[MGP] Body Shots

When a bunch of different Mamano decides to show up to my manor at one time looking for some relaxation, things tend to get a bit chaotic. Earlier this week I had a set of Arachne sisters, a few Kitsune, and one Blue Oni. It has been an alright week besides being snagged over and over again by the Arachne’s web traps. Either way, I am here to tell you how I ended up hammered in my manor’s bar with my Blue Oni guest.

I was sitting in the living room, talking to my student. He happened to mention the Blue Oni and what had she been up to since she had been staying with me. I told him she had been staying in the bar ever since she arrived. As we spoke the Oni came up behind me and tossed her arms around the back of my neck and leaned over me before speaking in a sultry tone “Talking about me huh Professor?”

I quickly said that is wasn’t me, but to be honest, she didn’t care that much she then said. “Professor come drink with me tonight. Your bar has so much alcohol I have never had before”. My student was giggling at her as she played with my hair. I then figured it would be nice to relax maybe with a drink or two before heading to be with my wife, so I said: “Alright I will be up to the bar soon”. She smiled before rushing upstairs to the bar.

Later on, that night, I walked upstairs to the bar in my manor. That was my father’s bar where he would talk business with his anti-monster groups, despite my hatred for the man he certainly knew his alcohol and one of the most beautiful and well-stocked bars ever in existence. The second I stepped into the bar my Oni guest ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck and said: “I am so happy you showed up to drink with me.”

I honestly couldn’t say no to her request anyway, it was something about that blue skin it was such a turn on. I smiled at her then said, “I owe all my guests something that they want, you want to drink with me and we can do that”. She then hurried and ran behind the bar grabbing a bottle of what looked like whiskey that probably has been there 10 years along with two shot glasses before saying “Come on shots now Professor.”

A few hours went past, and I and she were plastered drunk. She then asked me in our drunken haze “Mmm Professor you want to do a body shot”? I leaned up off of the bar and looked at her with now confusion in my eyes. She smiled at me again before taking off her top exposing her perky blue breasts and saying “Come on put your mouth under my nipple.” before taking my face and putting it in proper and position opening my mouth before pouring a shot of whiskey down her breast and nipple into my mouth. I forced the shot down because at this point I was sick of drinking. I smiled at her before looking at her round beautiful blue breasts and dark blue nipples before leaning my mouth to one and started to kiss and lick it still being able to taste the whiskey on it.

She started to moan a bit and reached down to undo my pants. I groped and sucked on her breasts more while she moaned and she managed to slide my pants off before saying “Professor let me do a body shot off of your nipple”. I nodded and kicked my pants over to the side then removed my shirt exposing my pale slender body for her to admire. The alcohol completely made me lose my judgment for her but again the drunk feeling of my body and looking at her toned blue body turned me on so much. “Y-Y-You c-c-can do one o-off of m-me” I stutter out watching her pour another shot before dropping her shorts and kicking them to the side.

She giggled at my stutter before handing me the shot and saying “Just pour it down into my mouth.” as she opened her hot blue lips. I barely managed to catch what she said but I understood and pour it down my chest having it run over my nipple before entering her mouth. She swallowed the shot before running her tongue up swirling around my nipple once before running it up my neck then locking lips with mine. At this point I gave in all the way, we started to kiss deeply, nibbling on each others lips, sucking on tongues, and massaging our tongues against each others.

After a bit of passionate kissing and the slight bit of groping of each others bodies, she giggled and said: “Come on Professor babe bang me on the bar top”. I smiled at her then nodded. Then she climbed on the bar laying down on her back and spreading her legs. I stumbled over to the bar managing to climb up on the small counter top then looking down at the blue skinned beauty laying there wet and waiting for me to give her a night-cap. She took my hands to make me cup her breasts before I moved over and slipped my hard cock inside her sweet blue pussy getting a gasp out of her the second I was all the way in.

I then started to pull in and out slowly and deeply making sure to keep my balance on the bar top. “Ah Sukiru.” she moaned feeling up my chest. I leaned down slowly kissing her lips again before taking a free hand of her’s and holding it while lacing my fingers with her’s. “Moan my name when you cum Sukiru, it is Yi.” she said panting gently. I felt stupid for not asking her name and finding it out in the situation, either way, I continued to thrust inside of her making the wet slapping noises between our bodies echo throughout the bar.

Yi wanted me to cum so badly for her she began to thrust her hips against mine as I pounded her sweet love hole. “Ah, Yi.” I moaned after feeling her thrust against me intensifying the pleasure. “Cum for me Sukiru please.” she said in a begging tone while placing one hand on my face caressing it gently. That sweet voice of her’s made me blush before triggering my orgasm. “Ah, I am cumming Yi.” I moaned before pumping a hot load of cum deep inside of her tight blue pussy. “I-I-I am cumming too Sukiru baby.” she moaned as well before I felt her whole body convulse for a few seconds under my fingertips.

After pulling my cock out of her, I watched my seed seep out of her soaking wet snatch. She pulled my face to her’s and kissed me deeply and I kissed her deeply back. At this point, I had sobered up a bit so I told her “That was great Yi”. She smiled and blushed at me then saying “I loved it too”. Being the professor has it’s perks but I still will never catch a break.




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