Maid to Serve Ch 3

David groaned as he shut off the alarm. He could have slept for a few more hours but life called. Pulling himself out of bed and throwing on his clothes, his thoughts drifted to last nights dream. He wondered if it was going to be the norm now that Claire was living with them. 

No, it felt so wrong perving out on the very woman that he invited to live in his house from being out in the cold. He would be such a scum bag in doing that.

Opening the door, he called out,

“Amy! Time to wake up!”

Making his way to the kitchen, he was surprised to already see Claire up and cooking breakfast.

“Good morning Master David.” She greeted him cheerfully.

“Uh.. Good morning,” he blinked in surprise, “You’re up awfully early?”

“Of course! It is a maid’s duty to prepare the morning meal for her master.” She stated while flipping a few eggs on the frying pan.

“Yeah a-about the whole Master thing…” David began.

“Morning Claire!” Amy exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen.

“Wait. I usually have to pull you kicking and screaming out of bed and now you’re up and fully dressed just because Claire’s cooking again?!” He asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah I wanted to eat Claire’s breakfast!”

Frowning, David didn’t know whether to be insulted or happy in Amy’s sudden change. As he sat down, Claire pressed a steaming mug of coffee into his hands and a glass of orange juice into Amy’s.

“The food will be ready in just a moment.”

Taking a sip of his coffee, David found it to be unusually robust and flavorful.

“How did you know I take my coffee black?”

“Oh… just a guess Master.” Claire faltered slightly. She didn’t want to admit that while she linked her consciousness with his to give him that deliciously erotic dream last night; she also discovered his favorite foods and drinks as well.

“Is it not to your liking?”

“Uh, no it’s great! Thank you!” He replied before taking another sip.

“You are very welcome,” she smiled as she set their breakfasts down in front of them.

Once again, Claire didn’t disappoint. Perfectly cooked eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage with some buttered toast. David usually didn’t go all out in the morning as he didn’t have the time to, so this was a great change.

“Claire, you’re gonna eat with us too, right?” Amy asked before digging in.

“If you so wish, then yes I would love to,” She answered with an almost motherly smile.

“Yesh plwease!”

“Amy, what did I tell you about talking with your mouth full?”


Claire giggled gently as she sat down with her own food. She loved watching the father daughter conversations as it warmed her heart each time. Despite the grandeur of serving the Montgomerys, there was never that kind of closeness and banter. Even though she had just started serving David and Amy, she felt more at home with them than her former Masters.

“I had the bestest dream last night!” Amy suddenly said as if just remembering.

“D-dream?” He squeaked while suddenly recalling his own very sexual one again.

Claire discretely looked over to David’s flustered face and unconsciously licked her lips.

“Uhhuh! I was in Farm Town! Like in the game! I was petting the sheep and the horses, and even feeding them! I was getting all the vegetables and everything!”

“Th-that’s nice baby. I’m glad…”

“What about you daddy?”

“Me? Oh, me. Yeah. N-no no dreams,” He replied as sweat began to collect on his brow. He was glad that Amy finally had a good dream and not a nightmare but his own was a bit too adult to mention to his daughter.

As they finished, Claire reminded David,

“I will take care of the cleaning, Master. Just leave the dishes where they are.”

It felt so odd to David, just leaving his dirty dishes to be cleaned by someone else. For years, he had cooked and cleaned for both Amy and himself. It would take some time to get used to Claire doing all that for them.

“I also made you and Amy lunches for today as well.” She added as she handed them both brown paper bags.

“Oh… um thank you,” He nodded shyly, taking his bag while Amy excitedly took hers. Usually he would just grab something out of a vending machine or run to the nearby Burger Queen and Amy would get a school lunch in the cafeteria. Each grabbing their own bag, they said their goodbyes before leaving for school and work.

“Claire is so great.” Amy mentioned as they drove to her school. It was the first time in a long while that they were actually early in leaving the house.

“She is very nice yes…” David replied not mentioning his mixed feelings of both attraction and suspicion for her. Either way, he would be accessing the webcams on and off throughout the day to check in on what she was doing.


