Leona and Caroline

eona ran a digit across the collar round her neck, letting a smile float across her lips. “Are you ready yet? I’m getting impatient!”

“Right, sorry,” came his voice from the next room over. He appeared a few seconds later holding what he’d been searching for: Leona’s leash.

Her eyes twinkled when she saw it and her tail swished about.

“I’m so excited! A walk with Master!” She chirped as he slipped the latch on the leash across the loop on her collar. But, just as he pulled away one of her paws shot out and Leona took hold of his matching collar in her paw and pulled his face close to hers.

She waited for just a moment, letting their eyes linger on each other before she planted a quick kiss on his lips. “We haven’t done this in forever,” she said in a low tone, turning her head just so that her eyes were looking up at him along with a coy grin.

He couldn’t help but share her grin. “Yeah, it has been a while – but I figure you deserve it.”

Leona giggled, immediately setting towards the door. The leash pulled taut, tugging as his hand.

“She really is impatient,” he mused quietly to himself.

Outside Leona hummed merrily to herself, leading the way like an excited dog. Though he held the reins, she wasn’t going to be brought to heel quite so easily. “Leona,” he’d whisper harshly more than a few times. Her ears would swivel and twitch ever so slightly, letting him know she’d heard him well enough but she didn’t listen. Pulling to the end, practically running in front and behind and even to the sides.

They were collecting more than their fair share of looks from passersby on the sidewalk, though it was difficult to tell if it was because the manticore usually held the leash in these situations or if it was because of her behavior.

“That is enough!” He finally shouted, pulling hard on the leash.

Leona jerked backwards, nearly falling into him. She didn’t say a word, but stared at him.

“Can’t you behave?” He growled, taking hold of one of her fluffy ears.

“I can’t help it! I’m so excited!” Leona protested, cringing from the sharp pinch on her ear.

“That may be, but…” he trailed off as an idea came to him.

Before she could react he gave her a sharp swat on her rear that drew a yelp and a startled jump from the manticore. “You need to listen!”

Leona reached down with a paw and rubbed at where she’d be spanked, looking at herself and then back up to her Master. “You’re right,” she said quietly. “I wasn’t listening…”

There was something like a hopeful expectation that tinted her expression. One that didn’t go unnoticed.

“I think you need to be punished,” he said, looking around – and spotted a tall row of hedges just off the street.

“Really?” Leona said, her ears perking up far too much for someone who was supposedly about to be ‘punished.’

“Come,” he said sternly, jerking on the leash as they crossed over to the nearest concealment there was. Leona fell into line behind him, matching his pace with soft steps. Soon as they vanished behind the hedges, he pointed at the ground. “On your knees.”

“Y-yes,” Leona said with all the appearance of reluctance she could muster, but she couldn’t help but lick her lips.

Her skirt was short enough that she didn’t need to adjust it as she sank to her knees in the grass, her face inches away from her master’s crotch. Looking around quickly, he undid his pants and dropped them, letting his cock flop out and hit Leona’s cheek. She let out a far-too-pleased gasp, her paws instantly shooting up to wrap around his ass.

“We can’t, not in public!”

“It’s punishment, Leona.”

“B-but what if we get caught?”

“You’ll just have to be good to make this quick, won’t you?”

“O-okay,” she said, agreeing remarkably quickly.

Her head shifted, pulling back to let Master’s cock hang in front of her. Licking her lips again, she opened wide and let her tongue dance across the tip. It twitched, partly from her breath and partly from the sensation of her hot tongue.

“Quick, huh?” She said, mostly to herself. One of her paws let go of his ass and wrapped around the soft shaft. Leona began to stroke gently with her soft paw pads and lick the glans, swirling all around. Stroke by stroke he began to harden, letting her lick more and more of him.

He shuddered, reaching down to play with her ears while she tended to him. Rather than the harsh pinch he gave her earlier, he squeezed gently, using his thumb to gently circle the inside of her ears.

Leona moaned, leaving only her paw to stroke him for a few moments. A smile bloomed on her face, but he didn’t catch it for long as she again opened wide and took his now fully-erect cock into her mouth. In one go she swallowed the entire length, her lips wrapping tightly around the base. She hummed just as she’d done earlier, the vibrations in her throat making him shiver with pleasure.

“Such a good little deep throater,” he said softly while rubbing her ears.

“Hmm Hmm Hmm~” she muffled through her nose with his cock still rammed down her throat. And still she opened a little wider, letting her tongue slip out and licked his balls. Both her paws were now wrapped around his ass for leverage, forcing him down her throat as far as she could manage.

She reveled in the sensation, letting it linger until she finally pulled back to remove him from her throat and let her tongue slither and squirm around his shaft the entire way. But just before the tip popped free from her lips she pulled herself forward, impaling her throat with his cock, forcing herself to get throat fucked by his hard cock.

His hands shifted from her ears to around her head, pulling her onto him just as hard as her paws were grasping. But by now she knew to let herself go limp, and sure enough he pushed her head back and then, along with rocking his hips forward, plunged into her throat in an intense face-fuck. One of her paws found his sack and began to gently squeeze while the other kneaded his ass cheek, as inches of cock ramming in and out of her neck was the most natural thing.

She kept humming, adding to the sensations. Her tail quivered and bloomed in regular contractions, desperate for something – but she knew that’d come later. For now, she was entirely set on servicing him. If he wanted her throat, that’s what he’d get.

In and out, over and over, his pace built and built and never once did Leona complain. Her tongue danced around, flicking out across his sack whenever he buried completely – she never missed a beat. Finally, in one mighty groan and eager hum from Leona he lunged forward and held her head against him.

