Lescatian Dinner Theatre!

Cold candles illuminated the stone room. Outside the weather was overcast, and dreary. Inside, was a different story. It was the dining room of the keep. A keep formerly held by forces of the Order. Recently, management had changed. It was now a proud satellite state of Lescatie. It’s port a vital point of trade between the Lescatie and the Royal Makai and other monster ports. It was a time for celebration.

And celebrating, the newly formed government of the port of Bapho-by-the-Sea, they were. 

A large dinner table sprawled from wall to wall. All manner of sweets and desserts were placed on silver platters, serving trays, and saucières, of all shapes and sizes. At the head sat a young beelzebub. Her tiara glinting from the glow of the candles surrounding her. She smiled lecherously as her subjects began to file in. A line of her best soldiers. And a line of humans. One line on each side of the makeshift stage that had been erected. The newly corrupted servant girls began to pass out booklets to each of the men and monsters. 

It was a play. A very common Lescatian play written by one of the Order. To further exalt purity and piety. The monsters read it amongst themselves and giggled. The men read it amongst themselves and did not understand. 

Flanked on the beelzebubs right side, an emissary from a tribe of Amazonian village.  A busty, tall Amazoness with a half skirt and barely covered chest covered in elaborate tattoo-like pleasure runes snaked around her bare skin. These tattoo’s, however, were inert. While the Amazons had strength to spare, their cunning and guile was lacking. They had learned the process of properly applying runes to their skin incorrectly, and simply tattooed themselves. Her hair fell around her messily, a single horn jutting out of the side of her head and curving up like a bull. It was etched into as well. She sat quiet, clearly uncomfortable being in such a proper place. 

To her left, sat a delegate of the Fallen God and Pandemonium.  She hailed from the Castle Town, and was seeking to open a chapter for her followers in the newly found monster port. She sat with a fine posture, lightly sipping at a herbal tea from a porcelain teacup. Her flowing black robes reaching the ground. A light clinking from the chains wrapping her spadetail could be heard in the quiet hall. She gave off an air of dignification and grace. 

The three faced the stage. The large balcony opening being the only backdrop. The grey light shone in to illuminate. Together with the lit candles, it was quite an eerie atmosphere. Finally, the beelzebub stood. 

“I would like to first apologize to our most revered guests. In normal circumstances, the newly dubbed Executrix of this town would be the one to entertain and talk with ambassadors and diplomats of all shapes and sizes. But she currently is caring for her husband, who was gravely injured when we seized control. That, from what I understand, was the only blood spilled.” She explained.

She sat back down, and popped a cherry in her mouth. “Now then,” she began as she chewed. “Commence the play!” She announced, spitting the pit into a silver cup beside her glass of wine. 

The men looked to each other. Not sure what to do. 

“First in line. Go up to the stage with your co-star.” The beelzebub explained. “Read your lines. And try to entertain our esteemed guests.” She continued, sipping on her drink and eating fruit. 

The first man cautiously approached onto the stage. His co-star, a tall and intimidating ogre, stepped onto stage with him. They began to go through the lines. Looking up occasionally at the beelzebub and company. The hostess had a wide grin, and very shiny eyes. 


The beelzebub rang an ornate silver handbell that was sitting at her table. The man on stage looked over, curious at what the sound was about. The beelzebub gave a small wave to him. 

And before he knew it, the ogre had him on the ground, stripping his pants off. A primal force was awakened. And the man could do little to stop this monster girl from ravishing him. She mounted him, and began riding vigorously. The men watched in horror. The monster girl soldiers in excitement.

“I just absolutely LOVE human traditions!” The beelzebub squealed in excitement. “This dinner theatre idea, is simply amazing.”

“It is quite an… Interesting concept.” The dignified priestess added, wiping her mouth daintily with a napkin. “I must ask though. Who are these people?”

“Next two! Began where they left off!” The beelzebub commanded. Another human stepped up, as did an orc. The other soldiers giggled as the orc could seem to barely read.

“Well, they’re my most loyal servants. The single ones anyway. Imagine this as kind of a,”


“Speed dating type thing.” She finished with a giggle.

The orc  sighed in relief as she drug the man off the stage and onto the floor. Two men were currently being fucked silly, and the show went on. Another man, and this time, another orc.

“It’s peculiar though. Why would the Sabbath use such, ahem, endowed servants?” Asked the priestess.

