the entire class” she says playfully to you

>It’s useless to hide your blushing now but she soon seems nervous around you
>”Uhm…could you turn around for a moment?” she says motioning towards a pile of neatly folded clothes with one of her tails
>Taking the hint, you apologize and turn around to give her privacy
>The sound of a robe hitting the floor causes your eyes to widen in shock, as you realize that there was a naked kitsune changing behind you
>Soon after you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turn around to see the kitsune dressed in business pants, a white button up blouse, and a simple vest
>diamonds everywhere
>She hands the still warm robe to you, a flowery smell permeating into your nose
>”Well I have to go now. It was nice meeting you, mister star struck art student” she says as she excuse herself and stepped past you
>You quickly turn around and ask her if she would be coming back again
>She ponders at the question
>”Honestly, I was talked into this by my friends. It was the spur of the moment and I’m actually surprised I had done it.” She said listing off her reasons
>Unsatisfied with her answer, you ask if it would be possible to have lunch with her tomorrow
>The invitation surprises her, but she doesn’t seem to be put off by the idea
>”Do you know the little corner bistro that just opened up? I’ll be there around noon if you want to join me.” She says, taking out a pen and writing her phone number on her hand
>She scribbles it out and shows it too, proud of herself for some reason, which you stare blankly at
>Realizing her mistake, she quickly takes your hand and writes down her phone number on it
>”There, let me know if you’re coming!” she says as she begins to trot off down the hall
>As she quickly leaves down the hall, your realize that you never caught her name
>You ask for it, but she waves her tails and winks at you instead
>”If you ever do a painting of me, I’ll sign it for you!” she yelled as she rounded a corner
>Its several moments before you realize that you were still standing there holding onto the robe
>You turned your mind to pure thoughts as you returned it to the class.

>The next day you arrived at the corner bistro
>a combination of ignoring your alarm clock, traffic, and being forced to listen to your landlords incessant war stories
>Finally arrive at the bistro
>It dosnt take you long to find her, she’s preoccupied nibbling a sandwich, an extra plate set out in front of her
>You quickly take the seat opposite of her
>your sudden arrival causes her to immediately put down her sandwich, wiping off her mouth delicately with a napkin as she clears her throat
>”For a moment there, I thought you weren’t coming.” She said feigning a pouting mood
>You quickly apologize make your excuses, and instead offer to pay for the meal as recompense
>Soon the two of you begin to open up and chat openly
>Apparently she’s a paralegal, and currently looking for a new job even though she seemed incredibly successful
>The hours begin to go on until she notices the time on her watch
>”I’m sorry I’ve kept you here so long. I have to go now and pick up my daughter” she says frantically as she begins to put on her coat
>It was no problem, you had an enjoya-
>She looks at you surprised
>”Yes, I have a daughter. I never told you that?”
>Your hopes begin to wane as you realized that she was married
>You suddenly see a glimpse of sadness cross her face, but only for a second, but it seems you must have imagined it
>”Well no. Were not together anymore” she says as she gives you a quick hug and begins to wind her way through the other tables and to the exit
>A sudden thought flashes into your mind
>You wouldn’t mind meeting her daughter
>Milfy kitsune turns around and gives a satisfied smile as she look at you
>”I’d like that”

