MGEEC Ch.7 Harpy Family: Jubjub

What time was it? Where was I? Why was I flying? Are those trees, mushrooms? All these thoughts crossed my mind when I awoke from my unconsciousness.

I am definitely flying, that much was certain. What else do I remember? My name? Yeah, I think I’m pretty sure about that one.

My name is Cyrus. I come from the eastern corners of the land of the Order. Though that is certainly not where I was now. I was still in my usual clothes though my shirt had a large tear in the front.

“Wh…what happened?”

“Don’t you know? You’re in Wonderland! How could you forget that? I went through all the trouble of bringing you here after all, silly!” A cheery voice called out to me from above. It was sweet and chipper as if whoever it belonged didn’t have a care in the world.

I looked up and for the first time… I saw the pink woman that was carrying me. No. Not a woman. More like a bird. She looked down, past her bulbous, huge breasts that were barely covered at all by dark red plumage.

And as I saw her face… it all came back to me.

The day before:

“Cyrus! Could you water the backyard today!? The master is going out today, so you better keep everything neat and in order!” The voice of the maid called out from inside the mansion.

“Yes, Delora! I’ll have it done by noon!” I answered her back then.

“Remember to also dust the living quarters and the dining hall! And the water pipes are leaking in the basement, so fix that as well and don’t try to get your attire dirty, the family will cut your payment to pay for the cleaning!”

I rolled my eyes and grumbled to myself. “I got it the first few dozen times you told me! I’ll handle it!” And off I was to another day of work.

The mansion of Lord Faraday was an esteemed household in my country and I was ‘lucky’ to be one of its caretakers. I guess you could find yourself in worse places. Yet I could never shake that feeling of resistance I had every time I was given an order. My life was on rails, routine, subservient and predictable.

If that sounds mundane, it’s because it was.

But it was that fateful afternoon that my life for once… went off the rails.

I reluctantly stepped into the backyard, filling my watering can at a faucet. Going through the rows of flowers and herbs I sighed to myself. Sure, the flowers were beautiful and all but when you get to stare at the same plants, dusty furniture and the same walls, nothing seems appealing anymore.

For once I wished I could lash out. Go on festivals, attend a farmer’s market, meet friends and run through the fields. But no, I was commissioned as property. My family was extremely poor and couldn’t afford to raise me. So here I was, in a place that they thought was the better alternative. Given to the house and raised as a servant.

Now day in, day out, I slaved away.

I was in the backyard when I first noticed her. Someone… watching me. Feeling uncomfortable, I looked around for the source of my unrest and there she was.

A woman sat on top of the roofs, looking down into the backyard.

I was incredibly confused. How the hell did she get up there. The sun was blinding me in the midday sun and I couldn’t make out any features. Still, I saw that she was very curvaceous and oddly… feathered.

Thinking she was maybe just wearing clothes with feathers like some nobles did, I called out to her.

“L…Lady?! Wh…What are you doing up there?! Come down there, you’re going to hurt yourse…!”

My words got stuck in my throat when the sun stopped blinding me… because it was obstructed with a large, pink wing.

Then I saw her in her entire form. She not only had wings but also talons and plumage that was barely covering her crotch and breasts.

Her eyes flashed in the shadow of her figure.


I slowly stepped backwards, dropping the watering can. I slowly headed towards the door to get inside.

And then I remember her leaping off the rooftop and diving down to me. Then everything went black. I felt something soft and yet firm hit my head and it knocked me straight out.

And here we are now:

“You know, I was worried when I caught you! You were sleeping ever since I picked you up!” The girl’s chipper voice reached my ears as we flew. It was surprising how she could just carelessly fly ahead while she looked down at me, holding me in the grip of her talons. My butler’s suit was completely full of holes from them digging into my back.

“Who! The! Hell! Are! You!?”

“Me? I’m Zeila!” She said with closed, happy eyes, still not looking ahead as if she didn’t care if we crashed.

“Okay umm… Zeila! I…I… What is happening here? Where are we going?”

“Why, to Wonderland of course!” She announced happily.


“YES! Wonderland!”