Placing Amy’s empty glass and plate in the sink to wash, Claire sent a couple tentacles to retrieve David’s cup and dish. Licking the edge where he sipped from, she could taste his saliva. Claire greedily swallowed the remaining coffee then turned her attention to the fork he was using. Plunging it into her mouth, Claire’s flexible tongue sought any trace of his flavor. He was so delicious, she could taste him for eons and still never be satisfied. Once she was sure she had absorbed all of it, she continued to wash the plates, utensils, pots and pans. Of course there was the dishwasher but what civilized maid would ever use such a contraption?

As she cleaned, her other tentacles scrubbed the stove top, the counters and the table while another began to mop the linoleum. There was a joyous harmony in her work and yellow eyes sprouted throughout her body to direct each appendage in their duty.

She knew that there was a camera in the kitchen as well as some in the living room so she had a very limited amount of time to do work utilizing her tentacles. Humans and even some Mamono tended to have an aversion to someone using multiple appendages in anything that they do. She certainly didn’t want David to think of her in any negative way, so she would be forced to use just two arms and hands later on.


Once finished, she continued on to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Amy’s room was fairly easy as it was just her bed that needed to be made and the carpet to be vacuumed. Shifting a tentacle into a vacuum, Claire fixed the bed while she simultaneously did the floor. She noticed that Amy had some dirty laundry laying on the ground, so she sent another tentacle to collect them to be cleaned later.

As with Amy’s room, Claire found much of the same work with David’s. She threw Amy’s clothes with her father’s in his hamper while the floor was vacuumed. This time however, Claire took her time making his bed. She caressed the sheets and blankets as she pulled them tightly over the mattress. The pillows, yes the pillows. Claire grabbed the most heavily used one and brought it to her face. Inhaling deeply, she savored his scent. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as tasting his semen but it would do for now. Reluctantly putting it back down, she took the hamper to the small laundry room.

The washer was old, and had seen better days. Of course she wasn’t going to use it, even it were a new, state of the art model, she wouldn’t bother. Her body shifted and changed to that of a purple copy of the machine in front of her. Two purple hoses sprouted from it and connected to the water and drain while a tentacle dumped the clothes into her new form. Grabbing a pair of his underwear, a pert, petite nose formed on the end of the appendage. Claire couldn’t help but sniff at its musky smell, becoming more and more aroused by it. She wished she could savor it from its source or at least had the time to pleasure herself, but her duties awaited. Reluctantly placing the boxers back inside, she added a bit of detergent and began washing the clothes using her own morphed body.

No rickety machine was going to be cleaning her master’s and his daughter’s clothes anymore if she had anything to say about it. Claire happily churned away as she agitated the clothes over and over again, making sure they were fully washed. Another few tentacles were sent to the bathrooms to clean.

Once she declared them done, Claire spun the clothes removing the excess water, forcing it out of the drain hose. She did such a good job at it that they were practically dry albeit a little moist. Changing into a dryer, Claire used her versatile body to force air into her chamber as the clothes tumbled over and over. Soon, they were dry and ready to be folded.

Humming a happy tune to herself, she returned Amy’s and David’s clothes to their rightful dressers. Tomorrow, she would change their bedsheets and pillow cases.

This was what she missed. Purpose. Servitude.


“Hey hot stuff, how ya doing?” Daniella, his harpy coworker, winked at him from the entrance to his cubicle.

David worked IT for a local company and thankfully managed to make enough to support himself and Amy, although sometimes money was tight.

There was a number of Mamono working there who always liked to flirt and even asked him out a number of times. Every time, David would gently turn them down. Dating… it just seemed so far away. He didn’t want to take time away from Amy nor did he want to replace her mother.

“Hey Dannie, how are you doing?” He waved from his computer.

“Ah nothing, just glad it’s hump day. And speaking of such, I wouldn’t mind if we did a little humping ourselves later,” The harpy leered.

“Haha, well I’m a little busy this week..” He laughed shyly while scratching his nose.

