MGEEC Ch.6 Fox Family: Inari

I was getting home kind of late. As usual actually.

My name is Kai Mendo. I’m an independent restaurant owner in the town of Foujian within the heart of Zipangu.

I get by with my little restaurant, but it’s honestly nothing special. We sell the typical regional food like dumplings and ramen, but with all of the bigger and pricier competition, we have nothing to offer that others wouldn’t have.

I have black, short and tussled hair with a few spikes that always stood off my head and made my hair look like a constant bedhead. I was pretty tall and thin, but not very strong. I usually wear a white undershirt with a red, open, button up flower shirt over it and white khaki shorts. All in all, I had the appeal of an upstart without direction or a plan.

I was a relatively young owner, so not many people took me seriously either, but I knew I could get this thing off the ground. I just needed something special. Something that would differentiate my restaurant from the grey mass.

“Well, no reason to cry over spilled milk today, tomorrow’s another day and maybe it won’t lead me straight into being broke… I just made it worse with my own words. Gods, I need a plan.” I pondered as I walked along the loosely plastered roads of Foujian.

I rested my arms behind my head as I stared up at the blue-purple skies with the sun lowering behind the distant, high mountains. The people already started lighting the lanterns outside of their homes which made the walk home at least a bit cozy and nice to look at. I didn’t want to have to leave this place anytime soon, but I knew if I didn’t come up with a new strategy, I would have to. And out in the wild Zipangu, there are many dangers that I am not willing to face on my own.

I shuddered a little at the horror stories of the creatures that were out there. They have many names, monsters, mamono, demons. There were a few of them that were tolerated, even welcome in Foujian. But there are a few out there that are just not made for a civilized life.

I tried to get my mind off it and just enjoyed the remaining warmth of the evening. People were slowly getting ready to settle down for rest at home, stores were closing left and right and the night guard began to get ready for patrol.

But then there was something else. Someone who was still out this late. Next to a small fishpond on the side of the way stood a lonely, blonde girl with a basket in her arm. She wore a Yukata with red flowers adorning it, in the same pattern as my shirt. It was the local color pattern that was incredibly popular around town.

Something about this girl was off though. She had perky, fluffy fox ears poking out in between long, straight blonde hair and a singular fox tail sticking out of her yukata on the lower back. Her green eyes darted around, not seeming to be sure what to do as she apparently waited for people to buy whatever she had in that basket.

She sighed as she saw no one else around until her eyes landed on me. Without approaching me, she stared and waited for what I would do next. Despite being unsure of what she wanted, I just approached her and spoke up.

“Hey, you know it’s almost night time right? People are going to be sleeping now.”

She looked around, seeing the people locking their doors and slumped down. “I guess so. *sigh* I didn’t even get one of these sold.” She looked down at her little basket with a frown.

“What are you selling?” I asked her curiously.

She held her basket towards me and showed me a bunch of weird fruit. It seemed like a combination of two fruits actually. It was a large, red, round berry conjoined with a smaller blue one that sort of melded together. “Here, they’re called couple’s fruits. They’re plants I brought from the forests around here.”

I didn’t see the problem and asked her. “Why are they not selling well?”

Her ears slumped and she sighed in sadness. “They’re originally from the demon realm and people who know that, avoid them. *sigh* I was just trying to be like you humans. I thought when I did the same as you and tried to give people some of those fruits I would be like a merchant and the people would accept me more.” She looked to the ground.

“We humans? And here I was thinking you were wearing these ears and tail just for show.” I rubbed my neck a little uncomfortably. “So I guess you must be one of these Inari, huh?”

She nodded as her tail only wagged slightly. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m not meant to be a merchant.”

The worst thing was, that she was not much different from me. She tried to do something new and fit in here. I smiled a little at her and reached into my pockets. Two coins was all that was left.

“Hey, how much would you like to have for one of these fruits?” I reached my hand out to her, showing her the two coins.

Her ears lifted up and her eyes widened. A smile stretched from ear to ear as she happily blurted out. “Th…that should be just enough, sir! Thank you very much for your purchase!” She handed me the odd-looking fruit and gazed at the two coins I laid into her palm.

She grinned so hard, that her canine teeth showed. Seeing her so happy made me smile as well. It was a weird feeling of mutual happiness as I held this weird fruit in my hand that I had no idea what to do with. But I would be lying if I said that I regretted giving her my last money. After all, I got to see that radiant smile of a fellow dreamer.

“I hope you’ll put that money to good use. Don’t spend it all at once.” I chuckle as I pet her a little.