The wind was blowing in my face and I was constantly praying that the seam of my suit could hold me. “*shakes head in confusion* Wh…Whatever, could we please land for a second? I’m starting to notice that I’m not really that fond of heights!”

She cocked her head but then saluted me with one of her wings. While flying. I have no idea why we haven’t crashed yet. “Yes, captain! I don’t get why you would be afraid of heights! There is no such thing as falling here.”

“What are you talking about!?”

“Let me show you!” She said without losing her smile and then… she let go of me.

Her talons loosened and I plunged down towards the earth. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL!”

I was bracing myself for the impact, holding my arms before my face as I was falling. Closer and closer and closer I came to the ground until I was enveloped in blackness. Absolute black. I was sinking into the ground

I was still falling but it slowed down until I came to a halt before the direction of my fall changed. I was falling up.

Suddenly, I saw light again and felt like I broke through the surface of something. I was on the ground. The ground just spat me out.

“I…I… WHAT?!” I was in disbelief of what just happened.

“See? I told you! There is no such thing as falling. It’s just going down towards something! It’s no different from going forwards or backwards.” There she was. Zeila was standing beside me and extending her wing to me to pick me up while I was sitting there on my butt, looking like a deer in headlights.

“So this… is Wonderland, huh?” I said absentmindedly as I let her lift me to my feet.

“It sure is! Don’t worry, you’re going to love it here!”

I took a deep breath and dusted myself off as I came to grips with this being reality. “I think I need to get used to this first. This is… a whole damn lot to take in.”

She wore an adoring smile as she pulled me into her bust and wrapped me in her soft, cottony wings. “Most people do. I’ll be here to look after you.”

I sunk into her flooffy feathers and was overcome with the nice feeling of her bosom on my face. My eyes sunk into a sort of comfortable bliss. I carefully pushed her away a little bit, but she wouldn’t let go of her hug.

She was still holding on to me with a careless smile and glistening eyes. I felt oddly charmed by her affection.

“You are… really soft, Zeila.” I muttered shyly.

“And you feel really nice too umm… hmm…” Her eyes rolled up towards her forehead as if she was trying to think of something really hard. She was even puffing her cheeks as she rummaged through her brain.


She giggled embarrassedly “I don’t remember your name.”

I laughed back as she giggled cutely. “*chuckles* I haven’t even told you yet, how would you remember it?”

She seemed really surprised for a second. “Oh yeah. Hehehe, sorry!” She stuck out her tongue childishly.

I smiled at her. Her attitude was just too cute for me to worry anymore. “It’s Cyrus. My name’s Cyrus. But umm what am I doing here?”

“Well, I brought you here, silly!”

“That’s not my question. Why did you bring me here? Why me?”

“You smelled nice.”

I was a bit taken aback. “I… smelled nice?”

“Yes!” She once again pulled me into a soft, fluffy hug in her wings. “When I came across this rich house I knew I would find some nice smelling people. But when I smelled you for the first time, ohhh my body went crazy!” She pressed my head into her cleavage she nuzzled my hair.

I had to admit. It felt nice to be muffled by her voluptuous breasts.

“And then, I felt something else. I saw that you didn’t want to be there anymore. So, I took you away and brought you here! Are you happy?” She asked cheerily as she pressed her forehead against mine.

I looked around as my hands found themselves wrapping around her waist on their own. I saw a lot of things that didn’t make any sense. Tables with people sitting around it fying through the sky. Singular clouds that rained down tea. Mushrooms the size of trees.

“It’s… definitely a lot different than what I’m used to.”

“I will help you ease into the madness. Just rely on me… I’ll show you EVERYTHING!”

Her voice took on a seductive almost lewd tone as my body was completely embedded in her plumage. We were pressed against each other.

It was in that moment that I wagered my options. I could’ve told her to bring me back to my home. Back to the mansion of the master. But then I would’ve lived my life in monotony and predictability.

Even at first glance I would never know what would expect me in Wonderland. And my curiosity was sparked.

“I will stay, Zeila. Show me! Show me everything!”

Her smile melted into a soft, adoring stare and she rubbed up against me as if tempting me. Among her soft feathers, I could also feel her smooth, supple skin underneath. And among all, I could feel something wet on my upper leg.

