Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 22)

You looked at your schedule online, and realize your first night shift was today, naturally like any new employee you’re both a tad anxious to work at a new position. The shift started rather late, not to mention it was a graveyard shift. Still you’re a little hesitant to do so as the sudden introduction left you without anyone to babysit both girls for the night. Their bed-times being exactly at the moment you have to clock in. You’ll have to make some calls to some old friends, hopefully one of them can do you a huge solid while you discuss how many times you’ll be doing the night shift.

Suffice to say Chloe made being a single parent easy, but the real challenge had only just begun now that Ceres has arrived. Still you weren’t about to give up that easily, thus first thing in the morning after some breakfast the three of your drove to collect as much furniture as your vehicle can carry.

“R-really! I’m fine, you don’t have to do all this for me” Ceres insisted as the three of you look around for furnishings.

“Nonsense Ceres you definitely deserve it” you assure her.

You gave her a bed-frame, mattress, drawers and the like, all to be shipped very near into the future on one of your days off. Suffice to say Ceres had a certain taste in room décor that matched your sisters, and mother. You wonder if that’s just common for Dhampirs, and Vampires…

“Oh~ you’re gonna have such a cool looking room! I’m so jealous of your style!” Chloe chimed.

“Y-you really like my style? What does that mean?” Ceres wondered.

“Chloe has been on repeat saying that for a while now, guess you’re just as worthy as being called cool” you explain.

“That doesn’t tell me anything” Ceres said though she couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

“Hey, can I wear your hat sometimes?” Chloe suddenly asked gazing at Ceres’s wide brimmed hat with dark red feathered plumage on the left corner.

“M-maybe, it’s kind of a big deal to me” Ceres was reluctant.

“Hm~ speaking of that…” you reply pulling out your smart-phone and prepare to send a message to Mizari

[Anon: Where do you buy your clothes? Do you know if they have anything a Dhampir would like in children’s size?]

Mizari was tending to the Devil Bugs making a mess around their nest, and resting area when she suddenly felt her phone ring. She saw it came from Anon and her heart skipped a beat.

“A-A-Anon sent me a-another message!? Kufufufu~hihi~” Mizari giggled to herself.

She read the message, and her face blushed red as her imagination, and speculations ran wild.

“A-Anon wants to know about my clothes!? D-does he like my clothes!? D-does that mean he l-likes m-m-me!? D-d-does he want to take my clothes f-f-for himself!?” Mizari sputtered as each theory became more and more perverse until she had to take a ten minute break to cool off.

“…Huh? Guess she’s too busy or something” you figured as you have yet to receive an answer.

“Daddy! Look-look! Can I have a hat like this too!?” Chloe said motioning to Ceres’ awesome hat.

“I could, but couldn’t you also make your own hat too? I mean I’ve seen you wear different clothes you made yourself” you asked her.

“Oh! You’re right! Hey! Hey Ceres watch this!” Chloe cried out.

She shuts her eyes and deeply concentrates. You’re actually a tad surprised as this it the first time you’ve seen her act so serious, but it seems like with the addition to a new member of your family she’s already becoming much more active and excitable. After a moment you notice a bulge growing at the top of Chloe’s head that stretched and flattened, slowly molding itself into a near perfect replica of Ceres’ wide brim hat, with feather to match.

“Haha! That’s looks so convenient!” Ceres was impressed.

“*Huff-puff* y-yeah~” Chloe sounded like she was out of breath suddenly.

“Hey Chloe you alright? Try not to go overboard with your powers alright?” You warn her.

“I’ll be fine, just felt a little tired for a bit. I’m all better now!” Chloe assured.

You’re not entirely sold on her assurance but you won’t press her on the issue yet, you know how stubborn she can get sometimes, but it’s only because she doesn’t want you to worry about her.

Taking a break from all the shopping you, Chloe, and Ceres rest at a nearby park, the same familiar spot with the same tasty ice-cream. Chloe ecstatic that her progress, and the Sabbath cookies gave her the means to hold, and consume her own ice-cream finally while Ceres casually spends the day exploring the area.

You take this time to make a few phone calls, but alas your friends while happy to hear from you are nowhere near your location, or available to help. You even resorted to asking your sisters for help, but they were apparently still consoling your mother, and that any support from them on anything further has to wait at least until the next day.