>She drives you there in her sedan
>the seats are specially made for monster girl, awkward for you, but milfy kitsune seems to be just fine as she drives around town
>eventually arrive at a daycare center, the playground is full of monster girls
>harpies are launching themselves into the air on the swings, a group of dog (or puppy?) monster girls were playing fetch with each other, and there was one golem monster girl that was happily building a sandcastle
>Milfy kitsune steps out and enters the building
>It dosnt take long for her to come back with an almost miniature version of herself
>green hoodie, poofy skirt, and long twin tails
>both hair and actual tails
>the older kitsune opens the door and lets her daughter jump in the back seat, all the while sipping on a juice box
>A few moments later the three of you drive off
>It’s the mini kitsune that breaks the silence first
>”Mommy, whose the weirdo in the front seat?”
>You let out a chuckle and turn around in your seat and introduce yourself to her
>she wrinkles her nose at you and instead sips on her juice box, staring at you intently
>You give a nervous laugh and sit back into your seat
>cute kid
>Milfy kitsune gently pats your arm
>”She’s just shy to new people. She’ll warm up once you get to know her.”
>Eventually, the three of you end up in an apartment complex in the middle of the city
>upper class neighborhood , very classy
>There was even a lobby
>mini kitsune bolts out of the car and quickly enters the complex, punching in the security key and pushing her way past the glass
>Her mother calls out to her
>”Wait for us by the elevator!” she says pulling her purse out and shutting the door behind her
>You had no idea the events you’ve taken would have taken this route
>Milfy Kitsune suddenly links her arm with yours, pulling you along into the building
>”C’mon, there’s something I want to show you.”

>The three of you are soon in the elevator, Milfy kitsune no longer arm linked with you an fiddling with her phone
>mini kitsune is still staring intently at you, all the while sipping on her empty juice back, just producing the slurping sound
>this kid is starting to freak you out
>is she of the corn?
>eventually the elevator doors open and mini kitsune bolts down the hall again to the door, waiting for her mother to open it
>It’s a rather spacious room, hardwood floors and modern, a variety of toys were littered on the floor, which mini kitsune quickly begins to collect
>her mother strides into the kitchen and asks if theres anything you wanted to drink, which you politely asked for water
>You were more interested in what mini kitsune was doing
>Her arms now full of her own toys, and having last checked if nothing of hers was still in the living room, she turns back to face you
>she sticks her tongue out at you before darting down the hall and presumably into her room
>cute kid
>Milfy kitsune soon hands you a glass of cool water, which you take a sip out of
>”I’m sorry. My daughter can be a bit of a handful at times.” She says as she begins to kick off her heels and place them by the door
>You take the opportunity to quickly scan the room
>You notice that although there were many pictures of milfy kitsune and mini kitsune together, whether at the park or at some occasion, there was never a photo of the father
>That was interesting
>You suddenly notice a patch of hardwood floor that had patches of dark brown stains on it
>it was paint right?
>you turn around to find milfy kitsune behind you, holding a rather large knife in one hand
>”Hey, do you wanna see something cool?”

>You slice another piece of cake and put it on a plate before handing the knife back to milfy kitsune
>She was apparently a really good baker
>moist dark chocolate with vanilla frosting, you’d have to get the recipe later
>Milfy kistune uses her tails to put the utensils and plates back into the kitchen, placing them in the sink and turning on the faucet at the same time with her other free tails
>Those things were pretty handy
>You ask her about the paint smudges on the floor
>You hear a clatter of dishes as milfy kitsune suddenly comes out of the kitchen, drying her hands on her pants the process
>”Ah ha, I’ve see you spotted my previous experiment,” she said pushing you away while pulling the carpet over it to hide it.
>That was paint right?
>Milfy kitsune laughs nervously while she rubs the back of her head, her tails wavering behind her
>”Cant hide anything from the artists eyes I guess? I have this hobby of painting things myself.”
>She suddenly seems very bashful now, her index fingers pushing together, as she looks away subdued
>Really? You’d love to see her artwork
>She flinches at the suggestion
>”Oh no, I’m no art student! I just do it on my free time! As a hobby!” she says waving her hands in front of her in defense, along with her tails
>You keep insisting, and persisting, until finally milfy kitsune gives up and proceeds behind the couch
>she pulls out two pieces of canvas, moderately sized
>one is a picture of a bridge, the other a small cabin with happy trees
>her face is beet red as she presents to you
>It wasnt bad work actually, amateur, but very good
>although your quite surprised you cant find any brush strokes
>”I use my own tails…” she whispers almost ashamed
>Your about to compliment her when suddenly mini kitsune comes out, holding onto a small stuffed animal
>”Mom, how come the no-tail is still here?” she asks pouting
>The sudden flash of anger milfy kitsune’s face almost scares you

