Just the Juicy Stuff: Alarune x Anon CYOA

(Rolled 13) we need to hold hands while cuddling with Trish. Spoon her and kiss the back of her neck

Trish Smut scene 1&2


>I feel like I owe her some cuddles at least, she was kind enough to take me back to her home and let me sleep in her bed.

>I wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me, letting my warm breath cascade down her neck.

>She stirs under me, and I move my hand across hers, squeezing it gently. Her eyes open, and she blushes when she realizes that I’m awake and holding her hand.

>”A-anon, what gives…?” She squeaks, but doesn’t resist, seemingly pressing back into me in order to feel more of my warmth.

>”Mmm, just feeling a little cuddly I guess. You don’t seem to have any complaints…” I pull her a little bit closer and kiss the back of her neck, a place that I know is one of her sweet spots.

>She gives a combination of an exhale and giggle, her cheeks burning red as I subject her to a kind of affection I’ve never shown her before. It seems that I’m turning her on, as she starts to grind her butt against my morning wood.

>”This…this isn’t like you, Anon. W-wait!” She insists, and I stop my caresses, resting my hand on her hip.

>”Okay, now that I can think straight, tell me why you’re doing this, I-I don’t think you’re in your right mind after last night…” She turns over on her side to face me, and I can see she looks sad, upset even.

>”Don’t you remember…what happened…?”

>”I can remember us all playing chicken, then we were drinking and talking, we all huddled close together…after that things are a bit fuzzy.”

>”I was afraid you’d say that…” She holds my hand gently and looks down.

>”We…kinda…” She blushes deeper, it seems that she’s struggling to say something…

>”Trish, it’s okay. You can tell me. I promise I won’t be upset…”

>Was that really enough?

**Anon Social Success**

>”We kinda fought over your dick…” She says sheepishly, then buries her face in her hands.


>Trish looks up at me, expecting disappointment perhaps?

>”And how did that go?”

>”Your head fell against the edge of the pool and you blacked out. Olga had to calm Allie and Arani down, they kinda… got out of hand. I guess the alcohol wasn’t a good idea in hindsight…”

>”Nah, it’s my fault for thinking that getting drunk along with them would be a good idea. I need to stay sober at a party full of horny women that have the power to absolutely destroy my pelvis.”

>”Sooo… you’re not mad? And you’ll still hold hands with me?”

>She was adorable when she wanted something from me and couldn’t hide it.

>”I’m not mad, and you can have all the handholding you want.” I smirk, then pull her back in and kiss her neck.

>”Of course, it doesn’t need to stop there, I will be more than happy to… take it a step further…”

>I heard her gasp, and her leg draped across mine. “Y-you mean it? Cuz I’ve been clit-teased a LOT these past few days, and I could ‘’really’’ go for some release.”

>”So long as you know it doesn’t mean anything…”

>”Bro. I made it pretty clear that one night that I am more than okay with no strings attached sex.” She winks, then grabs my shoulders and rolls me on my back, sitting on top of me with a cute blush on her face. Damn, where did this assertiveness come from?

**Trish Self Confidence Success, Libido Success**

>”So, you gonna let me take the lead, or are we gonna fight for it?” She asks with an almost predatory glint in her eyes.

**Last entry before bed, will lurk for a bit longer. Please tell me what you want to see more of in this thread, and I’ll do my best to provide. Realistically I won’t be able to update until sunday afternoon, but I might saturday night if I’m awake enough.**

(Rolled 19) Let her take the lead for now, but surprise her later.


>”Oh no! You have me, a mere little human male fly, trapped in your clutches! How will I ever hope to escape you~!” I say in mock-worry, placing my hands on her hips as she straddles me.

>She blushes, it seems that whatever I was doing, she was loving it. ”Pfft, y-you’re such a dork!”

>She lowers herself down to my swim trunks. (Well, Kai’s actually..)

>Grabbing the waistband, she pulls them off in one fell swoop, exposing my erection to the air. She can barely contain her excitement, licking her lips at the sight.

>”W-wow, It’s uh…even more impressive up close. D-damn, puberty was kind to you, Anon…”

>Her slender fingers wrap around my length and give it a gentle squeeze, I gasp at how intensely I feel it, looks like I was long due for some release myself.

>”Mmm, I can feel how swollen it is. I bet it’s gonna be a big load…” She purrs lewdly, untying the side strings of her bikini and peeling it off easily. “Aaahhh, much better. She was getting a bit cramped in there…”

>She places her hands on top of mine, then moves my arms above my head, and gives me a deep, passionate kiss. It was sudden, but I was soon eagerly wrestling my tongue with hers. Her salivary glands were active, and we swapped saliva. She did her best to take control, trying to get me to drink as much of her sweet aphrodisiac as I could, but I was more than happy to comply. Soon, I could feel my dick pulsing, my body growing hot, and my energy returning. Heck, my headache was clearing up. It seems that her aphrodisiac is also a good cure for hangovers.

>”Mmmph….hmmm…” She moans into my mouth, then gives my lip a gentle nip with her sharp teeth before slowly pulling away.

>”I think… that I’m ready…” She coos, her face beet red and breathing accelerated. I was in a similar state, both of us were brimming with lust, and we wanted… nay… ’’needed’’ each other.

>Her hips grinded against mine, and I felt her sticky, swollen vulva gliding along the hot underside of my cock. I throbbed against it in anticipation, and cursed that she was holding my hands down. I thought about breaking free, but I wanted her to have this moment. She was in control now.

>After she (nor I) could take it any longer, she grabbed my dick and held it upright, aligned her entrance with my tip, and very slowly pressed myself into her. It seems that with her…lewd toy collection, it made for her to slide me in with practiced ease, her labia parting over my tip before enveloping me in a tight, heavenly warmth.

>Words couldn’t even begin to describe how good she felt. It was far better than any hand or otherwise. The unique ‘alive’-ness of her insides caused me to buck my hips into her involuntarily, and my hands to clench in pleasure.

>She saw my face contort into pleasure, and she grinned lewdly, knowing that she was the cause behind it. She panted softly as she rocked her hips back and forth. I wasn’t really being pistoned in and out of her very far, but I was okay with that. Just feeling her inner walls pulse and throb around me while they gently slid back and forth along my shaft… it was incredible. The warmth of her pussy and the heat radiating from my cock were competing against one another, making everything around me go lucid.

>After she seemed to get used to feeling me inside her, she began to raise and lower her hips, giving me a more proper fucking. I couldn’t hold back my moans and gave her exactly what she wanted: Proof that I was loving this. Her pussy squeezed me tightly as she lifted up, seemingly trying to suck me back in, and when she plunged back down the femjuice oozing down her walls made me glide easily into her, resulting in lewd squelching sounds. God, that sounded so hot.

>The more she rode me, the more I realized that I wasn’t going to hold on much longer. I didn’t know if finishing inside her was a good idea, but then I remembered that Alraunes could store sperm they collected for later use in making seeds. Seeds that could very easily not be used. I doubt that Trish wants a kid, plus, it was like she said. No strings attached right?

>”I’m gonna…you’re gonna make me cum!” I warn her, always the polite thing to do.

>”Mmmhmm, good. You can do it inside, it’s okay…” She pulls me closer by the cheek, and kisses me. Her tongue wrestles with mine, her pussy squeezing and milking my cock as she pumps it up and down, and I lose all of my self control.

>I grab and squeeze her hands as hard as I can, shoving my hips up into her, my cock bumping against her womb and causing her to squeak in surprise as I pump a full load into her snatch. She melts from the pleasure and presses her hips firmly against mine, moaning cutely into my mouth as she grinds down against me to milk out every last drop with her inner walls.

>”Mmm…mmmph…mmphmm…” Her noises get quieter and more subdued as she gets filled more and more.

>After a few more seconds, my last drop is milked inside her, and she relaxed on top of me, breaking the kiss with a deep satisfied sigh.

>”Ehhehehee, that was juuust what I needed… thank you so much, Anon…”

>She seems to be in a cum-induced stupor, her face is buried into my neck and I can feel the heat from her blush from here. She nuzzles into me and holds me tight, letting my hands go to wrap them around my waist.

>I feel drained, not just physically but mentally. That was quite the romp, I’ll be sure to take her next time we have a go.

>**Anon Endurance Fail**

>Now that that’s over, what should we do? We pretty much got the whole day to do whatever…

**Love-o-meter +5, now at 80**


(Rolled 18) Breakfast.

And more sex once Anon’s refractory period is over, which shouldn’t take too long considering the aphrodisiac.

Rolling for green eggs and ham breakfast


(Perspective change to Trish)

>Oh fuck yesss… I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed. No toy has even come CLOSE to this level of… euphoria.

>I slowly come down from my intense orgasm and ‘cum high’, then pull away from Anon’s warmth. As much as I wouldn’t mind it, I can’t stay in bed with him all day.

>”Let’s get dressed. If you shower, then I’ll make breakfast while you’re in there.” I offer.

>Anon pats my head softly and kisses my forehead. I’m sure that I smelled like chlorine, he did too.

>”Are you sure that you don’t want me to join you?”

>I blush and shake off the temptation put upon me. “You beast! We just had sex~” Of course, I couldn’t deny that I loved the attention…

>”You gave me a fuckload of your aphrodisiac. I’m throbbing already. I hope you’re quite proud of yourself…”

>”Don’t worry, I won’t blueball you. I intend to…” I ran my finger up his length, it throbbed to my touch. Damn, it felt really good knowing that I was making him this horny. “…milk you properly before we go our separate ways~”

>He gave me a half-smile. Unf, guys are so hot when they do that.

>After getting out of the bed and giving me a slap on the ass, he entered the bathroom and shut the door. Pretty soon I could hear the water running.

>…If he had pushed for the shower sex just a ‘’little’’ harder, I don’t think I could have resisted…

>Opening up the fridge and looking to see what we had, I saw that there were some eggs that were prepared to go bad in a few days. Might as well make those, since I hate wasting shit.

>There were also some sausage patties, mushrooms, various sauces, milk, orange juice, cranberry juice, and some thick ham slices.

>I thought back to how good Anon’s cum made me feel when he injected it into me, and it gave me an idea. I may be thinking with my clit here, but I don’t care, I can’t help myself.

>I heat up a pan and butter it, cracking some eggs over it and sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper on the yolk. I hold out one of my vines and prick it. I winced in pain, but in reality it didn’t really hurt that bad. Green chloroplast rich goo dripped onto the yolks, turning them a verdant hue. Alraune blood was very healthy, and as an added benefit it was known to make a man’s semen thicker and more potent, which would mean more satisfying orgasms for the both of us.

>As I fantasized about how good his cum would feel, I took out the ham steaks and got an even BETTER idea. Why not make the ham green too? Just think, Anon is getting the equivalent of 8 servings of vegetables ‘’and’’ he’s fixing to make me the happiest Alraune on the planet!!

>Within several minutes I had successfully made sunny side up green eggs and ham. I got myself a sugary soda from the fridge, it was more energy efficient for my body to break sweet liquids into glucose.

**Trish Cooking Success**

>…Speaking of sweet things, here comes Anon now.

>”Hey Anon! You’re just in time for breakfast!” I beamed proudly, showing him his plate of food.

>He looks at it, tilts his head, then chuckles. “Wow Trish, you read that book too huh? I wasn’t sure if Mamono took the same paths that humans did when learning how to read.”

>I had no fucking idea what he was talking about, but I didn’t wanna question it.

>As we sat down and ate (or in my case, drank) I could see his legs fidget, and him occasionally glancing down at his crotch. Surely it wasn’t taking effect so quickly… right?

>”I took a cold shower to help with my erection, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Also, my balls feel kinda…”

>”K-kinda…what?” I lean in, heart racing.


>”O-oh? I don’t think you need to worry about that, Anon. M-maybe it’s a side effect of my aphrodisiac…a delayed one…” I fibbed.

>”Nope, I studied Alraunes pretty thoroughly during that study session we had. Persistent erections were a side effect of their saliva, but not swollen testicles…”

**Anon Botany Success**

>Shit, I didn’t expect it to take effect so fast. Anon had already eaten most of his food, but I thought it would at least take an hour or so…

>Of course, this just means I have an excuse to start the fun earlier~ So I guess it all works out fine for everyone.

>”O-oh… well in that case, there’s only one real solution to solving this problem…” I say with a sensually hushed breath.

>”Call the doctor and get his or her opinion on the matter?”