“Awww, you’re never free for any fun.” Daniella pouted but then began to sniff the air, “What’s that smell?” She asked suspiciously.

“Smell? I don’t smell anything?” He frowned, wondering if he forgot to put on deodorant that morning.

“Yeah, it…” Her eyes narrowed at him, “It smells like a Mamono!”

“Huh?!” David exclaimed.

“That’s what it smells like alright, although it’s a little different than what I’m used to. So who’s the chick you’re banging? Is it Tammy from accounting? I could fuck a million times better than that little Werecat.” She sneered jealously.

Holding up his hands in surrender, he pleaded, “I’m not with anyone! I promise!”

“So why am I smelling one on you then?”

“I…I got a new roommate! Yesterday! She’s a Sho.. sho something.”

“A Shoggoth?” Daniella asked as her eye went wide.

“I think so?”

“Damn David, that’s kinky as fuck… You got a maid fetish or something? Because I could totally dress up and call you Master,” she offered with a lewd grin.

“It’s not like that!” He hissed as a few heads were poking out of their cubicles to see what was going on. David was sure that he was blushing hard at her accusations.

“She’s a roommate! Nothing more! And I’m not having… relations with her…”

“If that’s your story, alright. But if you ever get tired of the purple slime girl and want some real pussy, you got my number,” She teased as she walked away.

David sighed as he dropped his head on the desk. Daniella had a mouth on her and he knew that this would become the latest water cooler gossip. But how could she “smell” Claire on him? He never had any kind of real physical interaction with her besides the couple times that… well, anyway and he most certainly didn’t have sex with her.

Being reminded of Claire, he took his phone out and logged into the camera system he set up yesterday. He found her in the living room dusting and vacuuming away. Nothing looked out of place and she was alone. Well, it seemed like she was holding up her part of the bargain.

Later, David managed to get off on time again that day. Unfortunately he was right with Daniella spreading the word about Claire. He had multiple Mamono and even a few Human women approaching him about it. David didn’t realize how popular he was with the ladies but at the end, he was beginning to sound like a broken record.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone.”

“No, she’s not my girlfriend.”

“No, I’m not having sex with her, she’s just a roommate.”

“No, I don’t have a maid fetish.”

“No, I’m not going to ask her for a threesome with you.”

Over and over again. At least lunch was delicious. A chicken sandwich with some kind of sauce he never tasted. Claire had even fried some thin slices of potato to make homemade chips. Maybe he really could get used to this he thought as he drove to Amy’s elementary school.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Amy exclaimed as she jumped into his car.

“Hi baby, how was school?”

“It was good, I ate Claire’s lunch, did you?”

She asked as she buckled her seatbelt.

“I did! What did you think about yours?”

“It was yummy. I want her to cook all our food.” She replied.

“So my culinary skill are no good anymore?” He teased. In reality it did kind of hurt having his own daughter say that but he had to admit, she was a really good chef. Plus it did help a lot to have Claire cooking, it certainly took some of the weight off his shoulders.

Taking a quick detour, they stopped by the local Tanukimart for a foldable, metal bed frame and a vacuum sealed, compressed, foam mattress in a box for Claire.

Pulling up to their home, he realized that even the outside looked cleaner somehow. The windows were clearer and even the grass was mowed. David had planned to mow the lawn this weekend but it looked like Claire had beaten him to it..

“Welcome home Master David and Amy.” She said warmly as they entered.

“Hi Claire!” Amy said as she ran over to hug the maid.

Both Claire and David were shocked by this. Claire had never received many embraces before and David had only seen Amy hug her close friends and family, not a stranger. But then did she not consider Claire a stranger anymore?

Claire looked to David for guidance, not wanting to overstep her boundaries. He could only smile and nod. It seemed like she indeed wasn’t a stranger.

Claire also couldn’t help but smile and look down as she draped her arms around the girl, retuning her hug. Misty tears of happiness filled her eyes as the Shoggoth realized for the first time, she actually felt loved.

“Claire, are you ok?” David asked softly.

“What’s wrong?” Amy asked, pulling her head up to look at Claire’s face.

