Lick The Snake – Bacchus is a Scholar and a Gentleman

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“Sir, the mistress insists that you are properly prepared for the evening’s festivities.”

Liam Crowe couldn’t help but quirk an eyebrow to the dainty maid standing before him. She remained pensive, the stare from her leonine eyes unreadable. In her hands was what appeared to be a silken bundle of cloth dyed a golden hue. Behind them, there was a black leather chair next to a station equipped with an airbrush and other body painting accessories.

“Now when you say ‘properly prepared’…” Liam started, nervously glancing around the strange, albeit plain room. There were no doors that he could see, no partitions to hide his form from the gaze of the smaller woman. He could’ve sworn that just a few moments before he had crossed through a pair of oaken doors to what he presumed would be a luxury condominium.

“Disrobe, Sir. The quicker the better, the mistress does not like to be kept waiting. Her time is very precious.” The maid replied, never once losing her composure. Her behavior was almost as strange as the room they were standing in. It unnerved Liam, there was something unnatural about her.

He sighed, his comfort dashed into pieces. Turning his back to her, he lifted his shirt off first, shivering slightly at the chill of the air. Next came his belt, and then his jeans and undergarments. It wasn’t until he was shivering and naked and facing the maid again that she acknowledged he was in the full buck nude, one hand covering his genitals.

Nodding silently, she moved around him, tucking and wrapping the fabric around his waist. Never once did she touch his privates, much to his amazement. It was as if she were privy to a taboo he was made unawares of. Finishing and content with her work, she stood again, taking in his form.

He was lean cut and tall, if not a little pale. His dark hair was cut short around his head, dark green eyes looking at her from beneath his brow. She simply tsked, examining his strong jawline and facial features.

“I suppose she was always fond of that man’s bloodline.” She murmured.

“Excuse me?” Liam asked, raising an eyebrow once again to her. The maid shook her head and lifted a hand towards the chair on the opposite side of the room. “But, my clothes.”

“Will be waiting for you once you’ve properly finished your evening’s excursion with the mistress. Need I remind you, once again, Sir, that her time is precious?” She replied back, in her monotonous voice. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a second maid having materialized seemingly out of nowhere scooping up his clothes into her arms.

The aerosol spray was cold, turning his pale body into golden. She worked methodically until Liam’s entire body, from front to back gleamed like a newly cast statue. Without pause, she sprayed his hair as well. Time had seemed to pause as she selected a brush to silhouette his eyes with black.

“All finished, Mister Crowe. All that remains is for you to have your final preparation.” She stated, holding up a small chalice of an amber liquid. She held it up to him and cracked a faint smile. “Drink”.

Wearily eyeing the liquid, he pressed the chalice to his lips and sipped. It flowed from the cup easily, the soft fruity flavor overriding the thick syrupy quality to the fluid. He could feel his body becoming heavier from the day’s exertions. A haze descended over his mind.

One by one, he could feel his muscles relaxing, a contented sigh escaped his lips. Strange drink, he thought. His eyelids relaxed and closed, carrying him off into a deep slumber as the maid clapped her hands in the distance.

He was astride a colossal horse, its nostrils flaring as it galloped through the never ending desert. A pearly white moon hung overhead, casting its glow across the sands. The smell of jasmine floated into his mind, as he was becoming vaguely aware of a sultry woman’s voice humming a delicate tune.

“Time to wake up, Golden Boy.” She crooned to him, softly. Her hot breath in his ear.

Liam’s eyes fluttered open, his fatigue being replaced by surprise and shock as he found himself on a bed of coiled black scales. Stroking his hair was a violet skinned woman, her heavy breasts just inches from his head. Golden eyes set on the night sky of her sclera gazed at him, a carnivorous smile as he took in his surroundings.

“T-Tahlia?” He gasped.

Her elfen ears perking up slightly, the woman laughed, unfurling her serpentine lower body. They were in a grand bath, the sandstone pillars and stones harkening back to the ancient Egyptian empires. Fronds decorated the pool, various lily pads off in the distance. As far as he could tell they were alone.

“You’d only be that lucky, lover boy.” She said, gliding across the edge of the pool easily enough. She hooked a heavy lipped jug resting nearby with her tail’s tip, easily hoisting the heavy pottery into one hand. Examining its contents and finding it to be satisfactory, she threw Liam another glance before returning, her heavy breasts swaying as she glided across the stone floor.