**Anon Intelligence Fail**
**…While he isn’t wrong, it wasn’t was Trish is clearly implying.**
**>tfw you feel you need to preemptively justify something**

>I facepalmed, and placed my elbow on the table and leaned in closer to him.

>”No, goofball! Just…close your eyes. I’ll have this done in a jiffy.”

>”Uh, okay…” Anon does as I say and closes his eyes.

>I smirk and get down on my hands and knees, and crawl slowly towards him. under the table. I see he’s still wearing Kai’s trunks, but that’s because he come here with a change of clothes anyway.

>Good grief, I almost giggled imagining him trying to wear my clothes. Focus, can’t let my subtle approach be blown!

>I once again tug them off as quickly as I can, seeing his long, thick cock pop free from its confines. A bead of clear precum forms at his tip, perfect~!

>I lean in and lick it up, breathing hot air on his dick, which throbs in response. Not wanting to waste too much time, I open wide and seal my lips around his tip, slowly bringing my head down and sliding his cock into my throat. Lucky for him I don’t have a proper gag reflex, and so I keep taking his cock in until his warm, swollen balls hit my chin, then suck, creating a vacuum seal around him.

>…It’s so hot! Upon feeling the warm velvety insides of my cheeks, his member starts to involuntarily twitch inside my mouth, and I giggle, muffled by his cock in my mouth.

>After I have enough of his panting and breathy half-moans, I start to move my head back and forth, always keeping him at least half in my mouth at all times.

>He graduates from half-moans into quiet moans, and I pick up the pace a bit, enjoying the occasional dollops of thicker precum that slide down my throat. Damn, this was going to be a big load! I curse my small bust, wishing I could give him a titjob too. Oh well, can’t have everything I guess…

>My long tongue comes into play, wrapping around his cock from the inside and squeezing it gently when I bottom his dick out in my throat. I look up at him as I do so, and he tucks the hair covering my eye behind my ear. A sweet gesture for sure, keeping a girl’s hair out of her eyes while she blows you.

>I take his cock out of my mouth for an oxygen break and decide to show off my tongue a little. I hold his tip in my dainty fingers and slide my tongue around the middle of his dick, then slide it up and down the shaft, tightening my hold when I squeeze up and relaxing it when it slides down.

>He seems to be getting closer, if his blush and his more frequent throbbing is to be any indication. I give his shaft full licks up and down, wrapping around various parts of his cock and squeezing them, even taking one of his swollen balls into my mouth and sucking on it, while staring at him.

>Man, watching all that hentai and practicing on my toys really paid off. I think I was actually being sexy for him! I’ve always wanted to be thought of as sexy…

>For the coup de grace, I slide his cock back into my mouth, bottoming out balls deep. My tongue once again coils around him and squeezes, applying the same milking technique as before. Squeezing as I pull it up, relaxing as I slide it back down. He even begins to buck his hips a little, a surefire sign that he’s at his limit and about to cum. I grab his hips firmly and slide my vines around his legs, keeping him secure so he accidentally doesn’t buck himself off the chair.

>He shouts “I’m cumming!” and places his hand on my head, ensuring that my throat is fully stuffed with his shaft. Not that he needed to, as I wasn’t going anywhere when there was the promise of sweet, sweet..-

>”Oh fuck, there it is! A torrent of scorching hot, custard thick and delightfully musky cum fires down my throat in torpedos, the quantity so much that I find myself almost unable to swallow it fast enough!

>But the taste is so good, and the semen is so high quality that I can’t help myself. I gulp it down like the monster slut I knew was hiding inside of me, sucking it down greedily when the flow slows down and all the while milking him with my tongue.

>Once he stops, I unravel my tongue from his shaft and slowly pull out while sucking increasingly hard, creating a wonderfully tight vacuum seal meant to extract absolutely every last drop from his balls. My cheeks were concave, ensuring that NO drop was to escape from me.

>Slowly I drew him out, all the while he’s moaning weakly at how good it feels to be sucked this intensely. By the time my lips are only wrapped around his tip I’m pretty sure that’s where most of his blood has collected. I linger on his tip, licking and swirling my tongue around his head and being rewarded with a few more drops of semen, which I caught on my tongue. Finally, I popped his cock out of my mouth and stared at him with my half lidded eyes, tongue sticking out to show the last few drops of his cum before I swallowed them in front of him.

>He just stared at me, wide eyed, probably dumbstruck that I was hiding this side of me from him so long. I may be a misanthropic shut-in, but I’m still a mamono.

>”Trish…” He says, patting my head and rubbing the top. Eee, attention!

>”Mhm?” I got up from under the table and sat on his lap, facing him and wrapping my arms around him. My head leaned forward and rested on his shoulder, so he could just whisper in my ear.

>”…why was my cum green, and so thick that it felt like it was going to rupture my urethra coming out…”




Trish Smut 3

>It was evening, about 9pm to be exact. I planned to stay the night and even brought extra clothes to prepare. This was SO nerve wracking…my heart was thudding in my chest. I reached for the door buzzer and realized that my hand was shaking. What the fuck? I’m never like this…

>I take a deep breath to calm myself and hit the buzzer with a steady hand. I heard his footsteps approaching the door and got the jitters again. Focus, Trish! He’s expecting you…he knows why you’re here. You don’t need to be so nervous.

>He opened the door and said four words that I’ll always remember for the rest of my life.

>”Wow, you look beautiful.”

>That did it for me, I started blushing and giggling like a little schoolgirl, I could be so awkward sometimes…

>”A-anon you stupid idiot! I haven’t’ even walked through the door yet and you’ve already got me blushing!” I whip his shoulder lightly then let myself in, giving him a hug after I shut the door.

>”You….you really think I look beautiful though?” I look up at him with hopeful eyes.

>And indeed that was what I hoped for his reaction to  be. I got all dressed up with makeup and everything. I put on eyeshadow, eyeliner, some green alraune makeup to cover some of my blemishes and even some pink lipstick. I was wearing a dress, something I almost NEVER wore, which was a pale green and white color. Very springtime feel to it. The skirt reached down to just above my knees and a dark green sash wrapped around my waist, acting as a belt of sorts. It just kept the dress from flittering up too high if I were to walk under a vent blowing upwards or something.

>Call me a romantic all you want, this is special to me!

>”So, you want to get a bit drunk first or…get down to business?” He asks, gesturing towards his counter. There was cheap wine and goblets. How sweet, he got the good kind of boxed wine!

>”L-let’s drink first. I need to loosen up a bit, and let’s not treat this like some kind of business exchange, w-we do like each other right?” I ask, my cheeks burning red.

>Anon considers what I said. “Of course! I didn’t mean to imply that the only thing I expected us to do was fuck, this is going to be special.”

>I blush even deeper, damn you Anon you’re so good natured…

>We sit down at his table and pour ourselves a glass of wine. We talk about our school lives, how we’re doing in our classes, and apparently Anon’s doing much better. Good on him!

>He tells me that a lot of other monster girls are acting differently around him. Some talk to him more normally while others avoid him more than before. I guess it’s because they know he’s not a virgin anymore. Men’s scent changes after they have sex for the first time. It makes them more irresistible to some, less desirable to others. The ones that are talking to him more were probably the latter, as they don’t have to worry about their instincts getting in the way anymore and are glad that he’s finally found someone.

>This conversation topic goes on and on, with us getting increasingly tipsy as the box of wine slowly drains.

>”…and they always seem to ask who my mate is. What should I tell them Trish, do you mind if I say that it’s you?” He asks.

**Love-o-meter +5, now at 92**

>I did a straight up spittake of my wine. EEEEHHH!?!?

>”W-what?” was all I could manage to say.

>”W-well, it seems that you mamono value your first time about as much as humans do, and with everything that’s happened between us, I’m not saying we should date or anything but…”

>He fumbles over his own words, it’s pretty cute actually.

>”S-since everyone seems to be asking about it, can I drop your name?”

>Well, it wasn’t the confession that I was hoping for, but he just offered to tell other mamono that we were dating in order to…essentially take him off the market. That was something not many guys offered to do, especially since we were just fuckbuddies for the time being. I have to say…it’s really sweet.

>”You can if you w-want to, I mean I’m not going to force you but…”

>”No need to, I don’t want to be available to just anyone, especially with all the sex I’m preparing to have this week. The last thing I need is to have an Ushi Oni proactively date me. That would ruin me for the rest of the week…”

>I took a few sips of my wine, he was doing so well but then he had to mention the other girls, and make it about preserving his stamina rather than loving me.

>”Y-you idiot.”


>I stood up, placing my wine glass on the table and advanced towards him. He began to look worried.

>”T-trish? What’s wrong? I dunno what I did b-but I’m *hic* sorry!” It seemed that the alcohol was getting to him as well. Good…now I’ll feel less guilty for what I’m about to do.

**Trish self confidence success…being drunk gives her +2 self confidence boost**

>I grab him by the front of his shirt and tug it up. Not wanting me to rip his shirt he stands up, and I back him into the wall.

>”T-trish?” He looks into my eyes. I try to look angrier than I am, but all in all there’s only one thing I want to do now.

>I dive in for a kiss, our lips locking for a surprisingly long amount of time. I moan into his mouth, he moans into mine in response. We both knew we wanted this to happen, it was only a matter of time before one of us cracked and gave into our lust.

>I start to slide my vines up his shirt in an attempt to pull it over his head, all the while he picks me up and leads me to his bed. My vines are sloppy and clumsy from the wine, so I don’t make much progress. Once we make it to the bed, he tosses me on with me grinning and giggling like a newly wed couple.

>Eehehe~ The thought of us as an actual couple. It seemed like an actual possibility at this point instead of a distant dream, and that made me unreasonably excited!

>I grab the bottom of my skirt and lift it up, revealing that I only had on a pair of white panties underneath. I was just as eager as he was to begin as evidenced by him fumbling with the buckle to his belt. Anon was cute when he was horny. With a simple zipper being undone by my vine, I slide my dress down my body, peeling my clothes off for him…like the rind of a lychee fruit.

>I just sat on the bed criss-crossed watching Anon take his pants off. He started to lift his shirt over his head. Time to strike!

>I grab the waistband of his boxers and pull them down, exposing his half erect cock to the air. He gasps in mild surprise but I don’t let him do anything about it before burying my face into his crotch and taking him into my mouth.

>I don’t waste any time and swirl my tongue around his tip, grabbing his hips and pulling him closer to the bed just as he finishes taking off his shirt.

>”Goddamn Trish, what’s with this enthusiasm? Usually you’ve got nowhere near this amount of confidence…”

>I look up at him, my tongue still sliding along his length as I pop the tip out of my mouth. “Mmm, I’m not too sure either…it’s like something inside me broke out whenever we had sex that first time…I feel so free, so different in the bedroom. All thanks to you~”

>I wrap a vine around his leg and pull it up onto the bed, causing his hips to lurch forward and give me easier access to that tasty cock. Mmmm~

>Going back to what I was doing, I start by licking his balls, snaking my long tongue between them and giving them a nice even coating of my saliva, then suck one of them in my mouth. I can practically feel his cum churning inside…it promises to be a nice and big load. How fortunate am I to get the first cumshot? I can only feel sorry for the last girl who has to fuck my Anon.

>Yeah, those other girls are getting the rotten end of the deal. I’ll make sure of it by draining Anon of every last drop of cum until he’s naught but a quivering….

>…Goddamn, I’m fucking LEWD when in the midst of sex. Where did all those thoughts come from?

>Resuming my fellatio, I slowly rub my tongue up the entire length of Anon’s shaft, then give the tip a soft kiss. It twitches to my lips’ soft touch and I smile, licking my lips. I open my mouth wide and slowly take his cock into my mouth, minding my sharp teeth not to scrape him on the way down.

>He grabs my head with his hand and guides me down, pushing his shaft down my throat until I feel his balls pressing up against my chin. I lower my ears in relaxation when I feel the thick meat pressing up against the walls of my esophagus. It must suck to have a gag reflex…this feels so good otherwise~

>I move my head back and forth, keeping my hands on his hips and never quite popping him all the way out of my mouth, only getting right up at the tip before sliding back in. I let him set the pace, and he moves my head in slow, deliberate strokes. I’m more than happy to tease him with my tongue as he uses my throat for his personal fleshlight. Besides, right before he came, the REAL fun would begin.

>Sure enough,  his hands started to move me back and forth faster, signifying that he was close. I took control again and popped his cock from my throat and gave him a lustful grin.