His cock bucked and quaked and his balls shivered as he felt the building pressure release and hot love spray forth. Thick load after thick load blew down her throat and she eagerly swallowed it all, making audible gulping noises as she did so.

Finally he pulled out completely, knees shaking ever so slightly. Thin strands of saliva and semen clung between her lips and his cock, breaking only when she licked them off. She looked up to him and smiled happily. “Master! You’re so brutal,” she said coyly. “Using my throat like a fuck hole like that…”

“Well, it was supposed to be punishment,” he said, stuffing himself back into his pants. “Now come on, get up.”

He looked around briefly, only to meet eyes with a werecat that was looking slightly flushed. Perhaps they’d had a spectator after all.

With a cough he zipped up and Leona stood, still licking her lips. “I guess I’ll behave now,” she said meekly, though still with a sly smile.

He wondered if she wouldn’t act up just to receive a bit more ‘punishment.’

But, to his small amazement, she did act the part of loyal manticore. She followed along just behind him, matching his pace the entire time they walked. Whenever he looked behind at her, she’d instantly perk up and smile.

Leona was content – she’d gotten what she wanted. A nice walk with her master, and a tasty treat. All that was left was shopping he’d promised. A bit of money to spend at the lingerie shop. She giggled as she thought about what to buy. Maybe something lacy for her tail? She swung it around to look at it. By itself it wasn’t very sexy, at least not the outside. Something to dress it up…

“Now, it’ll be a surprise, okay?” Leona said once they’d stopped in front of the shop.

“Fine, I’ll wait out here,” he said with a sigh.

At least there was a bench he could plop down on. Leona always took forever in these places. Fortunately he could read something on his phone while he waited.

Inside Leona made straight for the tail-wear, holding up this and that and holding them against her bulb to see if she liked the looks of it. She frowned as item after item didn’t quite match what she’d had in mind – red lace, black lace, none of it looked quite right. White lace seemed like too much white to her, given her albino skin. With a ‘hmph’ she stood back and crossed her arms, thinking about what else to try.

“Can’t find something you like?”

Leona’s head snapped around to the source of the voice. She blinked once then twice as her mind tried to figure out what she was looking at. Purple fur and paws like a cheshire, but she had a neck ruff and wings not unlike Leona and a lion-like tail with a massive tuft of fur at the end swished idly behind her. Leona also took note of the tight blouse and shorts she wore, wondering how she’d look in them herself.

“No…” Leona said after several long moments. “I want something for my tail, but nothing looks quite right.”

“Is that so?” The other woman said, eying Leona up, paying particular attention to her tail. Her eyes also lingered on the collar. “Looking for something to please him?”

Leona smirked. “Yeah.”

The other woman smiled, and then Leona finally took notice of the nametag: Caroline.

“Are you set on lace?”

“Well, not really. What do you think?”

Caroline looked her up and down again, Leona couldn’t help but think she was being eyed a little too closely.

“How about something like this?” She said with a tiny little nod, shifting to the side to highlight a selection of things that’d been in a drawer.

Within was something Leona had never expected a shop like this would have. It was a ring of sorts with traps around it, almost like a gag. Caroline simply smiled as she showed it off, pulling it open to demonstrate.

“That’s for my tail?”

“Yup!” Caroline said cheerfully.

“But I wanted something for the outside,” Leona protested. Caroline grinned like she’d been expecting that response.

“It is. Kind of. Face it, a leathery bulb is hard to make look good,” she said.

Leona sighed. “So what’s that? Looks like a gag.”

“Right you are!” Caroline’s smile grew wider. “We just got these. Mostly to address that little problem. Lace doesn’t really cut it. What’s inside is what men want… so what better than to show it off?”

Leona lowered an eyebrow and brought her tail around. Using her paws she squeezed it to make the tip bloom. Unless she was really turned on it was nearly impossible to get it to do it without a little help. Her eyes flicked to the thing in Caroline’s paw.

“How much does it open it up…?”

“You can try it on, if you want.”

“Really? Well, okay.”

“Great! The changing room is over this way,” Caroline said, immediately setting off without further ado.

Leona thought that maybe she was a little too enthusiastic about this all of a sudden, but there wasn’t much harm in trying.

“Need help trying it on? It can be difficult for a first-timer,” Caroline said very eagerly.

“I suppose…”

Leona had her misgivings, but it was just a little tail-gag thing. And sides, it did look somewhat difficult to put on. The dressing room was a bit cramped with two people, especially two women with wings and tails, but there was enough room to turn around. At least they wouldn’t have to disrobe.

As Leona brought her tail up to present it to Caroline, she asked something that’d been on the tip of her tongue. “Say, if you don’t mind me asking—“

“I’m a Cheticore,” Caroline said.

Again Leona just blinked. Caroline continued without much pause. “Oh don’t worry; I’m used to people asking. I’m part Manticore and part Cheshire.”

“Does that mean your tail…?”

Leona’s gaze fell upon the massive fluffy tip. Caroline quickly hid it behind her, her smile growing slightly more predatory. “Possibly. But here, this is how this’ll go on,” she said, stretching the tail-gag open.

Carefully peeling the opening to Leona’s tail open, she inserted the ring. Leona gasped and had to stick a furry digit in her mouth to quit from moaning. Caroline hesitated for a moment, looking to the manticore. “Sorry, it’s really – really sensitive.”

“Oh, I see, I see. That’s good.”


Leona’s question died in her throat as she bit her lip hard to stifle an even louder moan as the entire ring slid in and with two quick snaps Caroline set the straps in place. Leona’s tail opening was now held open far more than she was capable of by herself, and stretched open wider than she’d had in quite some time. The stretching sensation was enough to get her tail juices flowing, and being held open meant there was no way to contain them.

