MGEEC Ch.5 Ex Giant Family: Cyclops

Here we go again, huh? Ready to hear another story? Settle down, get comfortable. Have a glass of whatever and listen. Now, this next entry will be about a creature that has undergone quite the change over the last few decades. The Cyclops. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that cyclops’ are huge, brutal monstrosities that wreck villages and live in caves in the mountains. Well… to be completely honest, that’s half true. They do live in the mountains actually, but they’re no longer what you would consider a ‘monster’. Yeah, even in the world of monsters, we still have to clarify that.

Anyways, due to the power of our great demon lord, cyclops’ are now human sized and way less…bulky. But you’ll see that for yourself once we delve into this new adventure. The story about the encounter with one… of the Ex-Giants.

Armed with a bow, arrows in a quiver and a small dagger I went out of my hometown of Alamenta in the far out region of the Order’s land. We were really close to a demon realm and met a lot of monsters over time. To the point where the people of the town actually grew quite used to them.

My name is Amren. I’m the local huntsmen of Alamenta. I’m currently on the hunt for game in the nearby hills dressed in my green coat and a fur overcoat with a cowl made of a wolf’s pelt. My hair was brown and admittedly relatively dirty. But hey, what can you do when you are out in the wild 90% of the time. I live in a cabin outside of the city walls, so luckily it’s not that public. Could probably do with a bath again sometime though. The amount of dirt and sticks in my hair is starting to weigh on my head. It serves as good camouflage though.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, hunting. Anyways, I’m following the tracks of a deer that’s run off into the wild. I checked the ground, putting my hand on it to see if I can feel any vibrations. But even when I focused, there wasn’t any movement.

There are some tracks nearby. Hoofed ones. They’re tiny enough to be those of a deer. The moisture of the earth shows that they are fresh so the deer can’t have come too far. It might just be hiding.

I followed the tracks up the mountainside, my bow drawn and ready to shoot. The little hoofmarks led me to a brush with a few bushes surrounding it.


I smirked “Got you after all. Now just come out and let me get a straight shot.” I picked up a small rock and tossed it into the brush and pulled back my bow again. I aimed at the bushes as the rock curved in the air and fell through the leaves.

I heard a small, dull impact.

“OW!” But instead of a deer running out of the brush, I heard the voice of a girl crying out. I cocked my head in confusion as I inspected the bushes closer.

And as I stick my face closer to it, another face pops up right in front of mine. And a large, singular eye stares at me. “Watch where you’re throwing your rocks, human.”

I step back in surprise unfastening my bow. A strange girl stepped out of the brush, dusting herself off as she cleans herself of the leaves and sticks.

She stands relatively tall, a slight bit taller than myself actually and definitely taller than any girls I know from Alamenta. She was dressed in pretty simple, stitched, leather clothing consisting of a short, ragged top and a light brown skirt. Her hair was short and red, bound into a short ponytail with ceremonial pearls as a hairband and her skin was in a light shade of blue. In the middle of her hair, on the top of her head, a single horn stood out on her along with her one, blue eye.

I exhaled in relief as I stopped being tense and holstered my bow. “Huh, a monster then. Not what I expected, but whatever. Name’s Amren, nice to meet ya.” I reached my hand out to the strange monster girl.

She cocked her head in confusion, even though her face was completely void of any reaction. “Curious. You don’t seem to be scared seeing someone like me.” She spoke in a mellow, calm tone.

“It’s actually just as surprising to me that you’re approaching a human as calm as this. I guess if you met any other people from the town, they’d probably actually be more weirded out. I’ve come across enough monsters in my time out here and Alamenta is starting to get used to your kind too. So, who are you anyways?”

She took a bow and introduced herself “I’m Rakali. I’m a cyclops of the Zalkan tribe up in the mountains and as it turns out, I could use your assistance.”

I was slightly taken aback by her sudden request. “Wh…What would you need my help with? I’m just a hunter.”

“But as you just noted, you know where the next town lies. I need to get there. Will you lead me?” She pleaded with me in her monotone, unshaken voice. She was really stoic and determined. Despite that, I saw no hostility or forcefulness in her words. It was actually kind of sweet. Not that I’d be particularly into monsters but… she had a certain charm to her.

“Well, I could help you. But I still have a job to do here. I need to track the deer that I was following.” I explained to her as friendly as I could.

