MGEEC Ch.4 Dullahan Family: Dullahan

Ah, the Dullahan, the main force of the demon lord’s army.  You know, I’m a part of the demon army myself, even though I’m more on the sidelines than the actual battles. So don’t worry about me, traveler. I’m the equivalent of one of your priests. But the Dullahan. That’s a different story altogether.

They are merciless, without any sense of emotions. Not even the constant drive to find a man within themselves is enough to drive them away from their loyalty to the demon lord. They are a shell that is merely filled with enough demon energy to keep its body fighting and so far no one has ever escaped them. Heh, this should make for quite an interesting story.

“HHHAAAAAAAARGH! *CLANK*” My sword clashed with my opponent in the fields of Onderon. The swamps of the northwest were the slaughtering grounds for thousands of the people in the local militia. As Cardan, the last leading officer still standing, I was left alone with a single enemy. I am a middle-aged man of a noble descent from the family of Oldeo. After the fall from grace of my family, losing all our riches and honor, I aimed to reclaim our heritage by founding a local militia and fighting for the protection of the lower people.

We were just trying to fight back when the succubi started dragging away the people of our village to take them to their realm. But in the end, it turned into a nightmare. The forces of the demons were much larger than we anticipated and we lost almost all of soldiers to the succubi.

We stood no chance, even as their companions fell to our attacks they didn’t seem to be distraught by it in the least. It was as if even dying didn’t remove the demon power stored within them. As if their power, even after death, still lived on.

But to me it didn’t change anything. I slayed as many of their troops as I could before being left with only one opponent… a Dullahan. A fierce woman with silver hair, glaring red eyes and sturdy steel armor along with a two-handed great sword in hand.

We stood in the middle of the foggy swamp land. Harsh rain was rushing down on top of us and running down our faces. Her look was unfeeling and unwavering as she stared me down. She wasn’t even heaving in the slightest.

“Come on, make your move, mortal! I don’t fear you!” She called out to me with an emotionless, empty look on her face.

I was already out of breath from our battle as I raised my longsword in a last effort of attack. “*pant* Taunt me all you want, demon! I will not let you go through to Onderon and let you take the only few people left there as well!”

“You’re a fool if you really want to stand in the way of the demon lord’s will. Surrender now and there doesn’t have to be any unnecessary bloodshed. But one way or another, at the end of the day Onderon will become a part of the demon realm.” The woman braced her sword in an offensive stance, ready to face me.

I wordlessly raise my sword and step forward.

“So that’s a no then? Shame.” She said with an annoyed sigh before stepping towards me as well.

Her eyes turn determined as her first swing hits my blade. Sparks fly as our metal strikes together.

I lunge towards her, pushing her backwards in hopes that she would stagger. She didn’t let up though and instead only fought back stronger and harder.

Every one of my swings is just easily brushed aside and I lose my strength bit by bit. I was just about to lose my last breath as I could see an opening. The Dullahan put her sword to the side and we were at a stalemate.

“Come on, mortal. You can’t seriously be trying to keep this going on forever. Just surrender your village already, and give your land to the demon lord. We can still settle this peacefully.”

In rage at her nonchalant attitude towards my people, I gripped my sword tightly and prepared for the last strike.

Before she could even ready her weapon, I lifted my sword over my head in a circular motion before striking at her head. My blade went right through her neck and sent her head flying as I decapitated her.

Her headless body stood before me and I was about to celebrate my hard-fought victory. “Haha! Take that, you monster! Nobody messes with Cardan Oldeo and gets away with it! This clan will never bow to the demon lord!” I raised my sword in ecstatic joy… but my victory was not long-lived.

I noticed that her decapitated body didn’t plump to the ground and instead just kept standing there, sword still at the ready. It should come without saying but it’s not supposed to be able to do that without a head.

It took a few seconds as I heard a plopping sound in between me and the headless body. It was the head of the Dullahan that landed on the muddy ground. Her face was facing towards me and it still moved despite being decapitated.

My mouth hung open in absolute disbelief as her head looked up to me with a deadpan face.

“*sigh* Nice going, idiot. Look what you’ve done now!” She said in irritated annoyance.

