Introducing The H-space Monster Girl Bestiary

…or as it will more likely be known—the really really grimdark book of sexy monster girls.

This is a list of profiles of sexy monster girls that can be found in my fictional H-space universe. It’s a modern-day/near-future setting where science has punched a hole in the wall separating Earth from a parallel universe (H-space). Research and military units are sent through to investigate and start to fall prey to various devious and sexy monster girls.

My aim is to make something similar to KC’s MGE or the monsterpedia of MGQ. Unfortunately, I can’t do line art worth shit, but I can write a little, so I’ll be ‘illustrating’ each profile with a short story. This isn’t as eye-catching as sexy artwork, but it will give me a chance to show off each monster girl doing their sexy (mostly) thang in explicit detail.

(If you’ve got some art chops and fancy illustrating some of the profiles/stories, please go ahead!)

Tone-wise the setting will be closer to MGQ than MGE, in that the Bad Ends will be plentiful and some of them will incorporate squicky matter such as vore and other horror goodness. KC’s MGE is excellent, as is Okayado’s Monster Musume (Everyday Monster Girls), but I know some people find those settings to be a little too light and fluffy sometimes. Some people like their bad girls and bad ends to be bad, and that’s kind of my specialty. If you like your monster girls vampy and very very evil, this is for you.

(As an aside, there is no ‘right’ interpretation here. Some people like their sexy, evil demonesses sexy and evil, and others like their cute monster girls to take them home for Sexy-Snu-Snu-Ever-After. Both are fine. The MGE (mostly) does the latter. For the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary; I thought I’d do the former.)

(As another aside. If someone likes one of the H-space monster girls, but would rather they didn’t do the awful things that will inevitably happen in the final paragraph, feel free to imagine—or even write fiction about—them doing nicer things instead. I don’t really care much for arguments on what is or isn’t canon. I’ll probably be writing about the deliciously twisted and evil ones because horror-head needs to be let out of his cage to play now and again, but that doesn’t mean the nicer ones don’t exist. Have fun however you see fit.)

I’m planning to put up a new story + profile every week. (It will be faster than that to start with as I started in January and have a backlog to post here on TFT.)

If you like the setting and want moar, longer and more detailed H-space stories can be found in the collections I have published under the name M. E. Hydra. (As well as some nicer stories where the sexy succubus doesn’t slurp up her luckless partner afterwards.)

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4 thoughts on “Introducing The H-space Monster Girl Bestiary

  1. Read a lot of your work, and while I admit I’m not a massive snuffophile, you write well enough to make me keep reading through to the (usually- not always, true, but happy endings for you seem to be more of a pleasant surprise than standard fare) bittersweet end.

    Anyways, let me be the first to welcome you to our cosy little corner of the insanity that is the MG community. Keep writing the good write, sir.

  2. First off, big fan. Second off, I hate you and love you at the same time for giving me guilty-as-fuck wanks to Nÿte, love her the most out of your Succubi <3

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