It was all…

While his body was busy bringing the thrashing Oomukade beneath him the pleasure she paid for, and needed, his mind began to wander off, reminding him of how he got there…
He was born of a human mother, as you could figure out by now, into a family of farmers. He doesn’t remember much from those times however, seeing as he was sold to pay off the debt of a bad year for his family. Damn feudal and their taxes.
Thus, he was taught the essentials, and then sold to the slavers (Dark Elf slavers, cause who do you expect to sell people in mamono lands?) for a good amount. From there, he was taken to a Realm of Demons, and sold into the Black Market, like many others.
And that’s how he met her. Skin as white as ivory, her bosom was quite the sight, despite her frame being quite lithe, well, the upper part of her at least. Her lower half was quite equine, so to say, black as the night, with her tail being the exact opposite. Those would convince most that she was yet another centaur, but the split horn on her forehead indicated otherwise. She was a Bicorn, and quite a beautiful one at that.
But she was more than a mere Bicorn, she was the one that bought him on that fateful day, the one that raised him and gave him a roof over his head. The one that trained him to give pleasure to others, that taught him all of the techniques necessary for what he was doing today and has been doing for a few years now. Speaking of which…

With one last thrust, he brought her to one last climax, followed by his own right after. Exhausted, he got off of her, only to be grabbed by her tail, and embraced from behind. She still had five minutes left, and apparently she wanted to spend them cuddling. Seeing as she was the fifth and last customer of the day, he wasn’t complaining.
And so, he soon fell asleep, another day selling his body under his belt. This wasn’t the best life, but it was all he had, and he was happy with that.

The next day, he was awakened by one of the Shoggoth cleaners, urging him to go get the first customer of the day. He got out and headed towards the lobby of the brothel. The room was quite…floral. The wallpaper that covered the walls had a floral motif. And you could see potted plants anywhere you looked. That’s what you get if you let a Troll design your room, the Mistress usually said, not that she was complaining, the floral scent was pretty good at masking the smell of what was usually done inside the building, plus, it gave an exquisite fragrances to the air around them. Some people appreciated that, and others were irked by it, mostly because of allergies, but that’s not what mattered at the moment.
What mattered was the lady in front of him. She was quite pale, if he might say so, but that was mostly because of the fact that she was a Shirohebi, a white snake, so to say. He didn’t remember her, nor has he seen before. She must have been a newcomer. His assumption was correct, as he was informed by the receptionist about her situation, and his job. She came from the Eastern land of Zipangu and decided to come over to their humble abode looking for someone who was “Gentle in his ways and ok with being constricted.” as she put it. Yep, that was a job for him.

After they were led to their room. Our dear protagonist embraced her from behind, and whispered into her ear “I’ll be gentle… just as you wanted.”. At that, she just went soft into his arms, and let him carry her to the bed. It wouldn’t have been that much of a task, if her tail didn’t start coiling around his feet, tripping him onto the bed.
The position he fell in was quite funny, although being a cliché. “Better get to work.” He murmured, before moving her loincloth away, and starting to go down on her pink genitalia. As he did that, she pulled her kimono open, letting her hand-filling breasts bounce out. With one hand she held his head close to her crotch, and with the other, she began to grope her breasts. Her tail wasn’t slacking off either, coiling around his legs, the tip sneaking into his underwear, pulling it down, before rubbing against his already erect manhood.
As time went on, so did the intensity of his ministration, soon bringing the mamono to her peak. She grabbed the sides of his head, and pulled him up, out of her coils, into a passionate kiss. Her lower half, on the other hand, was busy with aligning their sexes, but once that was, she dropped the kiss and whispered to him.
“Be gentle, this is my first time after all.” and so, after a slow penetration, they began to go at it like newlyweds.

After their lovemaking was done, he picked her up and carried her towards the bathroom. Seeing as she paid for some extra time, this was what followed after all. A good old scrubbin n’ washin. And maybe the involvement of some groping here and there.
Once that was finished, the rest of the time was spent cuddling…more like being constricted in her coils while she played with his hair, but whatever.

During the next session of the day, while being buried into the bed by a frustrated Ogre, he was spied upon by the white-haired lady. She could feel her the flames of her jealousy rising, literally, one of the maids had to pour some water on her head to calm her down, so she didn’t burn the whole place down. At that moment, she realized the feelings she had grown for him, and started to think how she could win his heart.

Over the course of the next few weeks, our Shirohebi came in the brothel every other day, getting closer and closer to him as time went on, spending more time talking, convincing him to talk more about himself, while she told him about herself.
She came from Zipangu, as he already knew, but wha he didn’t know was that she used to be a shrine maiden, that came there after she raised enough money to live a delectable life, once she found a partner for herself. But that was still in the working, she told him, with a laugh.
Though, as time passed, so did their love-making sessions get rougher, as the Shirohebi began to get more and more aggressive.

That goes on, until one day, she just says to herself “I’m getting that sweet ass of his today, and no one’s gonna stop me.” and so, she grows some ovaries and gets down to business.
Once their session starts she expresses her distress to him:
“Dear, I know we’ve only met a few weeks ago, but since them, I can’t help but feel a feeling grow inside me every time I spend time with you, every time we make love together. But, at the same time, every time I saw you love another person, it left a sour feeling in my mouth, It’s just that…Ok, so, I love you, but I can’t stand to see you self your body for the pleasure of others, I just…just…please come with me back home, you won’t need to sell your body anymore…please, just come with me.” By the end of her request, she was holding him by the shoulders, their faces only inches apart.

He is surprised by her feelings for him, and so, he tells her that she’s nice and all, but pleasing others is all he knows, telling her that if he would come, he’d be nothing more than a burden to her, and he couldn’t live with that.
Upon hearing this, she coils around him, and pushes him onto the bed. From there on, she showed him what he could have if he’d come with her. Coiling tighter around him, kissing him passionately while running her fingers through his hair and milking him with her snatch, coils, hands or mouth for that matter. She continued to show him her love using her body. Even so, even with the pleasure he was receiving, he still couldn’t accept her offer, telling her the exact same reason as last time.
At that, she began crying. And so with tears in her eyes, she continued to tell him her undying love, while mounting him. Once she exhausted herself, he finally gave in, cuddling up to her, and saying his own confessions, before drifting off to sleep. Good thing she was the last customer for the day eh?

On the following morning, before he woke up, the Shirohebi made a deal with the owner of the Brothel, and telling her about the situation, she was happy to let him go, and for quite a decent price too.
And so, after she woke him up, he grabbed his belongings, and set out back to Zipangu with her. There, they settled at her house. It was decent, like any other normal house in Zipangu, it had quite the oriental air to it, but that was to be expected.
And that night, they consummated their love, with a very special someone watching.

He was there, watching them procreate together, yet he wasn’t. Just as he was all the time since this all began… or was he? Of course he was. He is the main protagonist of this story after all. Without him, none of this could happen.
As the man started to dissipate into the shadows, he was actually just waking up.
With a yawn, he got up, rubbed his eyes and prepared for his daily routine.
“Damn, that was quite something, I can’t wait to tell the guys from chat about this” the man said to himself.
“Too bad it was all…”

…just a dream.


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  1. I didn’t see any errors in this work, and, it was really good IMHO… I hope that you will continue to write more of these monster-girl stories!! Thank you!

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