“I… this… you… uhhh!” Was all I could wring out as I tried to wrap my brain around the fact that a decapitated woman was speaking to me as her torso stands next to us, holding its hand to its hips, tapping its feet annoyedly.

Then a howling sound emitted from her body and a fountain of colorful souls shoots out from the spot where her head once was. It was as if I had opened Pandora’s box. As I watched the flood of spirits, I recognized faces of my soldiers that were captured by the succubus army before as they floated towards the heavens.

The Dullahan looked at me from the corner of her eyes, her gaze cold and hateful. “Was… was that just my demon energy that I heard? Tell me that wasn’t what I just heard!”

I stood there frozen as her body slumped around, looking for its head blindly. My legs did the thinking for me and I bolted. I almost stumbled over my feet as I panicked and ran away from the angry and ranting Dullahan.

“Come back here, you worm! Put my head back on and face me!” I heard her yelling but I didn’t even care anymore. Saving face is nice and all, but I’m not dealing with this shit.

I run for a long time until I am fairly certain that I have outrun her.

I break through the doors of an abandoned barn and slam them behind me. I am out of breath and gasp for air while I slide down to the ground.

The barn was still lit with torches. Must’ve been raided just recently. Guess that’s just fitting for me. I strip down my armor, wanting to reacclimate my body from the condensed heat underneath the plates. I use a nearby plank of wood to barricade the doors and take a breath of relief.

In blue buttoned up shirt and brown pants I find myself a corner with piled up hay and let myself fall into it. “I didn’t sign up for this. I can deal with succubi, familiars and whatnot, but when your decapitated enemies start talking without their head on it’s time to draw a line in the sand. I just hope the people in Onderon will be okay.”

I rest my head in the hay and feel my eyes getting droopy. I felt like I was safe in the locked-up barn and let myself fall asleep.

The thunder rings outside as it’s still raining hard. Unknown to me, there was a black figure looming on the horizon outside the barn. A black horse, carrying an armored rider with a cold glare in their eyes. The thunder reveals that the rider was headless and carried their head underneath their right arm. It was the Dullahan, her face scrunched in anger and her brows furrowed in her desire for payback.

I hear rattling from the barn doors and jerk up from my hay bed as a loud bang wakes me up. The hinges shake and a howling wind blows through the cracks. I grab my sword and walk over to the creaking wooden doors carefully. One of the windows in the large door swung open and slammed shut over and over.

I fixed it and hooked it back into its lock to stop the banging. “*sigh* Thank the gods. It was just the shutter. Shit, I’m getting paranoid already. Hehe.”

“You should listen to your instincts. They often know better.” I freeze in place, hearing a female voice behind me. Before I can even turn around, something smacks against the back of my head and my vision grows black. The last thing I see, are a pair of armored boots.

One hour later:

“Urgh, my head. What the hell happened? Wh…what! Why…why am I naked?” I wake up and find myself tied to one of the feeding poles with rope. My clothes are tossed into the empty feeding trough and as I look around, I see the Dullahan with her back turned to me. She seems visibly reluctant to do something as she stands there.

I quickly lay one leg over the other to hide my manhood. “Hey! You there! What do you think you’re doing here? Knocking me out like that was such a cowardly move, you monster!” I complain as I try to loosen my restraints. She looks visibly annoyed by it and shoots a cold glare my way. She seems to be unsteady on her feet and keeps rubbing her thighs together for some reason.

In the light of the torches, she almost looked like a normal human, even though I knew better. She was more feminine looking than I remember during the fight. Her face seemed fragile, yet determined and her white shoulder length hair was still wet from the rain. Her plated armor was black with silver outlines.

“Doesn’t feel nice to get hit in the head when you least expect it, huh? Hehe… NNnhhhh!” She smirked devilishly but shortly afterwards winced for some reason. She took a deep breath and steadied herself again before looking at me as if she needed something from me. “Listen…” Suddenly, she started to strip off her armor. It revealed a nice figure with wide hips, voluptuous thighs and heavy-looking breasts. She was only clad in standard, black underwear underneath her plates, dressed in a black bra and black panties. Her midriff showed off a flat, smooth belly and her uncovered arms were pretty feeble, making me question that I had so much trouble in a sword fight with her.

