Knotty Hellhound 6

Sybil stretched out, yawned, and blinked sleep-heavy eyes against the early afternoon sunlight peeking through the blinds. Another lazy start to a day somewhere in the middle of her week-long vacation – no better way to start the day, really. The hellhound rolled onto her back and sighed the content sort of sigh made when one knows the day is wide-open; no work, no errands, no chores, nothing but whatever she felt like. Bliss.

Though she relaxed as she was in mind and most of her body, one part of her was eager and standing at attention. Sybil glanced down at the impressive tent in the sheets and smirked. Bit by bit she tugged the sheet back bit by bit. The caress of the fabric across her flesh sent a shiver through her spine. With a playful gasp she watched enthralled as her bright-red knotted tool sprung free, standing tall and proud. It even cast a shadow across the sheets.  

Warm, supple paw pads circled a breast each, drawing circles inwards across her ashen flesh, leaving indentations in the copious amounts of flesh as they went. A pinch capped each journey, gently tugging and twisting her increasingly hard nipples, all while she stared at herself.

Her paws descended further, slithering across her toned stomach and waist, tickling as they went. A flick of a pad up and down her throbbing length sent a jolt through her and then again when she cupped her heavy balls, giving the orbs inside a tumble – she licked her lips and lifted her hips, to better allow the full weight of herself rest in her palm. 

I could just jerk off right now, she thought to herself, but no… I think I’ll have some quality time with myself today.

With a degree of difficulty, she unhanded herself. Her cock throbbed in response.

“Don’t you worry, you’ll get plenty of attention later,” she whispered.

First things first, after all. She had to get cleaned up for the day ahead. An odd thing to do considering there would probably be a good deal of cleaning up to do afterwards anyways, but it was always better to start off fresh. Getting dirty was part of the fun, and how was one to get dirty when one was already dirty?

A quick, if somewhat late, breakfast, followed by a thorough shower to get into all the crevices and make them squeaky clean, during all of which she remained at attention. Mostly owing to the fact she would give herself a stroke every so often. She did love how even the gentle breeze of walking nude was made that much better by having so much sensitive flesh exposed.

Sybil had a room that, while not a proper dungeon as it were, still possessed a very adjustable hospital-like bed. In fact, it was a hospital bed, purchased through a friend of a friend when the local facility was upgrading their equipment and disposing of the old. She would’ve preferred it to be larger, but it was practically a steal. There was also a closet packed full of various toys and contraptions, along with several cabinets along the walls as well. Even a few under the bed. Just about every way one could think of to do something to tits, cocks, pussies, or assholes, she had.

She tapped a furred finger to her lips and gave her cock another squeeze.

“What to do, what to do…”

Most of the contents of the room she preferred to use on other people, such as the various men (and occasionally women) who came through her rehabilitation and education program. Sadly, her last rescue had graduated the program and left, which is how she found herself in her current position of having no one to aid in her plight. 

Contrary to most beliefs, she wasn’t much a fan of leather, opting instead for softer fabrics and materials where possible. Reason being, for the few times on days like today, she found leather chafed terribly. Probably something to do with the sweat. If she was going to fuck herself stupid, she needed to be comfortable doing it.

As she was inspecting a pair of time-release cuffs and exploring the possibilities, a starburst went off in her mind.

Ears straight up and alert, her red eyes stared at, or rather through, the walls and her nose twitched.

The smell! No! Why now? It’s been years!

The doorbell rang.

It can’t be, they have no reason to be here. How could they even find me, know where I am?  Just a coincidence…That’s all. It’s just someone who smells like them. That wonderful smell.

Sybil laughed nervously to herself and shook her head in an attempt to clear thoughts and memories, but her heart had already lurched into a heavy thump-thump-thump, much like her impressively-fluffy tail. Her cock was so stiff it ached.

She tossed on a robe and made her way to the front door. Her paw hovered over the knob for a time, until the bell rang again.

Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to look forward to.  

The lock clacked and she opened the door.

As far as hellhounds went, they weren’t the tallest things around, but compared to a typical man Sybil usually held an edge in height. It was quite rare for women to be taller than her, let alone have their chin be at eye-level. Rarer still for there to be two of them.

“Ho ho, was beginning to think you weren’t going to answer the door, Sybil!” Said the one on the right in a deep, familiar voice, allowing her ears to confirm with her eyes.

