If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 5)

Chapter 5: The Albino vs. The Legend! Who is the true savage!?

Following the arrival of the monster girls, many big cities found themselves infested and overrun with Harpies, Giant Rats, Devil Bugs and various other monsterized pest. However, in a quiet city located in Illinois, a pale, red-eyed beasts has risen up from her home in order to acquire everything denied to her person…

Be a mostly quiet albino girl
>Code Name: Riyori
>Destroyer of Minds
>Inspiring Analyst
> You stare into your bathroom mirror
>You currently have the appearance of the traditional Manticore
>It also seems you’ve kept your Albinism in spite of the transformation
>Luckily for you, your eye sight has gone to full 20/20 vision
>You kinda miss your glasses, but it cannot be helped.
>You sigh and stride back into your room
>You look down at your choice of clothing
>A green flannel shirt with holes cut out for the wings
>A simple pair of sweatpants with a hole cut out for your bulb-tipped tail
>You rub your chin, wondering why your wings and tail are orange instead of the pale white of your, well, everything else
>You throw on your clothes, head downstairs and start going through the motions of making coffee
>Suddenly, your cellphone rings
>You grimace as you gingerly reach for you phone
>Having big fluffy paws has its disadvantages
>You don’t even look at the screen as your tap one of your claws on the answer button
>”Oi Riyori! Its ya boy Rem!”
>Your eyes widen
>”Rem!? You have to know what has been going on, yes? Are you alright?
>There’s a long pause on the other end of line before Rem speaks again
>”Yeah, I’m alright…and I’m in the United Kingdom.”
>Your face changes from concerned to a blank deadpan
>”I would appreciate it if you would take this somewhat seriously for once. The world has gone to shit, you know…”
>”Nah, I’m serious!”
>You let out a sigh
>”In the words of Dev, put that on something.”
>You hear Rem let out a low chuckle
>”Well then, as Dev would say it, on everything nigga!”
>Your next sigh is certainly heavier than the last one
>”Man…on everything?  It seems I have no choice but to believe you. So, to what do I owe this conversation?”
>”It is…really hard to explain over the phone. Point is I’m coming to get you and Fluffy.”
>Your eyes widen
>”What do you mean your coming to get us?”
>”I might have found out how all this shit has started, and it looks like we might have a problem on the horizon. After I get you guys, we’re gonna grab Alche and Shock too, then find our sixth path!”
>Your cheeks feel a bit warm at the mention of Shock-wait, paths?
>”Rem, what do you mean by paths?”
>”Look, I’ll explain everything once we’ve gotten everyone. See ya soon!”
>Rem hangs up as your coffee is finally finished
>Pocketing your phone, you take a tentative sip of your coffee
>Looks like you might have an adventure on your hands
>You find yourself mulling over your life thus far, remembering how you’ve been denied from a bunch of fun things because of your “mental condition”
>A low growl escapes your lips
>You’re a fucking Manticore now. You don’t have to be held down by anything anymore
>You walk towards the door leading to the outside world
>You may not know what this ‘paths’ thing is all about, but damned if you’re gonna sit this out
>You grab your black scarf off the coat hanger and head outside