>MIfly kitsune drops the canvas art, which you deflty catch from the air
>the nine tailed monster girl kneels down to her daughter and gently grabs her arm
>”Who taught you that word?” She demanded sternly
>Oh geez, family matters now, better go hide behind the couch
>Mini kitsune surprisingly defiant in the face of her angry mother
>“The other kids at daycare call humans that all the time! Its true too!” she says trying to wiggle out of her mothers grip
>The now scary older kitsune wags her finger harshly in her daughters face
>”We don’t use those words! That’s a mean word. And hes not a human, he’s a person. And were all people.” She picks up mini kitsune with her tails, tucking her under her arm like a football as she walks over to you
>”Now you’re going apologize to the nice man or I’ll start spanking you right here and now. And I don’t ever want to hear those words again. Do you understand young lady!?” milfy kitsune finishes off her rant as she places mini kitsune before you
>”Now apologize” mifly kitsune says sternly again through gritted teeth, her tails flaring up behind her
>You could have sworn you could see a vain pop in her head
>Mini kitsune seems somewhat subdued as she walked over to you
>You kneel down to eye level with her, still feeling awkward about the whole situation
>Mini kitsune is just about to apologize to you when she suddenly pops her foot out and kicks you in the shin
>Mini kitsune immediate runs away, dodging her mothers reaching tails while you wince at the pain in your leg
>The little daughter manages to reach her room and locks the door, much to the anger of her mother
>”You have three seconds to open this door before I burn it down!”
>Your eyes widen as she suddenly produces several balls of fire before her
>”One!” she yells again
>Her tails are writhing madly behind her
>Suddenly mini kitsune’s voice rings out
>”He’s just going to leave you like daddy did!”

>The balls of blue fire suddenly go out
>Her writhing tails slowly die down until they slump behind her, touching the floor
>Its as if everything had just come to a stop in the room, frozen in time
>You take a step towards kitsune monster girl but she suddenly inhales deeply, smoothing her hair back with her hands and taking deep breaths
>She lets out a long sigh as she walks over towards you, clutching on of her arms as if wounded
>her tails drag behind her on the floor lifeless, her ears drooped downwards
>Her voice is shaky as she speaks to you
>”I think our day of fun is um…over for now.” She says putting on a fake smile while taking the paintings she had brought out and putting them back behind the couch.
>you ask her if she wanted to talk about it
>she shakes her head, staring at her feet while rubbing her arm
>”No no…its not something that should be talked about” her voice is quite, as if defeated now
>She suddenly motions towards the door with her head
>”Do you remember the way out?” she asks you, her voice suddenly cracking
>For a moment you were about to insist upon staying with her, but you see her begin to turn her head away and wiping something away from her eye
>she didn’t want you to see her cry
>you kindly take the hint, and see yourself to the door, but just before you close it, you tell her that if she ever needed anything, she can always call you
>She dosnt say anything as you close the door
>You stay for a few moments behind the door, for her well being
>But you fail to discern any other noises to emit from the room
>regretfully you head home, it must have just stopped raining,
>your footsteps create small splashes of water as you walk down the street
>You leave a voice mail for her that night, but she never calls back
>Your unable to sleep that night as you lay beneath the covers
>You begin to hear the flash of thunder in the distance
>Looks like it started raining again

