MGEEC Ch.3 Centaur Family: Unicorn

As you probably know, the unicorn belongs to the centaur family, a half human half horse beast if you will. It might seem curious to you, how one is supposed to have intercourse with them, right? The current demon lord, in all her power, blessed these monsters with an additional sexual organ on the human half of the centaur’s bodies, right where you’d expect it to be on a human. Quite convenient, wouldn’t you say? Our demon lord is quite the intuitive one to have arranged that.

So… you probably want to get to know about one of them, don’t you? I know you do. Well then, let’s look into the compendium and let it tell you all about…

the unicorn.

“This hurts! Gods be damned!” I stumbled my way forward through the wild, crossing thorny bushes and evergreen trees with huge roots.

I had a deep, gushing wound across my chest that was bleeding heavily as I put pressure onto it.

I’m Private Jeremiah, a fresh soldier in the army of the Order fighting the demon realms. I’m a pretty sturdy man, coming from the capital, sporting blonde hair and about a dozen scars from military training. I fought long and hard to be accepted and my training made up pretty much all my youth and younger adulthood. When I was just a little child, I always looked up to the men and women who served in our armies, dreaming to one day be like them and follow the same guidelines that they followed.

This devotion, the unwavering trust in a great cause was inspiring to me. I felt like I could do it and with years of preparation and grueling exercises every single day I was finally called to arms.

And despite fighting for this chance for so long and heading here to the battlefield where we fought the succubi, here I was taking one of the first hits. A stray ballista shot, coming from our own side, crashed down next to me and its splinters lashed out all over my body.

It pierced even my strong breastplate and ripped a deep cut on my torso which put me in this current situation. Slogging through a forest in a land that I don’t know.

The other soldiers didn’t even see me as I was launched into this forest with the blast. So here I am, alone and wounded, ready to meet my maker.

“Argh, fuck, this is it then? First day in the field and this is the best you can do? Pathetic!” I say to myself as the blood just keeps running down my body.

The pain pulses and every move stings. I look ahead and all around me, looking for help. But it was useless.

The only thing I can see is a small burnt out house with only a few of its walls still standing.

“What the heck, this is as good a last rest as any other.”

I move my stiffening body through the charred remains of the entrance door, touching the frame with my already numb-feeling hand. I leave a handprint of blood on the scorched wood as I walk past.

I slump down next to the rubble that used to be a chimney and rest. I strip off my chest-plate, trying to reduce the pressure on my torso. My blue shirt underneath is completely torn to shreds with multiple holes ripped into it and a large stain of blood across it. I see my open wound underneath with several pieces of wood still sticking in my chest and stomach.

The sun was breaking through the torn roof and shone into my eyes. I saw white as my vision slowly dimmed.

“Well, I guess I at least had a good life. Just wish I could’ve had more of it. Maybe have a house like this, find a wife that I love or at least serve my king better than this.” I run my fingers over the charred floor, taking in the last senses I would experience in my short life.

The light of the sun fills my view and I am about to drift off into unconsciousness. I would have died on the spot right here and now. But then I hear a sound, a sound of clopping hooves.

A large shadow blocks my view and looms over me. Is someone coming to rescue me after all? I don’t know. All I feel is my consciousness slipping and my vision going dark.

I got lost in a dark void. There is nothing around me. Just darkness.

I hear the muffled sounds of ruffling around me. I should be dead, but I numbly feel my body being touched and tampered with. Even though I shouldn’t, I feel my heart beat and slowly, I regain the ability to feel my body parts.

I still have my eyes closed but I still feel a gentle warmth hit my skin and see a dim flicker of light through my eyelids.

I open my eyes weakly and am greeted with the comforting sight of a lit fire inside the remnants of the broken chimney. Right next to it, I see a small stack of small and larger chips of splintered wood.

I blink several times, trying to adjust to being able to see again. I must’ve been out of it for a long time. My muscles were sore and numb and my body only moved sluggishly.

I try to sit up as a gentle voice calls out to me and I feel a gentle push keeping me from getting up.

“No! Stay put! You can’t move yet!”

I slowly turn my head, and my eyes land on a beautiful girl with a worried expression on her face. She looks absolutely pristine. She had platin blonde, short hair with a white veil bound to the back of it. She’s wearing a beautiful embroidered top with intricate patterns cut into it. Her bust is voluptuous and the bounds of her dress struggle to keep her breasts contained within them.

She keeps me sitting on the floor as she pressed her feeble, gentle hands on my chest. They were covered in white gloves that were reaching all the way up to the middle of her upper arm.

I am stunned by her beauty. “Am… Am I in heaven?” I ask in delirious confusion.

She pressed her hand to my forehead worriedly. Her face looks distressed and restless. “Thankfully no. I did everything I could to prevent that.” She smiles at me.