>”Stuff my pussy, Anon! Grab me and fuck me like you were a warrior about to claim your spoils~”

>He needs no further encouragement, pushing me onto my back and lifting one of my legs up and rubbing his stiff and well lubricated cock against my puffy vulva. I pant nervously and try to brace myself as best as I can for the thorough dicking I’m about to recieve


>Yes I’m so fucking ready.

>Come on…

>…Do it!

>”H-hey, what gives1? Just fuck me already!!!” I whine, my vulva is practically throbbing with lust, my clit poking out and my lips slightly parted from being engorged. My body was making it clear: I so needed this.

>”Beg for it.” Anon barks. It wasn’t a suggestion, but a command. His voice sent chills down my spine and I somehow got even wetter hearing him assert himself like that. Holy shit Anon could be dominant when he wanted to, and that was fucking hot!

>”I-I…I want you to…”

>”You want me to what?” He raises an eyebrow. “Look me in the eyes when you say it.”

>I snap my eyes up to him immediately. Yes, master! “I w-want you to…fuck me senseless…”

>”Come on, you can do better than that. What do you want me to do to your slutty little body?” He reaches his hand out and rolls my ear between his fingers. Oh fuck now he’s gone and done it…

>”I want you to use my body as your personal cum dump! Split me apart with your thick juicy cock and ram against my tiny womb while pumping me with so much seed that I won’t be able to get off to anything else but fucking you!” I scream in a single desperate breath.

>”That’s a good girl, you deserve this. Enjoy…” And with that he pushes his hips forward and buries his huge cock slowly into my pussy.

>I grab his pillow and bite it as hard as I can to muffle my scream of pleasure. I hold my legs apart as wide as I can and wiggle my hips in need to try and fit as much of him into me as I can. I feel his tip brush against my cervix and my entire body convulses. I’ve never felt something that deep before. It’s not quite the same pleasure as having your G-spot worked, but it’s an odd pleasure of it’s own. I do my best to grind against him as he rubs his balls against my inner thigh and I try to keep quiet as I let my master for the night pound me into a fine paste.

>For several minutes he fucks me like this, bringing himself close to the edge (if the precum I can feel leaking into my womb is anything to go by) and then holding himself back. When did he get so fucking GOOD? I mean he wasn’t bad before but this is like…wow…

>I can’t even finish my train of thought as another deep thrust into my most sensitive depths throws me into the third orgasm of the night. At this rate…he’s gonna break my record of the most times I’ve came in an hour…

>**I-It’s five in case you were wondering, perverts…**

>”Trish, I’m gonna cum…” Anon whispers into my ear, then gives it a sensual lick and sucks it into his mouth.

>Fuck, there’s orgasm number four…

>”A-aah! Okay…d-do it inside…inside me! Fucking cum inside me Anon! Fill me with your hot sticky seed!” I get increasingly desparate as I feel the fifth rolling orgasm rearing it’s head.

>Anon keeps my leg held firmly upright, not that he needed to anyway as I would have gladly held it up myself, and pushes himself as deeply as he can into me. My inner walls suck around his member as hard as they can to try and pull him in deeper, but it’s a futile gesture… I’m bottomed OUT!

>I feel the telltale jet of his hot cum pulsing against the inner walls of my womb, throbbing against my squeezing and constricting pussy, and lose it. I convulse around him and scream into his pillow from another orgasm as he grinds himself against my hips…letting my inner walls milk him dry. I take in so much cum that I can feel the pressure in my womb. Or maybe that’s just anon’s cock bulging inside my relatively small body…

>I reach down and feel. Yep, that’s his dick, still nestled cozily where I think it belongs (more often at least)

>”A-anon…” I whisper to him, suddenly very tired and coming down from all those orgasms.

>”Yeah?” He seems equally as spent.

>”Y-you won’t mind if I sleep here, r-right? I’m not sure I wanna pack up and leave…”

>”Of course, that’s what you brought the extra clothes for right? Let’s go to sleep…that was intense.”

>”Y-yeah…” I blush intensely, then lock both of my hands with his and pull him down on top of me for **lewd hand holding**. “Thank you, Anon. This was fun.”

>”Anytime Trish, you know I value our friendship…”

>”Right, friendship.” I pull him close and bury my face into his chest.

>”Mmmfdiot.” I mumble into his chest. It’s muffled heavily, but I think it’s pretty obvious what I said.

>”…What?” The bonehead asks.

>”N-nothing. Let’s go to bed…”

**Trish now feels that Anon will only see her as a friend. Because of this, increasing the Love-o-meter will be harder than normal. But then again, we’re 8 points away from winning so this story will wrap itself up soon enough.**

Meanwhile outside the door…

>Yami had just finished her fourth orgasm. Or was it her third? Who knew anymore. She peered through the keyhole at the free show and flicked it to her heart’s content. Being an elf with muffling spells was pretty handy at times. She HAD to see what it was like tomorrow…


Tallia Smut 1

>Classes end at around 4 and I run several errands such as grocery shopping and doing my homework at an internet cafe. I don’t get home until around 6, but when I do, I notice a note sitting on the coutner.

>”Hey Anon. Yami was wondering what I was doing here so early so I introduced her to this cool H-game I found. I hope you don’t mind me installing it on your computer… She’s probably playing it which means we’ll have no distractions~” -Tallia.

>I lift the note up, there’s another one behind it?

>”PS: I’m hiding somewhere in the house. If I find you first, then you’re mine for the night! >;D” -Tallia

>Oh lawd, it’s gonna be like that, is it?

>I snap my head around, expecting her to be right behind me…but she’s nowhere to be seen. Great, now it’s a game of cat and mouse. Must be a manticore thing, playing the predator.

>I cautiously search the house. I don’t have superhuman senses like a manticore, nor do I have the speed, agility, or ability to climb up on top of high places.

>I look in the laundry room, checking the washing and drying machine for any manticores hiding inside.

>Whelp, I can’t say I expected her to fit in there, but you never know with those tailpussies.

>I check in the kitchen, keeping my eyes high and even opening the fridge. Mine was pretty empty, but just maybe she could squeeze in there….

>…Nope, no dice.

>There weren’t many places for a full-grown manticore to hide and so when I checked the linen closet and didn’t find her either, I started to get the creeping feeling she was just fucking with me and was waiting in my bedroom on the bed or something.

>I cracked the door to my room open, and found nobody on the bed. I opened the door fully and quickly peeked into the bathroom. The shower curtains were closed and I could see something that looked suspiciously like a head of pink hair sticking out on top.

>Aha, got you now!

>I jump forward and throw back the curtains, but all that was there was my broom, which by now I just realized looks a LOT like Tallia’s hair from the top. I took it out and laid it against the wall. Damn, she was more cunning than I thought.

>…Or I’m just that wooden headed.

>Before I turn back to my room, I hear a small, quiet sneeze come from there. It definitely tried to hide itself, coming out as more of a high pitched “chu~” than a proper sneeze.

>So she WAS in my room. I probably should have expected that, but where could she be? She couldn’t be under my bed, as I didn’t have it on a frame. It was just on top of a springboard.

>That left only one possible place…and now that I look at it…

>My closet was open this morning, I don’t remember closing it at all.

>”Got you NOW!” I bellow in triumph, grabbing the door to my closet and swinging it open, my heart racing with the full anticipation of catching her.

>…The closet was empty. Not a tailpussy in sight!

>Okay, this was getting trippy. Was she like…getting help from Jade? Can manticores turn invisible too or something? This just made it unfair. I KNOW I heard that sneeze…

>Just then, I hear a distinct “plop” behind me, like a lion dropping from a tree to stalk passing prey. I start to turn my head around, but before I can do that I feel two furry paws grab my shoulders and spin me around, bringing myself face to face with a very…VERY hungry looking and completely naked manticore.

>Wait, scratch that, She was wearing black panties that just BARELY covered her pussy.  

>She was clinging to my fucking ceiling like a ninja! Fucking tailpussies…

>”Oh, hai~”

>Oh shit…

>She purrs, a triumphant predatory grin that brandished her sharp teeth on her face. Her tail twitches behind her eagerly before she utters only three words. “You lose, Anon…”

>Tallia turns us around so I’m facing my closet, my back to the bed. She jumps on top of me with her arms and legs wrapping around my body and causing me to stagger with the sudden weight on my shoulders. I fall back on my bed and she pressed her lips ravenously against mine, her tongue pushing against my lips in an effort to be let in. I’m only more than happy to oblige.

>After a few seconds of passionate kissing, she breaks the kiss and sits on top of me, her crotch straddling my groin and paws pressing down on my shoulders.

>”You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to tonight, Anon. I’ve been on your ceiling so long that I got bored and set up that broom decoy. It was oh so amusing to watch you fall for it~” She purrs, her paws moving from my shoulders to behind my back and pulling me up against her. My face presses into her bust and my nose is buried in her cleavage, as well as surrounded by her chest fluff.

>”H-hey, that’s no-tfhmrmm..” I start to protest but she shushes me by burying my face into her chest. Her embrace is tender and loving, so I don’t go out of my way to escape it.

>In fact, I start to enjoy it. Just being close to her like this, breathing in her scent…it’s so relaxing…

>”Mmmmm, like that? I found some pheromone perfume when cleaning out my bathroom today and knew I just HAD to try it…on you that is…”

>I let out a gentle moan in response. It smelled like citrus and nectarines, reminded me of summer. It was very effective evidently, as my wood was beginning to tent in my shorts.

>”Oh? It looks like you’ve gotten hard just from this… how lewd.” She rubs the back of my head with her furry hand tenderly and keeps me buried into her fluffy chest. The feel of her fur rubbing against my nose and cheeks was feeling better and better the deeper I fell into her trance, and soon I couldn’t help but gently shake my head back and forth. I just wanted to feel her fur rubbing against me. It was so soft, and her titflesh was so smooth…

>”Ara ara~ that’s enough Anon. You’re in the proper mindset for this..”

>She pulls me away from her chest and lays me back down on the bed. Nuuu…

>”Now, just relax, I’ll take care of you. I know what you heard about a manticore’s sex drive, but I’m not going to make you push yourself that hard. I’m more than capable of pleasing myself with your body without you taking the lead~”

>She shifts over to my side, no longer sitting on top of me and I feel her paw grab my shorts and slide them off in one fell swoop. After that she does the same to my boxers. My cock springs free of its confines, fully stiff and exposed to the open air.

>”Ara~ It’s bigger up close. I saw it once before, you know. Trish and I peeked at you in the shower. Not that you mind at this point, do you~?” She teases, her furry paw wrapping around my length. It’s so big that it completely engulfs my shaft in an odd furry warmth that I’ve never experienced before.

>”N-no… don’t mind at all…” I say quietly. It was just a peek, no harm in that…right?

>”Ufufufu, good~ Now to test how virile you are. I’ve been starved for semen for several years now..”

>She moves her hand in an up and down motion, squeezing it as she pumps up, relaxing it as she slides it back down. Meanwhile, her other paw slides under my head and props it up, my neck now exposed. She brings her head close to mine and I feel her tongue drag up my neck.

>”Let’s see how sensitive you are, Anon…” She whispers into my ear as I feel her teeth gently nip my neck, It doesn’t hurt, but I can feel how sharp they are and how easily she could accidentally pierce my neck. A rush of adrenaline mixed with pleasure runs through my body. My heart beats faster and I throb in her paw. Tallia senses this and starts to quicken the pace of her milking hand motions, precum starting to leak from my cock and make her fur sticky.

>”Who’s a good boy, Anon?” She croons as she gently pumps my cock and nibbles my neck. Oh great, she was going to make me say it.

>”Come on, who’s a good boy?” Her hand starts to slow down. Noooo, she can’t stop now, I’m so close!

>”I am…” I whisper, shameful that I admitted it so easily, becoming putty in her paws like this.

>She grins against my neck and kissing my sensitive neck before quickening her milking motions once more. “Good boy…~”

>She gripped my cock with two fingers starting to squeeze it from base to tip like a tube of toothpaste. I moved my hips to her motions, right at the edge of orgasm. She knew how close I was and sealed my fate by moving her tail under my balls and opening it up, slowly sucking them in and encasing them in a throbbing warmth while she expertly worked my shaft.

>I lost it, letting out a deep groan as my cock spasmed, semen spurting out like a firehose. She giggled as she felt the warm cum coat her paw, her tail, and a stray drop that landed on her ear. She took her paw and scooped up the dollop that had landed on her, and licked it off, closing her eyes and shuddering. “Mmm, so rich and tasty, I don’t think I’ve ever sampled something this high quality…”

>She opened up her tailpussy to let my balls slide out, then closed it around my cum coated cock, slurping it in to suck the semen up and then milk another orgasm out of me. I could feel the inner walls of her tailpussy squeezing around me in rhythmic pulses, seemingly erratic at first but slowly pulsing in sync with my throbbing cock. I could feel my balls filling up with another load, it wouldn’t be long before she had me cumming my brains out again.

