Mari’s Journey Ch 1. Lover’s song

Mari strolled down the street with light footsteps, humming happily to herself as she went. When she first arrived in this new world, she had disguised herself as a human until she learned a little more about it. As it turned out, there were plenty of humans, but no mamano anywhere. There were lots of of depictions of what looked like mamano in the various forms of media that existed here (all of which had been a fun new experience to learn about), but as far as she could tell it was all fiction to the humans of this world.

Once she had realized this, she had tried a little experiment. The lilim had walked down a crowded street in her usual summer dress completely undisguised, all her succubus features on display for everyone to see.
Of course she had turned a lot of heads, as expected, but the surprising part had been the looks in their eyes. So far removed from the terrified gazes she was used to get from humans, these were looks of astonishment and, in some cases, even adoration.
It had not taken long before several people approached her and eagerly asked how she managed to make her cosplay so high-grade and life-like, and while she initially just smiled mysteriously and kept moving, she had wasted no time in finding out what those terms meant at a local library.

Mari still remembered the sense of elation she had felt when she realized what an open arena this world was to her, and remembering it now made her tail swish back and forth happily as she rang the doorbell of the house she was returning to. After a few seconds of listening to the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps, the door opened to reveal a slightly short but very cute guy who was smiling widely.
“Mari-sama, come on! I found some really awesome fanart of you!”
The lilim could not help but smile at his eagerness. “Take it easy Takashi, don’t you want to check if I got the correct things from the store for you first? It won’t do for my cute assistant to get all dehydrated now would it?”
The boy blushed when she called him cute, then quickly grabbed the plastic bag she was holding. “I can check it later, come on I gotta show you this!”Shaking her head in bemusement, she followed the eager young man to his room, or as he liked to call it, his ‘command central’.

Takashi was what was known in this world as a ‘nerd’. That meant he had extensive knowledge of the technology that this society operated on, and lots of it set up in his room. For some reason he and many other nerds seemed to be socially shunned outside of the electronic communication field, something that had taken Mari a while to understand why.
From her point of view, someone with knowledge like that was highly valuable to a society and should be praised, a point of view she usually shared with him whenever they had sex because she just couldn’t get enough of his cute reaction whenever she said it.
He was the one who had taught her most of what she now knew of this world’s history, culture and technology, he had even helped her get a so called ‘smart phone’ that humans used to talk to each other over large distances, a rather ingenious artificial telepathy. She had met him by chance while looking for someone cute to seduce, and had ended up following him when he traveled back to his home land, and island called Japan. She was currently his house guest, making sure to compensate him handsomely for all the assistance and education about the new world he had given her.
He also kept track of several things for her, one of them being what people said about her on this giant electronic communication network called the internet. Ever since she had publicly stated her name she had gained quite a fan following, people calling her everything from ‘a great artist who is really committed to her craft’ to ‘always in character no matter what’ etc. Mari had tonnes of fun reading it all, but right now, she was more interested in a certain girl.

The girl in question, Aoi, was an idol, meaning someone who sings on stage for people’s entertainment, usually in fancy outfits. Mari had first seen her on a ‘convention’ that she had tried attending at Takashi’s suggestion. It had been loads of fun with several people asking for her signature, or autograph as they called it, or to ‘have their picture taken’ with her (another marvelous feat these little smartphones were capable of, capturing a moment instantly onto a digital canvas).
She had then attended the show where Aoi performed on stage and taken a liking to the petite girl. The way her happiness seemed to spread through her audience like an incredibly quick contagion was inspiring to see.
After the show, Mari had decided on a whim to take a leaf out of the human’s book and asked Aoi for her autograph. The girl had blushed the shade of a ripe prisoner fruit and eagerly given it, which had resulted in more cheers from her fans as their idol officially now had the recognition of the great Mari-sama.

When the noise had died down a little and she had been getting ready to leave, a boy had approached her and introduced himself as Aoi’s boyfriend. His name was Naoki and he had told Mari that Aoi had promised her fans a new song and a new look (both her own making) at a show that was to be held in two weeks time, but she had gotten stuck and been unable to finish either one.
Naoki had begged the lilim to help his girlfriend, offering to do anything she asked of him in return. Seeing his devotion had made Mari’s heart melt, and she had promised to help out however she could.

She was reviewing  her plans for the cute idol as she moved through the house, but those thoughts were put on hold when she entered Takashi’s room.
“Mari-sama, look at these! A guy on deviantart made a few hand drawn pictures of you, the quality is amazing!”