Barely more than arm’s length away stood the Varz sisters, Treia and Breia. The tiger twins. But they weren’t just tigers, no. They were tigers in the same sense Sybil was a wolf. The base was there, but a bit of succubus in the family tree had made them… different.

They had the usual tiger features – the size, namely, along with the orange and black-striped fur – but their skin had the same ashen hue as Sybil’s, and as well they each had a pair of horns that started just behind their ears. Curved horns that started just behind their ears and came forward for others. Same ashen skin, which stood in contrast to their black-striped orange fur.

“Wha, what are you doing here?” Sybil said, her claws digging into the door.

“Happened to be in the area,” said Breia, “Business, y’know how it is sometimes.”

“Thought to ourselves, don’t that cute pup Sybil still live here?” said Treia, “Got to thinkin’ how much fun we had last time. Had some free time, decided to drop by. Sure enough, we could smell ya from almost a block away.”  

“That’s… great, it has been a while, hasn’t it?” Sybil laughed nervously.

“We remember you real good,” said Breia, “And…”

Fangs poked out from the tiger duo’s lips and their collective gaze slid down Sybil’s robe to the red cock sticking out from a gap.

“Seems you remember us just as good,” said Triea, “Or that how you greet all your guests?”

“No! No. I was, I was…”

“You was what?” Treia chuckled. “I bet you smelled us coming, just like we smelled you. And I bet you got sprung in an instant,” she said, eyes narrowing as her grin spread.

“And, you know what, we got a similar kind of reaction,” added Breia.

Sybil’s eyes wandered from their faces, pausing for a moment at their massive chest with their large, stiff nipples tenting up their tank-tops like circus tents, to their jean shorts – and the straining bulges contained within.

Treia leaned forward and whispered in Sybil’s ear, “You were a fine piece of ass, wolfy. Best we’d ever had. I know our – your – type, we like being on top, but…” She pulled away, locking her vivid red eyes with Sybil’s.

“Oh ho, she’s really throbbing now,” cooed Breia, her paw sneaking into Sybil’s robe and giving the hellhound a round of full, languid strokes.

“Sometimes it’s nice to let go, isn’t it?” said Treia.

Sybil’s thighs jerked forward, thrusting herself into Breia’s grasp. She bit her lip. They did things to her that left her unable to walk for days, and they were so… so big. But she was a proud hellhound, always in control, if not on top.

But did always mean always? If no one else knew…

“Well, I… Fine, come in,” Sybil said, standing aside to allow the two demonic tigresses inside.

“Atta girl,” said Breia as they strode in.

Often in such situations there was, to put it one way, a protocol to the situation. Various formalities and pleasantries that had to be exchanged. But, when it comes to a trio of demonic-tinged predators running at a full heat, such niceties are often overlooked.

The door was closed. Clothing crumpled to the floor. Treia and Breia’s well-toned bodies still maintained feminine curves, possessing a creaminess to their skin despite their demonic-tinged complexion. Dusty-red nipples and areola stood proud on their tits, and what tits they were! Much more than a single pawful, she’d need two to get a good wrangle on one. Further down, femininity gave way to imposing pillars of flesh. They may have only been half-hard, but they were still bigger than Sybil, and indeed, bigger than anything she’d… handled in a rather long while.

“Don’t be so shy, we’re friends, aren’t we?” said Treia, tugging on Sybil’s robe.

She hesitated for a moment, but allowed it to slip off her shoulders and pool around her fluffy feet. Her bushy tail hung at her side while the tiger sisters drank her in, but they did not drink idly for long.

They swept in on either side of her, caressing her neck and shoulders in kisses and nibbles. Sybil let out a gasp when Treia’s teeth pressed in against the skin at the nape of her neck, when hot breath and a raspy tongue flicked across the marks left in her skin.

Breia stole a greedy kiss on the hellhound, her tongue both rough from her tiger heritage and long from her demonic forcing its way into Sybil’s mouth, conquering her. When Sybil’s tongue had completely given up the fight, Breia pulled back, trailing a line of saliva along the way.

The pair worked their way down their prize, kissing, sucking, and licking across what felt like every bit of skin she had. Breia paid careful attention to Sybil’s breasts, massaging and kneading her nipples.