You sigh deeply, and shut your eyes attempting to find a solution, but upon doing so you felt a poke of someone’s nail on your chest. Opening your eyes you are met with a familiar smile of Elly, the Alp, and former college classmate.

“Long time no see buddy!” Elly piped up.

You couldn’t tell if she was cosplaying as a student, or got genuinely accepted into an academy, though you speculate her skirt did not meet with any code of conduct.

“Elly hey, what’s up?” You greet her.

“Nothin’ much! Chilling, just got a few days off, but all my girls were busy with stuff so I was kind of wandering about by myself, what about you?” Elly asked taking her seat next to you…very next to you.

“Uh…well see for yourself” You reply pointing at Ceres, and Chloe each of them attempting to dazzle the other with some sort of feat, or physical prowess.

“Aw~ they’re so cute~! Why didn’t you say you had kids!?” Elly asked.

We’re just gonna let that one go for now…

“I guess I was too distracted” you try to play it cool.

Elly giggles, her eyes dazzling you with a spark of joy as she slides herself hip to hip.

“Sorry uh…now’s not the best time, obviously” you inch yourself further away.

“Oh I know-I know I was just…well I’m glad I get genuine compliments from you, it means something you know?” Elly said.

“Come on, don’t give me that, you’re probably the most popular girl at your job” you remark.

“Yeah, but…no one knows I’m an Alp…they see my wings, and stuff, and just jump to Succubus, I don’t mind it too much, I mean a customer is always right-right? But I get nervous about what will happen if people found out…I guess I lived the lie a little too long to change it…” Elly said.

“No, you just beat yourself up too soon, you were like that back in college too…honestly you were the life of the party in your own way, remember when we had that shindig?” You ask.

“I remember you guys pestering me to get a lap dance from this girl that liked me…” Elly mused.

“Sorry about that man, maybe if I was a little more sober I wouldn’t have pushed so hard” you recall.

“Hey-hey it’s not your fault…you guys were just trying to get me to enjoy the party…I never had that happen so I was a little nervous, and…well you know my preferences now-hehe…” Elly said.

“Right, but that wasn’t what I wanted to recall, I wanted to recall after the party…when everyone was either passed out, or gone home, you stuck around, and helped me clean up after everyone…you didn’t even make any of the mess, but you still took time to help me out before we got busted for negligence…that was a real bro move” you remark.

“Hehehe…shucks Anon…you’re the only person I know who makes me blush this hard…” Elly squeaked.

“Hey I just realized, I don’t have your number…given how you’re back in town, if you’re feeling like hanging out I’d like that, having a guy friend like you would be a nice change of pace considering who my co-workers are” you ask.

Elly gives Anon a stare…

“You know what I mean” you snicker.

“Yeah! Sure man uh I’ll be down to hang! For sure!” Elly piped up.

The two exchanging numbers as Chloe, and Ceres continue to play, you notice Ceres balancing on the beam of a swing set before sitting down in the middle of it, Chloe following suit, and sitting down next to her as they enjoy the view of the park from their height.

“Well…I gotta get going soon, and plus I gotta make some more phone calls” you say.

“Oh? You’re still busy with work today?” Elly asked.

“Yeah, but my real issue is finding a babysitter to watch the house while the girls sleep, I got a graveyard shift, nothing permanent, just a few days to help me train to deal with nocturnal children” you explain.

“…W-well…um…I can, you know…help out” Elly said.

“Huh? Don’t force yourself Elly, I know you said you were a real bro helping me out back in college, but that didn’t mean-” You begin.

“No-I-I don’t mind at all! Besides working the night shift is my specialty, and I don’t have to work today, or tomorrow so I’ll get plenty of rest! Besides I didn’t even have any plans today…just staying up all night watching movies…I can bring some DvDs and some snacks, and do that at your place while keeping an eye on things! It’s no trouble at all!” Elly said.

“Well…Elly, geez…If you’re absolutely certain” you say.

“I am! Promise! I’ll do a real good job, you’ll see!” Elly was leaning very close to your face.

Your attempts to pull back were pushed to their limits as her breath tickled your nose, her eyes wide, and glistening as she pleaded for a chance to prove herself to you. This cute little try-hard can’t be the same seductress that got you off at a strip-club just last week is it?