Smiling, Mari sat down behind the boy and wrapped her arms over his chest, enjoying his rapidly growing blush. “Heh, these are indeed quite well made. There sure are skilled artists in this world.”
Takashi fidgeted a little. “Mari-sama, you don’t need to be so kind to me all the time you know.”
She responded by gently massaging his groin with the soft tip of her spade shaped tail, earning a low groan in the process. “Oh but I want to show my appreciation towards my cute little benefactor who taught me so much about this new world, is there something wrong with that?”
He leaned back a little so that her stiff nipples poked him in the back. “Not, ahh, wrong exactly, ah, I just feel like, ahh, I’m taking advantage of you a little.”
Smiling, she put a fingertip against his chin and turned his face towards her. “You are providing me with both pleasure and sustenance, in what way is it wrong for me to be grateful?”
She then slowly and sensually kissed him for several minutes, while her free hand worked it’s way under his shirt and traced circles around his nipples, one of his weak points. He moaned softly into her mouth and ran his fingers through her silken hair until they broke the kiss with a satisfied sigh. “Ahh, I guess I can’t find any faults with your reasoning my lady.”
They shared a small laugh, then the computer monitor beeped.

Takashi leaned forward and opened his chat program. “Oh, it’s a message from Naoki. Hmm, according to this, Aoi-chan will be spending her afternoon at a local karaoke bar. Apparently she goes there when she gets stuck and needs some inspiration.”
He turned around to face Mari. “I think this could be a great chance for that little plan of yours, you could get her alone in a small room with lots of music, it sounds perfect.”
Mari smiled, this would indeed suit her plans well. “Yes, I do believe you are right. At what time will she be there?”
Takashi looked at his analog wristwatch, his preferred means of checking the time even when he had digital clocks on his computer screens.
“In about 30 minutes. If you leave here now you can take a train and get there before her.”
Mari stood up and flexed her wings. “Well then, guess I’d better get going.”
She turned around, making sure to give him a nice look at her curves as she did so, and opened the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she gave him a departing smile. “Make sure you don’t miss her next concert. I have a feeling it will be a real crowd pleaser.”

Aoi was nervous, fidgeting uncomfortably in her car seat. Her next show was tomorrow evening and she still hadn’t finalized her song. She felt so bad for Naoki, he had unconditionally supported her throughout most of her career as an idol, and yet she now felt like she was treating him really badly with how little time she could give him. She looked at her kind manager where he sat in the driver’s seat, doing his best to keep a positive outlook and not saying anything depressing, but she could tell he was nervous for her sake.
Shaking her head, the young idol admonished herself for her negativity. She just had to grit her teeth and do it. For the sake of everyone who supported her, she had to deliver. The karaoke bar usually didn’t fail to bring her some form of new inspiration, she deeply hoped it wasn’t going to start now.

They pulled up up the rear entrance. Even though Aoi was dressed in casual clothing, they didn’t want to risk drawing any attention today. They had an agreement with the owner, so it was no problem to arrange for him to open the door for them right when they arrived.
Aoi greeted the smiling man in the doorway. “Good day Seigen-san. Thanks for always having us.”
The muscular man laughed his trademark hearty laugh. “The pleasure is mine Aoi-chan, I’m just glad to be able to help you make those songs my daughters like so much.”
They both bowed and entered. Aoi’s manager excused himself and headed for the staff room. Their agreement allowed him to use it while they were there, that way no one would spot him and figure out she was there.
On the way to the room she had been given for the evening, Aoi noticed that Seigen was humming, something he only did when he was in a really good mood. Giving him a questioning look only made his smile wider. “I got a little surprise for you today Aoi-chan, I can’t wait to see what you think of it.”
Slightly confused, she proceeded to her room and opened the door, only to freeze in her tracks. Because on the couch sat the last person she had ever expected to meet here.