Zeila was twisting her body and restlessly stood with me, her eyes fixated on mine and glazed over. Her breath grew hot and her tone of voice lustful.

“Then you need to learn the essentials first. Meaning…” Wrapped up in her wings, she pushed me to the ground and straddled me. Her bountiful boobs were splayed over my chest. “…you have to know pleasure!” Her eyes were vacant and her body twitchy.

I could barely react before a pair of soft, wet lips pressed against mine. It was a firework of sensations unlike anything I’d ever felt. Her body was not even heavy, but pleasantly light and comforting.

Our bodies entangled with her crotch rubbing over my thigh and her breast squishing against my chest. Her body was so curvy and tempting that no matter what part I could touch felt lewd and sexual. She was burning up with heat and her erratic kisses were evidence to it.

I didn’t have to think for long before I reciprocated the lust filled kiss. Her tongue dipped into my mouth and I sucked it in to meet with mine. Our moist muscles spasmed together as every touch of our tongues felt like an explosion of stimulation. A sweet taste mixed in our mouths as we exchanged saliva.

I wanted more. My hands wandered until I landed on her rear. I started stroking her rich flesh and gently let my fingers caress her fair skin.

At my touch, she furrowed her brows and whined in happiness. She even shook her butt from side to side, longing for more of my hands.

I got a tighter grip and massaged her flesh as I felt the stain on my thigh get wetter and wetter.

All these stimulations and the feeling of groping her body sent my mind into a haze and blood pooling into my crotch. I was breathing heavily myself at that point and Zeila didn’t seem to be much better.

Our kiss broke apart and Zeila’s gaze was even more listless and hazy. Her eyes were filled with desperation and longing as she stared down at me.

“Cyrus. You didn’t tell me you already knew what to do.” She sulked a little as her body was getting hotter and hotter.

“It’s my first time, I swear. I guess it just came… naturally.”

She chuckled, her breath quivering. “You’ll fit into Wonderland perfectly, Cyrus. I just know.” She slowly lowered her head again to catch my lips in a soft kiss.

She sat up on my lap and noticed the stain she left on my thigh. “Cyrus, I want… I need…” She was shaking uncontrollably. Her crotch was glistening with wetness, staining her feathers and making them stick to her skin. It was an impressive pool of liquids she collected.

The sight in front of me was just too tempting. “I can barely hold back myself, Zeila.” I lost control of my lust and my mind went into autopilot.

Unbuckling my belt, I got rid of my pesky trousers to let my engorged cock spring free. Even for myself, it was impressive how thick and veiny it was in this moment.

Zeila’s eyes widened at the sight and her body almost collapsed as it sunk down on the ground. She laid down in between my legs and pressed her face against my hot member. She nuzzled it with her cheeks in affection and her burning red face was delusional with joy.

As if it was the most natural thing to do, she stuck out her tongue and ran it from the base to the tip of my cock.

Her wet, slippery muscle coated my shaft in a thin layer of sweet spit as she mixed up lapping with the flat of her tongue and tracing my veins with the tip of it.

I clawed at the grass on the ground, my body heaving as I let my face slacken with arousal. Her pink wings possessively placed next to my legs and her mouth working my dick in the middle. If I had known that there was a land with such pleasures, I would’ve run away years ago.

I caressed her head as I sat up. She was still licking diligently as if my cock was the finest candy she ever tasted. She lavished it in saliva and moved her head almost feverishly. Holding my dick standing upright with one wing, she licked the underside all the way up until she flicked my frenulum. From there, her tongue swirled around my red, sensitive head before popping off with an adoring kiss on the slit.

Her eyes turned up at me, as she proudly presented me my thoroughly wet cock. I could see from her face and cleavage that her body was flushing and probably itching for release.

Holding my hand to the side of her head and petting her, I guided her onto my lap again and kissed her once again. Her mouth had a faint hint of my precum on it but I willfully ignored it and enjoyed her sweet, mixed in tastes.

Sitting on my lap, my cock was sandwiched in between her ass cheeks and I could feel the radiating heat from her crotch.

