In the early hours of the morning, the smell and sizzle of ham and bacon permeated through the house. In the bedroom on the second floor, the sheets and blanket were a mess. Most of it had been bundled up into one big cocoon with blue ears sticking out the end. The ears twitched to full alertness when the kitchen timer went off. From the blanket cocoon sprouted the Raiju’s head. The aroma of cooking meat pulled her away from slumber’s clutches and she squirmed to break free from the covers. She tried and tried but couldn’t get away. He was down there making her food but she was stuck on the king size bed.

For a brief moment, she thought about crawling across the floors and down the stairs like a caterpillar or that Oomukade she knew from high school. But she rejected the idea. He wouldn’t like that at all. The electric weasel girl squirmed as she moved her hands up through the covers to her head and began to wiggle and pull her way out. It took a some effort but she did manage to break free from her self-made imprisonment.

He was worried that she didn’t wake up when she didn’t come racing down the stairs right away. After all, she did have trouble with mornings. He set the table for breakfast and was about to call up to her when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Looking up rewarded him with the an absolutely pitiful, and humorous sight. The bed spread and sheets clung to her from the electrostatic charge her body produced. With a sigh he walked over to help pull the bed covers away from her well curved body. She was stark naked under those sheets. He smiled at the memory. The previous night had been full of excitement. Her energy finally turned him into an Incubus and they had a lust filled celebration.

Good morning my little Lovebolt.” He smiled and held out the chair for her, stealing a quick kiss as she sat down.

The Raiju’s name wasn’t originally Lovebolt. Her old name was nice when she was Human but now it wasn’t very fitting. When she changed, so did her name.

Morning Daddy. Thank you for making breakfast.”

Like everything else about Lovebolt, he loved her voice. If someone listened to her over the phone or with their eyes closed, the well developed Raiju could be mistaken for a sweet innocent little girl. She wasn’t little like those Baphomets and Witches of the Sabbath. From her hips and ass going all the way to her Double Ds, the sexy Raiju had soft and creamy skin. Her feet were paws covered in blue fur that continued up passed her ankles and covered half of her shin. Her rear was excellent for spanking and always gave a soft jiggle when she received such punishment.

And just above her ass was his favorite thing about her. Yes, he loved everything about her. But this particular trait was unique to her. It was called a “genetic defect” by unloving individuals. Her tail, fluffy and blue, split at the base into two separate tails. He absolutely adored those fluffy blue tails. They made some younger Kitsune’s very jealous.

Lovebolt stood at about five foot and seven inches. That only gave her Daddy a two inch height advantage. The newly christened Incubus never thought he would enjoy being called that more than “Sir.” He didn’t miss his old title. Well, there were some days that he did but his precious little Lovebolt seemed happier now so Daddy didn’t mind.

It’s my pleasure. Now hurry up and eat.” His voice was strict but also affectionate. “You don’t want to loose your perfect attendance bonus at work.”

Lovebolt tried to reassure him with a slice of ham and half a strip of bacon in her mouth. Daddy had a hard time understanding what his love Raiju was saying. It sounded like it could be: “No Daddy. I’ll be a good girl and get to work on time.” Or perhaps she said she would be a blood Earl and go hurt the Rhine? His expression hardened as he glared at her from the other end of the table.

Baby girl. What did I say? Chew and swallow before talking or you’ll get Daddy’s belt.”

Yes Daddy, I’m sorry.” Her look, the way she lowered her head and voice was adorable. But he would never let her know that. She could already be such a brat.

His stern gaze softened and he let his lips turn into a smile. Raiju’s weren’t very good at following the rules but she always tried. Didn’t always succeed though. Sometimes she would reach between her legs without permission and he would have to cuff her hands to the bed. It would hurt to hear her cry and plead but she needed discipline.

As she swallowed another bite, he realized something was wrong and his whole body tensed up. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” He sounded like he might panic.

D-Daddy.” Lovebolt had an uncertain look and was starting to tip back and forth in her chair. “I don’t feel good.”

His chair fell over as he stood up and darted to her side of the table. Lovebolt was caught just before she blacked out.

