Manticore and a Half

If there is a hell, I imagine it’s a lot like Mondays. Every week, without respite, this torture visits me and everyone on this bus. The man standing next to me smells like rotten bananas. The woman in front of me is liberating some new form of life from her left nostril, and a child nearly puked on my shoes on the walk here.

I might be in a sour mood, but this Monday has been kind and given my unfortunate curiosity something to focus on other than the delightful sights and sounds of a crowded bus.

Further toward the back of the bus, a tall manticore was standing up, wings pulled in and trying her very best to look unremarkable, except for one thing: she was wearing a bulky trenchcoat in the middle of summer.

I know it’s rude to stare, and I’ve certainly seen stranger things in the city, but… why? She had plenty of mane puffing up around her collar, and her arms seemed covered as well, so she couldn’t’ve been cold. She kept her fiery orange hair tight in a bun behind her head with two loose slivers hanging off her shoulders. A near-glowing red swallowed up her paws and grew darker near her elbows, but large orange spots begin to take over until reaching her tufts of that same orange. Though a bit taller than me, I couldn’t find anything physically remarkable about her… except her hair. A redhead. My weakness. God, why did she have to be a redhead?

What confounded me the most to the point of frustration was that no one else was so much as glimpsing at her. Like they were all in on some knowledge lost on me. Surely trenchcoats hadn’t become some fashion statement I’d completely missed out on.

So distracted was I that I’d failed to notice at some point the manticore had started staring back at me. We met eyes and hers sent me a silent scoff before she turned around, showing me her back this time.

What was with that look? It wasn’t like I was the weirdo here.

The bus hissed and shook as if trying to shake off its passengers. My stop. I shot the manticore one last glance before stepping off the bus and starting on my way to work.

“Why were you staring at me?”

I spun around and saw the weirdo had gotten off with me.

“You look weird.”

Ok, that did not come out right at all.

“‘I look weird’? How about you keep that crap to yourself?”

“You’re wearing a trenchcoat when it’s eighty degrees out.”

She stepped closer to me. “And you’re wearing a haircut suited for someone half your age.”

Since when did buzzcuts go out of style? “My hair is perfectly fine! You’re the strange one here.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Whatever!” she huffed, stepping into my personal space. “Leave me alone on the bus, hear me?”

“I didn’t even do anything!”

“You were ogling me, don’t trying to deny it!”

“I was staring, not ogling, at it was at your coat, not you.”

“Hey.” She seized the scruff of my shirt. “Back off.”

“Geez, fine.”

Fluttering her wings, she turned around and stomped off. What a short fuse. I could only hope she didn’t make a routine of taking the same bus.

I looked down at my watch and groaned. The only thing worse than Monday was being late on a Monday. I’d have to jog to work to make it on time. I curled my upper lip at the manticore and left, feeling sorry for whoever ran into her next.


She was there again.

I made a point of facing my entire body in the opposite direction. I don’t know why she chose to sit directly across from me, but hell if I was going to say something. I scooted away, but I didn’t want to move too far. Didn’t want her thinking I was avoiding her on purpose, that would probably prompt another hissy fit.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but I got the feeling everyone else wanted to be as far away from her as possible. The lady next to me kept glancing back at the manticore, the man sitting against the wall to my side kept fidgeting in his seat, and if my nose wasn’t mistaken, that manticore hadn’t cleaned her trenchcoat in a while, but I knew better than to comment.

Staring at the window was much more appealing than caring about that manticore.

But why the trenchcoat? Surely she could’ve answered that at least. I grit my teeth. No, Kevin, it wasn’t worth it. Stop thinking about it. She’ll just freak out on you again. Tomorrow she might not even be on this bus. Two days in a row wasn’t habit, could’ve been an appointment, or family. All you have to do is ignore her.

So I did.


A week later, I was forced to confront the reality that she wasn’t going away.

Every day, that stupid trenchcoat. Those shifty looks around the bus like people were out to get her. The way her mane bulged out of her coat like she was puffing herself up. Her fiery hair tied up neat in the back except for those two streaks she let down her shoulders. Those sharp crimson eyes drinking in everything they touched. My nose told me she’d cleaned her coat a couple days ago at least.

Who knew why she didn’t fly to wherever she wanted to go. Those wings seemed healthy enough. And that coat definitely wasn’t for warmth, I’d seen her sweating in it.

Perhaps she was troubled. Mentally unstable. That would explain why she was so eager to nag me. Yes, nagging, that’s what it was. It’s not my fault I stared at her, it was simple curiosity! She had no right to get mad over such a simple thing.

My body jerked to the side as the bus came to a stop and the hiss of hydraulics opened up the door. My stop. As the bus hissed and the doors closed, my heart began to beat loud enough for me to hear it. I swallowed a lump in my throat and stepped off, waiting for the sounds of footsteps behind me, busying myself with my watch

And when the footsteps began to fade, I turned around and followed.

