Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 5)


You eyes were glued to the television, the jingle ringing in your ears like the catchiest 10 second loop you heard all day.

The internet was having a storm when a new show out of nowhere came out, and everyone got hooked. Naturally you had to get involved.

The show itself was of a Gazer…

…And that’s it, well…there was a bit more to it.

The gazer herself appeared to be in her early twenties with a petite body, dressed only in the black ooze that coats her body like thin bikini, and leggings. Her smile was wide with sharp teeth. Her large single eye stared deeply at the camera with gold colored sclera, and a red orange pupil. Over a dozen tentacles each with their own matching eyeball stared at the audience as well. Behind her was a single violet wall with numerous black flowers with orange centers.

The entire show was her dancing to that catchy tune. She would bend her knees, crouching and standing up and down to the beat of the jingle. On occasion swinging her arms back forth too…for 22 minutes. Each commercial break snapping you out of a daze you don’t even know you had, but you knew you had to see how the show ended.

This was it, this is gonna be your series for as long as they can make it last. It was still season one, thankfully they were doing re-runs so you caught the first episode the second time around.

With your morning time well spent you dressed yourself up for work, and headed towards the Orphanage to begin your shift. You were told ahead of time, that today was a particularly important, and busy kind of day as it was that time of the week where the feline children were all instructed to give them a bath.

You were told they would not go willingly.

2 Hours later…

“Noo~ I don’t wanna~” A Were-cat with a soft auburn coat slips out of your grasps and starts darting away from you.

You watch as a Lamia caretaker from a distance catches her with her tail. She wiggles and squirms, but her bath fate is sealed.

The staff, and the cat children scramble all across the building, a fifty-fifty match of tag, and hide and seek.

“You can’t make me!” A Nekomata kid cries out as she stays on top of a wardrobe. Using her cat form she hides in the back end where your hands can’t reach her.

“Come down here, it’s only gonna be for like five minutes” you try to persuade her.

“No!” She defiantly declared.

“Allow me” Nirvana spoke out from behind you.

Slinging her web like a rope hoop she caught the Nekomata, and with a swift yank pulled the kitty-cat to her arms tied and mewling.

“…I think that was a little rough…” you reply.

“Well the bath won’t stay warm forever, it’ll be crueler to make them bathe in cold water” Nirvana argued before leaving.

“Wait! Why am I being forced to bathe with them!? Do you see my wings and tail!” You saw a teenage Manticore being dragged to the baths by one of the stronger staff members who was a Blue-Oni.

“We know you neglect your bath times just as often as these girls, now off you go” the Blue Oni corrected her.

You finally caught one of your own to take to the baths. A Caith-Sith who promised you any wish you wanted…so long as it was cat related.

Not being suckered into a bribe consisting of a new cat-toy, you took her to the baths and handed her over to one of the staff who would be scrubbing her down with the rest.

You can hear the complains, and mewling from outside the bath doors. While the staff was clearly not torturing them, it sure didn’t sound like they were having a good time, but as Katy explained to you: “Not all germs and filth can be cleaned with just your tongue”.

Truly words of wisdom we can all use.

You dragged your body to the break room, exhausted after what felt like your first actual labor upon working here. It may have taken half the staff, a lot of Nirvana’s web, Katy’s magical prowess and your never give up attitude-(which only increased the number of scratches you sustained)-but the job was done. They were now napping together in a heated room to dry off.

As you were reclining in your chair, shutting your eyes thinking about the next Gazer episode you were gonna watch, you hear the break room door open and close.

“*Phew~* finally done” you heard Betsy enter the room.

“Betsy, hey! Yeah we didn’t lose anyone in that fiasco did we?” You joke.

“*Giggle* oh~ they aren’t so bad, they’re going to be extra fluffy and cuddly for the first few days though. I bet a lot of possible parents will like to see that” Betsy said.

“Well all that trouble is going to be worth it if we can give them a home” you reply.

“That’s…a really nice way to put it” Betsy was happy to hear that.

You glance back at Betsy reaching for the fridge to grab a glass bottle of milk she turns to you, and you see her squirm a bit before speaking.

“W-would you like some milk too? I mean, I can get you some water if you’re not interested, I know not everyone likes milk, and you might be lactose intolerant. I can also go grab some soda if you’re interested, but that might take a while and I don’t want you to stay thirsty forever-” Betsy went on.

She was being especially polite today, and you didn’t want her to lose herself in her attempts at being a good person.

“I’ll just stick with the milk if we have extra” you assure.

“Oh! Right, in fact I do, I was very-I mean yeah I brought some more in case anyone else was interested” Betsy said.

“You’re very considerate Betsy, I gotta say I’m impressed” you confess.

“Oh! I-I’m not that special, when I was a ranch-hand I was use to a lot of work. Plus I work with others a lot so helping my friends and family just comes naturally to me” Betsy blushed handing you a bottle of milk.

“Was it any better than working here?” You ask as she takes a seat in front of you.

