In the Spirit of the Day

Today was a day I would call shitty, personally. A day which glorified the wonders of relationships and basically gave everyone that’s single a big ass middle finger. Pretty much everyone knew what the day was called, really.

Valentines Day.

Course, people would say it should literally be impossible for me to actively hate a day such as this. It was the literally glorification of love among people like me. Mamono probably loved this day the most. But I had been burned a few more times than I’d like to admit…and certainly enough times to give up on this shitty holiday, I suppose.  So here I am, content to idly finger my clit while angrily gazing at all the happy couples and soon to be eviscerated pelvises expressing their happiness at their current luck.

Such is the life of Kakuen, after all.

Letting out a half moan, half growl of frustration, I walk away from my window and decide to get ready for the day. Still idly masturbating, my brown furred tail slips itself through a random shirt on the bed and drops it unceremoniously on my head. Grumbling a few muted curses, I slide the oversized grey T-shirt over my form and head down stairs to the kitchen. Sure, the shirt showed off my cleavage and on just barely hid my pussy from view, but who would give a damn anyway? Underwear is overrated anyway. It only gets in the way…

I head over to fruit basket immediately and peruse through the current selection of options. Apples? No, not long enough. Pears? I could always pretend I was giving someone a rimjob with it, but nah. Bananas?

Cliche, but effective.

I grab the biggest one out of the bunch and throw it in the ice box for later. When you spend most of your free time masturbating away, you learn a plethora of ways to make things interesting. As I contemplated what my next actions were, I was interrupted by the sound of a hurried knocking at my door. I raised an eyebrow at that. Who the fuck would want to come over here.

Brow furrowed and irritation (arousal) rising, I stalked over to the door and slightly pushed it ajar. From my little crack to the outside, i saw what looked like gray scales and creamy brown skin. Strangely, I felt like I’ve seen this before. Before I realized it, amber eyes were nervously looking into mine.

“Um…Z-zhou? It’s me! Immaculada, y-you know?”

Ah, Immaculada, owner of the strangest fucking name I’ve ever heard. She was a lizard girl that I suppose I could call a close friend. She put up with all of my shit, and in return I tried to help her get over her shyness. Suffice to say, she was the last person I was expecting to see on a day like this. Not entirely unpleasant, considering she’s one of the few people I actually liked.

Not that there were many, after all.

“Well shit then, what are you doing here. Imma? Shouldn’t you be out celebrating the day?”

I pulled the door open only to see she was holding a big, pink box. She gave a nervous chuckle as I stared dumfounded at her.

“Hehe…H-happy Valentines Day!”

Wordlessly I took the box from her, looking between her eyes and whatever gift she had for me in here. For the first time in a long awhile, I felt some feeling started to come back to heart when it came to this day.

“…why though? You know I’m not the biggest fan of a shi….of a day like this…”

Imma simply smiled and gave me a small peck on the cheek.

“Because, Zhou, you’re my best friend! S-sure you’re a bit…abrasive and prone to randomly masturbating all the time, b-but you’ve helped me more than anyone every has…”

“Imma, It’s really nothing that spe-“

“It’s that special to me! I know that you don’t really like this day, b-but I wanted you to know t-that…I love you. N-not l-like that have mind you…but I love as my b-best friend!”

I couldn’t form words as Immaculda showed me the resolve of her conviction. Well…I couldn’t really argue with it I suppose. She was helping me because she wanted to…and she loved me…as a friend. I suppose it was in the spirit of the day then? Love never had to romantic…right?

I chuckled as I shook my head placing the gift down before wrapping Imma up in the tightest hug I could muster. She froze up for a brief second before eagerly returning it in equal splendor.

“Thanks…Imma. You can bet your fucking ass that tonight, I’m gonna get you laid for sure!”

The lizard girl simply laughed as we went on short diatribe about our late night plans before she finally left. With only my own thoughts and this gift, I quickly tore the thing open and saw what she gave me.

Suffice to say…it wasn’t what I expected at all. It was small, seemingly hand drawn picture of me and her smiling at what I assume was a beach. I never really knew that she could draw like that at all. So well crafted…

I sighted as held the little piece of parchment to my chest.

Heh, I guess Valentines Day isn’t so bad after all…

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