I don’t know why I did it, exactly. Just one moment I was standing still and the next I was walking the wrong direction with that manticore in my sights. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I kept one eye on her and the other on my surroundings. Now that I thought about it, I’d never walked down this way, even though it was right here.

There were all sorts of food joints, niche clothing outlets, even a few bookstores. Not too many people walking about, but enough that I brushed shoulders occasionally. Instead of the reeking garbage like near my workplace, the place smelled like food. The medley of restaurants gave birth to some sort of weird Italian dish mixed with Thai or something. A cozy, subdued part of the city.

The manticore turned off into an alley between two buildings. Huh. Maybe she was going around the back of a building or taking a shortcut. I approached the alley cautiously, as to avoid her eyesight in case she’d stopped for some reason, but when I got there, it turned out she was continuing on as normal.

As I got further into the alley, I could hear the slaps of wet paws in puddles. I looked up and saw there was some rain runoff from the roofs puddled down here. The view was pretty cool actually. I’d never looked up in an alley before. If you pictured it, you could see the sky as the road and the buildings being upside-down and you were the one walking on the sky. Now that would be—

Shattering any sense of pride I might have had, I yelped like a little girl once more when a paw lashed out, seized my chest, and yanked me to the side of the alley behind some dumpsters. I grunted as I hit the brick wall and scrambled to keep from losing my balance. Standing before me, arms crossed, was the very monster I’d been tracking.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

I brushed myself off and stood up straight. “I was walking.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure that’s all you were doing. Why were you walking here, exactly? You never come this way.”

“How do you know?”

“I… It’s not hard to tell which direction you walk from the bus stop, and this is in the opposite direction.”

“That doesn’t mean I never come this way.”

“Now you’re being a smartass.” She stepped forward and pushed me back into the wall. “Why are you here?”

“You don’t have to push me, you know.”


My hands were sweating in my pockets. “I just, you know, I was wandering around.”

“You were following me.”

“And you were being obnoxious!”


“I look at you one time and then you chase me off the bus and harass me. Who does that? There’s no way you can think that a furred monstergirl wearing a huge coat in the summer is even remotely normal and I was just curious about it!”

Her expression twisted one way and another between anger and confusion. “What? Are you talking about last week when I started to take the bus?”


“I’m sorry if I’m a little too different for you, buzzcut, but that doesn’t give you permission to molest me with your eyes!” Her paw pressed harder into my chest. “Neither does it mean you can follow me around!”

“I’m sorry, when did they make curiosity illegal?”

“This isn’t simple curiosity! It’s stalking!”

“Really, I follow you one time and that’s—”

“So you were following me!”

“Yes, okay, fine, I was following you! I just… I have to know and you weren’t giving me any answers.”

“Know what?”

“Why you’re wearing that coat.”

She looked down at her coat then back to me. “It’s really bugging you that much?”

“I don’t know, maybe? Yes?”

“Make up your mind!”

“Yes, it is bugging me that much!”

Her arms went slack and she slouched, shaking her head as she stared at me. “What is wrong with you that you care so much?”

“Are you going to tell me or not?”

“I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out if I’m crazy for considering it instead of just kicking your ass.”

“How can I convince you?”

She tapped her chin in thought. “Alright, how about this. You tell me what exactly made you so curious and also promise to leave this alone after our conversation. That means no more stalking.”

“It was one time!”

“No. Stalking.”

“You know what? Fine. Fine, if you’ll answer my question, I’ll do it.”

She finally gave me some room. Crossing her arms, she smirked at me and said, “Alright then, out with it.”

I scratched my neck and looked away. Oh, god, how did I let it come to this? “I have… a thing… for redheads.”

The smirk flickered and her arms went slack. “What?”

As if saying it once wasn’t hard enough. “I have a thing for redheads!”

I kept my eyes locked on the dumpster beside me, waiting for her reaction. My guess was it’d be somewhere between a punch and a yell.

“Of course it’s that simple.” She sighed. “Leave it to a man to do something this stupid for a fetish.”

“It’s not a fetish, just a preference.” I turned to her and was surprised to find she wasn’t glaring. Amused, in fact.

“I guess I can let it slide. If you’d tried to make something up I would’ve punched you for it.”

“Gee, thanks. Now it’s your turn.”

She started to undo one of the buttons on her trenchcoat, then stopped and looked me up and down, eyes full of intent and drinking in every inch. Ho boy. It was ‘that’ look. I’ve seen ‘that’ look before from monstergirls.

“You know what? I have a better idea.” Her paws left the button. “Give me your number.”


“And your name. I still don’t know what to call you.”


“Because I want to call you after work today.”

“Okaaay.” I leveled my gaze at her. “What’s going on here?”

“Surely you’ve heard of a booty call, right?”

“Wh— what the hell? A minute ago you were about to punch me!”

“If we’re both being completely honest, I have a thing for chubby guys with short hair.”

“I am not chubby!”

She squeezed the flab around my waist. “What’s this, then?”