Within seconds a little tendril worked its way out, stretching down towards the ground.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding,” Caroline said with wide eyes. “You’re really turned on right now, aren’t you?”

Leona blushed furiously and made to remove the tail-gag, but Caroline’s paws shot out to pin Leona’s against the wall.

“What?! What are you doing?!”

Wordlessly Caroline brought her tail forward to point it at Leona. Her ears pricked up as she heard a faint buzzing noise. Their eyes met for a second before the fluffy tuft suddenly split open. Part manticore indeed.

The buzzing grew much louder, no longer silenced. Inside her blooming tail was a self-contained vibrator, buzzing away. With a grunt and a little moan Caroline squeezed her tail and forced the thing partway out.

“You can borrow this if you want,” Caroline said lewdly.

Leona’s jaw dropped, partly from the amazing control she was now suddenly very envious of, and how she was getting assaulted in the changing room. However, she couldn’t keep her eyes off the not-so-little vibrating device. Inch by inch it was squeezed out until roughly five inches hung out of Caroline’s fluffy tailpussy.

More juices spilled from Leona’s tail as she thought about that vibrator in her. Master may have been waiting outside, but he’d understand. Besides, he could give her some more punishment later. Maybe with the tail-gag on.

The albino manticore nodded. Caroline laughed through her nose and brought her tail close to Leona’s, the little fluffy tips tickling Leona’s bulb as it moved into position. Leona’s tail throbbed with increasing need as Caroline held her distance for some reason. Seconds felt like they turned into minutes and into hours. Leona wanted it – and wanted it now.

“Why are you keeping me waiting?” Leona said in a desperate whisper.

“My, how impatient~ Teasing you is so much fun,” Caroline said in another chuckle, all the while keeping Leona’s paws pinned.

Then bit by bit, she pushed her tail against Leona’s. The vibrator slid through the opening and began to spread the delicate flesh within. Leona moaned happily and slumped down, relying mostly on Caroline’s strength to keep her up. Inch by inch the vibrator entered until the lips of their tails met and began to squish together, spreading and drooling copious amounts of lubricant.

Caroline laughed and gasped at the same time, even licking Leona’s cheek. “You’re a little cutie~”

With their tails completely together, they shared the vibrator and their tails began to suck and squeeze on the device in unison, forcing it between their openings. It slid a few inches that way, the a few the other. Caroline’s tail would squeeze, forcing it into Leona, then Leona would squeeze hard and force it into Caroline.

Back and forth it went, fucking each tail and sending both girls into quiet moaning fits – not wanting to attract unwanted attention. Leona went completely weak, falling into Caroline’s arms and laying her chin on her shoulder as their tails wrestled and squirmed. Leona gasps and breaths became increasingly quick as the vibrator spread her apart and set every nerve alight with pleasure.

Caroline wrapped her paws around her and held her close in one of the warmest embraces Leona had ever felt – almost as good as when her Master hugged her. It was a strange feeling to have from such a stranger, especially when she was basically getting raped. But there was something delicate and sensual about it, something Leona found rather enjoyable.

In and out, back and forth, squicking and squirming Leona finally bit down as she came from her tail, her cunt flooding with delight. Her panties soaked through instantly and what were nearly rivers of mirth flowed down her inner thighs.

Leona went boneless, but the Cheticore was there to hold her up.

“You came already? Oh my…”

From her tone Leona gathered Caroline was getting close, but not quite yet there. Her rushed orgasm had cleared her lewd-thought addled mind for a moment, and she realized that she’d probably spent quite some time in the shop. Master was not one who liked to be kept waiting long.

“I’m s-sorry,” Leona stammered, trying to free her tail from the vibrator fucking it, “B-but I need to go…”

Caroline sighed heavily through her nose, which surprised Leona. She’d expected the other woman to force her to stay until she’d had her fill. Their tails split apart, and almost a little unnervingly the vibrator disappeared back into the fluffy tailbulb.  

“Are you sure? You’re so cute!”

Leona froze. Most people were wary of her white skin and unnaturally red eyes. “R-really?”

Caroline smiled. Like putty in my paws, she thought. Like I’d like her get away… Especially with this little thing sticking out.

“Really. Say, would you like to introduce me to your Master?”

Normally Leona would have reacted rather negatively to that. But there was something warm about Caroline. Something different. And that tail kiss was something she’d never experienced before. And her warm paws…

“D-don’t you work here?”

“Oh, I get off soon,” she said with a wink.

Leona thought for a moment, then nodded. “Okay, sure,” she paused, then added: “That was fun. I’ll… take the tail-gag.”

Caroline clapped her paws together. “Great! You don’t need to remove it, if you don’t want. I know the item number.”

On still shaky legs Leona walked from the changing room first, trying to hide her tail from casual sight. Or at least the opening, which was still a very pleasant experience. She’d had vibrators and dildos in there before when she went out, but this – this left her feeling open. People could see inside. It felt… even more erotic than normal.

As they walked to the checkout, Leona noticed something suspicious. A bulge in Caroline’s shorts on the crotch. Caroline caught her stare but didn’t do anything except smile. And sure enough, after paying for the tail-gag Caroline punched out – it was 8:00pm on the dot.

Leona kept quiet until they got near the exit, then finally asked. “Is that…?”

Caroline simply stretched the front of her shorts open and then down, revealing herself to Leona. Who simply stared slack-jawed. All kinds of thoughts raced through her mind. Would Master accept it? No, no she’d make him.

Tonight was going to be so much fun.



“And who’s this?” He asked when Leona appeared with an unfamiliar creature beside her.

He was tapping his foot impatiently, glaring at Leona and then at Caroline.

“Oh, this is Caroline,” Leona said with some caution. She hadn’t quite realized just how long she’d spent in the shop.