“Well I don’t want to say any place is better than the others, but I had a wonderful life working there and my life is still wonderful working here with all of you” Betsy said.

“Well I hope we can keep making your life wonderful” you reply.

She smiles at that, possibly her biggest you’ve seen yet, but you can’t help notice how often she glances at the bottle of milk, and the red hasn’t left her cheeks yet.

“Well thanks for the milk” you reply taking a sip. It was so cool, refreshing, and had a strong, but exquisite taste. You almost felt your body getting healthier and energetic with just that sip alone. As if swallowing a ton of vitamins, and energy drinks in one healthy, and natural elixir.

Her expression changes as she suddenly finds looking straight at you to be an impossible task.

“H-how is it?” She nervously asked.

“Hm? It’s pretty good, very refreshing” you respond.

“T-that’s good, yes, very-very good” Betsy sighs.

“…Are you doing all right Betsy? I hope you’re not the type that just keeps working even during a fever or something” you ask.

“Oh! I’m just dandy, completely a-okay! S-so um~ do y’all like your milk fresh?” Betsy asked.

“Uh yeah, I suppose I do. Fresher the better I suppose” you respond.

“E-eh!? B-but you know what you’ll have to do to get it at it’s freshest right? Would you really drink it like ‘that’?” Betsy suddenly asked leaning further from her seat and staring straight at you.

She was sending all number of signals, and signs, but you couldn’t quite figure her out so the best you can do is be honest.

“I suppose I better do it early then so I can get first dibs…hey Betsy are you sure you’re okay?” You ask as you see her grow redder, in fact she looked as if she’ll fume with steam at any moment.

“S-s-so you’ll want to do it before anyone else? I-I suppose that’s okay b-but maybe we shouldn’t rush things! I-I mean maybe some girls would like that b-but we haven’t even gone out or got to know each other!” Betsy was full on panicking.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Betsy! Calm down” you try to relax her.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m the one taking this too far, um~ well if it’s isn’t too forward maybe-if you want we can-um…you know” Betsy murmured.

Her voice was growing fainter as her confidence was shrinking.

“Betsy I can’t hear you. I was just saying I liked the milk you gave me, and I wouldn’t mind getting some more like it. Though I think I’ll like it better chilled” you say.

“C-chilled? Well I suppose that’s good too, I mean maybe standing in the refrigerator for too long might be a little dangerous though…” Betsy muttered.

“What was that?” You ask.

“N-nothing! Nothing at all-*haha~*” Betsy laughed off your confusion.

“…Wanna change the subject?” You ask.

“If it’s not too much to ask” Betsy calmed down.

“Is this your first time working in a city, I mean within the city limits?” You ask.

“Well, yes though I haven’t gone out to the city yet despite working here for so long. It’s not like I don’t want to, but I’m in no rush to change my atmosphere” Betsy said.

“Then I think I’m the opposite, I’ve almost never been to a farm, and I’ve spent most of my life in the city, I know just about every alleyway too, and for the most part it’s a very nice place. A lot of amazing sights. Did you know our town is a popular tourist spot during the summer?” I ask.

“Goodness no, but the way you described it, I must say it all sounds lovely” Betsy said.

“That’s great to hear, how about one of these days I can show you the life of the city folk” I offer.

“Y-you a-and me!? L-like a date!?” Betsy stuttered.

“W-well it certainly sounds like that doesn’t it, do you not want to?” I ask.

“No-no! I would love to go with you one day!” Betsy exclaimed.

“Geez~! Get a room you two!” The Yuki-Onna Co-founder Fubuki could be heard shouting outside the door possibly hearing Betsy shouting.

Betsy flushed red and slumped onto the table.

“Not funny!” You call out.

“Hilarious!” Fubuki retorted.

“I’ll just uh~ hey, why don’t I just give you my number, and you just send me yours when you’re good and ready” you awkwardly told Betsy.

“O-okay~ I’m just gonna…stay like this for a while” Betsy murmured slumped on her chair covering her face.

Despite how exhausted you were, there was nothing like a little hard work and positive attitudes to relieve some stress and collect your thoughts. However there was still that nagging feeling in the back of your head, especially after the fiasco with Chloe and her parents just yesterday.

While you were proud of yourself for not acting out in an angry fit after dealing with the negligent parents, you still didn’t feel entirely satisfied leaving it at just that. For the majority of your life you lived in a sort of secluded bubble where mamono were in your face almost your entire life. Being raised my one, related to others, talking to them, listening to them, even living with them. You know of others who were strongly against them, and several history classes you took reminded you about the many ‘cleansing’ moments that took place. However; this was your first real encounter with those opposed to them. You always thought you’d be able to keep your cool, and perhaps if it was any other person you would have, but hearing what those parents said about their child…

You couldn’t help but think about your own family, and knowing they’ll react the same negative way to them upsets you.

“(This blows)” you thought to yourself.

Still, there’s really no point in making yourself upset over this, even if you can’t help it, but at the moment your shift is just about over and you are ready to punch out.