She walks toward me and closes her eyes at how reluctant she is to do something. “…you will take responsibility.”

“Wh…what? What are you talking about, Dullahan?”

“It’s Shanaya for you, mortal!” She said as she groaned “You are the one responsible for this, and you will make up for your actions.”

“What do you mean? What did I do?”

“You freed my demon energy and thanks to you… Ahhhnnn…I’m in this annoying state. I need to refill my power or I’m not going to be able to move for much longer.” She moaned in the middle of her sentence and as I saw her from the front, I knew why. She was dripping wet and her panties were pretty much glued to her folds. It gave me a perfectly clear view of her pussy’s outlines and left little to the imagination.

I gulped as I watched her admittedly sexy figure in front of me, but I couldn’t let myself be fooled by this monster. “And how do you suppose to do that? Assuming, that I’d even agree to help you.”

“Oh, I don’t need your help. I just need you to stay still and let this happen.”

“Let what ha… uuuhh…” I was stunned into silence as Shanaya reached behind her back to undo her bra. Her fleshy breasts popped free as she dropped it to the floor. Shortly afterwards, her panties were taken care of as well and her naked, curvy body was on full display. Her breasts were in the larger range of a D sized cup and her wide hips lead to a juicy, smooth ass. I could see her vagina, pulsating and wet.

“So you want to… with me?”

“It’s the only way to retrieve demon energy apart from receiving it directly from the demon lord, and since my reinforcements are several days away, you will have to be my source of new energy.”

She kneeled down in front of me and spread my legs apart. “Now it’s just about getting you hard down there. Just let this happen and I promise that I’ll let you go afterwards.”

“Am I supposed to take the word of a monster that was raised by the succubus army?”

“No, but you’re supposed to take the word of a fellow honorable soldier.” She said with an impressive amount of conviction and in earnest. I turned quiet and sighed in contempt.

“Alright, you keep your promise and I’ll help you with your problem. Deal?”

Suddenly, she seemed to relax her stern face and nodded honorably. “We have an agreement then.” I caught the slightest bit of a smile before she lowered her head towards my exposed member. The image of a voluptuous girl kneeling in front of me, of course didn’t leave me unimpressed and my cock stood at half-mast already.

Her eyes widened a slight bit. “You are pretty big for a human… what’s your name and title anyways?” It was odd that she was starting small talk as she was just mere inches away from my half-erect cock and wraps her hand around it.

“I…It’s Cardan. Cardan Oldeo. I’m the chief of the local militia. I’m protecting the village of Onderon from all who wish to harm it. Well, I tried to anyways until… well, this happened.”

Shanaya looked up at me and chuckled coldly “Do you worry what will happen when we take over Onderon, Cardan?” she asked consultingly.

“Of course I do, you are trying to destroy humanity and enslave people, don’t you?”

“I think you have a very negative view on this turning process. Maybe… maybe I can convince you to join us of your own will. We could need someone like you in our midst, you are incredibly strong.”

“And why would I do that?”

“Because in the demon lord’s army, this is what you can expect to get every day.” She opened her mouth and squeezed her lips around my thick shaft.

I felt a rush of pleasure shoot through my body as my cock entered her hot, spit filled mouth. Her slender tongue snaked underneath my shaft and she licked it from base to tip sensually.

My cock was covered in a coat of saliva as she bobbed her head up and down. Shanaya devoted herself to use all of her mouth to service me. It was as if she was actively trying to show me the abilities of a succubus to the full extent.

Her whole upper body swayed as she gave me a slobbery, wet blowjob. I looked over her back, seeing her bulbous ass shake from side to side alluringly. I craved touching it, but of course, my hands were tied.

“By the gods, this feels incredible! You succubi sure know what you’re doing!” I moan out loud as I buck my hips into Shanaya’s mouth.

She pops off my now wet cock and looks up at me. “This is the power of the demon armies. If you agree to join, maybe I can do this for you more often even.” She offers as she keeps jerking my shaft with one hand.

I am reluctant to agree to it, but the pleasure of her mouth was something I haven’t felt in years and who knows what kinds of abilities she has left in store for me.

“So, what is your answer.” The Dullahan asks as she keeps her hand perfectly still, letting me know that she is gonna stop if my answer is no.