“Oh… nothing. I’m just very happy to be with all of you.” She mumbled with a small smile,” But, please, you must both be tried and hungry. I have dinner ready.”

As they ate, the atmosphere seemed to have changed, it felt warmer, more familiar. David, Claire and Amy chatted about her day at school and his day at work. Of course he left out all the things regarding Daniella and the others butting their nose into his life. For the first time, Amy didn’t even bring her phone to the table, which was always an ongoing battle between her and David.

After dinner, Amy got going on her homework while Claire did the dishes again. David ran out to the car and retrieved the frame and mattress. Not wanting to barge into what was now Claire’s private space, he put everything in the living room and asked her where she would like it.

“Master, you shouldn’t have spent your money on me!” Claire said as she looked to the mattress and frame on the floor.

“Well I promised you a bed and I make good on my promises,” David replied proudly. She hadn’t had a bed when she was homeless and now that she was staying with them, he would make sure she had one.

“Thank you Master,” She said bashfully.

“About that whole Master thing-“

“Claire can we set up your bed?” Amy asked excitedly.

“I can do it, it’s not proper for a maid to have her Master and his daughter dote on their maid.”


“She wants to do it herself.” David answered dryly.

“ Ohhhh… ok.”

“Go, shower.”  He gestured with his head towards the bathroom.

“Why do I have to shower every night,” Amy asked annoyed by the chore.

“You know why.”

“If I may Master?” Claire injected between the two. Kneeling down to where she faced the child, she continued, “Amy, it’s always good to be clean. It’s healthy and keeps you from having any unpleasant odors. Other children will make fun of you if you smell bad.”

“I know…” Amy mumbled not meeting Claire’s eyes, “and I will. I promise I won’t ask anymore.”

David and Claire watched as Amy walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Sounds of the bath faucet being turned on, then of the shower going were soon heard afterwards.

“Please forgive me for overstepping myself Master.” Claire begged as she stood with her head lowered to him.

Sighing for a moment, David thought of a response. Yes, she did butt into their conversation, yes she did interfere with his parenting but in doing so, Amy agreed not to bring it up again. Over all it was a win for him…

“It’s ok,” He shrugged, “but next time let me handle things?”

“Of course, I am so sorry, Master.”

“No… no I’m not mad. Just tired I guess.” He replied while massaging his temples. His head was starting to ache from the day.

“Please Master, go shower and relax.” I can take care of the rest.” She said, concerned for him.

Nodding, David thanked her and went back to his own room. He found his bed perfectly made and his laundry hamper emptied. Curious, he checked his dresser and, true enough, his clothes were freshly washed, folded and put away. He definitely could get used to this, as he hated doing laundry, although it did make him feel a little guilty about Claire doing it for him.

Throwing his clothes into the empty hamper while walking into his own bathroom, David turned on his shower and waited for the water to heat up.

He hoped that the shower would ease his headache and at least there were no more… incidents with Claire like last night. He didn’t want her thinking he was some kind of sex crazed creep. Reaching into the stall and finding the water hot enough, David stepped inside. He let out a happy sigh as the warm water caressed his tired body. The day was over with just two more to go afterwards and then it would be the weekend. He was looking forward to sleeping in and he knew Amy was as well, some Saturdays, they would sleep in until almost noon.

Taking his washcloth and shower gel, David lathered his body up, then worked some shampoo into his hair. As he washed, he had the strangest sense that he was being watched. That was ridiculous of course, he was alone in the bathroom, he knew that for certain. Still, the feeling persisted causing him to finish his shower early.

Once dressed in his night clothes, David checked in on Amy to see her sitting up in bed on her phone.

“Get to that next level?” He asked as he sat down on the edge of the mattress.

“Yep! It unlocked a new horse too!” She said as she played.

“Okay,” he chuckled, “well it’s bedtime now. You can play all day Saturday.”

“Yay,” she mumbled as her fingers danced around the phones surface.

“Phone down. Sleep now.” David said as he gently kissed her on the forehead.