>”I’m surprised you’re enjoying this so much, Anon. Trish once mentioned that you didn’t like my tailpussy. Could it be perhaps you were trying to make her feel better about her meager vines? Or am I changing your mind as we speak?”

>Tallia didn’t wait for an answer before pulling me into her tail as deeply as she could and kissing me, making me moan into her mouth and shoot another bountiful load inside her, her milking tail motions draining my balls to the last drop.

>10 minutes later, we were tenderly cuddling, my back to her chest and my head resting comfortably on her bosom. She picked up my shorts on the floor with her tail and dropped them on my lap, stroking my head softly.

>”Ara, when you first walked in the room I smelled something oddly familiar coming from the pockets of your shorts. Mind confirming my suspicions?”

>I nodded and reached in my pocket, pulling out the medicine the nurse gave me. Tallia raised an eyebrow.

>”Contraceptive herbs? Where did you get those, Anon? I thought that those were hard to come by in this world.”

>”Nurse Luna gave it to me, said Jade had something to do with it.”

>”That faggot cat…” Tallia looks off to the side, a soft blush on her face.


>”She wants us to…nevermind…” Tallia pulls me into herself a little closer.

>Oh no, you aren’t avoiding the topic that easily.

>”Surely it isn’t that bad, and if it’s contraceptive herbs then I can only guess what it has to do with.”

**Anon Social Success**

>Tallia sighed. “Jade probably wants us to like…have actual vaginal intercourse, something that manticores usually reserve for their husbands.”


>”Mhm, I’ve never told you this, but I used to be a pretty naughty girl in high school. I didn’t care what I did, I did what I wanted. I was foolish enough to fall in love too early, and ended up losing my virginity before I married the prick. Turns out he just wanted to prove to his friends he could get the most prudent guardian of her virginity to give it up. I mean, I had lots of sex, but I just never let them put it in…you know…”

>”Wow, that’s pretty awful… I’m sorry that happened to you.”

>”No need, it was my own foolish mistake. Now virginity means nothing to me, I see now that it’s just some arbitrary virtue that doesn’t matter in the long run. A pussy can still make a man cum, whether it’s been used a hundred times, or not at all. It’s all about how you use it.”

>She took the bag from me and held it up to the light, inspecting it.

>”And that’s why…” She opened the bag and took out an herb.

>”Tallia, what are you up to?”

>She ignores me and pops one into her mouth, chewing on it and grimacing at it’s taste. “A-and that’s why I believe I owe Jade and Luna some gratitude. I may have my semen hunger satiated, but I have yet to reach a proper orgasm.”

>Oh shit. I’m tired from cumming so hard in rapid succession, but as soon as I imagine how her actual pussy is going to feel, I start to get hard again.

>”Mmmh, I’m excited too, Anon. My heart is pounding in my chest…” She runs her paw down my chest and strokes a finger up my cock, appraising it. “Again, I’m taking the lead. You need the energy for Jade and Arani.”

>She gets out from behind me and once again I’m on my back. She crawls over me like a cat that just cornered a mouse and smirks, a lewd blush across her face.

>Our lips lock once, twice, then she bites my lower lip just hard enough almost draw blood but leave a definite mark. She straddles me once more and this time, she tugs sharply at the poor excuse for panties she had on and they snap off easily. For the first time, I see her pussy. It’s not quite as puffy as Trish’s, but unlike hers it had a tuft of pink and white hair above her clit in the shape of fire. She stencils?

>Noticing my stare, she blushes softly. “What? I think it looks badass!”

>Wanting to get us started already, she discards her panties and presses her soaking vulva against my cock, pressing it against my tummy and resting the hot bottom of my shaft between her labia. She ground her hips up and down, coating my cock in a hot slick layer of femcum that oozed down my shaft to drench it thoroughly.

>”Yesss, I think you’re ready…”

>She raises her shapely toned hips and positions my tip at her entrance. I throb in anticipation, just wanting her to drop down. My dick was…literally diamonds.

>”And here we go!” She smirks and drops herself down, my cock parting her vulva and slipping deep inside her warm pussy. I gasp from the feeling of her actual inner walls greeting me. They were certainly tighter than her tail, and they resisted me a little bit. Her penetration was slower. It was done with her raising and lowering her hips, taking me in a little more with each thrust downward. Each new inch she fit in assaulted my tip with a wave of tightness. Good thing I had came so much already, otherwise I might not have been able to resist this.

>Finally, she bottoms out, her clit pressing against my groin. She lets out a deep, throaty groan to express her utter satisfaction with how great being stuffed feels.”Fuck, I missed this feeling…” She reaches down, feeling the small bulge my cock made from the angle of her penetration, the curvature of my cock, and how long I am of course. “I mean, I don’t miss the PERSON that I first felt this with, but you know what I mean.”

>She glances to the side with a blush, then slowly raises her hips out to the halfway point, then drops back down on my cock. This time I slide balls deep much easier than before and she shudders on top of me, her paws holding my shoulders down to give her leverage.

>Tallia builds up a slow rhythm of riding me, I can do nothing but groan under her as her pussy squeezes and pampers me, happy to be filled with a welcome intruder. We fuck for a good half hour with her occasionally slamming down on me extra hard to grind her clit against my own pubic mound, and oozing her feminine juices around my groin, soaking our crotches and giving our thrusts a lewd slapping noise.

>As we near our climax, Tallia’s face becomes increasingly silly, her eyelids lower, her tongue lolls out of her mouth and her blush begins to deepen. She speeds up her hips, slamming down on top of me harder with my tip pressing against her cervix each time. Just watching the bulge from my cock appear then disappear from her stomach was really hot, and with one final thrust, she impales herself on my cock and clamps down hard. She squeals and makes the goofiest face I’ve ever seen her make and shudders violently as her orgasm rocks her body.

>I can’t help but cum too, my cock spurting thick warm ropes into her womb as her inner walls again milk me from base to tip and pamper my shaft with gentle suckles.

>In the midst of her climax, her tail flails around like a mace and ends up hitting my fan, knocking one of the blades clean off and putting a crack in the ceiling.

>After she’s done riding out the rest of her orgasm, she falls on top of me and holds me tight, rubbing her face into my chest and tickling my chin with her ears.

>”A-aahhh by the Lillim’s puffy nipples, I needed that so bad…” She whispers as she holds me tight, and we engage in post-coital cuddling once more.

>Again, I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask her to leave, and I offer to let her stay here. She happily agrees and wraps her furry arms around me, pulling me flush against her body.

>”Thank you, Anon. You know you didn’t have to choose me but I’m glad you did.”

>”Well well, what happened to the dominant predator playing with her prey?” I tease, petting her head softly.

>”S-she’s…taking a nap. I should probably do that too…and sorry about your fan. I promise I’ll do something to fix it when I can.”

>”Don’t worry about it for now, It’s not like I use my fan very often anyway. If you wanted to you could just pay in cuddles…”

>She smiles and leans up to kiss my chin. “You’re cute. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, good night~” She reaches to the side and grabs my pillow, but pauses and then raises the pillow above herself to inspect it.

>”Geez, what happened to your pillow? Did you have a run-in with a Jabberwock?”


>”Ooooohh… damn, that must’ve been a rough dicking you gave her.” She giggles, then strokes the side of my head.

>”C-can I confess something?”

>”Go ahead, Tal.”

>”When we were…w-when I was riding you…” She blushes as she  looks down shyly. “I expected to feel something…I dunno, like a sort of romantic spark or something. You know, like I would feel if I was fucking my future husband.”

>”And I’m guessing you didn’t?” I raise an eyebrow.

>”W-well, I mean don’t get me wrong. Sex was amazing, best I’ve ever had in my fucking LIFE like you have NO idea…” She grabs her arm and looks up at me. “But I just didn’t feel…that kind of spark, you know?”

>”Mmm, I’m sorry to hear that.” I felt a bit let down for some reason. I mean I wasn’t straight up in love with Trish but it’s not like I didn’t have ANY feelings for her…

>”So with that being said, I say you should go for Trish. She’s someone who I can tell actually loves you. Yeah she can be a bit…protective of you, but that means she’d make a good wife. Believe me. I’m better off as your fuckbuddy.”

>”I think you’re right, Tallia. Trish is someone who I know better than anyone else does. Lately her behavior has been confusing me, but…”

>Tallia finishes my sentence for me. “But now it’s obvious that she likes you. Like more than a friend kind of like.”

**Anon Intelligence Success**

>”Wow, I’ve been stupid.”

>”No kidding, we should get to bed. You got Jade tomorrow I think. But before we visit dreamland, I got something for you.”

>”Really? What is it?”

>She curls her tail so that it’s next to her face, and plucks out a spine with a minor wince of pain.

>”This is for Arani’s turn. If you feel like you’re about to collapse, then poke yourself with this. It’ll give you a boost of energy and increased cum production~” She kisses my cheek.

>How thoughtful, though I kinda already had medicine for that…whatever. I guess I can choose which one to take when the time comes.

>”Thanks, Tallia. B-but can I ask you one last question?”

>”Yeah, sure…” She muttered, half asleep at this point.

>”It seems you had quite the wild past of sex, partying and rebelling and whatnot. You came here and the first guy you take interest to is the quiet one sitting by himself. Why?”

>She was silent for a few minutes, then held me a little tighter, her soft luxurious fur rubbing against me. “I dunno, there was something about you…the way you were kinda nervous when I walked in the room, and then how much MORE nervous you got when I decided to sit next to you…the more I hung out with you, the more you intrigued me. Same thing with Trish…y’alls friendship is something special. I admit that at first I wanted to steal her away from you and keep you for myself, but now I see that it wouldn’t have worked out as well as I had hoped. Still, you’re cute and you’re a good fuck, so in the end I think things turned out the way they should have. Night, you stallion, good luck with Jade and Arani…”

>We shared a few final kisses, then fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Meanwhile in the room Yami was in…

>Yami just finished the entire game, she beat it flawlessly and unlocked every single H-scene. It seems that Tallia didn’t give her a long enough game, for her sexual frustration from not getting any REAL action came back soon after the credits started rolling.

>”Hmph, I would go peek at them but they’re probably done already. I won’t make the same mistake again tomorrow, I’ll even try to capture it on video, so I’ll be able to watch it forever and ever…”

>She giggles to herself, then her giggle upgrades to a chuckle, then a full on yandere laugh. Right before she goes overboard with volume, she stops herself and regains her composure.

”Y-yes, tomorrow. Must get sleep now.” She pries her eyes away from the laptop screen with the hand NOT coated in her femcum, then shuts off the light and curls up in the bed.

>Morning rolled around, I found myself feeling very well rested, like more so than usual. I didn’t have to exert myself hardly at all, so I felt extra prepared for what was going to come today.

>I rolled over to the side to gently shake Tallia awake, and she responded by swatting me away gently.

>”Mmmph..gowway..” She mumbled.

>”We got school today as well, I know you’re probably tired but I don’t want you rushing at the last second to get ready.”

>Tallia groaned and rolled over on her back, I pulled her close and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Do you want a breakfast sandwich? I still got some in the freezer.”

>”Mmmhm, better make it four though…I’m starvin…” She grumbles, eyes still shut tight.

>I let out a sigh, then remember something. ”Oh yeah, you didn’t happen to bring a change of clothes with you, did you?”

>She got up with a start, her eyes snapping open. “Oh shit, did I leave them at my house?” The blanket is flung off the bed and she racks her brain for the answer. Her ears perk up, and she looks under the bed.

>”Oh! Here they are. I hid them here before I uh…climbed to the top of your ceiling.” She gives a sheepish grin and pulls me out of the bed and into her arms, giving me a tight hug. “Now go make us breakfast, golden boy. I’m gonna shower and get dressed!”

>I smile, she really was a pleasant person to be around. Going back to what she told me last night regarding our feelings towards each other, I realize that she might have been scared that she herself would never find love, due to not finding it with me. Whether she does or doesn’t, if she does not change her attitude then she’s bound to fail.

>I’ll talk to her about it over breakfast….but I had to make it first.