“I’ll…I’ll accept. Just promise that the citizens of Onderon will be alright.”

“Oh, I assure you, they will not only be alright. They’ll be fantastic. The pleasures of the demon lord are too many to count.” She smiles slightly before returning to sucking me off. The sounds of her saliva swishing around my member drives me crazy and over the edge.

“Gaahhh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Shanaya! Gggghhhaaaaahh!” I moan out loudly as I feel the bubbling cum surge up my length and spray out into her mouth. It was thick from being stored up for a long time and Shanaya doesn’t even flinch as she swallows it.

I see her throat work my cum down to her stomach and I gulp impressed as I see her remove her lips without spilling anything. The last gulp flushes down the last drops of cum down her throat as she looks up at me for appraisal.

“Impressive, isn’t it? You don’t get to the top ranks of the demon army for nothing.” She boasts with a relatively calm face as she crawls up on my lap. She wipes a singular drop of cum from her lip with her index finger and licks it off sultrily.

“*gulp* You really know what you’re doing huh?” I ask anxiously as I feel my cock harden again at the sexy sight of her.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. We still have to refill my lost demon energy. I hope you’re going to be cooperative so I can get it.”

My hard erection springs against her ass cheeks, making her nod at me appreciatively. “I see you are ready to comply.”

She lifts up her hips and grabs my hard member from in between her ass and guides it to the entrance of her dripping pussy. Her eyes twitch as it touches her folds due to how sensitive she seemed to be. But she quickly turned back to normal and faced me. Her face changed as our sexes touched.

It seemed less strict and demeaning. She actually looked like she had genuine appreciation for what I was doing and there was even some sort of mutual respect or care behind her eyes. Just at the moment she slammed her hips down onto mine, she kisses me deeply and quickly shoves her tongue into my mouth. My eyes widen in surprise but I find myself leaning into the kiss more than wanting to escape it.

Meanwhile, she is pounding my cock with her hips, skewering her pussy on my hard shaft over and over. I already decided that I had a debt to pay and knew that I would have to give her a great load for her to regain her strength.

My member was drenched in the already wet insides of Shanaya’s pussy. It was so hot and tight inside that the stimulation put my mind into overdrive. Her hips ground over my crotch, gauging for her sensitive spots.

“Oh, lord! You’re pretty good for a mortal. Your cock is incredibly thick! NNNHHAAAA!” Shanaya moaned as she parted from my lips, her tongue slackening out of her mouth. She seems completely enthralled in fucking my defenseless body and cups my cheeks adoringly.

At seeing the more lustful sight of this usually emotionless warrior I grow more and more aroused. My hips buck on their own, thrusting into her down moving hips and resulting in a luscious, wet slapping noise.

“Oooohhhh! Gods! This is so good it should be a sin!” I cry out as I repeatedly thrust upwards, much to the satisfaction of the Dullahan.

She steadies herself with her hands on my knees to allow me full view of my cock thrusting into her plumb, fleshy pussy. It gets easier and easier to move the more we get into a synched rhythm and I manage to pound deeply into her, scraping her twitching walls.

Shanaya throws her arms around me, pressing my face into her bountiful cleavage. I used the opportunity to move my head and suck on her rose colored, stiff nipple. She appreciatively moaned and gripped the back of my head.

“Cardan! CARDAN! This is fantastic! You’re getting me off so good! Join the demon army and I will be yours like this forever! Just join and let me be yours! Be my husband and rule the armies with me! AAAAAHHHH!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as her nails dug into my hair.

I thought about her offer. I would be a commanding officer again. And somehow, the thought of ruling an entire battalion of troops alongside this hardened, determined commander, wasn’t at all unappealing to me. Maybe it was a way to save the name of the family Oldeo, as a commander of the new order of succubi.

I made my decision and raised my head to kiss Shanaya before thrusting into her more. We moaned into each other’s mouths as our movements quicken. Her pussy squeezes me wonderfully and I can feel all of her body cover mine. I feel an incredible connection as we fuck each other wildly.

“I’m cumming, Shanaya! I can feel it coming!” I feel the hot bubbling of cum in my balls before thrusting up one last time from my pole and I empty my white load into her pussy. Her walls grow sticky with my seed and her face is one of satisfaction and ecstasy. She grew limp with her arms around my neck and her head resting on my shoulder.

