Meeting Your Inari Girlfriend’s Parents

“Are you sure you want to do this?” the inari in the driver’s seat said, looking over to me for a moment.
“I’ve told you before, I want to meet your parents. It’s only fair that I gain their approval since you did with mine Azura.” I responded, reaching over to rest my hand over hers on top of the gear stick.
“I-I know, it’s just that my mother can be, well… ‘eccentric’.”
“What, is she going to try and seduce me?” I teased.
“What?! No! O-of course not! I-it’s just that she has, um, e-eight tails.”
“Damn, eight of ‘em?”
“Shut up! It’s bad enough when you start hearing things in the middle of the night coming from their side of the house. Even worse when she comes back after one of her ‘vacations’ with one more tail than when she left.”
“Alright, alright fine, I’ll be careful.” I said in mock exasperation, throwing up my hands in the air and looking out the passenger window at the dense forest on my side of the road. The dozens and dozens of deep green pine trees fly past my vision as Azura continues to drive down the highway. After a few minutes the car slows down as my inari girlfriend downshifts before turning onto a well-used dirt and gravel road, the sound of loose rocks being scattered around slowly mingling with the quiet breathing of the monstergirl next to me. The dust cloud behind us gradually hides what’s behind the car from view, and again Azura slows down to turn off the road again; this time onto a smaller path only just wide enough for a single vehicle to go through.
A few more minutes of driving down what turns out to be the “driveway”, my Mamono girlfriend pulls into the clearing where her parents live. Evidently her mother’s executive job pays well because the house is huge. The massive front porch wraps around the side and to the back, and it only makes the three-story manor look even larger. It’s a bit darker than on the main road because of all the evergreen and redwood trees surrounding the house, but Azura claims that it just makes laying out on the ground at night and staring at the stars all that much better.
“Well, we’re here.” she sighs. “You ready?”
“Ready as I’ll ever be Azura.” I respond before leaning over to caress the side of her cheek and give her a quick kiss. She blushes slightly as our lips meet, and I smirk a little bit as I move my hand up to scratch one of her foxy ears. She gasps a little when my finger touches the soft velvet fur on the inside, making it twitch a little.
“Dammit, why must you do that now?” Azura says, pushing me away, her face a bit more red than before.
“Because it’s hilarious to watch you squirm about when I do. And don’t even say you don’t like it, because you obviously do.” I respond, pointing to her singular tail that’s slowly swishing back and forth. She glares daggers at me before I give her a clumsy hug. “Also because I love you Azura.”
“…love you too.” my inari girlfriend grumbled as she steps out of the car, popping the trunk as she does so. I chuckle to myself as Azura hands me my bag and as much as she says she absolutely hates it when I rub her ears like that, she can never stop that light grin from spreading across her face or stop her tail from moving. After closing the trunk I reach over and intertwine my fingers with hers and make my way up to the front door with her.
After ringing the doorbell, I can feel Azura’s hand clenching my own a bit tighter as padded footsteps move closer and closer to the door until eventually it’s opened by none other than Azura’s mother.
Her mother bears a striking resemblance to Azura, or rather the other way around. Both monstergirls share the same golden-blond hair and tail fur, although her mother has a white tip on all eight of her tails. Azura’s mother’s face is a bit sharper looking while also being more mature at the same time, but her shining canid eyes betray her actual age. It seems that Azura got most of her fashion sense from her mother because both are wearing a similar long, silk robe. While Azura’s chest and hips are nothing to scoff at, her mother’s own body fills out her outfit just a little bit more, and I can’t help it but glance down to the spot where she’s showing off the barest hint of cleavage.
“Well, who must this be my dear?” Azura’s mother said in a sultry tone.
“Th-this is my boyfriend mom. I told you he was coming over to visit.”
“Boyfriend huh? Took you long enough Azura.”
“Oh shush. I also see he hasn’t given you your second tail yet either.”
“Mom, what the hell?!”
“Manners, young lady. Oh silly me, where are mine?” she giggles. “I’m Bellatrix, Azura’s mother.” she says with a small curtsy.
“I’m, uh, Thomas. A-Azura’s boyfriend…”
“Well aren’t you a cutie!” Bellatrix suddenly said with a smile on her face, making me blush. “Oooh, a shy one too! You remind me so much of my husband. I remember when her father first asked me out on a date. I was barely older than Azura is now, working the counter at some boring old coffee shop when the cutest customer came up to me and ordered his usual drink, and then asked for my number as well. I also remember how later that night after our first date he took me up to my room and rava-“
“MOM!” Azura yelled, stomping her foot on the wood.
“What? Can’t a woman reminisce about how she met the love of her life?”
“Not like that! He doesn’t need to hear it!”
“Oh fine.” Azura’s mother pouted. “Your father and I already had dinner, so you’re on your own. Nice meeting you Tom!” she finished, blowing a kiss in my direction and leaning forward just enough to expose a little more of the space between her breasts before turning around to head somewhere else in the house.
“Told you she was weird.” Azura said.
“I dunno. She seems nice, if a little on the I-wanna-steal-my-daughter’s-partner-from-her side. But I wouldn’t worry. She already has a husband, and I have you.” I say, giving Azura another kiss.
“Thanks Thomas.”
“Since everyone already ate, what do you say we head up to the bedroom and work on that second tail of yours your mother wants you to have?” I say again, making Azura blush hard.