>several days later you were still unable to contact milfy kitsune
>maybe she didn’t want to see you anymore
>maybe she was ashamed
>no matter what it was, milfy kitsune would not return any of your voice mails or texts
>Eventually you decide that drastic measures are your only option
>you enlist the aid of one of your classmate’s phone and a script for him to read of off
>The next Saturday, you sit on the bench at the locale movie theater, waiting patiently for your plan to be set into motion
>Some minutes later, a sedan brakes hard in front of you, the wheels screeching as a kitsune monster girl jumped out of the car
>She wore purple sweat pants, sandals, and a heavy coat that was unbuttoned to reveal an old t shirt
>Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail and her tails were obviously not brushed
>She must have come here in a hurry
>She runs up to you, exasperated and out of breath
>”Wheres the police? I thought you were getting arrested?” says zipping up her jacket while frantically looking around
>You lied
>Her ears flick towards you, her head turning slowly
>”No, I got a call from the police department. They said that they needed someone to verify who you were?” she says completely dumbfounded
>a clever ruse my dear, nothing but smokes and mirrors
>She squints at you, folding her arms across her chest
>”You lied to me…” she says angrily
>You grin at her, indeed you had
>”Why!?” she says throwing her arms and tails up in the air
>You point to the movie theater behind you and the two tickets you had in your hand
>she’d better hurry, the movie was going to start soon
>she merely stares daggers at you while you grin happily to her, waving the tickets beneath her nose
>”…I’ll park my car” she says as she stomped back to the car

>The movie wasn’t all the interesting, but it was an effective way to get milfy kitsune outside
>Apparantly she was a popcorn hogger as she would bat your hand away with her tail every time you tried to reach for a handful
>”Liars get nothing.” She decreed as she continued to munch away on all the popcorn
>You didn’t particularly mind, at least you were talking again
>Soon the movie was over, and the two of you begin to head towards the exit
>But just before milfy kitsune could take out her car keys you suddenly grab her wrist and drag her up the street
>”Hey! Were we going now?” she says slightly annoyed as she follows you
>You point up the street to an arcade building, its flashing lights and neon signs inviting the two of you
>she lets out a heavy sigh
>”Really? I think I’m a little too old to be playing video games now”
>Some twenty minutes later you and three other employees are trying to pry her off the wheel of fortune arcade machine, which is currently spewing an endless amount of tickets
>Her tails are wrapped around the machine as she forces more tokens inside of it, but the three of you finally manage to pry her off, sending all of you flying backwards
>Instead you spend the rest of your time calmly playing House of the Dead and visiting the batting cage in the back
>all in all, you’d say you had a lot of fun
>You’d say the same to milfy kitsune as she hauls the giant stuffed manticore on her shoulders, proudly displaying her winnings
>You begin to make your way towards the park, where you decide to buy some ice cream for the two of you
>You find a nice grassy knoll overlooking the lake, using the stuffed manticore as a pillow as the two of you rest your heads on it
>”Thanks for doing this for me.” Milfy kitsune says stretching out her legs and tails,
>You shoulders are touching as the two of you watch the water
>”Hey” she asks getting your attention. “Do you want to hear what happened to my…ex-husband?”

>”I met him a long time ago. Back when I was still a young kitsune, I was a lot wilder. I used to hang out with all my kitsune friends and we’d trick men into making a fool themselves or falling flat on their faces.”
>She lets out a light laugh as she remembers her past
>”But there was one who’d always see through our hijinks; so naturally I became…enamored with him” she says wistfully while staring up into the sky.
>”Things got serious and we decided to make it official. And a few months later we had our daughter.”
>She suddenly turns her head towards her, a serious expression on her face
>”Whose a sweet child who didn’t mean anything she said to you that one day. She’s a good girl.”
>you quickly nod furiously at her, cementing her statement
>She continues again “One day my husband said that he would be late coming home for work. He never did. The next day I found all of our money gone from our bank account. I called the police to file a missing persons report, but they never could find him.”
>She sniffs loudly, tears beginning to well up in her eyes
>You try to reach out for them but you notice that your fingers were now intertwined with hers
>Shes clutching you hand tightly, afraid to let you go
>”My daughter took it extremely hard. We’ve both had it hard. But we’ve finally been able to get back on our own two feet.” She says smiling towards you
>She suddenly leans on top of you, her face inches from yours
>you can still see that melancholic expression that first entranced you when you first saw her
>Suddenly your vision is obscured with one of her furry tails
>Before you could utter a response, you feel the warm pillowy lips of a kitsune kiss you
>its beyond soft, and for a moment, you’d thought she took your breath away as she leaned back onto the stuffed manticore
>”You make me embarrassed when you stare at me like that.” She says softly as she grips your hand tighter.
>She takes her tails and lays them out across you like a blanket
>”Its cold if your not wearing a jacket” she said as she snuggled up against you, resting her head on your shoulder
>The moment is too perfect and the two of you begin to drift into a peaceful sleep