Her ears wiggle happily as she beams up at me and cheerily responded. “I promise I will. Thank you good sir!” And she put the two coins in the pockets of her Yukata.

With a good feeling in my heart and a joyous wave of goodbye I left her. Walked away. She waved me goodbye as well and I turned around to continue my journey home.

I put the so called couple’s fruit in my pocket and thought that that was it but… then I noticed something.

I looked over my shoulder back at this Inari. After I left she just… sat down on the ground, putting her basket next to her as she sat with her legs crossed. She wasn’t going anywhere, she just looked around just waiting. I could see even from behind that her ears were slumping again and she rested against the pole of a lantern as she tried to fall asleep.

Then it dawned on me. Like she told me before, she hasn’t settled here. She was just trying her luck to sell whatever she had available. She had no home to go to.

I saw my house not far from me and I could’ve just left there. I could’ve gone home to get some sleep and think of how to rescue my failing restaurant, but it didn’t feel right. Without even thinking about it for long I walked over to the Inari and knelt down next to her.

With her half asleep daze, she looked up at me and tried to hide her loneliness with a smile. “Nice to see you back, sir. Did you want to buy more of my fruit?” She asked in a mellow tone, her enthusiasm seemingly a little less than before. But she still seemed genuinely happy to see me, hopeful that I was going to help her out more.

“Sorry, but I’m afraid I gave you my last pieces of money.” I spoke softly.

Her ears perked up a little in apology. “Oh, if I had known that it was your last I wouldn’t have accepted it. Please, take it back then.” She pulled out the two coins and held them out to me. “The fruit is free for you, you can still keep it if you like.”

I smiled gently and waved my hand in refusal. “No, no, keep the money. I wasn’t going to ask about it. I was just curious if… this is where you sleep.”

She sighed “Yes, sir. You could say I’m a stray fox in a way. I don’t really live anywhere.” She chuckled trying to hide her sadness with a jokey tone.

I looked towards my home and despite my better judgement, knowing that I probably couldn’t afford housing a guest, told me not to do it. I gave her an offer. “Look, this is no way to live out here. I have a house a bit down the road with a free guest room. I think you should rest there. At least for the night.”

Her sadness lightened up and her tail wagged excitedly “Are… are you seriously offering that? You’ll let me into your house?”

“Nothing that’d make me happier.” I smirked and the Inari jumped into my arms, wrapping hers around me as she nuzzled my chest.

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!” She almost cried in happiness as her face was buried in my shirt.

I felt so overwhelmed with her reaction that I just didn’t know how to respond to that. But at the same time, I kind of knew that this was the right decision. I chuckled blissfully as I petted the back of her head and combed her smooth, blonde hair.

“No worries, I would love to have you as my guest. I think I could use a little cheerful company at home.”

“You won’t regret it, sir…. Sir… What should I call you?” She looked up at me curiously as she pressed her body against mine. I felt her breasts flatten underneath her Yukata as they pushed against my chest. DD cups I would’ve guessed.

“You can call me by my first name. I’m Kai. Kai Mendo.”

She nodded as if taking in my name to remember it. “Nekami. I’m Nekami. It’s… nice to get to know you, Kai.” She blushed a little as she gave me a little smile.

“Nekami. That’s an incredibly pretty name. I mean… yeah.” I fumbled a little as I held her against me.

Her eyes met mine and the deep blue in her eyes looked up into my dark brown. Our locking eyes made my heart race a little and I pulled away to not make her uncomfortable. Hiding the slight heat in my cheeks I signal her to come along and almost like an obedient puppy, she ran to my side and nimbly held on to my hand with hers. “Lead the way, Kai. I’ll be right by your side.” Her eyes closed with a devoted smile of hers.

I smiled back and squeezed her hand back as I led her the short way to my home.

The door creaks a little as I open it. A stone floor and the familiar simple interior welcomes me. Well, at least it was familiar to me.

Nekami immediately ran off and examined the furniture. Running her hands over my low sitting table that stood next to the fireplace, the counter of the small kitchen in the corner of the room and a futon that was spread on the floor.

It was clearly a poor man’s house but… Nekami didn’t seem to mind. She stared at everything in wonderment and I chuckled as I approached her. “The way you’re inspecting everything, one could assume that you’ve never seen the inside of a house before.”

“I haven’t.” She said, not even stopping to look at me as she marveled even at the smallest things.

It made me smile internally as I watched her. “This stuff here is really nothing special, you know. I’m not exactly rich.”