“Hey there Aoi-chan, it’s a lovely day isn’t it?”
Hair as white as ivory, alabaster skin, white horns, wings and tail with a spade shaped end, red eyes with black sclera. There was no room for doubt, this could only be Mari-sama.
Feeling her heart rate increase threefold, Aoi only managed to give the elegant woman a surprised look before turning towards Seigen, who only smiled at her. “I’ll leave you two song birds alone then.”
As the door closed behind her, Aoi turned back towards Mari. Now that they where alone like this and she could take her time to look properly, she realized just how beautiful this woman actually was. She swallowed and tried to squeeze out a few words of greeting. “H-hey, I c-can’t exactly say I was expecting company.”
Mari got up from the couch and approached her, hips, tail and even wings swaying elegantly when she moved. Her hand reached out, and Aoi shivered a little as it touched her cheek. Even though she was straight, she could feel herself drawn to this elegant, demonic looking woman.
Mari’s hand moved to pat her head. “I just thought I would drop in and offer you some assistance. I have a pretty neat idea on how to inspire you to sing a new song you see, and I understand you could use some inspiration right about now.”
Aoi blinked. “H-how do you know that, how did you even know I would come here?”
Mari smiled. “I have my ways. More importantly, lets get to work.”

What happened next shocked Aoi. Mari slid an arm around her waist and pulled them close together, then slowly and sensually kissed her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt, not just the amazing softness of her lips or the incredibly skilled way she was using her tongue, but the taste was extraordinary. It felt like sweet syrup was being poured down her throat, warming her stomach and spreading through her body.
Next thing she knew, she could feel something soft poking against her crotch. Wondering what it could be, seeing as both Mari’s hands busied themselves with holding her waist and head, Aoi broke the kiss and looked down. She then saw that it was the white, spade shaped tail.
Confused, she glanced at Mari’s face, who grinned in return. “Let me tell you a little secret my dear. I am not actually a human cosplayer.”
She held up her hand with an open palm, and from it sprang forth a number of purple tentacles. “I am a succubus, a real one, and from another world even.”

The tentacles grabbed Aoi’s wrists and ankles, holding her in a vitruvian man pose against the wall. The young idol was completely bewildered, not just by what what was happening before her eyes, but also by the fact that she wasn’t nearly as scared by it as she expected. She could feel no malice or ill intent in the other woman’s actions.
“W-wait, a succubus? Like in those mangas?”
Mari grinned. “Well, technically I am a lilim, a daughter of my dear mother the demon lord, so I’m a bit more then your average succubus.”
She patted the young girls head again. “That is why I can help you in ways no other person can.”
Aoi was still stunned by what she was hearing, but she managed to ask a simple question. “Why me?”
The lilim answered instantly. “Why not you? You have caught my attention, something you are rather good at doing in general, and now I want to make you a part of my latest work of art.”
She smiled and moved closer. “But first you need to get your new look in order.”

Aoi watched as Mari went down on her knees and moved her head towards her crotch. The lilim teasingly lifted the idol’s skirt inch by inch until her head moved in and disappeared underneath it. Aoi could feel the tip of a nose poke her before her panties were pulled to the side and a soft, warm tongue started sliding up and down her vagina lips. Startled by the sensation, she opened her mouth to exhale, only for a new tentacle to quickly invade her mouth.
It was soft and wet, slithering around every inch of her mouth and inducing pleasure in everything it touched. The twofold stimulation was turning her on and making her pussy all moist.
Aoi could feel the tongue that was licking her making it’s way further in, twisting and turning to lick her walls. She leaned her head back and moaned, feeling the tentacle in her mouth slip into her throat. Something was coming out of it’s tip, something that felt like a liquid but wasn’t, and as it was poured down her throat a sensation of otherworldly pleasure wracked her whole body. Unable to fully comprehend the situation, the idol succumbed to the intense sensation and greedily drank what the tentacle was offering her, writhing in the grip of her restraints.

When Mari was satisfied that she had given the young girl enough demonic energy, she dispelled her tentacles and caught the girl in her arms. Moving over to the sofa, she sat down and placed Aoi in her lap, gently holding her and patting her head as she waited for the transformation to begin, idly musing about what kind of fun she would have with the owner of this place after closing time. It had been cute to see how much he wanted to help this young girl when she spoke to him earlier.
Soon the girl’s limp body started trembling again, it’s arms and feet changing shape. Her feet slowly turned into brownish, three toed bird feet. Her arms became a little longer and slimmer, then azure colored feathers started growing from them. The lower part of her legs got covered in feathers of the same hue while her long hair shifted it’s color from black to purple and her eyes became the color of polished emeralds.
Within minutes, the arms had become full wings, and the girls transformation into a siren was complete. Her body slowly stopped shivering as the pleasure of her transformation subsided.
When she opened her eyes, Mari softly touched her face. “How are you feeling?”
Aoi’s gaze was a bit hazy at first, then it slowly came into focus as she looked at her body. She became more and more awestruck as she inspected all her new features, twisting and turning her wings and tried standing up on her new feet. She turned back towards Mari and tried to say something, only to stop herself after half a word.
The lilim smiled. “Did you notice? Here, try singing a song.”