She looked back to the brush. “So this one is yours?” She grabbed into the thicket and pulled out the carcass of the deer. Honestly, I was surprised and kind of impressed.

“Wow, you killed that one yourself?”

She nodded calmly as if it was nothing out of the ordinary for her.

“But wait, I don’t see any wounds on it. How did you kill it?”

“Hands.” She said in monotone, as she raised her hands for show.

“*gulp* Well then. *Claps hands* Remind me not to mess with you then. Yeah, that’s the one. Let me just gut it real quick, then we can move to my cabin and get you to Alamenta.”

“I’m not in a hurry, whatever you need, you’ll take the lead whenever you’re ready, human.”

“I already told you, my name is Amren. You don’t need to refer to me as ‘human’.

“I’m allowed to use your name?” She asked genuinely not having expected that.

“Of course, we’re not royalty here.” I laughed it off as I knelt down over the dead deer. I pull out my dagger which has seen quite some use over the years. It was rusted and dulled and didn’t really have much use in a fight, but at least it was still good enough to gut the game I catch.

Or at least so I thought. “Goddammit, it doesn’t go through.” I cuss as my dagger doesn’t penetrate the fur of the deer.

“Having trouble?” Rakali asked curiously. “Your blade is worn out. The make is not very good either, and it’s not really fit to cut anything anymore.”

“*sigh* Yeah, I noticed as much. Damn, how am I supposed to carry it with all these heavy insides?” I scratched my head.

Rakali on the other hand looked down at the deer thoughtlessly and reached her hand down to it. She grabbed its hind legs and threw the deer over her shoulder. “Like this maybe?”

My eyes widened in surprise as she hoisted the deer as if it was nothing. “Well… that works too. Think you’ll be okay carrying it all the way down into the valley?”

“It’s a trivial matter. I’ve carried large chunks of ore that were heavier than this animal.”

“Okay then, follow me, cyclops.”

“My name is Rakali.”

“Yeah, I know, just wanted to show you how it feels to be called by your species.”

“Not very nice.” She answered plainly.

“See?” I chuckled, gaining a small, mellow smile from her. “Now come along, it’s not far from here.”

Leading the way, I reached my cabin with Rakali. I bound the deer to a rack to try and carve it up later. While I make sure the notches are tight enough to hold it, Rakali’s eye darts across the room. It wasn’t much. A moldy log cabin with a rack for meat, a rickety bed, a wardrobe and an iron bathtub in the corner of the room with a large, steaming bucket of water next to it.

“Are you alone out here?”

“Pretty much, yeah. Only me and the animals out here.”

“How do you get by?”

“Hunting contracts for money, leftover game for food, a well for water and as you can see, a hot bathtub for keeping at least a little clean.”

She investigated the bathtub and notices the steaming hot bucket of water. “How did you get the water to be this warm?”

“Hot rocks. I cooked some rocks over a campfire that would lock in the heat and put them in the bucket to keep it hot for longer times when I’m out hunting.”

“That’s impressively smart thinking.” Rakali smirked at me approvingly.

I smile back at her. It was actually kind of a cute smile of hers. “Thanks, when you’re out here, you have to get crafty. It’s… actually kind of nice for someone to notice this for once.” I smile to myself as I finish tying up the deer.

She looked around more and noticed a fireplace that was lit up with glowing coals. She stared into the glow and somberly spoke up. “Isn’t it lonely to be out here all by yourself?”

I stopped for a second “Sometimes… yeah it is. But I’ve learned to get by on my own. It’s… it’s not like I constantly need company.” I faced the floor, not knowing what to say.

I clap my hands together as I face Rakali. I drop my quiver and bow into the wardrobe and the rusty old dagger onto the bed. “Well, I promised you to lead you to Alamenta when we finished the job. I’m a man of my word, so come on, let’s get you into the city. Just try not to attract too much attention.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” Rakali asked as her one large eye blinked in confusion while she scratched her horn.

“*Exhale* Yeah there’s probably no use in trying to hide it. Just… try not to get yourself into trouble alright? It’d be a shame if something happened to you.”

“Do you care about what happens to me?” She asked genuinely. Her eye inquiring me seriously.

“Well, I don’t wish harm onto anyone. Even monsters. So yeah, I do care about you.”