“I see,” he replied with a sharp exhale through his nose.

“Yes – how do you do?” Caroline said politely, perhaps a little too polite. Considering what Leona had just asked of her, she was expecting her lover to be a little more subdued.

“Fine,” he replied, though he was looking towards Leona for answers.

“She helped me pick out… something you might like.”

“And why did she follow you outside?”

“Well,” Leona said, lolling her head to a side as a devilish smirk came across her face. “I thought we could all have some fun. She’s quite… interesting.”

He looked the purple-hued hybrid up and down. “Is that so?”

Caroline simply smiled in a way which made her appear just a little predatory, though it wasn’t her intention. Just something that came with who she was.

“Yes, it’s been so long since we’ve had some other playmates, hasn’t it?” Leona said cheerfully.

“I suppose,” he said in a way that signaled his resignation. He wasn’t too keen on having others involved, seeing as how possessive Leona had been acting as of late. It was even surprising she’d been the one to suggest it; something about the one named Caroline must’ve gotten her interested. “But,” he continued, changing his tone. “For keeping me waiting so long…”

He swiveled a messenger bag that had been slung around his shoulder to the front and reached inside. To Caroline’s surprise he produced a blindfold and a ring gag. She shot a look at Leona, who was scowling.

“Put these on for our walk home.”

“You know I don’t like the blindfold!”

Without missing a beat he moved to apply them to the white-furred manticore. Caroline quirked an eyebrow. “You two really are kinky, aren’t you?”

Leona’s scowl melted into a smirk. “…A little.”

However, Leona wasn’t quite one to take everything without a fight, as it were. As he slid the straps of the blindfold around Leona’s face and began to tie them, her tail shot up and pricked his hand with one of the spines. A giggle spilled out of her mouth as he let out a surprised gasp.

“I want my fun too~”

Caroline bit her lip to suppress her ever-widening grin, but it wasn’t very successful based on the look Leona’s ‘Master’ gave her.

“You know I don’t like it when you just, just barb me at random!”

“And I don’t like not being able to see! Besides, this is just to get you all good and ready for when we’re home.”

He grumbled something as he tied off the blindfold and then opened her mouth for the gag. To Caroline, she was more impressed that Leona apparently had no compunctions against the gag in public. One for the mouth, one for the tail – and if her assumptions were correct, the Manticore probably had something up her ass all this time. These two were fun indeed.

Master snapped the leash back on and began to lead the way home. Leona’s footing was unsteady, but that was only to be expected since she couldn’t see. Her ears worked double time to keep her aware of her surroundings and she seemed to be feeling around her with her paws, despite being in open areas. The whole ensemble got them long stares. Most curious, a few rather envious.

“Eheh, I fee tho vul-er-a-bah…” Leona said after a while.

Master quit walking, but was careful to avoid being detected by Leona. She wound up walking in front of him and he gave her a sharp slap on her ass as if to highlight her words. Leona let out a cry of surprise and all her hair stood on end, though she was quick to whirl around and managed to mostly face in the correct direction. For a moment, anyways, before he side-stepped quickly to give her another swat. And then another.

Caroline licked her lips. Leona was just too cute, constantly yelping and whirling around, striking out at random with her tail.

With cat-like precision Caroline struck from behind and wrapped her paws around Leona. “You’re so adorable!”

And for good measure, the purple Cheticore squeezed Leona’s breasts under her blouse. Her cuddle-pounce had inadvertently protected Leona’s posterior, saving her from further surprise spankings. Somehow, despite everything, this of all things managed to bring a red hue to the Manticore’s cheeks. Leona squirmed in Caroline’s clutches, but her resistance only made the cuddling more intense.

Master rolled his eyes and sighed. His fun was sort of spoiled, but this was also rather amusing. “Come on,” we’re almost home.”

“Uu tharded it,” Leona blurt out, still wriggling about. “A-an kuul uu pleath thop…?”

Caroline wasn’t hearing any of it, instead now nibbling on Leona’s ear. A poke from Master on her paw brought her to her senses and she let the now-wet tip spring out of her mouth. She blinked rapidly before realization dawned.

“Er, sorry – couldn’t help myself.”

And just like that she practically dropped Leona and stepped back as if nothing had happened.

Master just shook his head and tugged on the leash, dragging Leona towards home. This punishment wasn’t working out quite as he’d intended, but that’s how things had been happening as of late. Back at home, he took the gag off her. As much as he wanted to keep it on her, he was careful to maintain much more ‘safe’ practices after what happened the last time he went overboard.

Leona clenched and opened her mouth a few times, then smiled.

At first Caroline thought it was because the gag’d been removed, but that was probably only a tiny part of it. The albino Manticore’s sniffed the air and was practically salivating. The venom had taken effect long ago and he was tenting his pants as hard as possible and the front of his pants was a mess of pre-cum. The scent was thick in the air.

But, he had plans to keep her waiting just a little longer. “Why don’t you get us something to drink?”

Leona scowled, her eyebrows knitting under the blindfold.

“Now,” he added more commandingly.

“Fine,” she said, irritated.

Caroline watched as Leona used her paws and tail to guide herself to the kitchen. She wondered how the manticore would pour and come back with drinks without being able to see, but she had a hunch this sort of thing wasn’t terribly uncommon.

“So,” he said in a low voice as he guided Caroline to a room that was mostly sparse save for a large bed and a few bins stuffed with toys, “might I ask what you… are?”

“A Cheticore,” Caroline replied while poking through the bins to see what they had in stock. Her fluffy tail flicked back and forth. “A hybrid of a Cheshire and a Manticore.”

“Interesting. Does that mean your tail…?”

