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Species Affected: General

Disposition Change: Needy, Aggressive

Diet Change: Standard but have a higher preference for high sugar content

Lollipops are a food-type aberration that is known to be able to affect most monster species. As their namesake suggests, monsters who come under this aberration will find their skin glossy and hard and an insatiable urge to be licked.
For lollipop-type monsters, being licked anywhere on their body is incredibly pleasurable and addictive, meaning so long as a tongue is in play, their whole bodies are erogenous zones. It’s so addictive in fact that once married. Lollipop-type monsters will actively and aggressively seek to be with their lovers for long drawn-out licking sessions. While not addictive, the lovers of the lollipop type will find themselves unable to resist properly when presented with the opportunity to lick the lollipop till their tongue is stained, as it does bring quite a bit of pleasure to them as well. They may be able to pull themselves away for a moment to keep focusing on what they are doing, but the lollipop is always needy and will do everything within their power to bring their lover’s attention back to licking, be it with force or magic. The lollipop might even continue their lover’s tasks for them so they can focus all their attention on licking.
As with other food-type monsters, the venomous or toxic monsters will find their venoms are also present in their bodies. For lollipops specifically, it will be concentrated in specific spots that when licked, will quickly bleed their toxins into their lovers. Examples of where these spots would be include the bulb of a manticore tail, or the chest of a zombie dragon, closest to the lungs. Given that these toxins cannot naturally dilute and spread out like normally, they are extra concentrated so one must take care when licking, lest they find themselves on the opposite end of the tongued love.


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