She showed no emotion, but avoided my eyes from then on. Seems like I struck a chord with her, and somehow I think I made her happy.

I headed towards the door and was halfway out of it as I heard Rakali from behind me.


I turned around. “Yeah, what is it?”

Rakali faced me and opened her lips. As her eye falls onto me I see her stutter a little but no words come out. She gave up and looked away again.

“It’s okay, you can ask me anything.”

She lightly shook her head. She seemed to be uncertain about something. “Nothing, let’s move to the town.” She was blushing lightly and for some reason touched the side of her head next to her big eye in embarrassment and a bit of shame.

“Well, alright, I won’t dig any deeper about that. Let’s go.”

And thus we headed out. A few hundred feet down the mountainside was a paved road which on one side led to a long-winded path that was going into the demon realm and the other direction that led to Alamenta.

We headed towards town of course, soon reaching the wide-open gate that led into the town center. Alamenta was a flourishing town, trading with travelling merchants who come through here. They even trade with monsters from the demon realm even though it still takes the townspeople a bit of getting used to. The people a cautious and curious about monsters but give them enough benefit of a doubt to allow them coming through town. The town itself was split in the middle by one long road from city gate to city gate which served as a shopping street. The two halves of town are otherwise filled with colorful houses for the people to live in with shingled roofs and tall chimneys.

“Here we are. Alamenta. Anything specific you’re looking for here?”

“I just want to inspect the townsfolk. I want to see how they act around me and maybe find one of them that would… nevermind.” She broke off as she blushed a little.

“Is there anything you want to ask them? If so, these people are really open, you should just go ahead and talk to them.” I egged her on as we wandered the streets of Alamenta.k

She shrugs in slight uncomfortableness “It’s…It’s not something I can just ask them out of nowhere. It’s something… kind of important and personal.” She seemed genuinely frightened to ask her question. “I wanted to ask you the question back at the cabin but even then, I wasn’t sure if I would scare you off with it.”

I saw that she was anxious, scared even. I knew that whatever she was holding in, it was eating her up from the inside.

“But why do you think the people won’t understand?”

“Because…” She wanted to answer me as 2 kids ran up to us.

“WOW! Look at this monster! She’s only got one eye!”

“Woah! You’re right! And she’s so big as well! Miss, are you a giant?”

“I… uhh well, my species used to be but…umm” Rakali was flustered as the little kids pestered her.

“Cool! Can I touch your horn?”

“I’d like it if you didn…” Rakali didn’t know what to do as the kids pushed her backwards with their nosiness.

“Do you have like a large club that you beat people with? *gasp* Do you have magic beans for us?” The kids were making her clearly uncomfortable with their overenthusiasm.

“Alright kids, the show is over. Leave her alone now.” I shooed away the kids as they ran back to their parents laughing. I smiled to myself a little.

Rakali looked at the kids who were running off. “You scared them away.” She said in a matter of fact tone.

“Well, it seemed like they were bothering you. And trust me, if I didn’t step in, they wouldn’t have left you alone for the rest of the day. They’re good kids but really nosy and overly excitable. Hope you weren’t bothered too much by them.” I smiled up at Rakali.

“It’s nothing. We Ex giants have been punished by the divines with our appearance. It’s understandable that these kids think that I’m a monstrosity.”

I nudged her arm, making her look down at me. “Don’t go saying things like that.”

She gave me a mellow smile back and I felt that she was looking at me with some sort of adoration. There was a hint of gentleness behind her eye that made me a little tingly inside.

“You protected me.” She said calmly but with a lot of meaning behind it.

“That’s what friends do, right? Hehe.” I chuckled a little, not meaning much by saying it. I somehow grew to like her and in a weird way, despite being a one-eyed giant, she was kind of cute to me.

Rakali kept staring at me as I awkwardly rubbed my neck. “So… umm… do you want to move on?”

She gently shook her head. “No, I think I don’t need to look any further.”

“Really? Did you find what you came here for?”

“Yeah, yeah I did.” She spoke gently as she stared at me intently. “Amren, I want to ask you my question after all. I think you’re the right one to ask it from.”

“Oh really? Heh, I’m glad you wanna trust me with that. So, what is it?” I chuckled as I held my hands to my sides, waiting for her response.

