Lost in a foreign world, chapter 1: the dark beast

“Lieutenant…lieutenant, wake up…” I painfully managed to open my eyes to be greeted by the obscured face of Luxor barely lighted by the dim light of a couple of candles on the wall’s cave…wait, a cave? I don’t remember how I got there. Luxor had a bandage on his forehead. I then looked at myself and realized that I was not wearing my uniform and instead had one bandage around my body.

“What happened?” I said looking around the dark place we were in.

“I’m not sure, I just woke up”. He replied,as he looked  to the entryway of the cave, and frowned when he saw what seemed like an old wooden door…if a bunch of wood planks poorly tied could be called door.

“I don’t like this place…I feel corruption in this place, but, it’s different than what I’ve seen before”.

“what do you mean different? How different?” I asked.

“It’s,…hard to explain,… but there is some kind of influence in this place”. Luxor’s face twisted in disgust when he said the word: influence.

“Well, it could be worse, we are alive”.

He glared at me. “This is serious lieutenant, we have no idea what brought us here, or what happened to the oth…”. *CRACK*. He got quiet when he heard that cracking-something from out of the cave.

“I don’t like that sound, must be something big. Get up. Do you have something to fight back?”

I  jumped off the pallet I’d been lying on, and looked around my person efficiently, before saying “only my knife and three grenades, the rest of my stuff was on the scape pod…what about you?”

“Only my pistol…” He replied, his voice trailing.

“Well, shit”. As the door opened, I took a stance to fight with the knife in hand, as Luxor aimed his pistol at the door.The door opened to reveal someone tall, this newcomer was almost completely covered in a big dark-brown ragged robe.

It surprised me, when I saw it was carrying a wooden box with our things on one side, and one of OUR soldiers in its other side. When I looked at its face…well actually her face, I saw those same red eyes looking rather terrified, from seeing us in a fighting stance directed towards her.

All of my contemplation occurred in half second, because the next thing I know is that Luxor shouted “DROP HIM!!!” causing her to fall backwards, dropping our man and the box. She began crawling backwards until her back hit the wall. She tried to say something I didn’t catch, and it was then that I noticed that she had a pair of fangs hanging from her mouth. In that moment, I thought that her fangs were rather large and sharp-looking.

“I knew it, that thing is the source of the corruption!!!” Luxor said.

“Damn it, you su…” I started.

“No time to explain” He quickly said. She started to say something, but I couldn’t figure what she was saying. She hurriedly pointed to the soldier on the ground and it was then that I noticed the small pool of blood forming at one side of him.

“Shit, he’s bleeding out, we must do something, now”. I commanded.

Luxor’s angry face turned into one of worry, as he considered his options. “Fenrir’s teeth” he muttered before looking around. seeing us not attack her, she slowly crawled up to  the wounded soldier and carried him to an improvised bed, while Luxor looked in disbelief at her actions. Seemingly dumbfounded that she was saving him. She took the hood off of her head revealing the most beautiful face, Russ forgive me, that I have ever seen.

“What…in bloody hell…are you?” Luxor said, gazing at her beauty. She simply looked at him before turning and moving to the corner of the cave. Shortly she returned with a little box with what I presumed were some sort of supplies.

It was at that moment she took off the whole robe, and tossed it aside to work better. The sight left my mouth hanging open, for her appearance was surely inhuman.The first thing that I noticed was the white mane of fur around her neck.  Her human arms ended just below her shoulders giving way to a ring of white fur and her arms and forearms were covered in black fur and both her hands were large leonine like paws.

Her legs were exactly the same way with the white fur beginning short after where her thighs started. But all these features were nothing in comparison to the huge pair of bat-like wings on her back and a long scorpion-like tail,…but,…the end didn’t looked like a sting, it was a, a bulb with spikes long enough to cause some serious damage. And on top of that, she had a pair of cat-like ears atop her head that twitched with every sound.

And her only garment, was a rather revealing dark-red bikini covering her dignity.

“What the hell are you…?” Luxor asked more confused than angry. She simply turned her head in his direction, raised an eyebrow, an then returned to attend the wounded soldier.

“Luxor…can we talk about this, outside?” I asked a little nervous. He muttered something between his teeth before nodding and heading outside, with me following behind.

As expected for the cave’s inner walls, and the fact that as soon as I got out I was greeted by the hot wind blowing across my face,…we were on a desert, a very large and hot desert.

“What?” He said annoyed. At that, I turned to face him and sighed before saying:

“First, neither you nor I trust in whatever that thing is…hell, but she saved us. Listen, my point is…we don’t know where we are or in which age. Remember we were forcibly thrown out of the warp”.

“What is your point?” He asked annoyed.

“If she wanted us dead she could have done so when we were unconscious, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean…?”

“Maybe we should try,… and give her a chance…”

“HAVE YOU GONE MAD!!!???” He boomed that last thing looking at me with anger.

“She might be useful. Even help us to get out of this planet, give us directions…or how to find the others”.

“I could devour her and gain her memories, it would be easier”.

“No! Are you listening to me? Why don’t you try to contact the others?”

“With the probability of calling unwanted company…? Thanks but no thanks”.

“Gaaaaah!! We aren’t doing anything out here, at least can you do something so that she can understand us?”

“Mmmmm…I think I can do that”.

Finally a positive answer. All of this bickering was starting to get me tired.

“Ok, let’s go inside” I said, satisfied with our conversation.

When we got in we saw that she was almost finishing treating our fellow soldier. She turned to face us and smiled before finishing with some bandages. I glanced over to Luxor, who seemed annoyed. She said something that I couldn’t figure out before Luxor stepped forward and said “yeah, yeah…whatever…”. When he got close to her, she turned her attention to him, and took a step back till Luxor was face to face with her, she seemed afraid of him.