Mari picked up a microphone and handed it to Aoi while selecting a song from the list in the room. The girl carefully grabbed it with her newly re-shaped fingers that emerged from the middle point of her wings, discovering that she had no trouble moving them as she wished, and uttered the first words of the song.
Once again she had to stop in complete awe, her voice sounded so beautiful that it was hard to believe it was hers. She could still recognize it, but it had a special ring to it that wasn’t there before, like the sound of a nightingale bird accompanied by crystal bells.
Looking back at Mari, the demon just smiled and picked up her own microphone. “Well then, how about we start practicing your next performance?”

Naoki shifted his weight back and forth between his feet. He was incredibly nervous for Aoi-chan’s sake. She had appeared to be happy and energetic when he saw her last, but he knew her well enough to be able to tell it was a front. He knew she had been a lot more nervous then he was right now.
When he had sent the request for help to the address Mari-sama had given him the first time they spoke, he had received a short reply: “Don’t worry, I will take care of it.” He found it hard to remain calm though as he hadn’t heard anything from her since, and now he was standing in the audience before the stage were Aoi was going to perform.
His hands formed balls in his pockets as he continued to shift his weight, not able to do much but to hope for the best.

The lights in the room dimmed and a stage light was turned on. It’s beam illuminated an announcer standing in the center of the stage. Naoki didn’t hear the presentation and the health and safety announcements she was giving the crowd, he was to busy crossing his fingers.
Then the woman raised her voice. “So without further ado, lets get this show started!”
The crowd cheered as the stage lights began their dance and a petite figure entered the stage. When she reached the center, the lights turned towards her and the cheers that filled the place took on a new tone.
Naoki could hardly believe his eyes. It wasn’t the new look his girlfriend had, azure wings, new outfit and all, but it was her face. She practically beamed happiness like a miniature sun, and everyone in the room could tell they were in for a treat.
Aoi-chan waved to them all, smiling broadly, before moving the microphone to her mouth.

The song was almost surreal to listen to. It wasn’t just different from any of her past performances, it was like nothing Naoki had heard in his entire life. It was as if he suddenly realized there was a whole new depth to song that he had never even glanced before, and Aoi-chan was the one who had found it and brought it into the light, gloriously so.
It was the same with her dance. Naoki had never seen her express herself so fully, so naturally before. It was easy to tell how much happiness was behind every step and twirl she took, and just as easy to get swept away by it.
The crowd cheered, glowsticks waved through the air like a flower field in the wind, and several people were even jumping up and down occasionally.
For Naoki, it was a dream come true. Everything he had hoped for and more.

Just as he was sending Mari-sama no small number of grateful thoughts, the song ended. Everyone cheered and clapped and Aoi-chan spun around and bowed.
“Thank you everyone! I hope you have enjoyed yourselves this evening!”
A resounding “YES” swept through the place. The idol giggled and winked as she continued. “Good, because it is far from over yet!”
An excited murmur quickly spread through the crowd, everyone wondering what she was going to announce next.
Aoi-chan moved to the side and waved her wing so that the feathers glistened in the stage light. “Everyone, please welcome my special guest, who would also like to partake in our festivities. Give a round of applause for my friend, Mari-sama!”

The crowd exploded again when Mari entered the stage in all her glory, swagging to the stage center and lifting her mic. “Hii~, are you all having a good time?”
Another resounding “YES” was the response. “Good~, shall we keep the ball rolling then?”
Mari smiled and slowly started singing, her voice quite different from Aoi-chan’s. It lacked that special ring and sounded deeper, but also more mature and a little more sensual. She only sung one verse though, before the big surprise came. Aoi moved back onto the stage and sung the next verse of the song. Her voice now also sounded more sensual then it had before, like there was a hidden tone in it that was just now making itself known.
The crowd held their breath, hoping they were right about what was coming next. Their guess turned out to be correct, as both Mari-sama and Aoi-chan started singing the third verse in duet.

Cheers practically exploded all over the place as they were treated to such an extraordinary experience. The two singers worked perfectly together to cover a wide number of tones, matching their voices and never missing a beat. Combined with their synchronized dancing that made full use of their wings for show, it was hypnotically beautiful. 