But she just gently shook her head again. “Not here, at your cabin.” She was flustered and I saw a slight red tinge in her cheeks.

“Oh… well, alright then. You know the way, right?” I smirk up at her and shuffle my green mantle to make the way back to my cabin. With Rakali by my side, I gathered a few weird looks from the townspeople, but frankly I didn’t care.

You’d think having an ex-giant by your side would make you feel small and insignificant. But it felt more like we were propping each other up. Like we were making each other feel important. Sure, Rakali is strong and big, but when it comes to social interactions, I’m the one who’s backing her up. We needed each other and I felt this feeling swelling inside my chest as we walked home side by side.

As we reached my cabin, Rakali seemed restless. Her eye darted across the room, looking for a place to focus on as she avoided my eyes.

“Rakali? There was something you needed to ask me, right?”

“Yeah, and I hope that you’ll help me.”

“I can try. Start by telling me what it is you need help with.” I say as I sit down on the edge of my bed.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. “I’ve been looking for a man to make me bear children so I can uphold the existence of my tribe. The ex-giants consist of only females so we regularly have to visit human villages to search for a partner.”

If I was sitting on a chair, I’d fall over right now. “What?! That’d be something pretty important to tell me up front!”

“I know, it was aching inside of me the whole time. But I thought that I would scare you if I was just this blatant about it.” Rakali looked away from me in shame.

“Well, that IS quite a big deal after all. So when we went to Alamenta, you were looking for a…” My words got stuck in my throat before I could utter the word ‘mate’.

Rakali nodded embarrassedly.

“So why did you leave to come to the cabin with me… oh.”

“Yeah, I wanted to ask you.”

I stood up from the bed and walked towards her. “Are you sure that you want me, Rakali? It’s a pretty big step after all.”

She nodded firmly “I’m absolutely sure. And I promise, you won’t regret it.”

I thought over it and as I looked into Rakali’s hopeful eye, my decision was made. “Rakali, if you really want me, I’ll… I’ll be your mate, Rakali.”

Her face brightened up and she pounced me. We both fell onto the bed that was creaking at the weight of the two of us. Honestly it was a miracle that the ragged construction didn’t break down. “Thank you! Thank you so much, Amren. I promise you will be rewarded.”

“What do you mean by that?”

But before my question was answered, Rakali started to undress in front of me and nothing escaped my mouth after that. I was in awe with her beautiful figure as she straddled me.

Her removed, leather top revealed bountiful breasts which for a normal-sized woman would probably be in the upper G-cup range. In proportion to her body though, it seemed more like an F-cup. She shimmied around as she slowly pulled down her leather skirt and dropped off her stitched shoes. I was awestruck as I saw her full, nude body with her breasts swaying in front of me and her bared, glistening pussy ground on my crotch. It had a little patch of red hair over her clit, matching the color of her short, red ponytail.

Her eye looked down at me in joy as I admired her body. She seemed incredibly happy that I liked her body and quickly started to move her hips in rhythmic motions to entice my cock that she ground on. I wanted to offer her something to look at as well, so I sat up slightly and pulled my green coat over my head, giving her a good look at my muscled, athletic body. After that, I was only left in my linen underwear. Rakali seemed to really appreciate that view as I saw her blush with excitement.

“I don’t think I could have picked a more refined specimen to be the father of my child. My little girl will carry on your rich genes, Amren. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be like when she grows.” She muttered with a hint of hot breath in her voice.

It was still such a far off idea to me, that I would become a father now. But as I looked up at Rakali, who had nothing but genuine joy and expectation in her eye, all doubt was quickly washed away by a flood of warmth in my body. “I will give you a strong daughter, Rakali. And I bet, she’ll be just as lovely as her mother.” I reached my hand to her face and lovingly cupped her cheek. It was warm and smooth.

She leaned into my hand as I was starting to feel her crotch on mine. Her rhythmic hip movements had left me hard and aroused. The tent in my underwear was grinding up against her folds and the fabric was already stained with my precum and her love juices. She was a little heavy on me, but her body weight on top of me actually only added to the stimulation.

It was a sign that it was time for action. As Rakali lifted up her voluptuous butt, I removed the last piece of clothing that separated me from her. With my underwear gone, my bare, erect cock was rubbing against Rakali’s moist pussy lips. She was breathing heavily through her nostrils and shook her hips forwards and backwards impatiently. There was one last concern that I had though.