And what a stunning smile she had. It was almost unreal to me.

I smile back with the weak smile that I could manage. “Who… Who are you, milady? I want to thank you personally.”

“My name is Celeste. And there is no need to thank me.” She was speaking so incredibly soft. Her voice was lovely and caring like no other I’ve ever heard.

“Are you kidding me? I would have died without your help. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am. Now I can go back to… GHAA!” I cry out as I try to stand up again. A sharp pain rushes through my body since the wound was still there. I feel my blood running again and it drips out of my wound that seems to have ripped open from being sealed for some reason.

“What did I tell you! You shouldn’t move yet. I wasn’t done with healing your wounds yet.” Celeste cries out in a panic as the color leaves her face when she sees the blood. She hurriedly lets me rest against the wall again.

“But I need to… *groan*… get back to the front lines. We need to defeat the succubi!”

She looked at me seriously with a stern face “Silly, you won’t defeat anything today anymore. Let me take care of you first. Don’t get yourself hurt any more than you already are.”

“*gasp* You might be right. Damn that hurts!” I hold my chest as Celeste spreads my arms apart to get a better look at me. My shirt was already taken off me, so I am bleeding freely.

“Let me take care of that. I will make it all better.” She smiles her serene smile as she leans her face forward and touches my wound with her horn. Wait… horn?

I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before, but she had a twirled horn right on the top of her forehead. Celest presses it right on top of my wound and some sort of magic emanates from it. It flows right into my wound and the pain slowly dissipates.

Celeste looks up at me as my wound slowly closes a bit and the blood stops flowing.

“You seem distressed.” She says, acting as if nothing happened.

“You! You’re a…” I look at her more clearly after the previous discovery of her horn.

From her head to just below her waistline, she does indeed look human. But from there, she had the lower body of a white horse. This woman is not human. She is a monster.

My mind starts to race.

“Look, your wounds start to heal up now. That’s strange. Usually my powers don’t have such a strong effect that quickly.”

She notices that I’m looking at her in panic. “What’s wrong, Jeremiah?”

“How in God’s name do you know who I am, monster?”

She innocently smiles and points to my neatly folded ripped shirt. “It’s stitched into the neck of your shirt. I took the time when you were unconscious to clean it and saw the name written in there. I think it’s a wonderful name by the way.” She blushed flustered and averted her eyes shyly.

My heart was warming up as I saw her like that. NO! What am I thinking? How could I feel this way about a mamono like her?

“Do you hate me for being a monster?” She asks as she sees me having my inner struggle. Her worried expression fuels me with an unimaginable amount of guilt. I mean, I have seen centaurs before. Some of our troops even use them as mounts occasionally. No idea how they got them to accept that.

I try to settle down, and rationalize. “No, I don’t think that all monsters are awful. Some parts of our country even make exceptions for them to live there. It’s just the succubi you have to be worried about.” I speak in a tone as calm as I could be in the situation.

“Then why are you so distressed? Do you have something against me personally?” Her face slumps and her mood shifts to sadness. I could not bear to watch her like that. Even as a soldier I had to be more sensitive than that.

“I… I don’t have anything against you. It’s the war, I guess. It makes you pretty on edge when you meet monsters out here. You never know who might attack you out of nowhere.”

She smiles in relief “I’m glad you don’t hate me. It would’ve made me pretty sad if that were the case. So, will you let me look at you a bit more. I think I can heal your wounds quicker if I infuse them with more mana.”

She pushes my chest to rest me down against the wall again. Her gloved fingers touch my body all over, searching for places that still hurt. I hiss at a few of her touches to which she quickly responds by infusing mana to the places she touched at that moment.

She’s like a caring mother or even a loving wife as she makes sure that nothing hurts me anymore. She definitely has the appeal down for that. Her clothes already look like those of a bride about to get married.

As even the last minor scrapes of my body are healing, I feel a great feeling of relief. Maybe because the pain was finally gone, or maybe because her touching my body all over made me unexpectedly excited. I actually blushed as her nimble fingers lift off my body.

I try to distract myself by talking to Celeste “So, what are you exactly. I know you must be a centaur judging by your… physique.” I stutter as I look at her horse body.

She giggles cutely. Her breasts swaying as she lifts her hand to her mouth sheepishly. “Doesn’t the horn give it away for you, silly?”

I want to facepalm myself “Oh, of course. A unicorn then. Sorry, I’m not thinking straight yet.”

“It’s okay, you’ve been hit pretty badly. Don’t worry, I will take care of you until you’re okay again.” She says lovingly as she caresses my cheek. My mind went crazy at her touch once more. I’m not used to the touch of a woman and even with that, I’ve never felt so flustered around any other woman beside her. And all the while, she keeps that caring, motherly smile on her that makes me weak in the knees. She had such a look of purity that made me feel so calm and peaceful.