You had a show to catch up on, but other than that you can’t decide on what to do next for some reason, your mind is just too clouded in drama to think about anything else, but you’re also not gonna just stand around and do nothing.

And suddenly you were struck with inspiration! It was so obvious, like a literal gust of ice hitting your very core of your being. You had to say it out loud just to make sure!

“I have a sudden urge to masturbate to loli ghosts-hey wait a minute! Get out of me!” You cry out having experienced this feeling before.

“*Giggle* Come on, just a little bit~” a child’s voice spoke in your mind.

“Could you at least give me better thoughts?” You ask.

“Kind of spent a lot of time here, little girls are all I think about” the spirit invading yours replied.

“How about you come out of there, before people think I’m crazy for talking to myself” you reply.

“Okay~” the ghost girl chimed.

You felt a cold chill rushing out of your lungs and up your throat. You literally burp out a cold wisp of mist which then formed the shape of a little girl. The ghost girl Chloe smiling down at you with her hand behind her back nonchalantly hovering in the air.

“Hey, are you feeling better Chloe?” I ask.

“Oh! Um…yeah, Katy was really nice” the ghost replied.

After she was ready to return you took her back to the orphanage where Katy was waiting outside the front door. She didn’t scold her or anything, she probably already knew how it was going to end up.

“Um~ I’m sorry!” The Ghost suddenly apologized.

“Sorry? For what?” You ask.

“I’m sorry I called you boring yesterday…you’re not boring to me anymore” the Ghost apologized.

“Oh don’t worry about it, I’m already over it. Glad to see you’re doing well, I was still a little worried you might be a little upset about yesterday” you respond.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about you too mister” the Ghost suddenly confessed, not blushing, but turning away from your gaze regardless.

“Oh yeah? About what?” You ask.

“You were really nice and when I was close to you, I was thinking how much better it would feel if I could actually hold you…like my dad use to…” Chloe said.

Just saying that made her mood do a one-eighty.

“Hey-hey don’t think about that okay, you’re a lot cuter when your happy” you try to cheer her up.

“I-I’m not really sad I think…I’m confused though…why don’t they love me anymore?” The Ghost asked.

“Some people are very-what’s the best way to put it. It’s like people have these beliefs and they cling to that with all their life because it’s all they got. And you can reason with people like that, you can say whatever you want, but if they feel like their reality is at risk, they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep themselves in their bubble. They’re not bad people, they’re just…I don’t want to say gullible either, I think the best way to put it, is they are very sure of themselves. I’m sorry if I can’t answer your question right, grown-ups can be just as complicated as they are dumb” you poorly explain.

“So when I became a ghost their reality broke?” Chloe was trying to understand.

“In a sense, yes that’s what happened” you answer her.

This didn’t sit well with her, she looked frustrated, but not at her parents…

“I hate it, I hate what I’ve become!” She cried out.

“Stop-stop! Don’t ever think like that! A lot of people care about you, heck! I care about you a lot right now” You declare.

“W-wha!? You do?” The Ghost gasped.

“Yeah! I think you’re great just the way you are, forget whatever bad things people say about you, you know none of that is true…I want you to come with me” you ask her.

She looks at you confused but nods her head following close behind you towards Katy’s office.

It didn’t take long when she saw paperwork you were working on that her life was about to change once more.

“I’m so happy you’re helping this girl get a second chance at a normal life” Katy congratulated you as you finish writing your signature on the adoption papers.

“Mister-I-I don’t know what to say, I can really live with you?” She asks.

“Yeah, I’m gonna give you back your childhood. Taking you to school, and everything you missed out on all this time” you promise her.

The ghost gasps and elicits a tiny suppressed squeal of delight before she zoomed straight towards you and inside your body.

“W-wait not here, I haven’t gotten rid of the loli thoughts gave me” you cry out.

“She did what now!?” Katy spoke out.

Then you felt it, something so strange, weird but oddly pleasant feeling inside your well being. None of your organs felt touched or anything, but you felt warm all the same. This mysterious feeling did not fade until the ghost child came back out.

“W-what was that?” You gasp still reeling from that sensation.

“*Giggle* I can’t touch you, but I can touch something else inside you, so I hugged your soul…daddy” the ghost confessed.

Wow…so that indescribable feeling was how a soul feels when it’s hugged…you’re not entirely against it, and judging by the look on her face, she’ll be doing that a lot from now on.

She didn’t have a lot to pack, in fact very little considering she wasn’t strong enough to wear actual clothing. She didn’t mind though, and neither did you. You drove her towards her new home; your home to be precise.

She did a quick tour of the place, fazing through the walls until she was satisfied, and when all was said and done, there was only one thing to do with her…


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  1. *heavy sigh* a bit of a tear jerker.

    One minor typo
    ““Hey-hey don’t think about that okay, you’re a lot cuter when your happy” you try to cheer her up.”

    your = you’re (a common enough mistake)

    ALL HAIL TO THE HYPNOT,….uhhmm, Gazer.

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