>Not wanting a repeat of yesterday’s disaster, I keep breakfast simple with microwaveable sandwiches. Tallia gets four, I get two. I only had one left in the bag. It saddens me so to see all that money being chipped away…

>Whatever, it’s for Tallia and I. I’ll take the loss…

>About twenty minutes pass and soon enough I see her come out of the shower, one towel wrapped around her waist and one wrapped around her chest. Her hair was wet and more flattened, giving her a very different look.

>”What are you staring at?” She giggles, then blushes while turning her back to me.

>”O-oh? Nothing. Just uh…”

>”Just enjoying the view. Yeah I know. If I wasn’t so tired from yesterday then I’d come over and give you a better view~” She saunters over, her tailpussy swinging behind her and sits on the counter.

>”But that doesn’t mean you can’t touch, you know.” She pushes out her chest, proudly displaying her two assets.

>”As much as I want to, I’d rather not be teased before I go to school. You know how mamono are and sensing boners. Plus, being horny throughout the day is the last thing I need to feel, what with Jade  coming over today and all.”

>”Oh yeah, she’s doing that isn’t she?” She looks down, then quickly flashes me with her tits and scuffles away giggling to get dressed. That shower must’ve woken her up pretty good.

>We eat together and afterwards I take my shower. I catch Tallia and Yami trying to sneak a peek but at the moment I didn’t really care. Tallia wouldn’t let Yami try anything funny and I could care less if Tallia saw me naked anyway. I mean, she just did yesterday.

>Before Tallia left, I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me.


>”Tallia, I just want you to know that I have full faith that you’ll find a man who’ll make you happy for the rest of your life. All you have to do is keep looking, and never give up.”

>She looks at me flabbergasted, processing my words. Seems that she didn’t expect me to know that she was secretly worried about it last night.

**Anon Intelligence Success**

>”T-thank you…it means a lot to hear you say that.” She blushes and gives me a hug. I rub her back, just below her wings. With that, we went to school.

>Today, classes were even more uneventful than yesterday. I talked with Trish, she asked a few questions about last night, I answered them honestly.

>”Did she hurt you?” Trish asks, feeling me up for any bruises.


>”Did she use that tailpussy on you?”

>”Yeah but not as much as you’d expect.”

>”Y-you don’t think she’s better than me, do you?” She looked distressed when she asked this.

>”Trish.” I place my hand on her shoulder. “Tallia and I aren’t going to be a thing. Relax. I like you more, we’ve been through more together.”

>Trish seems satisfied with that answer, even blushing as I pulled her in for a hug.

>Eventually, classes end, and I go home, half expecting to find Jade in my house already. She texted me as I was walking home saying that she couldn’t wait for us to ‘fuck like alleycats’ as she put it.

>Jade really was quite the bombshell, with her well proportioned body, cat-like flexibility and lustful disposition. I wondered to myself if she was a dom or a sub.

>I guess I would find out tonight…

>Opening the door to my house, I see Yami sitting on the couch playing my gameboy.

>”Sup.” She says, barely acknowledging my presence. Seems she was pretty engrossed in the game.

>”What’re you playing?” I ask, leaning over her shoulder.

>”Mamono-mon. I gotta keep myself occupied while you’re busy ‘paying off your debt…’” She says the last part in a mocking tone of voice.

>”If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were bitter.”

>”I mean..c-can you blame me? Why wasn’t I picked? It’s not because there’s something wrong with me, right? I don’t think I’m ugly at least…”

>”Yami, you’re pretty. I didn’t NOT choose you because of your looks. I just had too many choices, and I got to know them before I got to know you.”

>She rolls her eyes and huffs. “Whatever, just…have fun.” She goes back to the game, I guess that settles that?

>I do feel kinda bad for not picking her, but I wasn’t about to try and shoehorn her in as well. That would be an extra day of fucking, a day that I wouldn’t have the energy for.

>Opening the door to my room, I decide to just sit on my bed and wait for Jade. I had no homework to do, and there wasn’t much else I felt like doing anyway. Kicking off my shoes, I hopped onto my bed belly first and rolled onto my back, splayed out under my now broken fan.

>As I lay there for a couple of minutes, I spare a glance at my nightstand and see the herbs and pills still in the bag. Should I take one with Jade? Would I even need one?

>I should probably just wait and see.

>About an hour passed, part of me wondered if she was just ditching me.

>No, she was the one who wanted this to happen in the first place, this is her reward and my obligation. She might just be getting ready. Any second now…

>I turn onto my side and feel myself slowly drifting off into an afternoon nap…

>Only to feel a furry arm wrap around my waist and pull me closer, a soft purring in my ear.

>”WHAT the…” I furiously scramble away and sit up on the bed to face my intruder.

>Jade was laying on her side in a ‘come hither’ pose. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

>”Nyahaha, you should have just let me snuggle you for a bit, Anon~ You looked so cute laying down peacefully like that~”

>”Jade? How the hell did you get in…” Oh yeah, she can teleport. “..nevermind.”

>”You’ve gotten smarter since we first met, Anon-kun.” She sits up on the bed, facing me with her legs gently spread. “You should know why I’m here, It’s certainly not to play chess.”

>”You’re right, I’m quite aware, you just startled me is all. Can you…answer a question for me? Two in fact.”

>She stretches her body out, puffing out her chest and then sticking her rump out. “Mmmmmnya sure. Ask away sweetie.”

>”Could you take one of these herbs? You know, just to make sure nothing…costly happens?”

>Jade’s stretch pauses, and she looks at the bag you have in your hand. “Oh? You got my care package I see~ That’s purrfect. I think I will have one, thank you.” She takes one out and eats it easily, much less difficulty than Tallia had.

>”What, so you were prepared to fuck me anyway contraceptive or not?”

>”Hun, it isn’t my heat season. If it were then I would have gotten some myself. Still, in rare cases us felines can get pregnant off-season. It’s nice to see that we’re reducing that chance to 0%~”

>Well then, I guess that’s a relief.

>”And now that we’ve taken care of that…” She leans forward and wraps her arms around my shoulders, giving my shoulder a gentle bite with her teeth. “Nom~”

>I giggle when she nibbles me and then remember I had another question. “W-wait, one more question!”

>She pauses her bite and looks at me curiously, her tail swaying behind her. “Mmm-hmm?”

>”Are you dominant or submissive?”

>She got that stupid fucking grin on her face, and then pulled my face into her bust.

>”What’s the fun in telling you? I’d rather you find out on your own~”

>That answer wasn’t good enough for me. I pulled myself away from her, then grabbed her shoulders and pinned her down. “In that case, I think I’ll just-”

>”W-wait!” She says suddenly, holding her paws up in defence and losing her grin.

>”What, what’s wrong?” I back off, concerned at her sudden change in tone.

>She says nothing, but the grin creeps back onto her face and before I know it, she teleports on top of me and holds me down. The little faggot cat!

>”Hehee~ I guess this answers your question, doesn’t it?” She purrs, flipping me on my back and kissing me intensely, her tail wrapping around my leg.

>”Mmph…ever since I met you..” She says between kisses. “I’ve…always wanted…to hear you…moan my name as you cum for me…”

>So she was gonna try and weasel her way into being dom, huh? Two could play at that game…

>”W-wait!” I threw my hands up much like she did, mustering my most sincere worry.

>”N-now what?” She stops, losing her cheshire grin. It seems that although dominant, she isn’t forceful or sadistic.

>Whew, that’s a relief.

>”I-I need to…uh…” I look around the room, racking my brain for an excuse, but decide to just go for it.

>”Ah fuck it.” I lash my hand out for the bag and take out a white pill, popping it in my mouth and swallowing quickly.

>”W-what? No fair!” She protests, it seems she knew exactly what those pills did. “That’s playing dirty!”

>”You don’t get to talk, missy. You pulled the same bullshit on me.” I could feel the pill starting to take effect already. Blood pumped throughout my body faster, I felt stronger, more horny, this truly did what Nurse Luna said it would do.

>I grabbed Jade by the collar and brought her lips to mine, kissing her intensely and causing her to whimper in protest. She braced her paws against my chest at first, but after a couple of seconds she calms down…her whimpering turning into moans and her paws now wrapping around me. What a slut. Seems she did have a submissive side after all.

>I grab her shirt and roughly tug it over her head, giving it a small tear in the side by mistake. Damn, this medicine made me stronger than I thought!

>”A-ahh! Gentle, Anon-kun!” She whines, but her grin betrays that she’s starting to like my forceful approach.

>I grab the hem of her skirt and tug it down, it appears she wasn’t wearing any panties. Why did this not surprise me in the least?

>”W-wait, let me take your clothes off now!” She shimmies the rest of her skirt off, teleporting from under me, then kneels before me and unhooks her bra.

>Alright, fair enough. Not that I was gonna deny her getting me naked.

>She slowly lifts my shirt over my head, then kisses my lips, neck, collarbone, down to my abs. Her lips are soft, softer than any lips I’ve ever felt before. I also see that she leaves a pink kiss mark wherever her lips touch. Ugh, I hope that washes out.

>”Mmm, you’re so manly. I don’t think I’ve ever been with a guy that exuded so much…power…” She licks her lips, then lays my head down on the bed and removes my pants. She feels up the boner I have through my boxers and lets it poke out through them.

>”If I may, you smell a lot like Tallia, It seems you let her rub her scent all over you, or did you just snuggle up into her fluff~?” She teases, peeling my boxers off and grabbing my erection with her fuzzy paw.

>”Nyahaha~ It’s bigger than I expected, Anon-kun. I wonder how much semen it can pump inside my naughty little pussy…” Jade crawls up my body, now her paws were on my arms and she had her vulva, which had a fine purple fuzz on her labia and a tuft of purple fur above her clit, hovering over my cock. She lays my shaft between her labia with practiced ease and gently moves her hips back and forth.

>Wait a minute, wasn’t I the one taking the lead?

>She leans in and whispers in my ear. “Heehee, you’re cute when you’re on the bottom. Haven’t you ever learned to not trust a cheshire?”

>Her grin is bigger than ever, and she lines my tip up with her entry, locks our lips together, and slams me down into her slippery passage with one swift motion. She was so wet and so skilled that I bottomed out balls deep on the first go!

>”Mmmph…” She purrs into my mouth, grinding her hips against me as we become one. I want to take control again, but the feeling of her inner walls caressing me and her tender lips kissing mine is putting me into a trance. I don’t want to escape, I want to let her have her way with me.

>She breaks the kiss. “Mmmwah! That’s a good boy, Anon. You don’t need to tell me when you’re cumming, just do it. I want to feel your hot seed splash inside my womb…” Her face sported a lewd grin and a crimson blush, and she shook her hips side to side before starting to raise and lower at a slow rhythm, synced to her breathing.

>I look down at where our hips meet in a half daze, I can see my cock disappearing into her cunt over and over, her inner labia slick with juices that ooze down my shaft and make her thrusts increasingly easier.

>I can feel a climax approaching, and my breathing quickens, heart rate still up higher than before due to the medicine. What a waste, taking it and being tricked into being the bottom. I could feel my cock pulsing inside her and her pussy was milking me relentlessly. With a final push upward from my hips I exploded my hot load into her, causing Jade to shudder and mewl before arching her back in an orgasm of her own.

>Jade fell on top of me, and took a few deep breaths. Was she out of breath already? I was still rock hard from the medicine. Suddenly, I heard something that sounded like a muffled moan followed by a gentle slap coming from outside my door…

>”Ara?” Jade’s ears perked up, it seems she heard it too. She vanishes outside of my room, and I hear a squeal followed by a giggle from Jade. The door is swung open and Jade has Yami in her paws, restraining her. Yami is wearing a red shirt, and literally nothing else. Her pussy glimmers with moisture, her fingers sticky.

>”Looks like we found ourselves an intruder, Anon. Why don’t we punish her for being so lewd?” She purrs, wrapping her tail around Yami’s midsection and sitting her in her lap, holding her legs apart with her paws.

>”Oh… h-hey guys…” Yami squeaked, red as a tomato, but not putting up as much resistance as I originally thought she would.

>”I bet getting caught was a part of your plan, wasn’t it?” Jade purred, her tail brushing between Yami’s cleavage from under her shirt.

>Normally, I would be a little creeped out that someone was watching us bang, but at the moment I was too horny to care. I gave Yami a disapproving glare, and she looked at me pleadingly. I remember what she said earlier, it seems this was how she REALLY kept herself occupied.

>”Well then, let’s get started on that, shall we?” I smirk, crawling on the floor and over to where Jade had Yami’s legs spread. I was still erect, and so I wasted no time rubbing my tip against her puffy vulva. Yami started to moan weakly, Jade tilted her head back with her tail and silenced her with a kiss.