>Soon after the two of you wake up, you’ve must have slept for a few hours at least.
>Milfy kitsune uses her tails to brush the grass of you, much to your own delight
>”I’d guess we’d better hand back now.” She says taking your hand into hers and holding you tightly
>The two of you take a long walk back to her car, and you hope into the passenger side seat
>”That’s odd.” Milfy kitsune says while taking her phone out of her purse, its message alert light blinking incessantly
>She holds the phone up to her ear, and listens carefully
>Your happiness soon turns to fear as her eyes widen ever so slowly
>Her turns to you fear wild in her eyes
>”My baby is missing.” She says in a haunting whisper

>”The daycare. They said she burned through the fence hours ago. They havnt been able to find her.”
>oh shit
>man mode activate
>You tell get out and tell her that you’ll drive
>She’s slow to follow suit, but finally she slides over to the passenger side.
>You don’t wait for her to buckle up as you throw the car into reverse and floor it out of the parking lot of the theater
>You drive within the speed limits, but take all the shortcuts you could without obviously breaking the law
>All the while milfy kitsune seems to be in shellshock biting her hand
>Eventually the two of you arrive at the day care
>An arachnee caretaker walks over to the two of you, wearing a hat and apron
>”There you are! We’ve tried contacting you for hours! We’ve already called all the police and they are already-“
>Shes unable to finish her sentence as her hat suddenly comes alight in blue flame
>Milfy kitsune was about to pounce on arachnee but you managed to stop her midflight by grabbing onto her tails
>”Give me back my daughter! You’re supposed to watch her! How could you let this happen!?” she screams at the top of her lungs while taking swipes at the arachnee
>You can feel your hands begin to sizzle as you hold to her tails

>You crawl your way atop milfy kitsune, your clothing singing at her touch as she struggles against you
>You eventually pin her arms down, her tails flopping madly behind her
>You lean forward, next to her ear, you could feel the heat that shes emitting as blue balls of fire materialize around you
>You’d promise to find her daughter, but she needed to calm down, this wasn’t anyone’s fault
>It takes a few moments but finally milfy kitsune stops struggling
>”I don’t want to lose another one. I don’t want to be alone again.” She said softly through tears to you
>You promised you’d find her
>you give her a quick kiss on the cheek
>With a plan in mind a quickly grab the hair band that held her pony tail and dashed into the car
>There was one person in mind that could help you, and hopefully she would be home
>It took some time to finally get to her house but by the time you did, you were dismayed to find it empty
>You decide to check the only other place she might be
>the gym
>You pull into the parking lot and dash out of your car, heading into the facility looking for the one person that could help you
>luckily you spot her quite easily, in the middle of a boxing ring surrounded by a crowd of monster girls
>You push your way through, until your next to the ring itself
>She was busy boxing with some human male
>But this was more important
>You loudly call out her name
>”Wha-“ she says turning her head to the source of the sound.
>Unfortunately, that was the exact moment her opponent decided to high kicked her in the head
>red headed dog girl went down hard
>And you let out a cry of anguish as the crowd around you went ballistic