What a body, he thought to himself. The snake-woman smiled to him again, her free hand reaching down and cupping his genitals through the loincloth as he tried to recoil. She laughed as blood began to rush down below to the sudden stimulation.

“Mm, you’re quite eager to please, aren’t you? I can see why my daughter is so enamored.” She purred.  Liam’s heart was pounding in his chest at the idea of being seduced by the older beauty before him, noting the concealed pair of sharp fangs in her mouth.

“W-what do you want from me?” He finally managed to stammer.

“From you? Oh it’s simple, Golden Boy. My daughter invited you here to enjoy a night with you, and from what I can glean so far you’re quite ready to have some fun at a moment’s notice. But, being as Tahlia isn’t here right now, I’ll keep it simple: Rub me with oil.”

He attempted to back up, but found his way blocked by her tail, ready to coil and constrict around him. His heart jackhammered in his chest as she smiled wryly, holding onto the jug filled with what he could only assume was the mentioned oil.

“Well, you see. I’m not really an ‘oil rubbing’ guy. I’m more of a cuddling kind of guy, even ask your daughter.” He choked out. The lamia mock pouted, closing the distance between them again easily enough, her tail coiling around him. Within but a few moments, he was unable to move from the waist down, the scaled half of her body squeezing around him to prevent further escape.

“Rub me with oil, or I pump you full of so much of my venom that you’ll have no choice otherwise.” She replied, leaning forward to whisper her threat into his ear. She licked his ear, the warm and smooth texture lapping at the ridges of his tender flesh, eliciting a shiver down his spine.

Smiling, she held up the jug of her oil and poured the clear fluid down her front, dollops of the stuff gliding down her breasts and stomach, even onto her underbody scales and the lips of her labia. She sighed contentedly as her violet skin began to glisten.

“Rub it in.” She commanded, giggling as Liam’s hands rose, shivering, ready to massage the oil into her flesh, there were droplets clinging to her nipples, her golden eyes never leaving him. Gently, he began to rub and caress the older woman’s voluminous bosom, her sighs and moans increasing in frequency as he worked. When his fingers began to dance across her areolae and nipples, she gave a small squeal and hugged him close.

“My name’s Azra, by the way, Golden Boy.” She purred. He could feel an erection growing and straining against the fabric of his loincloth, betraying his faith to his beloved Tahlia. Putting her weight forward, they toppled onto the floor, with Azra on top of him.

He continued to swirl and tweak her nipples, her constriction weakening only slightly as her worked. Liam could see her biting her lower lip in contention to the delicate work he was performing on her nipples. She smelled like a desert flower as she laid on top of him, his venturing hand only stopping when she gripped his wrist when it nearly reached her labia.

“A-ah. That isn’t for you, boy. For now you’ll just have to be content with painting a marvelous little ballad on my nipples like you’ve been doing. Or perhaps Mama should really ease you into how to have some real fun. After all, I can feel that hard little friend of yours poking my stomach.” She cooed to him. Suddenly, she pulled up, looking down on him. Liam’s hands dropped as she coiled around him further. Gently and skillfully, he was rotated to be stomach first on the stone floor, Azra resting her full weight onto his back, her breasts pressing onto him. “Or perhaps you’d prefer something like this.”

Liam squirmed and writhed beneath the Apophis as she glided across his back, her breasts massaging and loosening his muscles. With each struggle, she coiled around him tighter, uttering small oohs of pleasure as she pressed her bosom further into his back.

“You’re far too tense, Golden Boy. The first thing I need to teach you is that I never hurt my prey, or bite… hard.” She said, nibbling his ear softly as she came to a small pause. Her body heat was nearly blistering, the erection pressed flat against his body as he struggled to breathe. A silent groan left his lips as her hand found its way around his shaft, gently stroking it and dragging up sparks of pleasure.

He could feel his hips jerk up involuntarily as she continued to stroke and tease his glans and shaft. Truly skilled, she could manipulate all the pleasure he was feeling, his balls churning and boiling with the need for release. Azra’s own breathe was becoming ragged and rapid, small huffs of hot air on his neck and ear as she never once stopped, stroking his back with her breasts again.

