Legend of Luck: Part One

>Be 13 yr old boy.
>Glasses thick like glass bottles.
>Hair like your momma used a bowl for reference.
>Do what boys do, run around the neighborhood on a bike.
>Go up the block, to Miss Rudy’s house.
>Spy in like curious little boys do, not knowing what you’re gonna see.
>Miss Rudy was dancing naked inside her house.
>You got to get a front row seat through her open sliding glass door.
>Suddenly you experience a hard feeling down in your trousers.
>First hard on.
>Wait it out a few minutes, just watching.
>Then you get caught as all naughty boys are.
>But Miss Rudy was one to differ.
>She held out her wings and beckoned you to come closer.
>Proceed, and find yourself stepping into her house and gazing upon her dark caramel body.
>As luck would have it, you were only tall enough to meet her breasts.
>God blessed a heavenly body.
>Miss Rudy smiled ruefully and told you to drop your pants.
>Being only a boy, you do as an adult says, right?
>She drops down and marvels your budding manhood and drapes her feathers over it.
>It became one of the best feelings you’ve ever had.
>Feathers run up and down your shaft and her tongue hanging out, drool slightly trickling.
>Before you could comprehend what was happening, you manage to cum for the first time.
>All over Miss Rudy’s face and mouth.
>She hums a satisfied moan and comments on how backed up you must’ve been.
>She sent you off, telling how you will not spy on her again and she won’t tell your parents about it.
>Then she licked up all the jizz off her cheeks and lips, like freshly squeezed icing.
>She hurried you on out before you got another hard on.
>You get home that night, having had your first sexual experience.
>And now, even more curious about what you can do with your magic “wand”.


>Jump forward to age 16.
>Still got those pesky glasses.
>Filled out a bit; you’re not quite much the little kid anymore.
>Total nerd though.
>Not too bad really, but too much for the tastes of some girls in school.
>But there were others…
>You get to your locker to find three of your schools cheerleaders at your locker; waiting.
>All three are sisters.
>Orc sisters.
>They all were red of varying degrees.
>One was pinkish.
>One was rusty red.
>And the last one was apple red.
>The red apple one, the leader of this trio, stuck one finger out to you and beckoned you to come forward.
>They lead you to a janitors closet, and put you against the wall.
>Here you’re thinking you’re about to be bullied, and you were about to be.
>But not the way you’d expect.
>The Rusty red one flew open your button up shirt, exclaiming how nice and warm you were.
>The pink one went for your buckle and your pants were around your ankles.
>The candy apple red girl still had you pinned to the wall and asked have you ever been kissed before.
>Throughout all your confusion, you answer no.
>Suddenly you get a big ole mouthful of Orc, just sucking and swallowing every drop of your spittle.
>Goddamn, you’d never thought kissing would be so absorbing.
>Only thing that shocked you out of that, was the hands on your magic “wand” and the lips nibbling your magic “beans”.
>Your hands were powerless against them, so you did what every man thought of in their spare time.
>You grabbed your amorous kisser’s breasts.
>The ladies down below have now gotten to taking turns at blowing you, leaving purple kisses on your wanker.
>Then your apple red kisser pulls back and flips her skirt up, telling you to get a good view.
>Do so.
>Find yourself now pressed once more against the wall, but this time by the peachy ass of the candy red Orc.
>That ass was the most unusual smell you’ve ever beheld.
>Her words were able to penetrate past the meat of her ass, telling him to eat, eat her first class-ass out.
>You’ve seen enough porn by now to know what that means.
>Throwing your arms around her, you hugged and ate that ass as if your life depended on it.
>At the time, it kinda did.
>The rusty red one had now gotten over your erect and decorated manhood and slowly slide it down into her puffed ass.
>Apparently you satisfied her; she let out a shivering sigh.
>The rose-pink one kept up her massage of your balls, which only served to make you harder for the rusty one riding you.
>You’re not sure how much time had passed before you find that the ass you were eating, now was gone.
>The janitor had come back to his closet to discover the trio and you.
>AS he ran to grab the hall monitors, the three girls escaped the closet, leaving you there.
>Before the rusty one left with her sisters, she cocked out her ass and showed you her underskirt.
>A large glob of cum was dangling from her asshole, and she winked at you before leaving.
>You get discovered once again, this time by the hall monitors.
>You tell the story of what happened.
>Turns out it was girls from a college campus and not your school.
>You don’t press charges, and you’re now a legend at your school.