“It seems pretty special to me. I didn’t have anything before. You’re lucky to have this much stuff.” She said as she found a small shoe horn and I could see the wheels in her head turning as she tried to imagine what it was used for.

I watched her gladly as she found something interesting at every turn.

A thought crossed my mind as I snapped out of my daze. “Hey Nekami, are you hungry?”

As if answering me without a word, her stomach grumbled as she turned around and nodded.

“Well, I’ll cook up some ramen then.” I stated as I stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

“What’s ramen?” She cocked her head.

“You’ll love it, trust me. I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like ramen.” I proclaimed proudly as I cracked open a pack of noodles and set it on the stove in a water-filled pot.

“You can cook?” Nekami came up from behind me and asked as she came up from behind. She caught me off guard as she wrapped her arms around me and looked over my shoulder to watch me cook.

“I umm…” I was flustered “I… yeah, I can. I own a restaurant in town.”

Her eyes widened a little as her ears perked up. “How are you poor then? You’re an owner.”

I sigh a little “It’s… it’s not doing so well. I’m close to having to shut it down soon.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Her ears slumped again

“Nothing you can do. I just… I just need something to make my restaurant pop. Something that’ll put me on the map.” I was lost in my thoughts as I kept stirring the ramen pot, not noticing how slowly, the Couple’s fruit in the pocket of my shirt slipped out.

The fruit fell into the pot as I mixed it and before I could do anything, the thin layer of the fruit popped and let out all of its juices.

“Aww damn. Today really isn’t my day.” I tried to fish out the fruit with a wooden spoon, but it was too late.

“*sigh* Guess there won’t be any ramen then. Sorry, Nekami.” I said as I lifted the pot, ready to flush the water down the drain. Nekami walked around to see the water and one of her ears perked as she looked into the pot.

She patted me on the arm to stop me and pointed at the water. “Hey, don’t throw it away! Look, the water is fine.” She said happily.

“What?” I looked down at the pot and the purple color it had before, suddenly dissipated. “It’s… it’s normal again.” I stirred the pot with the spoon and as I scooped out a batch of the ramen noodles. The purple color that painted the water before had completely been soaked up by the noodles. The noodles were purple and gave off a spicy yet fruity smell.



“Are these fruits you collect in any way dangerous?”

“I’ve eaten them before and nothing happened to me at least.” She shrugged as she leaned over the pot. “Maybe we should taste them. I mean they could still taste good.”

Out of curiosity, I pulled out a bowl and filled it with a batch of the ramen. I picked up a pair of chopsticks for both of us and each of us and we each picked up a few strands of the noodles. It was cute to watch Nekami sloppily slurp the noodles as she tried to figure out how to use chopsticks. But I had to focus.

I guided the noodles into my mouth and…

…they were amazingly delicious. It was a blast of spices and fruity flavor and I could feel a deep tingle in my body as I chewed on them.

Nekami seemed to feel the same as her ears twitched in joy and her tail wagged excitedly as she hummed happily at the incredible taste.

“It’s soooo good!” She swoons over it as she hungrily eats from the same bowl as me. Even I myself couldn’t stop myself from slurping down more of the ramen.

As we emptied the bowl, there was only one last strand of ramen left. I got it first.

Nekami seemed slightly disappointed but smiled weakly at me “It’s alright, you get the last bite.”

I looked at the noodles on my chopsticks. I smiled a little as I rolled them up and held a hand underneath them to catch the dripping brew.

Nekami perked up as I reached out to her with the chopsticks. “Come on, say aahh.” I said playfully, trying to suppress a chuckle.

Nekami giggles happily as she opened her mouth. “Ahhhh!” She actually did it.

I let her eat the last batch of purple ramen which she enjoyably swallowed.

I put the empty bowl aside and smiled at Nekami. “This stuff is amazing. This…this could save my restaurant!” I gasped as I realized the opportunity.

I grabbed Nekami’s hands and looked at her softly “And it’s all thanks to you and your fruit. Thank you, Nekami!”

She blushed and gently squeezed my hands with hers. She averted my gaze a little. “I didn’t really do much. You were the one who made them.”

I reached out and cupped her cheek, a weird feeling of love tingling in my body. “It was only thanks to you that I even had these fruits. It’s like… It’s like you were a spirit sent to save me.”

“Then you would be my spirit too.” She chuckled.

I smiled gently and pulled her body closer to me. “Fair is fair I guess. I’m glad my spirit turned out to be such a cute little Inari.”