“You are one horny girl, aren’t you?” I said teasingly as I caressed the side of her face.

Her eyes were hooded and her hips shifting restlessly. “I am! I can’t help it! I want iiiiit!” She whined.

“It’s already out. All you need to do is show me yours.”

She nodded feverishly and spread her legs wide for me. There was something that could have been mistaken for panties in my world but it was actually dark red plumage that was covering her crotch.

I reached out to it and brushed aside the downy feathers to uncover a clean, dripping pussy. And it was actually dripping. A huge amount of juices had built up that was flowing endlessly. I bit my lip at the sight and I had to gulp several times not able to believe that this was not a dream.

She steadied herself with her wings on my thighs as I poked her welcoming, wet pussy with my tip. It kissed her hot flower and sunk into her folds as she lowered herself.

“Ah…Ahhh… AHHHHHH! It’s… it’s all in!” She sighed with us glued together at the hips.

“Y…yeah… I can feel it. It’s… so… warm…” My mind trailed off at the heavenly feeling of her pussy. I don’t quite remember how I got here. Maybe I don’t want to know. Or maybe it doesn’t even matter. Everything here was exciting and unpredictable. I wanted this. I needed this. Those were the thoughts that raced through my mind.

Was this madness?


“Cyrus?” She cocked her head while she heaved with hot breath atop my lap.

“I’m gonna move now.” I asserted myself as I feverishly grabbed her hips. She perked up when I did and her face melted into one of pure anticipation and pleasure.

She smiled deliriously. “Yes! Yes! Please do! I want it, Cyrus!” She steadied herself with her wings leaning on my chest.

Her busty body, her bubbly personality and her carelessness. I wanted it all to myself and take her.

Her feathery hair hung from the side of her face as I started thrusting up into her.

Our faces descended into careless ecstasy.

“MMmmmhHHHHH! I can feel it in my stomach!”

“*huff* Yeah! It’s going so damn deep!”

My hips gained a consciousness of their own and while holding her butt in place, I fucked her from below. Her body, shaking from my thrusts, flamed my lust and it made me want her more and more. Harder and harder.


“Yeah?” My voice was strained as I tried to speak.

“You’re… mmmmhhhh! You’re not going to leave again, right? You’re going to stay here?”

I stopped for a second although my cock was almost bursting. “Do I have a choice?”

“This might be the land of madness, but you always have a choice!” Her voice quivered. Even she was holding back but this seemed important to her.

“In that case…” I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. I pressed my lips to hers and smiled confidently as I held her cheek. “…I’m going to give this a shot.”

Zeila sighed and kissed me back. “I’m going to make you feel right at home… *smack**slurp*” Our lips met absentmindedly and we unconsciously began moving our hips together. Zeila riding on my cock while I bucked my hips.

I crossed my legs trying to get more springiness out of my thrusts.

Zeila seemed to enjoy this just as much as I did, seeing as her talons were locked tightly behind my back.

My cock was twitching and on the verge of blowing its load. Our tongues were madly clashing and our body heat felt like it was becoming one.

From body language alone, I could tell that Zeila was close to cumming too and as if to signal her, I locked lips with her even harder and began groping one of her tits over the dark red plumage.

My fingers almost disappear in her fluff and skin.

Zeila moans lusciously into my mouth. I taste her sweet saliva and feel her voluptuous breasts.

I was about to cum.

I could feel Zeila clenching down, ready to cum herself and the pool of liquids that formed between us grew more to the point of spreading over my entire crotch.

Her wet feathers and glistening skin created a naughty slushing sound when our hips met.

“Zeila! I’m cumming!”

“I can’t hold out either! NHHAAAAAA!” She held my shoulders with her soft wings, smothering my body with her fluffy feathers as her body shook up and down with her breasts trembling within my hands as I cupped them.

My thrust became more sparse but heavy towards the final stretch and Zeila’s lips quivered as her back arched slightly.

“Nhaaaa! Haaa….HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHNNNNN!” She bit her lips just as I grit my teeth when we simultaneously reached our climax.

A thick load of semen blasted into her womb and her insides did not let me go before I shot every single drop.

