Maid to Serve Ch 1

It was a beautiful spring morning at the Montgomery estate. The birds were chirping and sun was shining as the head maid, Claire, made her way through the mansion. Of course Claire was not her birth name, as a Shoggoth, her name couldn’t be pronounced by most mortals, so she chose the name Claire.

Like many of her kind, Claire found satisfaction in service and although being ageless, she had found a home with the Montgomery family. The master of the estate, Steven Montgomery was an older man in his mid fifties with salt and pepper hair and a matching beard. He came from wealth and a comfortable lifestyle made him slightly overweight but he carried it well. He was always polite and cordial towards her and the other Mamono maids.

His wife on the other hand, Paula Montgomery, wasn’t wealthy and was shockingly enough a human woman in her early twenties with platinum dyed hair. She was rumored to have had quite a large amount of plastic surgery and had somehow managed to catch his eye a year ago at the local gala ball. There were whispers amongst the maids that Paula did every depraved thing possible in the bedroom to keep her husband satisfied and the money that went along with him secure. She seemed to despise the Mamono staff at the estate and barely even acknowledged Claire.

Still, she thought, the family was kind to her and she could see herself serving them for many, many years.

Being the head maid had its difficulties, especially when the maids under her were Kikimoras who tended to have a particular distaste for her kind. It was an age old rivalry between the two species over who was the better maid. Of course Claire considered herself and her species,the Shoggoths, to be superior. After all, they could form their body to any needed tool or form to serve their master. Could Kikimoras do that? Certainly not.

There was a peace however as everyone in the household eagerly awaited the birth of the newest edition to the family. Paula Montgomery was due to give birth to a baby boy in just a few days. Claire especially looked forward to taking care of their new young master.

Spotting some dirt at the entrance, she formed a broom in her hand and began to sweep all while envisioning a happy future.

She imagined herself being there for the boy as he grew, teaching him and supporting him through his life. Of course, as he matured, she would also be there for his more carnal desires as well. After all, a maid had to service all of her masters needs.

A dark, purplish blush appeared on her face as lewd thoughts crept into her mind while she swept the foyer clean.

“Claire, could I speak to you please?”

Mr. Montgomery’s deep, baritone voice shook the maid from her fantasies as she saw him approaching.

Absorbing the broom back into her body, Claire bowed her head in greeting to her master and employer.

“Of course Master Montgomery.”

“Er… yes…” He hesitated as he fumbled with a Manila envelope in his hands. It was obvious that he was agitated and Claire could see some slight perspiration on his forehead. She hopped he wasn’t getting a cold.

Clearing his throat he continued, “As you very well know Paula will be giving birth very soon.”

Claire smiled brightly at him and nodded,

“Yes, we are all very excited, Master.”

“Yes…yes … of course,” he mumbled uncomfortably, looking away as he continued to fidget with the envelop, “You see… Paula has some… concerns.”

“Concerns, Master?” she tilted her head, confused as to what it could be. The estate was spotless, the nursery was ready with everything one could ever need for a baby and the kitchen was well stocked with both the Masters and Mistresses favorite foods. Claire could not possibly imagine what could be wrong.

“You see, Paula has some concerns in regards to the newborn being around certain people… with certain… energies…that may unknowingly somehow harm the child…” he trailed off as he stared at the tile floor besides her, refusing to meet her eyes.

At first, Claire had no idea what he was talking about but then she realized, it her that he was referring to. Mistress Paula was scared that Claire would corrupt the baby.

“M-master, I-I would never!” Claire exclaimed as her normal purple hue turned pale.

Holding up his hand to silence her, Montgomery finally mustered the courage to look Claire in the eye as he sighed and said,

“Of course I know you would never knowingly harm the child. You are a loyal maid and for that I am grateful. However, I must take into mind my wife’s wishes and concerns. We don’t know how your presence would affect him and because of that, I must inform you that your services are no longer needed.”

Handing Claire the envelope, she dumbfoundedly took it in her grasp as he continued, “This is your final paycheck and dismissal notice. Please gather your personal belongings and vacate the property by noon.”

Turning around, Montgomery coldly walked away but then paused for second and said,

“I’m sorry Claire.”

It was in that moment that Claire’s life came crashing down around her. Years of service, her career, her loyalty to the Montgomery family, her plans for the future, everything- they were now gone and worthless.