“It’s… a work in progress!” I smacked her paw away.

“Whatever you say. Are you going to give me your name and phone number or not? Because I’m not exactly brimming with patience.”

“You haven’t told me why you wear the coat, yet.”

“If you give me your number, I will show you why. Tonight.”

My hands squeezed into fists so tight I could feel my fingernails biting my palms. So many reasons why I should just spit in her face and leave right here. And the way she was looking down at me, arms crossed, weight shifted to one side with a look of half-amusement, half-impatience like the very existence of me was sufferable.

“Fine.” I extended my hand. “Kevin.”

Her paw enveloped my hand and gave it a firm shake. “Jenna.”

What can I say? I have a thing for redheads.


I didn’t even try to go to work that day.

My phone glowed in my lap, silently asking if I was going to turn it off or not. I mean, Jenna was an ornery, in-your-face, bullheaded monster. It’s not like we’d become best friends or anything. I didn’t understand her motivation, either. She said she had a thing for chubby guys—which I am NOT—and guys with short hair, but that hardly seemed enough for the 180 she pulled.

Then again, I’d kinda done the exact same.

I started when the phone buzzed in my lap and watched it bounce off the couch toward the floor. With catlike reflexes, I snatched at the phone, whiffing and tossing my balance enough to make me flop over. I had a great view of my phone hitting the floor, though. Grabbing my phone, I glared at the incoming call screen a moment before picking up.


“Huh. You answered. Quicker than I figured, too.”

“I’m good with phones.”

“Sure you are. Do you know where 63rd and Greensdale is?”

“Ummm,” I tapped my cheek as I worked out a mental map. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. Northwest corner, two houses up, it’s brown on the outside. 811. There should be parking on the side of the street if you’ve got a car. See you soon.”

“Hey, I haven’t even told you—”

Guh. She’d hung up on me. Was there room in that head for anyone else but her? Whatever. I’d dealt with worse.

Fifty minutes later, I stepped off the bus not a block from her place. Now that I knew the route, I could understand why she chose my particular bus in the morning… but that still didn’t mean I was condoning her behaviour.

I walked down a row of nearly-identical houses, all smushed up against each other, two small stories and not all that deep. Just close enough to the city for a reasonable commute and decent rent. Bigger than my place too, not that it mattered. I wonder how much she makes?

The boring shade of brown of her house looked like black at this time of night, but it stuck out against the blue and yellow on either side. A fiery red like her hair would’ve fit in better, I think. I pulled at my collar, took a deep breath, and knocked.

A tumbling of footsteps came from within, the light behind the peephole disappeared, and the door opened up. There Jenna was, in all her glory, just sweatpants and a casual t-shirt. Her pale skin looked nice against the crimson and orange of her fur, and the way her hair flowed over her shoulders and down past her mane made her look like, well, like she was just another manticore. I couldn’t make much else out given the huge blanket draped over her shoulders and wrapped around her front.

Those deep red eyes reached down to my toes and back up to my face. When her lower lip disappeared into her mouth for a moment, I felt the first stirs of something primal within me. That intentioned stare ended with a bemused smile.

“Come on in, Kevin. I thought you’d struggle to get here for another ten minutes at least.”

“I’ve taken the bus for years. Do you really think I’d have a hard time with a slightly different route?”

“You never know.” She started walking toward the back of the house. “I’m going to grab the food. Living room’s on your right.”

I took a step in and closed the door behind me. The entry hall, which reached all the way to the back of the house, was decorated with pictures of food and restaurants. Maybe she worked at a restaurant or something.

Instead of going straight to the living room, I found myself creeping down the entry hall, wondering if I could get a peek at her kitchen.

And it did, sort of. When I finally got a glimpse inside, I didn’t see fancy pots or stoves or spice racks, but rather a whirl of activity centered around a single manticore. She was busy with something, though I couldn’t make out much of what as her back was to me and that blanket billowed out. Even then, I could tell something was up. The movement under her blanket made it look like there was something else there, though I couldn’t tell what.

The moment the smell hit my nose, my mouth started watering. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. I watched for a few silent moments before one of her movements spooked me into backing off and walking to the living room like she first suggested.

I stood in the middle of the room, looking around, trying to figure out what to do with myself. She didn’t have much furniture, but there was enough to entertain a couple guests. More pictures, though this time focused on buildings instead of food, a fake fireplace, a cozy couch and a recliner. I considered the recliner, but she might not appreciate the obvious attempt to keep distance between us. After taking seat on the couch, I rattled off the first thing that came to mind, speaking loud enough for her to hear in the kitchen.

“You seem pretty relaxed with all this.”

“Why shouldn’t I be? It’s my house.”

“Do you have strange men over often?”

“Hardly ever.”

“Should I feel lucky, then?”

“I’d say so.”

I spun to the doorway, where her voice now came from. The blanket was gone, exposing the casual wear underneath and instantly answering the question I’d come here for.