“Okay-okay, you talked me into it. I’ll send you the address on a text, and I’ll see you at nine-o-clock sharp, I’ll be sure to pay you too” you reply.

“You don’t-” Elly begins.

You put a finger to her lips silencing her.

“Come on Elly, it’ll make me feel better, please?” You ask.

Elly blushes profusely, and reluctantly nods her head. With that stress relieved off your shoulders you call Ceres, and Chloe to come back so they can leave the park. You bid farewell to Elly, and she gives you a wink, and thumbs up…

You had Chloe do the same thing, with Ceres adopting a more professional upright hand-shake, introducing them briefly to their new babysitter before it was time to go.

Ceres insisted on becoming stronger for the tournament she was hoping to enter, so you decide to take her along with you on your trip to the gym though you doubt she really needed the exercise, given her reflexes, strength, and speed.

You’re happy to discover that there is a side gym where kids just about Ceres’ age can go, and play or exercise themselves while their parents stay at the main gym. Two staff workers appointed to keep the kids from doing anything too reckless with the equipment. You drop Ceres off, and tell her to be mindful of others, and to try and keep herself from attacking anyone she deemed as ‘blood suckers’.

“Yes sir!” Ceres gives you a serious frown and a military salute.

…Cute kid…

Ceres and Chloe head off to play while you wander around the rest of the gym to look for Patty, asking around you were told that someone matching her description was last seen at the coed locker rooms with someone else. Curious and nothing more you decide to take the trip to the coed locker room. Luckily for you the room was empty, but you heard distinct moaning coming from a distance, and recognized them as Patty.

You would like to reiterate to yourself that this is merely out of curiosity and nothing else.

You notice faint moans coming from one of the curtained off showers just a few feet away, but before you can reach it, you hear more loud grunting noises coming from someone else, as well Patty’s loudest moan to date. Moments later you see a man exit pull open the curtains pulling his gym shorts up to cover his girth. His body was tanned to perfection, and rather muscular, no doubt he worked hard to attain his features. An Adonis of a well sculpted man, rough chiseled chin, dangerously sharp eyes, and a mop of black hair, but something else was clearly different about him. His eyes were a deep red, and you notice small horns jutting out of his skull, and noticeable black tribal tattoos on his chest, and arms.

“Oh hey, you’re here for the pig? Go ahead, got her all warmed up for you. Hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds” the Incubus assured, his tone seemed casual, almost welcoming, but it did not dissuade your growing concerns.

“What do you mean? Where’s Patty?” You ask him.

The man just laughs patting you on the shoulder rather hard, no doubt flexing his strength before departing with his gym bag, and some sandals.

You brush your shoulder he patted, and found strands of soft pink hair falling off, and you feared the worst as they could easily belong to Patty. You peer in the shower, and nearly gasp at seeing Patty. The shower was still on, and running water was splashing Patty who was huddled in the corner with a look of utter defeat, and humiliation. She was completely naked though you saw her gym clothes soaked and thrown aside on the corner.

You also notice Patty had fresh new bruises on her body, her hair a matted mess, and you see a few more strands of her hair falling down the drain. Her eyes were wide, red and distant as if she was in a whole other world.

“Patty? Patty it’s me, snap out of it” you call out to her as you shut off the water.

Patty gasp and looks up to you, her mouth quivers and suddenly she turns away from you sobbing uncontrollably.

“I-I d-didn’t want-*hic*-you to- see me-*sniff*-like this~” Patty sobbed.

You crouch down beside her and try to pull her close but she refuses your comfort, shaking your off, and huddling closer to her corner as she refused to make eye contact.

“Patty…it’s gonna be okay, just-just let it all out and we can talk about this…” you assure her.

She finally gives in, your familiar voice, and time spent finally reminded her of the support you always gave her, she slowly turned to you with a shaky head as fresh tears poured from her eyes, she practically lunges towards you squeezing your back, and torso in a tight hug.

You’re beyond confused right now…why is she acting like this? You know enough about Orcs to know this isn’t a normal behavior even if it was a little rough, but for now you’ll have to be patient until she’s ready to explain herself.

Eventually after a drink of water, and some time to freshen up, and be clothed again Patty is in higher spirits though that’s not really saying much as she’s still utterly morose.