I was out of breath, my lungs tightened and my legs stiffened up as I unloaded everything I could. I was worried but at the same time felt incredibly comfortable as Zeila held me in her wings. It was as if I was lying in a bed of cotton candy and it smelled almost just as sweet.

It was a soft kind of comfort that both of us shared. Zeila nuzzled and sniffed my hair, which even tickled a bit, while I was enjoying the softness and sweetness of her body.

Thus, began my stay at Wonderland. A land full of uncertainties and lust, chaos and yet simplicity.

Many days passed after Zeila introduced me to it, and she’s been my constant partner ever since.

I found out many things about her in this time. Mainly that she was something called a JubJub bird. A sort of harpy that was cursed by the Queen of hearts, the ruler of the land, to a constant state of restless horniness. It certainly explained why she was so twitchy around me.

Our days were spent with several sessions of sex and lewd deeds for each other and through all of this, I felt like I grew closer and closer to her. She was bubbly, a bit childish and playful. Quite the counterpart to how I used to be. But I have the feeling that I have been longing for someone like her in my life.

Someone who gets my mind off the rails and into spontaneity. When we weren’t having sex wherever we were at the time, something I became quite used to, we still didn’t separate and even though she could easily do it, Zeila didn’t really like flying because of the lack of body contact to me.

So, we decided to settle down. Despite her urging me that I was the only home she needed, I put my handiwork skills to use and built us a nest.

“You really don’t need to do this, Cyrus. We can live anywhere we want in Wonderland! And I don’t want you to hurt yourself!” Zeila covered her mouth with her wings as she worried about me.

I was standing atop one of the huge mushroom trees and tied together all the materials I could find to make us a nice resting place. It was a round nest, built with soft cotton that grew around here and a few batches of Zeila’s feathers even. Don’t worry, I used those that she lost on her own I didn’t pluck her.

“It’s almost done! Don’t worry, this mushroom is pretty sturdy. And as long as it doesn’t break, I won’t fall. I got this!”

“I hope you’re right.” She yelled up at me.

She stood at the stem of the mushroom… tree thingy in case some of my materials fell down or the even more unlikely event of me falling.

I had a tight grip on the loose thread that wound all the way around the pile of fluffy feathers and cotton. I pulled on it and the nest was finally standing.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and smiled to myself in pride.

“Zeila, you can come up now. It’s done!” I called out to her as I leaned over the edge of the mushroom’s top.

I heard the flapping of wings as Zeila reached the top.

She was immediately excited when she saw our new little home. It was nothing too complicated or special, but it was ours.

“It’s so soft!” She marveled as she stepped into it. It was cute seeing her tip tapping inside of the nest, testing the springy and cottony feel. “Come in, Cyrus! You need to feel this too!”

“Shouldn’t you already know how it feels? I used your feathers after all.” I laughed a little as I stepped inside.

“Yes, yes. But you don’t really feel how soft it is when it’s on your body. Now it’s like sitting on cotton candy!” She laid down and nuzzled the side of the nest with her cheek, taking in the softness.

I smiled to myself and laid down next to her and stretched. “Ahhhh, you’re right. This DOES feel incredible!”

Zeila rolled over to smile at me and quickly cuddled up. And now, additionally to the softness underneath me, I welcomed the softness of my cute partner as well. She snuggled me and rubbed her face against my shoulder as her wings and body did their best to wrap me up too.

She seemed impatient and wanting something.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer. She giggled when I did and we both gazed towards the horizon. The clouds turned a strawberry shade of red as the sun set over Wonderland. I could make out a lot of things in the distance. Bunny girls frolicking around in the fields of flying carrots. The mad hatter serving tea to her husband, most likely spiked with raging mushrooms. And a Dormouse sleeping on a leaf, flowing down the river.

I got quite used to these sights by now and somehow, they had a lot of charm and comfort to them. I felt this happiness inside because I could live here with Zeila. And with our new home here, we now have a place to retreat to if we want to be alone. Well, as alone as you can be in Wonderland at least.

“The clouds kind of remind me of your feathers, you know?”

“Hmm?” Zeila looked up as I spoke to her. “Yeah, they kind of do look alike. You like my feathers right, Cyrus?” She smiled adorably.