“Go ahead, Golden Boy. Let go, spill that filthy man seed of yours all over my hand. There’s nothing holding you back. Cum for me.” She crooned, giving his member one final jerk and constricting around him fully without crushing his bones. The suppleness of her breasts and body heat were too much. Liam exploded, his cock twitching involuntarily as he jettisoned white hot spunk into the palm of her hand.

“Uhn.” He moaned as his cock’s muscles continued to contract and flex, not stopping until her hand was painted a thick, pearlescent white. Gently, Azra unwound from him, leaving the wheezing and ragged youth on the floor. He could see from the corner of his eye her lifting her semen covered hand towards her face and slurping at the sticky white stuff loudly, smiling again as she swallowed. To his own amazement, his erection showed no signs of subsiding.

“Mm. Delicious, it’s been so long since I’ve had a man’s energy. Perhaps I should give you your first taste of a Lamia’s pussy. After all, you’ve become quite complacent with my attentions, haven’t you?” Azra said, the moistness of her own arousal intermingling with the oil from earlier. Her eyes staring at his cock with an almost frightening predatory edge.

“Don’t worry, just let me guide you on the steps to your first tryst with a Lamia. “ Azra started, her tail beginning to wrap around Liam again. His mind was in a fog, barely focused on anything happening, that had been one hell of an orgasm, and he wanted more. He needed more.

“Mother!” A younger woman’s voice cut through the haze, bringing him back from the precipice of bliss. Tahlia had entered the bath through the same sorcery that he had found himself there, her spectacled eyes glaring at her mother. Her face was flushed with anger, the bronze skin of her legs shining in the artificial sunlight. She had shed her normal robes for a small silvery loincloth and bra.

“Ah, Tahlia? You’re back earlier than expected, and you’re in form as well. What, did you get all hot and bothered watching Mother have a sample of your man?” Azra smiled back, her arms crossing to support her breasts as her serpentine half coiled and pooled beneath him. “Though, it is admirable that you want to keep up appearances for little Golden Boy here, if I do say so myself.”

“His name is Liam and you know he’s off-limits!” Tahlia roared back. She was shaking with fury, the light seeming to shift and dance across her until Liam saw her for what she truly was, her legs seeming to become a single onyx scaled serpentine tail. Her bronze skin had become a violet hue lighter than her own Mother’s. Her hair hung low around the small of her back in the standard ponytail she wore, her eyes shifting to the same black on gold her parent possessed.

Azra simply smiled, noticing the shock on Liam’s face. Gliding over to her daughter, she placed her hands upon her shoulders while moving behind her. Never allowing their tails to overlap, the deep violet of her flesh clashing with her daughter’s lighter hue.

“This isn’t the first time he’s seen you this way, is it? Oho… what other secrets have you kept from him daughter of mine? Did he really remind you that much of your dear old father?” She said, running one hand in Tahlia’s hair before it was swatted away in irritance. “Mm, yes. I can see it, you wanted a replacement for Antony so you waited all these years for the right moment to strike. How very… snake-like of you, daughter. I hadn’t made the connection at first, but seeing you all flustered like this reminds me of how much of a Daddy’s girl you were. It’s nice to see you still haven’t out-grown this phase of yours. It’s rather cute, if I say so myself.”

“M-my reasons are my own for dating him, you old hag.” Tahlia stammered back, a small blush forming across her face. Liam had forgotten how much she had disliked discussing her family, and he was beginning to form an inkling of why. Clearly, the way her mother was digging at old wounds was affecting her, and he had never thought of Tahlia to be the kind of be forward about her feelings like this.

“Oh, I’m sure they are, Tahlia. But tell me, have you ever slept with him? Mm? You do love gallivanting around in that human disguise of yours so much that surely you’d have spent a night or two in his bed. Maybe he even took your first time, not knowing what you really are, how you’re not that sweet little bookworm that fell to him after sticky fumbling under the bed sheets of his apartment.” Azra continued, undoing the lace of her daughter’s bra, freeing the fleshy mounds of her breasts for Liam’s eyes. Instinctively, Tahlia’s arms shot up to cover herself, only stopped after Azra’s hands clasped around them and began to massage.

“I-it’s none of your business.” Tahlia said, quivering between gasps and small tremors of pleasure. It was mortifying for her to be struck down like this in front of Liam, her own slit moistening at eyeing his golden erection. She could feel a primordial urge well up deep within her, a void to be filled.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Azra laughed softly. Tahlia was turning into putty in her hands, and barely noticed when she was led over to where Liam lay until it was too late, her twin breasts just inches from his throbbing member. She could smell him, all of him. His eyes looked at her pleadingly. “But first, we have to help this poor little golden boy out. He looks like he’s in such pain, after all.”