You accompany her as you purchase ointment, and whatever you’ll need to treat her bruises and found a private little spot outside the gym to talk to her. She did not allow you to discuss the details of her recent incident to anyone, and there was no sign of the man you saw exiting the shower you found her in.

“…Thanks…” Patty mutters as the two of you find a private bench behind the gym.

“…You know, if you don’t want to talk about it with me it’s fine, but I just want to tell you I’ll always be here to listen whenever you’re ready, we’re partners after all” you assure her.

“…Ex…” Patty muttered.

“Pardon?” You say.

“H-he is my…ex-boyfriend” Patty confessed.

The plot thickens…

“What do you mean he’s your ex, Patty I think you might have to start from the beginning” you tell her.

Patty takes a deep breathe, possibly trying to calm herself even more so to tell her story.

“He wasn’t always like this…we met about two years ago, he was nice, and we were happy…” Patty smiled as she recalled better times.

“After a while we both wanted a little more from each other, but he couldn’t quite keep up, so…oh gosh…this is all my fault…I deserve this!” Patty was now starting to lose it rather quickly.

“Patty? Patty! It’s gonna be okay, what happened?” You ask her.

“I-I told him about changing…into an Incubus a-and he did it because of me! O-oh gods! W-what have I done!?” Patty was starting to sob again.

“Relax Patty, easy!” you try to calm her down by bringing her close you once more.

“W-when he changed he start acting different very quickly! He would scold me, and berate me, told me I wasn’t good enough no matter what I did! Then-*hic*! He-he started cheating on me! A-and I let him, I-I thought that no matter what he would still love me more, that if I just do better, to stay patient he would-*sniff*-! H-he would have sex with other women, and even ordered me to watch them-to film them…no matter how much it pained me. B-but I stayed by his side through all of this! U-until suddenly, he-he told me that he was bored with me! That he didn’t want to be with me anymore a-and he broke up with me!” Patty sobbed.

“Patty…” you murmur.

“I tried to get him back, I begged him to have me back, to be a couple, and be happy like we use to be, but he got mad, he told me that he was never going to be with me again, b-but that he will still give me what I wanted…so that’s when he started…forcing himself on me” Patty revealed.

“That’s-that’s awful…” you console.

“Maybe…maybe force isn’t the right word, he simply wanted to use me, and I let him. After a while he became rougher with me, hitting me, pulling at my hair, calling me names, he knew I wouldn’t fight back no matter what…so he did what he wanted. Sometimes he’d bring his friends…people I’ve never met, and they’d all have their turn on me, I was their sex-toy…and their punching bag…” Patty mumbled.

“And there was no love in all of this. He only saw you as an object, he never cared about you, but you still cared about him” you try to understand.

Patty nodded her head, and that was when you felt your hunch was correct.

Patty being the Orc that she was could handle the abuse better than most, but what truly pained her, and what she suffered the most was the lack of intimacy. She was never being loved back in return so the whole ordeal must have been so confusing and upsetting. Her body responding to the pleasure, but at the same time her mind felt no love out of it.

“Thinking on it now…I deserve all of this, this was all my idea, my fault. I’m the worst, I don’t deserve you Anon. Your kindness, your help, they’re too good for a dirty pig like me…” Patty sobbed.

“Patty please…don’t just lump yourself to such a title” you reply.

“Anon?” Patty looked up to you.

“We’ll never make any progress if you keep looking down on yourself like this. You need to stand up for yourself” you tell her.

“B-but what can I do? I can’t stop myself from giving in, no one ever pays any attention to me, he’s all I got…” Patty cried out.

“But you deserve better than this! C’mon Patty, let’s see what we can do about your injuries” you tell her ushering her back inside the gym.

“Anon? W-well okay, but where are we going?” Patty asks you.

“I’m gonna show you what you really need right now, and I’m gonna treat your injuries too, kill two birds with one stone and all of that” you assure her.

Patty looked nervous, but nodded and followed your lead.

She held your hand as you lead her back inside the gym, her gym clothes were still soaking wet, but she still had her towel, and some spare underwear. You walk towards the sauna they have, and along the way you and Patty spot her ex-boyfriend chatting away with a Lesser Succubus outside the front of the building. Patty eyes widen as he sees her ex flirt with another girl and she grips your hand tighter and presses her body closer to you, trying her best to remain as invisible as possible.