“Well it’s simple really. We show them a good time, get them a husband, and they will eventually take the Rite of Spring. Hearts and minds, and all that.” The beelzebub explained.

“This is a strange request. But may I ring the bell?” Asked the priestess. Eagerness was plastered on her face. Like a child wanting to play with a new toy.

“By all means, I am a gracious host.” The beelzebub said. She passed the bell over to the priestess.  


The priestess rang the bell with a passion, giggling whilst doing it. Like the man before, this one was taken by the orc. The sounds of moans and fucking reverberated around the chamber. The hostess continued to dine on the fine desserts surrounding her. 

“It’s fun, no? We should have began bringing humans into our fold sooner.” The beelzebub stated. She pulled a silver goblet over to her, and put an intricate silver spoon on the top. 

“My, my. Yes it is. But I must ask, if not to be so bold, how was the Executrix’s husband gravely wounded?” The priestess asked. 

The beelzebub put a sugar cube on the elaborately designed spoon. She looked over to the priestess, as she uncorked a bottle containing an almost neon green liquid. She carefully poured the liquid over the spoon, dissolving the sugar which flowed into the cup. 

“It’s not bold. But it is a sore subject, to be sure. Her husband was struck down defending her.” She explained. 

“A noble death.” The Amazoness said, nodding her head. 

“Oh, he’s not dead.” The beelzebub corrected. “He is merely out of commission. But he was on death’s door, for sure.” The spoon clattered as the hostess discarded it onto the table. The monsters seemed to mistake this as the bell, as another rape began to happen. 

“Oh my, my mistake.” She giggled. “No, he’ll get better. Eventually. But the Executrix sure has a bone to pick with the culprit who did that to her beloved. I do, too.  The man who injured her husband was promised to me. I cannot afford to have him embarrassing me any further. He will be punished when I get him. back” 

“Get back? What ever do you mean? He has escaped?” The priestess pressed. The beelzebub nodded. 

“In the chaos, he made it out of the city. Eyewitnesses report he fled with his former master, a part of the leadership here named Sebille. She has been monsterized. But that will not stop me. She can have part, but I’m the queen bee. Atleast in this relationship.” The venom in her voice dripped. She sipped on her sugary drink. The room had devolved into a full on orgy of unwilling men and moaning monsters. The beelzebub’s wings fluttered. 

“What a great smell. It accents the food and drink perfectly.” She leaned back, slinging one of her arms behind her chair, watching the display with a lecherous grin on her face. 

“Oh what we shall do when I get your hands on you, my betrothed.” She muttered, her fingers clacking on the back of her chair. 

“How do you plan to capture him?” Asked the Amazoness, who simply sipped on water. 

“Oh, that is the interesting part. I hired a mercenary. A pretty vicious one, at that.” Leaning forward, she slammed the goblet onto the table with a loud clack. Everyone turned to look at her. Her outburst betrayed her true feelings of anger at the situation. 

“Not only a vicious one, but one whose profession makes tracking down people essentially nothing.” She added. 

“And what profession might that be?” Asked the priestess.

“Some background,” the beelzebub said as she began to make a new drink. “Before Lescatie was liberated, There was a certain group of monster’s that enjoyed terrorizing the borders. The theocracy obviously condemned them as heartless monsters that feasted on the flesh of travelers, but they simply wanted to have husbands. The leader of this group was a determined and headstrong woman. A redcap, to be exact.” She finished mixing her concoction. And again, she flicked the spoon off.


The monsters cared not it was not the bell at this point. Another human man was taken, and found himself consumed by monstrous lust. 

“A very cunning redcap at that. A hobgoblin took quite the liking to her. And now, she’s the de-facto leader of a small army of goblins. It’s quite nice. After the liberation, the people she would normally raid became suddenly a nation of monsters, for monsters. So she took a job that still allowed her to find her people mates and husbands.” She explained. 

“And what job would that be?” Asked the priestess.

“A tax collector!” The beelzebub began to laugh. “But she was generous enough to offer her services to return him to me unspoiled.” 

“At what cost?” Asked the amazoness.

“They simply wanted a plot of land by the sea. So we gave them a parcel of land upfront.” 

The last of the humans came up to the stage, as did the last monster; an ushi-oni expat. The beelzebub smiled, her eyes twinkling at the pairing. Her thoughts flooded with the perversions that would happen once she had her own promised mate.

“All I can say is, he will not escape.” 


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