“Rakali? Wouldn’t this be your first time?”

“Yes, I’ve never taken any other man before. Why are you asking?”

“Aren’t you scared that it’s going to hurt?”

She smiled gently with her cheeks flushing red “I know that you’ll be there to protect me when it does.”

That was the final straw. I loved her, there was no question about it. I held onto her hips as I helped her lift them up and I prodded her pussy with the head of my burly cock. As I started to penetrate her, Rakali wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me into her bosom. She shivered as she felt my hot breath against her tits.

With a little pressure, I managed to slide through her folds and pried my way into her love tunnel. I came across a small tight spot. The seal of her virginity. I pushed past it and felt a small rip as my member embedded itself completely within her.

“HAAhhnnnn! *pant* Nnnggghh!” Rakali panted into my hair in a mixture of fulfillment and slight pain. Her face was nuzzled into my hair, her pants echoing in my ears. She held my head tightly with my face buried within her chest. I felt the smooth skin of her tits caress me from both sides which was arousing me even further.

But as I realized Rakali’s pain from being deflowered, I decided to help her feel a little better. I wrapped my hands around her back and began rubbing it gently as I moved my face from in between her breasts onto one the top of one of them. I took her dark blue nipple in between my lips and began to suck on it like a hungry baby. I salivated as my mind tried to wrap around the thought that I was sucking on this cyclops’ tits. It was making my cock throb inside of her and the urge to finally thrust was growing stronger.

Rakali’s pained pants turned into excited moans as the dual pleasure of her tits and her pussy was starting to take hold.

She closed her eye in bliss and I felt her gentle breathing on my head instead of ragged gasps. She moved her hips from side to side, seeking my member’s stimulation. It showed me that she was ready to begin.

I lifted up her body as she moved along with it. I thrust down onto me again and it formed a steady rhythm as she started to ride me. Her hips swung in different directions in the up and down movements, wanting me to grind on different parts of her walls.

My rigid shaft was quickly coated in slick juices, making the sex more and more smooth. Quickly we built up a nice pace with her hips and my crotch slapping together lusciously. Her but rippled with every time it crashed down onto my lap.

“Haaahhh! MMnnnnHH! Amren! So good! Keep going!” Rakali moaned in pleasure.

I would’ve answered, but I was preoccupied with running my tongue over her nipple. I licked her areola, purposely not hitting her nub so that it would surprise her when I flicked it with my tongue from time to time.

The pleasure of her body was overwhelming. Our hips moved wildly as we fucked in synchronized movements. My skin was flushing red from the excitement and I could see the same red tinge of red on Rakali’s blue body.

I could feel my crotch get wet with the mixture of our fluids. Her pussy was divine. It hugged my member so tightly that it made my cock even harder and pulsating in return.

I could feel the hot remnants of her virgin blood on my shaft, but it was quickly mixing in with her juices and got more and more non-existent.

I had to pry away my mouth from her tit to gasp for breath and I moaned along with her. “Rakali! MnnnHHAAA! You’re so tight! I don’t think I can hold out much longer!”

“Just a little more! NNNNHHHHH! I’m close too, Amren!”

Her hips sped up their humping as we both came closer and closer to climax. I went back to sucking on her nipple as I moved one of my hands to her free breast and groped it roughly. The heavy flesh felt incredible in my hands and I contorted her tit into all sorts of shapes as I fondled her.

“AMREN! AMREN! I’M CUMMING! GIVE ME YOUR BABY!” Rakali screamed into my brown hair as her pussy constricted around me.

“ME TOO RAKALI! ME TOO! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” My screams mixed in with hers as I bucked my hips one last time before my load flooded into her womb. It was an incredible wave of pleasure that burst out in my mind. I hugged Rakali rightly as my body tensed up.

She did the same and squeezed my head tightly. I was once again pushed into her bosom as she arched her back and rode out the train of her orgasm.

But soon we both relaxed. Rakali and I fell back onto the bed and rested. Rakali laid atop of me, kind of heavy but in no way unpleasant. Her head rested on my shoulder as her hand was gently placed on my chest. Her eye was closed and her breath calmed down, telling me that she was falling asleep from exhaustion. Even a powerful cyclops like her seems to have her limits.