You reach the Sauna, and see only a small handful of other occupants…all of them mamono, a Jinko with matted fur, and a well toned muscular body sitting cross legged wearing a black two piece swimsuit, two twin Succubi wearing only their white bath towels, sharing a glint, and a smirk seeing you enter and a grey Werewolf wearing a green sports bra, and gym shorts, her tongue hanging out as she sat on the sauna. You take notice of the sign telling you that the Sauna is also coed.

Keeping your own gym shorts, and a towel for safety you turn to Patty also covering herself with her personal pink towel. Patty looks at you with a clear blush on her face as you both enter the Sauna with the group. The room was humid, and hot like any normal sauna, and right away you can already feel yourself sweating.

“Okay now, Patty can you lay down on the bench and open your towel a bit? I want to take care of your bruises” you tell her.

“A-Anon? Um~ o-okay…” Patty blushed furiously as she undid her towel exposing her backside to you.

“Oh~ my you two, as eager as I am to see this, you know you’re not allowed to make a mess in here right?” one of the Succubi explained.

“If you two want, we can show you a room where we can have all the privacy we want” the second Succubus invited.

“T-that’s not it at all! I just want to treat her” you assure her.

“To an orgasm?” The Werewolf joked.

“Ignore them Patty, just pay attention to me now” you tell her.

You slather some ointment on your hands and begin massaging her back. Patty gives out soft little squeaks and squeals as you start treating her.

“You’ve been handled so roughly all this time. I think your body earned a more softer touch” you tell her as you rub her down.

Your hands and fingertips delicately slide across her back applying soft pressure on her bare skin. She felt smooth as silk, the sweat, and lotion making her feel slick, and warm to the touch.

“Oh~ Anon, this-this feels different” Patty cooed.

“There’s nothing like seeing porno face first don’t you think sister?” one of the Succubi replied.

“Ignore, ignore, ignore…” you mutter as your hands travel lower.

Unfortunately you notice that several of her bruises are also on her butt, possibly from constant spankings. Applying more ointment on your hands you press your hands gently on her bottom. She elicits a quiet gasp as you rotate your hands on her large derriere.

“Anon! Ah~that feels better already” Patty suddenly realized.

“Better? As in how?” You ask as you continue the massage and travel to her plump thighs.

“My body feels so good right now-so-so good! I-I’ve never felt this good before” Patty moaned.

“That’s because you’re body wanted this for so long. You don’t need to be rough and fast all the time, a soft, slow, gentle touch is all a woman needs sometimes. I mean it works for Were-sheep all the time, who’s to say it won’t work on you too” you tell her.

“Anon~ this is so new, but so good~” Patty gasped.

“See Patty, you don’t need all that abuse. You can feel good just like this” you assure her.

“Aw~ what a sweet heart. I’m such a sucker for the nice-guy schtick” one of the twins said.

“Yeah, hey what are you doing after this? Maybe it can involve us?” the second twin asked.

“Nope…now then I think that’s all of it” you reply.

“N-not all of it…” Patty murmured.

She immediately turned around exposing her bare chest towards, a huge blush and a meek smile on her face. Shocking even herself, she immediately tried to cover herself up, but her hands could do little with her overwhelming bosom

“Please Anon? I-I really need this, I need your softness” Patty begged.

“…Okay, you’re right. Can’t leave a job half finished” you agree.

Her body was coated in sweat, in fact it almost looked like it was already had a coat of lotion as it was, but you still cover your hands in more ointment to begin part two. You start with her shoulders and brush at her arms and hands, she often times sighs and bashfully looks away but is unable to hide her smile as you continue to caress her. You move your hands swiftly across the sides of her breasts before you rest them firmly on top of them. Patty squeals in delight as your hands gently squeeze and rub at her round bosom. You try not to stay on her breasts any longer than you need to, though you will admit you spent more than a minute taking care of them before spreading lower to her tummy and waist.

“A-Anon, I can’t hold it~ I’m gonna~ Anon~!” Patty cried out.

You haven’t even reached below her waist yet before she suddenly arched her back and twitched uncontrollably before slumping on her back, panting furiously. The twins and the Werewolf looked on with bated breathe, and excited faces while the Jinko grunted something, and looked away with her tail straight and upwards.

“Uh…t-that wasn’t part of the plan…” you explain.

“Called it!…Oh~ don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, promise” the Werewolf assured.