Treia reached Sybil’s thighs and spread them apart, snaking her tongue through the cleft of Sybil’s ass. The tip darted across Sybil’s asshole. She clenched in reflex and anticipation, but she was instead rewarded with a harsh smack across her ass that sent her firm backside into a ripple.

“Mmm, we could just spend all day eating you up,” Treia said, wiping her mouth with the back of her paw like she’d just eaten a full meal, “but what’d the fun be in that?”

Breia ran a paw down her partially-erect cock. “Why don’t you come have a taste of us instead?”

There was no hesitation from Sybil. Her mouth latched onto one of Breia’s nipples, big around as a bottle cap.

“That’s a good pup!”  

Sybil made her way down Breia’s body, just as they’d done to her, trailing her tongue all the way until she was just above the main prize.

“Don’t forget about me,” Treia said, reaching from behind Sybil’s legs to give her sack a gentle squeeze.

The hellhound smiled, “How could I?”

Sybil knelt before them, nuzzling their balls and cocks and inhaling deep of their scent. The muskiness made her head spin in a way nothing else could. She hated it and loved it and hated it and loved it even more. Their sacks were doubly large as hers, doubtless full of hot, sticky love to share and spill and pump inside her. And their cocks! Each as long as her forearm and then some, capped with a fat head nearly the size of a man’s fist. Soft barbs encircled the flares and went on for several rows down the shaft before fading, only to reappear on the medial ring halfway down.

She alternated stroking one cock and licking another. They swelled under her touch into iron-hard monsters.

See, I have the power here, she told herself, They can’t resist me.

When her lips reached the end of Treia’s cock she took the entire head into her mouth, jaw straining to open wide enough.

“Mmm, good puppy,” Treia said gently, stroking Sybil’s ears her head bobbed back and forth.

For her efforts Sybil was rewarded with a steady trickle of salty pre-cum, slathering the inside of her mouth and making it easier to feed in more inches of Treia’s delicious cock. But, for all her vigor, there were some things that just couldn’t be done – namely getting that massive cockhead down her throat.

Sybil pulled herself off Treia’s cock and went to work on Breia’s, giving the sister the same treatment. Both their cocks were left with a spit shine and dribbled pre, but they weren’t the only ones; Sybil’s cock oozed more clear anticipation than it had in months, if not years.

“Oh my, our puppy’s so stiff. We should really help her release all that tension, don’t you think?” Said Breia.

Certainly,” said Treia, eying the hellhound, “And I have just the idea!”

Before Sybil could inquire about the idea, Treia hoisted her from her kneeling position and practically threw her onto a nearby couch. She landed with a surprised yelp and with her back on the cushions and legs propped up on the rear of the couch.

Treia wasted no time in taking hold of Sybil’s legs, but rather than spreading them in preparation for her cock, she pushed them up and over. Breia picked up on her sister’s intentions and moved to take hold of Sybil’s fluffy feet, continuing the motion until Sybil found her own pointed prick’s tip smearing pre across her face.

“But what’s the point if she doesn’t help herself, too? We can’t do all the work,” Treia said in a low, chuff-like chuckle.

“You, you want me to…” Sybil said breathlessly, unable to take her eyes off herself.

“That’s right, suck your own cock,” Breia said, tightening her grasp on Sybil’s legs.

It wasn’t as if the idea hadn’t occurred to her before, but she never went through with it. Now, with her bobbing, achingly-hard cock right there, the idea was irresistible.  Sybil’s tongue reached out, and for the first time she tasted her flesh.


She pulled her cock into her mouth and suckled in earnest. Her long tongue knew where just to go, guided by the sensations from her red pecker.

“I think she likes it! Why don’t we help her help herself?” Treia said with a smirk.

Breia pulled Sybil’s feet down further, allowing more of the hellhound’s knotted cock to vanish into her mouth. It was less sucking herself off and more being forcibly face-fucked by herself as Breia bounced the hellhound’s feet, encouraging that crimson cock deeper into her mouth.

And, with Sybil’s ass spread open so invitingly, her pink asshole clenching and unclenching, Treia couldn’t resist. The demon-tiger kissed along the inside of Sybil’s plush thighs, making her way to the hungry hole. Sybil moaned around her cock as Treia’s tongue tickled and glanced around her ass, and then doubly so when the first bit of tongue disappeared inside her.