Celeste stares at me with a sense of deep affection but as she notices me looking blankly at her as well, she starts blushing and shyly turns away.

We huddle up close to the fire in the chimney, sitting next to each other. We fidget and blush nervously. My eyes wander over to her as we sit close to the flames. They explore her entire body from top to bottom. At first it is hard to get used to the large horse body at her bottom, but soon I didn’t even mind that any more. I get more drawn in to the other half of her. Her serene face, her pristine body and her alluring features left me speechless. If she weren’t a unicorn, she would be the most beautiful woman I could ever have met in my life.

“Is… everything alright, Jeremiah?” I hear her ask as she notices me staring.

I shake my head and blush in embarrassment. “N… nothing. I was just thinking about some things.”

“Like the war?” She asks me with a downtrodden face.

“Huh? What about the war?” I ask in return.

“I can’t stop thinking about that. There are so many people getting pointlessly hurt.”

I turn my head to her curiously “But don’t you think we are fighting for the right thing? I mean the succubi are evil and want to plunge all of our kingdom into uncontrollable chaos and depravity. Isn’t this worth fighting for?”

She slumps down “Do you know that they are that evil? Maybe they are just misunderstood. I don’t know. I just want things to be as simple as they were before the war.”

I look into the fire lost in thought “You’re probably right. I wish things would go back to normal, too sometimes.” I fuel the fire by throwing in the pile of splinters that were stuck in my body before. “I followed the Order all of my life, ditching everything else for my training. When I think of all the things I wasted, it makes me feel kind of stupid.”

Celeste smiles lightly and settles down closer to me. “What was it?”


“What would you have wanted to do instead of the war?” She puts her hand on my leg as she sits next to me. I am drawn to her eyes as she looks at me.

“I… I wanted to live a happy life. Maybe have a house, happy children surrounding me, and of course… a wife.” For some reason, I needed to stop at the wife part.

Celeste nodded and smiled as if she felt the exact same “Have you… ever loved someone before, Jeremiah?” Celeste asked as she rubs her gentle hand over my leg. She smiles and locks her eyes with mine.

“N…No, I haven’t yet. I wish I had the chance to know what love is like.”

“Me too…” Celeste looks at me dreamily. I’m flustered by her looks.

“So…*gulp* you’ve never had anyone before either?”

“No, I’m completely inexperienced.” She says as she searches for more contact with me. I feel a tension building between us as I am oddly lured in by her. Why did it make me happy to hear that she had never taken any man before?

She leans forward to me and her eyes widen in realization. She touches my chest and scales my body with glistening eyes. “That must be why my magic worked so well with you. It was the purity that connected both of us. We are perfectly compatible.”

“Celeste?” I whisper in surprise as she presses her human half against me and leaves herself in my arms. I feel her smooth skin against mine. Her beautiful face nuzzles into my chest and my heart begins to race.

She notices what she is doing and retracts a little. “Sorry, I… I got too excited.”

I smile at her as she fidgets around. “It’s totally fine, I don’t mind that.” She leans against me again reluctantly.

“You are pure, just like I am, Jeremiah. You are the perfect husband for me!” She mutters as little tears of joy build up in the edges of her eyes.

I turn stiff at her words. Somehow they strike a chord within my heart. She wants me to be her husband, and the thought of that was making me shiver with eager anticipation.

I pull her against me. I’ve never felt a woman embrace me like that. I loved the warmth of the feeling.

She weakly looks up at me with moist eyes of want. I look down at her, unable to resist the urge to comb my fingers through her hair. I get weak as I watch her eyes shake in wait for what I will do next. “You know… I don’t think I’ve thanked you for saving my life yet.” I smile as my hand moves to her cheek.

“You don’t need to… *smack* mnnnn…” I press my lips to hers, hugging her feminine body against me.

Celeste melts into my arms, her body quaking at the feeling of my lips touching hers. I kiss her softly and lock her lips with mine. My hands caress her back and her hair under the veil. Her lips are softer than I could’ve ever imagined.

“Jeremiah… This is so sudden. Mnnnnn haaa…” She moans but doesn’t let up on kissing me back.

Celeste stretches out her tongue to me and I eagerly suck it into my mouth and embrace it with mine. She puts both her hands to my cheeks gently, looking at me in complete adoration.

I feel a rush of happiness running through my heart as our bodies entwine in our kiss. She rests her human body on top of me as we topple over and lay on the ground. It felt surprisingly comfortable with the warmth it gathered from the fire nearby.

We both close our eyes as we taste each other’s mouths. We part from each other, a strand of glistening saliva connecting our tongues. Celeste’s mouth hangs open, her face still in a daze and her eyes vacant. “You look beautiful, Celeste. I… I’ve never felt like this before.”