She looked over her shoulder and grinned her toothy grin. Her tail swished several more times languidly before she pointed it straight at him. “Maaayybee.”

He sighed, and was about to say something when Leona returned to the room, using her tail like a blind man would use a cane to navigate. She brought a tray with drinks, as instructed. Whiskey by the smell.

The three sat on the bed and sipped on the tumblers filled with a finger’s worth of the amber liquid. A bit of small-talk to quell the silence, until the talk inevitable turned to the lewd. And then clothing began to find itself on the floor and the glasses found themselves on the nightstand.

“I couldn’t tell in the store, but you’ve got such creamy white skin,” Caroline said softly as she stripped the last of Leona’s clothing away and tossed it aside.

Completely bared, Caroline’s guess was right – there was indeed a plug in Leona’s ass.

“T-thanks,” Leona replied quietly, laid spread eagle on the bed.

Master had already begun searching through the wide selection and returned with a few of Leona’s favorites. “Your punishment is still on-going,” he said with a faux-sinister tone.

Leona gulped, then gasped as his hands pinched her ears and slid the vibrators into place. A low buzz filled the air and within seconds Leona’s white skin was blushing red all over.

 “M-master! Y-you know that’s not—“ she tried to protest, but was cut-off by a kiss from him.

His tongue probed into her mouth for a brief moment before he broke off and sealed her lips with his finger. “Just because you’re not gagged doesn’t mean you can talk.”

Leona nodded and bit her lip.

Caroline was the last to drop her pants while they were distracted. When he turned around he raised both his eyebrows in surprise at the nude Cheticore standing on front of him.

“You walk around with that all the time?”

“A girl’s gotta be prepared,” she said with a smile and then a moan as she pulled the double-ended dildo out of her dripping snatch. “It’s so big I can’t get it all in me, so it leaves a bit of a bulge when I fold it up…”

She then licked her lips and brought her tail up. And he got an answer to his earlier question. The opening of the fluffy bulb spread open and the vibrator pushed out, though by now the batteries had died.

He wasn’t really surprised by anything anymore. If anything, he was impressed that there was someone more lewd than his Leona. “You’re single?”

“By choice,” she said with a wink and sly smirk.

The vibrator completely withdrawn, she looked at it in disappointment and turned up to him. Fortunately he was quick on the draw and had already gotten up.

“I’ve got something in here somewhere,” he said.


He let out a laugh. Leona made a bit of noise, but didn’t say anything. She was obviously curious about what was going on, based on how fervently her ears were scanning for the slightest of sounds.

Sure enough he returned with what may have been a replica of the long, double-ended vibrator that’d emerged from Caroline’s tail. With a flick of the switch it purred to life on a fresh charge and Caroline clapped her paws together. “Excellent! Can you please put it in?”

Her tail swung out to his hand and he obliged, inserting it into the tight tail.

“Mmmm… That’s great… So what’re we to do with dear Leona?”

Leona made a little ‘Ah’ noise then rolled over and got up on her knees. He looked from her back to Caroline. “Shall we both?”

They shared a devilish smile. Leona’s ass hung in the air and they took their positions, drawing back an arm each. Then, in unison, they smacked each of the white manticore’s firm, white cheeks. A crack from one, more of a soft whump from the other. Leona gasped loudly and shot forward, but immediately hauled back and presented herself again. And again, they both gave her a hard swat. Over and over they spanked the lewd manticore until her ass glowed red and juices ran down both her inner thighs and her tail was a drooling mess.

“You are *such* a naughty girl,” Caroline said in a haughty tone, enjoying spanking a manticore far more than she’d have ever thought possible. Even her mother didn’t like it this much. Though mom did have a better ass, far as she was concerned.

She wasn’t the only one; Master’s cock was trailing a thick stream of pre-cum. It’d been a while since he got dosed and he hadn’t been allowed to cum. For a moment Caroline wondered who was really the dom in the relationship. More than meets the eye, she mused.

“I think she’s had enough, don’t you?” Master inquired, stepping back to admire his handywork. “Looks like she’s really ready for it, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, very much so…” Caroline agreed, eying the leathery bulb still wiggling about.

Leona moaned needfully. “Now who’s the impatient one,” he commented.

In a swift motion Caroline caught Leona’s tail and held it still. Just as she’d done in the shop she brought her own tail into position and squeezed the vibrator partially out. Teasingly, agonizingly slow she inserted it into Leona’s tail until both bulbs were squished into each other, forcing a messy amount of tail nectar out of each.

Leona was panting hard and heavy, grabbing at the sheets. Caroline relished the sensation, letting her eyes close for a while as her tail pulsed and squeezed to insert the buzzing device into the Manticore’s tail and withdraw it, in essence fucking her tail as if she had a cock.

Master shuffled onto the bed and then laid on his back, then took hold of Leona’s shoulders and guided her over the top of him. She shuffled awkwardly, pausing to gasp or moan until she was fully overon her knees.

Caroline watched with interest from behind as his hands found Leona’s ass. One hand slipped down to guide his cock and center it across her dripping cunt. Leona buried her face in his chest. She was more than ready.

With a mighty press he forced her ass down and speared her cunt on his cock. Both of them shared vocalizations of pleasure. For a moment they held still, ear vibrators buzzing away along with the one in Leona’s tail.

“Fuck you’re wet today,” he gasped out as the manticore’s juices practically gushed out.

Then, carefully, he began thrusting up into her with wet paps of flesh against flesh. Quickly they built into a ryhtm and sped things up with her hands planted on her toned ass. Caroline watched, mesmerized. Her own cunt quivered and ached. She had a plan, but first – first wanted to see what Leona would do.

She approached and grasped the buttplug in Leona’s ass.