The poor Raiju woke up on a cot and everything was a haze. It was so strange, Lovebolt didn’t remember going to sleep. She turned her head to see her surroundings. She wasn’t in the master bedroom or the living room. She reached up to rub her eyes but she couldn’t separate them. Her hands had been tied up? When did that happen? She was so confused.

Even though her hands were tied together, she could still move them. Once her vision returned, she realized she was in the basement of her house. She looked to see half a dozen people sitting in chairs and facing her way. They were all different. Male, female, Human, Mamono and an Incubus. She didn’t recognize any of them and none of them ever spoke. Lovebolt lay her head down and tried once again to remember what happened. All she remembered was eating breakfast with her Daddy and wondering what to wear for work. Did she go to work and forget? No, that didn’t seem right. Her ears suddenly perked up when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She immediately felt a sense of relief when she saw him.

Hey honey. How are you feeling?” He was happy to see she had finally reawaken. “I just got off the phone with your boss and let him know you came down with something. He was very understanding.” He moved forward, passed the onlookers and sat on the edge of the cot.

Daddy,” Lovebolt sighed. “What’s going on?”

I just can’t figure it out hun,” He rubs the bridge of his nose in mock frustration. “You were eating and getting ready for work, but a few bites in you said you felt strange and passed out a moment later.”

She understood what he meant. They had played that game before where she got sick and had to be taken care of. But this felt different to her.

OK. I get that much but who are these people?” She nervously looked around the room. There was an Incubus sitting between two Mamono, then there was a Human woman, a Danuki and finally a male Elf. They all just sat there and looked back at her. The Raiju’s Daddy looked over at the audience as if seeing them for the first time, then he simply shrugged.

Oh, them? Don’t worry about it.” He spoke in a soothing tone. “They just like to watch, that’s all.”

Daddy, can you move the one way mirror between us and them? So at least I can watch you playing with me?”

Oh you don’t have to be nervous, my little Lovebolt. The mirror is right there in the corner.

Still,” She paused looking between the mirror, the voyeurs and her Daddy. “Its uncomfortable. I don’t know them.”

He knelt down beside the cot and leaned in to whisper into her ear. She was still laying down under the covers. “Neither do I.”

Please Daddy?” She pouted and looked at him with her beady eyes. “I don’t care if they watch. Just put a mirror in front of them.”

Don’t worry baby girl, just keep your eyes on me or the mirror.”

He clicked a remote and the rope tried around her hands lifted up to the ceiling, pulling her from her laying position until she was standing on her toes. The blanket fell away and Lovebolt’s entire body was exposed. She could feel her body heat rising as they were fucking her with their collective gaze.

He put heavy rubber gloves on and moved the blanket and cot to the corner. A shiver ran down her spine as the Raiju felt the strong rubber covered hand grab the back of her neck. She was forced to look back and forth between the mirror and the spectators. She looked into the mirror to see another gloved hand reach up and start caressing her left tit.

You’re a dirty little bitch that loves being watched. You almost love it as much as you love watching yourself getting fucked in the mirror, don’t you?” He whispered in her ear. She loved it when he would talk dirty to her. The Raiju’s breath grew heavy as she looked between her viewers and her own reflection.

Yes, Daddy. I do.”

The voyeurs looked on as Lovebolt zoned out. She was completely paying attention to her own reflection, watching what the Incubus was doing to her and not caring about them. She let her tongue hang out as he continued to rub her tits.

She let out a whimper as Daddy continued playing with both of her gorgeous mounds of soft flesh. But his hands dropped away from her abruptly and she whined for him to start again. He simply stepped in front of her with a level gaze and an amused look.

Now, now dear girl. You should be patient, then good things will follow.” And with that he gently bopped her on the nose with a gloved hand. She looked at the rubber gloves and gave her Daddy a curious look.

Why do you have gloves on?”

He didn’t answer right away. Instead, he grabbed a feather duster and slowly ran it across her body. Her most sensitive and ticklish places were exposed and she was powerless to prevent the methodically drawn out stimulation.