My eyes explore her body and land on her heaving bust. My hands caress her sides as I take in the sexiness of her body.

“I’m happy that you like my body, Jeremiah. Do you… Do you love me?” she asks anxiously.

“I… I think I do. I’ve never felt this much for any other girl before. Let’s figure it out together.” Our hands entwine and Celeste smiles at me with incredible relief.

“In that case, I will give you all of my body. I love you, Jeremiah. Will you be my husband?” She says as we lock eyes.

I make up my mind. I want to change my life and spend it with Celeste. “I will.” I make a confident promise at which point Celeste throws herself against me and again presses her lips joyously against me.

“I’m *smack* so glad! I have a husband!” She cries out in happiness and peppers me with kisses. I hold her body and return the kisses eagerly.

After we part, she looks at me with sultry eyes and a delirious grin. “You know, I’ve been dreaming of this day for a loooong time, Jeremiah.”

“Me too, Celeste.” I respond to her.

“I’ve actually had many fantasies about what I would do to my husband when I got married to him.” She trails my body with her nimble fingers, drawing circles and staring at me longingly.

“Did you now? I’d be pretty interested what those fantasies could be about.” I trail her body as well, making her chuckle from her ticklishness.

“Let me show you, darling.” She gives me a last kiss before moving her body down towards my crotch. She gulps in anticipation and I can see that she is nervous about what she is about to do.

“So, it’s in here, right? I… I can service you with my body here.” She asserts herself as she fumbles with the buttons of my trousers. She pulls my clothes down and gasps in surprise at my springing erection.

My member stands up strongly, strained to the point where it is almost painful and it urges for release.

“Is… Is it usually like this?” She asks as she can’t tear her eyes away from it.

I avert my eyes in embarrassment. “N… Not normally. But since we’ve been kissing and since I saw your body, I couldn’t contain it anymore.” I blush as I am completely exposed to her.

“I’m glad I can turn my husband on that much. I… I’m getting pretty excited when I look at you too. Especially now that I can see this part of you.” She looks at my cock with adoring eyes, gently stroking it with sensitive movements of her fingers.

“So this is my husband’s…” She grins at it lovingly and touches it all over to get a feel for it. Using both hands she rubs my cock and looms over it with curious eyes.

Her gloved fingers feel incredibly soft against my skin and the friction of her hands is amazing. Her left hand stroked my shaft while the other circled around my bare head which lubricated her palms with my precum.

“That… feels really good, Celeste.” I say as my breath quickens slowly.

Celeste looks up at me with a look of success. She quickens her movements and strokes my cock faster. I hear a squelching sound from her fingers as my slimy precum stains her hands.

I feel my cock throb with excitement from her touches, but soon I want more.

“Celeste, do you think you could… use your mouth?” I ask her shyly.

She looks at me and cocks her head before realizing what I was saying. She looked down at my dick and removes the hand that was rubbing my head. She replaces it with her lips and squeezes them around my member.

Her eyes turn upward towards me for approval and I respond by laying my hand on her head and patting her hair.

She smiles with my cock in her mouth and directs her attention towards it again. She keeps stroking her left hand to rub my cock while she explores the top of my dick with her mouth. Her tongue runs over it and stains it in her saliva making me gasp from the rush of pleasure.

Her still awkward movements turn me on so much, I don’t know how long I will last. I keep her head in place as she suddenly begins slightly bobbing it. She applies a lovely suction to it, driving me to throb and quiver.

She closes her eyes as all of her focus lies on giving me pleasure. She alternates her movements as her head and hand keep stimulating me. I pant, my cock feeling like it’s about to erupt any second. “Fuck! This is amazing, Celeste! Don’t stop!”

She chuckles, adding a shocking vibration through my length. Her appearance of purity was completely blurred to me when I saw her eagerly sucking on my dick. She submits herself completely to it and I must admit… I love her for it. She is so devoted that it makes my heart flutter with affection for her.

I throw my head back against the wall as I endure her blowjob. But just as I look at the ceiling to hold out longer I feel her stopping. I turn my look down to her and notice her looking worriedly up at me. She fidgets around with her hands and looks at me apologetically.

“S…Sorry, did I do it wrong? Why did you stop looking at me?” She asks in panic.

I stutter in confusion as I try to get my senses together. “N..N…No! Absolutely not!”

She moves up to me, clinging to my chest. “I swear, I tried my best, darling.” She whispers with tears in her eyes. My heart skipped a beat as she apologizes to me.

“I wanted to make it good for you, I wanted you to…! Mnnn? Hmmmm!” I kiss her deeply to stop her from apologizing. I cup her cheek as I hug her close. She lets herself fall into my arms as I embrace her.