“Uh~ thanks…” you reply.

“That felt incredible…and you didn’t even touch me down there~oh Anon~” Patty moaned.

“W-well like I said, uh~ you deserve better” you reply feeling genuinely awkward.

“Anon~ I-I didn’t know how good gentle can feel…I think I love it more than what I’m use to” Patty sighed.

“It looks like you’re feeling better, still feel like exercising?” You ask.

“I~I just need a minute…” Patty gasped.

Despite working quite a sweat at the Sauna you still had time to exercise a little more with Patty who couldn’t stop smiling, and stealing quick glances at you at random intervals. Soon your time was done and Patty made you promise her to visit as soon as possible.

Upon returning home, and getting ready for work you decide to give Katy a text, to ask her about being given gifts, or surprises.

[Anon: Have you ever gotten gifts or the like from people, and when’s you’re birthday?]

Moments later you receive a response.

[Katy: You mean from my guests, or admirers cause I think Betsy is the one who gets most of the anonymous love letters, and I get a bunch of fun little knick-knacks and snacks. And my Birthday is in the Summer, and you missed it, you lost a lot of relationship points with me for that one]

Relationship points? You can only assume she’s joking but regardless you decide to give her a gift before her hibernation period.

As promised, Elly shows up at nine on the dot carrying her own pajamas, a bag of snacks from the convenience store, and a hand full of movies.

Giving her instructions on everyone’s tastes, and habits, and knowing their dinner was already sated, all she has to do is not let them stay up past bed-time granted that shouldn’t be hard to do given how easily they nod off. Especially after spending all day playing outside.

You get in your car, and you notice something strange that you missed for some reason. You spotted a pair of panties colored a sky blue with white snowflakes. Almost immediately you know who they belong to and you decide to send her a message.

[Anon: I found some underwear in my car and I think it’s yours since it’s got a snowy design. Care to explain?]

[Fubuki: Oh yeah! I stole all your breath-mints, peppermint is my favorite, and my panties is my thief’s calling card. They’re slightly worn, so feel free to take a deep long sniff at them you perv of pervs]

You instantly regret holding them, you look in you car and sure enough all your breath-mints are gone. While you had no use for them for the longest time, you still preferred not having to buy more.

You drive over to work as night fell. You note that this is your first time seeing it on this hour. Several of it’s lights were still on meaning a few children were still awake though your certain not for long.

Taking the elevator you start your descent downward. Since you arrive a tad early you decide to fill your thermos with some strong coffee, it’s been a while since you’ve done a shift like this, not since your time in college when you took a part-time job working at a gas-station. Your family may have paid for your home, but food and bills weren’t going to pay themselves.

Glancing about through the internet on your phone one last time before you lose connection completely you wander aimlessly into the less than traveled side of the internet, and you are met with an interesting video.

You might have been wrong, but you could have sworn that was Nirvana, albeit younger looking and what is she-oh-oh god! What is this!? Why do you feel like you’re too young to be seeing this!? Oh my god! Oh my god! The things you’re seeing! Holy crap! If only you can put into words the sight you are viewing! It’s images are burning into your mind like hot iron branding you with it’s mark of Nirvana’s-oh god! It just got worse! Oh my god! Holy crap how can she-!


You are left speechless, only your fingertips working as they are rapidly sending Nirvana a message.

[Anon: I found something… interesting today. It’s a BDSM video with someone that looks like you in it, as a sub. Care to explain?]

[Nirvana: So that’s what you do in your spare time? Honey if you’re curious about bondage I’m more than happy to show you the way. It looks like you found my first, and last porno. As it turns out not everyone is into the things I am, but I bet you and I might have a connection]

Fighting the urge to splash hot coffee into your eyes knowing that will burn less than what you just saw you continue biding your time as the elevator takes you lower, and your internet goes dead.

Taking the elevator down to the lowest level of the orphanage; you immediately find yourself in a small security office. Two entryways on your left and right, a fan turned on blowing a cool wind. You notice a computer board, and a touch screen pad sitting on a swivel chair, and something else as well. A phone with a blinking red dot displaying an unread message. You sit on the swivel chair hold the touch pad on your right and press the play button on the answering machine with your other hand.

“[Uh~ hello? Hello-hello!? Am I doing this right?]” You heard Katy’s voice.