Jenna had six arms.

Now without the coat, I could make out where the light red fur on her paw turned to a deeper crimson up her forearms, which gave way to thicker and thicker splotches of burnt orange. The fur looked rather fluffy, though not so pristinely-kept with bulges and stray hairs here and there. She moved all six arms without trouble.

In a fantastic show of aplomb, I gaped at her. Hard. My jaw hung open wide, giving the manticore a wonderful view of uvula for a solid ten seconds before she decided to walk the rest of the way in the room. Her movement snapped me out of my unparalleled shock, allowing me to notice what was in her paws.

She had a plate full of a generous pile of something in two paws and in two others she had drinks. She set everything down on the coffee table and eased herself into the couch next to me, then angled herself so she could rest her feet on the coffee table.

From behind her drink she said, “It’s rude to stare, you know.”

“I, uh, well, more, it’s I don’t know what else to do.”

“Let me go through all the usual questions, then. No, I don’t know exactly why I got them, I was only ever told it was some weird birth defect. Yes, they’re all perfectly functional. Yes, I can get by just fine with four extra arms. They’re is helpful at times, but a burden at others. No, I can’t detach them.”

“Wait, detach them? People really ask that?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Where do you find clothes? With the extra sleeves, I mean.”

“Same place scylla and arachne go.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.”

She took another sip of her drink. “You’re a weird one.”

“Wh— you just revealed you have six arms and I’m the weird one!?”

“Yeah. No one’s ever asked about my clothes before. I have a feeling your curiosity gets you into trouble with some regularity.”

“Maybe.” I was working on it, though.

We stared at each other in silence.

“You should have something to eat and drink,” she said, grabbing one of the pieces of food off the tray. It looked like a large roll, steam wafting off the top.

“What is that?” I said, pointing at the food.

“Pork and ham baked into a roll with some spices. Not a complete meal, but it’ll do.” She’d already grabbed one and taken a big bite out of it. I followed suit, albeit with caution.

“These are pretty good. Do you have a name for them?”

“Ball stuffers.”

“‘Ball stuffers’?”

“I wanted to fit ‘balls’ into the name somehow, and meaty balls was too generic while meatball was already taken. Ball stuffer describes what they’re supposed to do pretty well anyways. Plenty of protein to keep you going when you need to.”

I paused, considering her words. “Are you sure this isn’t a regular thing for you?”

“Positive,” she shot back.

With a poor excuse for subtlety, I started looking around for something else to talk about. My attention latched onto the most obvious thing.

“So, uh, I noticed your arms are pretty toned. Do you work out a lot?”

“Sort of. I don’t really like cardio, so I end up spending a lot of time on my arms. I realized a while ago that I have to keep all of my arms in the same shape, otherwise I’ll inevitably misjudge my strength and end up losing my balance or messing up whatever I was trying to do.”

“Wow, I never thought about that. Do you have gym you go to regularly?”

“No way, I’m not lifting where people can gawk at me. I’ve got a really basic setup here.”

“You have room for that in this place?”

“Just enough.”

I finished off another ball stuffer and took a drink. “Where do you work?”

“I’m a cook at a family-friendly italian place. I end up cooking a lot of the stereotypical American Italian dishes. The head chef gets to do the interesting stuff, I’m mostly stuck with the dishes you could do in your sleep like spaghetti.”


She shot me a look before grabbing another ball stuffer. “That’s all? A huh?”

“I guess I was expecting something else, but now that I think about it, I don’t really know what that something else was. So, is this restaurant you work at a fancy place or more low key?”

“Low key. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere too upscale.”

“Why not?”

She shrugged.

“Is it because of the attention your arms would bring? All you have to do for that is give the first asshole who says something a nice haymaker and no one… will…”

Her ears twitched at my trailing off.

“That’s why you did it. That’s why you yelled at me for staring at you the first day on the bus. You didn’t want me to make a deal about your arms when you decided to stop wearing that trenchcoat.”

She stared at the ball stuffer in her paw, turning away from me. “It’s better than the alternative, I’ve found.”

“You’ve found? What do you mean?”

“I move around a lot. If I don’t make the right impression the moment people start to notice me, eventually I have to deal with the consequences.” She raised up her extra arms. “Can’t hide these forever. I’ve tried that too.”

“How many times have you moved?”

She turned to look at me. “You sure have a lot of questions.”

“Just curious.”

“Guess that makes sense.” She threw the last ball stuffer in her mouth, grabbed the plate, and stood up. “You know what? I don’t feel like doing this any more. It was fun, but I think we’re done here. I’ll put these dishes away and you can let yourself out.”

I stared at her, trying to figure out if she was joking or not. “Oh… kay? Is there a reason?”

“You talk too much.” And she was out of the room.

I sat on the couch a moment, half-expecting her to walk back in and change her mind, but I soon heard dishes clinking, meaning she was back in the kitchen. I hadn’t even heard her walk back there. Paws must not make much sound on wood floors.

