Ice cream

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Species Affected: General

Disposition Change: If ice cream sandwich- shy, quiet. If standard ice cream- outgoing, fashion-forward

Diet Change: Standard but have a higher preference for high sugar content

Ice creams are an aberration which comes in two forms, sandwich, and unsandwiched. Given this split nature, they will be discussed in the form of a life cycle, as either form can eventually transition to the other.
Ice cream sandwiches are an incredibly shy aberration. Both the front and back of their soft bodies are covered in a form of cookie shell which is part of their bodies. While glimpses of them can be seen from the side, it is very rare as they will constantly try to position themselves so as to only be seen from angles that the shells cover. The shells tend to be very simple, having only a basic, almost cartoonish face on them, acting as more of a mask than a face, as well as holes to give access to the ice cream sandwich regions. Should someone give these sweet girls a chance, the ice cream sandwiches will allow their lovers to slowly and literally eat away at their shells, which contrary to other food-type aberrations, will not regenerate after being consumed in this manner.
These unsandwiched girls will always have a little bit of shell left, of course, all ice creams do, but they will find themselves much more outgoing, and with their inner beauty revealed, much more obsessed with fashion. They will decorate their bodies with ice cream accessories, including cones, syrups, sprinkles, cherries, and many others. These accessories will bind to their bodies, requiring to be eaten by their lovers to be removed, but they are also incredibly intricate. It’s not uncommon to see a cone be used as a scrunchy, with the “hair” that comes out the other end embedded with sprinkles. Ice creams may even change their flavor by injecting different syrups and juices into them, changing their color as well.

However, just because they’re outgoing, doesn’t mean that they can’t fall back into their shell. This doesn’t mean they’ve fallen back into their shy quiet selves, however. While it’s true they become somewhat more reserved, most ice creams that re-sandwich themselves do so for either foreplay or fashion, as the new shells will always have some sort of accessory, be it body writing in syrup in place of tattoos, or marshmallow and chocolate chip piercings to give the body some shine and texture. Truly, an ice cream that has come out of their shell really can’t turn away from a new style.
One final interesting thing of note, however, is that different species’ natural body temperature will affect the ice cream viscosity, meaning those with hotter bodies such as hell hounds and yetis will find themselves more fudgy, leaving them to have more gooey and pudgy forms, though they will never fully turn to liquid. The flip side is also true, however, so ice cream lamias might find their bodies tough, if a little stiff. It’s fair to say though, any ice cream is always welcome no matter the temperature.

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