Bit by bit her knotty red shaft vanished into her mouth until she was taking nearly half the length before her body couldn’t bend anymore. Her cheeks pulled inward when she sucked and her lips popped when the tip sprang free, leaving tendrils of spittle and pre. All the while Triea’s tongue roved deeper and pressed wider.

Sybil’s cock was forced into her mouth time and again and her asshole spasmed around the invader. Her mind reeled and her body shuddered, and lurched when Treia focused in around her prostate.

She tried to cry out, but all that came out of her cock-stuffed mouth was a whimper. More precious seconds went by, each one feeling like full minute as pressure in her balls built with pure need.  

And then, with a final press from Treia, she exploded.

Stars and white dots filled her vision and all other thoughts, all other sensations came to a grinding halt. Hot cum lanced through her cock and filled her mouth with her own earthy flavor. Sybil struggled to swallow it down, but the sisters were merciless, humming out their delight with their adorable little hellpup. Her puppy pecker fired off every spurt in time with each thrust into her mouth, each pulse of her balls. She coughed and could take no more.  Splatters of spunk trickled down her chin and cheeks.

Her world returned to some kind of focus as a few weak aftershocks deposited droplets of cum across her face. Her cock softened slightly, but the knot remained inflated, and probably would for some time.

“See, nice and relaxed now!” Breia chimed in.

“I.. That was… I’ll have to do that more often,” Sybil said, quietly.

“Really? Can’t believe you’ve never sucked yourself off before. I do it all the fuckin’ time,” said Treia.

“Not everyone’s hung like us,” added Breia.

“True,” said Treia, thoughtfully, “But now, I think it’s time for the main course.”

The pair leveled hungry eyes on Sybil as she unwound herself into a more proper seating position. Her tongue flicked out to clean up a few stray strands of cum off her cheek. Their cocks were near eye-level. They were just as hard as she’d been, maybe even harder. So much precum had drooled out of each of them, forming small puddles on the floor.

Poor things, look how badly they need to cum. How badly they need to shoot all that pent-up jizz inside me…

“Over here, on your knees, puppyslut,” Triea called out.

Sybil obeyed. Her tail fanned side to side as she stood and walked the few steps towards the waiting duo.

Breia ran a finger under Sybil’s chin, giving her a few scritches. “Good girl. Now, get down. Hands and knees.”

Sybil got down on all fours. Treia’s cock stood like a pillar, casting a shadow over her face and Breia rocked her length through Sybil’s asscrack.

“This is gonna be great. You want it too, dontcha, slut?” said Treia.

Sybil whimpered. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“You know what I mean. Yes!”

Treia clucked her tongue. “That’s a shame.”

Breia stopped thrusting through Sybil’s asscheeks and made as if she were going to stand. “I guess someone doesn’t want us to fuck them.”

With a twitch, Sybil shouted: “Yes! Damn it, fuck me! I want your cocks! I need them inside me, I need your cum inside me!”

“There, was that so hard? Well, who are we to deny her?” Treia cooed, running her paws through Sybil’s hair. “Just remember, you asked for it!”

The gentle caress through her ears and hair ended as Treia seized Sybil’s face in both paws, holding her steady as she thrust her cock against Sybil’s lips. 

At the same time Breia took hold of Sybil’s hips and lined up with her asshole. Sybil tried to cry out as the blunted tip began to spread her hole, stretching her wider than she’d been pried open in years, but the second her mouth opened Triea filled the void with demonic tiger-horsecock.

“Fuck she’s tight! Still can’t…” Breia groaned, pulling back on Sybil’s hips as she thrust her own forward.

“Anyone’s tight with our cocks,” said Treia, running a paw through Sybil’s hair.

Pain radiated upwards from Sybil’s hips as the monster battered its way inside. Breath caught in her chest.

Her body quivered as the head finally barged through with a pop.

“Fuck yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! So fuckin’ tight!”

A starburst of pain overtook the dull trickle. She wanted to bury her face in her paws, but Triea’s hold was firm. Sybil’s eyes clamped shut and she grunted and groaned as more and more of the demonic-tiger-horsecock plunged into her ass. She couldn’t even feel the barbs, just an overwhelming sense of fullness. Her cock, having just started to deflate, surged to life when the blunted head rolled over her prostate. A dollop of whiteish fluid squeezed its way out of her rapidly hardening cock, to the accompaniment of a moan that now included a tinge of pleasure in with the pain.