When the thought occurred to me that I was alone in a stranger’s house, the couch became a very awkward place to sit. I got to my feet, looked around for a moment, then walked out of the room.

“Well, uh, bye then,” I called out.

She didn’t answer.

I slipped my shoes back on, sighed, and grabbed the door handle to let myself out. Before I could, however, a paw was on my wrist. I stared at the paw then opened my mouth to ask about it when another paw was shoved over my mouth. I reached to pull it off with my free hand, but that too was seized.

Hot breath tickled my ear. “I lied,” she whispered.

The next moment, I was covered in paws. One took my legs out from underneath me, catching me before I fell. Another went under my back and the last grabbed my ankles and pinched them together. She started to carry me up the stairs and I protested, but against her strength, my meager struggles meant nothing. I felt like a child.

“I can’t help it that I love the pounce so much,” she said, grinning at me. “You don’t mind, do you?”

All I could do was narrow my eyes with her paw still over my mouth.


As she carried me upstairs and to her bedroom, her paws deftly removed my clothes. One slipped under my shirt and lifted it over my head with the help of another while two more undid my pants and eased them down my legs. At the same time I noticed she’d already liberated herself of the loose shirt and sweatpants she’d been wearing and was clad in a bikini the color of her paws, barely holding back her bulging tits and teasing at the edges of her pussy. I also saw outlines of a toned core as well, abs hiding beneath smooth skin.

My pants became very tight.

“Glad to see you’re eager, too.”

With her paws too busy either carrying or undressing me, one of my hands was free to run across her abs, tracing her subtle muscles before reaching up for a handful of her breast. My palm and fingers were rough to its immaculate softness and the flesh gave way like a soft pillow. She let out a fluttering growl as I squeezed.

By the time we made it to her bedroom, I was fully naked and raring to go. The way her paws crawled all over me and the blush on her face told me she was of the same mind. The moment her paw left my mouth, I pushed her bikini top out of the way and began teasing her nipple with my tongue, earning me a purr. There was a bump as she sat down on her bed.

“If you’re going to act like a kid then I’ll treat you like one,” she said.

I only had to wonder her meaning for a second before a paw swallowed my cock whole. My teasing tongue paused as I bit down on it; the sudden rush of warmth and fluffiness from her paws sent cold and warm shivers through my body.

Sensing my pause, Jenna brought a paw to the back of my head and pushed me into her tit. “I didn’t ask you to stop.” Another paw grabbed my wrist and guided it to her other breast, while a third paw slipped underneath my cock to knead my balls and the others adjusted to hold me as close to her body as possible. The paw on my cock began to pump gently, pads and fur brushing softly into my throbbing need.

I somehow managed to un-bite my tongue and lick at her nipple. Her skin was salty enough to tingle my tongue as I licked. The paw on the back of my head urged me onward, shoving me further in, and I drew a deep breath of her scent—a musky mane, the sweat of arousal and a lingering shampoo.

She let out a soft moan. “Here it comes.”

A new taste met my tongue. Milk. I switched from teasing to sucking and was rewarded with more. At that, all of her paws squeezed me tighter and the one one my cock began to pump faster. The warmth on my cock grew to heat. The paw on my balls grew greedier and fondled me more viciously. Another paw went to my cock, a single claw teasing my very tip in the tiny area left unattended by her other paws. A mumbling moan sputtered out of my mouth, but I couldn’t stop sucking.

Her wings fluttered and I felt a new appendage join the fun. Her tail wrapped around my shins and the opening swallowed one of my feet. Copious juices drooled down my foot in a sudden chill and the touch of a thousand tongues tickled my toes. I moaned again.

Another gush of milk squirted into my mouth and I swallowed without hesitation. I took her other nipple between two fingers, pinched, released, and pinched again. Jenna responded by adjusting her moving paw’s grip, this time adding a twist to her pumping and letting a claw from her other paw tease the very base of my cock.

My thoughts started to blur, the breadth of her attentions scrambling my brain, foremost the skill of the paw on my cock. Each pump filled me with heat enough to burn, a heat wrought with a fiery pleasure. The softest fur and coziest paw pads caressed my member over and over.

“Are you about to cum? I can feel it in your balls,” she said, giving them an extra squeeze. “Go ahead, I’ll let you cum. Let my paw drain you.”

With that, her paw clamped down and pumped even faster. I had no choice. I let out a shameless moan into her tit as I thrust into her paw, shooting my seed carelessly into the air at her demand. With each thrust I let out more, her paw always urging me to keep going, pumping away all through my orgasm, slow, deliberate strokes meant to drain as much as possible. She even shifted one of her paws to help my hips up when my thrusts began to weaken.

And when my thrusts stopped and the last of my cum merely dribbled out, her paw only sped up.

Struggling to catch my breath, I squeezed her breast to get her attention. “Jenna, stop, that’s everything.”