>I slowly slipped the first inch inside of Yami, goddamn that’s tight. Was this her first time? I gripped her hips and glided in deeper. Didn’t feel any hymen, so maybe she’s just really tight.

>Either that or elves don’t have hymens, which would be sweet as fuck.

>”Come on, Anon. You’re not gonna let her off with such a light rutting, are you? She was being a purrrrvert, peeking at us while I was riding you. You should give her the pounding of a lifetime…just so next time she’ll think twice about being a peeping tom~”

>I heard Jade’s words. Seems that Yami did too, as her eyes got wide. “N-no, please! G-gentle!” Was all she managed to say.

>I knew what to do, though. I kept the slow pace, only increasing my speed a little bit. My dick made lewd squelching noises as it slid increasingly deep inside her each thrust. She was going to get it rough after her pussy was well adjusted to my shaft. I didn’t want to destroy her, but I think some roughness was in order.

>Yami’s eyes began to cross with pleasure as I bottomed out inside her, starting to give her long, full thrusts. She squeezed Jade’s thighs, starting to moan as Jade kept her legs held wide apart as possible so I could slide into her at max depth. My thrusts were getting easier as her rutting continued, and pretty soon it was an easy glide each direction. Time to kick it up a notch…

>I gripped Yami’s hips firmly, and she gasped. I leaned in to where my face was inches from hers, and I gave her a lewd grin.

>”You shouldn’t peek at other people when they’re having sex, Yami. Have you no shame for what you did?” I berate her as I pick up my thrusts, each one having a delightfully wet smack every time I bottom out against her cervix.

>”I-I doo….” She whimpers, her pussy pulsing around my cock when I start to speed up.

>”And you admit that you peeked because you’re a pathetic little slut that gets off to it?” Jade adds, her grin even bigger than before.

>”Y-yess! I’m a d-dirty slut that likes to p-peek on others having s-sex!” She admits, her eyes starting to cross in pleasure, and her words stuttering whenever I piston inside her.

>”If I cum inside you, will you leave us be? Or does this encourage you to try it again.”

>”I’ll be a g-good girl…l-leave you alone…I j-just want your cuuum!” She whines, moving her hips to match my thrusts so that she moved them forward as I smacked hard into her, all the way to the hilt.

>As much as I would love to do that, I know she didn’t take any of those herbs, so cumming inside her was out of the question. What if she refused to eat one of those herbs?

>With that, I increased the intensity of my thrusting, fully intending to cum on her tummy instead. I pulled her hips close with each thrust inward, and vice versa. She was starting to whimper every thrust, signifying that she was close. I threw my head back and with my balls pulsing at their limit, pulled out in preparation to cum.

>Jade must’ve sensed this, because she teleported behind me with her body flush against mine and pushed her hips forward, making mine do the same. I couldn’t stop it, I re-entered Yami’s tight vicelike vagina right as she climaxed, her convulsing inner walls causing me to erupt inside of her.

>”Murrrr, don’t be a pussy, Anon.” She purrs into my ear, my balls emptying themselves inside of Yami with her quivering and whimpering beneath me. It seems her poor body is still experiencing the aftershocks of an intense orgasm.

>”Y-you…came inside…” Yami smiles in dumb bliss, her mouth hanging open as semen leaked out the sides of her vagina. Jade reached onto the bed and grabbed the bag, taking out an herb and putting it in Yami’s open mouth.

>”Bite.” She commanded.

>Yami, too dazed to object, bit down on the herb, then grimaced at the taste.

>”C-contraceptive herb?” She gave us a disgusted look, whether from the herb itself or trying to make her eat one was unknown.

>”Eat it.” Jade gave Yami an unamused glare. Seems she wasn’t playing any games.

>Yami frowned but ate the herb. Good thing she did, because if she didn’t then there might have been serious consequences…for us both.

>”Now, do you feel better now that Anon-kun gave you the dirty rutting you deserve?” She asks Yami, her tail twitching  behind her.


>”Then leave us be, I’m still not done with him yet.”

>Yami, tired and probably satisfied from her intense orgasm, saw no reason not to do so.

>After the door shut, Jade turned back to me and sat on the bed. “Now, where were we, my good little tomcat?” She places her paws on my shoulders, seems she intended to take control again.

>Not this time, bitch.

>I stood up suddenly, and flipped her over on her stomach, pinning her on the bed with her legs hanging off the bed.

>”W-what do you think you’re doing, Anon-kun?” She mewls in surprise, It seems that she was trying to maintain her grin, but it was faltering.

>”You’re gonna become my good little kitten, now. I’m gonna make you purr for me…” Probably wasn’t my best attempt at dirty talk but we all have our off-moments.

>She gasps, and I spread one of her legs, my still rock hard dick prodding once again at her slutty opening. With a quick push of my hips I spread her labia wide and impale her on my cock. She lets out a high pitched mewl in response, but I don’t care. She’s mine now.

>I ram into her at a quick, unforgiving pace. She reaches her arms forward and extends her claws, grabbing onto the bed in a desperate attempt to grab onto something.

>”N-n-nyaa! Slow down, Anon! Y-you’re gonna make me cum already!” She whines as she digs her claws into my mattress, then slowly drags her claws down. Fuck, there goes my mattress…

>”Good, I’m gonna make you gush over and over until you wipe that stupid shit-eating grin off your face.”

>I feel her gush around me. Did she…get off to that?”

>”T-that’s right…” I begin again, but less sure of myself. Where did I learn to talk like I just did? “You’re nothing but my fleshlight tonight. I’m going to fill every last hole of yours with cum until everyone mistakes you for a purple…twinkie! Cuz they’re cream filled!”

>I hear her start to laugh under me, and I slow down, she looks back at me and gives me that fucking grin.

>”Nyahahaha~ You’re cute, you know that? I give you an A for effort but that was honestly more hilarious than anything! Nyaha!”

>”W-well I’m sorry, I guess I just can’t do dirty talk as well as I thought…”

>She pulls herself off of me and flips around so she’s on her back, then pulls me in for a hug, her arms and legs both wrapping around me. “Oh, Anon-kun…you don’t TRY to talk dirty silly, it needs to come from the heart.”

>”What is this Disney-tier bullshit you’re spouting at me?” I cock my head.

>”W-well, I didn’t mean for it to quite come out like that…” She pats my head. “But what I’m saying is that…talking dirty isn’t something you need to think about. If you try to do it, then you fail.”

>”I’m still kinda lost.”

>”Right before that, you said that you were gonna make me gush over and over until you’d wipe my grin off my face, right? That was really hot actually…murr…” She lowers her eyelids and rubs her legs together. “Where did that authority and power go?”

>”I mean, I just kinda said what was on my mind. What I really thought, only it was twisted with my own arousal. Are you saying that it’s pretty much something that comes naturally? No thought required?”

>”Nyeah! It’s like riding a bike. Once you know how it works, you don’t really need to think about it. I also noticed you dropped a few hot lines when fucking Yami. You weren’t really thinking about talking dirty, were you?”

>Come to think of it, same deal with Trish. It didn’t need any real thought, the words just flowed naturally through my raw lust.

>”Ohhh, I see what you mean now…”

**Anon intelligence +1**

>”Mmmhmhm, I’m glad. Now, are you gonna make this kitty cum her brains out, or am I gonna have to take the lead again?” She smirks, starting to climb on top of me once more.

>Nope, she’s my bottom bitch tonight.

>”Ha!” I grab her by the midsection and pin her against the wall, she giggles and wraps her legs around me tightly, pressing her labia against my cock. I hold her hips, supporting her weight easily as I impale her on my cock again, pistoning in and out of her. She squeals and digs her claws into my back, I wince but brave the pain. It’s not so bad…

>After I repeatedly ram into her cervix, rutting her like a cheap sex toy, I feel her claws start to drag down my back.

>Okay, this sucks.

>Too horny to stop from being interrupted previously, I keep on rutting her, her tail wrapping around various parts of my  body before curling up whenever she orgasms. Soon, after the 5th orgasm or so, she has ceased smiling, her body in a blind stupor of pleasure. Perfect…

>I squeeze her ass hard, and give her a few final triumphant thrusts, then empty my balls inside the naughty little cat. She shudders from the feeling of all that cum being pumped inside her, then goes limp. After I pull away from the wall, I lay her down on the bed.

>Although after my body fully comes down from it’s pleasure induced high, the pain hits.

>”Fuck! My back stings like a bitch!” I groan, heading to the bathroom to check it.

>Sure enough, there were several deep scratches on my back, not that long, but there was blood coming out of them.

>”Uuuugh…” I spare a glance in my room, Jade seems to be unconscious on the bed, fucked so thoroughly that she couldn’t stay awake after that final rolling orgasm. My mattress also has troublingly deep scratches on it, and it was a pillowtop as well. Just how many dollars in damages do I have so far?

>Well there’s my pillow, the fan, and now the bed.

>Oh fuck, that’s right. I have to fugg the hellhound tomorrow. I wonder how many things we’re gonna break?

>Sighing, I place a towel around my shoulders, letting it drape down enough to cover the bleeding scratches on my back. I lay on the bed on my stomach, and idly rub the top of Jade’s head.

>She starts to purr, maybe she’s not as unconscious as I thought.

>Also, her fur is HELLA soft.

>”Mmm, thank you so much, Anon-kun~ That’s the most fun I’ve had in…well ever I think. It’s always nice to meet a man that can take charge…” She opens her eyes slowly, then leans towards me and kisses my cheek.

>”Ara, did I scratch your back and draw blood? How careless of me… I’ll doctor you up in the morning, sweetie… just… I need rest… yes, rest…”

>And with that, sleep gripped her once more. I couldn’t blame her, I was tired as well. That last orgasm must’ve been the last of that medicine’s effect.

>Resting my head on my arms, I lay next to her, towel on my back and keeping my thoughts devoid of tomorrow, lest I would never fall asleep.

>I was roused from my slumber by the feeling of gently kneading paws on my back.

>”H-hey! Ow! That’s where the scratches are!” I groan, still not quite awake enough to open my eyes.

>I hear Jade purr on top of me, still kneading my back. Feels like there’s something in between her paws and my back. “Murr, relax Anon. I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m just cleaning the scratches. I plan to make you forget they’re even there~” She leans down and kisses the back of my neck, then lifts whatever she was pressing to my back off and starts to smear some unknown paste onto my back.

>”Agh! Fuck that stings!” It felt like isopropyl alcohol, but with more hatred.

>”Shh-shhhh… patience dear Anon. This is a substance I got from my dear helpful friend Kate this morning while you were still asleep.”

>I glanced over at the clock, it was…shit. I was very late for class. It started an hour ago.

>”Fuuuck me. I missed my alarm.”

>”I turned it off, because you need your rest, sweetie. Also, this paste works better if you’re well rested anyway.”

>”Who is this friend of yours anyway? A druid?”

>”Nyaha, no. She’s a Lich. Knows very helpful healing magic! I told her that you were going to fuck Arani today and she just got the most worried look on her face~ isn’t that funny?”

>Her definition of funny was very different from mine.

>”But yeah, in about an hour, this paste will make it so you have but merely a scar from me. That way, you will be in top shape~”

>”Hey Jade, I gotta ask you something.”

>”Nya? What is it?”

>”How come everyone is treating this like some sort of death sentence? Or something about as serious as that?”

>”Mmm, it’s not that we think you’re gonna DIE from this, but it’s going to possibly be the hardest thing that your body has ever gone through. The hellhound race was designed by gods, and even they couldn’t tame them.” Jade giggles as she finishes applying the paste…which still hurt like a bitch.

>”Really? I guess you learn something new everyday.”

>Jade lifted me upright by my arm and started to wrap gauze around my torso. “I’ll tell Arani to come by around 7ish.  You got 9 hours until then, so make sure you’re ready by then~”

>”What, you’re leaving?”

>”Of course, I have to at some point don’t I?” She giggles, and leans in to give me one final kiss. “Oh, and by the way, I made you breakfast~ I hope you like it.”

>And with that, she begins to vanish, slowly this time, until only her shit-eating grin is visible. With a pop, that vanishes too.

>”Whelp, looks like I’m all alone.” I say to myself, stretching and hearing multiple joints pop.

>Man… that felt better. I decide that I might as well eat breakfast, and hope that my back will heal in time for me to take a shower. I probably reek of sex…

>My sheets also smell awful. I need to wash those as well.

>I strip them from  my bed, and sigh at the claw marks that penetrated through to the mattress. Man, that was a good mattress too. I could just say fuck it and sleep on it anyway, but that would be tacky.