>You splash water on red headed monster girl’s face to try and rouse her
>thankfully it does
>”Lemons…and apple pie….oh you, what do you want?” she said drowsily as she began to regain consciousness
>It’ll have to do, you quickly try and pick her up and drag her towards the entrance where there would be fresh air.
>Once outside, you hold the hairband underneath her nose and ask her to find out where the location of the owner was
>Red headed dog girl seems still light headed from her work out but she manages to point in the general direction of the day care
>”Ugh, it smells like fox.” She said rubbing her head
>That’s good, but now you needed her to find a similar scent, not the same, but similar like if it was related to that original scent
>She ponders for a moment before pointing off in a general direction to the south
>”I guess theres something like that going that way? I don’t know, my head hurts.” She said still woozy
>Good enough
>You drop her in the arms of a tall wolf monster girl and hop back into your car and head off into the direction where red headed dog monster girl pointed
>You had a good idea where the mini kitsune was now
>You drive on for a few more minutes until you finally reach a set of houses on the edge of the city
>the suburbs
>You patrol around the various houses, looking for any sign of a mini kitsune
>and indeed you do, sitting on the curb apparently waiting for something
>she had gone back to her former home, back when they still had a father
>You stop the car in front of her, getting out quickly and striding towards her
>She’s startled at you, back up several steps before grabbing her
>she’s yelling a variety of things at you, telling you that she wasn’t going back, how she was going to find her father, or that he’d come back here
>she wasn’t going to let her mother run away as well

>You let her say a lot of things until she finishes
>eventually she gets tired and resorts to trying to kick you in the face, but you hold her at a distance
>You say the magic words to her
>you simply tell her that her mother is worried and crying
>mini kitsune seems to go quite as shes being held
>she stares at the ground in defeat
>You gently place her in the car, buckling her up as you hop in and drive down the road
>It’s a long and quite drive
>mini kitsune looks over to you and notices the several singed marks across your body
>”Did mommy do that to you?” she asks timidly
>You say yes, she did
>She seems to go quite, playing with her tails absentmindedly
>”Is mommy mad?” she asks again
>You shake your head, she was scared and lonely, not angry
>a few minutes later, you arrive back at the daycare, and open the door for mini kitsune
>Immediately the two kitsune’s reconcile, tackling into each other and hugging profusely with arms and tails and both profusely apologizing to each other
>it’s a sickeningly sweet ending
>milfy kitsune suddenly notices you and tackles you to the ground
>”Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you” she says over and over nuzzling into your neck
>She leans back up and suddenly kisses you deeply, in front of the playground of children and the mini kitsune
>the arachnee merely blushes and turns away at you
>mini kitsune is flabbergasted
>”Mom! Thats disgusting! There are people watching!” she says flailing her arms and tails about
>But milfy kitsune dosnt care as she kisses you even more
>”Thank you”

>some time later
>you check your watch as the night goes on
>Shes late
>did she leave something on at the house again?
>You about to call the waiter for another glass when someone takes the seat opposite of you
>It’s an older kitsune that seemed quite mature, a sly smirk on her face as she sits down
>A green evening gown, and a modest set of pearls adorned her that accentuated the cleavage the dress provided
>You remark that for a second that you thought she wasn’t going to show up
>she gives you a knowing look as she takes a sip of her wine glass
>”I went to the restroom, not the edge of the world.” She said as she began to finish the expensive meal that she had ordered
>this was the first night the two of you could spend along together, and you were going to make it count
>”Oh by the way.” Milfy kitsune interjected
>”I think this belong to you” she says as one of her nine tails reaches across the table and drops a piece of fabric in front of you.
>Curious, you unfurl it, but once realizing what it was, quickly stuff it into your pocket
>The evil grin on milfy kitsune is enough to make you blush as you held the still warm piece of fabric in your hand
>”Oh cmon, we have to make this night memorable don’t we?” she said slyly as you felt something unzip your pants beneath the table
>and at that exact moment, the waitress came by to take your order
>She’s young and cute, a looker for sure
>You give a pleading look to milfy kitsune, but she coyly shakes her head no as her tail delves into your boxers and pulls out something
>You gasp at the sudden softness of a kitsune’s tail