 Just as his body prepared for the inevitable cushioned press of violet breasts around his engorged and sensitive member, Liam relented. Azra had pulled her daughter away at the last moment, a wry smile crossing her full lips. Releasing her quarry, she glided back towards the large bath and dipped her tail’s tip into the clear, blue water.

“Inspiration has struck me like a lightning bolt, dear children! It’ll only be a few moments.” She called back, proceeding to whisper strange incantations into her palms. Dark energy pulsed out out from her tail’s tip in waves, the water turning from the crystal blue to a deep, blood red. The scent of fermenting grapes wafted into Tahlia and Liam’s nostrils both as they watched the spectacle that was only mentioned briefly in holy texts.

Satisfied, she scooped up a handful of the liquid and sipped. A contented sigh escaped her lips as she smiled back to the young lovers. This was her endgame, the final stroke of her master plan. Liam silently wondered if he’d get drunk on the thick smell of the stuff without even drinking it.

“And so the waters of Egypt ran red, and were as of wine.” Azra mused, her tongue gliding across her teeth, savoring the taste of her conjured alcohol. “Tahlia, be a dear and come over here. As for you, my dear, dear little golden bo– … Liam. Make yourself ready. Mother has one final lesson to teach you.”

He sat up, watching as Tahlia joined her mother, staring as the snake women coiled their tails around one another until their faces were inches apart. Azra took the momentum back in an instant, kissing her daughter deeply for what felt like an eternity, only pulling back when all signs of struggle had disappeared.

“You know what to do. Go and cleanse yourself. As for Liam, don’t worry. He’ll enjoy this plenty as his Hors doevure. Promise.” She said, untying the cloth wrap that bound her daughter’s hair in a ponytail. Wistfully, she returned to Liam’s side as Tahlia disappeared beneath the ruby red waves of the bathing pool. “Put this on.”

Liam nodded slowly, in a dreamy fuzz as he tied the band around his head, blocking all vision. He could hear the sloshing of wine and the slow grating glide of Tahlia returning, a soft giggle leaving her mouth. He could only sense her, but she was close. When he began to feel the coiled scales wrapping around his lower body once more, he moved not one inch.

He shivered as Azra’s fingers danced across his shoulders from behind, giving them a soft massage. His own breathing was increasing in speed at her touch, his throat parched and dry from the sweet torment they’d put him through. She giggled softly, placing his cheeks to the warm and wet flesh of Tahlia’s body.

“Go ahead, drink of your woman.” She whispered into his ear.

Liam’s mouth opened, feeling like the desiccated tomb of an old king, dry and forgotten. Finding purchase on Tahlia’s flesh, he closed his mouth, right onto her nipple. The sweet nectar of wine flowed into his mouth as he lapped and licked. His excitement mounted at her own moans of pleasure, holding his hand to her bosom.

“Ufufu… He’s such a child, really. Latching onto your breast like a newborn child. But don’t spoil him too much, Daughter.” She continued, her voice falling on deaf ears as he suckled at the wine covered nipple of her daughter.

Time ceased to exist, the center of Liam’s world becoming the delicate nipple he had latched onto. His tongue swirled and lapped at it, never once relinquishing his control over the pleasure he was administering to Tahlia. Almost in vain, he nibbled at it, to try and rouse her mother’s milk from the fleshy teat.

Only when he felt Azra pulling him back did he relent, expectantly waiting. He could feel her breathe on his shoulder, and then an electrode of pain firing off, a burning sensation spreading through his body like wildfire. He could hear Tahlia’s panting and Azra’s laughter as primordial instincts began to overrun his mind. The black silken veil dropping from his eyes, and allowing him to gaze upon her.

The younger lamia’s hand was pressed to her mouth, her fangs sinking into the flesh of her index finger, holding back moans and whimpers as her upper body twitched gently. Wine had collected on her stomach, the gentle muscular undulations keeping the fluid near her navel.

“Well, what are you waiting for? There’s still more for you to partake of. After all, surely you’re still parched, little Liam.” Azra purred to him, licking the small blood from the corner of her full lips. Her venom raged inside of him, burning him up with desire.