>Still, it’s not like I could afford a new mattress. I hauled the sheets and blanket to the washing machine and threw them in. Looking into the kitchen, I saw that Jade has made me pancakes…

>…In the shape of dicks. Classy Jade.

>Still, it was really nice of her to make me breakfast, so I sat down and ate them. Mmm, looks like she put maple syrup in the batter, so they taste nice and sweet and don’t even need them…

>About four hours had passed, and I there was no more stinging in my back. I went into the bathroom and took the gauze off.

>Just as Jade said, it had accelerated the healing process so that there was only scar tissue there, a permanent marker of my sexcapade. Oh well, at least it didn’t hurt like a bitch anymore.

>Wanting to waste no more time, I took a shower and got dressed in some casual clothes. It’s not like this was a date or anything, no need to look fancy. By now my sheets were washed and dried so I went ahead and fitted them onto my bed, though I accidentally made one of the tears larger in the process. Fucking faggot cats and their claws.

>I recall seeing Arani’s at the pool party. They looked more fearsome, plus she wasn’t able to retract them like Jade could. That meant that I would have to be extra careful.

>Fuck, this is gonna be worse than yesterday, isn’t it?

>Speaking of yesterday, Yami hasn’t shown her face around here since I saw her yesterday. Is she alright?

>I go over to her room and knock on the door.


>So she IS home, good.

>”Just wondering if you were still alive. What have you been doing all day?”

>”Oh you know…just…fuck. I’m sore okay? You really pounded my pussy raw. I don’t really feel like doing much. Do you think you could get me some water and some soup?”

>”Sure thing, and sorry about that…I wasn’t exactly…in my own mind at the time.”

>She sighs, and I go to get her the water and soup she requested.

>After about half an hour, I knock on her door, soup on a tray and a liter of cold water in a repurposed soda bottle. I hated buying water bottles when you basically get an empty bottle with every soda purchase. All you need to do is sanitize it after each use!

>But that’s my inner jew talking. She opens the door and takes the tray, blushing and thanking me before quickly slamming the door. She had a blanket wrapped around her, I imagine she didn’t have any clothes on underneath.

>…Not that I cared…

>Let’s see, I was clean, my room was presentable, sheets washed, house kept up enough for company…what else did I have to do?

>My eyes drifted to the underwear drawer, where I stowed Tallia’s tail spine.

>I would probably need it, but I didn’t want to use it too early. I took it out, careful not to prick myself on the sharp tip, and set it on my nightstand.

>Now all I really had to do was wait…

Timeskip to 6:55…

>Arani was due in five minutes according to Jade. I had so much extra time that I took a nap, woke up, got myself to look more presentable, and even put on a little cologne.

>I feel bad for not doing the same with the other girls (except Trish) but I was bored. Might as well right?

>The doorbell rings…I swallow nervously and head to the door, as I pass by the room Yami was staying in…

>”Go get ‘er Tiger, don’t break your dick.” She says half-assedly, as if she was reading or playing something at the same time.

>Great job boosting my self confidence. Guh.

>I open the door, and standing in the doorway is Arani…with Jade standing behind her.

>”Arani, good to see you! And Jade? What are you doing here?” I put on my most believable enthusiasm, couldn’t let her know I was nervous as hell.

>”Hey Anon, I-it’s good to see you too. May I come in?” Arani gives me a warm smile, also seemingly nervous too, but her tail wagging behind her betrays her excitement.

>”Come on in, please. I beckon them both in, and Arani’s tail wags faster. They both settle on the couch. “Can I get you two anything? Drinks? Some snacks?”

>Jade nudges Arani, as if she was prompting her to do something. Arani jolts to attention as if suddenly remembering something she was told.

>”Uh yes! I will have a nice tall glass of DICK!!” She blurts rather loudly, it sounds rehearsed.

>”What?” Was all I could say.

>Meanwhile, Jade loses it and busts out laughing. From Yami’s room, I also hear her giggling. Arani turns a shade of deep crimson, her tail curling up and eyes flaring brighter.

>She suddenly grabs Jade by the collar. “FUCK you! You said that he would find it sexy! You’re lucky I dulled my claws today!”

>”A-aahh?? N-no need to be so salty, Ara-ara Arani…t’was only a jest~” Jade looked legitimately nervous, but still managed to keep her composure fairly well. I most certainly wouldn’t have if I was in her situation.

>Wait, did she mention dulling her claws?

>Sure enough, I inspect Arani’s paws closer and her claws, which previously looked sharp enough to cut through reinforced glass, were dulled into rounded off nubs. They probably would still hurt, but it would be because she’s ridiculously strong anyway.

>I reach out and touch her furry paw, she pauses, and looks over to me, then blushes again.

>”Anon? What are you doing?”

>I lift her paw up and feel the nubs she filed. They were very evenly done, looks more like the work of magic than the work of clippers and a file.

>”These are so neat, did a magic friend do them for you?”

>”Naw, I’m just ambidextrous, and one of my first jobs was working at a nail salon. I’d say I was pretty good, y-you like them?” She asks, still blushing, and forgetting all about Jade, who poofs out of her grasp and reappears by the front door.

>”Whelp, looks like I’m no longer needed here, you two lovebirds have fun! Make some noise… Reowr!” Jade makes a little pawing gesture and then disappears from the house, her grin being the last thing to vanish.

>”Wait I…fuck! Damnit Jade…” Arani stands up as if prepared to chase after her, but then remembers that Jade could literally be anywhere she wanted to and decides it’s not worth it.

>”She said that she would join us, lying faggot cat…” Arani grumbles and looks off to the side.

>”Why did you want her to join us? I dunno if I could handle you both at once. Jade did a number on my back.”

>”She did? Lemme see!” Arani curiously grabs my shirt and pulls it up.

>”H-hey! What gives?!”

>”You grabbed my paw without asking, so I take off your shirt without asking~” She teases, tossing it to the side and looking at my scar-covered back.

>”Oooh, that does look pretty bad. She must’ve cut pretty deep…Her claws almost tore your muscle tissue, so be thankful they didn’t. Also, I see she used that paste her Lich friend gives her.”

>”That stuff stings like a BITCH!”

>”TELL ME ABOUT IT! Also, your shoulder blade looks slightly out of alignment, as if it’s been held up over your head for an extended period of time. I could help you with that if you want, but it’s painful.”

>”What are you, an EMT?”

>”Ehh, no…. but I have a lot of experience with them…”

>”…What do you mean?”

>She shuffles nervously. “Let’s…take this to the bedroom, please?”

>Alright, fair enough. I get off the couch, not bothering to get my shirt and entering my room, Arani takes a step inside and her eyes appraise the damage caused over the past few days.

>”Whoo-wee…” She whistles. “Looks like you’ve certainly been busy. Tell me who broke who?”

>”Trish tore up my pillow, Tallia broke my fucking fan with her tail, Jade scratched my mattress to shit.” I could have said that all nicer, but fuck it, I was bitter.

>”Daamn, looks like there’s gonna be some ugly expenses in your future.” She looks towards me and smirks.

>”Don’t remind me. Now, what was it you wanted to show me?”

>Arani sighs, and looks over to the side.

>”I’ve only shown one other guy this. You’d better keep this between us, you hear me? Or else I’ll find you…”

>She seemed pretty serious, I just nodded. I didn’t want to start any trouble…especially with her. Keeping a secret was also pretty easy…for me at least.

>Arani stops wagging her tail, then lifts her shirt over her head, then unhooks her bra. Her large, well shaped breasts pop free and I am taken aback at what I see.

>Her upper torso is absolutely covered in scars, her abominals have two particularly deep looking scratches almost perpendicular to one another, her collarbone looks like it has a bitemark of sorts, and all these scars looked several years old.

>”Arani I…what happened?” I ask, rolling onto my bed, and inviting her to join. I didn’t want her to just stand there awkwardly.

>She blushes mildly, and scoots on the bed next to me, laying on her back and draping her tail across her legs.

>”I have…a very short temper…at least I used to. I like to think that It’s gotten much better in the last two years, but back then lots of strong mamono would make fun of me for not securing a sex slave mate like the rest of them did. I didn’t want a relationship of any kind, so they called me a lesbo and bullied me. It pissed me off so much, I would always get into fights…” Her eyes seem to flare up as she remembers them. “I would win, usually. Our kind has an indomitable spirit that makes even dragons fear us sometimes. Unfortunately, our pride is also our greatest weakness to an extent, sometimes I fought long after I should have just given up, and my body paid the price… the reason I hide them is because it makes my body look flawed and undesirable, and now that you know that, I’m sure you’re having second thoughts about this right?”

>I looked into her eyes. There didn’t appear to be any signs of tears, but I could tell she was biting back a lot of emotional tension. She was really good at keeping her composure it seems. Looking at her scars, none of them were particularly disfiguring, in fact, I say it gives her more character. It means she’s been through a lot, each scar is a written history of her battles. No reason to be ashamed…

**Anon Social Success**

>”Arani…” I reached my hand out gently and stopped before reaching her ear…the one that had a chunk bitten off. “…m-may I?”

>She nods. “Go…go ‘head.”

>I stroke her ears, my fingers buried in her copious amounts of fluff. She shivers and exhales softly, seems to have a calming effect on her. “Your scars aren’t flaws, they’re symbols of your undying spirit. You may have been unevenly matched at times but you still fought through and became a stronger girl as a result. You shouldn’t let others tell you how to live your life, and you did just that.”

>Arani processes my words, then her tail starts wagging, thumping on the bed. She pulls me in for a hug and I felt her breasts press against my chest. “Thank you Anon…it means a lot to hear you say that…” She nuzzles happily against my head and her bushy tail wraps around me. I wrap my arms around her back and my fingers dig into her soft hair..which seemed more like a mane really. It was a lot of fucking hair. Her fur felt poofy, very thick with just the right amount of coarseness befitting of a hellhound. She wasn’t a lapdog, her fur was supposed to be wild and untameable much like herself. Still, it had a certain softness to it that made it pleasant to lean into…my head resting on the tuft above her cleavage.

>”Enjoying yourself?” She teases, rubbing her hand on my head.

>”Mmmhmm…” I nuzzled into it deeper. She smelled of burning cherrywood…a distinctive scent that made her smell like a fireplace… or a campsite. It was a very cozy scent, and most certainly unique.

>”You know…it’s kinda funny. I expected to be a little more nervous without Jade around, but so far you’re alright. I feel like I can talk to you and not worry about what you think of me. In fact, I’d say I was more nervous when Jade WAS here…”

>”Well it’s just us now, plus Yami in the other room but she isn’t gonna bother us. Trust me.”

>”Uh oh, what’d you do?”

>”I was on this aphrodisiac type pill and basically fucked her pussy raw.”

>”Damn, that should not have made me as aroused as it just did…” Arani cooes, pulling me to her a little tighter, and trailing a hand down to my pants. Uh oh…

>”…But I’m gonna savor this. Let’s take out time, explore each others bodies. This is our first time together, and most likely our last…” She lets go of my pants, grabbing her shorts and slipping them off her body instead, first undoing her skull belt buckle of course.

>I nodded in agreement and unzipped my pants, kicking them off and doing the same to my boxers. After I flung them off the bed, she had just finished removing her panties, and smirked at me before flinging them at my face.

>I deflected it perfectly, sending it flying back towards her.

>”Are we really going to have a panty fight? Is this how this is gonna begin?” Arani giggles, prepared to whack me with them like it was a pair of nunchucks.

>”Nah, I don’t have my boxers. Plus, I’d rather do this~” I reach my hand out and place it on her tummy, then run my hand up her smooth black skin. It was…warmer than I expected. Felt like there was a pool of magma boiling just beneath her skin. I run my finger along the line of her scar and she gasps.


>”Why don’t you tell me where you got this scar?” I suggest, wanting to break some of the lingering tension between us.

>”W-well…” She begins, “It was a dragon, she said I was a dyke who would only find a desparate human girl, so I tackled her and started to pound her face in. She used the talons on her feet to give me this scar, but I fucked her up more…” The fire around her eyes flared up once more as she remembered the fight. “Oooh, makes me hot just thinking about how good I got her..”

>”And what about this one?” I ask, this time pointing to her ear, which had a chunk bitten off.

>”Err…there was this anubis I used to bully…”

>”What the fuck is with everyone and bullying anbui!?” I blurt.

>”Wh-what?” She is taken aback, snapped out of her reminiscing state of mind.