“Ffffuu—“ Leona began in a drawl, but cut herself off and clenched her teeth. Master never quit pumping Leona up and down on his cock, forcing the buttplug to pull against her tight asshole just from Caroline holding it one place.

Then she really got it.

Caroline pulled the plug expecting something normal-sized. Her eyes went wide – almost as wide as the  plug that stretched Leona apart as she withdrew it. “It’s gotta be at least 3 inches!”

“Leona likes ‘em big,” Master said in between grunts and gasps for breath as he both slammed Leona down and thrust up into her in an ever-increasing frenzy. His balls were swinging up and down from the torrid pace and Leona was beginning to babble in pleasure.

Caroline changed her mind in the blink of an eye. If she likes being stretched – well, she had a plan. Laying a paw atop Master’s hand to slow his rapid onslaught, she climbed atop the bed and squat down behind Leona to line herself up. Then she thrust in.

At first Leona went stiff as a board and let out a sharp cry. Master too was in shock as one end of the double-ended dildo slid across the bottom of his cock and forced itself into Leona’s cunt alongside him.

Caroline wasted no time, giving the manticore a sharp swat on the ass that tightened her around the pair of dicks in her stretched cunt.

“Fuck I wish I had a real cock for this,” Caroline said as she bent over Leona and began thrusting, forcing the double-ender in and out of both of them.

The Cheticore gasped and grunted into the Manticore’s ears before she took one of them into her mouth. To the side of the trio their tails thrashed about, sucking and tugging and pushing against each other in a strange, lewd dance.

Within moments of the two of them thrusting into her, Leona came. Dropping her head into Master’s chest she clenched her teeth, though it did nothing to stop the drool. Her body shook and shivered with pleasure and spasms, her cunt clamping and wringing despite being forced open nearly to the breaking point. In frantic bursts his cock and her dildo hammered the door to her womb, sometimes even hitting at the same time.

Girlcum gushed out, utterly drenching her crotch and Master’s. For seconds, very long seconds Leona writhed as it felt like every nerve in body was set alight. Then she started to scream. And she still came and came.

The frantic tails broke apart and her tail smacked Master’s thigh, striking him with two barbs at once. He may have been able to hold out against a single dose, but not three. It took only seconds for the venom to set his nerves alight and surge through his bloodstream. Digging his fingers into Leona’s ass he thrust up as hard as he could and unloaded all he could muster.

White, blinding heat surged from his balls and through his crotch. Its thick volume distended his urethra and finally found its way out in ropes of extascy. A third, fifth, and finally seventh heavy load flooded Leona’s womb and mingled with her juices. But for the pair it wasn’t over – Caroline hadn’t had her fill.

She kept thrusting away, stimulating both of them despite the fact that they both held very still due to their post-orgasmic bliss. Nerves, already at their most sensitive, were forced to continue to burn due to the rampaging Cheticore. Leona began to scream as Caroline rammed herself in harder and harder in search of her own climax. Even he was gritting his teeth and clenching his eyes shut.

Caroline gripped Leona’s midsection with all her might and nuzzled deep into her neck ruff. She was close – so very close. Then, several heavy wet slaps later it came. Her body jerked upright, pulling Leona up with her and off his chest.

The Cheticore growled as her body shook and her tail squeezed so hard it caused the vibrator within to shoot out and plop onto the bed. Several long, intense seconds passed as both her pussies twitched in delight before she slid sideways onto the bed bonelessly. Caroline wound up falling down on top of Leona, and she couldn’t help but plant a quick peck on the cheek of the still-blinded manticore.

“T-that… was great!” Caroline beamed. “You guys are something else~”

Leona simply panted breathlessly. Even Master was exhausted. Yet Caroline wanted more – her hunger wasn’t satiated. But for the moment she’d give them a breather. And while she waited for them to recover, she scooped each with a paw and squeezed tightly.



–01/08/2014 update–


First to greet the dawning sun in the morning was Leona. She began to stretch and twist with her paws outstretched, only to quickly withdraw them as her bare back met with a cold wet spot and sent a shiver up her spine. A moment of grumbling later she hauled herself to a sitting position and glanced at her side. Fresh memories of the prior evening replayed in her head, bringing a satisfied smile to her face. For a moment, anyways, until she noticed that Caroline had all her paws wrapped around him and his face was buried in her ample cleavage.

Leona narrowed her eyes and let out something akin to a growl.

“Wake up already,” she said while shaking the two cuddlers. When there was little more than quiet purring coming from Caroline, Leona redoubled her efforts – all on one person. With what amounted to a jab to his kidney, she bellowed “Time to get up!”

He shot awake in a surprised yelp, but found himself still held captive within the clutches of the Cheticore. He searched around with his eyes until he found Leona scowling at him.

“What’re you so peeved about?”

Leona simply ‘hmphed.’

They stared at each other for a time, he trying to figure out what was wrong and she wondering just how long he was going to enjoy the fluffy paws around him. Finally he began to pry the paws off him and Leona was all too eager to help. Together the two of them managed to pry the drowsy Caroline’s paws from him and rolled her gently to one side of the bed with little more than “Nyaas” and absent-minded swats from her paws as they attempted to curl around something or someone.

“Heavy sleeper, isn’t she?” He said as he extracted himself off the bed and yawned.

“Yes,” Leona snapped. “Seems she had a good night with someone.”

In place of his usual comeback, something stirred from his still-sleepy consciousness. A little voice that reminded him of how things were now.  

“Er, I suppose so?” He said innocently. “How about I ah, make breakfast or something?” He added quickly to mollify the Manticore.

Leona’s tail swished back and forth for several long seconds until finally her eyes widened from narrowed slits. “Pancakes.”

“Pancakes it is,” he said while rummaging about for some pants. But Leona stopped him before he could scoop a pair off the floor.