She shook her head and continued to pump. “I told you if you were to act like a kid then I’d treat you like one, and kids don’t get to make adult decisions.”

“Jenna, ple—”

Her paw forced my face back into her breast. I reached to remove her paw, but she grabbed me by the wrists and forced my hands to my sides.

“If you’re not going to do anything useful with those hands, then they won’t be doing anything.”

I shouted into her silky skin, trying to get my message across, but she already knew what I wanted, she just didn’t care. Her paw glided effortlessly up and down my throbbing red shaft, knowing exactly how sensitive it was. My balls laid in the palm of her other paw while her thumb idly pushed them around.

I jerked and twisted my head, my hips, my chest, anything to get some leverage, but Jenna had me right where she wanted me. My strength was nothing to hers. When I truly came to realize I had no way of stopping her, her paws’ attentions became like lightning. Each stroke zapped my cock and the shock electrified my balls before zipping up my spine and reverberating through my body.

I tried to pull my hips away from her reach, but the paw that had once helped them now held them in place. I tried biting her nipple, but that just gave me a moan and more milk. My body began to spasm under her relentless pumping paw. My muscles ached and twitched beyond my control.

Every individual strand of fur, each velvety paw pad, each hard claw tip, and even the sound of the elevated, aroused breathing from above me were burned into my brain. Starting at my extremities, my body began to grow numb everywhere that brutal, wonderful paw wasn’t pumping. When the paw on my balls squeezed closed again, I could feel the familiar burning rising again.

“I knew you liked it. Go on, one more time. Don’t worry, I won’t stop pumping until you’re all done.”

I let out a gasp as I exploded into her skilled paw once more. Every muscle in my body screamed at the impossible strain a simple pumping motion had put them through, igniting with pain and pleasure at once. I shoved my hips as hard into her stroking paw as possible, both desperate to escape the overwhelming sensations and eager to feel them more. Cum soiled her paw, dripping down and sticking to the fur, emanating the stark, familiar smell of release mixed with Jenna’s own unique scent.

True to her word, the paw continued to pump, precise and intentioned, all the way through my release until there was neither a drop of cum left nor an ounce of strength left in my hips. This time, however, there was an end to it. She smiled down at my exhausted member, her thumb idly teasing my tip and smearing the cum around.

“Not bad for two in a row.”

Her paw allowed my head to separate from her chest and I drew back, breathing hard. “Jenna, you can’t do that, I thought I was going to go crazy.”

“‘Can’t’? I just did.” She smirked. “Besides, I can tell you enjoyed it.”

I tried to glare at her, but it was very difficult to do to that face. “Maybe. Just, don’t act like I’m a kid, alright?”

“Alright. I’m sorry, I do get carried away when I’ve got a cute guy helpless in my paws. I can’t help but push him as far as I can. I won’t do it again without asking.”

I expected her to let go of me after that, but instead she laid back onto the bed, carrying me along. She repositioned herself beneath me, my head resting against that comfy mane with her breasts on either side and downy paws lightly holding my shoulders, hips, and arms. Her wings curled up and around us almost like a blanket while her furry legs rubbed up against my thighs, then gently urged them open.

Laying against her like this was far more comfortable than I could’ve imagined.

I gave a cursory tug and my arms and legs, finding her grip not nearly as constricting as before. Either she’d actually listened, or just wanted me to feel like I could escape. And the way her paws began to creep towards my cock made me think she still had plenty planned.

“I’m only human, Jenna. There’s no way I can keep going.”

“Are you forgetting what I am?”

Her tail snaked around above us and she plucked one of the spines off it before lowering it back down. She held it before me, close enough I could see the venom dripping off the tip.

“I see your point.”

She paused, then I felt her chest rumble beneath me as she chuckled. “Trying to be funny, huh? But that just tells me you’re nervous, and you should never let me know you’re getting nervous.” The dripping spine lowered toward my thigh. “It just makes me want to tease you more.”

“Or maybe you’re just too easy to—gguuuahhh—”

I grunted as the tip broke skin and she eased the spine in just deep enough to know it would do its job before tossing it away. The venom struck quickly. Heat spread from the prick, swallowing my leg in an instant before journeying up to my waist and stomach. When it hit my heart, I could feel my heart strain and pump faster, painful for a moment before the heat dulled it away.

Jenna hummed in satisfaction as my member grew back to the stiffness it had before… and continued to grow. I gasped. My cock was so hard I could’ve smashed a rock with it and the need, the ache, it was something I’d never so much as glimpsed before. My fingers dug hard into the sheets and my eyes bulged out of my head. I could’ve cum to a stiff breeze if I wanted, but somehow I pushed that need back and swallowed it into my gut.

“Holy shit.”

Four of her paws gravitated toward my raging member. Part of me want to pull them away while part of me wanted to urge them forward. In the end, all I could manage to do was watch.

“Try not to cum right away.”