>”Er…n-nothing. Just brought back memories when I was in grade school. Less tolerant times, they were…”

>”Yeah, right…” She folds her paws in her lap, looking at me nervously.

>”You’re not…mad are you?”

>”What? No, that was in the past. Lemme guess, she fought back one day and bit your ear off?”

>”Actually, this weird kid who was her friend or lover…can’t remember which. He kept spouting nonsense about that dead god ilias and wore heavy armor. He fought me and ended up biting my ear off. I gave his armor a good few dents but in the end he found my weakness…”

>”Your weakness? What’s that?”

>”N-none of your business!” She blushes. “Besides, I think you’ll find out soon enough.”

>Damn, never took her for the kind of girl that even has a weakness.

>”Whatever. there’s a contraceptive herb in that bag on the nightstand. Mind taking one?”

>”Oh? Of course. Just what I needed…” She wags her tail and takes the bag, popping down an herb then examining the pills. “You gonna take one of these pills?”

>”Maybe I should, do you think so?”

>”Personally, yeah. I like a guy who can put up a good fight~” She smirks, her eyes flaring up.

>”Oh jeez, this is my first time dicking a hellhound so go easy…”

>”I make no promises~” She places the pill on my tongue and I swallow it. Soon, my heart beats faster and I can feel my energy rising. The mood needed to be set now…

>”So…wanna put on some music or something?” I suggest.

>She giggles and wraps a paw around me, pulling me in. “You’re cute. Yeah some music sounds good…”

>”What you wanna listen to?”

>Arani gets up off the bed, and pulls out her phone from the pocket of her shorts that were laying on the floor. “I got an idea. You’re chill with metal right?”

>”Yeah, it’s all good.”

>She smiles, then goes to the boombox with an auxcord sitting on top of your dresser and plugs her phone in, shuffling through her list of songs.

>”So, how does this sound?” She hits play and a song starts to play. It was familiar, it was something you liked, and it fit her so well, she looked sexier with that song playing in the background as she sauntered towards you, her tail swishing sensually behind her.

>”I like it, though I figured you listened to bands like Deathklok, not Black Sabbath.” You commented as ‘Paranoid’ started to play in the room.

>”I like those bands too, but I figured this song best suited our current situation~”

>”That’s fair enough.”

>”Alright, pony boy. How are we gonna do this?” She coos into my ear, wrapping her paws around my shoulders and sitting on the bed so she was straddling my dick, her scorching hot labia so hot that I could feel the heat radiating on my dick from several inches away. She kissed my neck, then moved her lips down to my collarbone and gave it a gentle nibble. I held back a moan, it seems she was intent on making me give in to my lust and submit to her already…

**So, what do? How we gonna fug the hellhound?**


Scar caressing foreplay, manticore spine makes us fight on even terms temporarily and we take the top, then it wears off and she takes the top.


>She isn’t going to rush this, that’s for sure…

>I caressed her sides, then grabbed them and flipped her over so we were on our sides. She gasped in surprise, but was receptive of my affections. I pulled her in for a deep kiss and traced my hand around her breast, my exploring fingers discovering a hidden scar under her breast.

>”Oh? Where did you get this one?” I ask in curiosity, pulling our bodies flush against one another, her radiating heat almost uncomfortable, but it was just warm enough to make me not want to pull away.

>”O-oh that one?” She blushes as my hand grasps her breast, giving it a nice squeeze. It was more than a handful, as she was delightfully ‘gifted’… a DD cup at least. “That was from when I was duking it out with an Ushi Oni. She managed to nick me with her claws, but I came out on top, threw some fire at her hair, singed her pretty bad but she had a bad hair day for the rest of the year!” She giggles, and notices a scar that I have on my chin, it was small, but somewhat noticeable. “Oooh? Where did you get this one? Got any interesting tales for me, big guy?”


>”Weeeellllll?” She presses her lips to my neck, expectant of my reply.

>”I kinda slipped in the shower and busted my chin on a brass edge of the shower chassis…was not a pleasant experience…”

>Her ears tilted, and she giggled softly. “Heheheh, that’s actually kinda funny. Too bad you don’t have a badass story of bravery behind it…”

>”Don’t remind me…” My eyes gazed at her bitten ear, the one that looked like it was missing the tip. “And this one?” I reached up and rubbed her ear softly, the tuft of fur inside was amazingly fluffy. “What did you get this one from?”

>She lets out a gentle sigh and leans into my petting. “It was…another hellhound actually. We had always been rivals and fought often, our last fight was my decisive victory, but she took part of my ear with her. I’m okay with this scar showing, mostly because I know I can’t hide it. Plus, I think it looks kinda cool…but the rest of these ugly things…” She sighs again as she looks down at her body.

>”Whatever, I still think they’re hot.” I kiss down her neck and lightly kiss her ebony nipple, my tongue swirling around it. She shivers and holds me closer to her, her big furry paws rubbing the back of my head.

>I break the kiss and trail my mouth down to her stomach, her abs are so toned, so warm… being this intimate with her… it was a feeling I couldn’t even begin to describe. I lightly tongued where one of her scars were, and she jumped in surprise.

>”Anon? What are you… hyuah!”

>I grabbed her hips and lifted them up, feeling her pulsing and juicy pussy beckoning to me with gentle twitches. I dove my tongue in and parted her folds softly. She squirmed lightly, but tried her best to relax, wanting to enjoy my ministrations. Her juices were so hot, it was like herbal tea…but a little stickier and more sour. The taste was palatable, not unpleasant. I buried my nose into her tuft of black pubic fur above her clit and inhaled her pheromones as my questing tongue explored her powerful, clenching pussy. It squeezed my tongue so hard I was surprised it didn’t force it out. Rather, it was trying to suck it in, seems she had amazing control over her most intimate muscles.

>”S-slow down, Anon! I don’t w-want to cum already! G-gguhuhgyh…” It seems her train of thought was interrupted every time I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her and curled it up.

>”Aaah! That’s it!” She decided that she could take no more and wrapped her legs around my head, twisting her body so that I was flipped over by her immense strength…she was now sitting on my face but she didn’t stick around. She got off of me and grabbed my dick in her furry paw, squeezing it rather tight.

>”I think I’ll make you cum early, see how much it hinders your performance~” She teases with a mischievous grin, and starts a slow pumping motion, letting my cock slide between her delicate fur.

>Fuck, I was already hot and bothered from the smell of her pheromones and her taste, this was sure to make me cum quick. I had to do something, but what?

>I heard her mention she had a weakness, but what could it be? I couldn’t reach any of her body scars from here, and like hell she would let me change positions from where I am now…

>The way I saw it, there was only one thing I could think to do.

>I lashed out my hand to her head, then tenderly pet her between the ears.

>Her pumping motion slows down, then slowly grinds to a halt as she feels me petting her. “What are…. you doing now?” She asks, her tail slowly starting to wag. Oh? I think she likes this.

>”S-stop it, weirdo! Aaahnn…” She leans into my pets, and I transition into scratching behind her ears.

>She sits up and her tail thumps on the floor, much like a real dog. “A-aah! Mmmmhhnn…” Man, she was really getting into this. I take back control, sitting up next to her and using both of my hands to rub her plush ears.

>”Naahhh…d-don’t stop…” She croons with half lidded eyes, moving her head into my hands at random. God, she was adorable. The fire around her eyes dimmed and a gentle blush burned across her face.

>”Who’s a good puppy?” I teased, nuzzling her nose like she was a real dog and scratching between her ears this time. “Who’s my good little girl?”

>She suddenly stopped her murring and snapped her eyes open, looking at me indignantly. “Your…what now?”


>”You didn’t just imply that I was yours, did you?” She puts on a devious smirk, getting on all fours and starting to crawl over me. I was helpless to escape, if I tried to back up she would only pin me down with her paw.

>”I didn’t mean…”

>”Oh, you adorable, soft humans… thinking that claiming us is that easy… I think you need to be taught a lesson~” She scoots me over to the head of the bed, my head dangling precariously over the edge of it.

>”And what better way to do that than to make you submit to me, body mind and soul~” She had a very different atmosphere to her now, her eyes were flared up once more, her grin was very similar to Jade’s, and her pussy was literally dripping with arousal. “Prepare yourself, Anon…”

>She took her hair and swept it out of her eyes, now was my only chance! I wriggled out, only needing to scoot out a little bit before I slid off the bed, she grabbed my foot and I grabbed the nightstand, shaking it until Tallia’s tail spine fell off and miraculously pricked me in the chest, near my heart.

>The manticore venom, combined with the pill from earlier started working in tandem, and I started breathing heavier. Arani, thinking that I was having a negative reaction, pulled me on the bed and took the spine out, listening to my heartbeat with concern. “A-anon! Are you alright!?”

>I responded the only way my lust and power filled body knew how, by grabbing her sides and flipping her over easily, making me top dog. I grinned down at her, my cock so stiff and aroused it was dribbling precum. She seemed to understand what was going on, and her grin returned. “Oh, so that was part of your plan huh? You can forget about me holding back then…”

>And with that, she placed her hands on my shoulders and stood up, backing me against the wall so hard I could feel the wall crack under the force. Stupid cheap-ass drywall, not that I was caring at the moment.

>I lifted her up by the hips and slammed her down on the floor, wasting no time before piledriving my cock down into her needy cunt. She started to protest but that soon degraded into a string of whimpers and howls, her cunt tugging at my pulsing, girthy member. She sucked it in hard, so hard that when I pulled out it made a lewd sucking noise. Her legs wrapped around me and I could feel her deepest inner walls squeezing my tip when I bottomed out max depth inside her. Once I could take it no longer, I exploded a bountiful, thick load inside her pussy, which suckled and drank it in greedily, but I was far from empty.

>I started to piston my hips again when she tightened the grip of her hips around me, flipping me over in a similar way as before to where she was now on top of me, her cunt impaled deeply on my shaft and her paws holding my arms over my head.

>”My turn, stud.” She pants, starting to raise and lower herself over my cock. I throbbed to her tugging inner walls, still painfully erect from the venom and the pill. She didn’t relent, her hips raising up and slamming down relentlessly, her lewd and scorching hellhound juices drenching our groins in sticky wetness. She brought her mouth to my neck and gave it a love bite, it seemed she was still able to hold back her strength, because she didn’t break my skin, and it was just hard enough to send a pleasurable jolt of pain through my body. Just feeling her sharp canines against my skin was erotic…this medicine really made me sensitive.

>She didn’t ride me much longer before I gushed my heavy seed inside her womb, and her own hips shook, signifying her release. I wasn’t satisfied yet, but she was showing signs of slowing down.

>I picked her up and slammed her on the bed so hard that I felt the springboard underneath it give, causing there to be a permanent indentation in the middle of the bed. I hilted myself inside her once more, and she thrashed and moaned in sheer delight, my cock hitting her in all the right places from this angle.

>I pistoned myself at a faster pace than the rest, feeling an extra strong orgasm fueled by depravity and lust coming on. She pulled desparately at my cock, wanting me to stay all the way in and let her pussy do all the work. I let myself do so, simply sliding in balls deep and letting her inner muscles take over.

>A rolling motion began to travel up my cock, and she grinned, seemingly proud with her body’s handiwork. I groaned and felt her squeezing my seed out directly from the base to the tip, her tail curling up and caressing my sack.

>”You can cum from this, it’s okay…” She teased, pulling me into her and pressing my face into her bust. She released similar phermones to Tallia, and it was making me sleepy…

>Or maybe it was the venom wearing off, either way, I couldn’t keep up the dominant approach any longer, my strength was failing me…

>I twitched and spasmed my hips, her muscles throbbing and squeezing with my own pulsing cock, milking my balls for every last drop. She murred softly and brought me in for a passionate kiss.

>”That’s a good Anon… can you wan for me?” She nuzzles my nose. Oh great, was she really going to do this?

>”B-but…” I began to protest.

>”Come on, Anon. Wan, wan~”

>I sighed, she did just give me the most complete and draining orgasm I’ve ever had… “…wan~”

>”Good boy~” She rubs the back of my head.

>”N-no fair, I didn’t get any wans from you…” I said weakly, burying my head back into her chest fluff between her bust.

>She thought about it for a minute, then leaned into my ear. “Okay fine, but if you tell anyone I did this, then I will wan~ bully you.”

>No pls

>She licked my cheek affectionately then whispered, “Wan, wan wan~”

>Aww, she was adorable when she wanted to be.

>We laid there, cuddling for about 20 minutes, I caressed her scars lightly, she pressed myself to her warm body, and all was peaceful…


(Will update as more lewds are added)


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