“Of course! How could I not? They’re really pretty.” I spoke softly and let my hands glide through them.

“Hmhm! You know, they’re also really practical.”

“Oh? Like how?”

“They keep me warm when the Queen of Hearts decides to cover the land in a frosty winter again.”

“Why would she do that?” I asked confused but also intrigued.

“I dunno. Could be a lot of things. Last time, she did it was because she wanted a reason to wear her pretty winter clothes collection. Hehehe.” Zeila giggled to herself.

“I’m glad I got you around to keep me warm when that happens then.” I cupped her cheek as I softly laid a kiss on her lips. It was only a light touch, but she seemed to be burning up after I moved away. Her gaze was hazy and she looked kind of restless again. I already had quite an idea why that was.

“Hey, Cyrus.” She said with hot breath.


“Why are you still wearing your pants?”

“My pants? Why should I not be wearing them?”

“We’re at home now. Nobody wears pants at home.” She argued.

I decided to tease her a little. “Well, I do. I feel just as comfortable with all my clothes on.”

I saw her struggling, trying to come up with reasons why I should take my pants off. The wheels were turning in her head and I knew whatever would come out next must be good.

“Well uhhh, it’s the queen’s orders. All men aren’t allowed to wear pants… at home. No clothes at all actually. So, y…you better obey that rule before she finds out.”

“And what about the other inhabitants of Wonderland? Why don’t they have to abide the rules?”

“Well… the people of wonderland don’t wear pants!” She thought up on the spot.

“The mad hatter does. I never see her walking around pantsless.”

“Uuuuuhhhh.” She whined a little as her head began to hurt and little tears began forming in the edges of her eyes.

Yeah, that was enough.

“Well… I guess if it’s the Queen’s orders and they have to be followed. I’ll give in.”

Her face lit up with excitement. “Really?!” She cried out.

“Really. Let me get to that real quick.” I slowly unbuckled my pants, Zeila’s eyes glued to every movement of my fingers. Her eyes went from left to right as I stripped my pants down my legs and discarded them.

Zeila seemed hesitant to speak up but decided to continue anyways. “U…Underpants count as pants as well, you know?” She acted innocently but I could see the anticipation in her eyes.

I wanted to laugh so hard, but I restrained myself. “Okay, sure. I’ve already stripped down this far, I should go all the way, right?”

“Mhm!” She nodded so hard it looked like her head might fall off.

I raised my hips and stripped away the last layer of fabric that covered my crotch.

I couldn’t even toss aside my underwear before Zeila quickly crawled down to my cock. It was only half erect but it seemed like it was enough to fan Zeila’s lust.

She quickly got a hold of my legs to keep me from moving and slid up a little until her breasts rested on top of my hardening cock. The warm feeling of a mix of soft fluffiness and supple smoothness of her breasts was making me harder by the second. I was still leaning against the side of the nest with Zeila nestled in between my legs. In that moment, I felt really lucky.

“Those are really nice and soft too, huh?” She asked teasingly and rubbed her breasts all over my cock. Her skin and feathers stroked the underside of it smoothly.

“Yeah, you can… say that again. They’re both really nice.” I was struggling to talk at the rush of stimulation.

“You know, you were hard already even before I put my breasts on it, so you knew what I wanted earlier. You meanie.” She puffed her cheeks a little but still continued to give my cock her attention.

“Sorry, you’re just…ngghh… too cute to see you sulking when I tease you.” I chuckled, struggling to keep a straight face.

“Boo! You know how hard it is for me to hold back. You already spent so much time building this nest and then you decide to tease me too?” She whined as she finally sandwiched my hard member in between her bountiful breasts.

I started breathing heavier and my cock was twitching with restless anticipation. “Really, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“Really? You will?” She asked with hopeful eyes as the tip of my dick popped out of her cleavage.


“Yay!” She cheered cutely as she enthusiastically started to hump her breasts up and down, rubbing my cock in between them.

There was still some plumage that pressed against my shaft but it didn’t distract from the smooth sensation. Hell, the tickling feeling might have even made it incredibly stronger.