“My spirit doesn’t seem to be ugly either, so I guess we can both count ourselves lucky.” Her eyes were hooded as our faces moved together.

Our lips connected and I wrapped up Nekami in a loving, sweet kiss. We could still taste the fruity flavor on each other’s mouths as we stood in the kitchen with our bodies pressed together tightly.

I could feel her breasts more clearly now as they pressed against my front. In our kiss, I snaked one of my hands into her Yukata and squeezed one of her breasts.

Nekami gasped into our kiss and her eyes flinched a little but she didn’t let up on kissing me and let me touch her. Our lips locked as I lifted the fox girl up in my arms with my hands underneath her butt.

We topple down onto the futon with our tongues wrapping around each other. Nekami’s tail was wagging with excitement and I could feel her heart beating fast underneath my hand.

I panted with heated lust for her as I sat up and opened the sash of Nekami’s yukata. The cloth fell to the side of her front, letting me see her incredibly smooth, fair body. Her DD cups were perky and full and her pussy was hairless and glistening with wetness.

“Enjoying the view, Kai?” She bit her lip with her canine teeth, lying on her back on the futon. Her hands and knees slightly bent upwards as if she was a fox lying on its back.

I gulped and quickly embraced her, our tongues meeting yet again. The lust I had for Nekami reached its boiling point and I could feel my crotch ache for attention. It was as if something drove my arousal and all my mind was consumed with was Nekami.

I grasped a bunch of her hair, letting it slip through my fingers as I kissed her deeply. “Fuck, Nekami. I want you so much! My cock is so hard for you, you have no idea.”

She smirked and groped my tented crotch as she leaned to my ear. “Then why don’t we let him out to play?”

“Why not, right?” I smirked back and pressed my lips to hers again while I worked on undressing myself. Not only did I shimmy out of my pants, but I also tossed my shirt and undershirt so nothing would stand in between me and Nekami.

I caressed her body from her slender shoulders down her smooth sides and onto her cute, little butt with the fox tail. It was an indescribable feeling of satisfaction to squeeze her buttocks in my hands.

Our bodies mingled together until we felt our genitals grinding against each other. We both gasped a little as we felt it and looked into each other’s eyes knowingly.

I combed her oh so beautiful blonde hair again and with my insertion, thrust not only my cock into her pussy but my tongue into her mouth as well.

We closed our eyes as we felt the sensation of each other’s bodies. My cock entered her and pried open her tight slit.

She took me to the hilt with ease and her warm walls hugged my member as tight as a vice. I was enveloped by a wet hotness that made me horny beyond belief. I moaned and grit my teeth as I buried my face in Nekami’s neck while she was gasping for air herself.

I calmed her by embracing her body and I pulled her against me. She wrapped her arms around me. I could feel her warmth and even her twitching fox ears were tickling my cheek as they folded against her head.

“This is… pretty intense.” I pant under my breath.

“Yeah, I can feel a tingle all throughout my body. I can feel you inside me.” She quivered a little from the shivers of pleasure.

“Can I move? I want to feel more of you. This longing is going to drive me crazy if I don’t.” I tried to hold back, but my hips were itching to start thrusting.

Nekami dug her fingers into my back and her nails almost felt like claws. “Do it, Kai. Fuck me! I want to feel you more too!”

And I lost control. I swung my hips and crashed into hers. It was maddening how tight she felt. It was easy to thrust into her with how wet she was yet her moist walls clung to me as if they would never want to let me go again.

“Your pussy is so damn tight, Nekami! It’s incredible!” I moaned as I kept thrusting into her splashing, squelching pussy.

“I’m not tight! You’re just too big!” She panted as she cupped my cheeks and looked up at me with her body rocking in pleasure.

I held her cheeks in return as my hips just couldn’t stop as if they had a mind of their own. “Nekami?”

“Yes, Kai?”

“I love you!” I blurted out without even having to think about or doubt it.

She had tears in her eyes and smiled from ear to ear. “I love you too, Kai! I love you so much!”

Her legs swung around me and her hips bucked upwards to meet my thrusts. Our mouths met each other again and our tongues mingled in mid-air. I groped one of her breasts and her nails dug more into my back, meaning that I probably already had scratch marks.

Her blonde bangs that hung into her face were as sweaty as mine and we were lost in absolute ecstasy.

Nekami parted with me but still held my cheeks. “Kai! I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Me too, Nekami!”

“Don’t you want to *pant* pull out.”

I smirked “Now why in the world would I want that?” I spoke with absolute confidence as I gouged her insides, knocking on the entrance to her womb.