I petted her head as I felt my eyes get heavy. My view faded into darkness as I fell into a gentle slumber myself.

I woke up again, a few hours later.

It was the setting morning sun that shone into my face which woke me up.

“Ahhh, morning Rakali, did you sleep… Rakali?” I knew there was something wrong when I couldn’t immediately feel her weight on me. Rakali was nowhere to be seen.

I sat up and looked around the room. Nothing.

I stood up and threw my coat on. I was confused where she could have gone. It was then, that I noticed that the fireplace was blazing with a strong fire. A small but thick pot was placed on top of it. Inside of it were remnants of molten steel. The bucket of water from the bathtub stood right next to the fireplace.

This was suspicious so I looked around the room more. I finally looked towards the deer that I… that Rakali caught yesterday. And right down next to it… laid a dagger that looked as if it was freshly forged.

I put together the puzzle in my head and I knew what this was. It was Rakali’s reward for sleeping with her. I’ve heard before that the giants used to be masterful blacksmiths. She re-forged my rusty dagger.

I picked up the dagger and looked at it. The blade of the dagger had the words ‘for Amren’ as an insignia. A million emotions raced through my mind, but none of them were pleasant. She thought this was payment for me. That there was no way that I did it out of affection for her.

I sheathed the dagger in my holster and rushed out the door. I immediately checked the ground and found fresh footprints that could only come from someone like Rakali. They left deep imprints and were rather large. I tracked the trail up into the mountains. I trudged up the steep slopes, following her footprints to a hidden mountain path that led to a cliff side full with caves and caverns bored into the side of the mountains.

“This must be the home of her tribe.” I thought to myself. I ignore the other caves as I follow the more and more fresh footprints. I led me to a cave close to one of the mountaintops. The entrance was covered in vines, serving as a sort of curtain for privacy and a small spring of water was next to it.

I took a deep breath and stepped through the vines.

The small cave was built like a room. There was a forge in the corner with all sorts of improvised equipment and a stone trough full of vegetables and meats. But most importantly, there was a make-shift bed out of a stone plate with the pelt of a bear covering it. And on top of that… sat Rakali, staring at the wall on the opposite side of the cave. She seemed to be deep in thought and unhappy.

Her eye slowly wandered over towards me and it widened in surprise as she saw me. “Amren? What are you doing here? And how did you even get here?” She asked in a calm but confused manner.

“You are pretty bad at hiding your tracks. And as for the reason I’m here. It’s this.” I pull out the dagger that she forged me.

“I don’t understand. It’s the reward for giving me your child. Is it not satisfactory?”

I holster the dagger as I try to suppress my frustration. “Did you really think I slept with you to get a reward like this?”

“Why else would a human want to bear a child with a disgrace like me? I’m an abomination to the gods.” She shook her head in sadness as she faced the ground, not daring to look at me.

I walked towards her. My hand cupped her cheek and I made her face me. Her eye was filled with shame and self hatred.

I looked at her and spoke with determination. “Let me show you why a man like me would do that.” I pulled her face close to mine, pressing my lips onto hers.

Her eye widened in shock as I kissed her. Her body was tense but quickly relaxed as she started to tear up and leaned against me. I held her slightly larger body in my arms, her frame quivering a little as she reluctantly returned the kiss and melted into my embrace.

We soon opened our mouths, welcoming each other’s tongue as we started to wrestle them together. It took a noisy pop as our lips parted from each other. Her breath was hot and bothered as she gasped for air.

I rubbed her back carefully as I looked deep into her eye. “That’s why. I love you, Rakali. When I accepted to give you my child, I was ready to do more than just have you bear it. I want to raise her with you. I want to see her grow up to be like her mother. I want to be her father. Not just biologically.”

Her eye welled up with tears. “Are you really ready to do all this… for me?”

“Do you need more proof?” I push her towards the pelt-covered bed and lay her atop of it.

She gasps and looks up at me with flushing cheeks.

“This time, it won’t be just for reproduction. I’m doing this because I want you, Rakali. Don’t you want me too?” I ask her, my lust for her welling up to incredible heights.

She wraps her arms around me. Pulling me down to her to give me another, deep kiss. “Of course *smack* I want you, Amren! Please be the father of our daughter! I love you! I felt so lonely when I left you! I missed you so much!” A spill of emotions escaped her mouth between our kisses.