I moaned as her tits started bobbing. She seemed completely lost in her own world, her eyes entirely focused on my crotch.

“You know… haaa… this nest is incredible. But you’re the only perch I really need.” She sighed happily as she put more pressure on my cock and pressed her orbs together with her wings. With every long bob, my tip poked out at the top before being swallowed in her voluptuous flesh again.

At this point, her breasts started glistening. My precum was starting to flow out and coated her skin.

I felt my shaft slide through her slippery cleavage. It was so good!

There was warmth all around and even her plumage muffled my cock snugly.

“I’ll be your perch, Zeila. Don’t worry about that. You get both things at once.” I chuckled through my moans.

In response, Zeila stopped for a moment and smiled up at me. When we locked eyes and she knew I was watching, she licked her lips. Turning her head downwards, she pushed her breasts tighter against my crotch and made shorter humps so my tip would stay outside longer. In doing that, she made way for her mouth to start sucking and licking my tip.

Her tongue was small but Zeila did her utmost best to lick every inch that she could. It was so endearing how hard she tried for me. I had to remember to give her just as much effort later.

“Zeila, you can… mmmphh… take it in your mouth too. That would feel amazing.” I requested as my balls grew ever tighter. In truth, it was an excuse so she could stop for a second. I didn’t want to blow right away.

She looked up for a second and nodded with a delirious smile. She attended my cock again and opened her mouth as wide as she could. I gulped as I watched her lips slide over my girth. Her face met with her breasts and from then on, she fell into a synchronic rhythm with boobjob and blowjob.

Maybe I was foolish trying to stretch this out, because now it was even harder for me to hold back with the double assault on my dick.

I could barely catch my breath as she started to bob her head and breasts in unison. “Mmmmnnnnnn! Hammmpff! *suck**slurp*” The noises she made as she passionately sucked made my mind go crazy.

Thousands of shocks went through my body as it required all of my willpower to keep going. But in the end, I buckled.

“Zeila, I’m cumming! Fuck! I’m so close!” I laid my hand on the back of her head to give her additional signals that I was about to blow, but she didn’t even flinch.

She continued to suck noisily and I felt her tongue swirl against the underside of my cock. Her eyes were turned up towards me and she watched for my reaction. I think she wanted to see my face when I came.

My face contorted in pleasure and must have looked quite embarrassing. Because Zeila giggled happily with my cock in her mouth which sent extra vibrations through it that sent me over the edge.

“C…Cumming!” I tried to warn her again, but a fountain of white cum was already shooting out into her mouth.

With every jerk of my shaft pumping semen out, I saw her throat swallowing load after load down into her stomach. She seemed quite determined to not let it spill. I knew that semen was like the life energy for monsters but she still seemed oddly passionate about it.

“Haaaa, haaaa, look, Cyrus! All gone! I got all of it.” She panted as her mouth popped off. She stuck her tongue out to me with her open mouth to show me that it was completely empty. There was some of it stuck on my shaft but apart from that, not a single drop missed her mouth.

“Wow… *pant* I know you need to do that to get your energy fill, but that’s still pretty impressive.”

She cocked her head for a second and suddenly started giggling. “Hehehe, I didn’t have to swallow it, silly. I could’ve just gotten it on my skin and it would’ve had the same effect.”

“Then, why did you do it.”

She hooded her eyes and crawled up on my lap. She gazed right into mine and smiled sultrily. “Because I thought you’d like to see me do it. If it would’ve been anyone else, I wouldn’t have done it.”

At her words, my cock sprung full of energy once more. My heart was racing and my adoration for her was sparked.

Our lips quickly met and we exchanged a series of deep and passionate kisses.

“*smack* *suck* Cyrus… mmmnnn… I love you. I love you so much!”

Her sudden confession was the last straw. I toppled down onto the floor of the nest and spooned her body from behind. With one hand, I lifted up one of her talons to give me free access to her constantly drenched pussy and with the other hand, I wrapped my arm underneath her and groped her lower breast.

She was overwhelmed at the sudden excitement and her pussy throbbed expectantly. My freed cock was rubbing her from underneath, gathering her juices for lubrication alongside her saliva and my cum.