All four descended on my cock at once. Each made a ring between the thumb and pointer and closed it tight around me with the paw at my base scooping up my balls as well. With four paws, Jenna had plenty to smother every inch of me in silky pleasure. When she began to pump, all four paws moved in unison to deliver a sensation impossible with just one or even two, and the grasp each had focused the pressure on four distinct rings instead one uniform pressure like before.

I moan and arched my back, my head pressing further into Jenna’s mane. Alone, her technique could’ve made me cum easily, but with her venom coursing through me, each second was a crippling battle to hold on. I started to punch the bed over and over, but Jenna’s two free paws grabbed my wrists and held them tight.

“It’s okay to cum, I’ll only judge you a little.”

Gritting my teeth, I looked away from her paws. She wouldn’t win so easily.

Her paws steadily sped up, shocking me with wave after wave of pleasure. Before I could grow accustomed to it, however, her paws began to twist as well. Not quite in sync, but in a spiral, like my cock was a screw drilling into a hole she’d fitted just for it. With each pump I wanted more, wanted to drive myself harder into her soft, pawed prison. It wasn’t long before I began to thrust, even knowing it would mean an end to my resolve.

Responding to my urge, her paws tightened and grew faster. Four wonderful paws, all focused on my dick, twisted and pumped with intention. My cock swelled with a familiar warmth that burned hotter and hotter as Jenna picked up speed. With release in sight, I thrusted wholeheartedly into the swirl of paws and pleasure.

They instantly stopped.


“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet.”

Three of her paws clasped together to bury my member in padded tomb while the fourth kneaded my balls. One of her fingers even teased at going further back, but retreated when I jerked away.

Now my member was completely smothered, not a hint of light or air could breach that rapturous cage. Far tighter and complete than anything else Jenna had done, her paws set my cock afire with the bliss of her touch. She began to move the tomb up and down, but slowly, too slowly to get me off.

“You can’t seriously be teasing me like this!”

She ran a paw through my hair. “If you want to cum, fuck my paws.”


“I’ve done all the work up until now. Use your hips. Fuck. My. Paws.”

With a growl, I did just that. I jammed my cock as deep into her heavenly paws as possible, momentarily surprised when I met no sort of back wall. Somehow, her pawpussy was deep enough for my thrusts.

Her paws became alive again, loosening just a touch when I thrust in as closing tight as I drew back, caressing my length with her undulating paw pads and blissful fur. Each time I thrust, I jammed myself further in, trying to find an end to her pawpussy, and each time I found only more fluffy pleasure.

As if I needed urging, Jenna moved her two other paws to my hips and helped them push harder and higher. Soon the motions became automatic. My hips were driven by endless hunger. My eyes strained to open wider. Fiery breath coursed through my lungs and my hips ached from exertion. Moaning freely, I concentrated on her paws, yearning to let loose in them once more.

Thrusting with all the strength left in me, I drove myself into her paws and shouted at the ceiling. Knowing my need, her paws clamped down hard and pushed me over the edge. Waves of heat and lightning rushed out from my cock, reverberating through my entire body as I came. I shot harder than ever before into the tiny confines of her pawpussy, but it let none of it escape. While my mind sparked and stormed with the orgasm, Jenna’s paws squirmed and pumped, making sure I’d let everything out.

When I finally collapsed, she let my cock free. Bringing up her paws, she showed off the cum oozing out of the entrance I’d been so recklessly fucking. Several drops fell free which Jenna caught in a paw and licked up.

“It’s quite amazing what you can do with six arms, don’t you agree?” she asked.

“Hell yes,” I said through labored breaths. “I don’t think I’ll be able to settle for two after this.”

“You’re such a suck-up.”

“No, just trying to get into your pants.”

Jenna laughed.

Her paws moved away and I heard something going off to the side, but I couldn’t get a good look without moving, and I definitely didn’t want to move. “What are you doing?”

“Cleaning off my paws. You made quite a mess and we’re not done yet.”

“I dunno, I’m feeling pretty spent.” I placed a hand on my heart. It was beating fast enough to burst.

“But that disagrees,” she said, pointing to my cock.

She was right. It was still standing straight up as if we hadn’t even started. The venom.

“There we go.” She showed off six clean paws. “It’s good to be prepared for these situations.”

I reached out and touched my member. It ached for more and my balls felt plenty full, but my chest was seizing up and my muscles were begging for rest.

“Really, Jenna, I know it looks like I’m ready for more, but I don’t think I can handle it.”

“That’s fine. You don’t have to do any of the work any more. Just lie there and relax.”

Her paws descended on me again, but this time no where near my cock. Two grabbed my shoulders, two my arms, and the last two laid atop my head. The two on my head began to scratch my scalp lightly with claws, while the others kneaded and massaged where they’d grabbed me.

“Ooh, that’s amazing.”

I could hear her smile. “I’m not done yet.”

Her tailpussy emerged from behind her, slowly curling around to hover over my waist. Oh, yes, manticores did have those, didn’t they? Jenna flexed it open and closed, drooling cool juices over my burning cock.