“No, like that.”

He blinked at her. “You want me to cook naked?”

“There is an apron, you know.”

“That one that says ‘Rape the cook?’”

Leona’s lips hooked into a grin. “Want me to get it for you?”

Shoulders slumped in defeat, he could only agree as Leona darted out of the room in a giggle.

When breakfast was nearly complete, a familiar face appeared in the kitchen while sniffing at the air.

“Hey there sleepy-head,” Leona said girlishly.

He could only roll his eyes as he flipped the last batch of pancakes in the skillet.

“Breakfast, huh?” Caroline said in a half-yawn.

She’d at least had the foresight to drag on her crumpled and wrinkled clothes, nicely tying together the look with her bed-hair and bed-fur.

“Just about done. Want some?”

Caroline held up her paws and shook her head. “No thanks,” she said with a smile. “I still gotta walk back to the shop and get home – got work later today.”

“Oh, that is a shame,” Leona said with a sigh. “Say, we should get together again sometime. That was… a lot of fun.”  

“Sure, let me give you my number…”

After seeing Caroline off, the remaining duo sat down to eat. Things were peaceable – friendly, even, until they were done.

“My, you sure looked comfortable this morning,” she said, her words dripping sarcasm.

He gulped. She was so completely fine with everything last night. What’d set her off? Was it really just Caroline cuddling him?

“Hey, she was the one—“

“Don’t want to hear it. Come with me, we need to get cleaned up.”

Her tone more than hinted that there was no room for argument. So he did the only thing he could, and followed her to the shower.

She was eerily quiet while he scrubbed her down, saying little as he washed her hair and fur. Paying special attention to her paws seemed to earn him some favor with Leona, but she still wasn’t saying much. When it was his turn, he was sure she’d be rough with him – but to his surprise she was just as gentle as ever. Scrub here, rinse there, and soon they were both squeaky clean. Not even any sexual shower shenanigans had occurred, doubling his surprise. Leona did so love a good fuck under the hot water.

“Seems you need to be taught a lesson.”

He looked over his shoulder at Leona. She was staring at him with something bordering on maliciousness and licking her lips. Her tail was drawn up to her side, aimed at him and poised to strike.


“You heard me,” she said as she stepped from the shower and began to dry off. An almost sinister smile rose on her face. “I think I know just the thing.”

Gingerly he stepped out and she dried him off, and then promptly marched him naked to the bedroom.

“On your back, on the bed. Now.”

He obeyed as Leona sauntered over to the toy bins. Within seconds she’d found what she was looking for – four straps – and began fastening each of his limbs to a bedpost. “You were far too into her, my pet,” Leona said with a strange sweetness to her voice. “Not just this morning, no, no no – but last night. I thought we could have some fun, but,” she trailed off, looking at him and shrugging. “You just couldn’t share.”

“But she was all over me! I even tried to push her off onto you,” he protested.

But his words fell on deaf ears. “Don’t try to blame Caroline now,” she said as she again rummaged through some drawers.

Any further arguing was pointless. She was well into one of her ‘moods,’ as he called it. Ever since that one incident…

She returned with a pair of familiar items: A blindfold and a spider gag. With precision born of practice Leona cinched the blindfold and affixed the gag, then stepped back as if to admire her handiwork.

“Yes, this will do nicely,” she said to herself.

“Hah,” he mumbled.

Leona wasted no time in clamoring onto the bed, kneeling over her prey. Possibilities raced through her mind until she settled on one. Aiming her tail carefully, she launched a barb into his thigh. A shudder ran down her tail and up her spine, both from the sensation of firing one of her love-darts and the yelp from her pet. Just one for now.

She then positioned her crotch over his face; his head nestled between her milky-white thighs. Leona stared down for a moment and smiled, then let her hips fall.

He knew what was coming soon as he felt her legs on either side of his head, her knees pinning down his already-immobilized arms. His tongue was already outstretched, waiting for her as she settled down and smothered him with her crotch.

“Oh, very good,” Leona said happily as she felt his tongue delve into her folds.

Instantly sparks of electricity ran through her sensitive body as her pet’s tongue darted in, pulled out, and encircled her clit in rapid sequence. Leona fell forward, using the headboard for support as she closed her eyes in pleasure and arched her back, rolling her hips back and forth across his face to ensure he could lick every spot.

“Mmmm, yeah, just like that. Lick me clean like a good boy,” she hissed out.

More and more of her weight settled on his face, smothering him with her cunt. Her juices ran out in thick rivulets, forcing him to swallow and lick all at the same time. The gag made any attempt to avoid her nectar futile.

He tried to protest that he couldn’t breathe with her full weight resting on his face, but his pleas did little more than vibrate her pussy and make her gasp in delight.

“Such a good pet~ Even humming while eating me out!” Leona laughed out, looking down between her outstretched arms to watch her slit grind back and forth across his face.

Back and forth she rocked, faster and faster as the sparks grew into surges. The vibrations grew in intensity with every second and then very suddenly he began to thrash – as best as he was able, given the circumstances.

It was just as she’d planned, and so very carefully she rocked forward to take her weight off him. “Something the matter?”

“I coodn’t reethe,” he said in a gasp.

Leona just giggled. “You were just so good I forgot myself!”

Then, looking behind her, she smiled hungrily. His cock was standing proud and erect as could be, trailing a steady stream of pre-cum down its length. With every one of his fast heartbeats it pulsed with need.

Time for dart two. Another careful shot, another yelp, another giggle. Before he could say anything else, she lowered herself back down. “I wanna cum,” she growled in command. “Hard.”