Why, to keep control.” He answered as she squirmed around in her bindings. “If I got zapped by your charge, had all that pleasure run through me… Sorry lil’ Lovebolt, I can’t let that happen. I’d loose control.”

She bit down on her lip and tried to concentrate on what he was saying. It wasn’t easy for her with the feather duster diverting her attention.

Yes Daddy, I understand”

Then the tickling abruptly stopped. She didn’t know why and tried to look at the mirror to see what he was doing. He was looking over the selection of items set out and carefully chose his next toy. She couldn’t see what it was. Daddy’s back was turned towards the mirror and she couldn’t see past him. Lovebolt watched out of the corner of her eye as he walked back towards her with his hands behind his back. She liked surprises but was dying to find out what it was.

If she was curious then the viewers were straining in their chairs to see the toy he selected. He gave the audience a wink before kneeling down behind his captive Raiju. She winced when she suddenly felt a tail plug get inserted into her ass without warning.

Oops. Did I forget to warn you? Sorry baby girl. Here this will make you feel better. He reached into his pocket and grabbed out two little vibrators and taped them to her nipples. They were a new product made specifically for Raijus and Thunderbirds. He turned them on a medium setting and they began to fuel her pleasure. As long as she had a charge, the vibes would keep going. Perpetual energy at it’s finest. He turned her around so their six guests could see her delicious backside

Mmm a Raiju with three tails. Daddy finds that very sexy.” He looked over at the people watching. “So do they, baby girl.”

Her electrical charge grew stronger with her pleasure. He stood off to her side and rubbed between Lovebolt’s legs. She was completely soaked. He pushed a finger between her lips and she clamped down around him.

Fuck” He gasped. “I forget how tight you are sometimes.” She bucked against his finger, trying to get more pleasure from his touch. He couldn’t let her act so wild and free-willed with guests around so he pulled his finger out and gave her a stern look.

I’m sorry daddy. My body does what it wants.” She let her tongue hang out as she smiled at him. Damn, he thought she was so cute.

I know I does baby girl. You’re a Raiju, it’s your nature.” He rubbed his fingers together and let the juices spread. He held his hand out and she leaned forward to lick one of his fingers clean. “You love pleasure and you’re enjoying all this attention, aren’t you baby girl?”

Yes Daddy.” She moaned after sucking on his finger and leaving a trail of spittle.

What shall Daddy do next, hmm?” Her caretaker asked before licking her juices off the other gloved finger. “Decisions, decisions.” But before he could surprise her with his next idea, he felt a jolt in his leg and his knee hit the concrete floor. The pain mixed with the electrically charged up pleasure as they both coursed through his body.

Oh my god! Daddy I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” She pleaded with her eyes closed tight. Knowing full well what would happen next, she kept repeating her apology to him again and again.

The Raiju’s caretaker knew exactly what happened. She had done this before. He would have her tied up and keep her from orgasm even though she begged and begged. If by chance he was too close she would whip him with her tail. When he was still a Human, he couldn’t handle all that electrical pleasure. But now he was an Incubus. Her Daddy knelt there for a moment while he caught his breath. Try as he might, his anger couldn’t be contained. The six voyeurs looked on in shock as all of this transpired. The Raiju baby girl’s Daddy slowly got up grabbed the cot and slammed it down in front of the restrained Raiju.

He grabbed a knife off the table and cut the rope that was keeping Lovebolt suspended and she winced as he pushed her down onto the cot. Throwing the knife to the corner, he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his erection.

Don’t fucking lie you cock hungry weasel whore.” His voice was cold and full of rage. He undid the knot that bound her feet together. “You couldn’t wait so spread your legs. I said spread ’em!”

Lovebolt was quick to do as she was told. Her knees rested on the floor and her stomach was pressed against the cot. She had her head slumped down in shame. Even though there really wasn’t any way for her to control her own animalistic urges.

I’m sorry Daddy. I was bad. Please use me for your pleasure!” She knew shocking him would lead to this. Normally he would paddle her if she made him this angry. But he couldn’t think clearly when the Raiju’s electric stimulation was effecting him.