>The waitress gives you a concerned look, placing a hand on your shoulder
>”Sir, are you alright?” she asks worriedly
>You brush it away and reassure her that you are indeed fine, all the while giving your milfy kitsune a death glare
>She only smirks as her tails begins to entwine itself around your shaft, slowly moving up and down
>You gulp as you try and maintain your composure and try to order quickly but the waitress soon begins to list of specials
>that was fine, as long as another tail didn’t join in you should be fi-
>you knee hits the table as a second fluffy tail joins in, carefully wrapping itself around your balls and stroking softly
>You can already hear the stifled laughter coming from across the table at your reaction
>You’ve got to tend this before it gets worse
>You quickly order the house steak
>”Okay sir, how would you like that prepared?”
>cooked damn it
>You now felt the two tails rub in unison against your rod
>”And what would you like for your sides?”
>something edible damn it
>The tips of the tails were now ever slow slowly rubbing across your dick, from base to tip
>you were getting close
>”And is there anything else I can get for you sir?” she asks innocently
>You felt a third tail ever join in, caressing your head with its soft cotton fur
>You repeatedly slam you hand into the table, gritting your teeth as you unleased your load into her tail, spurting several times
>the waitress looks mortified, but you quickly recompose yourself and ask to have some spare napkins instead
>The waitress runs off scared out of her mind, but you look across the table at the milfy kitsune
>”Only three? You’ve got a ways to go.” She says as she withdrew the tails from beneath the table and examined the silvery strands of semen on it.
>to your amazement, she began to lick clean her tails, in the middle of the restaurant, with other guests present
>Your transfixed by it, and you suddenly feel another tail on your dick again
>”Oh good, we can work the other six while we’re here.” She says mischievously at you

>Some days later
>you set up the easel in the living room and proceed to start mixing the colors together
>you didn’t bother to lay down any tarp or protection for the floor
>a good painter never spills a drop
>”are you ready yet?” said a voce call down from the hall
>satisfied that all your utensils were there, you call out you were indeed ready
>moments later, a fully nude milfy kitsune cat walked down the hall, exaggerating her hip movements as she walked towards you
>her tails danced behind as she strode on light feet, twirling around to give you a full view
>”Still stunned by my beauty?” she said teasingly as she arched her back and nibbled on her own tail
>There was no point in hiding your diamonds now
>She was still as enthralling as the first day you met
>”Oh really? And what pose would the master artist like? She said warping her tails around her body
>the couch would be nice for starters
>”Like one of your French girls?” she said giggling as she climbed atop the couch
>You didn’t get the reference but something seemed off a bit
>you advised her to try arching her back and putting her head down lower
>She laughs at you
>”Then that’s just me sticking my butt up in the air” she said as her tails moved around
>you quickly tug your pants down and thrust yourself into her, earning yourself a gasp as you entered her
>”At least warn me before you do that!” she coos as you soon began to thrust yourself into her repeatedly
>What was supposed to turn into a simple drawing was now turning into full blown sex
>you grab her haunches, and begin to pound into her, her grunts growing louder and louder with every thrust
>You began to feel nine fluffy tales wrap around you, trying to hold on as you ravaged her
>you decide to get a bit creative and wet one of your fingers in your mouth
>once sufficiently lubricated, you pressed it into the pink star of her anus
>immediately you could feel her contract around not only your finger but your dick as well
>her scream of pleasure excites you even as you pound into her relentlessly
>eventually her contracted walls become too much as you blow your load inside of her, gushing deep within her
>But you had a plan
>A good painter never wastes a drop
>You pull out, and quickly bring your dick close to her face
>shes deep within a pleasurable haze but she sticks her tongue out as the rest of your load paints her face, the ropey strands creating pearly lines across her nose and eyes as well
>she gratefully licks you clean, the semen and her saliva mixing together
>She giggles a bit as she flips over on the couch
>”Oh great it’s in my hair now.” She says about to pull some of the semen off
>You quickly tell her not to
>She looks at you curiously, “You going to paint me like this? With me covered in your semen?” she said in disbelief
>Indeed you were, your seed oozing out of her and her marred face were perfect
>She laughs again as she got comfortable on the couch
>”Your such a pervert” she said relaxing her body
>You’re going to need more silver paint

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