-Later in the back streets…-
>You’re currently wandering around in the area people have designated as: The Hood
>As you wander about, you notice that this area seems to lack the distinct scent of monster girl
>How odd…
>The people that are around look at you with some kind of mirth in their eyes
>You shrug
>You’re used to people looking at you funny
>Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a green SUV is slowly tracking you
>Ahead, a three flamboyantly dressed men step into your path
>You sigh
>”It seems I have a confrontation on my hands-er, paws. I assume that the fellows in the SUV that have been following me are apart of your crew?”
>The three men let out a laugh as more people get out of the SUV
>You find yourself surrounded as the others around you either run off or pull there phones out
>A young man wearing a gaudy orange and blue jumpsuit comes out the group surrounding you
>If you had to guess, he’s a fan of Naruto
>Your eyes are immediately drawn to the…overly large firearms that these fellows are carrying
>Wait a minute…
>”What popping little whitey Manticore! They call me Lil’ Sidegrade.”
>You stare blankly at the flamboyant, orange wearing man
>”Can I…help you?”
>The man gives you this coy smirk
>”Sure you can B! You can start by getting outta my hood! Ain’t no monster hoes welcome here! I don’t wanna hurt your feelings, but I will roast your pale ass!”
>You sigh and shake you head. You look between him and the overly massive firearm he has
>”I suppose you carry such large firearms in order to make up for your small dick, yes?”
>The wannabe gangsta has a minor coughing fit before radiating his anger in your direction
>You simply shrug. Seems like you’ve hit a sour spot for him
>The man finally composes him before coming back at you
>”Bitch ass Manticore. With your toothpick looking ass! You ain’t got no thickness on you!”
>You idly rub your chin.
>You remember Rem and Dev saying that people like this take their shoes very seriously
>”Yes much like your shoes. Tell me, are you too poor to afford footwear without faded colors, or did you spend all your money on buying that atrocious orange get up?”
>The mans friends let out a chorus of ‘Ooo’s’ before the orange wearing man gets dragged out
>A hooded man with dred locks takes his place
>”Alright B, you showed some heart! But against me, you’re nothing!”
>You idly observe his shirt and notice that it says college…and just college
>”That a nice shirt. I do have a question though…what college in particular do you go to?”
>Your ears a graced with a long pause
>”I see. You are ‘broke as shit’ and not mentally prepared for any from of college level work. Get out of here and stop embarrassing yourself.”
>You point at his pants
>”And tight jeans, really? What are you doing? Trying to draw homosexuals to your equally non-existent dick? You should join your other near dick less friend over there.”
>The man sniffles a bit before zipping up his hoodie and running off
>It seems the group surrounding you is starting to get nervous
>You also idly notice that a strange tingling is building up in your lungs
>”Alright fuck this shit! You niggas weak as fuck, so I’m going to have step in!”
>The remainder of his friends start wildin’ as their main leader steps up.
>”Yeah boy! I’m about to kill this girl! She looks like a scorpion, fused with a lion, fused with a human!”
>You blink. He’s basically pointing out the obvious…
>”Hol up Hol up, let me dice her up! Look here B: I’m mighty morphing, but I’m not a ranger! You trying to play that shit with me, but I’m not a gamer!
>This is the strangest situation you’ve ever been thrown into.
>”Why do you keep grabbing your balls while doing this?”
>He doesn’t even bother to answer your question
>From the left, you hear someone yell:
>”My nigga just came through with bars from the cuds!”
>How strange…that weird tingling from earlier is in your throat now
>”I’m a beast! This girl better behave or its..Kamehameha-meha Wave! Your done B! You just gotta leave now girl!”
>As his friends go crazy around him, you mind is filled with the need to say words you’ve never learned before
>”Ore wa Studo: Bunomyuuasu Roasuto”
>Your tail and left paw glow with purple light
>They raise in unison as your slam it back down, all fingers pointing at the man
>You never thought you’d be able to say something with that much force
>The man gasp and slowly collapses
>You notice three of your tail spines embedded in his chest
>”H-how could I be beaten…by the one word roast…”
>He finally passes out as you look around at his associates
>”Nah man this is too real! I’m out this bitch!”
>The remaining combatants (if you can call them that) scatter
>You take one last look at the downed man and shrug
>You suppose some monster girl will come get him, attracted by the strong scent of ejaculated semen

-At a small hospital-
>”Uh…Miss Riyori! we didn’t e-expect you here!”
>You give out a low growl
>”Yes, I am here to…renegotiate my interment.”
>Your tail rises as the purple glow comes back to it, looking far more menacing than the last time.
>”O-of course! R-right away just for you!”
>You give the desk hand a toothy grin
>”Thank you! It was a truly frustrating experience dealing with your company and the words of your boss, but I am glad the the emergence of these monstrous female humanoids gave me the chance to finally cast you all off!”
>You walk into the back, eager to show those doctors just how “crazy” you really are…

With Riyori now free to do as she pleases, she begins making preparations for Rem’s arrival. What could have goaded Rem into gather these ‘paths’ and better yet, what do they hold for the future of this world and this supposed looming threat on the horizon? Find out next time on “If Monster Girls Took Over the World!”

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