If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Side Story Collection B)

Let us take a look at the continued misadventures of others in the world…

-Embarrassing Moments in the Night…-
>Back in Brazilian land…
>Be Shock
>You’re currently eating breakfast with your girls
>The Raiju you…wooed not to long ago is sitting right next you
>She keeps giving you those bed room eyes
>Your Cockatoos are snickering about something
>Things are a getting a little sus in here…
>Suddenly a voice comes from the other side of the table
>”Oh…touch me right there, honey! Unf…more , more!”
>You nearly choke on your fruit juice
>The Raiju starts blushing
>Another voice, suspiciously similar to your own, comes from the other side of the room
>”Is…is it good for you? H-here, let’s see how you like this!”
>Slam your hands on the table
>A chorus of laughter graces the dinning room
>Oh dear…
>The Raiju looks just as embarrassed as you are
>”I guess…we’ll have to invest in soundproofing, yeah?”
>You biggest Cockatoo chuckles
>”No amount of soundproofing is gonna hide your voice deary. Might has well start paying voyeurs for a free show!”
>You choke on your own spit this time
>”Oh come on master! We were just playing!”
>At least your life isn’t boring, but for fuck’s sake, this is gonna be rough after all…

-The Six!? A Mysterious Message!-
>Be Alche
>Currently held up in your home again
>Midnight (Ugh, that name) is holding on to you like a sleeping blanket
>At least her breast are smooth and malleable
>They are definitely the best pillows
>Midnight’s tail is wagging lazily back and forth
>You decide to get a little cheeky and give her the gravity squeeze
>She yelps before giving you a little smirk
>”Heh, even after everything I put you through last night, you’re still horny? You were so tired the last time…”
>You quickly shake your head
>Mind is willing, but the body is spongy and weak…
>The door bell rings
>Midnight is up before you can even react
>She’s growling pretty loud
>You try to stop her but she’s fucking gone
>She’s already got the door open by the time you catch up to her
>She looks awfully confused
>You follow her gaze and notice a rather large message craved into your front yard
>What the fuck…

-Mystic Power! The Genderbend God!-
>Be a random man
>Currently staring into the mirror of your bathroom
>For one, you’re no longer a man
>You’ve turned into a cute, if boyish, girl
>This screams of Alpdom
>There is just one problem with that
>You aren’t an Alp…you are a Kitsune
>You look back at your nine fluffy tails
>They are larger than your whole body but don’t seem to get in the way
>Not that you’re complaining
>You look to your tub
>It’s filled with the random people you’ve fucked since then
>Those dudes still look like they’re dead
>You know they’re still alive though
>A quick burst of magic and their dicks will be alive again, after all
>Sighing, you turn back toward the mirror
>If your hunch is right…
>”Ore wa Studo: Jendaa Bendo!”
>After a quick poof of blue smoke, you are a dude once more
>A dude with fluffy ass tails
>A trappy dude with fluffy ass tails
>A dangerous smile graces your features.
>This is gonna get good real quick…

-The Power of Shitpost! Legend of the Six!-
>Several days prior to Rem’s arrival…
>Be an Apophis
>Be lazily lounging around in the front of a store
>You’ve gained yourself a nice man
>Rashid Jamal Kamer Allah Muhammad
>For some reason, he insists your say the whole thing
>You’re glad you picked him up before he got grabbed by one of those classless dragons…
>Better yet, he’s helped you adapt to life outside of the desert and in this ‘United Kingdom’
>Whatever the fuck that means…
>”Fatima, my love! How does it go on this fine evening?”
>Ah, there’s the love of your life
>He’s dressed in that white garb with the funny scarf hat as usual
>You welcome him to join you, which he gladly does
>”I’m perfectly fine dear…but I have a..premonition, so to speak.”
>Your face turns a bit grim
>”Ah, a good one I hope?”
>You shake your head
>”No, Rashid Jamal Kamer Allah Muhammad. It’s one that can go either way…”
>He looks confused before coming to a sudden realization
>”Ah, I see! You taking about that…Six Paths of Shitpost group, yes?”
>You nod
>Your wonderful husband gets serious for once
>”You know, my love, you have not told me anything about this group…”
>You sigh…
>He’s absolutely right
>You might as well explain it…
>”Listen love. As kooky as this group sounds, they have real power. Power that factions unknown to us want to exploit the individuals of this group. Each of them has a special power beyond that of the studs. One that can’t be easily matched.”
>”What are these powers Fatima?”
>”One for each of the six, my love. The Bitchy Path: Crushing foes by complaining about everything they have done and like. The Normalized Path: Throwing foes for a loop by acting like a normal human being. The Disgusted Path: Sickening foes by proclaiming your love for the disgusting fetishes of the world. The Slutty Path: Incapacitating foes with extreme, unending arousal. The Bizarre Path: Destroying foes by crushing their minds…and last, but not least, The Violent Path: Annihilating foes with the simplest methods.”
>Rashid Jamal Kamer Allah Muhammad looks on as silence graces both of you
>”One of them is coming here, right Fatima?”
>You only nod again
>”Yes, the one called ‘The Bitchy Sage’…”
>Your lover nods
>”We best prepare then, yes?”

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