“Now I’m going to latch this onto you and start sucking. All you need to do for me is cum whenever you feel like it. Don’t hold back, just release into it as many times as you can, okay?”

“I’m, um… whatever you say.”

“Good. Here we go.”

I sucked in a sharp breath as the tailpussy fit snug over my cockhead and swallowed me to the base. Without a moment’s hesitation, the slick flesh inside started to squirm about, licking, kissing, massaging my member in a hundred ways everywhere at once. Jenna eased her tail up and down, leaving my exposed skin begging to return to her syrupy lips the moment it withdrew. At the same time, she let out a moan, whispering something to herself I couldn’t quite make out.

Her tailpussy wasn’t the only thing at work, however. Paws continued to work my joints, my skin, my muscles with their squishy touch. My shoulders melted under her ministrations, my elbows turned to jelly, and my mouth gaped open at the soothing scratches on my scalp. When my arms had turned to jelly, the paws on my elbows moved to my chest, digging into me with careful, firm motions.

The moment I thought I’d forgotten about her tail, it began to suck. My hips lifted off the bed a moment on instinct, but Jenna drove her tail back down to push me into the bed.

“Just, mmm, let it work, Kevin. I won’t stop.”

I tried to take a deep breath, but the suction on my cock was becoming unbearable. Jenna was no longer pumping, but focusing on undulating the walls of her tailpussy, tightening to the point of cutting off circulation before relaxing to a lazy grip, all the while assaulting my member with those slick ridges and buds inside.

“I think I’m going to—”

She put a finger over my mouth. “Don’t talk, just let it out. Cum.”

I jerked in a fierce yet contained orgasm. The tingling in my balls exploded through my body like a firework and I drove myself as deep into her tail as possible. Jenna slipped her tailpussy to my base, meeting my thrusts with an ever-growing suction and waves of pressure travelling from my base to my tip. Each pulse pulled more and more cum out of me until the peak passed and I was once more limp in her paws.

“Was that so bad?” she said, her tailpussy continuing its work.

I pushed it out of my thoughts for a moment. “You don’t have to talk down to me, you know.”

She rubbed my head back and forth. “I know, I know. I just want you to be comfortable.”

“On a scale of wooden plank to memory foam, I’d put you at waterbed.”

“I’ll just have to see if I can turn you into liquid too, then.”

Her paws dug harder into me, reaching all the way to bone. I arched my back and jostled around, but as soon as I grew accustomed to it, I wanted more. The paws on my chest shifted to my sides while her tailpussy went back to pumping. Now that it had a taste of its meal, it was drooling freely, clearly unsatisfied with only one serving.

“How long are you going to do this?”

“As long as you last. My venom’s pretty potent, so for someone your size, it’ll probably last, oh, six or seven orgasms.”

“Six or seven…” My head spun. I’d only gotten past two. “I think I might have gone crazy by then. Or at least passed out.”

“You can go to sleep, I won’t mind. My tail will stop when it’s done.”

She gave an extra hard tug and suck to drive the point home.

“Is that even healthy?”

“It’d be worse to leave you full. Besides, this is, mmm, this is when men are the best. Worn out, helpless, yet still as hard as ever.” She was breathing hard now, really getting into it.

“I, ahh—”

Her tailpussy broke through my defenses and extracted another orgasm. I shivered this time, but not as intensely as the last, and Jenna let out a long moan. Surely, she was draining me, but of strength as well as cum. With another release spent, her tail continued as if nothing had happened.

My eyelids grew heavy. “You will stop eventually, right?”

“Of course. If there’s nothing left, no point in trying to drain more.”

Once of her paws hit a particularly tense knot and my body went numb for a moment before melting even further back into her embrace.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to wake up an empty husk.”

Jenna spat out a laugh through heavy breaths. “You really need to relax. Focus on my tail, give it what it wants. Let yourself go.”

I closed my eyes and gave up the last of my will to her. Completely limp, my body became her paw’s plaything as her tail contracted and sucked ever more. I barely noticed my cock heat up as it released once again into her proficient tail. How many was that? How many more to go? Nah, it didn’t matter. I shouldn’t worry about it.

‘Yeah,’ I thought as I drifted into sleep, ‘I guess this is alright.’

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  1. Excellent, I really enjoyed reading it on your Pastebin and I’m glad you joined here too, we can now leave feedback.

    All your stories are top-notch. I’ve wanted to say that for a very long time.

  2. I’m not really a fan of femdom, but I did enjoy this story, probably because none of it was really heavy handed. There’s a few spelling errors and some grammar I personally found a little weird, but I think overall it’s a very well written piece, thank you for sharing it!

  3. Very much enjoyed this, besides the odd error it was very well written and hit all the right notes for me. I’d love to see more in the same vein or even better, a continuation.

    1. Man, you really have way with the words. Oh goodness the interaction feels so good among the characters and the h-scenes are truly spicy af!

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