We part and I look deep into her eyes. “It was amazing, darling. You don’t need to apologize to me. You did great.”

She smiles and clasps her hands together in joy “You called me darling, Jeremiah. That…*hic* makes me so happy. I want to make you happy too.”

She lifts the skirt of her elegant clothes gingerly and shows off her bared human bottom Right above the part where her horse half begins, I see her sex dripping with juices of excitement. It was a hairless pussy with glistening folds and an alluring, sweet scent.

“It’ll be all yours, and only yours forever, Jeremiah. You’re the only one who will ever see this side of me.”

I gulp at the sight of her flushing body. I can almost feel the heat radiating off of her.

I smile and say “Are you sure that you want to give it to me? Won’t it hurt?”

“I’ll bear the pain for you.”

She wraps her arms around me, binding me in another kiss as I feel our genitals touch. My throbbing cock can’t wait to pierce her and I am equally unable to resist the urge to take her virginity just like she can’t wait to take mine.

In a tight embrace, Celeste lowers herself onto me and slowly accepts my member.

I push past her entrance and delve into her warmth. Her squishy flesh accepts me and hugs my dick from all sides. It feels like velvet around me even though my dick is only halfway inside of her. I can not imagine how incredible it would be when my entire length was buried within her. But there is yet a barrier to be broken before I can do that.

I look into Celeste’s eyes questioningly after we break away from our kiss. She nods to give me permission and braces herself by kissing me as hard as she could.

I break through the resistance and hilt myself in her pussy. I can see out of the corner of my eye that Celeste is flinching at the pain, but she signals me to keep going by impatiently shaking her hips on top of mine. I grind against her insides, the heat of her crotch driving me crazy.

“We’re one now. My own husband is making love to me. I can’t believe it.” Celeste whispers to herself as she rests her head on my shoulders and combs my blonde hair.

I feel my heartbeat speed up in excitement and start to thrust my hips up into her. She yelps as she feels my cock skewer her and her fingers dig into the back of my head and my back.

“Fuck! This is tight! I never knew sex was this amazing!” I moan profusely, my hips bucking and shaking to seek the best stimulations. Her clenching walls wiggle around me and take me as deep as I can go before knocking on her uterus.

I grind myself along her walls, my rigid length causing intense friction inside her. We get heated and Celest clings to me like her life depended on it. She is long past her pain and moans in ecstasy while hugging my face to her chest.

Her human half bounces on me in rapid motions and I feel her insides tighten more and more as she lets out gushes of her juices that coat my dick and make it slippery.

It was hard for her to get a grip on my member but in return for that the thrusting became easier and easier.

I slipped right into her without much effort which allowed me to hit various spots in her pussy. I hit the ceiling of her dripping cunt and grind against it, hitting the spot that makes her shake every time I touch it.

“Not there! Aaahaaahh! That feels too good! *whince* Ghaaaaa!” She moans into my ear spurring me on even more.

“Haaaa! Damn! This is too much! Your pussy is amazing, Celeste!” I cry out in absolute bliss.

“I’m glad!” She yells as she cups my face again and snakes her tongue inside my mouth. I feel connected to her like no one else in the world and the feeling of making her mine and mine alone overtake my mind. I grab her sides, using the grip to slam myself into her hard. I moan loudly at the intense friction and call out to her.

“I love you Celeste! I LOVE YOU! I will come inside! And give you all of my love!” I repeat over and over, my voice getting labored in the process.

He joyously presses her lovely body against mine, her moans getting gradually stronger and her mouth hanging open lewdly.

“Me too, Jeremiah! Me too! Fill me! Fill me with everything!”

I lose all senses as I crush her down onto me and drive my cock into her at rapid speeds. Every part of our bodies is connected as we stick to each other snugly and our crotches are glued together.

“I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING! GHHAAAAAA!” I yell as I feel my cum bubbling up from my balls.

“YYYYAAAAAAHHHHAAAAA!” Celeste cries out as I fill her with a hot load of semen. Her hips buck in her orgasm and the emanating juices of her insides lovingly mix with my own.

Her breath is quivering as she orgasms on top of me and I pant in exhaustion. She cusped my cheek once more, placing a small, lovely kiss on my cheek before resting on my shoulder and passing out. She seems to be completely spent.

I look at Celeste, her face twitching as she breathes peacefully in her sleep. This must have taken every bit of strength out of her.

This was my chance to start anew and live my life with her from now on. I am ready for it and actually look forward to it.

I wonder where this new venture will lead me, but right now I can’t really think about that. I lay my head on top of hers and as I smell her lovely hair, I fall asleep.

Several years later

The sun breaks through the ceiling window of my bedroom. I feel the familiar blinding light hit my eyes as I lie in bed. It must be around 10 AM for the sun to loom right atop my roof.