The cock slapping her across the lips and cheeks demanded attention. Sybil focused her mind and opened her eyes, taking in the pillar before her. Her tongue slithered out and around Treia’s cock and her lips followed, working up and down the shaft.

Breia’s plunge slowed to a halt just before the medial ring. She rocked her hips side to side, lost in the heated bliss of Sybil’s ass. She began pulling out, enjoying the sight of the hellhound’s asshole struggling to release its grip. Just before the tip would’ve sprung free she thrust in so much faster, so much heavier than her initial entry, spearing Sybil right up to her ring again.

The hellhound cried out around the cock she was nuzzling, resting her cheek against it as she looked back at Breia. It wasn’t a look of pain or suffering.

“Now that’s the face a bitch needs when she’s got my cock in her ass,” Breia said, lips curling into a cocky grin.

Again Breia pulled out and again she slammed in, but this time she didn’t pause at her ring.

Even thicker around than her head, the ring tested Sybil’s limits. She sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth and hissed. Breia pulled her back as much as she thrust forward and in an instant, it was over. Another pop shook Sybil’s entire body, another wave of pain, but it was a good pain. A pain of fullness, of satisfaction.

With no barrier left, Breia redoubled her grip and began to slam Sybil for all she could muster. Breia’s big, heavy balls slapped against Sybil’s and the hellhound’s ass rippled in time with every clapping thrust. Sybil’s stiff cock swung back and forth, whipping oozing tendrils onto the floor and even her own stomach.

“Fuck her ass is so good,” Breia groaned, lost in lust as she hammered the hellhound over and over.

Wet slaps of flesh echoed through the room. Even Treia had given up trying to make Sybil suck her cock as she writhed with her face pressed to the ground, experiencing agony and pleasure in equal, unbearable measure. She was so stretched, so full. And every time that fat ring halfway down that already fat cock tugged at her asshole, it was like lightning up her spine.

Breia, no longer content to hold onto Sybil’s hips, grabbed the hellhound’s arms and lifted her, pulling her back and up at the same time. The hellhound’s back arched as the mighty cock found new depths and her face twisted.

“Oh fuck, pull her up more,” Treia said, stroking herself off to the spectacle of her sister railing the hellhound.

Breia grunted and pulled Sybil’s arms so far back she was nearly sitting in her lap. Even still, her pace never faltered.

“I can see your cock! You’re makin’ her bulge! Shit, we need a camera next time.”

Sybil had to look down.

Treia was right. Every time Breia buried herself to the hilt, Sybil’s stomach plumped out.

“Can’t, Can’t hold on…” Breia gasped out.

Sybil was so close herself, despite having just came, despite all the whiteish fluid bubbling from her cock every time that magnificent ring rang over her prostate.

Suddenly Breia released her hold on Sybil’s paws and threw her down, pressing her face and chest to the ground. She pounced, wrapping her arms and paws around Sybil and burying her face into the nape of the hellhound’s neck. Breia growled and then bit down somewhere between the shoulder and neck, not quite hard enough to draw blood, but enough it’d leave a mark. Her hips crashed into Sybil as hard and deep as she possibly could one last time.

The fat cock buried deep in Sybil’s ass shuddered and the blunt tip flared out, heralding an onrushing tide of jizz. Sybil could feel Breia’s balls quiver against her own, and then, she felt the first streaming jet of tiger spunk blast into her guts.

Breia growled and grunted through her bite, hips rocking while her body focused on pumping everything it had into the fucktoy wrapped around her cock.

Sybil lay helpless in the tiger’s grasp as countless loads of thick seed were pumped into her. Every hot spurt into her guts made her theirs a little bit more. The bulge in her stomach around the mammoth cockhead began to swell, until Breia’s balls were empty, she had a noticeable belly on her, like she was several months pregnant. Sybil collapsed to the ground and panted when the tiger released her hold.

Breia let out a long sigh of contentment and gave Sybil’s ass a smack.

“Damn that was good, haven’t cum like that in forever,” she said as she pulled her cock out.

Her flare was still engorged and caught on the hellhound’s hole, sending a shiver through both of them. A good backwards thrust pulled it free and a deluge of tiger spunk cascaded out of Sybil’s gaping asshole.