2 years later…

“Daddy, I’m hungry. Can we get some McSabbeths?”

It was 7 o’clock at night as David drove home with his 9 year old daughter, Amy, in the back seat. He had just picked her up from after school daycare and they were both tired and hungry. The daycare tended to be cheap with their snacks and David was usually so busy as work, he often skipped lunch. As a single father, David tried his best to have both himself and his daughter eat healthy, but sometimes the convenience of fast food was just too tempting.

Drive through it is, David thought to himself as he pulled into the McSabbeths parking lot near his house. The sun was just starting to set as he glanced about. The area wasn’t exactly the best anymore. It had once been decently nice but, in the past few years, it had gotten rougher with seemingly more homeless and crime. Just a sign of the times, he supposed. The economy was getting worse and none of the politicians could give a damn about it. He was just lucky it hadn’t affected his job.

“Welcome ~zzzzz~ McSabbeths, can I ~zzzz- your order?” Droned a barely understandable voice through the static of an old and battered speaker.

“I’ll have a little sister meal with milk and a big brother meal with a large coke please.”

“$12.86 ~zzzz~ pull forward ~zzzz~ the next window.”

After handing his debit card to a young, sour faced Lamia cashier with a headset on and getting the 2 bags of food, David took a few long, thirsty sips of his drink.

That was one good thing about the fast food chain, they were quick and the sodas were always refreshingly crisp.

Pulling into a parking spot, David twisted around to hand his daughter her meal. He knew they shouldn’t be eating in the car as it always left a mess afterwards with random fries found weeks later, but whatever, they were both starving.

“That lady looks sad.” Amy said as she stared out the window next to her.

David looked over to see what she was talking about only to see a purplish woman slumped down by the side of the building. Her knees were drawn up upon herself and her head was down on them. She appeared to be dressed almost like a maid from what he could tell. Either way, he did have to agree with Amy, she looked depressed and down on her luck.

“I bet she’s hungry.”

David longingly looked down at his Big Brother meal and mumbled with a sigh,

“Oh well, guess I could use some good karma.”

Grabbing the bag and the soda, David got out of his car and cautiously approached the woman. She was a Mamono, that much was certain, but he wasn’t sure of her species. She was petite, dark purple, and didn’t seem dangerous, but one never could know for certain, which was why he always kept a small taser in his pocket for emergencies.

“Er… miss?” He asked hesitantly.

Slowly her head rose to where he could see a pair of yellow eyes peering up at him suspiciously.

“I- uh. I just wanted to, uh, give this to you,” David explained awkwardly as he set down the greasy bag of food and soda.

She said nothing as she continued to watch his movements.

“H-have a good night…” he mumbled as he quickly retreated back to his car. David never knew what to say during times like that. Have a good night? Yeah right. He definitely bombed that one.

“Thanks daddy! You’re the best! I bet she’s happy now!”  Amy exclaimed with a smile as she dug into her hamburger.

“No problem kiddo.” She had a heart of gold and David was glad to bring a smile to her face. His musings were cut short by a growling stomach and he considered going back around to the drive through again but decided against it. They had food at home and he could just grab a bowl of cereal or something else that was quick and easy.

Suppressing a yawn, he shifted the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking lot to head home. He still had a lot to do before their bedtime.


No one was hiring it seemed, especially for maids, thus Clair depleted her small savings while living in a hotel room. Even a cheap hotel cost money however and without work, she eventually found herself kicked out.

For almost two years Claire aimlessly wandered from place to place, not really sure where to go. She found that being a homeless Shoggoth brought a certain amount of prejudice from both human and Mamono alike. No one showed her any kindness or pity, only revolt and fear. She stayed to herself, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible and discovered that fast food restaurants tended to throw away a large amount of expired food on a daily basis. Although they housed their dumpster behind a locked gate, Claire was easily able to shape-shift  her way under it to plunder the discarded sandwiches and fries from the dirty green bin.

At this particular McSabbeths, they threw out their expired food at around 8pm, so she had a little bit of time to wait. Curling herself up by the side of the restaurant, her mind once again drifted back to her old, dignified life. She longed to be of service to her master again. To live a decent life with a roof over her head and food that didn’t come from the trash.


Claire looked up to see a human man holding a bag and a cup of soda. What was going on? What did he want? Couldn’t she just be left alone?

“I- uh. I just wanted to, uh, give this to you,” he put the items he was holding down in front of her.