He lined up his cock with her tight little cunt and forced it all the way in. His thrusts were fast and rough. He grabbed a handful of Lovebolt’s hair and forced her to look straight up at everyone that was watching. Daddy used his free hand to turn her nipple vibes up to their highest setting. She once again had her tongue sticking out like a panting bitch.

The people watching this spectacle didn’t mind the change of pace. A couple of them began to masturbate as Lovebolt was getting fucked from behind. With one hand still keeping hold of her hair, he began spanking her cheeks.

Thank you, Daddy!” She moaned loudly after the first smack echoed through the basement. “Thank you, Daddy.” She moaned again. “Oah! Thank you, Daddy!” Every time he spanked her she would moan and thank him for disciplining her. He continued spanking her until both cheeks had a rosy color to them.

Grab my ass, Daddy. Cum in me please!” She pleaded.

leBut all he did was pull out completely from her.

Beg you cock hungry weasel!” He demanded. “Beg like a bitch in heat!”

Come on Daddy, please.” She pleaded. Lovebolt met her Daddy’s gaze through the mirror. She pouted and begged with her eyes just as much as her voice. “I need your fixing cock! I miss it’s pleasure. Coat my whole body in your cum. Pleaseeee!”

Hah! Fine then.” He pushed his way back into her pussy and began pounding against her all over again. “That what you want?”

Yes, Daddy. Yes!”

Lovebolt moaned as he shot out rope after rope of cum into his favorite meat hole. She held her head back as far as she could go to expose her neck. Daddy grabbed her exposed throat and pulled her back until they were locked in a lustful kiss.

The two only pulled away from their kisses reluctantly when they needed air. Otherwise, their passionate exhibition continued. In their audience, the Incubus spectator and his two girlfriends were no longer paying attention to the show. The other three were now overjoyed to witness two scenes playing out at once. The Danuki was having a hard time maintaining her composure.

Neither Lovebolt nor her Daddy noticed what was happening amongst their voyeurs as their own lovemaking session continued. After a few more minutes, he could tell he was close to shooting again. His pace slowed down and the Raiju baby girl pulled away from the kiss and pushed her neck towards his mouth.

He bit down on the exposed neck and she let out a hoarse moan as another load of hot white milk poured into her pussy. After a moment of just sitting there with his body pressed down against her own. He unclenched his jaw to see blood trickle down from her bite mark. He felt guilty for piercing the skin, He honestly didn’t think he had bit her that hard. But Lovebolt simply cooed as he remained inside her so he left a trail of kisses going to her neck.

The Raiju strained her neck back to nibble on his ear. In return, he began sucking on her shoulder. They weren’t fucking anymore. The two lovers just sat there nibbling and sucking on each other for a while longer.

After they redressed, the man and Raiju stood at the door in the living room. The man had an arm around her back, showing his protection over her, expressing affection for his favorite toy. They thanked each of their well-mannered guests and said goodbye.

The last to leave was the Danuki. She looked up at the two lover’s and thanked them for putting the performance on for everyone. Apparently, Daddy charged a a hundred per person for admission. Lovebolt felt a chill go up her spine as the businesswoman mentioned the idea of doing a larger, professional setup next time.

Being paid to play with her Daddy in front of hundreds of people?

That idea got the Raiju very, very excited.

But her Daddy acted professional and didn’t show how enthusiastic he was for the idea. He simply said he would think about it.

Once the door was closed, they both went back upstairs to their bedroom. Lovebolt lay there in bed, being held by her Daddy. She felt his chest rise and fall while she listened to his heartbeat. Both were happy with the performance they put on for their guests and very grateful to have the rest of the day to themselves

Daddy,” She whispered into his chest.

Yes, baby girl?”

I love you Daddy.”

I love you too, my precious little Lovebolt.” He reached up and affectionately pat her head. “Baby girl?”

Yes, Daddy?”

Happy anniversary.”

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  1. Very well done and well polished as well! I didn’t see any typos, nor did the spell checker get the word wrong anywhere… BDSM isn’t my cup of tea, but there was enough affection/lovey-dovey stuff to make it very enjoyable… I look forward to read more of your work in the future! Thanks!

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