“Can’t wait,” said Treia, the duo exchanging places and throwing a high-five as they passed.

Sybil wanted to protest, to give her a break even if only for a few minutes, but her paws found her cum-swollen belly. She glanced backwards at Treia when the tiger dropped to her knees. Any protests she had died as her eyes locked onto that cock and those heavy balls.

“Now that’s the kind of ass I like,” said Treia, eying her prize, “Good and fucked and ready.”

Without waiting for the command, Sybil got back on her knees, her tail swishing back and forth. She earned herself another smack on her rump

“Hah! Nice and eager, arentcha? But I want to see your face, little wolf…”

Rather than asking or even waiting for some kind of response out of Sybil, Treia flipped her over onto her back and seized her hips, lifting Sybil’s lower half off the ground. Without wasting any time Treia lined up her cock, just as thick and long as her sister’s, and slammed it home.

Sybil’s lips pursed together and her eyes fluttered shut, her well-fucked ass gobbling up the twin invader without any resistance. Her aching cock jumped and dribbled out a trickle of mirth onto her belly.

“And here you said she was tight!” Treia said in mock disappointment.

“Hey now, I know you like it when I break ‘em in for you,” said Breia, having sat down. She squeezed and tugged on her flagging erection, working the last few drops of cum free. Whatever got onto her hands, she licked clean.

Treia gave an amused snort and shifted her paws on Sybil’s hips. She rolled her hips back nice and slow, taking time to relish Sybil’s asshole pulling out just so around her cock and the way the hellhound writhed. A heavy and fast thrust back in elicited a yelp from the hound and again her cock jumped and squirted another dollop right onto her belly.

“Look at your stiff fuckin’ cock, you must love having my big cock stretch out your ass,” Treia said in a low growl.

She pulled out slowly and hammered down again, pulling on Sybil’s hips as much as she threw her own forward.

“Well, do ya?”

Sybil unclenched her eyes just long enough to lock them with Treia’s and nodded. “Fuck me,” she whispered.

Treia smirked. She withdrew again, so far her cockhead tugged at Sybil’s sphincter, and then launched herself forward, pounding deep into the hellhound, the clap of flesh echoing through the room. This time there was no pause, no restraint.

Sybil’s tits bounced to and fro from the pounding, the likes of which made Breia’s seem like gentle love-making. Her cock whipped through the air, covering her and Triea with threads of pre-cum and her paws scrabbled desperately for something to hold onto. Pain and pleasure swirled through her and she cried out every time the barbed horsecock mashed down her prostate and the medial ring tormented her asshole.

“This,” Treia said through grunts of exertion, “Is how you fuck a bitch!”

Sybil’s eyes opened for a moment, and what she saw kept them open. Every time Treia drilled as deep as possible in her guts, the hybrid cockhead managed to bulge out her already cum-swollen belly, over and over.

Treia pounded in a frenzied pace, spearing Sybil like she was little more than a hot cocksleeve. It took only seconds for her to drive each of her inches into Sybil and pull them back out, halting only when her cock threatened to spring free of the warm hole. And even then sometimes it did slip loose, which only meant they both got to experience the joy of shoving aside Sybil’s defenses once again.

Sybil’s body slackened when Treia pulled out and tensed when she thundered in. A tightness had welled in her balls and knotty cock, the sensation of being so close but not quite there. She sought it by clamping down as hard as she could to keep the magnificent cock inside her, but it only served to spread the grin on the tiger’s face.

“And this,” Treia growled, “Is how you make them cum!”

With a quick shift of her grip and angle of her hips she began thrusting more upwards than forward, flattening Sybil’s prostate. Sybil’s eyes went wide and she squirmed, then bit down on her lip.

The last push! White lightning arced across her skin and through her, from the tips of her ears and toes to concentrate in her crotch. With a low, growling cry she let loose, her cock and body spasming out of control. Cum shot into the air in long threads, Treia never even considering slowing down, splattering the both of them in hot hellhound jizz. Again and again she erupted, balls pulling up tight in search of the last drop. Treia’s tits and abs were covered and ropes splattered across Sybil’s face. Her tongue automatically searched the salty treats out, licking her face clean even as fresh tendrils fell across her.

“Fuck yeah! That’s how you know you made a bitch happy,” Treia boasted, slowing for a moment to wipe a dollop off one of her breasts and lick it from her padded finger.