“God you’re such a pervert. But yes, let’s.”

Part 2:

“Come on Tom it’s time to get up.”


“Come on, my dad’s making breakfast.” Azura says, trying and failing to shake me awake. She pouts for a bit before an unseen thought crosses through her mind. “Hey Tom…”

“…mphf, what is it now?” I mumble into the soft pillow.

“My dad’s making pancakes with extra syrup. And fruit and whipped cream too.” my inari girlfriend whispers into my ear.

“Just five more minutes please…” I groan, turning over to face away from her in an attempt to make her go away.

“Fine, have it your way. You’ll just have to deal with not touching my fluffy tail for a while then.”

That sly witch. She knows I can’t resist touching fluffy tail. I throw the covers off of me and fake being unable to get up. Azura scoffs at me before reaching over to pull me up. I rise up with her “help”, mostly so I could surprise her by pulling her in for a hug. She lets out a short squeak before I press her face into my chest.

“Good morning to you too Azura.” I say after letting her go.

“Do you really have to tease me here; in my own parent’s home? What if they catch us doing something?”

“Well then they’ll just catch their own daughter being loved by someone other than themselves.” I smile before giving her a tender kiss.

“I love you too Thomas. Now let me go so I can go downstairs and help my dad.”

“Right. Sorry.” I give her furry ears a little rub before watching her walk out of the room. For some strange reason her hips have a little more sway to them than before, but I shake my head and pick out a clean outfit to wear before heading over to the bathroom for a quick shower. The smell of warm, fluffy pancakes and fresh fruit mixed in with the sweet tang of maple syrup and greasy bacon waft up from the kitchen to the second-floor bathroom as I step out and dry off.

The inside of the house is as big as the outside. The second and third floors overlook the staircase connecting them to the ground floor; only a dark mahogany banister keeping one’s self from plummeting to the ground. Both upper floors consist of a long hallway with a room at both ends, and several overs branching off of both sides. Azura gave me a quick tour of the house, although I only remember the master bedroom/master bathroom being at one end of the hallway on the third floor, her father’s ‘man cave’ on the other, where my room is, and where all the bathrooms are.

The staircase itself is completely open from the ground floor to the roof at the top, and it’s lined with dozens and dozens of photos of Azura, her mother Bellatrix, and who I can only assume to be my girlfriend’s father. All the pictures seem to be arranged in chronological order more or less; Azura in her cap and gown holding a college degree here; Azura again wearing a frilly white dress surrounded by a manticore, dragon, and a hellhound, all presumably going out together for a girl’s night or something; and at the very bottom of the stares is a very young couple, an inari and a human, and next to that is the same two people in wedding attire and next to that is the same inari holding an infant Azura while the human stands next to her, smiling. Looking back, both figuratively and literally, I notice the empty space at the top of the stairs before realizing that it’s where Azura is supposed to start, although I have a sneaking suspicion that her space is going to have its very first picture soon.

The smell of breakfast is a lot stronger now, and the sounds of cooking can also be heard as I head closer towards the kitchen. Having not seen the kitchen before, I was surprised to see how big it was when I rounded the corner. It’s an open kitchen design with plain white tile and granite counter tops in the cooking area and hardwood floor where the table for everyone to eat at is. There’s a double sink on one side and a gas stove top on the other with a large island in the middle. There’s already a massive stack of piping hot pancakes on a platter on the counter next to a bowl of fresh strawberries, a can of whipped cream, and a bottle of pure 100% maple syrup. And at the stove making a fresh batch of flapjacks is Azura’s dad. He looks to be a little taller than me, perhaps six foot three or something, but he has the same boring short hair that I do. He’s wearing jeans and what looks to be a plain shirt, but he’s also wearing a manly apron since he’s doing all the cooking.