I blink several times, stretching my stiff body as I wake up.

“*Yawn* Ahhhh, I’ve slept like a rock. How about you Cel… Celeste?” I roll over to look to the side of my bed. “Celeste? Are you there?” I call out to my wife who should be sleeping next to the bed, but the soft blankets spread out, since she can’t really sleep in a bed, were empty.

I smile to myself. She must’ve already gotten up to get started with housework. Lately she’s been very eager to take care of everything.

Ever since we’ve rebuilt the house that we’ve first met in, she was so insistent to do most of the work. Her argument was that since I did most of the building, it was just fair to repay me for it by cleaning and decorating it without having to bother me.

I notice a little note tucked underneath my pillow.

I’m in the garden doing the laundry.
Hope you slept tight.

I can’t help but grin as I read her lovely letter to me. I throw over my clothes and head outside.

It’s a sunny day, the herbs in our garden grow nicely and the progress on the once completely torn apart house makes me proud as I look at it from the outside.

It’s curious to remember that we were located right next to the frontlines of a raging battleground. Back then, me and Celeste tried our best to live peacefully on our own out here, but soon we were visited by the succubi who came back from the battle, seemingly having won.

I guarded Celeste with my life at the time and protected her with my shield, expecting the succubi to attack us. But to the surprise of both of us, they didn’t.

They laughed at me being so protective and told me that I shouldn’t even worried about it. They pointed at Celeste and told me that I was already taken as a husband and that’s all they wanted anyways. I was confused back then, but from then on, the succubi helped us build our home by supplying us with materials.

I don’t know why they did that, or what the succubi’s ultimate goal is but I’m eternally thankful for them to allow us to live here.

I walk back into the garden behind our house and see Celeste hanging up our washed clothes on a clothesline. She looks adorable as she smiles to herself. She uses the mana inside of her horn to levitate the clothes out of the basket and spreads them out across the line before clipping them to it.

I walk up to her from behind and gently caress her flank.

“*yelp!* Ahhh, geez Jeremiah, you shouldn’t sneak up to me like that.” She chuckles as I run my hand over her back. Her fur feels so smooth and silky as my hand glides over it.

“And you shouldn’t get up that early in the day and already start doing chores, Celeste. We have all the time in the world. Why the rush to get stuff done all of the sudden?”

Celeste blushes and tries to avert her eyes as she keeps tending to the laundry. “I just want to be a good wife and make you happy, darling. Is that bad?” She asks as she looks at me from the corner of her eyes.

“Of course not, but I’m worried your stressing yourself too much. Also, I like waking up with you at my side in the morning.” I say as I caringly run my fingers over her horse body. I used to be very weirded out by it, but since I know it’s a part of her, I love it just as much as any other part.

“I’m sorry, darling. There’s just been a lot on my mind lately, and I want take my mind off it from time to time.” She speaks ambiguously. I’m worried that it was something bad that happened to her, but when she turns around to look at me there is a bursting smile on her face like she is itching to tell me something.

I smile back at her and keep combing her hair on her horse half. I decide to get a bit cheeky and move my hand to her flank. I feel her stop her actions as I touch her back there. Her hooves move restlessly as I move my hand in circular patterns. It was just as if I was rubbing a human girl’s ass.

I look at her face and see her flinch and blush as her eyes flutter a little. She forces herself to keep hanging up the clothes even though her hands begin twitching a bit.

“You wouldn’t happen to have something to hide from me, Celeste, do you?” I smirk as my hand moves roughly across her backside. Her tail begins to sway from side to side restlessly.

“Of course not, darling. Please stop, I… mnnnn…” she hums impatiently.

I am not satisfied by that answer. I devise a new plan and take my hand off her backside.

A small gasp of relief escapes her mouth but it wouldn’t last. I hopped onto her horseback and wrapped my arms around her human half.

“*gasp* Darling! What are you doing?” She whined as my arms snaked around her.

“I know you feel extremely sensitive when I’m mounting you like that. I feel that you haven’t really told me the truth yet, so I’m going to tickle it out of you.” I say with determination as I run my fingers across her fair skin. The open parts of her delicate clothes made for great points of attack.

“Jeremiah, I…I… please stop! I’m sensitive right now!”

“Now, why is that? Come on, tell me, Celeste!” I demand as I stroke her sides and stomach.

“I can’t! Not now!”

“So there IS something you’re hiding! Unfortunately for you, I’m a very nosy guy so.” I tentatively move my hands up her body. Celeste flushes red and gasps as the tips of my fingers tickle her skin. She watches my hands anxiously until they land on top of her weighty, double D cup tits.

Celeste’s eyes widen and the blush in her cheeks deepens. “Darling, you really can’t do that right now! Ahhh! Mnnnnnn! *moan*” Her breath turns labored and her eyes are shaky. I will get her to talk eventually.

