Lost in a foreign world, prologue: fallen from the sky

“In the grim darkness of the far future…there is only war”

It is the 41fst millennium, The Imperium of man is under siege everywhere…aliens, demons, mutants, heretics…all trying to destroy humanity.

 Near the ruinous eye of terror, a battle barge of the 7th company of the space wolves went on a distress call from a cargo ship that was under attack by chaos forces…it was a trap.

When they arrived they were met by a whole fleet of spaceships from the world eaters. Immediately they started maneuvering to avoid the fire from the enemy ships, but in the end, they were overwhelmed.

I started running from my post towards the bridge to ask what was happening. I was an imperial guardsmen of 13th regiment, I was a lieutenant and the one in charge of the garrison of soldiers assigned to the ship.

I was so hurried that I didn’t noticed the space marine turning my way in the corner, we both crashed…hard. I hold my head on the ground for a couple seconds before gaining composure. He help me to get up.

It was Luxor, my closest friend, he was a librarian, which means that he is a being capable of controlling the warp’s energy and force, but he was still learning to use his powers, he also wasn’t a very talkative person, saying only what was necessary.

“You okay?” He said, he always treated me like his young brother, since we were raised together “yes, am okay, but, how bad is the situation?” He grimaced “bad” was all he said. “Let’s talk to the captain, he might have something in mind”



When we finally got to the bridge, it was a complete mess: officers were barking orders as navigators and operators were either rushing from one part to another or working in their stations, and in the middle of all was the captain.

He was a veteran of the war, having some scars in his face and scratches in his old armor. He belonged to the LongFangs company, just like Luxor. He was angry…very angry.

“For Russ, how could I be so dumb???!!!” he yelled to himself. “Sir!!!” Yelled one operator “we have lost all of our support ships, and the void shields won’t last much more” The captain sighed, and lowered his head “How are the engines?” “At a 56% of their capacity, maybe if we tr…”

Suddenly the whole ship trembled when a huge torpedo hit the back of the ship “Fuuuuuck!!!!” I screamed as I tried to get a hold on something as the ship was receiving wave after wave of attacks.”Engines damaged Captain, we must do something! Now!!!” yelled an operator.

“Damn it, can we jump in the warp??” “No sir, at least it’s not a good idea with all this damage, and they will try to board us at any point” Luxor just stayed quiet before approaching the captain. “Sir, we must abandon the ship”

“WHAT!!??” He said “It…is our only way to scape…we can use the scape pods and use the eye of terror to make a fast travel and get to imperial space safely…mostly”

“I guess we have no choice…prepare to leave, Luxor, take your squad with you and get the hell out of here!” Luxor simply nodded and faced me “you heard the captain, let’s move” he said rather calmly considering our situation.

“Understood”, and with that, am running again out of the bridge heading to the chambers to gather my things and the rest of the squad. Halfway there the ship shakes abruptly sending me crashing with a wall, after that I hear the captain’s voice in the radio “attention, all crew, get ready to leave this ship as soon as possible, a world eaters’s frigate is coming our way to board us, I want everyone out before that happens”.

Shit. That’s not good, I say to myself before rushing in the ship’s barracks. “You heard the captain. Let’s move soldiers!! On the double. Librarian Luxor wants us on the scape pods on bay #11”. After giving the orders I grab two more energy cells for my rifle and sprang to the bay #11. Once I got there I saw many soldiers, crew members and even some space marines.

“Luxor, what now?” I asked annoyed, he frowned and looked around before saying out loud “listen everyone!!! Get to your respective board zones and prepare to launch…we will dive in the warp to attempt to get to Imperial space…questions?”

The whole bay went quiet. “Lieutenant, you’re with me, get aboard, now”. “Am on it” I said before hopping in the scape pod.

Just before we launched I heard he said something barely more than a whisper “The Emperor, protects…”

And with that we launched ourselves right in the warp, but the World eaters wouldn’t let us go that easily.” Luxor, they’re sending hunters our way, and we don’t have weapons to drive them off”. He simply smiled and said “of course they would”.

His eyes started to glow an intense blue and started to produce electricity and raised one of his hands. I got momentarily blinded by the display of raw power, and when I regained vision and looked through the window most of the chaos hunter ships were fried by Luxor’s powers.

“Holy Russ…that was impressive” said one soldier seated next to me. “It’s not over yet” Luxor said. Just as I was about to say something, a voice in the radio shouts “Look out, they are firing missiles” I saw through the window how the first missile passed over us and destroyed the nearest scape pod next to us, immediately killing it’s occupants.

“Mother of…” I was cut off mid sentence when Luxor shouted ” here comes another one” The missile barely failed to hit us, but exploded close enough to get us out of route spiraling in the multicolor and twisted dimension that was the warp. “Hold ooon!!” I said as we were forcibly sent out of the warp.

When we got out, we were directly heading towards a planet, we were going so fast that I couldn’t describe the planet. “You should seat Luxor, this is going to be a hard crash”, he simply decided to put on his helmet.


Quiet. Everything was so quiet and dark around me. I felt a great pain in my right side. Maybe a broken rib, I tried to open my eyes. My vision was blurry. Everyone around me was immobile, I knew some of them were dead or unconscious.

Maybe we were there for hours, even days as I saw some blood already dried on the floor. The door of the scape pod was open. At least I knew the atmosphere wasn’t going to kill us. I couldn’t find Luxor anywhere I looked around. I started worrying, but when I tried to get up my whole body flinched and twisted in agony.

Suddenly, I hear a voice, a rather weird voice sounding outside. The first weird thing was that I couldn’t understand anything that the voice said, second thing is, that it was a rather feminine voice. There wasn’t any female soldier in my scape pod.

And then I see a silhouette standing in the front of the door. It had fiery red eyes and hair. My first reaction was to try and grab a weapon for this thing was at least 2 meters tall. It was smaller than Luxor, who was 2.5 meters tall, but the thing was bigger than me, I was around 1.8 meters tall.

My body was so tired that when I tried to move I fell slumped in the ground as that thing approached me. I prepared myself for my certain death but I was too tired that by the time the creature reached me I fell unconscious…

To be continued…

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