“Huh, neat…” you marvel as you wait for the touch screen to turn on.

“[Anon, if you’re hearing this then let me be the first to welcome you into the night shift! Now you’re covering for my sister who’s on vacation to her homeland for a tournament she entered so while we’re waiting for her to bring the prize money we needed someone to cover her shifts and it was so sweet of you to take the challenge]” Katy began.

You glance at the touch pad and realize it was connected directly to several cameras in this basement.

“[So it should be midnight by now and your shift ends at six-o-clock, easy right? Hope you have plenty of coffee with you]” Katy’s message went on.

You take a quick sip of your coffee and nod your head, of course you know she’s not really talking to you.

“[The shift is only for five nights, and if you make it through all of them we’ll promote you, and deem you worthy enough to raise our more demanding children. You’ll be flying with Wyverns, Ryus and Dragons in no time]” Katy said.

“Wyverns, Ryus, and Dragons oh my!” you reply taking all of this as a joke of a test, especially when it couldn’t be easier.

“[Now what I really want to point out are the girls you’re watching over]” Katy said.

You nod and start messing with the touch pad, and getting a feel of it to work it properly.

“[See Anon, you’re kind of like in our lowest part of our expansive underground system, and these particular hallways here is where we keep…uh~ the most untamed and rape-happy mamonos in our orphanage. While technically not bad or malicious, they have still a lot to learn about how it’s a not a good idea to rape the first man you smell]” Katy warned.

Now she had your full attention.

“R-rape happy?” you mutter to yourself.

“[We-uh~ have about five of them if I remember, yes, six lovely rooms a spacious area at the center of their six rooms, you know to play and exercise, and two long hallways ending on either side of your doors. It’s surprisingly cozy believe it or not! Perectly air conditioned, and heaters which the girls can adjust individually from their rooms, plenty of play time with the staff, and they are allowed access outside when we’re closed, I mean it’s kind of hard to tell ’cause it’s kinda dark in there, just a few dim lights, but take our word for it-oh! You should really be looking at your touch pad thingy, it’s your best friend!]” Katy warned.

You were already frantically pushing all the buttons on the touch screen, you glimpse at the five all eating together in the large play area. and you didn’t like the looks of them. One of them looked like a more shapely Werewolf, with flaming eyebrows; a Hellhound gnawing away at a raw slab of meat. A Ghoul licking at her fingers which still had a bit of food in them…wait you recognized the ghoul! She was with you that time you, and Mizari first met. There was also a girl with flames of blue inside a spherical iron cage on her lower half was toying around with a stuffed animal; a Will-O-the-Wisp if you recall, an Oomukade who stared glumly at her own stuffed animal which was dressed in a wedding suit. Lastly was the Ushi Oni in the corner, if the cameras had microphones attached, you might be able to hear her heavy breathing, and panting considering how much her mouth is moving

“[We let them out to play, but only if we’re certain there won’t be any males nearby for them to molest. They’re pretty strong just on their own, and over power most would be families, b-but don’t worry about yourself. They don’t even know we switched night-guards so they have no clue of your existence]” Katy assured.

At this you felt somewhat relieved.

“[Oh! But they do still wander about even on late nights like this so that’s why we have those doors that close when you press the buttons, to keep them off you. Uh, kind of important you keep them away from you, c-cause well if one of them just so happens to catch you. Well, let’s say you’ll be in for quite a few hours of pure assault, in fact the ordeal may be so bad you’ll probably never want to work there again, completely understandable if you felt that way of course I mean, once one of them nabs you then they’ll all want a turn and those girls like it rough even young, the mental trauma can be quite extensive]” Katy said.

What have you gotten yourself into…

“[They all behave differently so it’s probably best to watch them closely, and see how they act, also we’re going through some temporary budget cuts so we’re limiting your electricity use for this so try to conserve power. The elevator is kind of slow, we’re attempting to make it faster, but that will take time. They’ll basically get to you before the elevator does. J-just be careful and remember the most important thing…]” Katy said.

“Yeah-yeah, what is it?” You speak to it.

“[Whatever you do, don’t-]” the message was suddenly paused.

“[Katy what is that!?]” You heard Fubuki’s voice.

“[W-what? It’s nothing! I’m recording something for Anon]” Katy explained.

“[Oh wow! Does that phone have a cord!? You are so~ old Katy!]” Fubuki teased her.