My heart was racing as my love for her swelled many sizes bigger. I removed mine and her clothes hastily as we both wanted to feel each other’s body.

Rakali shivered underneath me as she felt my cock prod her pussy.

“Will you put it inside me again? Will you pour your seed into me again, Amren?” Rakali asked as she expectantly looked up at me.

“Yeah, I will. And it’ll be even more than last time.” I assure her as I caress her face.

She closes her eye as I begin to shove myself into her and begin thrusting. Her legs wrap around my waist, making sure that I stay nicely in place. Her large butt cheeks press against my legs, making my head flare with arousal.

I lean over her, kissing her deeply as we fuck and I make her body rock and shake with my movements.

Rakali’s hips buck up against me out of reflex and we work out a nice rhythm.

“Rakali! Please don’t ever leave me again! We can make a family together! I’ll always be there for you and our child. I promise!” I swear to her as I slam my hips into her, burying my cock deep within the confines of her pussy.

“AMREN! Yes! Let’s make a family! I love you! I love you sooo muuucch!” She lets out in long moans as her hot tongue thrusts into my mouth in search of mine. Our hot saliva spills out between our mouths as we kiss and our hips clash wildly.

I feel my sperm bubbling up within my balls. Along with Rakali I was shaking and tensing up as we kept thrusting against each other.

Our bodies rocked together as our love entwined.

“RAKALI! I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Me as well, Amren! Let it all out inside me!” Rakali answered me as we parted for a short moment before kissing again.

We cried out into each other’s mouths as I slammed into her and stiffened up.

My cum reached all the way inside her, painting her walls white with my seed. This time not to impregnate her, but just for the pure reason of giving her pleasure.

Her own juices mixed with mine as her convulsions came to an end.

This time, it was me going limp on top of her as I happily fell asleep on her breasts. Rakali hugged me tightly. It almost broke my back, but I bore it and embraced her back. It was relaxing enough to listen to her snore lightly, nuzzling my hair as she slept. And thus it began our life as a couple… and eventually, mother and father.

Five years later

“Mom! Mom! Look, I caught a boar!” My little daughter Shana rushed into our cave, indeed dragging a dead boar behind her.

Shana looked almost exactly like her mother with blue skin, blue eye, horn and the same leather clothing as her mother. But there still was a little part of me that I saw in her. A love for hunting and brown, now shoulder long hair. She wore it loosely and just like me, it was often covered in leaves and sticks.

Rakali was inside, sitting at the forge, fanning the flames. She wiped the sweat from her forehead as she turned around to her sweet daughter. “Wow! An entire boar! Your father must’ve trained you well.” Rakali smiled joyfully as she petted her little daughter’s hair.

I stepped through the vines and chuckled. “I sure did. But Shana was really quick to learn as well. I’m proud of our little huntress.” I couldn’t help but smile either as I saw Shana beaming with pride.

Shana dropped the boar and jumped into my arms. “Thank you daddy! This is the best day ever! I’ve never caught anything that big!” She looked at the boar and put her finger to her chin. “I still need to gut it though. Hmm…” She thought about how to do it.

I looked over to Rakai in question “Do you think she’s old enough to have it?”

“If she’s old enough to catch something like a boar, then yes.” Rakali smiled with her eye closed in bliss.

“Old enough for what?” Shana asked in confusion.

I grabbed behind my back and pulled out my dagger. “This, Shana. I think you’re old enough to have a dagger of your own. Wear it with pride, little huntress.” I smile at my child.

“Are you serious! Wow, my own gutting knife. Thank you, mom and dad!” Rakali jumped in joy as she clutched the dagger to her chest.

While Shana excitedly tended to the boar, I walked over to Rakali at the fire. She watched Shana with adoration in her eyes. “She grows up so fast, doesn’t she? I bet she wants to be a hunter just like her father one day.”

“Maybe.” I whispered to her lovingly. “Who knows, maybe our next baby will be a blacksmith just like her mother.”

“The next one?” She gasped in joyful surprise.

“Yes, you heard me right.” I answered her and leaned towards her, pressing my lips to hers.

Shana looked over her shoulders and cringed “Gross.” She said to herself before continuing to pull out the innards of the boar.

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