Grunting in satisfaction, Treia hammered away at Sybil’s ass, enjoying how the bright-red cock never seemed to stop drooling.

Finally, with a roar of triumph, Treia buried herself one final time and let loose. Like her sister, Treia’s cock swelled with virile seed, her flare expanding to ensure every drop would stay inside whatever hole she’d fucked.

Sybil gurgled and tensed from the copious loads blasting into her like a fire hose, bloating out her distended belly even further. She swelled and swelled, and even tried to get away, but Treia held her fast, utterly focused on emptying her balls. They stayed locked together for nearly a minute, cum pumping into her guts the entire time.

Mercy came with a sigh of relief from Treia and she pulled out, her cock smacking wetly onto the ground and a river of spunk chasing after.

Sybil lay on the ground, panting heavily with her ass stretched to the point of gaping well after the deed had been done. Even the tiger sisters seemed to be spent after one go a piece.

“Hardest I’ve cum in months,” Treia said, running her paw along Sybil’s cheek. “We gotta do this more often!”

The thought filled Sybil with a sense of dread. She attempted a feeble retort, but even that was too much for the tuckered hound – instead her eyes fluttered closed. She was vaguely aware of some speaking, but was carried off to sleep in a near instant.

When she awoke, it was still daylight, but more than a few hours had passed. And she was in her bed. She staggered up and out, noting new sheets would be needed, and discovered the living room was spotless and there was a small card on a table with a phone number on it.

Call us for a fun time. <3

No name, but it was obvious. Sybil thumbed the card. Maybe again, every so often, wouldn’t be so bad.


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    > “her last rescue had graduated the program and left”
    Aww, no more original buttslut (I wanted to use his name but it was never brought up in the story). I suppose he’s off paying to get reamed by huge animal cocks now. Does he at least visit every once in a while (I assume not, since we never heard hide nor hair of any of her previous rescues)? Did that “love” thing ever get cleared up?

    > smelling someone through multiple walls and a door
    If dog-girl noses are that sensitive, I don’t see how they could live in cities – they smell disgusting to humans

    > double demonic description

    > semen demon ancestry gives you a dick
    Is that how all these girls got dicks? Does using a succubutt as a surrogate count?

    > “bigger than anything she’d… handled in a rather long while”
    Including the horse girl from the last chapter? On the subject of horses, why do the tigers have horse dicks? Sybil has a dog dick, as did the wolf girl, the horse girl had a horse cock (which makes sense), and I don’t know if the caracal and god-snake stories are in the same universe but they had species-appropriate dicks as well, but these tigers specifically have horse dicks

    On the subject of dicks, the oddity of the male mamono from the last chapter didn’t hit me until now – are they normal in this universe? Since incubi are still considered human (according to the encyclopedia), if a succubutt births a male, are they considered human or mamono?

    Wew, I apparently had a lot of questions and getting them out one-handed took longer than I expected

      1. Well, you said in the story that the great-great-succubutt in their family tree is the reason the Varz twins have dicks, I was wondering if every girl with a dick in the series also has a succubus the family doesn’t like to discuss much.

        Bring back original buttslut.

  2. I discussed this with an acquaintance on another site, and we both found something a tad odd. Sybil being so self deluding about liking subbing for the tiger twins was a bit odd, considering that she not only takes advantage of sub/dom dynamics in her rehabilitation program, but also subbed several times previously such as with the sounding rods or when she was spitroasted in the horsegirl/cattrap chapter. It would have made a bit more sense if she either acknowledge that she was a cockslut for the tigers, even reluctantly, or had a deeper reason for not wanting to admit that she wanted to sub for them (for example, they were previously under her care for rehabilitation, but they instead turned her into their dick slave until they got bored and buggered off, leaving her pride and anus wrecked).

    Aside from that complaint, though, we both loved this chapter. Thanks for writing!

  3. Man, it’s been a long time since I checked out your page on this site, and suddenly you’ve got loads of new stuff I hadn’t read before. I’m not ashamed to say that I always enjoyed your futa stuff the most, so wish you’d do another entry to this series.

    “If no one else knew…”

    Seeing Sybil get dominated like this is great. Would only be better if the previous guy got invited to watch her get turned into the tiger twins’ bitch and join her as well.

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