“[S-shut up! I’m not that old!]” Katy said.

“[Wow! That is hilarious! We can put that in a museum or something by now! Hey do you also have one of those phones that you have to rotate around and around for every number?]” Fubuki asked.

“[Oh! Shut up! So what if I like antiques! Now let me finish before I run out of-]” Katy began before the message was cut off entirely.

“(Just when they were getting into the good part…)” you mutter.

You go to work watching the cameras, it’s odd though while they have a lot of amenities, toys, and amazing personal rooms…being kept underground like this still felt a little off. Of course you remind yourself that they often go outside once the presence of any males are gone, which explains why you’ve never seen them before.

The girls all looked to be either teenagers or pre-teen, which given mood swings at that age, won’t help you to understand their patterns; if any. You watch intently at their behaviors, and movements, and try to catch anything you can work with.

The Oomukade is the shyest of the bunch you realize as she rarely seems to converse, yet you’ve spotted her staring intently at her stuffed animal. The Will-O-the-Wisp in question seems to be circling around, practically boasting her new toy though the Ghoul was too busy suckling away at some hard candy she keeps beside her on a small bag.

By two-o-clock nothing happened, the Will-O-the-Wisp even nodded off and went to her room to sleep or nap. At this point you notice the Oomukade sneak into her room and attempt to steal the stuffed plush toy.

Three-o-clock and you narrowly dodged a bullet. The Ghoul still wide awake started wandering aimlessly about, unfortunately getting closer and closer to your left hand side door which you promptly shut. The Ghoul looked confused but merely turned away to suck on more candy, perhaps she has a sweeter tooth compared to the rest.

Four-o-clock and now the Oomukade had decided to rest, lowering the number to three, you just might be able to pull this off.

Five-thirty…you felt something was seriously wrong. The Hellhound, and the Ushi-Oni were suddenly sniffing the air, in fact you were certain they’ve been doing that for some time now. You can see their mouths moving and obviously discussing something to one another. Then out of nowhere they decide to head towards the hallway to your security office. You quickly shut both doors and look back to your camera. They reacted much like the Ghoul; not feeling up to forcing open a metal door they retreated.

You were almost done with your shift, just a little longer and…

“Yes! Six-o-clock! Time to punch out.” You cheer.

Big mistake, you look back to the camera one last time and you notice the Ushi-Oni and the Hellhound had their ears perked all of a sudden, and began sniffing at the air before they both shared big grins on their faces and suddenly stared back at the cameras and directly at you.

The elevator opened by itself and as it opened you notice someone enter the room.

“Ah~a-a-ah~A-Anon!?” Mizari squeaked nervously.

“Yup-shift over-I’m done-going now-nice hair-bye” you quickly reply as you mash the elevator button back to the lobby.

“H-h-he said he liked my dress, and now my hair too~!…Kufufu~kuhihihi~” Mizari giggled to herself as she let her mind wander before doing her job.

“(Just four more night shifts right?…am I gonna be okay? Do I cancel this whole thing and go back to day shifts?)” you thought to yourself as you drove home to get some much needed rest.

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4 thoughts on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 22)

  1. I really liked this one.
    I felt very sorry for Patty, but the MC did one of the nicest things I could imagine. Good work!
    I hope that stupid, cheating, Incubus fucker tries to have a fling with a shirohebi and bear the consequences. >:)

    As for the night shift.
    A FNAF cameo is really funny, and an interesting twist.
    I would suggest to not keep that up for all 5 nights, or it would be repetitive very fast.
    Maybe having Mizaki or the ghoul helping him out would be a better decision.
    Those are just suggestions tho, it’s your story after all. :3

    1. Thanks for the response, and yeah I plan on using the fnaf reference maybe three days max instead since you know…Comedy works in threes as they say. I just needed some time to explain the underground bunker of the building without sounding too much like exposition.

      Thanks for calling me out on that!

  2. Love the series so far and yeah i hope that incubus is gonna be in a world of hurt reeeeaaal son hahaha>:D as for the fnaf easter egg haha really cool,curios to c how that turns out and i cant wait to read the next chapters!

    1. Thanks man, these always cheer me up, even the criticism believe it, or not. I think I’ll go a little easy on the fnaf references, but it was too good to pass up at least for a little while!

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