“H-have a good night…”

Claire watched as the man awkwardly back tracked to his vehicle and drove away. Confused, she looked down to the greased covered, McSabbeths labeled,brown paper bag and cup of soda.

He was giving it to her? Why? She had seen some cruel hearted people play tricks on other homeless by leaving them empty fast food bags or, worse yet, bags filled with unmentionables inside. Was this man doing the same?

Cautiously, she sent a tentacle over to open it. A yellow eye appeared on the dark purple appendage and looked inside. It wasn’t empty, nor was there anything nasty inside, but there was a large burger and fries.

He had given her food?

Claire pulled the bag closer and reached inside to take the hamburger. It had been a long while since she hadn’t eaten out of the trash, she mused as she unwrapped her meal. Maybe he was just a nice person? He even called her miss. When was the last time someone called her miss? When was the last time someone had treated her with respect?

Absorbing the burger and fries, Claire contemplated the recent event. She didn’t sense or smell any Mamono on him and she didn’t see a wedding ring on his finger. Was he single? Claire wished she could pay back his kindness but she had no way to, plus finding him would be impossible anyway.

Taking a drink of soda from the straw, she tasted something off. The soda was fine but there was something else…

Her tongue wrapped around the plastic tube as she searched for the different flavor. It must be his saliva she was tasting. He probably drank from the straw before giving it to her. She didn’t mind of course but it gave her an idea. Saliva contained very small traces of spirit energy. All Mamono enjoyed kissing their partners because of that, but she could perhaps use it to find him.

It- it would just be to somehow repay him for his kindness of course, she reasoned, nothing else! And it wasn’t like she had anything else better to do.

Pulling herself up, she concentrated on the spit she had absorbed. Turning slightly to her left, she sensed that he could be in that direction.

Yes, just to repay his kindness…


David yawned loudly as he looked around his home. He had just put Amy to bed and should be heading off to dreamland himself. The place was a disaster though. There were dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes in the dishwasher to be put away, the living room was a mess, the whole place needed to be vacuumed too…

He hated having a dirty house, and maybe tomorrow he wouldn’t have to work too late, so he could do a little tidying up. Ever since his wife’s death, many years ago, David struggled. He could still remember, like it was yesterday. The hospital, the doctor coming out to the waiting room to tell him and Amy the news, the heart wrenching grief of losing the love of his life and mother to their daughter. Then the police reports, how a drunk driver ran the red light and hit her car, the anger, the rage. How he wanted to kill the bastard for destroying his family.

David was there for the trial. Chad Bollinger, he was young frat boy that was out partying too hard. Decided he didn’t want to leave his truck at the bar and take a cab all while thinking he could drive, despite being inebriated. Chad’s lawyer argued that going to jail would ruin his life. That he was a good kid, just that he made a mistake. It took all of David’s willpower not to attack both of them in court. He stole their life from them. Chad was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It was much too merciful in David’s book. He should have gotten life for killing his precious wife.

It had taken years of therapy for both David and his daughter to come to terms with her death. Amy still had occasional nightmares of that day where she would wake up screaming and crying, begging for her mother. All David could do is hold her tightly until the tears stopped and she would drift back off to sleep.

Sighing, David decided that it was best just to take a shower and get to bed, tomorrow was another busy day.  He just hopped Amy wouldn’t have any nightmares that night.


Claire was getting close, she could feel it. He was down in this neighborhood, it was just the matter of finding which house. Despite the traffic lights being few and far between, Claire could see perfectly well in darkness.

Was it this one? No…wait! Next to it! The car! It was the same as the one she saw him driving. Yes she was certain, it was his house.

1249 Maywood Drive. The house was definitely older like the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. Certainly nothing like the grand scale of the Montgomery estate. It was quaint though, being single story and light blue in color with a black shingle roof. Claire still couldn’t sense any Mamono living there plus there was just one car which was made for humans. That ruled out any larger species possibly living with him.

Creeping silently, Claire approached the house. There were no gates, security cameras or lights aside from a small, yellow porch lamp that was left on.

Of course the house would be locked but she did notice a mail flap on the door.  Claire condensed herself and oozed through it to the other side. Reforming, she stayed absolutely still and silent. By the chaos gods what the hell was she thinking? It finally dawned upon her that she was breaking and entering into some strangers home and that he could very well have some Mamono girlfriend that wouldn’t hesitate to tear her to shreds.