“*pant* This was invigorating. Your energy is so… mmmmhhh nourishing. I guess this should more than make up the debt you owe me. And now… there is exclusively your energy inside me. And if you join with me, it will stay that way as long as I live. *yawn*” She sighed blissfully before closing her eyes and falling asleep on my shoulder.

“Umm… Shanaya? I…I’m still tied up.” I say but it’s met with deaf ears and light snoring.

“Just perfect. *sigh* You didn’t even let me answer.” I see her calm face as she sleeps and smile though. She looks like she could finally calm down and relax a bit after the long battles. I kiss her hair and rest my head on top of hers and with my hands still tied and naked, we served as a pretty odd display in the barn as we slept.

I was uncertain of what would happen next. What was going to happen to the villagers of Onderon, what role would I play in it and where would I end up. Only time could tell. All I hope is that Shanaya will be there and guide me through it and show me that there are indeed some benefits to the order of the succubi.

2 years later:

Another day, another normal routine. Get up, put on some elegant clothes, strap on my armor and go to the training yard to instruct the newbies in the demon lord’s army. Surprised? Yeah, me too.

After Shanaya had introduced me into the succubi army, I was incredibly surprised with the open arms I’ve been taken in with. It’s like we weren’t even from opposing factions as the monster girls swarmed me in curiosity at who Shanaya had brought with her.

After Onderon was turned into a demon realm, me and Shanaya were immediately stationed there. Since I already knew the area and Shanaya couldn’t bear to let me go there on my own.

She served as a mediator for the local authorities in the far East of the country and got me a position as a high-ranking commander, vouching for my qualification to the position. I had a certain sense of respect for her when she reported to her superiors and talked like a true soldier. Honorable, honest, dedicated and valorous. She actually looked even more attractive as I got to watch her instruct her troops, which we would take turns in.

Shortly after my initiation, the other succubi started referring to me as an incubus. Whatever that meant. Shanaya on the other hand had a change of her own. She became much more clingy and dependent on me. Whenever she had training duty, she always referred to me for advice on strategy regiments and tactical management. It was kind of flattering and it somehow made me happy that she depended on me from time to time.

When I was on training duty myself though… there was another problem that arose with Shanaya.

“Umm, commander Cardan? You wanted to show me how to take a proper fighting stance?” One of the younger succubi looked up at me in confusion.

I shake my head as I refocus myself on the training of the young initiates. “Oh, umm, sorry Kleo. I’ve just been thinking to myself. Do you know understand how to hoist a longsword now?”

“Not really, it keeps slipping out of my hand. Can you show me again? Pretty please!” She whined as she winked at me innocently. Something told me that she had an ulterior motive but I didn’t pay it any mind. “*sigh* Alright, one more time then.” I got up behind her and wrapped my arms around her to lay my hands over hers. I guided her hand to grip the sword tightly and lift it up in an offensive stance.

Kleo let me guide her obediently. In fact, she was pressing up against me and let herself rest in my arms. I felt her busty body squish against me, her round ass grinding against my groin. I was used to it, being in the succubus army. These girls are horny almost 24/7, so I learned to resist it. But I knew that Kleo was an especially clever one, so I was careful and tried to keep my mind straight.

“So, Kleo, if you want to get from offense to defense, you need to adjust the blade in different angles depending on where the strikes are coming from.”

She half seriously twisted the sword around, trying out different ways to hold it in. “Hmm, I still don’t seem to fully get it, commander. Maybe if you gave me a more practical example that I can imagine how I’m supposed to move my hands.” She raised one hand to her chin, pretending to think hard as her devilish tail swayed about, gently caressing my body. Suddenly, she acted as if she just had a great idea.

“I know, I think I have an image in mind.”

“Oh really? And what’s that?”

Suddenly she gently moved the sword from side to side, holding the grip steadily and moving her hands up and down to get the best leverage. “*chuckles* Is that the way to do it, commander.” She smiled at me proudly as she showed off her defensive moves.

“Y…Yeah, that’s just perfect. What did you use as visual guidance?” I asked slightly impressed.