He raised a finger and placed it on her forehead, she closed her eyes and fell backwards screaming “Aaaaaaagh!!! Hey what was that for? That really…wait, what am I saying? What did you…?” To my surprise, she said that very fluently, Luxor simply rolled his eyes before turning to me and doing the same to me.

“Owwwwww!!! that really hurts” I said flinching with a light rush of pain.

“Well, now she can speak our language, and we can talk her language, happy…lieutenant?” He replied sourly.

“W-what are you? She asked, confused”.

“None of your concern, and you should start talking before I run out of patience…demon” he hissed at her.

“Are you a sorcerer? C-can you do magic?” I had to suppress a laugh after hearing that.

“What did you say? Do I look like a cursed sorcerer!!??” he demanded after she said  that apparent insult, I could say that he was very upset. “I, am a ru,..- a librarian, that’s all you need to know” he said as a matter of fact.

“Well, you just used a spell on us, right?” Luxor simply took a deep breath and sighed…

“Well, at least can you tell us where our scape pod is?”

She tilted her head, “your…What?”

“the thing where you found us” I said.

“Oh, well it was at half day’s walk from here to the north east, but…there is one problem…”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, When I was last coming back here, I saw a patrol of the Order heading there. Maybe they saw your scape pod, or whatever you call it, so I had to flee. The most likely probability is that they took it to the nearest town, afterwards they will transport it to the capital”.

“What? is the Order?” Luxor demanded crisply, finally showing more interest.

“They,” She began as patiently as she could, folding her arms and looking at him “are the most important religion spread through out our whole world. They venerate the Chief God as the creator and savior of humanity. T-they are against monsters, those who are like…me”.

I stood quiet for a moment to let her words sink. At that, Luxor showed some pity in his face, but as soon as it came, the expression left his face.

“So, we’re also in another time and age, ” Luxor said, looking around before asking “can you take us to the nearest town…?”

“They would kill me on the spot as soon as they see me” she replied haltingly, obviously afraid of the idea.

“No, they won’t.” Luxor replied “I won’t let them, but only if we can trust you. Now, if I promised to protect you would you be willing to help us?could you do that for us?” Luxor replied.

Her ears got flat on her head as she considered the idea. “I-I think I can do that, b-but why?”

“Don’t rush me, I have my reasons, now you two should rest and get some sleep, you two look terrible, and by the way, what is your name?”

“Oh, ah, Akmella, a-and yours?”

“Luxor” he simply said.

“O’erick” I said looking at her.

“Well Luxor, O’erick, welcome to the desert region”.


“So, how is he?” Luxor asked me after a few minutes.

“Pretty badly wounded, but I feel that he will survive” I said referring to the soldier Akmella brought.

“And what about you? You seem well to have a nigh on a broken rib…” He said as statement, not a question.

“Actually, I’m feeling quite well, you think she did something to me?”

“No, I can’t feel anything wrong about you, Why?” He asked, suspiciously.

“No, nothing, just a little surprised to see how she healed me”.

“Hmmm, is she sleeping?” He asked looking over his shoulder in her direction.

“Yes”. I replied quietly

“Well, you should go to sleep too. I’ll take the first watch. Tomorrow we’re leaving early, so rest while you can,…and O’erick, that’s an order”.

“Yes sir!” I said annoyed, but he was right, we didn’t know what kind of things we would have to face, at least that could wait for tomorrow…

To be continued…

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8 thoughts on “Lost in a foreign world, chapter 1: the dark beast

  1. wall’s cave – cave’s wall.

    bandage in his forehead. – ON, ON his forehead. Bandage IN forehead makes me think someone shoved a bandage into his head above his eyes.

    had one bandage around my body. – bandages around / bandages wound around…

    And many, many more.

    I’m pointing this out not to make fun of you, but in hopes that you can learn from seeing where you made mistakes.

    From your writing in the “logical” style versus American style ( punctuation outside of the quotation marks) I would assume you are not American. Possibly writing in English as a second language. If so good job.

    That being said, you need a good editor to help you out with these mistakes, this will both help you improve your writing and make your stories more relate-able and readable.

  2. Well this is a novel idea. Space Marines wandering around the MGE verse. Although I must say I doubt it would go perticularly happily, what with them being brainwashed with an unplacating hatred of all non-humans. They’d probably be the orders best friends.

    One thing that rubs me the wrong way though. In all the literature I’ve ever read of 40k. No space marine has EVER said shit, fuck or hell. They’re always far more eloquent, and those words are 3800 years outdated anyway.

    1. Also, and I’m sorry if I’m bitching to much. They generally refer to eachother with the title ‘brother.’ You lucked out with the lieutenant rank though. That got added in as a rank for the new type of space marine a few months back.

  3. But otherwise this could be a genuinely interesting and fun idea. Although it would be a bit more dark. The space marines struggling not to kill the non-human trying to help them, while the poor monster girl tries to corrupt and seduce beings who have no sex drive.

    1. First, thanks, I really appreciate comments like this, and remember that space wolves are known for being barbaric, to the point of sometimes acting like brutes.

      1. Oh they’re space wolves! they don’t even say they’re marines, much less wolves, so I couldn’t tell. Yeah, they would curse, but still not shit or fuck. More like Fenrir’s tits, or Loki’s balls. You know, viking type swears.

  4. Well, that was the first 40k/Monster Girl Encyclopedia crossover I’ve ever read. Pretty well written out for someone who first language isn’t english. By the way, do the Space Marines have their power armor and does the Rune Priest have his psykic hood on? Otherwise, good work. Praise the Emperor, for he protect!

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