“Okay,” Amy yawned as she plugged her phone to the charger and laid down.

“Good night, baby” he whispered as he got up and shut off the rooms light.

“Night daddy.” Amy muttered as she was already falling asleep.

“Master, a word please?” Called Claire as she came out of her room.

“Sure,” David whispered as he waited outside the door to his own room.

“Is your head still hurting?” She asked as she made her way over to him.

“A little, yeah. I was just gonna take a couple ibuprofen or something before I go to bed.”

“May I perhaps suggest an alternative?”

“Ok?” He said, not sure of what she was going to suggest.

Taking his hand in hers, Claire opened his bedroom door and led them inside.

“I-I don’t think I’m comfortable with this…” David protested as she closed the door behind them and pulled him to his bed. Sitting on the side of it, she instructed him to lay down.

“You have my word, I will not harm you or do anything unseemly.” Claire assured him, “Please know that I have your best interest in mind.”

Hesitating as first, David decided to trust the maid as he laid down.

“Put your head on my lap.”

“I’m not-“

“Have faith in me, Master.” She urged.

Sighing, he scooted over and rested his head on her thighs. He really had to do something about the whole “Master” thing. David noticed that Claire smelled of lilacs with just a hint of sweetness. It was a comforting smell, something that made him feel at ease. He still wasn’t entirely ok with how things were going but, that all went away when she started to massage the temples of his forehead.

Her soft fingers made circular motions and applied just the right amount of pressure to his aching head. David could feel the pain evaporating as it was replaced by a euphoric sensation. He never had a massage such as that and it was absolutely blissful. All of his reservations melted away as she then worked upwards to his scalp, deeply kneading into his skin.

David couldn’t help but let loose a happy groan at her work. If there ever was such a thing as cloud 9, he was heavenly on it.

“Feeling better?” Claire giggled quietly.

“Uh huh,” He mumbled as his eyes closed in pleasure and in a matter of seconds, he was asleep.

“Good night Master,” Claire whispered to him softly.

She continued massaging him while enjoying their closeness and the skin to skin contact. Claire smiled happily to herself, she had fun peeping in on his shower by sending an eyestalk tentacle into the bathroom. This however was much better. She did promise that she wouldn’t do anything untoward to him, so something like last night was out of the question. Plus she would keep the promise to she made to herself that she wouldn’t provide any kind of sexual service unless he asked.

Bound by these promises, Claire decided that something more romantic was called for.

Placing her hands back to the sides of his head, Claire wove a dream for the both of them. A lovely beach outing with a large blanket to relax on would be nice. She couldn’t show herself in his dreams, at least not yet anyway, so she should change how she appeared. What should she look like though? Perhaps if she pretended to be a human? The very nature of the idea seemed so absurd and taboo yet tantalizing as well. Yet what kind of human should she pose as?

In Claire’s past life, when she was the head maid for the Montgomerys, her former mistress, Mrs. Paula had a number of human fashion magazines from all over the world, she always liked to stay up to date on all the recent trends in order to keep up appearances. One day, as Claire cleaned, she had stumbled upon one of the many littered throughout the woman’s private room. It featured models from all over Asia. As an original immigrant from the portal in Japan, Claire encountered many eastern women in her travels. She had always admired their femininity and natural charms. Claire slyly wondered if perhaps David would enjoy a sexy human asian girl in his dream.

With that settled, she changed the color of her skin from the normal purple to a lighter tone, and her eyes from yellow to brown with just a hint of purple in them. She let her normal ponytailed hair down to rest around her shoulders. She also left her bust and rear size the same so that she could further tease and tempt him.

Claire decided to go casual and dressed herself in a tight, white crop top that exposed a sexy, flat stomach, no bra or panties of course, and a pair of high rise jean shorts with some cute open toe shoes. It was just enough to entice and maybe encourage David to do something that would be pleasurable for both of them. A little make up with some lipstick finally completed her new look.

Looking through her minds eye, she had to congratulate herself on such an exquisitely seductive disguise. It was doubtful that Master David could either recognize or resist her.



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