I press my body against her from the back and start placing small kisses on her neck and shoulders. I pull the shoulder straps of her white top off her as I trace the movements of my hands with my kisses. It drops down to the middle of her body and bundles up there, baring her flawless, round tits to me.

There was no struggle from her as I press my fingers into her flesh though. She bites down on her index finger as she suppresses her whines and moans. I rub my thumbs over her nipples as they stiffen. Celeste gasps as I press them in.

“Mmmmhhh, Jeremiah… so cruel… hyaa!” She yelps as I keep assaulting her malleable tits. Her skin is like clay ready to be tampered with. Nervous sweat was even running down her cleavage as she got more and more heated.

I cup her tits, lift them up and massage them in circular motions as I keep tracing her neck with my lips. I leave hickeys on her as her shoulders tremble.

“Ready to tell me yet, Celeste?” I cackle as I hold both of her breasts squeezed in my hands. Her extensive meat bulges out between my fingers.

Celeste shuts her eyes and clamps her lips together, still refusing to talk.

“No? Well, you leave me no choice then.” I squeeze her tits hard, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. My mouth moves from her neck to her ear as I start to nibble on it.

Her back arches and goosebumps run over her skin. Hot gasps escape her mouth and she looks at me lovingly out of the corner of her eyes. She was desperate to tell me, but I feel that she wants to ride this out to the very end. And I will give her exactly what she wants.

I crush her boobs under my palms and pepper her ear and cheeks with kisses.

“Jeremiah! You’re so rough today! I can’t hold it in anymore! Forgive me! Ghaaaa! *whine*” She twitches as I once more get a tight hold of her tits. I feel her tremble and stiffen up.

I know that she was about to have a small climax soon but I was not prepared what came with that.

“What the…!” I mutter as Celeste shuts her eyes when she reaches her minor orgasm. But apart from the clamping down of her entire body, there was something else that came out of her. Milk.

Her breasts spurted out small fountains of milk. The white liquid stains my hands as it trickles down her mounds. She lactated, which could only mean one thing.

“Celeste, are you… are you pregnant?” I gasp, my hands still clutching her breasts gently.

Her head cranes back to look at me. She smiles lovingly as she reaches her hand to my cheek. “Aww, I wanted to wait longer and make it a surprise for you.” She says weakly as her horse legs give out and we both sink to the ground. I hold onto her, and as all fours of her are pointing to the sky, I crawl onto her human half.

I cup her cheeks and look at her in pure adoration. “Darling, that’s wonderful! I’m gonna be a father!” I smile at her and comb my fingers through her hair “And you’ll be its beautiful mother, Celeste. I… God damn, I’m happy!” A rush of ecstasy runs through me at the amazing news. My heart is pumping like crazy.

Celeste lays underneath me, smiling blissfully while still heaving a little from her orgasm. “I’ve been so happy ever since I started feeling it inside me. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed off even before I met you. And now it’s coming true, Jeremiah. I love you.” A warmth of joy fills me as her nimble hands caress me so dearly.

My lower body heats up and I have the unquenchable desire to make her mine right now.

“I love you too, Celeste. So damn much.” I remove my pants and Celeste immediately understands as she sees me undressing. She blushes in excitement and lifts up the hem of her skirt.

“Ravish me, Jeremiah. I’m all yours!” She says dearly as her eyes water in happiness.

My member springs up, harder than it’s ever been before.

Celeste looks at it in anticipation, heated breaths escaping her. “So big! Are you sure this is going to be okay?” She asks slightly worried as she pets her lower stomach.

I kiss her before looking straight into her eyes. “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.”

“I trust you, please take care of me, Jeremiah.” Celeste pleads as she lays her hands on my shoulders and submits herself to me.

I look down at her. Her body still manages to make me breathless when I look at her. Her skin was without a single blemish and her curves were still driving me crazy. Especially her wonderful, voluptuous breasts that flattened against her heaving chest. Her pussy glistens alluringly as her hips squirm in anticipation. I fucking love her body, and I am the only one who would ever have it.

I line myself up with her hot, wet entrance before pushing apart her lips. Her mouth opens as I spread her open and shove my length into her.

She hungrily swallows my member and I am immediately rushed with a wet warmth surrounding my dick. Her flesh hugs me and the tight walls clench down as I push in.

“Gods be damned! This feels so amazing, Celeste! You’re so tight!”

I grind her walls and bury my cock all the way to the back of her love tunnel until I hit her womb. Thinking that my baby was in there, made me careful but also more excited. I prod the entrance of her uterus where I knew she was extremely sensitive.