>Next go to age 19.
>Still have those glasses, and still that kinda-kept-to-yourself-vibe.
>However, in light of your incident three years ago, you’ve gotten a bit more athletic.
>Precaution so you don’t get raped, again.
>Your senior year.
>Prom night, and for once, you got a date.
>The catch is that she has no interest in you; you’ve accepted that fact.
>Pretty well actually.
>Go to pick her up.
>Her mom, Ms. Johnson, opens up the door.
>Now, you haven’t really met her mom, save for talking a bit to her on the phone.
>She’s a Kakuen, just like her daughter, but with way more to play with.
>Her daughter was a bit twiggy, and by far was attractive.
>She had her eyes on a different guy, and was asking you to “date” her as a favor to make the guy jealous.
>However, her mom was thicker.
>Rounded out hourglass figure, but her hips were a tad bit wider than her shoulders.
>Light brown hair like her daughter, but a more motherly aura about her.
>You feel right at home.
>She lets you in and tells you that her daughter is upstairs still getting ready.
>You got there thirty minutes early.
>You put your glasses case on the coffee table, with your glasses in them, and say you’ll go check on her.
>Head up the stairs, her mom beaming back at you.
>A bit weird, but heartwarming.
>The daughter’s room is shut and you knock to say you’re here.
>She says she’s still doing her hair, and hasn’t gotten her dress on yet, so she’ll be out in a while.
>You say you’ll just wait down stairs for her.
>Head back down stairs, to see her mother beaming again, but a bit redder.
>Tell her the situation, and she asks if you’d like some tea.
>Say yes Ms. Johnson, and she corrects you to calling her Diane instead.
>She goes off to the kitchen, which is right down the hall.
>Begin to get your glasses and put them on but the case isn’t on the coffee table where you left it.
>You’re about to ask Diane if she’s seen them, when suddenly you freeze in horror.
>As Diane bends over in the kitchen to get the tea mix, you see it.
>In the crack of her thin pants, you see her mature pussy, a hole ripped to show it off.
>And there nestled in its velvet embrace, the smooth, cylinder case of your eye glasses.
>She turns back around and brings in the tray of tea, smiling.
>Not like before, this time, much more immoral.
>She sat down the tray on the coffee table, then sat beside it, facing you.
>You were face to face, although her tits seemed to be closing in closer to you.
>She asks if you’ve found your glasses yet.
>You say you did.
>She asks if it should stay there.
>She says, something else needs to take it’s place then.
>She then goes on to explain how she feels bad for him, going to prom with her daughter, but not getting any action.
>You know where this is leading.
>Especially when you realize she only brought one cup for tea.
>Dryly you ask for some and she obliges.
>She lifts up her shirt and down pops out her globe breasts.
>Before you can say anything, she takes the pot of cold tea and pours some out.
>Not into a cup, but into the tight valley of her breasts, holding them together to retain it from dripping out.
>She says take a drink.
>You hesitate and look at the stairs.
>You’re the tool of that girl’s jealousy.
>At least this way, you get something you deserve.
>You take initiative and dip your head into her midriff and suckled out the tea.
>Diane let out a trembling sigh and used her spare hand to rub your crotch.
>You slurp up all the tea, but keep sucking and licking all over the mature Kakuen’s tits, going for her nips next.
>She unzips your fly and your bone springs forth from the cave of your pants, achingly close to her hot pussy.
>She grabs you by the collar and smooches you, pulling you over top of her and onto the wooden coffee table.
>She pulls you out of your sloppy kiss and holds you by your bow tie.
>With her free hand she opens the folds of her pussy, and pulls you closer with her legs; pressing against her entrance.
>And then it swallows you.
>Your tool slowly sinks into her pussy, gobbling you up in tight, hot ecstasy.
>A short groan escapes your mouth, before her prehensile tail wraps around your mouth.
>She doesn’t want her daughter to hear her pseudo-date having such high quality milf and tea.
>Her leg lock keeps you in her, and you are seized by fervor; fucking and slamming into her as hard as you can.
>Her face was filled with indecent lust, she just couldn’t help it.
>Then, the worst happens.
>Her daughter calls out from above the stairs.
>And by god, that mother’s pussy tightened so quickly, it set you off.
>You shoot off your load like it was the Fourth of July, and Diane’s face was almost melting with lucid pleasure.
>However, your orgasm is interrupted by her kicking you over onto the floor out of the stairs view.
>Diane pulled her shirt back down and adjusted herself, so her ripped pants weren’t visible.
>Her daughter came down from the stairs and asked where you were.
>Her mom said I was in the guest bathroom, and that you’d meet her outside for pictures.
>The daughter just said okay and walked towards the front door, all while you were on the ground, dick out and scared.
>Her mother chaste her for being on the phone so much and her daughter just shrugged and went through the door.
>You and Diane let out a sigh of relief.
>You get up off of the floor, and before you can zip up Mr.Weenie, she latches her mouth onto it.
>She sucks up the rest of the remaining cum in your pipe, before letting go with a satisfied sigh.
>She stands up and fixes your tie, you not saying a word.
>She fits your sword back into the sheath of your pants and smiles.
>Now, she says, lets go get pictures of you and my lovely daughter.
>She puts on an apron before heading out with you and takes pictures of you and her bored daughter.
>And as you’re putting her daughter in the rental car for prom, Diane pulls you aside.
>She whispers in your ear, how you never got her to climax, and how you’ll just have to come back and finish the job.
>She slides your hand under her apron, letting you feel the remains of your cum still in her.
>Cum that you loaded in her from just moments ago.
>You hastily make it back to the rental car and drive off to prom, before you can get a hard on again.
>That night, your date just kept to her phone and eyeing her soon-to-be-boyfriend.
>Not much of an exciting night, other than before you left her home.
>Now, you begin to think, if this was what high school, what’s college going to be like???

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