“Let me get a little closer and I’ll tell you.” She moved up to me and pressed up against me, getting right up to my face. She smirked cockily and slowly moved to my ear. “I just imagined that the sword was your dick. And that I was really starting to enjoy playing with your massive tool, commander.” She whispered huskily as she placed her hand over my crotch.

I gulped at the sudden sultriness of her and I began to lose my calm. “You shouldn’t be talking to your higher ups like this, Kleo!” I tried to scold her, but that seemed to just egg her on even more.

“Come on, commander. You should let loose every once in a while. That whole ‘one wife’ thing has got to be boring, doesn’t it?” She pressed her tits up against me and fawned on me like crazy.

“I umm… well you see, Kleo… ow! Ow! OW!” I was just about to say something as I felt a sudden pull on my ears. I look behind me, seeing Shanaya, her eyes fiery with anger. She had fire of fury in her eyes, her teeth fletching. She pried me away from Kleo by pulling on my ear and glaring her down.

Just like me, Shanaya wore an officer’s fatigues in black as she stood there with an opposing stance, grinding her teeth in bottled up fury.

Kleo gulped and dropped her sword in fear as she slowly backed away from me. “Oh, Commander Shanaya! Didn’t see you there! Hehe… You know I wasn’t…”

“RUN!” Shanaya threatened, growling through her teeth.

“*gulp* See you later, Carda… I mean commander Oldeo!” Kleo bolted as if her life depended on it. Although I’m not sure that that wasn’t the case. Well, now it was just me and her. Pray for me.

“Hey commander Shanaya. So… how’s your day going?”

She glares down at me as she sternly gives me orders in a calm but stern manner. “Commander Oldeo, you come with me! At once!”

“Umm… as you wish. Let’s… not discuss this matter in front of the others.” I pleaded with her as she pulled me along to go into the commander’s quarters. It was a simple but colorful room with nothing more than a desk, a locker and a bed.

The moment we came in through the door, Shanaya crossed her arms and stared at me silently. The atmosphere around her was thick and tense. I felt the need to say something.

“Hey, Shanaya, listen… there was absolutely nothmmmhhh! Mmmmhh!” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before Shanaya pushed me against the wall and longingly pressed her lips against mine. She peppered my face with kisses and after recovering from the surprise, I eagerly kissed her back. She was so unusually eager and wanting and pushed her tongue into my mouth, wrestling mine with hers.

We exchanged a row of passionate, loving kisses before we parted again and gasped for air.

I was still dazed by the sudden show of affection as I tried to grasp what was going on with her. “Woah, what’s gotten into you, Shanaya? You’re not usually this straight forward.”

She crossed her arms and avoided my eyes as she spoke up. “I umm… Y…you shouldn’t handle the instruction of the other succubi anymore, I can take that shift. You can be guard duty or something else.” She demanded as she stumbled over her own words trying to sound official.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion “Why should I no longer take that position? I can do it just as well as you do. You taught me after all.”

She fidgeted nervously. “Well… yeah and you’re doing a great job. You’re a good commander but… the other girls have really grown fond of you as I noticed, so… just so that it doesn’t get too personal with them, you should probably leave their instruction to me. Yeah…” She stuttered as she tried to come up with her own reasons.

“But isn’t that a good thing? I mean if the succubi start to like me as their commander that should be a pretty positive thing, shouldn’t it?”

“They’re getting too close to you! You should always stay professional! That’s why!” She blurted out with her cheeks puffing out sulkily. She crossed her arms and turned her back on me. It was kind of adorable.

I chuckled to myself and came up behind her.

“*gasp* Uhh mmhh, you’re so mean, Cardan.” She sighed as she averted her eyes shyly.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” I ask as I wrap my arms around her.

Her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment as I hit the nail right on the head. She turned around and hugged me tightly as she let her emotions spill out.

“It’s been the third time that I’ve seen one of the other succubi flirt with you. And I can’t stand that anymore! What if you fall for one of them and forget about me?!”

I understood her fears but kept a total calm as I smiled at her. “The other girls can’t help it. They’re succubi. They are horny almost all the time. Why would I take one of them over you?”