Nekami threw her head back into the pillow and I arched my back as we both reached our orgasm. I filled her pussy with my semen until it flowed out of her. I could feel her warm juices coat my cock.

Our twitching bodies relaxed and I collapsed on top of Nekami, leaning on my elbows to not weigh on her too much.

Our hot breaths touched the other’s skin and we smiled in exhaustion. Our lips came together without much thought and blissfully sunk into a calm sleep.

It felt so right. Like it was meant to be. I might even have started to believe that Nekami was my guardian spirit and I was hers. Of course we lived together from then on. And I didn’t even have to worry about bringing in money to support us since we made a huge discovery.

Not only were those ramen noodles we created incredibly delicious but it had an incredible side effect. If 2 people eat from the same batch of noodles, it fans the flames of desire for each other.

And from that, we cooked up an idea that was going to rescue my… our restaurant.

A few days later:

Nekami and I managed to remake the image of our restaurant and we turned it into a restaurant specifically made for couples. Either older couples who have lost their potency or who want to rekindle their lust for each other or even young couples who meet at our restaurant for their special dates.

We had a constant supply of couple’s fruits after Nekami showed me several spots around Foujian where they grew. People usually avoided demon plants and were unfamiliar with their incredible potential.

It was an instant hit and connected with a lot of people in Foujian. We got a steady income and could comfortably keep living together. Meaning we had a lot of time to ourselves.

I came home from work, my shift being done and the restaurant closed for the day. Nekami was staying at home for… a specific reason.

I came in through the door as I immediately smelled a nice stew brewing. I smiled to myself. “Nekami? Are you cooking again?”

“Yes, Kai! I want to get better at it, so I tried some recipes from your menu!” I heard a chipper voice call out from the kitchen.

I walked around the corner to see my girlfriend cooking in the kitchen.

And sure enough, I saw Nekami. Wearing a cooking apron and… yeah that’s it. Nothing else. Her slender back was completely exposed from her neck downwards and her butt was swinging from side to side as she hummed a happy tune. I knew she did this to tempt me. She did this all the time. Maybe it was related to the extra tails that she grew and that wagged around in unison.

My mind was not registering that though as I was focused on her cute, swinging butt.

“Did you want something extra, baby? I could prepare some side dishes to go with the stew I made.” She played innocently as she looked over her shoulder with blissfully closed eyes but a cheeky and toothy smile on her face.

I leaned against a wall with my arm as I watched her. “You are really getting into cooking lately don’t you, Nekami?”

“Of course! I want to be a devoted wife someday after all, so I better prepare in advance.” She giggled.

I chuckled back “You know when I said you should put on an apron when you’re cooking, I didn’t mean that you should ONLY put on an apron.” I approached her from behind as she hid her face from me and put a finger to her chin pretending to think about it.

“Hmm, I don’t think you’ve made that clear to me well enough. I’m just following your instructions word for word.”

I wrapped my arms around her from behind, embracing her. “You’re not putting our special ingredient into the stew again, right?” I laughed at little.

She sighed and leaned against me. “I don’t think I really need that to tempt you, do I?”

I spoke softly “Nah, you’re pretty tempting already.” I pulled her face over to kiss me and our tongues met and wrestled. I moved my hands to her barely covered breast and one to her ear, scratching it. It was her weak spot and she moaned happily into my mouth as I basically petted her.

“I just thought it would make you happy to see that I was taking after you and learned cooking too.” Nekami said in between light moans as I groped her front.

“You’re gonna do it a lot when we have our kid, huh?” I moved the hand from her ear to her belly and gently rubbed it as I smiled.

“We can take turns so you don’t get rusty too.” Nekami smiled softly as she laid her hand over mine.

“As if that would happen.” I smirked as I turned her around and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. “But for now, I’d like to stir another pot.”

Nekami giggled and lifted up the front of her apron, showing me her pulsating, wet pussy. “I think I know the one you want.” She winked as she started to toy with her clit.

“It’s like you can read minds, Nekami. Maybe we really are bound spirits.” I kneel down in front of her and move my mouth onto her crotch. I gently pull her hand away from her clit and hold it in mine as I start to nibble on it myself. I suck her clitoris into my mouth and flick it with the tip of my tongue, feeling the sweet juices on my lips.

I could feel Nekami’s thighs pressing against the sides of my head as I heard her panting above me. I chuckled slightly, letting some vibration run through her crotch before I delved into her slit with my tongue.

“KAI! Lick me down there! I want to feel good from your tongue!” She moaned with heavy breaths.