“M-mother! No more! I can’t… Hngh!” She whimpered as Liam’s tongue stroked along her stomach like a wide brush. He kissed her navel again, causing a throb in her womb to echo with greater intensity. She needed to fuck him, to feel his cock buried inside of her. More kisses were planted, his tongue flitting out and stimulating her further.

“Oh, but your body is so honest, Tahlia, and as the Goddess of Love we both know that you only really want one thing, don’t you?” Her mother replied back, gently stroking Liam’s raging erection between her hands. “You may have the boy’s flesh, but I own your hearts.”

Liam could feel Tahlia pull back, only to coil around him tighter. Both of them moaned upon feeling the sweet stimulation of his cock’s head against her lower lips. She found herself fighting for control, not wanting to plunge him into her deepest depths just yet, there was something she needed before.

“Liam…” She choked out, feeling the rapture welling up in her. His hips were shaking almost uncontrollably in the bindings, rubbing her drenched folds with the head of his member neither penetrating nor subsiding, he only ceased when she placed her slender hands onto his face. Her gaze met his, two golden eyes staring into his own sleepily green orbs.

“I’m so sorry that it had to be this way, I really am. But the hag insisted it be this way. ‘A Goddess’ duty’ she had called it. I’d have gladly accepted the box of chocolates and flowers. But since we’ve come this far… and it can’t be helped, I want you to fuck me, Liam. Can you do that? Worship my body, and fuck me.” She mewled, turning into a drawn out moan as she tightened her grasp, driving his cock into her. It was slow, and almost perfect, the splitting of her slickened walls as his girth filled her.

Putting her body weight forward, Tahlia laid down on top of Liam, her gaze never once leaving his. She giggled at his first moan, the muscular walls of her pussy contracting and suckling on his cock slowly, drawing him to the precipice of release but never giving him the ecstasy of the act.

“Worship me, Liam. I want to hear you, we have all night, my darling. Worship my breasts, my eyes. All of me. Make me your woman.” She murmured. Pressing her breasts into his face, she giggled when he struggled to breathe, his moans intensifying as she continued to suck and slurp at his cock with her pussy’s undulations.

“Y-your eyes are the golden dawn. From your breasts, life’s nectar flows. Y-Your womb has birthed nations and monsters. In your hair I see the evening sky, I worship you.” He stuttered, trying to grit his teeth and hold on from the oncoming orgasm. His mind was displaced, feeling as if he were speaking from outside of his body.

He could see Azra smiling, fading into the shadows. They were alone, and Tahlia continued to drive her hips down onto his cock, never loosening her grip on his body as she allowed the sluice gates to budge within her only slightly. She was nearing rapture as well.

“Mm yes! Worship me, Liam!” She keened, rearing up and gripping her breasts, biting her lower lip. Biting back another moan as she felt his cock stiffen, sinking onto him fully with her body’s weight.

“How is it? The pussy of a snake? Surely my human form cannot compare, dear Liam?” She said, watching him strain to hold himself back as her pussy began to melt around him, the warm and sticky flesh within her enveloping his cock completely, giving one final suck.

Liam’s hips bucked, bouncing her as the floodgates opened into glorious rapture that rippled through both of their bodies. His semen came in a steady, pumping deluge into her, the lewd and wet noises of its overflow leaking out intensifying as she lay on top of him. Her nails dug into his back as Tahlia embraced him, their moans of mutual release a chorus together.

Not a single drop was lost, and she smiled, uncoiling from him. Thick, white sticky stuff leaked from her slit as his cock flopped onto his stomach, losing its rigidity and becoming flaccid. His chest was heaving in long drawn out breathes, his eyes closed.

“Thank you, Liam.” She whispered to him, clasping his hands in hers, laying fully onto him as her lips pressed into his. His tongue parsed his lips apart and met hers, coiling around it as they shared a kiss together. The Earth stood still as the venom from her mother subsided, making him feel as if he could spend an eternity within her embrace.

“But first, we have to work on your stamina, and lose the gold paint. Mother can be so strange at times” She said, finishing the kiss. Gently, she wrapped her arms around him, her ear to his chest. She could feel the jackhammering of his heart beneath his flesh, and smiled.

“Happy Valentine’s, Liam Crowe. Son of Marcus Septimus Antony.” She cooed, closing her eyes as the sunlight of the bathing pool rolled into night, and carried them both off into their slumber.


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