After 5 long minutes, Claire finally moved again. She knew she should just leave the same way she came. Just go and leave well enough be, but still, she was already there and inside the house…

Peering around, the place was quite dirty by her standards. First thing though, she needed to see who was actually living there.  It was a small house, and Claire easily found the bedrooms. One was occupied by a small female child, the other by the man she met before, both of them were fast asleep. There was a third bedroom that seemed to be used for storage as well.

There definitely wasn’t any adult woman, human or Mamono, that lived there with them. She could find no beauty products, no perfumes, absolutely no traces of a wife or girlfriend. She did find some mail with a name on it, David Parker. She also found a single picture frame of the man and child with a human woman. They were posing behind a mountain at some unknown park.

The woman could possibly very well be his wife and mother to the sleeping girl. But where was she? There was no evidence of her living there. Perhaps they were divorced? It was a strange concept for any Mamono to separate from one’s partner, but humans seemed to do it quite regularly with each other. It was odd though, if he was indeed divorced, why keep a picture like that around?

Maybe he was single, Claire thought, that would certainly explain the condition of the house. Men just weren’t good housekeepers.

Well, seeing as how she was already there and she did owe him for the food, she might as well clean up the place. There was one problem however, how was she going to do all of that without waking anyone up? Claire pondered for a moment then decided on a way. Two small, thin tentacles reached out from her and traveled each to the sleeping pair. They then split again as they made their way to the ears of both David and the child.

There, they couldn’t hear a thing now, Claire proudly thought to herself. She could finally get to work. More tentacles sprouted from her semi gelatinous body as she started cleaning. Some formed dusters, others brooms and dustpans, while a few even sprouted hands to clean and put away the dishes.

Claire basked in all of the tasks she was performing. She finally felt like she had a purpose, that she had meaning, even if it was for just a short while. She was a few hours into her work when suddenly there was screaming coming from one of the bedrooms.

Oh gods, it was the child.

Pulling every one of her tentacles back, Claire started to panic. She could get into real trouble by doing all of this. She definitely didn’t want to go to jail for cleaning! What could she do?!

After some quick thinking, she formed her body into the only thing she could think of at the time- a coat rack. Claire prayed to both the Maou and the chaos gods that David didn’t notice the new addition to his decor.


David awoke to screaming and an odd sensation of something pulling out of his ears. Ignoring whatever it was, he made a mad dash to Amy’s room.

“Mooooommmmy! I want my mommy!” She yelled as David took her in his arms. He hated nights like this. He hated seeing his daughter in such grief. There wasn’t much he could do other than just hold her and be there.

“Shhh, it’s ok, it’s ok,” he chanted to Amy as she cried into his shoulder, “M-mommy’s in heaven, baby…”

David squinted his eyes shut as he kept in his own tears. For the millionth time, he wished it was himself that died instead of his wife. It wasn’t until a couple hours had passed that Amy finally wore herself out and went back to sleep. David gently laid her back down and made his way to his own room for a few more hours of rest. He really hated nights like this.

“Damn nightmares,” he mumbled to himself as he shuffled down the hallway. Touching his left ear, he remembered that there was something on it when he woke up? Looking down on his bed, he couldn’t see anything that might have fallen. Maybe it was just a forgotten dream.


Claire was lucky. David hadn’t come out into the living room or the kitchen. She did learn something very important things however. The reason behind everything was that his wife had died and it seemed that his daughter suffered nightmares from it. Claire felt instantly saddened by their loss and ashamed of her previous thoughts. The poor girl crying out for her mother, it broke Claire heart. David must be trying the best he can.

Looking back at the condition of the house, she realized that there was still so much more cleaning left to do, but it would have to be done at another time. She didn’t dare risk them waking up again and finding her inside their home. She waited for about fifteen minutes then changed shape back to her original form.

Just as quietly as she came, Claire oozed herself back through the mail flap and out to the porch. She would have to come back later to finish the job. It was in no way once so ever creepy that she was doing this! He -David had been really kind to her and she wanted to repay him for it! Plus he needed her help anyway! A single human man with a daughter trying to make it through life on their own? Preposterous! She- she would just stick around for a little bit, clean their house and make sure they were ok. That was it, then she would be on her way, drifting from place to place again.

That was her fate anyway. But, it was still nice to be needed….


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