“Because I know that I’m probably not as seductive or sexy as them. I want to be the only one who turns you on!” She sulked as she looks up at me whiningly. She looked so cute and lovable when her wet eyes lock with mine.

She averts her eyes, embarrassedly fidgeting with my shirt.

I wrapped my arms around her, not being able to bear her unusual adorableness anymore. As she gasps in surprise, I carry her to the bed. I crawl on top of her, locking lips with her even more and starting to open her uniform. She wore the sexy, black bra underneath that I came to love so much.

I pin her as her top was bared and I kiss her deeply. I stare at her lovingly as I caress her cheek. “You are so silly, Shanaya. I don’t care about just any random succubus that comes along and makes a move on me. I need someone with some bite. Someone strong, someone with honor… someone I love. And as far as I know, there is only one Dullahan that fits that description. And I will make her understand that she is the only one who will ever get me to crave her body!” I swear to her as I cup both of her breasts and kiss her neck.

Shanaya grabs my head and nuzzles my hair as she smiles into it. “Ohhhh, Cardan! I love you… so much!” She moaned as I started to run my hands over her entire body. After massaging her full, busty breasts, I caressed her sides and hips, undressing her in the process.

With her underwear-clad body in my arms, I could feel her heat. Her body had been filled with only my spirit energy ever since we first had our little meeting in the barn near Onderon. That kind of exclusivity to her body made me completely crazy about her and made sex even more exciting.

“Damn, I love you too, Shanaya! I can’t even begin to understand why you’re being jealous of the other girls when you have this amazingly sexy body. It’s driving me crazy!” I pant as I lust over her perfect curves. I wrap my arms around her and unhook her bra before being awestruck once more at seeing her breasts. The fair white skin with the sensual, pink nipples are too alluring to ignore.

I lean down and latch my lips onto one of them before starting to lick them and giving them a few love bites. The smooth skin felt so amazing on my lips that it immediately shot a bolt of excitement through my body, fueling the erection that was forming within my pants.

“Mmmhh! Cardan, it’s not fair! I want to see you feeling pleasure too!” She moaned out loud in want as she snaked her fingers underneath me, she worked on my fly, unzipping my pants to free my hardening member.

With my pants and underwear slowly being pulled down, I felt her gaze on my cock. She had nothing but love and desire in her eyes as she wrapped her palm around my shaft and began jerking it. Her strong grip was as if she was holding a sword but at the same time just gentle enough to give me pleasure instead of hurting me.

“You’re really that hard just from my body?” She asks me with upturned eyes.

I chuckle and caress her head adoringly. “After two years now, you should know that your body makes me get this way. Why are you so insecure about how much I love your body?”

“Because there are others here who have much more voluptuous bodies than I do.” She admitted shyly.

“Maybe, but those are not YOUR body. And that body is plenty enough to make me absolutely crazy about you.”

I prove my point as I wrap my hands around her and start groping her round, plentiful ass. Shanaya moans lovely as I squeeze her tender flesh.

Her eyes grow bleary as she looks up at me. She clearly looked like wanted to ask for something.

“Cardan, can I be on top? Just like back then? I want to be the one to give you pleasure today. I want you to know that I can be sexy for you too.” She inquired cutely.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl ask me something that sounded so good before. Go ahead, baby.” I spoke softly as I placed a last, soft kiss on her lips. She then toppled me over, letting me lie down on the bed as she straddled my lap.

She licked her lips as she slowly undressed me until I was only left in my underwear. She bit her lips as she scaled my body with her eyes.

The usually stoic warrior was no longer to be seen and Shanaya became nothing but my horny wife in my eyes. She ground my crotch as I felt her slowly moistening folds through my underpants.

I smiled at her as I sensually ran my fingers down her body until I grabbed the laces of her panties. She nodded in approval as I opened the ties and removed the last layer that covered her.

Like so many times before I was once again treated to the sight of her body. I still couldn’t believe my luck to have met her back on the battlefield when I decapitated her. (It’s how the greatest romances begin)

Similarly eager, Shanaya pulled down my underpants before settling on my crotch again. She grinds on it, biting her lip as she begins to grind her hips on my shaft. It was strenuously hard and throbbing for her.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day during training. I’m glad you looked forward to this as well.” She finally smiled gently as she lifted her hips, letting my cock prod her pussy. She steadied herself on my chest as she slowly sunk down.