He whimpered inwardly, his flesh burning and his mind seared by her venom. Every part of him ached for release, and everything that touched him felt utterly divine, from the flesh of her thighs to the fur on her legs and the heat of her pussy. Even the tart, feral taste of her honey was sweet and addictive, driving him in search of more to drink.

But given his state, there was naught he could do but reach out with his tongue as Leona straddled his face. Her ass molded to his chin and her puffy labia engulfed his mouth and nose. Every time she rocked her hardened clit dragged across his nose.

Leona began to pant heavily, relishing her position more than the pleasure. It’d been long enough, she reasoned, to really begin the fun. Without needing to look her tail searched for its mark, finding it within seconds.

He let out a gasp as something hot and tight slipped across his glans. Just as quickly he groaned helplessly as her tail remained as it was, simply capturing the tip of his cock.

“If you want more you’ll have to do better than that!”

She spun her tail around, letting all the little tongues inside lick and tease his glans. The opening slipped just over his glans and then pulled taught under the ridge, making his whole body quake in pleasure.

“I don’t feel your tongue, what’s wrong?” She said with mock concern, letting her tail fall motionless.

Growling and attempting to thrust up into the tail fruitlessly, he could do little but focus his tongue. Tasting all her folds, running across the edge of her lips, flicking at her clit in a matched rhythm to her grinding.

“Mmm! That’s the stuff,” Leona said between clenched teeth.

Her tail, however, refused to take in more than his glans. It sucked and squeezed and pinched, sometimes pulling all the way off and letting him cool off before an unbearably small piece of him was engulfed within an overwhelming heat.

Suddenly her thighs squeezed his face hard. A moment later a long moan reverberated throughout Leona’s body and she went rigid and still, save for the spasming of her cunt on his face and the outpouring of her girlcum that threatened to flood his mouth and spill out.

Gulping down all he could, relief washed over him as Leona backed off and sat on his chest. “Who’s my good boy? Yes you are!” She said happily, running her paws through his hair.

He could only cough and sputter in response as he sucked in deep breaths. But, with the crisis of drowning in Leona’s mirth over, his mind instantly focused all its attention on his dick.

“I suppose you could use some relief, couldn’t you?”

For the first time she plunged her tail down, but agonizingly she stopped halfway and then just like that pulled it completely off.

“Not yet~”

And so it continued for painful minutes, the tailpussy so close but so far. It drooled down his shaft and, mixed with his pre-cum, formed a growing sticky puddle underneath his balls.

Leona had shifted off him, resting her head on his chest and massaging his body with her paws. “I bet this feels so good, right? Pets love to be rubbed!”

He could only gurgle and plead. Which only made her giggle all the more.

His hips bucked fruitlessly. Leona always kept her tail just so, and she was careful to back off completely every few seconds to keep him on a ragged edge. Every breath from him was harsh and full of need and his whole body seemed to quiver like his cock.

“Say, who do you love?”

“Ony yoo!”

“Good answer!”

Bliss. Mercy. Heat. Wet and tight. In one go her tail plunged all the way down. Her modest-sized tail was already stretched by his cock, making it tight without any effort. But she was determined and squeezed hard while her tail pumped and licked and sucked. His diamond-hard cock disappeared completely within the tail and then reappeared as if by magic, covered in a sheen of her thick lubricants.

The countless tongues and muscles inside wrung and undulated, bringing a pleasure unmatched by anything else. All his muscles contracted and shivered as pure delight overrode every other sense. Within seconds everything he had to offer boiled up and exploded, firing out in heavy, seed-ladden geysers. Every spurt was accompanied by a groan from him and a happy gasp from her.

“So thick, mmm~” Leona said tantalizing, watching her tail pulse and contract as it worked to swallow every drop.

But that was not all. Just like that, she fired a third barb. With her tail already completely engulfing his cock and bearing down hard enough to nearly suck in his balls, it’d hit no matter what.

He groaned messily. Her tail did not relent one bit, sucking and sucking even when he’d spilled every drop. The endless stimulation drove him to a twitching mess before the venom worked its way to his balls and glands and brought forth another eruption within a minute. He howled from the stimulation – pain and pleasure mixed together into something that whited out all thought.

More thick, pearly ropes blew out and into her tail. Sucking, slurping, Leona’s tail drank it all and she sighed in content.

“My, it’s been so long so you’ve come so much! If I knew my pet liked me this much, I wouldn’t have had to do this,” she said with an odd sort of fondness.

Her tail lifted off, allowing him for rest for the first time in over an hour. The endless stimulation had worn him to the bone and his overloaded senses begged for rest.

“Sleepy already? We’ll have to work on your stamina… later though,” Leona said with her usual cheer, planting a kiss on his forehead.

Then, as his consciousness faded he felt the straps come undone and something warm and furry snuggle up beside him. Then it began to purr. “Master’s warm,” it said affectionately.

When he awoke sometime later, the furry bundle was still there, nestled up beside him. He scratched Leona’s ears, causing them to flick between his fingers. She mewled softly and rolled over to expose her belly, tucking her arms and legs in just like a cat.

Her eyes slowly opened and she cast a grin at him, letting her two upper fangs poke out. She pawed at his cheek and nyaad at him.

So it was going to be like that for now. With a silent sigh he rubbed her tummy while continuing to scratch and play with her ear. Leona purred happily and let herself go limp, resting her head on his chest.

After nearly an hour of pets and rubs and scritches, he was beginning to cramp up. But she wasn’t quite so eager to let him escape – she’d managed to drape herself across him and was doing her best to keep her cozy spot. Until he got an idea.

“Leona, want something to eat?”

Head, ears, and eyes went up. “Nyaa!”

She immediately sat at attention, finally allowing his freedom. To an extent. Today was going to be a fun-filled day of doting on her.

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