“Cyrus!” She called out to me, beckoning me to kiss her as she turned her head to me. I met her lips again and thrust my tongue into her mouth which she quickly greeted with her own.

“*smack* I love you too, Zeila. I think I still have a promise to keep now, don’t I?”

“Yeah, you do! Please, take me, Cyrus!”

Capturing her lips again, she yelped into my mouth as I shoved my cock into her. Her body rocked back and forth when I started thrusting. Her talon dangled in the air as I held it up. The position was pretty straining and I had to attend a lot of things at once. Her pussy, her breast and her lips. But I promised to give her my all, just like she did before.

Through her dark red plumage on her breast, I could feel her nipple that hid underneath. I dug into it and toyed with it. She must’ve been extremely sensitive there because she was twitching with every touch of my fingers. Probably because she was holding back so long or maybe her nipples were just her weak spot since they’re usually shielded and covered by feathers.

Her butt rippled and her body shook with every thrust I delivered, but her body didn’t leave me unshaken either.

Her squirming insides and the warmth of her huggable body sent all my senses into overdrive. I smelled her sweet scent intensely and her body sticking so close to mine was such a feeling of oneness with her.

We became a bundle of sweat covered bodies clashing with each other. I think she might have even shook enough to lose some of her loose feathers. Not that it was anything to worry about. It just added even more fluffiness to the nest.

Zeila’s mouth formed to an O as she could no longer contain her gasping moans. “MNNHHHAAA! So good! Cyrus, fuck me harder! I want more! More! More!” She cried out as our hips met and slapped together with wet splashes spraying out between us.

I sped up everything. My mouth was hanging open and I had to shut my eyes to focus all my force on the final sprint. I thrusted harder and faster, hitting different spots inside of her. My hands gripped her breast and thigh tightly. We pressed our foreheads together as we rushed towards climax together.

“HAAA! NHHAAAA! NNHHNNGGGGGHHHAAAA!” We moaned together with quivering, hot breath as our hips collided and we came at once. Her cum and mine mixed inside her. My cock pulsed as it pumped spurt after spurt from my balls. Zeila’s alrady drenched vagina was flowing with our mixture and a thick smell of sex emanated from us.

We panted in our afterglow with our lips meeting almost magnetically. Her wing wrapped around my head and pulled my closer. I could feel her heat against my body.

She pecked at my lips and smiled as she parted.

I smiled back at her, my breath still heavy. “Seems like I have to clean this nest up later.”

“No… you don’t have to. I really like this smell.” Zeila giggled.

“Sorry, must still be a force of habit from back then. I used to get reprimanded for not cleaning up properly when I made a mess.” I chuckled as I pressed my forehead against hers, making her smile and close her eyes cutely.

“Well, you’re not going to get scolded from me so…” She shook her hips and tempted me to move again. “…let’s break the habit. You said you’d make up for teasing me, right? You didn’t think just once would be enough, did you?” She said sternly but laughed cheekily shortly after.

“Hmhm! You got it. I’m a man of my word.” I leaned over and kissed her softly. “I love you, Zeila.”

“Same here.” She answered as she returned the kiss.

And then her body shook again. A clear sign that she was ready for more. Not like she ever wasn’t.

I never missed my former life. I was happy to put what I learned to good use for the sake of my new girlfriend. Or should I say wife? I don’t know. We’ve never gotten married but Zeila started calling me her husband. And honestly, I was more than okay with that.

We’ve spent our time each day with making good use of our little love nest. And the only time we didn’t constantly shower each other with love or… other fluids, was when years later…

Zeila bore my children. It was weird for me to see two little girls pop out of a couple of pink eggs but the cute smiles they had on when they saw me, let me forget all of that in an instant.

And so, two little Jubjub harpies added to our nest. Little mini versions of Zeila with even softer feathers than their mother. Though I should probably never tell her that I said that. Wouldn’t want any competition to start between the most important girls in my life.

Day after day we spent cuddling up in our little nest. Embedding us in a soft cover of feathers. And me in the center of it.

Wonderland is a crazy place, and I hope it doesn’t start to make sense anytime soon.

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