My shaft bit by bit pushed through her folds and penetrated her deeply. She leaned over me, smiling down at me as I was completely embedded in her.

I reached my hand up to her, caressing her cheek. She pressed her face against it as I noticed her neck slightly loosening.

“Umm, Shanaya your… woah!” I quickly reacted and caught her head as it slipped off her neck. I held the head in my hand carefully as her body still sat on my lap.

Shanaya blushed in embarrassment as I held her cheeks and chuckled. “Let me guess, that doesn’t usually happen to you in these situations, right?”

She still blushed but chuckled with me quickly. “Sorry, I guess I just tend to lose my head around you. At least this time it isn’t by force huh?” she smiled gently as I held her in my hands. As odd as this was, it kind of made for a sweet moment.

I moved her head to mine and kissed her. We smiled stupidly as we parted as Shanaya smirked dirtily. “Well, at least this way we can kiss while I do this more easily.”

Her body lifted itself up before slamming down on me. I felt the insides of her pussy constrict around my member as her body started to go crazy.

I combed Shanaya’s silvery hair as I snaked my tongue around hers and moaned into her mouth. Her pussy was as tight as ever as her body bounced on mine. Her body used the steadiness of her arms to hump me rapidly and heavily.

Her folds were wet and let myself easily slide in and out of her as I fucked her headless body while making out with her head.

I felt her cheeks in my hands, flushed and warm as I could feel her arousal even without the connection of the rest of her body. With every thrust into her body, she flinched and moaned along with the motions, her insides squeezing me, signaling her nearing orgasm.

“Cardan! I’m cumming! It feels so good! I’m gonna cum!” She screamed out in waves of pleasure as her face was contorted in ecstasy. I used my last few senses to place her head on top of her body again before I grabbed her hips and thrust upward into her.

“Shanaya! I’m cumming too! Shanaya! Oh god!” I moaned out loud as my hips crashed against hers and we cried out to each other.

“So close! I’m… I’m… haaaaaaahhhhHHHHHH!” She threw back her newly screwed on head as she sighed out in pure bliss and the jolt of her orgasm hit her.

At the same time, my legs locked up, staying close to her hips as I bucked mine for one last thrust. I screwed her insides deeply as I unloaded a week’s worth of stored up semen and flooded her pussy with it.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH! This is the fucking best! My lord!” I moaned loudly as the shear volumes of my cum overflowed her pussy to the point of leaking out from our crotches.

My balls clenched to press out any amount left until I must’ve been completely dry. Shanaya collapsed on top of me and I held her head, making sure that the newly stored demon energy would stay inside. It was like I sign of my love being stored inside of her so I wanted her to treasure every bit that she took from me.

I hugged Shanaya close to me as we warmed each other’s bodies. I hoped that she would come to learn that no matter how many of the succubi tried to seduce me, none of them would even get close to being near to my heart as Shanaya did. Sure, we met as enemies, but over time, I think she became the dearest thing in the world for me.

Kind of makes you wonder what the point of this whole war is. Maybe someday the other humans will understand that being turned into a demon realm isn’t the worst thing to happen with humanity. And perhaps one day, the monsters and the humans will find peace like me and Shanaya.

As commanding officer of an army, maybe I shouldn’t think that way. But under my order and under Shanaya’s, war should only be the last solution. But I guess in our case, fighting each other was the start of something amazing, and I don’t regret a second of it.

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  1. A Dullahan in the Streets.
    A Jinko between the Sheets.

    I guess one of the fringe benefits of being a Commander of an Army staffed with Succubi, would be getting to drill the troops.

  2. “I decapitated her. (It’s how the greatest romances begin)”
    Bahahaha! Brilliant.

    As I go through this series, I do see a few spelling/grammatical errors. Wouldn’t mind helping you proofread if you want.

  3. Typos:
    > plump to the ground
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    “This is so good it should be a sin”

    I’m pretty sure the Chief God says it is

    “Join the demon army and I will be yours like this forever”

    Didn’t he already join the demon army to get her to finish her blowjob? On that note I like that his convictions were so shaky he was willing to switch teams for a blowjob.

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