“Mnnnhhaaaaa! It’s so deep! Hyaaaa!” The nails of her fingers dig into my shoulders as I reach my shaft all the way to the base inside. I filled her up and the comfortable warmth spurred me on to move.

“Fuck me, Jeremiah! Take me!” She cries out with moist eyes.

I thrust my hips into her and start fucking her passionately. My cock burrows into her pussy over and over, splashing our combined juices of ecstasy between our crotches. I slap against her flesh and make her moan with every thrust.

My breath quickens as I speed up the movements of my hips. I hold Celeste in my arms, wanting to feel the warmth of the mother of my child. I don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl but I will make sure that it knows that its parents love each other so much.

I fuck Celeste almost senselessly as my mind abandons all reason. Despite promising to be gentle, I can’t stop my hips from slamming into her. Her ecstatic expression though tells me that she doesn’t mind. I feel her fingernails in my shoulders but my brain doesn’t even register the pain anymore.

“Jeremiah! So good…! I can’t even think anymore!” Celeste gasps underneath me.

“Me neither, Celeste! Me neither! This feels just too incredible! You’re *pant* like a vice down there!”

“I don’t want you to leave me, darling! I want to always have you inside me!”

I lean down and press my lips against Celeste’s as we exchange a heartfelt, deep kiss. Our tongues wrestle each other as sloppy sounds of our kisses ring out. Her body is flushed and I can feel the heat as I grab one of her breasts within my hand. I massage her tit to alleviate the pleasure even more.

“Yes! Me too, Celeste! I want to *pant* fuck you like this all the time!”

“But we’ll… Hyaaahh!… have a kid soon! Won’t *moan* that be a problem!”

“You don’t want to stop at one child, do you?” I ask her in between thrusts with a loving smile.

Her eyes glisten in joy “Ohhhh, JEREMIAH!” She hugs me tightly as our hips collide intensely hard. I rub against her walls, my cock scraping in different directions.

The combined stimulation of rubbing her breast and my cock driving into her hard, Celeste’s body was quaking.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming, JeremiAAAAAAHHHHH!”

Her folds clamp down on me, giving me the last push I needed to reach my limit as well. My dick’s head spreads open and my frothy, milky cum shoots out into her belly.

But I wasn’t the only one letting out milky liquid. Celeste’s tongue lolls out of her mouth as her orgasm hits and spurts of warm milk shoot out of her perked up nipples.

I smile as I lean down and latch my lips onto her breasts. Celeste cradles my head deliriously as I drink from her tits. The taste was sweet and thick.

“That was incredible, darling! I… mnnn haaa… can’t wait for our little baby to be born. I just hope it won’t be too jealous. Hehehe!” Celeste runs her fingers through my hair as I suck on her.

I pop my mouth from her breasts and gulp down the last remains of milk on my tongue. “Don’t worry, I’m ready to share you, Celeste.” I chuckle as I rest on top of her. Our naked bodies entangle on the grass as we embrace each other in exhaustion.

I press my lips against hers once more as our eyes lock adoringly.

From that moment on, we lived the happiest life you could imagine. With the help of the succubi supplying us with materials we built a new room to our house. The new children’s room.

I became the father of a beautiful daughter. A unicorn just like her mom, and just as pretty.

Her little smiles and her devotion to help her mother with chores around the house made me happier than any service in the Order could have done.

And together with my wife and my newborn daughter, I lived out my days peacefully, far away from the war. They were only things I needed to bring joy to my life.

Not to speak of the amazing sex. Yeah, that’s a point too.

So, what did you think traveler? Even a unicorn can’t ignore its bestial lust. It’s just a monster like all the others after all. And they all have these cravings inside of them. Every single one. Even the ones who seem so innocent at first sight.

But I digress, this was the end of the story, happy ending and all that. But don’t be fooled traveler. This was but one of the many stories to come. So many things still to be discovered. Some dark and twisted, others light hearted and lovely. But all of them have the influence of the succubi in them, a desire that craves to be fueled.

The question now is what to choose next. So many options.

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  1. A most intriguing read.

    Just a minor quibble. “coming from the capital with blonde hair and about a dozen scars from military training.”
    I think you may wish to inject a comma somewhere in there. My first impression was a Capital (city) that had blonde hair. As opposed to the capital cities the sport red, or brunette hair?

    1. Oh hey, GioM! Nice to see you here. I know you already read everything up to the most current stuff I had but I’m still glad that you’re reading through it again. See you around I hope.

  2. I think you oughta indicate that the ballista had to have been friendly fire. The Demon Lord’s army would do anything not to kill their enemy: they use Demon Silver to turn them into a horny, dripping mess and drag them back home.

    You had a sudden change of tense from past to present just after the beginning.

    “Did someone come to rescue me after all.” ->all?”

    The all-caps aren’t needed in the orgasms.

    Still love it tho.

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