“Oh hello there Tom, nice of you to join us.” Azura’s mother said as she walked into the kitchen and over to Azura’s father. As she spoke, the only other human in the room turned around to look at me, and the first thing I noticed about him from the front were his strong blue eyes, much like his daughter’s. Except it makes more sense if Azura had her father’s eyes and not the way around.

“Hello there son, you must be my daughter’s boyfriend.” he says, extending out a hand, and I accept it.

“Uh, yessir. I-I’ve been dating her for a few months now.”

“You been treating her right?”

“As if her father found out I wasn’t he’d kill me himself. So, uh, yeah.” He chuckles a little bit.

“Good, good. Pancakes?” he says, making a plate of three of them with plenty of butter, syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream seemingly appear in front of me.


“Azura told me. You should probably learn her favorite food too, if she takes after her mother as much as I think she does.”

“Daddy!” Azura shouted from across the kitchen.

“It’s true, y’know. Sooner or later you’re gonna be using that magic of yours to subtle influence his thoughts so he brings you a full English breakfast in bed.” Azura’s father finishes with a grumble.

“Oh don’t mind him.” her mother adds. “He’s still grumpy that I confiscated his little toy years ago.”

“Toy? That think was an antique! An 1887 Winchester!” he yells.

“Holy shit, an 1887? I thought those things didn’t exist anymore!” I exclaimed.

“Well they did, at least the one I had, until little miss magic got her hands on it and made it go poof.” he says, making a tired but angry gesture over to his wife.

“Well I’m glad Azura isn’t like that.” I respond. “Yet.”

“Thomas!” Azura yells, making her father laugh.

“Whatever. I’m hungry, and these pancakes aren’t going to eat themselves.” Over breakfast I slowly let out my inner gun nut, and eventually I found myself talking with Azura’s father about which gun is the best and why, completely ignoring the daggers Azura was giving me or the bored looks from her mother. The next few days were a blur, each one starting off with my inari girlfriend waking me up far too early, then a morning routine of a shower before eating breakfast, and then the rest of the day doing things with either her, her mother, or her father. After the first day I snuck into Azura’s room so we could have sex, and didn’t bother sneaking the next few times afterwards because of the knowing looks her parents gave us the next morning. After about a week or so of staying with her parents, it was time to head back to our own apartment closer to town.

“Next time you come back to visit you better have an extra tail young lady!” her mother shouts as Azura pulls away from the house, all four of us waving goodbye to each other.

“Yeah, and a granddaughter or two!” her father adds in. Azura clutches the steering wheel a bit tighter as her faces turns beet red.

“Do you think I can give you one by your birthday?” I ask her as she turns back onto the main road.

“Which one, the tail or the baby?”

“Why not both?” I smirk before leaning over to give her a quick kiss.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting Your Inari Girlfriend’s Parents

  1. Short and sweet I guess? Is there going to be more of this? Cause it feels like there will be, kinda, I mean, we didn’t even meet her father and there was a 20 second coversation on the porch.

    Also you made the house and country sound suuuuuper Deliverance hahaha

    1. I more wrote it as a quick one-off on one of those threads for them Chinese image boards kids these days are using. I could try writing a second part of sorts where the dad makes an appearance along with a conversation that lasts more than 20 seconds.

      As for making the area sound super Deliverance it was completely unintentional. Not entirely sure what that’s about, I just had this idea of Azura’s family living out innawoods.

      1. >chinese image etc

        Haha it was just a result of imagining what a 3 story house with a porch would look like deep in a forest and I got a gothic house and it went from there

  2. That was cute, good job.

    “As if her father found out I wasn’t he’d kill me himself. So, uh, yeah.” Is a slightly interesting sentence though.

    1. I tried wording it as him knowing that if he fucked up her father would do things to him he wouldn’t want to happen, but for some reason I just couldn’t get it right.

      1. He’s going to fuck up her father, and then the father will return the favour?! Look, going after the mother is one thing…

        Srs though. Uh.

        “As if, I’d have my neck wrung if I wasn’t… So, uh, yeah I am.” Or whatever euphemism for murder you prefer.
        “I wouldn’t survive Azura’s wrath (teehee), let alone survive long enough to be killed by you, if I were to treat her bad that is.”

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