Naoki almost cried as he gazed from his girlfriend’s happy face and the cheering crowd, he was so happy for her sake. He felt a strong rush of gratitude towards Mari-sama for her help, promising himself to thank her properly the first chance he got.
Those thoughts were put on hold though when he noticed how heated his body felt. He could feel his pulse in his ears and was breathing heavily, and the same seemed to be true for most of the people around him. He noticed briefly that all the girls seemed to throw longing glances at the boys, and the boys were returning them.
It didn’t matter so much to him though, he soon only had eyes for his cute, beautiful, happy girlfriend, and an intense desire for her welled up within him.

As the song ended, Aoi-chan’s gaze met his own. He could easily see the burning passion and longing in that gaze.
Mari-sama and Aoi-chan struck a team pose on the stage and thanked everyone for a fun evening. They were met with roaring cheers and thundering applause, but Naoki was only half listening. He was quickly making his way backstage, spurred on by the look Aoi-chan had given him.
Her manager let him into her dressing room and told him she would be there shortly, before walking away down the corridor with what seemed to be the announcer from earlier who had opened the stage. Naoki could not remember ever seeing that man smile so broadly. He thought little of it soon though as he sat there, almost to restless to remain still.

Then he heard the sound of light, but fast footsteps rapidly approaching the door, before it flew open and his beloved girlfriend threw herself at him, her face positively beaming.
He quickly stood up and locked her into a tight embrace, lifting her up and spinning around. She squealed with happiness and lifted her legs up, tightly holding on to him.
When they stopped and her feet once again touched the floor, she blushed and caressed his face with her soft feathers. “How did I do?”
Naoki didn’t even need to think about his answer. “You were absolutely amazing! I can’t even tell you how happy I am right now!”
She gave him that sideways shy glance that he loved so much and spoke in a sensual voice. “Then please, give me my reward.”

Naoki didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled her in for a kiss, slightly surprised by how eager and erotically she was returning it, and slid his other hands fingers in under her already wet panties.  Her soft wings embraced him as he fingered her pussy and her knee stroked his crotch. It did not take long for her to start moaning heavily, and when she came she let out a sound that was bewitchingly beautiful.
All he could think of was that he wanted to hear that again, so he hurriedly dropped his trousers and let his rock hard dick swing freely.
Aoi-chan didn’t hesitate, she quickly threw her legs around him and held herself in position above his crotch. With no intention of making her wait, Naoki grabbed her and plunged his dick into her depths.

He had always enjoyed having sex with her, no matter if they did it slow or fast, but today it felt different. Not only was her body incredibly soft and pleasant against his skin, but her voice felt like it was wrapping around his mind the way her limbs wrapped around his body.
It was like drowning in silk that caressed you with a lovers touch. It felt heavenly, and all he wanted to do was to make her cry out in ecstasy.
He held her close, kissed her neck and pounded her pussy. Even when he came and her voice reached a new tone he kept going, making sloppy wet noises as drops of semen mixed with pussy juice fell to the floor. He kept it up for longer then he would have thought possible before collapsing on the couch, Aoi-chan still in his arms, holding his dick inside her. She snuggled her head against his chest, playfully scratching him with pointy fingers.
Naoki sat there in a daze, just enjoying the moment. But when his vision started to come back into focus he became more alert. Sitting on a chair a few meters away from them was Mari-sama, smiling and holding her sketch book.
She waved her tail around as she stood up and approached them. “While I do think your little camera things are quite clever, the images they produce feels like they are lacking a little something. Something that can only be put into a picture by the right touch.”
As she spoke the showed him the picture she had been drawing. He blushed all the way up to his ears when he saw the scene of himself having sex with his girlfriend, the image so lifelike you could almost expect it to start moving at any second.
As he slowly looked up, Mari grinned at him. “Of course, they are rather handy for, lets say if you wanted your friends to have a replica of such a picture.”
As she spoke her tail fished his cell phone out of the discarded pants she was holding, and with agility he would never have expected from such an appendage she used it to snap a photo of her picture, then handed him the phone.
He accepted it and slowly nodded towards Mari. She returned the nod, then smiled deviously. “I look forward to your next performance. Now if you excuse me, I have to go and check on your audience. They should begin to recover from the aftermath of listening to such a song by now.”

Looking at the photo on his phone, Naoki slowly turned his head and kisses his girlfriends forehead. She shifted her weight and nuzzled up further against him, whispering his name in a sweet voice.

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    I hope that you will continue with more of these!!

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