I was happy to oblige and dipped my tongue deep into her warm, squirmy pussy. I used my hands to steady her and myself more and grabbed onto her upper legs as I pushed deeper.

Nekami could hear the squelching sounds I created by toying with her pussy and her ears twitched as they picked up the naughty sound.

Nekami leaned against the back wall, moaning. I could feel her hand on the back of my head, combing my hair. And that was all the motivation I needed.

I moved away for a second and spread her folds with two fingers before I licked the cute, pink insides. I made one long stroke from the bottom to the top of her labia, feeling her shiver with every inch I moved upwards. After I ended with the flick of her unhooded clit, I could feel her grab my hair and gently pulling me away.

I looked up in confusion, but it cleared up once I saw her. She was flushed red in the face and her chest was heaving.

I smirked lovingly as I pulled myself up to her. “Too much, Nekami?”

Her voice was quaky when she answered “No, but I want to finish with you.” She pulled me in for a kiss while she easily unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor.

Obviously, my cock was springing forward and as hard as it could get. With a girlfriend like Nekami, how could I not get turned on?

“Hold your apron up for me, will you?” I asked her in a husky tone and Nekami immediately obliged, holding her apron to keep her crotch exposed for me to see. I grabbed my cock and lined it up with the entrance to her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from it.

“Ready?” I asked confidently.

“Ready, Kai.” She said softly as our bodies magnetically pressed together. I held her hips while she held onto my shoulders as my cock spread apart her labia and I shoved myself into her warmth.

While she sat on the kitchen counter, I buried my cock to the base within her. And despite the many times we’ve done it before, Nekami was as tight as ever, grabbing a hold of my dick as soon as it pushed in.

I reached her deepest depths and we sighed in unison at the familiar, satisfying feeling. I turned my eyes up at her questioningly and Nekami nodded with a bright smile on her face.

I began thrusting and pulled out the juices that built up deeper inside her. I held her sides as Nekami still held onto my shoulders. In longing she leaned up towards my face. I took her invitation and kissed her deeply. Our moans combined in between our mouths as we fucked.

The kitchen counter shook a little as our hips collided and created wet, lewd slapping sounds. We longed for each other and rubbed our bodies together wherever we could.

I mixed up the timing and rhythm of my thrusts with several consecutive bursts and slow grinding of her walls. My favorite though was going balls deep into her and then make short hammering thrusts against her womb.

My head rubbing around that area made Nekami yelp every time and she clung to me more afterwards.

I shivered when I could suddenly feel Nekami’s tongue on my shoulder. She made a long lick over my skin and up my neck. As far as I understood it, in her species it was a kind of grooming exclusive to those who one cares the most about.

“I love you, Kai!” She moaned in between licks.

“I love you too, Nekami!”

“Is it *moan* weird that I’m licking you?!”

“Keep doing it! It feels good, baby!”

She quivered as our crotched rapidly slammed together. I fucked her hard and deep with mixtures of quick and strong thrusts.

Shivers ran down my spine as well and while Nekami licked my shoulder I could feel her pussy clench down, signaling her approaching orgasm which in turn brought me close to my breaking point too.

“Nekami, I’m cumming!”

“Inside! Shoot it all inside!”

Our bodies were tangled together as we both came. My seed shot out inside her pussy and filled her as it mixed with her own juices and flowed out. The milky clear liquid dribbled out between us onto the kitchen counter.

We panted in exhaustion, holding each other in our arms.

“I think this is probably not proper kitchen etiquette.” I chuckled under my panting breath.

Nekami laughed “You’re not making a good example for me here.”

“I’m not the one who lured you into this, you know? You’re the bad seed here. You’re the one who’s tainting my purity.” I tried to act seriously but couldn’t manage to suppress a chuckle making Nekami chuckle with me.

She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed happily.

I smiled as I scratched her fox ears “I don’t care if you taint me.”

“Me neither.” She smiled as she closed her eyes and nuzzled me, her tails gently wagging.

From then on, we basically lived a very peaceful life. We were successful restaurant owners with an almost endless supply of couple’s fruit. We ourselves didn’t need it anymore to flame the lust for each other but we were all the more happy to bring people together with our business and let them rediscover their love.

I was looking forward to my future with my little Inari. And my even smaller Inari. Our little, soon to be born daughter. I honestly couldn’t wait.

I thought about what I would call her, but maybe that could wait for now. I smiled peacefully and embraced Nekami to squeeze her tightly.

And she hugged me back.

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